Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete ・ Natsu Chigira Sansen!

It’s Summer! So now I’m playing Kaeru Batake’s fandisk to match the season for once lol. Last month I pushed this game back for TYB Super Mint, and boy do I regret that decision..

Just as the title says, this fandisk takes place in Summer. The biggest change is that if you use the default name “Sugano Fuu”, the guys actually call Fuu by her name instead of “you” like in the previous game. The game is divided into “after stories” and “another stories”, with a “true route” dedicated to the main character of this game — Chigira Takumi. Mini-games also have their own section so you can fully enjoy the story, and you get extra CGs for clearing them.

Quick Rundown:

Another Story
This section takes place two months after Fuu and her friends turned into frogs. She basically spent her time cleaning the land without falling in love with anyone. Summer has come and everyone’s going to the beach. They have fun swimming, making salt from sea water, picking up a strange creature.. and of course, fall in love! Chigira is added to the lineup. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After Story
The after stories take place right after the endings in the previous game. There’s a Summer festival in Kakaki Town, Fuu’s hometown, and that’s the main highlight of this section. Fuu and her friends enjoy eating takoyaki and cotton candies, watching fireworks and having fun in the festival. This section contains six routes for the main guys in the previous game.

True Route
The main spotlight of the game: a Chigira route! This route has the same length as everyone else’s in Kaeru Batake. Here the truth that was never mentioned in the previous game is also revealed..

Since the after stories are really short, I’m putting everyone’s route into one post. The another stories are probably longer, but most likely I’ll do the same and make another separate post for Chigira’s true route. So far I think this is a great fandisk full of adorable moments. ε-(*´∀`|萌|


5 thoughts on “Kaeru Batake DE Tsukamaete ・ Natsu Chigira Sansen!

  1. Rin-chan this has nothing to do with the game lol but did you hear? SuzuKen and Maaya Sakamoto got married~~

    Ok back to the game lol. I dunno, I didn’t play the game cause the art kind of turned me off? (After seeing AMNESIA’s art I don’t think I will anything else lol) but it seems kinda interesting so I thought about giving it a try…

    ^ Is your elbow ok? Please take care of yourself~

    • OMG YES THEY GOT MARRIED イエーヽ(*´∀`*)ノーイ☆


      Haha it’s too bad you don’t like the art, because Kaeru Batake (and Takuyo’s games in general) have charming characters and great stories. But I understand how you feel since I was charmed by AMNESIA’s art as well. 8D

      Thanks for the concern. My elbow is okay, but I can’t hold things for too long or else it’ll start hurting again. Not PSP. Not even my mouse. ;_;

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