MIYAKO – Genshin

Following the recommended order, I started the game with Genshin’s route. First impression? He needs a new hairstyle. But appearance aside, this route is better than I expected. (。・ω・。)

Genshin is a Tendai high priest working for Shigo-ryou, making him Sayuki’s workmate as well. He has the atmosphere of a calm, broad-minded adult. A reliable older brother / senior figure in the group, Genshin is always smiling at all times. He’s a rare, soothing presence who often stops the other members from fighting. Genshin loves children and runs a school in the capital, teaching the children when he’s not working. Even on his day-offs.

For their daily jobs, Genshin usually pairs up with Ichigou. They write love songs for a client, searching for a rare book, and play football with a little boy who turns out to be a lingering spirit. At night they go around purifying vengeful spirits, and Sayuki always feels sad upon hearing what happened when they were still alive.. like the anger of women thrown away by the men they loved, or the spirit of a foreign man who got attacked by people just because of his different appearance. Genshin notices this and tells Sayuki to never change, because feeling sad for other people isn’t something everyone can do.

One night, Izumi gathers everyone (except Seimei who couldn’t come) and informs them about the location of the first treasure. The sword of Kusanagi is enshrined by a noble family, and so that night everyone goes to retrieve it. Genshin and Sayuki were examining the sealed door when suddenly the guys from Satashuu, the other group led by Douman, come to greet them. The big brawny guy, Nanban, asks Genshin to move away saying he just wants to examine, but obviously that was a lie since the guy swings his giant axe and destroys the door with brute force.

When Sayuki sees the way Satashuu members fight, she knows they’re just too different to work together. They tortured the guardian spirit before killing it eventually, but it’s a waste of time since the shrine’s empty. The sword of Kusanagi is nowhere to be found, so Genshin seals the shrine door again before they leave. After a long investigation they decided to give up on the sword since there’s no clue at all, and just by getting one of them will call the other two anyway.

In order to get more clues about Yata no Kagami, Izumi takes everyone to an abandoned mansion. He received a report about lots of Tsukumogami appearing in this area, and he decides to take a look since it might give them a clue about the mirror. They finally find Yata no Kagami in the inner chamber, and it turns out Tsukumogami starts appearing here because the seal is weakening. All the ayakashi and Tsukumogami around them go out of control when Seimei releases the seal, but after the battle they finally retrieve the mirror safely. At the same time, the sword of Kusanagi also reacts to the mirror, allowing Seimei to pinpoint its location.

The next day is a day off, so Sayuki visits Genshin’s school when she’s around the area. She’s worried that she might disturb them, but Genshin kindly invites her inside. This is the first time a girl ever comes to Genshin’s place, so naturally the children think Sayuki’s his wife lol. When she says she just wanted to see him, they notice Genshin looks happy. He tells them Sayuki will teach them too today, asking her to play with the children outside. She falls asleep while Genshin goes out to deliver a book for his student, seeing a dream of a peaceful life with children surrounding both of them.

Later on Sayuki wakes up on his lap, and Genshin says she clings onto him in her sleep lol. She panics and tries to get up, but he tells her to take it easy and relax. After all, they have a big mission to carry out tonight. When Sayuki says it feels like Genshin can read her mind, Genshin tells her a story about a youkai named Satori who can read people’s mind. At first people worshipped him for their own merit, but in the end they got scared of that power and chased him out of the village. Genshin asks if she’d be scared too, and Sayuki says she’s not scared. It’s true that she doesn’t want her thoughts to be read so easily, but she feels sorry since that youkai couldn’t control nor erase his own power.

At night Izumi leads everyone deep into the forest, where they finally find the sword of Kusanagi sticking to the sacred tree. Nobody could pull it out except for Izumi, which means that the sword acknowledges him as the emperor — since the sacred treasures are the symbols of the emperor of Japan. After returning to their mansion, Seimei asks for Sayuki’s assistance in a ritual he’s about to do. He warns her it could be dangerous, but she agrees saying she’ll follow his orders as a shikigami. Sayuki falls into a deep sleep in the middle of the ritual, seeing Genshin saying “I’m already used to being alone” in her dream. An explosion is heard not too long after she wakes up, and Seimei says their work has begun. The “demon king” has appeared.

While Seimei proceeds with the final preparation, Sayuki runs outside to meet up with everyone else. At first they ask Sayuki to escape, but eventually Izumi allows her to fight as long as she’s not forcing herself. They manage to keep the “demon king” inside the barrier until Seimei arrives, bringing the third sacred jewel for them — Yasakani no Magatama. It turns out he had the jewel all along, he just kept it hidden to avoid creating a war between people who wants to obtain it for themselves. Something inside Sayuki also reacts to the magatama, though they have no time for explanations right now.

Not that Seimei will answer their questions though. Even after defeating the “demon king” and sending him back to hell the underworld, he still doesn’t tell them why he had the magatama in the first place. He tells them to just think of him hiding the jewel for their own safety, since walls have ears and eyes. Knowing Seimei won’t tell them anything, Izumi gives up and says he’s really proud of everyone. Since he’s got all three sacred treasures now, it won’t be long until his coronation as the emperor. However, Seimei leaves temporarily saying he won’t be able to work with them for a while.

Is that the end of their fight? No, of course not. Because the next morning, Izumi gathers everyone at their workplace and tells them the sacred treasures are gone.. and Raikou’s nowhere to be found. Satashuu also says they know about Seimei’s current location, so both Ichigou and Nigou set off to search for their master. Even though it’s probably a trap to pull everyone apart. Since it’s only the three of them now, Genshin takes Sayuki to look for more information in town. Izumi needs to stay in the palace though.

Just as expected, they find no clues at all in town. Izumi isn’t around when they return to the palace, and suddenly an arrow is shot towards Sayuki. Genshin protects her from the attack, but tied to the arrow is a letter saying his students are being held as hostages. If he wants to save them, he should come to his school as soon as possible. Sayuki chases after him, and he lets her come along as long as she stays in the back. When they arrive at his school, Nanban is already waiting for them.. and he’s eager to have a match with Genshin. He doesn’t take no as an answer either, so Genshin had to fight him.

While Sayuki notices that Genshin is keeping his eyes closed, Nanban’s also pushing him to use his real power — the “awakening eyes”. In other words, mind-reading. Soon the people living nearby come over to see what’s happening, and Genshin eventually uses his power to stop Nanban from slaughtering them. Sadly this only scares the people around them, and they start calling Genshin a youkai who came to deceive their children. Nanban is amused at how things turn out, so he leaves saying he wants to see how Genshin deals with this situation. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

The children are really worried about their teacher, but their parents pull them away. They tell him they feel grateful that he’s protecting their kids, but they can’t trust a “monster” like him to take care of their kids. Even after they start throwing rocks at him, Genshin only stands up and apologized before leaving. Sayuki realizes that the wound in his heart is really deep, but they can’t do anything about what just happened. Satashuu attacked Izumi too when they were away, but he managed to escape by leaving a shikigami behind. For now they decide to stay hidden in Seimei’s mansion to keep Izumi safe.

That night Genshin invites Sayuki for a walk. He apologized for hiding his real power, asking her if she’s not scared of him. Ever since he was small, Genshin can see people’s feelings whenever he opens his eyes. People were scared of him too back then, but he never thought of his eyes as a bad thing. Until one day, someone stole some food from the village’s storage. Genshin couldn’t stand seeing the villagers accusing each other, so he tried to find out the truth by using his eyes. Eventually he found the man who stole the food for his sick wife, and he asked the man to stop stealing or accusing other people. He won’t tell anyone that he’s the thief either.

..and what did the man do? He told everyone that Genshin has been using his power to read their minds secretly. The villagers were already pissed because of the food stealing incident, and they directed all their anger towards Genshin instead. They pointed their swords at him, eventually chasing him out of the village. Genshin has been keeping his eyes closed ever since, not using his power unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Since his eyes also allow him to see the darker side of people’s hearts, the innocent hearts of the children really saved him. He opened a school hoping he can protect them, because the children are his hope. Izumi and Seimei then invited him to join them for work, since he can protect his students while gaining money to support his school. Of course they know about his power as well, and from time to time Genshin also uses it during work. It requires a large amount of stamina though, so he can’t use it for a long time.

Genshin says this isn’t the first time people threw rocks at him, since he’s really a “monster”. However, Sayuki tells him that she’s not scared because he’s a very kind man. She asks him to read her mind if he doesn’t believe her, but Genshin says his power doesn’t work on her. This is the reason why he was surprised when she first visited him with Nigou, because he can’t read her mind. He can see a pure atmosphere surrounding her though, so he knows she’s a good person. Genshin also admits he saw the same dream as Sayuki, living a peaceful life with children surrounding them.

The next day, Izumi tells them that the sacred treasures might be used for the resurrection ceremony tonight. Rather than searching aimlessly, they decided to just crash the ritual and snatch back the sacred treasures before it’s complete. Sayuki is worried since Genshin looks really sad, but he asks her to leave him alone for today. She knows it’s not how he really feels though, so she follows him out of the mansion and finds him watching the school from afar. Genshin thinks the children won’t need him anymore since they have volunteer teachers, but Sayuki notices they lost their liveliness. There’s no laughter, no voices, everyone’s just studying in silence. Sadly Genshin has decided to leave the capital when their job is over, asking Sayuki to watch the children in his place.

That evening, Satashuu sends another letter saying they’re attacking the school again. Genshin already left earlier, and Izumi tells Sayuki to go after him. She doesn’t need to worry about leaving Izumi alone, since Seimei’s mansion is protected by a strong barrier. From the people gathering around the school, Sayuki learns that Nanban has taken their children to Funaoka Mountain. They’re still talking bad about Genshin, so she tells them to think with their heads and remember how kind he is towards their children. They fall into an awkward silence as Sayuki leaves for the mountain.

It’s already dark when Sayuki finds Genshin and Nanban, along with the children who are all tied onto a tree. Nanban refuses to let them go, knowing Genshin will just give up and let himself be killed. Genshin finally opens his eyes in order to attract Nanban’s attention, allowing Sayuki to go near the children and set them free.. but then they realized that Nanban’s reading his movements too. It turns out that Nanban also has the same power in his left eye, and he tells Genshin he’s weak because he cares too much about people. Genshin is too shocked to react when Nanban swings his giant axe, so Sayuki jumps in and takes a hit for him.

As he holds the wounded Sayuki in his arms, Genshin sadly says he can’t protect the people he loves even with his power. Sayuki tells him that she did a research regarding his power, and she found out that there’s a greater power hidden beneath that surface. His power exists to save people, so he shouldn’t close his eyes and run away from his own fate. Sayuki’s body then starts shining, and the light forms an arrow that shot straight into Genshin’s eyes. When Nanban’s attack missed and Genshin saves her from a fallen tree, they know that Genshin has obtained that greater power — the power to see into the future.

At first Genshin can only see Sayuki’s, but his vision gradually grows until he can read Nanban’s movements perfectly. After a long battle, Genshin finally beats the guy by dawn. Nanban tells Genshin to just kill him already, but the latter refused saying he wants to save people without hurting anyone. Even though he finds Genshin’s path too naive, Nanban accepts his decision and tells Genshin to protect the people he loves with his own hands. Nanban then jumps off the cliff, slowly dissolving as he falls until the wind blows away the last trace of his bones.

Sayuki is confused, so Genshin tells her Nanban’s resurrection curse was broken. He was a spirit brought back to life from the underworld, and during their fight Genshin could see his sad past. Just like Genshin, he was feared and rejected even by his family, which is why he had such a deep hatred towards people. But Genshin has his students, who are all worried upon seeing his wounds. He tells Sayuki it’s all thanks to her that he can accept his power, and he asks her to let him protect her from now on.

When they return to the capital, the kids are clinging to Genshin and tell their parents not to pick on their teacher anymore. It turns out that they have been thinking about what Sayuki said too, and they realized Genshin never causes any harm to them.. so now they’re all apologizing and asking him not to leave. ( ´_ゝ`) Fortunately, Genshin is kind-hearted unlike me and feels happy that he can stay in the capital with everyone. Noticing that Sayuki is worried about their friends, Genshin tells her that everything will be alright. He can see their victory in the future, so all they need to do is protect the capital until they return. Genshin then asks Sayuki to stay with him forever, and they kiss.

In the epilogue, Sayuki is helping Genshin teaching the children. She’s shocked since they can read more kanji than she does, so Genshin tells his student not to pick on her so much. He’ll be troubled if she doesn’t come anymore, since she’s taking care of him by cleaning and cooking meals for him lol. The only difference from before is that Genshin sometimes opens his eyes to look at everyone, and Sayuki tells him she really loves the color of his eyes. He says he loves her eyes too.. and her hair, her face, everything lol. As they drink tea together that evening, Genshin starts calling Sayuki by her name. Their peaceful life together has just started, with the children they love.

Actually I loved Genshin’s route more than I thought I would. (∀`*ゞ)テヘ He’s really sweet and the whole route feels so warm and fluffy, and I really like how they develop the plot. After knowing his sad past I feel relieved that he gets such a peaceful ending. My only complaint would be his looks. He looks old, okay. Inoue’s voice makes him sound older, okay. But OMG that hairstyle.. no. Just.. no. Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) I do love his blue eyes though. Mostly because of the color, but also because his eye wrinkles disappear when he opens them. (ノ∀`*)ペチ


10 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Genshin

  1. his hairstyle + inoue’s voice make him like….40 years old even though he’s only 25 (ಠ_ಠ)I really don’t know what they were thinking….more than the “older brother” type he feels like your father type or something ew xD maybe ossan fetish chara? xD but hm that would be Douman’s spot so now I”m not so sure :V

    • Well yea he looks (and sounds) way older than his real age, but I can still tolerate it if he’s actually good looking.. really, what were they thinking when they designed his hair? xD I’m sure I’ll love this route a lot more if he doesn’t look so much like an ossan, but oh well lol. *prepares mind for Douman*

  2. He forgave them just like that? Oh well. XD
    Although I like his hair color (and his eyes as well), I was rather distracted by his hairstyle. But since his color is blue, I’ll overlook that. XD
    I love how sweet and calm his route was. And I like his ending. :D

    • Yes that’s why I said he’s so kind-hearted, unlike me. xD
      I think it’d be less distracting if they don’t actually combine two hairstyles into one lol. He looks better if you cover the shaved part, so I sort of.. mentally blocked the right part of his head. xD

  3. ……………………………………………………… (ಠ_ಠ)
    this is weird… i thought he was 45 until I’ve read this….
    seriously, when i order a game, i don’t even bother reading character personalities at main site. i thought that he was going to turn into a prince or something just like that oyaji in musketeers.
    i dunno but i think i wasted my money on it…
    well, i haven’t completed the canon route but let’s just hope the end is not as bad as it seems to be…
    and tradition is not my style, i guess that’s why i don’t like freaky hairstyles on guys, genshin’s hair made me laugh like crazy.
    it’s the most stupid hairstyle I’ve ever seen!!

    • LOL I love your reaction. xD
      Yea it’s really too bad they designed Genshin to look like an old man, since his route is really sweet. I mean yes okay an older guy, but at least please give him a proper hairstyle lol. Old men aside, I’m loving the game so far and I feel pretty much satisfied.. but you might find it boring if you don’t like historical / traditional stuff.

  4. Miyako is such a lovely, lovely game, and I also decided to do Genshin’s route first. .___. I feel like it’s almost impossible for me to trudge through it though. The voice and the character design is just…”What?” in comparison to the storyline.
    Thank you for making me interested in such a beautiful game, however! :D

      • Yes, we have the same name. xD

        Inoue’s voice makes Genshin sounds much older than he really is, so yes I know how you feel. Especially regarding that hairstyle. Older voice might be okay if only he looks hot, but Genshin’s hairstyle is just.. no. The other routes are really nice though, so if you just can’t do with Genshin, I’d recommend playing another character so you can enjoy the game more. x3

  5. the kids thinking that Sayuki’s his wife, hehe, adorable!Ohoh, Sayuki’s and Genshin’s shared dream—living life together—
    Why, that Nanban!How dare he!But the villagers too…How could they think of him like that… But that’s typical villager mentality and reaction,it’s true.
    The ending’s really heartwarming, it’s great! Yes, indeed.

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