MIYAKO – Tsukiyomi no Yume

At first I wanted to play Amnesia next, but since the game’s lost in limbo.. I’m not gonna wait and start playing Miyako instead. I heard negative reviews, but I’m loving the game so far!

One night, a girl wakes up to find that she’s been summoned as a shikigami by Abe no Seimei. She has no memories of the past, but she does know her name — Sayuki. Seimei tells her that he’s her master, and if she doesn’t accept her role as a shikigami.. she’ll vanish. Even though Seimei is a sadistic guy who pinches her just to see if she reacts to pain, in the end Sayuki decides to serve him as his third shikigami.

In Seimei’s mansion, Sayuki also met the other shikigamis: the tsundere Ichigou and the chicken flame bird, Nigou. After making her do his household chores all morning, Seimei takes Sayuki to the capital for work. She gets lost on the way and finds her way towards a lake, where she meets a man named Izumi talking to some birds. It turns out Izumi is the prince of the capital, and Seimei’s actually taking Sayuki to meet him today. Here in the palace Sayuki will work with Izumi for the people in the capital. They take requests from people in the capital, ranging from solving arguments, writing love letters, or do deliveries.

However, after her first task Sayuki eventually learns about their dangerous night job, fighting ayakashi / demons. It’s her first time seeing such creatures, but it doesn’t take long until she realized these things will eat her life. Nobody ever taught Sayuki to fight since she’s still a newborn shikigami, but she tries her best to help everyone else. The number of ayakashi gathering is way above normal, not to mention they also find a severely ruined graveyard after that. Seimei notes that someone’s gathering the body parts of a certain criminal buried in the graves, most likely to resurrect him back from death. The name of that criminal is Taira no Masakado, a powerful “demon king” who attacked the capital a long time ago.

In order to prevent that from happening, they need to seal the gate of the underworld. It’s not an easy task that requires the Imperial Regalia of Japan: the sword of Kusanagi, the mirror Yata no Kagami, and the jewel Yasakani no Magatama. But they might not be the only ones searching for the sacred treasures.


5 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Tsukiyomi no Yume

  1. lol well your summary makes a lot more sense than mine did. all that old timey Japanese stuff flew over my head completely (but thats ok since I was busy fangirling over Izumi and Seimei XD)

    • LOL it’s okay, fangirling over the guys are our main objective. 8D
      I love historical stuff, so I had fun looking up more info about these stuff lol.

    • But he does look more like a chicken than a flame bird. xD
      I’m doing Izumi’s route now and I can see why you guys like him, though I’m prepared just in case something unexpected happens lol.

  2. Well, l have read all the routes, so I decided to put my overall impression of the game here. Firstly, though, thanks so much for all the awesome summaries/ detailed reviews!! My overall impression is that the game is really interesting, and I like it that the main female character can fight. The plot’s interesting and the art’s quite appealing too!I enjoyed majority of the routes very much! Now off to comment on the individual routes!

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