Musketeer – Constantin

Constantin caught my interest right from the first meeting, though partly because of Shimono’s voice. He’s just so adorable, so I was excited to hear he’s the secret character. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

A junior in Chevalier Academy. Despite being a first year student, Constantin is strong enough to join the Musketeers next year. For now he’s more like an apprentice who helps them out with student council works every now and then. D’Artagnan first met him in the library when she was looking for Athos, and he fell in love with her at the first sight. Despite her lack of response, Constantin doesn’t give up and continues to follow her around.

Constantin’s story started on the “opportunity day”. Treville brought D’Artagnan to the tower and killed her, just as he planned to do. Constantin happened to be nearby, and he was devastated upon witnessing her death. Treville asked why is he still here while everyone already left the island, but Constantin said he couldn’t get out of the island. For a while he’s been wondering about the lily seal on his body, and now he knows Treville was the one who gave it to him. Treville was surprised and quickly examined D’Artagnan’s body, only to find that she has no demon mark.

..which means that D’Artagnan isn’t the apprentice Musketeer in her past life. She’s actually the reincarnation of the woman he’s trying to resurrect, Constance. The shocked Treville thought it’s really the end since he killed Constance with his own hands, but Constantin didn’t throw away his hope. Using the sword coated with D’Artagnan’s blood, he opened the tower and got the diamond necklace inside. As he released the power to bring her back to life, Constantin saw flashbacks of D’Artagnan’s time in the academy.

It was Summer vacation when Constantin opened his eyes. He went to the student council room asking for today’s date, and Athos said it’s August 28 — D’Artagnan hasn’t come to the academy yet. Soon he learned that Treville went out of the island today, right after Rochefort left. He realized that this is the day when he killed Castelmore, so he rushed to D’Artagnan’s house with a carriage. Constantin was watching the area when he heard a scream from the house. He burst through the door and protected Castelmore inside, who was attacked by Treville’s familiar at the time.

It was then when D’Artagnan returned to her house, and Constantin killed the demon right after she stepped into the room. But before anything else, he was charmed by the sight of D’Artagnan in her free clothes. (❤ฺ→艸←) After he introduced himself, both D’Artagnan and Castelmore thanked him for saving his life.. which caused Constantin’s imagination to go wild, and he started grinning like Porthos lol. That night Castelmore and D’Artagnan were getting ready to move, and Constantin returned to the academy since he’s still got a lot of things to do.

Treville wasn’t pleased that his plans didn’t so smoothly. He stopped Constantin on the way and was ready to kill him, but Constantin told him that D’Artagnan isn’t the person he’s looking for. Treville then asked him about the reincarnation of the real D’Artagnan, noticing that Constantin knows something when he refused to answer. That wasn’t enough to stop Treville’s revenge though. Since Constantin said he knows everything he’s planning to do, Treville challenged him to stop him and prove it’s not just his delusions.

When the new semester started on September, Constantin continues to keep an eye on Treville. However, he was shocked to meet D’Artagnan again in the academy. Even though his first reaction was “So cute.. The uniform looks so good on her..” LOL. He was thinking of a cool way to react when D’Artagnan handed a sapphire ring to him. She found it near her house, and she thought he must have dropped it during his visit. Since Castelmore is alive there should be no reason for her to come here, but apparently Constantin’s strength impressed her so much she decided to follow his footsteps. Castelmore was obviously against this idea, so she left a letter and ran away from home lol.

The bad news is, D’Artagnan also came here because she received an invitation from the academy — sent by Treville. Even if Constantin saved her father, fate leads her back to the island. Somehow Constantin took this in a really positive way, thinking it must be their fate to meet again even after he changed the past lol. He knows that he can’t be happy though. He had to do something to make sure D’Artagnan won’t end up dying in Treville’s hands. She was surprised that he knew she’s looking for Athos, and Constantin said he has good instincts. That’s why she should listen to him whenever he warns her about something, since he knows if danger is coming.

That night Treville released the power of the demon’s seal, turning everyone who has it into demons. Including Constantin, who was actually in the forest too hearing the Musketeers groaning in pain. He warned D’Artagnan not to tell anyone about the demon they saw in her house, asking her to make it their secret.. then he starts grinning again at the thought of “二人だけの秘密” lol. While Constantin was busy looking for Richelieu hoping they can work together, D’Artagnan bumped into Rochefort in the hallway. She dropped the sapphire ring and he took it back saying it’s his ring, leaving her wondering if he also came to their house that day.

When D’Artagnan told him about this later, Constantin knows he needs to act faster. After school he went to the student council room and messed up the place on purpose. He was standing on Athos’ desk, swinging a replica sword when they finally came to see the shipwreck that was their student council room lol. He also called Porthos an idiot, asking Aramis if he’s really experienced in dating, and said Athos will be a “stubborn old man” in the future. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵He also challenged them to duel him in such a provoking way, they eventually accepted his challenge to knock some sense into his head lol.

In order to gain more information about the key, Rochefort returned Castelmore’s sword to D’Artagnan. However, instead of taking it back she asked him if he really came to their house back then. She really have no idea about the key or anything related to it. Before Rochefort could mention anything else, Constantin came running just to interrupt their conversation. He whispered to D’Artagnan to avoid Rochefort at all costs, saying he’s well known for laying his fingers on female students LOL. He shattered Rochefort’s image. xD

In order to stop Rochefort from pursuing D’Artagnan any further, Constantin told him about the reason behind his upcoming duels. Rochefort doesn’t think he can win against the Musketeers, but he granted the permission. If Constantin really wins, he’ll acknowledge his heart’s strength and will take him to see Richelieu. Now that his path towards the principal is opened, all he needs to do is to find Anne’s hideout and talk to her as well. That night he examined every nook and cranny in the hall, calling Anne’s name just in case she’s nearby.

When Treville saw Constantin and D’Artagnan practicing in the forest, he decided to mess up with them a little. He sent three demons to attack them, and Constantin told D’Artagnan to escape while he lures them away. He took them deep inside the forest and took care of them with his demon form, while D’Artagnan escaped to the tower and met Treville there. She panicked and asked him to save Constantin, but soon enough the latter appeared from the bushes saying he’s fine. He told her it was just some wild animals, and she believed him because she didn’t really saw the demons clearly.

Constantin noticed D’Artagnan looks lonely during lunch, so he waited for her after school and asked her out on a date. They went to the beach and she realized he’s doing it for her, knowing she can’t go home until Winter break. Constantin asked if it’s okay for him to visit her house during the holiday, and she said he’s very welcome. Castelmore will probably get angry though since she ran away from home. He told her it’s okay since he’ll help explain things to her father, about how hard she works in the academy to become stronger. He asked her not to feel lonely anymore because he’ll always be here for her. キュー(*´ω`*)ーン

A few days later the exams schedule was announced. Upon learning about Porthos’ bad grades, D’Artagnan invites him to study together. He refused to study with a girl though, and Constantin was also against the idea saying Porthos will just drag her marks to the bottom. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Porthos said he’ll make Constantin pay for this during their duel, and D’Artagnan was worried when she heard this. Constantin told her not to worry though. He needs to do something important right now, and dueling the Musketeers is just a part of it. He promised to tell her everything when the time comes, asking her to just watch over him for now.

Despite his disastrous exams, Constantin eventually had his first duel with Aramis on the beach. Aramis was worried about ruining his perfect hairstyle since the wind was really strong, not to mention it blew some sand into Porthos’ mouth when he was explaining the rules lol. He’s still really strong and keeps pushing Constantin, but the beach was on the latter’s side. The wind keeps blowing sand into their eyes, and Aramis’ long hair was blocking his view because he refused to tie it back. When Aramis was busy tidying up his hair, Constantin used the chance to disarm him.

Aramis was really pissed since he’s defeated in such a way, but he pledged his loyalty for Constantin anyway. Everyone who watched the duel thought that was an unfair fight, but D’Artagnan knows Constantin has a good reason behind all of this. Next up is Porthos, who asked Constantin to duel him on the rooftop the next day.

Oh, and Constantin’s exams result? He’s on the 101th position. This is the first time he fell into the triple-digit area, but at least he doesn’t have to take extra lessons like Porthos usually does. “Usually” because he actually managed to avoid extra lessons this time, most likely he did some studying because of Constantin’s insults lol. Porthos wasn’t there to see the exams result though, so D’Artagnan thought he must be preparing for their upcoming duel. But apparently there’s another reason for that…

Everyone was already waiting when Porthos eventually came to the rooftop.. only in his underwear. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Earlier that day a very certain someone poured some strange-colored liquid from above the stairs, so Porthos went back to the dorm to take a bath. When he opened his closet, he found all of his clothes were.. gone lol. He knew it must be Constantin, who said he doesn’t know anything. That’s such an obvious lie. xD Porthos’ arms were too big for Athos’ jacket though, so in the end they left him naked, cold and hungry since Constantin stole his meals too LOL.

Their duel turned out to be an endurance battle. Constantin keeps guarding while Porthos attacked him with a runny nose, sneezing from time to time. Soon Porthos’ concentration was fading, and Constantin told D’Artagnan to close her eyes before he cuts Porthos’ underwear string, leaving the guy fully naked this time. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵Porthos threw away his sword to save his crotch from being seen, and that marked his defeat against Constantin lol. He also took his sword before Porthos left to get his clothes, which were hidden in the audiovisual room. xD

Unfortunately for Porthos, anyway his misfortune didn’t end there. On Sunday Constantin invited D’Artagnan to play football together. After seeing D’Artagnan doing her best to kick the ball, Constantin decided to show his magnificent skills to impress her. He kicked a curve ball that flew across the ground, hitting Porthos on the head LOL. They ran off to the forest, where they both slipped and she fell on top of him. She was about to get off quickly, but Constantin asked her to stay like this for a while. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

The next day everyone was talking about the upcoming Halloween party. Constantin asked D’Artagnan if she has any requests for his costume, and she said she wants to see him without his glasses. By this time D’Artganan is finally starting to have some interest in him, protecting him when her classmates said he cheated during the duel with Aramis. They asked if she’s going out with Constantin, telling her having a younger boyfriend is nice since they’ll listen to whatever you say. Again, D’Artagnan replied it’s Constantin who’s always taking care of her, not the opposite.

When Halloween comes, D’Artagnan first went to a beach cave to meet up with Constantin. He was already there waiting for her, but he asked her not to turn around yet. Since it’s a costume party, Constantin wanted to act too and asked if she wants him to become more like Aramis.. but D’Artagnan said she wants the usual Constantin. When she finally turned around, she found a very hot Constantin in a military uniform.. and he’s not wearing his glasses. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ After saying “trick or treat” Constantin told her not to give him her sweets yet, because he still wants to stay like this for a while.

It was the day of the dead right after Halloween. Constantin was looking at the sea alone, thinking about those who have died in the incident, when he saw Louis standing nearby. Louis noticed him as the student who beat Aramis and Porthos the other day, asking him if he’s fighting alone too. Constantin didn’t fully get what he means, but he answered he’ll do anything to protect the person he loves. He’s not as strong as the Musketeers, but that allows him to assess the situation and think of various strategies. Before leaving Louis said that he respects Constantin for that.

A huge wave splashed to the beach after that, and Constantin noticed a toy soldier lying on the sand. He wound the screw hoping to see it move, but the toy gave out a loud bombing noise instead.. and it won’t stop until the screw stops spinning. This gave Constantin yet another strategy for his duel with Athos the next day. Just as expected, Athos is really strong and cornered Constantin right away. D’Artagnan winds up the toy soldier based on his request to mess up Athos’ rhythm, but they also got an unexpected help from Louis and Anne — who threw stones at Athos from afar lol. The duel ended when Constantin knocked Athos’ sword off, winning the duel.

With the three Musketeers under his hand, Anne is now thinking of using Constantin for her own benefits. She called him at night and tried to get him on her side, saying Richelieu is after her life because she’s the owner of the necklace. That, and if she can’t beat Richelieu before the 31st Treville will kill her instead. Constantin is smart enough not to join hands with Anne right away, but talking to Richelieu was a very grave mistake. Richelieu doesn’t believe what he says, and Constantin doesn’t have any proof that Treville’s trying to kill D’Artagnan. Even after he said he knows about the diamond necklace, Richelieu kicked him out saying he should open the door and use the necklace’s power to stop Treville himself.

Thanks to Constantin’s visit, now Richelieu knows that D’Artagnan has some connection to the tower’s key. Rochefort then threw the girl into prison and forced her to spill the beans, leaving her confused since she knows absolutely nothing about Anne and the key. The next day they submitted a sick leave for D’Artagnan, and Constantin realized there must be something happening to her. From Rochefort he learned that D’Artagnan is in prison right now. They’ll release her if Constantin tells them about the key. For now he’s allowed to see her for a limited time, but he can’t tell anyone or else they’ll kill her.

When Constantin came to visit her at night, D’Artagnan was more worried about him rather than herself. She’s starting to realize that Constantin might know something right from the start, and she doesn’t want him to get in danger. Since D’Artagnan found out that she’s involved, Constantin finally told her everything starting from what happened 300 years ago. He was troubled when D’Artagnan asked why Castelmore had to escape and was against her going to the academy, but luckily Patrick then came to tell them time’s up. Constantin left after promising that he’ll come and see her everyday.

Since D’Artagnan got captured and Constantin refused to work for her, Anne knew she can’t use both of them anymore.. so she called Athos and got him to be her ally. Meanwhile, Rochefort also offered an easier way for Constantin to get D’Artagnan out of the prison: bring Anne to them. It’s either that or tell them about the key, and he needs to make a quick decision before D’Artagnan froze to death in the cold prison. Even though Anne’s indirectly trying to kill D’Artagnan as well, Constantin can’t hand her to Richelieu. It would only cause D’Artagnan to blame herself if she found out.

Knowing that he can’t do it alone anymore, Constantin called the Musketeers and finally told them that he came from the future. Everyone including D’Artagnan died in that future, and now history’s about to repeat itself since they captured her again. He asked for their help to save her life, and he’s not giving up until they believe in him. Fortunately Athos already did his own research regarding Constantin and the academy. His meeting with Anne yesterday also led him to believe that Constantin is telling the truth, so they eventually agreed to help him out.

However, Treville also decided to move along with his plan. He went to tell Richelieu and Anne about the key’s true identity. The condition he asked Richelieu to fulfill was to kill Constantin in front of D’Artagnan’s eyes. Right from the start Constantin was trying to save everyone, but he realized it’s impossible after all. A victim would be needed to stop Treville, and Constantin is ready even if it means he’s going to die. As long as D’Artagnan is alive it’d be enough for him. That night he visited D’Artagnan and told her she’ll get out of the prison soon. There’s a dance party coming up, and she gladly accepts when Constantin asked her to dance with him.

Back in their secret hideout, Louis was telling Anne that D’Artagnan reminds him of her lady-in-waiting, Constance. On the other hand, Constantin also reminds him of a certain apprentice Musketeer who delivered Anne’s necklace back to her in the past…

The next day, Constantin called Rochefort and Richelieu to the tower. He’s handing Anne to them in exchange for releasing D’Artagnan from the prison. If he’s not giving Anne right away, Rochefort will kill him in front of D’Artagnan’s eyes — Treville’s request. But if he really brought Anne to them, they’re going to ignore Treville and deal with Anne on the spot. Either way things are looking good for them, so they decided to meet Constantin at noon. They didn’t know that Constantin also wrote different messages for everyone to make sure they come to the tower. Including the Musketeers, Anne, Louis and even Treville himself.

After everyone (minus Anne) gathered in front of the tower, Constantin once again tried to reveal Treville’s real intention. Everyone here have a demon’s seal on their bodies, given by Treville before they reincarnated. Before, Treville asked him where is the real reincarnation of D’Artagnan.. and here Constantin finally answered that he is D’Artagnan in his past life, showing the seal on his chest as the proof. It was him who killed Constance 300 years ago. The current D’Artagnan is innocent and has nothing to do with the revenge plan.

Richelieu was ready to kill Anne when she came out of hiding, but Louis stopped him saying he wants to end this with his own hands. He asked Anne to cut this revenge chain together with him, and surprisingly Anne said she understands. But before Richelieu can settle things with them, Treville attacked Constantin saying he couldn’t forgive him for killing Constance. D’Artagnan jumped in to protect him, much to Constantin’s horror, but she’s okay despite getting slashed in the back.. because earlier that day, Constantin replaced Treville’s sword with a replica from the student council room.

Even though Constantin has just confessed that he’s a demon, D’Artagnan said he’s just like an angel to her. Those words made Treville realize that she’s actually Constance, which was also confirmed by Louis. D’Artagnan then asked him to forgive Constantin, but Treville said his desire for revenge already vanished. As long as she’s happy with her current life, it’d be enough for him.. even though he wasted 300 years for nothing. Richelieu said it might be Constance’s wish that switched their souls, in order to stop Treville’s revenge plan.

Constantin was still hugging D’Artagnan even after everyone left. She thanked him for saving her, and he replied it was her who has been working so hard all this time. Of course she didn’t get what he means since he was referring to the D’Artagnan who challenged the Musketeers in the past, but he can tell her everything from now on. Based on Treville’s own request, Constantin also used the necklace’s power to turn him into a human. He wants to let Constance rest in a peaceful place, and he asked Constantin to bury the necklace along with Anne — who most likely committed a double suicide with Louis.

After it’s all over, the academy finally holds its anniversary festival early in December. Even Richelieu was enjoying the festive mood in his real form, shocking Rocinante who was picking up trash nearby lol. At night D’Artagnan met up with Constantin for the dance party, and they danced in the middle of the dance floor. Before, he told her that he’s not that good in dancing, so she said he’s lying since he’s leading her properly. Constantin said it’s necessary so he won’t embarrass her in public, but D’Artagnan said she doesn’t mind.

Constantin: “Is it okay even if people laugh at as?”
D’Artagnan: “Yes.”
Constantin: “Is it okay even if we become the center of attention?”
D’Artagnan: “Yes.”
Constantin: “Will you go out with me?”
D’Artagnan: “…yes, please take care of me.”

Constantin couldn’t believe his ears, but D’Artagnan said it’s true and asked him to go out with her. He finally dropped the senpai suffix and kissed her saying “D’Artagnan, I love you.” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

In the extra story, Constantin is going to the sea with D’Artagnan tomorrow. He wonders what kind of swimsuit she’s going to wear, imagining himself rubbing sun oil on her back lol. The thought makes him laugh lecherously like Porthos, and his imagination runs wild as he thinks of rubbing sun oil her front as well. (*ノノ)キャー He was thinking of doing dirty things in the sea when Treville and Richelieu came to his room, asking if they can come along too.. because they wanna see the current Constance in a swimsuit LOL. Needless to say Constantin rejects the idea right away, stopping the perverts from eyeing his girlfriend. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

OMG I thought I was gonna die from too much ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ lol. What the heck. Forget the Musketeers and Treville, Constantin is the canon of the game. Like THE canon. It’s now clear why he fell in love with D’Artagnan right from the beginning, since D’Artagnan and Constance are lovers in the original story. Treville thinks she was in love with Richelieu, but I think the man Constance loved in the past was actually D’Artagnan instead. Constantin’s route also has a good balance of action and comedy. His duel with Porthos made me laugh so hard tears were coming out. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ It’s so adorable whenever his imagination goes wild and he starts laughing like a pervert lol. This is definitely my favorite route in the game. <3


27 thoughts on “Musketeer – Constantin

  1. Well, this route is really the best……at first i thought Constantin is her lost twin brother because they have same hair style and color LOL. I was really suprise when they revealed that D was Constance which mean in Treville route he didn’t know that D actually is the girl he loved in the past ==
    Well, this game was great, as expected of otomate……did you play Death Connection… friend told me that was a good game too but not as good as this ^^
    Btw……Starry☆Sky~After Autumn~has already come out…….will you make a review for it ^^

    • Now that you mention it.. their hairstyles look similar from the front lol. I have a feeling that D’Artagnan isn’t that D’Artagnan, but I never thought she swapped souls with Constantin. xD ..and yes sadly in Treville’s route it’s not revealed that she’s actually Constance in the past, so he doesn’t know that he just fell in love with her all over again. ;_;

      I haven’t received After Autumn yet, but I’m thinking of doing Death Connection soon. My backlog is piling up like a mountain and I have a hard time following new releases. But yes I’m planning to do After Autumn and write up a summary for it lol.

      • That’s what I thought too. Totally faced palm when I didn’t see it coming (I believe there were slight hints in Treville’s and/or Richelieu’s route). Since everyone had their names from the past, I just assumed Constantin was Constance. Well, that would explain why D’Artagnan didn’t have the mark (I was stumped about that in the beginning and totally forgot about it ’till this route). Definitely the most amazing route for various reasons. As soon as I heard there was a secret chara, I knew it had to be him (who else?!).

        Having a hard time with my backlog. Still deciding if I should finish Wand of Fortune (it was too tedious so I gave up) or continue through Death Connection (loving it so far). I never even finished TYB Super Mint and Miyako (I was hoping for improvement from psp).

        • Oops, cross out first sentence. XP Didn’t read your comment carefully.

          In any case, if otomate wants to milk this…they have may as well get access to my bank account. I want drama cd’s and fanbooks!

        • Actually I saw some people talking about Constance before, and I just assumed they’re talking about Constantin lol. Who would have thought that Constance switched her soul with D’Artagnan? xD When I heard about a secret chara I immediately thought of him too.. the only males available aside from him are Rocinante and Bonacieux. Rocinante is cute, but Bonacieux is a no-no lol.

          Wow I heard Wand of Fortune is a lot of work to go through, so I ditched it for now. Death Connection received lots of good reviews though, you made a great choice. :D

  2. Wow this guy is clever! He is the main guy right?
    So many lol moments and I think that is necessary since Constantin has a lot of things to do and endure.
    Finally~ no one was murdered and everyone was saved from the never-ending revenge plan. ^^

    Thank you! ^_^

    • LOL yes. The other guys might have awesome stories and lovable moments, but in the end it’s Constantin who took the spotlight. Well, at least that’s how I feel. Not to mention he’s super devoted and adorable too. xD

  3. OMG… i thought the same as urina…
    Constantin is so adorable~~~! i love him!!!
    i always thought those guys that’ll fell in love with heroine in first place are really cute~~!
    plus, Constantin is not some revenge seeking dude from past unlike other people in this game… yokatta… i’m truly glad…
    Constantin route was very sweet but don’t you think it was a little short? i excepted it to be a little longer.
    and Treville disgusted me again, for he’s stupid lovers moment ruining revenge crap. as for Richelieu he’s being very mean as always.
    but you know the extra story made me forgive both of them a little. just a little…
    and that route was very funny!! my cousin ran into my room worrying if i was crying but then she saw Porthos all half naked and laughed more then me saying she loves him!
    funny guys are the best!
    and actually i’m very surprised that Rochefort didn’t die in this route… since he died in every single route…

    • Yea that’s my only complaint for this route: TOO SHORT!
      I want moar ラブラブ moments between Constantin and D’Artagnan lol. He’s not bloodthirsty like Richelieu / Treville, he’s more involved in the main storyline than the Musketeers, and he’s got a happy ending unlike Rochefort.. with everyone alive and happy too. Except Anne and Louis, but who cares about Anne really lol.

  4. So, to get Contantin’s route, I made D’Artagnan fall in love with an Old man, a traitor whose hair makes me feel so jealous, a teacher that screamed Big Bag the first time he appeared, a cute tsundere, a pervert, a kisama-teacher.

    OH IT WAS ALL SO WORTH IT. Constantin you’re the new poster boy of 萌. No I don’t care what you have to say in this matter. D’Artagnan will be happy OHOHOHOHO.

    Though all the Constantin = past D’Artagnan & D’Artagnan = Constance had me going all Σ(゜д゜;) WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. I had to like, re-read everything you wrote at least 3 times to finally make my brain understand what the hell happened orz.

    Another thing: WHY WE DON’T GET TO SEE CONS’ DEMON FORM (#゚Д゚)

    Awww it makes me kinda sad that Constantin’s route feels so canon. I wanted Athos to be my canon instead ; A ; (yes I love this man, and I love the man who gave voice to him too /shot)

    • LOL that reminds me, Rochefort keeps calling her “kisama” up until the ending. I guess that part of him will never change lol.

      Haha yeah the whole reincarnation + soul swap made things really complicated. I did realize that the past D’Artagnan is voiced by Shimono Hiro though, so when Cons revealed everything I was like “oh now it makes sense” more than surprised. xD


      I LOVE Constantin to death, but I know how you feel about Athos. He’s my favorite after Cons, and the game cover also tricked you into thinking he’s the main guy lol.

  5. while i was reading the Kisama-sensei’s route or some1’s i believe i thought at one point that D’Artagnan was the reincarnation of some1 special from 300 yrs ago but then we found that it was supposedly the apprentice Musketeer @.@
    anyways i feel sorry for Treville cause hes been wanting to kill the woman he loved for the past 6 routes, without even knowing she isnt the one
    this game is one of the best i have seen yet, its on my fav list now ^^ most games dont even come close to making it on my list
    so wats next on ur list to play? cant wait to read the review =D

    • The fact that they revealed D’Artagnan = Constance HERE instead of in Treville’s route makes Constantin’s route feels so canon. Like I said, he’s THE canon lol. It makes sense why you have to go through all six characters to unlock his route, none of the guys feel right for D’Artagnan anymore after doing Cons. Though I still love Athos and Porthos and Rochefort and Treville.. wait, that’s almost everyone.

      I’m doing Kaeru Batake’s fandisk next. :D

  6. So I was actually following this blog because I had gotten into Utapri le animation masterpiece /sarcasm and I wanted to know what happened in the game, starting reading that, blah…took a break from reading spoilers.

    Then I came to this blog, saw that Musketeer was the game you were playing now, and at first I was like ‘Hm, interesting’ then skipped. AND THEN, I found out one of my favorite singers from Nico Nico Douga was doing the ending songs, so I got interested again, and even though there really wasn’t mention of the songs at all (xD) I spent two hours or so reading all (ALL!) of the guys’ routes, and holy crackers, this guy became my favorite. Hiro Shimono just take me away >DDDDD First Keima from Kaminomi, Syo from Utapri, and now this hefojeifa;oef megane badass and soul switching and hnnnnnnnng AMAZING. I wish I understood more Japanese to play this even though I’d have to go through everyone else’s routes (I’d go for Porthos’s route any day owob)

    ;oife;fe If Aksys does well with Hakuouki, I want this game to be the next thing they localize from Otomate. Holy crap.

    • Yay, a fellow clear fan! :D
      I was thrilled when I heard clear sang two songs for Musketeer, and he’s the reason I can never ever skip the ending like I usually do in most games. Since it seems like Otomate’s getting more Utaites to sing for their games (like VALSHE for Kannou Mukashibanashi), I hope clear gets to sing more song for them in the future. (*´∀`*)

      Shimono Hiro is my favorite seiyuu ever, and I’m so biased towards any of his characters.. but Constantin is so awesome I’d still love him even if he’s voiced by another seiyuu. Though it’d be hard to imagine him without Shimono’s cute “ehehehe” lol.

      I second your opinion there. Musketeer’s popularity is nowhere near Hakuouki’s or Starry Sky’s, but I hope it gets translated. It’s just that good.

      • Now if only clear could act XD
        Actually, when I saw that clear did this song, I seriously thought it was a cover, not…the actual song. Goodness, to think clear three years ago was just a guy singing songs on NND. XD
        I mean, I hope clear does more music too. Oh I didn’t know about Valshe but hnnnnng more utaites doing VN game songs makes me happy beyond belief \ovo/ I wish I could steal some for my own VNs pfft

        XD He’s getting there. But Hikaru Midorikawa has a firm place in my heart TwT but I haven’t heard of him much and Shimono’s been voicing some of my favorite characters now so he may replace him soon hur.

        Well, it’s new, right? Give it time \ovo/

        • Yea now clear’s pretty much an idol lol. I love his duets with nero too. My dream is to hear cleanero sing for an otome game someday. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Oh you make your own VNs too? That’s awesome!

          I used to really like Midorin back in 2002, thanks to Tokimemo GS. But I’m not really fond of his nasally voice (like in Starry Sky) which he’s been using more and more often lately.. so I guess Shimono and Namikawa replaced his place in my mind lol.

          Well yes it’s new, but you know.. Otomate’s games that aren’t illustrated by Kazuki Yone can never rival Hakuouki. xD

  7. Thanks so much for the review!! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”
    I was debating whether or not I should finish the game completely and bear with the キモさ of dating a man who looks old enough to be a grandpa but…gosh – judging by the sheer amount of Constance’s cute/sweet/funny/awesome-ness, how could I not? XD

    I agree. Musketeer is already a brilliant game with beautiful graphics and music that actually FITS the atmosphere – but it would be beyond awesome if they had used Kazuki-sama’s artwork instead

    • You’re welcome!
      Don’t worry about it, I was like 何このおっさんきめぇ too but in the end Richelieu’s route was pretty good lol. At least do it for Constantin, he’s worth it. His route is very rewarding even though you have to plow through an old man’s route first. xD

      OMG yes Musketeer’s music is awesome. I loved a lot of the BGMs, even the silly ones sounds good lol. Actually I prefer Miko’s (Beastmaster & Prince) artwork rather than Kazuki Yone, but I like Kiriya Takashi’s style too.. so I’m playing Death Connection soon. (*´∀`*)

  8. Thank you for your wonderful review!

    Wah!!! I am so unhealthy biased towards megane characters and look and Constantin!! He is totally cuuuuuuute and adorable!!! His glasses make him look even more loveable… I love his character design so much!!! ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

    His duels with the Musketeers are so damn funny, I laughed so many tears, my stomach still hurts from it. xD Especially the duel with naked Porthos.(*/∇\*)D’Artagnan must have think: “He’s unmanly, but still kind of cool.” LOL

    Constantin, why are you so cute?! He is the romantic younger kohai, that falls in love with you and is willing to do everything for you!!! OMG all my feelings… ヽ(´Д`)人(´Д`)人(´Д`)ノ〜♪ Oh, and the revealation of the whole story in this route is soo good, who had thought that Constance switched souls with D’Artagnan. That was AWESOME!

    I guess, we know now why he IS the hidden character, because he THE canon! :D I’m so jealous of D’Artagnan, let me borrow him forever! (/ω\)

    • Cons is so adorable, right? ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡
      I’m biased because he’s voiced by Shimono, but you can’t deny that he’s really cute. He’s so devoted towards D-senpai that he went to the past just to save her, and seriously.. who would have thought that he’s THE canon. Cons isn’t the strongest when it comes to duels, but yeah he’s got the brain. And the imagination that often leads him to laugh like Porthos. 8D

  9. Yeah, Cons has got the brains therefore his tactics to WIN duels turn out pretty hilarious. xD And yeah, his imagination… I mean he loves her so much, it’s no wonder he want to do dirty things with her. LOL Especially since he’s still young. 8D

    • LOL yeah, but Cons isn’t as pervy as Porthos. He imagines romantic situations more, though the last one (about them going to the beach) is Porthos-level perverted. xD

  10. I love this route so much
    Now that i think about it
    since d’artagnan is actually constance….
    does that mean that the whole revenge plots that the other routes had are kinda pointless at ths point?
    And the fact that richelieu and treville didnt know it was constance that whole time though–

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