MIYAKO – Abe no Seimei

Here’s our favorite ドS onmyouji‘s route. In the other routes Seimei just.. disappears without a clear reason, so here you’ll find out what actually happens to him during that missing period.

The famous great onmyouji, traditional Japanese exorcist, known throughout the land. Seimei is Sayuki’s master and treats her like a housemaid. He makes her clean the mansion, wash his clothes, cook his meals, any kinds of household chores in general. His idea of “having fun” is to think about what kind of punishment he’ll give for his shikigamis. That aside, his skills are top-notch and he’s allowed to choose his own missions in Shigo-ryou.

Aside from ordering Sayuki to clean up his mansion, Seimei also takes her for their Shigo-ryou missions. He usually partners up with Nigou, but there are times when he goes alone as well. During the rain-calling ceremony, Seimei performs the dance together with Sayuki. When she says he looks good in any kind of clothes, he sighs and pokes her head with his fan lol. They also saved a puppy trapped under a bridge, and Sayuki wants to look for its owner. He thinks they should just leave it alone, but he gives in when the puppy licks his face. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

The next day Seimei goes to check Rokudou Chinnouji temple with Sayuki, and he takes her to a well that leads straight to the underworld. After Seimei sends his light butterfly down the well, the spirit of Ono no Takamura comes out to answer his call. Takamura explains that it’s peaceful down there too.. but he can sense a movement in Yomotsu Hirasaka. He also tells Sayuki he went to the underworld through this well to meet his sister, who is also the only woman he ever loved. The lord of the underworld took a liking on Takamura and wants him to work for the underworld, allowing him to meet his sister freely in return. He asks what would Sayuki do if the same thing happens to her, and she says she’ll take the same actions.

Because Nigou is usually away at night, Sayuki does her night missions with Seimei. Lately people found corpses appearing beneath a bridge, which turns out to be victims of vengeful spirits of women who were thrown away by the men they loved. They possess Sayuki when she walks across the bridge, using her body to attack Seimei. Luckily Sayuki managed to take control over her body and brings Seimei back to his senses, then he releases the spirits from her body. Before disappearing, the spirits thanked them for tonight. Because of them, they can finally let go of their grudge and rest in peace.

Even though she was possessed, Sayuki apologized to Seimei for clinging onto him earlier. They almost kissed too since the spirits were aiming to suck his power and soul. She thought he’s going to poke her head as usual, but then she saw him blushing in silence. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) The awkwardness continues until Sayuki apologized again the next day, so Seimei asks if she has a problem with their hug last night. He tries to act like his usual ドS self, but he looks relieved when she says she doesn’t hate it. Then he admits he doesn’t hate it either, turning his back to hide his blushing face. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After they retrieved Yata no Kagami, Sayuki spends her day off in the mansion. Since she finished her daily chores, Seimei asks if she wants to come with him and kill time until evening comes. As they gaze at a beautiful river in the capital, he says those who left the currents won’t be able to go back in. Just like how it goes for people and time. Sayuki can feel that Seimei is actually talking about himself, so she grabs his clothes saying she will always be here. Along with Ichigou and Nigou, Seimei’s shikigamis will always stay by his side. He smiles and pokes her head before going back, and Sayuki hopes that can cheer him up a little bit.

Since she’s looking at the lake while walking, Sayuki trips and falls down lol. She can still walk slowly despite spraining her right ankle, so Seimei walks on ahead saying “I’ll tell Izumi you’ll be late.” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ In the end Sayuki can only sit by the river because her legs hurt, and she was yelling “stupid Seimei!” when he suddenly appears behind her lol. Sayuki thinks she’s going to get punished, but Seimei then lifts her up and carries her back to the mansion. He tells her to stop resisting and just stay quiet in his arms, despite complaining that she’s heavy. xD

That night they retrieved the sword of Kusanagi, and Sayuki is feeling nervous since Izumi is acting more like a prince that he really is. She’s relieved to see that he doesn’t change at all, and this puts Seimei in a bad mood. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ When they return to their mansion, Seimei asks Sayuki to help him with a ceremony. He can’t tell her the details and the reason, only asking her to live in the same “time” with him. Sayuki knows that Seimei is actually a sad and lonely person beneath his ドS exterior, so she agrees to help.

As soon as Seimei starts chanting the spell, Sayuki falls into a deep sleep. In her dreams she saw a vision of his past, clouded with a dark mist of sadness. Seimei is actually the son of a fox spirit named Kuzunoha — the woman Sayuki often saw near the sacred tree. She died after Seimei, in his fox form, bit her shoulder, leaving two magatamas in his body. One is red, the other one is blue. When Kuzunoha appears in her dream, Sayuki can feel that she doesn’t want Seimei to blame himself for what happened. As a mother, she only wants her son to be happy as a human. Kuzunoha then hands the red magatama to Sayuki, asking her to take care of Seimei.

Sayuki wakes up to find Seimei calling her name. He didn’t tell her anything, but she realized there’s a “red light” inside her body now. Seimei still lets Sayuki hold his hand for a moment, until they sense a strong presence from the underworld. Their friends are already fighting the “demon king” when they arrive, though it seems like this isn’t the “demon king” Seimei was expecting to see. The moment the “demon king” puts everyone in a pinch, Seimei asks Sayuki if she’s ready to accept everything. If she’s prepared, then he’ll do the same. Seimei releases the blue magatama in his body and transforms into his fox form, eventually defeating the “demon king” with his elemental butterflies.

Naturally, everyone demands an explanation after the battle. Seimei explains that his mother is a fox spirit, but his father is a human. Following his mother’s wish, he hides his fox form and lives as a human. Izumi asks why did he transform then, and Seimei glances at Sayuki saying “Because I have something to protect now.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ After turning back into his human form, Seimei shows them the blue Yasakani no Magatama. Fox spirits have really huge power, so they put magatamas inside their bodies to adjust it — keeping their power in control while protecting the jewel at the same time. Seimei hands the magatama to Izumi and prepares to leave, but Izumi tells him to keep it. Plus, he’s not allowed to leave them just like that.

Seimei and the shikigamis go back to their mansion after that, but late at night Sayuki notices someone leaving the mansion. She gets the feeling that it’s Seimei, so she chases after him outside. The magatama inside of her leads Sayuki to the forest, where she finally finds him standing beneath the sacred tree. He orders her to go back, but she refuses knowing Seimei is going to face their enemies alone. After a long silence Seimei asks if she’s not scared of him, and Sayuki says she doesn’t care about his form and his past. She trusts him as her master, and she’s not leaving him alone just because he has a fox spirit’s blood. Seimei burst out into laughter saying she’s an interesting shikigami, finally asking her to follow him.

During their fight earlier, Seimei could sense Douman’s aura coming from the “demon king”‘s body. From there he figures out Douman must be the one behind this resurrection plan, so now he’s going to attack their hideout directly. Soon they find Satashuu’s hideout in an abandoned mansion, but unfortunately they walked straight into a trap. After shooting Seimei’s shoulder with a poisoned arrow, Toui captures Sayuki and ties her up. Seimei is forced to transform in order to save her, but the moment he turns into his fox form.. Douman appears to snatch the magatama on his chest — the last sacred treasure they need.

Sayuki falls unconscious after seeing Seimei lying in his own blood, so Douman decides to take her back to their hideout. In her dreams she can see Seimei regretting his actions, since he puts Sayuki in danger just by letting her stay with him. He can hear her voice when she calls out to him, and she managed to tell him both Kuzunoha and her have no regrets. All they want to do is to stay by his side. Seimei starts fading away after that, and Sayuki wakes up when he disappeared from her dream.

When she opens her eyes, Sayuki find herself tied onto a rock. Douman then comes asking if she’s okay, telling her Toui apologized for doing this to her. The red moon turns red tonight, and Sayuki can only watch as Douman releases the underworld’s gate from its seal. It was then when Seimei appears to save her, still alive and kicking thanks to his fox spirit blood. He looks really pale and tired, but he tells Sayuki he doesn’t want to see her cry. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Douman knows that Sayuki is no ordinary girl though, and he tries taking the red magatama in her chest by force.. until Seimei transforms and pulls her away from Douman’s hands.

Now that she learns the importance of her magatama, Sayuki thinks that she’s only created to protect the jewel. She tells Seimei she’ll protect the magatama with her life, worried that he’ll lose control of his fox power. However, Seimei says she doesn’t need to sacrifice her life just for “that thing”. Even without the magatama, he can control his power as long as she’s there by his side. After a long, long battle, eventually Seimei summons Suzaku and sends Douman through the opened gate of the underworld.

Just as he promised, Seimei tells Sayuki everything after the battle. Kuzunoha and his father, a respectable human soldier, lived a happy life despite their difference.. until one day, his father suddenly strayed off his path. He started attacking even those who are dear to him, so Seimei used his power for the very first time to stop his father. However, his power went out of control because he’s a half-blood, and he ends up killing his mother as well — the vision in Sayuki’s dreams. Kuzunoha gave him the red and blue magatama before she died.

Seimei can sense a curse from his father’s body, and so he came to the capital to investigate further. Eventually he found out that Douman is behind the incident. The reason was because his father noticed Douman’s plan, so he took both the sword and the mirror to stop it. The last sacred treasure, the magatamas, was held by Kuzunoha. Seimei knows that Douman will come back when the moon turns red, so he decided to split up the magatamas into two. He created Sayuki from his own blood for that purpose, that’s why she can see his memories through her dreams.

Sayuki feels sad upon learning that she’s really a “creation”, but then Seimei holds her hand saying she’s a human too. Her feelings and memories have gone beyond his expectations, and she’s not just a vessel to hold the magatama for him. Seimei tells her he can’t fully control his fox power yet, and he’s afraid to hurt anyone if he goes berserk.. so he keeps a distance away from people. He asks what she’s going to do after learning about this, but Sayuki’s decision is firm. She’s going to stay with him, just like what she’s been saying all this time. Just as they move closer to kiss, a creaking sound from the gate interrupts their ラブラブ moment.

The underworld’s gate breaks open as a huge “demon king” comes out from the other side. Unlike the one they defeated before, this is the true Taira no Masakado.. and he brings along a very pissed Douman with him. Not only because he’s injured, but also because the red moon is now gone. He won’t be able to do the resurrection ceremony for the next 600 years, so now he’s going to destroy the capital out of rage. Douman then absorbs Masakado into his right hand, gaining the “demon king”‘s power to destroy everything in his sight.

Since Douman’s power takes effect even on Suzaku, Seimei calls it back and seals it inside an amulet. He hands this amulet to Sayuki, because her magatama heals Suzaku too. Seimei then transforms into his fox form again to protect the capital, while Sayuki defends his back from the dead spirits climbing out from the gate. Things take a turn for the worst when Douman launches an attack at Sayuki, which completely paralyzed her on the ground. He tells Seimei it’s his fault that his loved ones get hurt, reminding him of the day he killed Kuzunoha. By the time Sayuki regains her voice, Seimei already turned into his full fox form — going berserk until Douman eventually throws him through the underworld’s gate.

As Sayuki starts crying, the amulet on her hands starts glowing. It’s like Suzaku is calling out to her to summon it. Sayuki releases the fully healed Suzaku, and it takes Sayuki to reach their master in the underworld. Just before she carries Seimei to Suzaku’s back, his power goes out of control again.. and he ends up biting Sayuki’s shoulder. Just like how he bit his mother back then. Fortunately Sayuki can handle the pain, and she hugs Seimei until her magatama finally turns him back into his human form.

The fact that he attacked both Sayuki and Suzaku really hurts Seimei. He lets out a bitter laugh and says he always ends up hurting the people he loves instead of protecting them, but then Sayuki hugs him saying she’s alive because he saved her. It’s okay even if he lose control, because she’s always here to stop him with the magatama. Since words aren’t enough to express how she feels, Sayuki then kisses Seimei hoping her feelings can reach him. Seimei finally calls her name and promises that they will always stay together. Before they go back to the human world, Seimei pulls Sayuki and kisses her saying their previous kiss doesn’t count. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Because he won’t allow his shikigami to go ahead of him lol.

During this scene Suzaku is lying beside them, focusing on healing its body.. but I wonder how they really feel watching this ラブラブ scene between their master and their junior? 8D

The underworld’s gate has closed behind them, so Seimei transforms again to open it. With the help of Sayuki’s magatama, he finally gains full control of his fox spirit form. After healing Suzaku, Seimei breaks through the underworld’s gate with an evil laugh that probably scares all the dead spirits below. (´・ω・`A;) Since the moon has returned to normal, the gate will close by itself and no dead spirits will climb out anymore …though it’s also because Seimei wiped them out on their way out, so they can fly to the capital and kick Douman’s ass.

As they fly above the capital, they can see Yatagarasu’s light trying to stop Douman in the forest. When Douman asks why he’s siding with humans, Seimei says it’s because he’s half human.. and he was saved by humans too. He then leaves Sayuki to control Suzaku as he concentrates on fighting Douman. Soon after she caught up to them, Seimei finally defeats Douman with the sword of Kusanagi — both are in their human forms.

Since Douman is defeated, Masakado is now released from his right hand. After gathering the remaining dead spirits and dragging Douman to the underworld, he asks Seimei to put these spirits to rest.. including Masakado himself. Sayuki notices the similarity between them, but Masakado said it first before he disappears: “This is my son, Masakuni. Please take care of him.” Then he returns to the underworld with a fatherly smile on his face, sealing the gate behind him. On their way out, Seimei orders Sayuki to do tons of work in their mansion. But then he admits he’s just embarrassed since they’re alone in the cave now. ♡(。→ˇ艸←) They walk back to the mansion holding hands, and Seimei tells Sayuki he needs her.

In the epilogue, they were welcomed by a storm of questions by Izumi and Raikou. Seimei doesn’t want to deal with that, so he leaves Sayuki to explain everything lol. She also tells Genshin he can call her name now that she has found her other half, but he says Seimei will get jealous if he does that. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Izumi throws a party for them that night, and Nigou drags Seimei to join in the fun. Sayuki can also see Kuzunoha smiling by Seimei’s flower patch in their garden. However, Seimei leaves the mansion for work the next day.

Sayuki runs out of the mansion upon reading the note he left, but she finds nobody outside. She’s disappointed since she wants to spend more time with him, and she was muttering “stupid Seimei” when he appears going “what did you just say?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He tells her he’s going to purify the dead spirits left in the capital, but he came back because he forgot something. Then he kisses her before she could even ask. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン This puts Sayuki in a very happy mood, and she starts cleaning the mansion before Seimei returns. Punishments aside, they need to keep the mansion clean all the time. Because this is the place where they spend their lives together.

Seimei’s route is much more sweeter than I expected. Everything about Sayuki is explained here, and you can see that Seimei is really the main guy in this game. Sayuki is a part of him in so many ways, and I absolutely love their relationship. Seimei is truly a ドS up until the end, but it’s so adorable when he gets all デレデレ around her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Seimei’s affection for Sayuki clearly shows even when he’s picking on her, and it’s really fun to watch that feeling grows into love. I’m glad I left Seimei’s route for.. well, second to last because this would kill the other routes if I did it earlier. (´・∀・`;)ゞ


15 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Abe no Seimei

  1. His fox form… >//////////<
    This is sweet. I couldn't help but smile here and there while reading Seimei's route. ^//////^ And to think I wouldn't like his route. XD

    • Is it because he’s a ドS? I know it turned off a lot of people at first. xD
      And yes Seimei looks great in his fox form, especially in his stand-in pics and that CG I posted above lol.

      • Ah no, not because of that. xD;; It’s his appearance, I think. Though looking at the CGs now, I see nothing wrong with him. XD

    • Haha, yes I see what you mean. xD
      I think Nakamura did a great job too, though I know his skills are impressive after playing Starry Sky and Utapri lol.

  2. I love ドS characters! <3 At least I love all the ドS characters I've played so far in my otome gaming history. :P

    Seimei reminds me of another onmyouji character from Ima Sugu Shoukan! Tsundere Darling Series drama CD. Have you heard of it?

    • Actually I love ドS characters too as long as we can see his affection. If he gets too sadistic then I can only see it as an abuse lol. Like ドS bancho in Renai Bancho. e_e;

      Oh I have the Tsundere Darling series, though I haven’t listened to them. Which character are you talking about? Is it the ore-sama? xD

  3. I actually did Seimei’s route first but other than Genshin it didn’t really kill the routes for me that badly since Izumi & Co’s arcs are sorta in their own little world? But yea I love seimei lmfao such an adorable tsundere 8DDD

    • That’s good then. xD
      After playing Seimei it’s hard for me to see Sayuki with anyone else other than him, so yea thanks for telling me to leave Seimei until much later lol. Now I can see why you called him Abe no Dere. 8D

  4. “taskete janai, taskete gudasai goshujin-sama. daro?”
    F*** you seimei! why do you have to be so cute yet so annoying?!!!
    i dunno but i think i’m going to jump off the roof right now… i was making sooooooooooooooooooooo much fun of Seimei up until now… to think he was so cute… please forgive me goshujun-sama~~~!!!
    (BTW, that dialogue was the most annoying tsundere dialogue ever but i love it!!!)

    • LOL I had a good laugh at that goshujin-sama scene. Because I know Seimei’s probably melting inside, though he hides it by acting like it’s obvious for Sayuki to call him that way. 8D

  5. can you tell me if you used agth for the game?i’m trying to make agth to hook the text for 2 days now and i fail…v.v i want to play seimei route so bad T^T

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