MIYAKO – Minamoto no Yorimitsu / Raikou

Since he’s from the Minamoto family, Raikou keeps giving me HaruToki flashbacks lol. I love his character a lot though, so this route is enjoyable for me even though it’s similar to Izumi’s.

His real name is Minamoto no Yorimitsu, but everyone calls him Raikou, which is an alternative way to read his name. “Raikou” also means lightning, reflecting his ability to kill ayakashi in an instant. Raikou is Izumi’s guard who runs Shigou-ryou with him. They grew up together and are inseparable ever since they were small. He’s normally serious and sincere, but from time to time he also shows a clumsy and cute side as well.

At first Raikou scared Sayuki, shouting at her for calling Izumi so casually, but later she learns that he has a softer side. He wants to buy a present for his sister, Yoriko’s coming-of-age ceremony, so he spends a long time staring at the accessories in the market. Of course he doesn’t know what girls like, so Sayuki helps him choose a kanzashi and a comb for his sister. Raikou feels grateful for her help and treats Sayuki with respect ever since, blushing like a crab whenever she praises him. Nigou finds this situation amusing and teases Sayuki about it, which resulted in her choking him with his own necklace — awakening her inner ドS lol.

Even when they’re working, Raikou takes a very good care of Sayuki. During their cat search he’s worried that her clothes will get dirty, and he doesn’t allow her to climb the roof too. They also get a request from Yoriko’s friend who’s clearly in love with him, but the dense Raikou doesn’t notice even though it’s really obvious. Sayuki feels bad for the girl since her feelings remained unnoticed, so she tells Raikou that the girl is in love with him. He blushes saying he’s got nothing to do with romance, then he turns his back and rushes back to the castle lol.

For one of their night jobs, Sayuki goes with Raikou to guard Izumi during a banquet. A nosy, fat nobleman by the gate tells Sayuki that she doesn’t belong here, so she tells Raikou to go since she’s going to wait for them outside the mansion. After a while Raikou comes back and tells Sayuki the people inside asked him to perform a dance. He admits he hates dancing, but he has to do it to protect Izumi’s reputation.. and he’s askng Sayuki to be his partner, because she’s the only girl he has in mind. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

During their guarding mission, the Saigu reminds Raikou of his own sister. He goes to pick some flowers for Yoriko, and Sayuki says she must be happy to have such a caring brother. Raikou replies with “O-of course Sangou-dono is also as precious!” and goes Σ(〃д〃)ハッ upon realizing what he just said lol. Sayuki smiles and thanked him, turning him bright red. xD

After retrieving Yata no Kagami, everyone gets a day off. In the evening Fugenmaru comes to see Sayuki, and she follows him as he leads her to a lake near the castle. There she finds Raikou sitting alone, looking lonely as he stares at the koi fishes in the lake. Sayuki notices he’s holding the kanzashi they chose for Yoriko, and Raikou says he doesn’t know how to hand it to her. Even though her coming-of-age ceremony is tomorrow. He’s been serving Izumi ever since he was small, and he feels that he’s not a good brother for Yoriko. They get along great now, but Yoriko was scared of him when she was younger.

However, Sayuki says Raikou is a wonderful brother for Yoriko. From the first time she saw him choosing a present in the market, she knows he really treasures Yoriko.. so much that it makes her a little jealous. Raikou feels relieved after hearing Sayuki’s words. He thanked her saying he can finally give the kanzashi to Yoriko, and she makes sure he really hands it to Yoriko without running away lol. Raikou says it’s strange that Sayuki’s presence is always encouraging him, and he asks if she’s willing to help him again in the future. When she sees Fugenmaru soaring in the sky above, Sayuki realizes the eagle is thanking her as well.

Unfortunately, that day Satashuu kidnapped Yoriko from the Minamoto mansion. Izumi notices that Raikou looks distracted all night, but he only says it’s nothing they should worry about. They retrieved the sword of Kusanagi and eventually defeat the “demon king” after a long battle, with Suzaku’s help. Since he has all three sacred treasures, Izumi tells everyone he’s ready to take the throne now.. and Sayuki finds it weird that Raikou only keeps quiet instead of celebrating with everyone else. Before Seimei leaves them to go on his own mission, he tells Sayuki to keep a close watch on Raikou.

Sayuki gets a bad feeling when Izumi gathers everyone the next day, and it’s proven true when they heard Raikou has gone missing along with the sacred treasures. They want to believe in Raikou and focuses their search on the treasures instead, though Izumi allows Sayuki to search for Raikou alone based on Seimei’s words. She finds no clue at all since Raikou even left Fugenmaru behind, but the answer soon comes as Hokuteki sneaks into the castle to kill Izumi at night — with an unknown man called the “shinigami”.

Just before the shinigami attacks Sayuki, Izumi appears to protect her. Or rather, the shikigami Izumi used to replace himself. The shinigami slashes him across the chest and leaves, but Sayuki had a feeling that she knows the man behind the hood.. especially after taking a closer look at the wound. She runs off outside to chase after him, and she finds him standing alone near the koi lake they visited the other day. He doesn’t resist when she pulls off his hood, revealing that he’s actually Raikou. Just as she expected.

Even though Sayuki has a lot of questions, Raikou doesn’t answer since Satashuu attached a bug to monitor his movements. She wants to help him, but he tells her there’s nothing she can do for him right now. Sayuki asks why is he waiting here if he’s not expecting anything from her, and he says the Raikou she knew has died. The current him is Satashuu’s “shinigami”, a traitor who betrayed Izumi. He can’t go back anymore, so he’s asking Sayuki to protect Izumi in his place. Sayuki cries and begs him to come back, but Raikou only apologized and hugs her. He tells her he wanted to stay by her side, and then he leaves.

Soon Sayuki notices Fugenmaru flying in the sky, dropping something into her hands. It’s the kanzashi they chose for Yoriko’s present. Suddenly she realized Fugenmaru is trying to tell her that something happened to Yoriko, and since Raikou’s now working with Satashuu, she figures out they must have captured his sister. Sayuki rushes back to the castle to tell Izumi about this, and he grasps the situation quickly. He allows Sayuki to go and rescue Yoriko with Ichigou, while the others are going to search for the sacred treasures. Izumi himself will stay hidden in Seimei’s mansion, since Satashuu is after his life.

The next day Sayuki and Ichigou split up to search for Yoriko. The sun was setting when she sees Fugenmaru again, noticing that blood is dripping from his leg. But even so, Fugenmaru still moves his wings trying to fly. When Sayuki realized both of them want to save Raikou, her body starts shining and a red light enveloped Fugenmaru’s body, healing his wounds. Now that he can fly again, Fugenmaru leads Sayuki to an abandoned mansion. She can see hear Hokuteki complaining about “taking care of a kid” inside, which means that Yoriko should be here as well.

At night Hokuteki finally leaves the abandoned mansion, and Sayuki gets her chance to sneak in. She also asks Fugenmaru to deliver the kanzashi to Raikou, as a message that she has found Yoriko. Sayuki sneaks past the guards and finds her way to a large room, but unfortunately it’s a trap laid by Hokuteki. He steps on Sayuki’s throat after knocking her down, saying he knew she’s hiding nearby and pretends to leave only to lure her out. It doesn’t take long until he gets bored torturing Sayuki, but right before Hokuteki kills her, Raikou comes to the rescue! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

After destroying the bug they attached to him, Raikou fights Hokuteki with dual swords. He’s not used to this fighting style, but he has no choice since they also hid his long sword. Sayuki knows it must be here too in the abandoned mansion, and Fugenmaru’s voice helps her to find the sword. She throws the sword towards Raikou, who eventually kicks Hokuteki’s trap ass with it. He keeps screaming that Yoriko is dead, but he only wants to see them in despair since Yoriko is still alive. She comes out as Hokuteki lies on the floor dying, returning a candy he gave her before since it’s an important item for him.. then Hokuteki’s body turns into ash. Despite his maniacal attitude, for some reason Hokuteki was really kind towards Yoriko.

Raikou then pulls out the kanzashi and gives it to Yoriko, congratulating her for her coming-of-age even though it’s too late. Yoriko falls asleep after crying in her brother’s arms, and Raikou hugs Sayuki before they walk out of the abandoned mansion. He’s really relieved that she’s okay, hugging her so tight it hurts lol. As he walks her back to Seimei’s mansion, Raikou asks Sayuki to tell Izumi “shinigami is waiting in the forest”. That, and Satashuu is trying to perform a resurrection ceremony with the sacred treasures. He says he needs to sort out his own thoughts, but Sayuki can see the determination in his eyes.

Late at night Izumi and Sayuki go to meet Raikou in the forest. Izumi says he understands that Raikou had no choice to save Yoriko’s life, but Raikou blames himself for everything. Including killing Hokuteki based on a “personal grudge”. He asks Izumi to take out his sword and face him in a duel, since Izumi needs to kill the traitor despite the reason behind his betrayal. The battle ends when Raikou’s sword breaks into two, because he used it to destroy Hokuteki’s weapon earlier. Izumi uses this chance to attack and stops his sword right before it touches Raikou’s neck, winning the duel.

After admitting his defeat, Raikou kneels down and asks Izumi to kill him. When Izumi says he doesn’t have any intentions to do so, Raikou keeps saying he doesn’t have the right to return to Izumi’s side. He says he can only pay for his sins with death. Sayuki gets pissed upon hearing this, and so she does the necessary thing: slap Raikou across the face. She tells him he’s just running away from everything by choosing death, even though there are people who needs him here — Izumi, Yoriko and herself. Izumi should be the one who decides if Raikou still has the right to stay with him. Even if his heart broke along with his sword, he can make a fresh start in life if he continues training it.

Since Sayuki already said everything he wanted to say, Izumi punches Raikou saying he forgives him with this. After telling Raikou not to think about “personal grudge” or “shinigami” anymore, Izumi orders him to protect the capital with him until the end of his life. Raikou then takes his broken sword and cuts his long hair, swearing his eternal loyalty to Izumi. He also thanks Sayuki for guiding him to a new path, asking her to stay with him so he won’t stray off the path anymore. Sayuki accepts and apologizes for slapping him earlier, but Raikou says he will accept everything she does for him.

Now that Raikou’s back on their side, all they need to do is to stop the resurrection ceremony. Raikou knows the location and leads them to a cave in the outskirts of town — Iwakura no Ooana, the entrance to the underworld. Deep inside they find the gate to the underworld, and Izumi knows the ritual must have failed since the sacred treasures are lying there unguarded. They still need to seal the gate though, since spirits from the underworld are coming out from the other side. When the moon turns red like tonight, yin and yang are reversed and it’s easier for the dead to climb up from the underworld.

Raikou tells Sayuki to stand back, but eventually he lets her fight alongside him. He asks her not to do anything dangerous since he won’t be able to concentrate. Sayuki says that sounds like she’s being such a burden, and Raikou replies it’s because he doesn’t want to lose her. He’s not strong enough to stay calm if anything happens to her, and he doesn’t need that kind of strength either. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Both Raikou and Sayuki fight against endless waves of dead spirits until Izumi eventually completes the ritual, sealing the gate to the underworld.

After the spirits disappeared, the first thing Raikou does is to check if Sayuki’s okay. She was standing behind him to guard Izumi directly, but he kills everything so nothing can cause her any harm. Raikou touches Sayuki’s face and was about to tell her something.. when Izumi apologized for interrupting, but they should go back to Seimei’s mansion. He’s only teasing them though. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) Seeing Raikou turning red and rushing towards the entrace, Izumi laughs and asks Sayuki to take care of Raikou from now on.

In the epilogue, Sayuki and Yoriko are now working in the imperial palace to serve Izumi, who is now the emperor. Yoriko is happy with her job since she can spend time with Raikou and Sayuki, while they can keep her safe here in the palace. Their friendship with Izumi doesn’t change either, since he bans them from calling him “your highness” lol. When Raikou calls him “emperor”, Izumi teases him saying “there’s no emperor here, come back later?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Today Izumi calls Raikou because he has a reward for him — an arranged marriage! Of course Raikou refuses saying he has someone he loves, but Izumi keeps insisting until Sayuki eventually bursts out saying she doesn’t want Raikou to marry another girl based on Izumi’s order. Because she loves him.

Realizing what she just said, Sayuki gets really embarrassed and runs out the room. Raikou hugs her from behind and says that’s against the rule, because he has to tell her how he feels as a man. He then calls her name and confesses that he loves her more than anyone else in this world, asking her marry him. He doesn’t care even if she’s a shikigami, he only wants her to be his wife. ε-(*´∀`|萌| To prove that he’s serious about her, Raikou then bends down and kisses Sayuki. He also gives her a sakura kanzashi he bought just for her, asking her to take it if she accepts his proposal. Sayuki gladly says yes, telling Raikou to be prepared since she will always stay with him until the end of time.

In the background, Yoriko asks Izumi if this is his real objective. Raikou didn’t confess and Sayuki didn’t realize her own feelings, so he decided to make a trigger for them. He wants them to be happy together. Yoriko thanks him since she’s wishing for their happiness as well.

Raikou’s route is similar to Izumi’s, so there’s a lot of identical, unskippable scenes lol. It feels much shorter too especially during the sealing ritual, since a certain someone couldn’t come to disturb them. While Raikou is dense and rather stubborn at times, he’s so adorable when he blushes. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He starts blushing around Sayuki early in the beginning, and I couldn’t stop ニヤニヤ-ing alone since it’s just too cute lol. The ending is really sweet, and I really liked the way Raikou proposed to Sayuki. Maybe I just love this kind of characters? (∀`*ゞ)テヘ Oh and I think his ponytail is okay, but he looks so much better with short hair!


9 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Minamoto no Yorimitsu / Raikou

  1. Aww, sweet. >////////< Lately I'm starting to like innocent and dense characters lol. And I love that last cg you posted. He looks good in his new haircut. :))

    • He sure does. Too bad that’s the only good CG of him with short hair. xD
      What I like the most is while he’s normally that dense, he realized his own feelings for Sayuki without getting confused. (*´ω`*) I don’t really like that “I don’t know how I feel” stuff lol.

  2. hmmm… wonders why otomate makes such dense and stupid heroines?
    i mean, c’mon, they start hugging each other and holding hands and stuff but they still can’t tell that they love each other?
    c’mon man! have some action!!!
    sorry to ask it in wrong place but have you payed wand of fortune yet?
    i heard it was pretty long. i wonder if it’s any good…

    • I guess they’re just not sure? Sayuki isn’t THAT dense though, since she’ll realize if you drop hints in front of her. I didn’t play all of Otomate’s games, but so far nobody can beat Starry Sky’s Tsukiko in terms of denseness and stupidity. xD

      Oh and I haven’t played WoF. I wanted to, but the long prologue puts me to sleep.. and the system is so tedious, so I threw the game to the back of my backlog. I heard it’s good though.

      • riiiiiight… tsukiko….
        you know what annoys me more then my cousin messing up with my PSP? stupid heroines like tsukiko.
        but she can’t get in way of my Homare-chan. >D!
        it seems that Wof doesn’t have a psp version yet. aaaah!! no way!!! (maybe it does but i’m way too lazy to check it out…)
        anyway thanks for the info.

        • WoF has a PSP version, so you might want to check it out. :)

          Tsukiko didn’t bother me at all in the first ~in Season~ games, but she grows to be a stupid, annoying heroine in the fandisks. Which is why I have low motivation to play After Autumn. -_-“

    • LOL the Sakurai effect. xD
      Actually I keep getting Sangoku Rensenki flashbacks too, since Sakurai used exactly the same voice too for Unchou lol.

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