Kaeru Natsu – After Story

Since “another story” seems longer and has a general route, I’ll put all of the after stories into this post to avoid confusion. They make really nice epilogues for the endings in Kaeru Batake.

These after stories are basically short stories that take place right after the endings in Kaeru Batake. There are six routes available, and you can pick whose story you want to read. Also, the “true route” will be unlocked once you finished reading all six after stories. The story and setting differ in each route depending on that guy’s ending in the previous game, but the main highlight is the same — the Summer festival in Fuu’s hometown.

Hamura Mukuto

Realizing that he’s in love with Fuu, Mukuto goes to consult his feelings with Yuuki. He’s the only one who can give him a proper response, since Ren’s a rival and Masaomi’s scared of girls. Which means Mukuto doesn’t consider Yuuki as a rival at all lol. Mukuto kinda noticed that Fuu might feel the same, because the way she smiles at him is different than how she does to everyone else. Based on Yuuki’s advice, Mukuto calls Fuu to the park and after a moment of awkward nervousness, he invites her to a Summer festival in her hometown.

The next day Fuu wears a yukata for the festival, and Mukuto goes ボ━.+゚(○゚Д゚○)゚+.━ッ upon seeing her lol. He’s so charmed that he’s at a loss for words, which makes Fuu think she looks weird since people keep staring at her on the way to the festival. They arrived in her hometown that evening, and Fuu asks him what he really thinks of her yukata. Mukuto finally says it looks lovely on her, holding her hand as a “punishment” for making him say such embarrassing words. (。→∀←。)

Mukuto was about to confess when suddenly they hear Togami’s laugh nearby, instantly turning him blue in the face lol. Somehow Togami causes the conversation to stray off the path by asking about Mukuto’s family meeting earlier that day, and Mukuto admits he went to an arranged matchmaking. Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノナニィィ!! Togami thinks he’s betraying Fuu, causing Mukuto to fall into a long silence even after their friends came to join them.

At night, Mukuto finally takes Fuu to a quiet place and tells her that he loves her. He invited her to the festival just to confess, saying he’s starting to get along with his parents thanks to her. He went to the matchmaking so it won’t be rude to the other family, but he rejected the idea because he’s in love with Fuu. Now his parents want to see her. Fuu says she doesn’t mind because she loves Mukuto as well, admitting that she’s been watching him everyday.. and he turns bright red upon hearing this. (❤ฺ→艸←) When the fireworks light up in the sky, Mukuto kisses Fuu and asks her to meet his parents. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After the festival, the happy Mukuto bought presents for everyone: Kaerina-tan keychains, limited edition. Fuu wonders which one Mukuto likes the most, her or Kaerina-tan LOL.

Kuga Masaomi

It’s the first Summer after Masaomi and Fuu started dating, and he’s still allergic to girls other than her. Everyone’s been eating soumen everyday thanks to Misaki, so they find an oasis when Souichi brings some jellies for them lol. Masaomi takes a picture of him and Fuu with his new camera, but apparently Souichi’s invisible in pictures because he’s a youkai. He thinks it’s the proof that they’re not welcomed in the human world, which makes Masaomi and Fuu sad since Souichi is more than welcomed in front of them.

Since there’s a festival in Fuu’s hometown, Masaomi invites her to go together. They also invited everyone else, but sadly they all have plans for that day.. except for Mukuto, who refuses to go since he’ll just disturb their date. The next day Misaki helps preparing a yukata for Fuu, but unlike Mukuto, Masaomi honestly says he’s really happy to have such a lovely girlfriend. 。:*:・(*´ω`pq゛ポワァン Everyone else in the room are completely forgotten as Fuu and Masaomi stepped inside their own ラブラブ world lol.

When they arrived at the festival, they see cat-shaped candies that look exactly like a naked Touya. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Touya was erased from everyone’s minds when he took out their haraedamas, so Masaomi and Fuu buy some of the candies just to see their reactions. As they drink lamunes together, Masaomi tells Fuu he never raised his hand in class during elementary school since the teacher never picked him anyway. That teacher then promised to choose him next time, but Masaomi remained ignored until the end. Now he understands that a teacher can’t just focus on one student, but back then he just felt betrayed. By meeting Fuu and everyone though, he learns to understand people better.

Soon they meet Touya and Kazuhi, who’s currently on training here. Masaomi asks if he can take a picture for Souichi, and his feeling affects his haraedama — showing Kazuhi properly in the picture. Before leaving Kazuhi also asked them to just call his name instead of the formal “Mr. Blue Frog”, finally approving them as friends. At night Masaomi asks if he can call Fuu by her name too, blushing heavily as he calls her “Fuu-chan”. When he says he’s going to be a man that will make her proud, Fuu also calls him “Masaomi-kun” and says she’s going to work hard for him too. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Masaomi then kisses her saying he’s glad to be able to enjoy the festival with her.

Back in the dorm, everyone except Ren think the Touya-candies are scary. The real Touya probably heard this and makes strange sounds to mess up with them, especially Mukuto lol.

Hirose Yuuki

One fine day in August, Fuu and Yuuki buy drinks for everyone at school. When she saw a sexy Kaerina-tan on their eco bag, Fuu thinks she’s not sexy enough since nothing really happened even though she sleeps with Yuuki every night. He admits he’s been holding back all this time, and Fuu asks if they should “do it” starting from today.. but she’s actually referring to “good morning / night kiss” LOL. When she says she doesn’t want him to hate her, rain starts pouring outside as usual. (❤ฺ→艸←) It turns out that they agreed not to do anything naughty when it’s not raining, so nobody knows Yuuki’s causing the rain lol.

Just before their bathtime at night, Fuu says it might be better if they conserve water. For example, by having her taking baths together with them. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノエェェー!! When she says she wants to buy the same shampoo as him, Yuuki asks her to stop saying cute thing since his self-control’s fading away as the day goes by lol. It’s also raining tonight so there’s no need to hold back. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Sadly Fuu takes it seriously when Yuuki teased her and they end up sleeping in their own rooms, but the next morning they admit it feels weird not to see each other’s face when they wake up. (*´ω`*)

The next day Fuu wears a yukata for the festival and asks Yuuki how she looks. He says it really suits her, and it’s enough to make her happy even though Ren thinks that’s a really thin response lol. Yuuki was feeling unwell when they arrived at the festival, so everyone leaves him alone with Fuu until he feels better. Yuuki buys her a cotton candy and a rabbit mask when they walk around the festival, so she asks him if there’s something that he wants.. and he says “you”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

When he was small Yuuki won a goldfish from the festival, but that fish ended up dying and he regrets bringing it home. He apologizes for telling this story to Fuu, and she tells him not to hold back so much in front of her. Yuuki asks her to do the same, but Fuu said she doesn’t want him to think of her as a sloppy person. He warns her not to make him so happy since it’ll start raining again, and she replies with “then let it rain” lol. If staying by his side makes him happy, then she’s going to stay with him forever. (*´∀`*) They then move to a quiet place, where he hugs her based on her own request. Sadly their romantic time is interrupted when he got a call from everyone, telling them to meet up lol. They hold hands as they walk to the station, and it starts raining the moment they ride on the train.

That night Fuu asks Yuuki if he’d still fall in love with her if she doesn’t give him that pencil. He says he would, since she’s even more wonderful as he gets to know her better. If she’s feeling insecure then he’ll hug her all night since it’s raining anyway. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

Norizuki Ren

After spending the day cleaning up their club room, Ren invites everyone (minus Yuuki who already escaped) to the Summer festival. Including Kazuhi, who joined the club to watch over Fuu even though he fights all the time with Chigira lol. Ren also borrowed a yukata from Misaki so Fuu can wear it to the festival. (*´∀`*) Kazuhi doesn’t get why Fuu chooses to stay with Ren even though she’s no longer a human, but Fuu says she likes everything about him. As Ren grows old she’ll alter her own appearance too, even though she has to be careful so the “master”‘s power won’t leak out to his body like last time.

Kazuhi’s low opinion about Ren starts to change when he buys some takoyaki for him. He drags Chigira home and asks Fuu to tell Ren, who feels bad for dragging everyone here against their will, that he had fun today. As they walk around the festival Fuu asks how he became friends with Chigira, and Ren says Chigira saved him when he got bullied on their first year. Chigira sat in front of him in class, so they slowly get along after that. Ren also buys some shaved ice to eat with Fuu, even though he lost appetite when she says their melon and strawberry syrup have Kaerina-tan colors. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Ren and Fuu have a rule for him to call her name only in special occassions, but today is special so she asks him to call her “Fuu”. He tells her to do the same, hugging her when she calls him “Ren-senpai”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ She gets embarrassed if he calls her “cute” everyday, but she admits she wants to hear it every once in a while. By hugging her like this he can really feel that she’s just a normal girl, and he feels guilty for her condition. It turns out that Ren overheard her conversation with Kazuhi earlier, so now he’s going to turn her back into a human by absorbing the “master”‘s power from her body. He’s going to erase her memories too so she won’t be troubled by loving a youkai.

When Ren takes her to the shrine, Fuu has a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. He finally tells her that he remembers everything and expects Fuu to get mad, but she’s glad that he doesn’t lose his memories. Ren’s decision is firm since he already gave up his humanity earlier — ready to become the new “master” of Tsukiyado. However, Fuu asks him to let her stay beside him and never let her go. She feels grateful to him because now she knows which path to take in life, which is to walk together with him. Ren hugs Fuu upon hearing this, and she hugs him back until he calms down. They’re going to protect Tsukiyado together from now on.

Earlier Chigira gave an amulet to Fuu saying it’s to find lost articles, but apparently it’s an amulet to prevent Ren from erasing Fuu’s memories.. which means that he’s been tricking Ren the whole time. That’s why he “agreed” to help and let Ren carry out his plan LOL.

Maibara Misaki

One day Touya suddenly tells everyone that he’s taking their haraedamas back. That means they will leave Misaki alone again, since he remembers everything because of his power. At night Fuu meets Misaki in the kitchen preparing their meal, and he jokes saying he will be a good wife for her. When she says she’ll take him as her husband, Misaki says maybe it’s time for him to cut his long hair. He grew out his hair to match Togami’s, but now he won’t be lonely anymore since he’s got Fuu and the boys. It makes her sad, since she might not realize the love hidden in Misaki’s eyes after losing her own memories.

The next day everyone ask Misaki if there’s something they can do for him, so he suggests them going to the Summer festival together. Only Fuu wears a yukata, since the guys all refused to let Misaki help them to wear one lol. In the festival everyone took Misaki to a darts booth since he’s good at it.. though the center and prize lines are unbelievably small. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He still wins even when the boys all gang up on him, but that’s only until Fuu pierced his dart in the middle — taking the spotlight away from him lol.

It doesn’t take long until Misaki gets tired from walking around, so everyone leave him and Fuu alone. She asks him again if there’s something she can do for him, but since he returns the question at her.. Fuu tells him she wants to hold hands. (*´ω`*) Misaki says he often watches over her at school, hoping that he’s there looking at her from afar. She asks him to be honest and tell her everything, but Misaki refuses since she won’t be able to go back. It turns out that he saw what happened with Touya in his dream. When everyone asked what they can do for him, he knows it must be true. Misaki then tells Fuu that he loves her.

Soon Touya comes with the guys to get Fuu. The reason why he suddenly wants to erase their memories is none other than Misaki himself. Misaki has two kind of powers in his body: to see the land’s memories, and to see youkai. These powers are now overwriting each other because Fuu’s affection towards him is affecting her haraedama, and Misaki’s body will collapse if this continues. Touya notices that Misaki was listening to all of this, so he tells him to come out and say goodbye. Misaki tells Fuu he’ll grant her one wish, and Fuu asks him to make her fall in love with him again after her memories got erased. As for her wish to Touya, Fuu wants Misaki to live a peaceful life.

…but apparently Touya was only trolling them. They still have their memories, and they can still see Touya standing there lol. As long as they keep quiet about the existence of youkai, he’s okay with them keeping their memories. But break the promise, and he’ll turn them into nekomatas like him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Everyone goes back to their peaceful lives after that. One morning Misaki finds Fuu in the kitchen, trying to spray sakura denbu onto her own bentou. She refused when Misaki says he’ll do it for her, because she wants to write “Misaki LOVE” on her own. (❤ฺ→艸←) He’s really going to wait until she’s 20, and she shouldn’t worry since it’s only her in his eyes.

Togami Akimori

Now that she’s dating Togami, Fuu often sneaks out of the dorm at night to meet her “future husband” lol. It’ll attract too much attention when it’s still bright outside, so they can only purify the land with the frogs at night. The new “master” (formerly the sakura tree spirit) is doing his job really well, though at first his power accidentally made all the sakura trees in town to bloom lol. Lotus flowers will start growing in the pond if they do their best to clean the land, and Togami wants to see them bloom again as soon as possible.

Togami tells Fuu that he gained permission to read the documents in his teacher’s room, which makes him so happy since he’s been stuck in taking care of their mushrooms for a long time. Fuu says he looks so happy when he talks about his teacher, and he apologizes since it seems like he loves his teacher more than her. She tells him it’s okay since it’s not like she’s aiming to be his number one, as long as he loves her it’s enough to satisfy her. Togami blushes and hugs her saying he never thought he’d meet someone like her upon returning to Tsukiyado. (*´ω`*)

Souichi and Kazuhi are quarelling when they get back, and Fuu says she wants to have a fight with Togami too. Because you know.. the more they fight, the more they love each other lol. Togami says there’s no need for them to do so because they’re “osumou ufufu”, which instantly gets a tsukkomi from Kazuhi since he was trying to say “oshidori fuufu” (lovebirds) — only the first and last letter stays, everything inbetween is chaos. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ But it’s okay since Fuu loves that side of him too lol.

The next day Togami invites Fuu to the Summer festival, and she borrows a yukata from Misaki’s mother. When they visit the shrine in her hometown, Togami says it’s okay if Fuu wants to cancel her plan to be his future bride since she will disappear from everyone’s memories. He’s afraid that she’ll regret choosing this path later, but Fuu doesn’t mind since she has Togami by her side. Before they go back to the festival, Fuu tells him to bend down and gives her a surprise kiss. ε-(*´∀`|萌| When she asks him what should she do if she loves him too much, Togami turns bright red and answers “just come into my arms”.

Based on Fuu’s suggestion, Togami decides to tell Misaki everything. He was embarassed to say that he became a Karasu-Tengu to protect everyone, but Fuu tells him to be manly and be honest. They also want Misaki to formally arrange their marriage in the future.

These after stories are so sweet I thought I might get cavities lol. Yuuki’s completely melted my heart and I was ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ing everytime he blushed because his relationship with Fuu is just too adorable. Sadly Misaki’s sort of lost its focus on him as the main character.. and his CG isn’t as good as everyone else’s, but the ending’s really sweet even though it’s still not enough. (*´∀`*) Fuu looks adorable in her yukata, and she’s still as 男前 as ever. Even the guys said they lost to her in that aspect lol. Fuu’s also really straight and forward with her own feelings, and that makes her a very refreshing heroine. (。・∀・。)

2 thoughts on “Kaeru Natsu – After Story

  1. I agree Misaki really got shafted. It’s like they were afraid to touch on the student teacher aspect so they took the safe way around it? Why even make him a capturable character if you’re gonna do that =_=;

    I loved yuuki too but OMG REN I LOVED REN, I almost died during that rain scene 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 (i think that was in another story though?? I forget)

    • Yea I mean they kissed in the previous game, why downgrade everything here lol. But more than that.. where’s the romance? Misaki’s route in another story is dominated by his bromance with Togami instead. -_-”

      That rain scene is one of my favorites too. OMG Ren’s route is so cute I thought I’d die of too much ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ lol.

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