MIYAKO – Shikigami Nigou

I guess you can tell already from the banner? Nigou is my main target in Miyako, as he stole my heart during the prologue lol. But this route made me cry until my tears run dry. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

Seimei’s second shikigami. Nigou takes the form of a flame bird, though he looks more like an eccentric chicken instead. He speaks in kansai-ben and is the mood-maker of Shigou-ryou, doing silly things just for laughs. Unlike Ichigou, Nigou is really honest with his feelings and often hits on Sayuki, sticking to her when he gets the chance to do so. He’s really confident in his “good looks” too, as he keeps asking if she falls in love because he’s that handsome.

For the missions, Nigou usually partners up with Seimei. But whenever Seimei decides to do his job alone, Nigou joins Ichigou and Genshin instead. Sayuki’s first mission with Nigou is to help Seimei rain dancing do a ceremony to call the rain, and Nigou is ready to help by shaking that sexy chicken hip of his lol. Sadly Seimei rejects that idea and tells Sayuki to dance instead, so Nigou rolls around on the grass looking lonely. When she pats his crest to make him feel better, Nigou sticks to Sayuki saying “Do it.. do it again! Sangou, I’m in lo–” before Ichigou comes to pull the 変態鳥 away from her. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

On their way to a client’s house, Seimei suddenly sends Nigou to gather information instead. Sayuki follows him because she’s worried, and so he introduces her to his Nigou-ryou. Which is basically the animal version of Shigo-ryou, complete with an “onikiri” like Raikou lol. He also works with those who are only awake at night, and this is why he’s usually away during Shigo-ryou’s night missions. Sayuki waits until he returns to the mansion late at night, and he stays by her side until she falls asleep.

One day after their daily mission, Nigou helps Sayuki cook dinner when they return to the mansion. While Seimei and Ichigou would never ever praise her cooking directly, Nigou is the direct opposite and keeps saying Sayuki has a talent for cooking. They also play football with the spirit of the little boy the next day, and this time Sayuki bumps into Nigou while chasing the ball. She accidentally kisses him, but Nigou panicks saying nothing happened. He says her head is so hard it almost sent him across the river to heaven, that’s all lol.

After retrieving Yata no Kagami, Sayuki spends her day off cleaning up Seimei’s mansion with Nigou. He rolls around on top of the fallen leaves she’s been sweeping all day, and eventually she joins him as well. Even though most likely Seimei will scold them again saying “what a beautiful garden we have today”, just like what he did this morning lol. As they look up at the clouds above, Sayuki says Nigou seems to gain some weight recently. It turns out he gets fat because her cooking is so delicious, he couldn’t stop eating. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He also tells Sayuki she needs to relax like this sometimes, since she’s always so serious about work.

When Nigou asks about her dream, Sayuki answers she wants Seimei to acknowledge her as a person, not just as his shikigami. She’s got a long path ahead since it’s that Seimei, but Nigou tells her to cheer up since he’s always looking at her. (*´∀`*) She returns the question at him and he falls into a short silence, but soon he goes back to his cheerful self and says he has a hundred dreams — world domination included. His number one dream is simple though. He just wants to spend his life with everyone here, lying beside Sayuki like this everyday.

That night they obtained the sword of Kusanagi, and Sayuki performs the ritual with Seimei as usual. In her dream she saw Nigou saying “I’m back~!”, which obviously makes her confused. The battle with the “demon king” takes place shortly after that, and they eventually defeat him with Suzaku’s help. Just like in Ichigou’s route, Seimei returns to his mansion with everyone.. but the next morning, he’s gone. To make things worse, the sacred treasures also vanished from the imperial palace along with Raikou.

When Sayuki is thinking alone in the castle, Nigou comes to tell her that a letter came to their mansion earlier. The letter only says “Seimei is captured, come to Kamomioya Shrine”, but Nigou knows the sender is none other than Satashuu. He tells her not to tell Ichigou about this, since he won’t be able to stay calm and would just run straight into their trap. It’s really hard to believe that Seimei got captured, so Nigou says he’ll go and check the situation from afar. If it’s a lie, he’ll just leave quietly and Satashuu can wait until mold grows on their heads. For some reason Sayuki gets a really bad feeling about this, and eventually Nigou takes her along since she keeps following him.

It’s already dark when they reach the shrine. There’s a sweet scent of sake in the air, so Nigou knows there’s no point in hiding. Toui already noticed their presence. It was him too who sent that letter to lure Ichigou out here, but since his target is “one of the wings”.. he’ll just take on Nigou as his opponent tonight. Toui throws his poisonous needles everywhere, but Nigou keeps avoiding them with the speed of light. He even avoids Toui’s poisonous sand and his cursed handcuffs. However, both Toui and Sayuki soon notice something. Whenever Nigou starts moving in a flash, just for a second.. he changes to a completely different form.

Nigou then asks Sayuki to hold the handcuffs for a while. Her body starts shining and she feels heat coming from the handcuffs, but it’s gone soon after that. Unfortunately, this simple action explains a lot for Toui. He figures out the power inside Sayuki has just erased the curse in the handcuffs, and that power is also affecting Nigou’s body tonight. When Toui casts a spell towards them, Sayuki hugs Nigou to protect him, but he reverses their position saying “Stupid, I will protect you”. She caught a glimpse of his human form before the spell hits him, and Toui only tells her Nigou “won’t die” before leaving.

Sayuki brings Nigou back to their mansion and lets him rest on her bed. She leaves to get some water, and when she comes back.. Nigou is awake in his human form. Ichigou is really shocked when he saw this, but Nigou only tells him don’t worry. After a while, Nigou gets up and asks Sayuki to smile before he explains everything. Shikigamis can’t stay in their true form for too long in this world, and so they need vessels to hold their power. While the handcuffs only seals the vessel, Toui’s curse is slowly destroying Nigou’s vessel — his chicken form. If it gets destroyed completely, Nigou won’t be able to stay in this world any longer. That night Nigou’s form keeps changing when he’s asleep, and Sayuki cries since there’s nothing she can do to help.

Even though he’s worried about Shigo-ryou, Nigou spends the next day lying in Sayuki’s bed. She also keeps a close watch on him to make sure he’s not going out in that condition. He says they should hold hands when he’s asleep, but when she says “okay”.. he blushes and stutters. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Since Sayuki says she will do anything for him, Nigou then asks her to make dinner for him. From the kitchen she could hear something breaking, but she only finds Nigou in his human form when she gets back. She tries asking him if something broke earlier, but he avoids the subject and starts eating instead.

That evening they receive a letter from Izumi, informing them about Satashuu’s attack when they were away. Not only that, but Ichigou also went to their hideout to rescue Seimei alone. Nigou can tell that Ichigou isn’t in danger yet, since the “obstacle” have disappeared and he’s directly connected to Ichigou now. Sayuki asks if his vessel already stopped collapsing, but he only says that phase is “over”. The breaking sound she heard earlier is most likely the sound of his chicken form getting shattered. He’s now fully settled in his human form, but sadly he won’t be able to permanently stay in this world without his vessel. Just like what he said before. Of course they can ask Seimei to make a new vessel for him, but it will take time to complete.. and Nigou doesn’t have much time left. (´;ω;`)

Soon Nigou-ryou’s onikiri comes to inform them about Ichigou’s location. Nigou’s planning to go alone, but Sayuki tells him to take her along. She wants to stay with him until the end, and she wants to fight with them as Seimei’s shikigami. They find their way to a dark cave, sensing an extremely strong underground aura the moment they stepped inside. It doesn’t take long until they find Ichigou, but Toui is also there to stop them from going any further. Toui isn’t feeling well and keeps coughing, so Nigou tells him to stop because he can sense that Toui doesn’t want to fight either. Sadly it’s too late for him to turn back. Just like them, he has a master too.. and he can’t allow them to go and get in his master’s way.

Toui knows he can’t win against them, so he’ll just drag them along to the underworld. When he hits the ground with his staff, the rocks in the cave starts falling down and block all the paths around them — trapping them inside. Ichigou wants to transform into Suzaku and blast their way through, but Nigou stops him since it’s dangerous for Sayuki and Toui. Besides, he knows Toui doesn’t have much time left.. just like him. Toui then invites them to sit down and tells them about a mermaid he met a long time ago. He ate her meat to gain immortality, but the meat didn’t heal the sickness he had at the time.. and it’s been eating up his body up until now.

Since time is running out for them, Toui asks Nigou to have a bet with him. He brings out two cups containing a red and a blue drink. One is a delicious sake, while the other one is laced with a deadly poison. However, the one who’s going to choose is Sayuki. If she picks the right drink for Nigou, Toui will let them go. Eventually she picks the red drink, and she gets worried when Nigou turns speechless after drinking it.. but then he goes “it’s delicious!” ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ and laughs along with Toui, who took the other cup. Just as promised, Toui shows them a hidden hole in the wall and tells them to quickly escape from there. Nigou and Sayuki thanked him before they leave, and Toui draws his last breath soon after.

When the shikigamis reach Satashuu’s secret hideout deep inside the cave, they finally find their master standing beside the sealed gate to the underworld. Seems like he already took care of things here, because Douman’s body is lying on the ground. Seimei is surprised when he saw Nigou in his human form, but he praises them for doing their best. All three shikigamis go ナヌーΣ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノー!? thinking their master has lost it, and Seimei’s like “what the heck is wrong with you guys!?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Soon the cave starts crumbling, so Nigou uses his power to teleport them outside.

Looking back at the cave behind them, Sayuki remembers that Toui’s rocks also blocked the vengeful spirit from climbing out of the cave. She wonders if it’s just a coincidence, but she feels that Nigou’s attempts to resolve things with words eventually worked on Toui. Seimei, Ichigou and Nigou make fun of each other as they walk back home, but they notice that Sayuki looks really sad. She knows this happiness won’t last forever, and she can barely hide her tears. Since she says she’s just sleepy, Nigou then carries her on his back. She tells him he’s really warm, and he says it’s because of his love for her. When he asks her to remember his warmth forever, she finally cries on his back.

After they get back to the mansion, they throw a big banquet and get drunk together. Sayuki is an exception since she gets drunk just by smelling alcohol. When Ichigou is busy telling Seimei not to disappear like that again, Sayuki notices that Nigou has just left the hall. She runs out and follows the golden feathers scattered around the mansion, finding Nigou by the end of the trail. His body is shining and golden feathers are falling around him, and Sayuki knows it’s time for him to go. She tries her hardest not to cry, because she promised to always smile in front of him. Sayuki then kisses Nigou after telling him she loves him, and he kisses her back.

On the night when Sayuki was summoned into this world, Nigou tells her this mansion is her home. Now she’s returning those words to him. This is a place for him to return too, and here a lot of people will always be waiting for him.. so he should come back here someday. Nigou promises that he will, and a pair of wings appear on his back. He asks Sayuki to wait until he returns.. then he disappears, leaving one of his golden feather in her hands. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

In the epilogue, Sayuki continues working with everyone in Shigo-ryou. She tells them about Nigou’s number one dream. To tell the drunk Seimei that he smells like sake, make Nigou-ryou jack-of-all-trades, do a manzai with the serious Raikou, eat Ichigou’s lopsided onigiri until he gets full, relaxing on the porch while drinking Genshin’s tea, and lay beside Sayuki everyday. Everyone fall into silence when they hear about this, staring at the place where Nigou usually sits in Shigo-ryou. She also shows Nigou’s golden feather to Nigou-ryou’s onikiri, telling the dog that Nigou will definitely return one day.

Gazing at the sunset near Mount Funaoka, Sayuki whispers to Nigou that everyone’s waiting to make his number one dream come true.. so he should come back soon.

After the credits, Nigou’s footsteps is heard as he hums a song. He finds a beautiful flower beneath the moonlight, but for now he shouldn’t keep everyone waiting. He then says “I’m back~!” but finds nobody outside, so he calls out louder “Heey, I’m baaack~!” — the words they have been waiting for.

If you pick the blue drink you’ll see the same ending, but Nigou is in his bird form when he finally returns at night. This is the vision Sayuki saw in her dream during the ceremony.

Good job Sanctuary, you made me cry AGAIN. Ryuunosuke’s ending in D.C. Girl’s Symphony made me cry buckets, and so did Nigou’s. Why can’t he get a happy ending in his own route? 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 That last scene could be interpreted in so many ways, and for me Nigou gets no answer because he’s walking outside at night.. so everyone might be inside or asleep. Nigou is my favorite character in this game, I want him to get a happy ending too like everyone else. Before playing the game I said I love Nigou’s chicken form more, but let me fix that — I love his human form as well. (*´∀`*)ノ♡ In fact, I love Nigou so much I didn’t mind Midorin’s voice at all. Even though he’s using that Yoh-like voice.

Please give him more ラブラブ moments and a happy ending in the fandisk. オ・ネ(。・人・。)ガ・イ☆

13 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Shikigami Nigou

  1. NIGOU~~~!!! I LOVE YOU~~!!
    those shikigami endings are better then those prince guardian endings.
    i dunno but seimei is starting to annoy me lately.
    ichigou my 1st favorite character is in love with him.
    Nigou my 2nd favorite character is willing to die for him.
    it’s only sayuki that pays less attention to him.
    i hope all that “seimei” “seimei” stuff is worth it.
    i think Ichigou is more like my fav because he has a happy and doki doki end. and he has better voice… but nigou is still so sweet that even gave his own body to ichigou!

    • Actually I like Izumi and Raikou’s endings more than the shikigamis, but that’s because I love happy endings. I wish Ichigou and Nigou can get a happy ending like that in the fandisk.. ;_;

      I know a lot of people who thinks Seimei is annoying for various reasons, so I guess I’m in the minority here because I actually love Seimei lol.. and I don’t think Nigou is “willing to die for him”? If he does, then it’s more for protecting Sayuki instead of him.

      • he’s not mainly willing to die but what can i say? he is a shikigami for him after all. what annoys me so much about seimei is he seems “too” fond of himself.

          • serious?! man! shocking news!! now i’ve got double motivation for his route!! thank you for the motivation!!
            *murmurs to herself* let’s see… sadistic guys… interesting…

  2. Shoot. I read this right after I finished reading a Shinigami to Shoujo review. Somehow, my chest feels heavy right now. ;A; Waaaah, I want Nigou to have a happy ending too. T_T

    • Oh does Shinigami to Shoujo have sad stories too? I’ve been avoiding it since it seems so insanely long, but I heard it’s really good and touching.

      • Yes it does based on what I’ve read so far. (I haven’t found someone who have completely beaten the though. ^^;;) For example, there is a happy ending for this particular character but it still seems sad. Ah, I think the correct term is bittersweet. :(

  3. Pretty sure everyone’s gone? I’d assume Seimei and Sangou are probably dead by now, and/or they’ve maybe moved on to other places since Seimei said he wanted to go elsewhere.

    • Gah that’s so sad. ;_; I guess they sort of.. left the ending open for the player’s imagination, so I’ll just take the positive way. They better make a happy route / ending for Nigou in the fandisk, or I’ll get really pissed lol.

  4. no i wont cry i wont…they are killing me why couldn’t they give a happier ending…no what am i saying i getting all dramatic again *sigh* i liked it though and i personally liked it when he comes in his bird form

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