MIYAKO – Izumi

There were so many things ruining my concentration during Izumi’s route, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. If you’re a Namikawa fan, then you have to play this for Izumi! ε-(*´∀`|萌|

Izumi is the 17-years-old prince of the capital. He’s the one who leads Shigo-ryou, a working group that takes requests from everyone, ranging from nobles to commoners. Izumi gives off the impression of a playful, frivolous person, but everyone loves his kindness and graceful manners. He’s also more reliable then he looks, devising various kinds of plans during their missions. There’s also a rumor about him hiding a secret power.

Naturally, Izumi’s work partner is his guard Raikou. Sayuki’s first mission with them is to look for the former emperor’s favorite cat, requested by one of his wives. She notices Izumi’s smile looks so fake when he talks to his “stepmother”, but he only says he’ll tell her when the time comes. Sayuki later realized that Izumi smiles to hide how he really feels, since he needs to think of the capital as a whole.. even if it hurts him whenever he had to kill somebody just to protect everyone else. His position as a prince doesn’t allow him to act based on his own feelings, and he tells Sayuki both Raikou and him are already used to it.

When Izumi makes a fragrance for Sayuki during a mission, Raikou warns her not to get too close to Izumi since it’ll only break her heart. Izumi also says falling in love is a waste of time, since there’s no guarantee that love won’t fade away. He thinks it’d be better to have an arranged marriage instead, nobody will get hurt since there’s no feelings involved. Sayuki asks if he never experienced love before, because you won’t be able to calculate such things if you’ve fallen in love for real. Izumi only laughs and leaves her question unanswered.

Some days later Izumi, Raikou and Sayuki accept a job to guard a Saigu who is also Izumi’s distant relative. Saigu are unmarried, virgin imperial princesses sent by the emperors to serve at Ise Shrine, but that doesn’t stop the princess from falling in love with Izumi. She ends up confessing to him when they were resting, but Izumi tells her what she feels is not love. It’s just a delusion created because she’s not allowed to have such feelings. The princess then asks Sayuki to stay with Izumi, because she knows Izumi can really smile only when he’s with Sayuki. He doesn’t put up his fake smile in front of her.

After they retrieved Yata no Kagami, Izumi gives everyone a day off. Sayuki was wondering if she can meet Izumi at the palace when suddenly he appears and calls her from behind lol. Izumi holds her hand and takes her to the market, where she learns that he’s really popular among the residents. They don’t know that he’s the prince though, most likely thinking of him as an aristocrat. They tease him for holding hands with a girl, but Izumi tells them not to get jealous since he won’t hand Sayuki to them. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Izumi also teaches some children to make a paper crane, telling them to send paper cranes if they want to cheer up someone. When Sayuki shows him her crane, Izumi pats her head saying she did a good job.

Before going back to Seimei’s mansion, Izumi takes Sayuki to an abandoned house. He gives out food for the little birds there, kindly telling them not to fight while eating. Sayuki says Izumi looks so much happier compared to the first time they met each other, and Izumi replies it’s thanks to a certain someone. Right now he feels so happy he doesn’t know what to do, and Sayuki feels all warm inside, thinking it’d be nice if that someone is really her.

That night they retrieved the sword of Kusanagi, and Sayuki performs the ceremony with Seimei when they return to the mansion. She falls into a deep sleep during the ritual, and in her dream she sees Izumi saying “This is the end, Raikou…” But she doesn’t have any chance to think about it, since a loud explosion is heard not too long after she wakes up. Seimei still has some preparations to do, so Sayuki heads to fight the “demon king” with everyone else. Izumi acts more like a strategist commander since he’s not allowed to fight, but he’s ready to protect Sayuki if necessary. Eventually Seimei comes with the magatama, and they send the “demon king” back to where he belongs with Suzaku’s help.

Since Izumi has gathered the three sacred treasures, he needs to get ready for his coronation as the next emperor. Obviously he won’t be able to enjoy his time with everyone anymore, but he’s well prepared for that. As usual, Seimei leaves temporarily saying there’s something he needs to take care of.. and Raikou still looks distracted even though it’s all over. Nobody knows that this is only the beginning of a new fight.

The next day Izumi gathers everyone at the palace, informing them that the sacred treasures are gone. At first Izumi tries to hide it, but there’s only one person who can do it. A person who both has an access to the imperial palace, and is currently not here with them — Raikou. Both Sayuki and Izumi refuse to believe that Raikou’s betraying them, thinking he must be out there looking for the real thief. Instead of doubting Raikou, Izumi asks everyone to split up and search for the missing treasures. He’s being cheerful as usual, but by looking at his back Sayuki knows that he’s holding back his own sadness.

Even though she did her best, Sayuki couldn’t find any important information at all. She visits the abandoned house on her way back, finding Izumi thinking alone inside. He admits it feels weird not having Raikou by his side. Right now he only wants Raikou to come back and tell him the truth. Sayuki knows Izumi’s forcing himself to smile, but she couldn’t tell him to stop hiding his emotions. She’s afraid that it would only hurt him more. For now she can only hold his hands as they walk back to the castle, making him smile even though their doubts won’t disappear.

Ever since that day, Izumi has been working nonstop to distract his mind. Sayuki is worried and stays with him all day, because that’s the only thing she can do for him. She asks Nigou to take a look at Raikou’s mansion, eventually learning that Yoriko (Raikou’s younger sister) is missing as well. She tells Izumi that Yoriko might be involved in this incident, but Izumi snaps and tells her to stop it already. This is the first time Izumi ever shows his real emotions, and Sayuki is surprised.. but she feels happy more than anything else. Sayuki tells him to let out how he really feels, though sadly Izumi only apologized and avoids the subject. It makes her sad since the real Izumi beneath his “mask” seems unreachable.

Days passed and everyone’s feeling tired because of their endless, fruitless search. Genshin suggests them spending the night at the castle to relax, even though Izumi goes back to the imperial palace. When something suddenly shakes the castle at night, both Ichigou and Nigou sense multiple presence coming from the inner chamber — Satashuu. The trap purple-haired Hokuteki greets them in the chamber, along with a man called “shinigami” who they have never seen before. It turns out that they’re coming to kill Izumi tonight, erasing the only person who can use the power of the sacred treasures.

When Izumi appears to protect Sayuki, the shinigami slashes him across the chest. Sayuki cries and blames herself, but after the Satashuu member left, Genshin tells Izumi to stop making her cry and come out already. Since the sacred treasures were stolen, Izumi knows that something like this will happen sooner or later. He went back to the imperial palace on purpose to find out the identity of their enemy, using a shikigami to replace himself earlier. His plan successfully fooled Hokuteki and the shinigami, but poor Sayuki fell for it as well lol.

Since the shinigami was really strong, Izumi takes a closer look at the wound on his shikigami. Realization suddenly hits him, and he runs off outside to chase after the man. Sayuki finds them deep in the forest, though she can’t get closer thanks to the binding spell Izumi puts on the ground. Just as Izumi expected, the shinigami is actually none other than his former guard, Raikou. Izumi asks for the reason behind his betrayal, but Raikou only tells him to move his sword. He says Izumi isn’t prepared to lead the country, since he can’t even kill a traitor standing in front of his eyes. Then Raikou leaves, passing Sayuki without even looking back.

The shocked Izumi couldn’t even move, so Sayuki helps him stand and brings him to Seimei’s mansion. She tries talking to him, but Izumi only blames himself for being unable to stop Raikou. Raikou went as far as offering his life just to see if Izumi is prepared to take the throne, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill Raikou. Izumi thinks Raikou’s leaving him because he’s not suited to be the emperor, and he won’t come back because Izumi failed to meet his expectations. Izumi says Sayuki doesn’t understand, telling her to just leave him alone for tonight.

The next day, Sayuki goes out hoping she can find more information about Raikou. There’s an announcement in the bulletin board saying Izumi has been stripped of his imperial position as the prince, because he’s the one responsible for losing the sacred treasure. People starts talking bad about “the prince”, but those who knows Izumi personally are worried about him. They believe Izumi will protect the capital, handing a lot of paper cranes they made just for Izumi. From them Sayuki also heard that Yoriko was taken by a suspicious man not too long ago, even though the Minamoto mansion is heavily guarded.

Sayuki rushes back to Seimei’s mansion and tells Izumi the good news, but he just sits on the porch with his head down.. saying he no longer has any value as a man. Since Izumi thinks she’s just trying to cheer him up, Sayuki finally shows him all the paper cranes she received today. There are people who loves him despite what happened, so she won’t allow him to ignore their feelings by saying such things. Sayuki also gives him a paper crane she made in a hurry earlier, telling him he’s an important person to her. This finally makes Izumi smile, and he holds Sayuki’s hand saying her paper crane has two heads lol.

All this time Izumi has always been wondering how heavy it feels to lead a country, and that’s what Raikou meant by “not prepared”. He forgot about the people he wants to protect, but these paper cranes have opened his eyes once again. After apologizing for making her sad, Izumi admits he actually feels happy that Sayuki always stays with him even during the hard times. Sayuki says she didn’t really do anything, but Izumi tells her it’s okay if she doesn’t understand it right now. When it’s all over Izumi is going to tell her everything, including the things she doesn’t realize. (*´ω`*)

Now that his head is clear, Izumi figures out that Satashuu must have kidnapped Yoriko. They hold her as a hostage to get Raikou’s cooperation, which is why he’s working with them now. Izumi them blows his breath to the paper cranes, giving them life to help searching for Yoriko. It takes a lot of stamina since he’s not an onmyouji like Seimei, and when Sayuki wishes she can help Izumi, her body suddenly starts shining. The light passes through Izumi’s body and spreads into all of the paper cranes they have, lifting them into the sky.

From the paper cranes, they finally find out Yoriko’s location. Izumi and Sayuki manage to save her from an abandoned mansion in the outskirts of town, tricking Hokuteki to leave the capital for a while. Yoriko cries and apologized to Izumi, since Raikou betrayed him to save her life. Satashuu also put a bug on Raikou to monitor his movements, so he couldn’t tell Izumi directly about what happened. They take Yoriko back to Seimei’s mansion, and she’s relieved to see that everyone still thinks of her brother as their friend.

The sacred treasures resonate when Izumi calls out to them, allowing him to point out their location. That night he takes Sayuki with him, while everyone else spreads out. When they see Fugenmaru (Raikou’s eagle) soaring the sky, Izumi knows it’s Raikou’s invitation. They follow the eagle deep into the forest, eventually meeting Raikou by the sacred tree. He says he’s ordered to take Izumi’s life and challenges him for a duel, and Izumi decides to show Raikou his answer. Both Raikou and Sayuki are surprised when he slashed something near Raikou’s neck, but it turns out that he only destroyed the bug Yoriko mentioned earlier.

Even after hearing that Yoriko is safe, Izumi and Raikou still need to settle things between them. Raikou’s swordskill is superior and Izumi gets tired after a while, so he lets Raikou stab his shoulder just to stop his movement. Izumi ends the duel by slashing the scarf on Raikou’s neck, saying it’s over. Raikou says Izumi has become a man suitable for the throne, then he kneels down asking Izumi to kill him since his role is over. But instead of beheading him, Izumi only cuts his long hair. The “sinner” Raikou has died, and he orders the “new” Raikou to atone for his sins by protecting the capital with him. He won’t allow Raikou to throw away his life without permission. Raikou cries and swears his eternal loyalty to Izumi, who then whines that his shoulder really hurts lol.

When Raikou says Izumi doesn’t need him anymore, Izumi slaps him saying he grew stronger because of Raikou. Sayuki feels relieved and laughs saying Raikou’s really cute when he blushes, which causes Izumi to get jealous saying he’s not happy. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) She couldn’t see Izumi’s expression, but Raikou knows what he’s trying to say.. so he leaves them saying he’ll go wash his face lol. Izumi tells Sayuki that he can get back on his feet because she’s here to support him, and Sayuki realized she’s in love with Izumi. She feels sad though since he’s going to become the emperor one day, and she won’t be able to stay with him anymore.

Since the moon is turning red, Izumi knows they don’t have much time left. Satashuu is trying to perform the resurrection ritual, and they need to stop it before it’s too late. They follow the sound of the sacred treasures all the way to Yomotsu Hirasaka — a cavern which is also the entrance to the underworld. Deep inside they find the gate to the underworld along with the sacred treasures, though they were left unguarded. Izumi thinks the ritual ended in a failure, but they still need to seal the gate since vengeful spirits are coming out from the other side. Only Izumi can do this sealing ritual as the future emperor, so Raikou and Sayuki are guarding him until he’s done.

Unfortunately, Hokuteki appears to stop them from sealing the gate. After punching Sayuki to the ground, he tells them he’s been hiding here all along. They’re just too occupied to notice his presence. Hokuteki then holds Sayuki as a hostage, saying he’ll kill her if they don’t stop the ritual at once. He slashes and kicks her wounded arm, but Sayuki keeps telling Izumi she’s okay and he should continue with the ritual. When Izumi approaches them and stabs his arm, Hokuteki still laughs thinking he’s invisible.. but that’s only until he saw the sword of Kusanagi in Izumi’s hands. By piercing Yata no Kagami with it, the sword can be used to erase all kinds of impurities. Including the resurrection curse Hokuteki has.

The gate to the underworld is successfully sealed, and at the same time Izumi “punishes” Hokuteki for hurting Sayuki. Hokuteki vanishes without a trace, screaming that one day he’ll come back to destroy the world. As Izumi carries her out of the cave, he whispers that he kept thinking of stopping the ritual to save her. In the end he still completed the ritual because Sayuki trusted him to do so, and it’s his role as the future emperor to protect his people.

In the epilogue, a month has passed since they sealed the underworld’s gate. Sayuki goes back to her peaceful life, cleaning up the mansion for her master who is still away at the moment. (´・ω・`A;) After saving the capital, Izumi regained his position and eventually became the emperor. Sayuki knows their worlds are too different since she’s just a shikigami. She can see him with Raikou’s help, but she decides not to do so since her feelings will only grow stronger. One day a royal messenger from the castle comes to see her, saying the emperor orders her to come with him. He takes her to the lake where she first met Izumi, taking off his hood to reveal that he’s actually Izumi in disguise lol.

Izumi sulks since Sayuki never comes to see him lately, telling her he doesn’t change despite his current position. He’s still Izumi, a man who loves her more than anything else. Without her he would never become an emperor, and he doesn’t care what she thinks — he needs her. Izumi asks Sayuki to come to the imperial palace as his wife, and nobody can stop him since he’s the emperor. He wants to hear how she truly feels, so finally Sayuki says she loves him too. Izumi promises he’ll work hard to make her happy, but he needs rewards from time to time. Sayuki asks what kind of rewards he wants, and Izumi kisses her as the answer.

‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ *ahem* ..excuse me lol. Izumi’s route was sort of depressing at one point since he spent so much time feeling down, but everything else is just so adorable. Most of his scenes are really sweet, especially combined with Namikawa’s gentle voice. My heart keeps going ・:*:・ドキ(*´∀`*)ドキ・:*:・ before it completely melts during the ending lol. Not to mention I really love Izumi’s character design, since he’s the only one aside from Nigou who attracts my attention ever since I first saw the characters. Now excuse me, I need to fangirl some more before moving on to Raikou’s route. ε=ε=ε=(ノ*´Д`)ノ


7 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Izumi

  1. xD See I told you it was cute (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ
    Raikou’s is really adorable too. He’s got that dorky samurai thing going on but then he stutters when around sangou x3

    • To be honest I was getting William vibes when he’s emoing lol. But yea like you said, the cute scenes and endings totally made up for it. xD I noticed that about Raikou since the kanzashi scene at the beginning lol. What is this cuteness. xD

  2. Finally, about Izumi!! I already forgot most of his storyline since I played it last year (Isn’t it? A bit forgot about the release date of PSP). And you’ve made me remember most of his cute story.. I can’t stand to fangirling over him again in MIYAKO.

    He’s so gentle, and like you, I never thought he had that power in the beginning. But after tried his route and he’s so reliable, I was glad I made him my fav chara in this ever since before I played it.

    • Yea I think it was November last year. That’s exactly why my posts are so long. I write as much details so I can read them again in the future, just in case I forget about the story. xD

      Judging by appearance only, Izumi is my favorite among the whole cast.. followed by Ichigou lol. Sometimes looks can fool *glances at Alicis* so I’m glad he’s an adorable character. :3

  3. oooh shit….
    i so love his emo scenes… gosh… i can’t believe hoe MUCH i’ve lost in his route!!! i didn’t even see half of those things you’ve written!!

    i’m so gonna tell my little cousin to stop messing with my PSP. AND my otome games…

    anyway i’m glad i’ve read this. i almost lost all dokidoki moments in his route. these cute CG’s made me wanna read his route again!!!
    thank you so much for your thoughtful reviews Rin!!

    • You’re welcome.
      LOL sadly I don’t like his emo scenes.. I hate it when a guy just sits there dragging themselves deeper into depression, so I’m glad Izumi quickly gets back on his feet. xD

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