MIYAKO – Ashiya Douman

The last route in MIYAKO. My head was a bit dizzy during this route, so I apologize if this post is messy and hard to follow. I have mixed feelings about Douman’s story though.. (´・ω・`A;)

Douman is the leader of Satashuu, a mysterious group who’s also working under Izumi for the capital. People calls him the “shadow of history” because of his great power, combined with a broad range of knowledge and superb techniques. Some people even believes that Douman is actually stronger than Seimei. Douman made a vow after a certain incident a long time ago, and now he’s doing everything he can to achieve his objective.

From their very first meeting, Sayuki feels that she has met Douman somewhere before. After saving her from an ayakashi attack, he asked for her name. When she said it’s Sayuki, he looks disappointed and tells her to forget it. Before he leaves Sayuki asked if they have met before, but Douman only answers “no.. not you..” with a sad look on his face. She also keeps seeing the same dream of a man who cries while holding a dying woman in his arms, along with a faint voice begging her to save someone.

During a night mission, Seimei sends Sayuki to collect 100 leaves from the sacred tree. She visits the bridge on her way home, where she meets Douman again. He tells her to go home since it’s dangerous at this hour, but Sayuki wants to talk to him for a while. Douman looks up at the sky above and asks what she thinks of the moon, and Sayuki says she loves it.. but the moon tonight is creeping her out thanks to the red shadow on its surface. He says what he needs for his objective isn’t the full moon, and he leaves before Sayuki could figure out the meaning behind those words.

Seimei tells Sayuki to do a delivery the next night, while he goes to take care of the women’s vengeful spirits. She rushes to the bridge after delivering the package, but she finds Douman there instead of her master. He tells her Seimei already left, but Sayuki realized she actually wants to see Douman as well.. and she feels sad knowing Douman isn’t really looking at her. She can feel that he’s thinking of someone else whenever he looks at her, and this makes her sad. He admits she reminds him of someone he knows, but that doesn’t change anything.

On her day off, Sayuki finds herself walking towards the bridge hoping she can see Douman. She suddenly remembers her dreams when she saw him standing there, and he soon notices her presence. It turns out that Douman came here for exactly the same reason, muttering “is this lingering affection..?” upon seeing Sayuki. He lets her stay beside him, and they look at the sky above until the sun starts setting. Both are reluctant when it’s time to part, especially since Sayuki feels she shouldn’t leave Douman alone. She slips off the bridge upon turning back, and Douman hugs her before she falls down. After a while he lets go and tells Sayuki to be careful on her way home, leaving her thinking if she can see him again.

After retrieving the sword of Kusanagi, Sayuki performs the ceremony with Seimei in their mansion. In her dream she saw the sad vision again, with the man crying as he hold the dying woman in his arms. Sayuki realized that the man is actually Douman, and the woman is the voice she always heard in her dreams. The woman then appears and introduces herself as Kikka, but she’s slowly fading away. Kikka asks Sayuki to help Douman and release him from the past, handing the red magatama to Sayuki before she disappears.

What happened next similar to the events in Seimei’s route. Seimei uses his fox form to defeat the “demon king” and Izumi lets him keep the magatama. That night he secretly leaves the mansion, so Sayuki tracks him down all the way to the forest. She then tells Seimei she needs to go with him no matter what, though she doesn’t tell him it’s because she wants to save Douman. Eventually Seimei lets her come along, but unfortunately they’re going straight into Satashuu’s trap. The moment Seimei steps inside the mansion, Douman appears and knocks Sayuki unconscious. Toui uses this chance to spray his poison towards Seimei, allowing his master to pull the blue magatama out of his chest. Douman seems reluctant about something, but he brings the unconscious Sayuki back to their hideout.

In her dream, Sayuki saw another piece of Kikka’s past with Douman. They were working to stop a war from spreading out, and they promised to make a peaceful world together. But in the end she broke that promise by dying on the battlefield. Her only wish was for Douman to be happy, telling him not to hate anybody before she died. Sayuki doesn’t know what changed Douman until he became who he is now, but the trigger must be Kikka’s death after all. It hurts Sayuki since she can feel how strong their love was, and she cries realizing Douman’s heart still belongs to Kikka even until now. But that doesn’t change Sayuki’s wish to save him.

When Sayuki opens her eyes, she finds herself tied onto a rock. Douman soon comes to check her conditions, but since the moon turns red.. he wastes no time to release the gate’s seal before Sayuki can get a chance to talk to him. In her desperate attempts to stop him, Sayuki unintentionally mutters “Kikka-san..” which really shocks Douman. She tells him Kikka doesn’t want him to do this, but Douman gets angry saying he can’t possibly be happy after losing her. He tells Sayuki his black right hand is the proof of his contract with the underworld, gaining an immortal body that will never age or die.

Sayuki’s first response to this revelation was “does that mean you’re a really, really old man?” and Douman replies “…I just told you I don’t age.” with a pout on his face. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She laughs saying she’s happy to learn more about him, but then Douman tells her Kikka said the same thing to him a long time ago. Of course this hurts Sayuki’s feelings, though she can’t tell anymore if the pain is hers or Kikka’s. When she says she saw Kikka’s death through her dream, Douman tells her it’s not just Kikka — his entire clan was slaughtered as well. So now he’s going to resurrect them from the underworld.

Even though Seimei understands Douman’s pain, he can’t allow Douman to carry out his plan. While Douman was busy with the gate, Seimei releases Sayuki and tells her to escape. He’s going to take care of Douman alone. Unfortunately this plan failed as Douman realized there must be something missing to open the gate, and he soon finds the answer when Sayuki’s body starts reacting to Seimei’s blue magatama. As he pulls the red magatama out of her chest, Douman apologized saying he can’t turn back anymore. However, Douman stops when Sayuki starts crying. Even though she’s just a fake “creation” who can never replace Kikka’s place in his heart, she wants to save Douman.

Despite Seimei’s attempts to stop him, Douman eventually opens the underworld’s gate by carrying Sayuki towards it — completing the sacred treasures. He pats Sayuki’s head and tells her not to cry for him, since everything will be over soon. When Douman says he wanted to see Sayuki’s smile for a little longer, Seimei gets up and summons Suzaku to attack him. But then Sayuki suddenly jumps in to protect Douman, taking Suzaku’s flames as she falls through the gate to the underworld. Douman tries to grab her hand and yells “I don’t wanna lose you too!”, but Sayuki can barely hear his voice since she’s losing her consciousness. She doesn’t think Douman is calling out to her.. because he doesn’t call her name.

The moment Sayuki closes her eyes, the underworld’s gate shuts close.

In her dream, Sayuki saw a dream about Douman’s past. His clan was living a peaceful life in their own country, and he had Oosake no Yakamochi (Toui) and Isora no Kuuya (Hokuteki) by his side. Kuuya also had a little sister named Houko back then. One day, Douman received a report about a possible threat from a nearby country, which was growing so fast by taking over the smaller countries around them. It was during such times when he met Kikka, the princess of said country, and they joined hands to stop the war.

Eventually they managed to bring peace into the land, but it didn’t last for a long time. Kikka was betrayed by a traitor from her clan, and her death triggered yet another war. Douman was falsely accused of “capturing and killing” Kikka, enraging the king (her father) and the whole country. They slaughtered everyone in Douman’s clan without exception, including women and kids. Houko died right in front of Kuuya’s eyes, leaving only a candy he gave her before. Kuuya was immediately taken over by his hatred and swore revenge — turning into the Hokuteki we know. At the same time, Yakamochi met a bitter mercenary named Ihika no Kimikazu (Nanban) and invited him to join Douman’s side.

On the night of Kikka’s death, Douman cried and swore to get revenge as well. His right arm then turns black like a demon’s as the proof of that vow.

Sayuki wakes up in the underworld to find Kikka beside her. She explains that she became a wandering spirit right after her death, because of her strong feelings for Douman. As much as she wanted to stop his revenge, Kikka is no longer alive and couldn’t do anything at all. Just before the moon started turning red, she sensed a mysterious presence.. which was Seimei summoning Sayuki. Her power as a vessel was really big, and she was searching for a power to fill her empty self. Kikka was reaching her limits too as a spirit, so she decided to stay inside Sayuki’s body. Her memories affected Sayuki’s body, which is why they look so similar to each other.

However, Kikka found a consciousness inside Sayuki. It was still unstable at the time, but it was really strong and determined. That consciousness eventually became an existence and found her own name — Sayuki. Kikka was impressed and thought she might be able to help Douman, so she tried telling her everything through her dreams. Kikka’s stay in Sayuki’s body ended when she received the red magatama during the ceremony, which is why she was fading away back then. Kikka disappeared after leaving Sayuki, going to the underworld like she was supposed to.

Now that she explained everything, Kikka asks Sayuki about her own feelings: “Do you love Douman-sama? Or was that only my feelings influencing yours?” After thinking about it for a while, Sayuki admits that she was indeed affected by Kikka’s feelings at first. That familiar feeling when she first met Douman was caused by Kikka’s memories. But now, her feelings for Douman are real. She might not be able to save Douman, but she wants to walk beside him and help him carry his burdens.

Knowing she chose the right person, Kikka is relieved and says she’s a bit jealous. She can tell Douman’s feelings for Sayuki is growing too, and he’s really afraid of losing her. Sayuki didn’t hear it because her consciousness was fading away, but Douman was actually calling her name when she fell down earlier. Kikka says she’s a part of the past, and now it’s up to Sayuki to guide Douman back to the right path.

Suddenly a loud roar is heard from above, and they see the “demon king” climbing out of the gate. With the help of her magatama, Sayuki opens the gate and returns to the human world. Unfortunately, Douman already absorbed the “demon king” into his right hand and is now ready to destroy the capital out of rage. The moment he saw Sayuki, Douman carries her back to do the resurrection ritual once more. No matter how many times she called out his name, Douman doesn’t answer and keeps absorbing more dead spirits from beyond the gate.. until eventually Seimei takes her to escape on Suzaku’s back.

Seimei tells Sayuki he’ll stop the dead spirits here with Suzaku, so she should go and do what she needs to do. Douman was heartbroken when she fell down to the underworld, and now she’s the only one who can stop this mess. She runs back to the gate and tells Douman not to give up and throw away all of his burdens. The Douman she knows won’t escape from his responsibilities no matter how heavy and painful it is. This time Sayuki’s words finally reach his heart, and Douman calls Sayuki’s name as he breaks out of his demon mode. She puts his hands on her cheeks, telling him that he doesn’t lose her — she’s still alive.

When more dead spirits came out from the gate, Douman puts Sayuki inside a barrier and walks off to fight them. But Sayuki wants to fight with him, so she jumps out of the barrier to protect Douman’s back. The sealed the underworld’s gate after wiping out all the dead spirits, and Douman destroys his lunar crystal after that. Now that his resurrection plan has come to an end, he doesn’t need it anymore. When Sayuki hugs him saying it’s over, Douman cries and accepts the fact that the dead can’t come back to life. Both his clan and Kikka are forever gone, and he can finally let them go.

Even after Douman admits he loves Kikka, Sayuki can accept it. She likes Kikka too, and she doesn’t want Douman to forget about her. Just like what she said to Kikka, she only wants to walk beside him and accept everything he has. Including his past. Douman says he was looking at Kikka’s shadow in her, but when Sayuki falls into the underworld he realized his feelings are directed to her. The current him is in love with Sayuki, not Kikka. It’s thanks to her that he can regain the feelings he’s forgotten a long time ago.

Suddenly the underworld’s gate starts opening again, and the “demon king” appears in front of them. He comes to get the “payment” for the riot Douman caused for the underworld, pulling Douman into the gate. Douman is prepared for this though, so he tells Sayuki to smile before disappearing into the darkness beyond. Of course Sayuki isn’t okay with this, and she jumps into the gate to go after Douman. If he’s falling to the underworld, then she’s going with him. It was then when a strange light takes them back to the human world.

Masakado, the “demon king”, says he’s not taking Douman because of Sayuki. He needs a payment for this miracle though, so he tells Douman to dedicate his eternal life for hunting all the dead spirits lurking out there. Knowing that Sayuki wants Douman to share his burdens, Masakado tells him to do that mission with her — granting her eternal life as well since the underworld won’t ever open its gate for them anymore. This way Douman and Sayuki can live and “suffer” forever. So I guess Seimei got his ドS trait from his father LOL. At first Douman seems reluctant to drag Sayuki into this, but she gladly accepts the offer. That answer is enough for Masakado, who then goes back to the underworld saying “bye and do your job” without waiting for Douman’s answer. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

In the epilogue, Sayuki stays in the capital with Douman to do their mission. When the sun starts setting he comes to pick her up by the lake, where they see dragonflies flying around them. Douman thinks it’s nice how they can shine and die in such a beautiful way, but Sayuki still prefers living forever. As long as they’re alive, they can stay with the person they love.. and that’s the purpose of her life. Douman admits he was jealous of the dragonflies, but right now he shares the same feelings with Sayuki. Then he pulls her closer and they kiss.

Noticing that the dragonflies are gone, Douman says he won’t choose death anymore. He already promised to atone for his sins that day, and he’s going to live with Sayuki forever. As they walk back home holding hands, Sayuki whispers that Summer will come soon. Seasons may change and years may pass, but she will always stay by Douman’s side forever.

Douman’s CGs and appearance tend to be inconsistent. Sometimes he looks great, the other times he looks.. old. But that aside, I think I do like him as a character. What I don’t like is his past with Kikka. (´・ω・`A;) I can see him growing some feelings for Sayuki as they keep meeting each other on the bridge, but I also feel that they pushed this “past lover” thing a little bit too far. This route would be so much better if they cut some of his past scenes with Kikka, since it really overweighs his romance with Sayuki. Overall I think Douman’s story is okay though, and Sayuki’s pretty awesome too in this route.

5 thoughts on “MIYAKO – Ashiya Douman

  1. usual otomate emo guys:
    they have some lover or “very close friend” from past that died in some tragic way like “cutting their ass” (XD!!!!) or bring food for demons and stuff and that person swears to bring them back to life after 1000 years and bla bla bla bla…

    no. absolutely no. i don’t like Douman. i never liked Douman :P
    he’s… okay. but i never imagined him as a lover. he sucked with his “I’m emo” stuff. seriously i agree with you. they pushed this past stuff too far in this route.

    although the only good thing about that route was it made me like seimei even more~~~!!! (save sayuki and stufff…)

    BTW, sorry for the gross comments but sometimes i can only express my feelings using these words :P

    • It’s not just Otomate, emo guys in any otome games tend to be like this lol. Though honeybee is worse with all the looong emo monologues and such.. e_e

      What makes it hard to swallow is that there’s SO MUCH Douman – Kikka nostalgia scenes that it almost dominated his whole route. Treville in Musketeer had similar issue, but there we can see developments between him and the heroine. That’s my main problem with Douman. xD

      • i know what you mean, douman’s route feels like it’s only revealing some truths about sayuki. not a real route.
        it just felt like some extra CG…

        and tell me about it!!!

        i just happened to buy this after autumn fandisk soem weaks ago and it’s just delivered…
        this game was disaster! it was nothing like the main games. although the other 2 fandisks were nothing better too but after autumn is something to cry for. honeybee is really losing it’s magic… i haven’t even gotten through half a route but it’s so boring and emo from just the beginning that made me freak out…

        • To be completely honest, Starry Sky is a boring series to begin with. I got into the series just because I love astrology and Kazuaki’s art. The first few games are pretty much enjoyable, but of course they had to go and make Tsukiko turn into the dumbest heroine ever. Plus the plot gets so draggy and I heard After Autumn is full of wangst, which is why I still have zero motivation to play it. ( ´_ゝ`)

          Oh, but I think After Summer was great. It’s much MUCH better than in Summer. Now I can only hope they don’t ruin After Winter.

  2. to be frank, i agree. i’m pretty new to otome world. something like 2 years. the first game that i happened to pass by was starry sky in spring. the art seemed nice but the story seemed something old, you know, a girl meets someone in her childhood and says something good and he fells in love with him and bla bla blah… sane story ever.but the idea of having a star signed guy seemed very interesting. but the heroines stupidity ruined it all… *sigh* and the recently emo foggish stuff :P

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