Hotokenser – Kondou Ryuuichi

Because I used to be a fan of Blue in the original Power Rangers. Ryuuichi is the tsundere of the game, so he gets a lot of cute arguments with Kureha.. though he can be annoying at first.

The smart student council president with top grades, and also heir to an extremely rich family. He’s a perfectionist who hates anything that strays off the right path. Though he has a strong sense of responsibility, Ryuuichi hates losing to anyone and wants to always stand on top. He holds a grudge against Kureha since she kicked him off the leader position, which is why he’s always acting snarky towards her. Loves haiku and always reads one after a battle.

On Kureha’s second day in school, she joins her friends to deal with an emergency situation. However, a black ranger named Karula appears and traps them in a barrier that nullifies their power. After knocking out the other rangers, he approaches Kureha saying he wants her to be his wife. Luckily they’re saved by the bell and Karula flees, but the principal isn’t amused that they failed to do their job. Ryuuichi then blames Kureha for “breaking up the team” and says she doesn’t meet the qualifications to be their leader, which really pissed her off. Not to mention his attitude only worsens her impression of him.

Even though Kureha grows to be more and more like a leader as they fight more enemies, it’s still not enough to convince Ryuuichi. It’s because he’s a tsundere more than anything else though lol. He reads sarcastic haiku saying it’s to train her into a better Red, and Kureha calls his haiku collection “erotic poems”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Rikuto and Mitsuki think their fights are just like a married couple’s manzai, but of course they deny it with all their might lol. Mitsuki then suggests Kureha to participate in the next student council president election to prove her leadership, and she accepts since Ryuuichi is pissing her off. xD

Since their school festival is coming soon, Kureha helps Ryuuichi pasting the poster all over the shopping district. The owner of the electronics shop offers to do the job for her, but he also has a request for them in return.. which is for Kureha and Ryuuichi to perform in a hero show and entertain the children lol. They can’t have a big hero bullying a small monster, so in the end Kureha plays the hero while Ryuuichi wears a monster costume. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He gets pissed during the performance and pushes her down, and Kureha thinks about how good he looks before continuing the show lol.

The shop owner then gives them a pair of amusement park tickets as a sign of his gratitude. Since today’s the expiration date, Kureha and Ryuuichi decided to go together. He wants to ride the “safe” rides, but she drags him to the haunted house instead. While Kureha thinks it’s a super fun ride, the ghosts inside scared the living daylights out of poor Ryuuichi lol. She also drags him to the roller coaster, but he still tries to act tough saying he just screamed to release all the stress. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ As they ride the ferris wheel together, Kureha tells Ryuuichi about her family when her father was still alive. He says he wants to meet her parents to see what a warm family feels like, so she invites him to come over to her house someday.

They can hear a girl crying after getting off, and Ryuuichi holds Kureha’s hand saying they should look for the girl. (*´∀`*) Following the voice, they find out that the merry-go-round goes out of control thanks to a demon. Kureha runs around after transforming since she won’t be able to meet her prince if she gets kicked, so Ryuuichi tells her “It doesn’t matter! Princes wear pumpkin pants and tights anyway!” アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ By the time their friends arrived to help them, Kureha already sent the demon back to the underworld with Ryuuichi’s help. They also notice that Kureha and Ryuuichi get along so well right now, though they can only wonder why. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

During the school festival, Kureha finds Ryuuichi sleeping in the student council room. He must be tired working alone since Mitsuki runs away from work.. and Rikuto’s busy running around in his swimming pants. She was looking at his sleeping face when suddenly Ryuuichi opens his eyes saying “I feel killing intent coming from you.” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ When she thanks him for always working so hard, Ryuuichi says it’s his job as the president. He also lets Mitsuki enjoy the festival despite his professional escape, which surprised Kureha since she thinks he’ll throw a hysterical fit instead lol. He still throws work at her as usual, but this time Kureha can accept it all with a laugh. She also starts calling him “Ryuuichi” instead of “Kondou”.

That evening Kureha and Ryuuichi were cleaning up the school when suddenly a new demon appears. He comes to get revenge for his brother, the paper-eating demon who got his ass kicked back on Kureha’s first day at school. Or so he said. The actual reason is because he wants to impress his brother’s fiancee and have her for himself. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before transforming Kureha feeds him all the trash to end their student council job faster, but sadly that powers up the demon so much he kicks their butts easily. During the battle Ryuuichi calls Seiryuu to help them, but the dragon only gets hurt and disappears.

Eventually the white ranger, who’s actually the principal, comes to save them by summoning Byakko. Kureha wakes up in the principal’s office to find that Ryuuichi already went home, and the principal is disappointed by their actions. He tells Kureha not to think about the white ranger though, saying the guy who saved her already retired. When the principal drives her home at night, Kureha overhears him talking to her worried mother.. and it seems like they were both a part of Hotokenser too when they were young. In any case, Kureha feels guilty since it’s her fault for feeding the demon.

When Ryuuichi doesn’t come to school the next day, Kureha knows he’s still shocked by their defeat. Based on Eraser-kun’s advice, she decides to visit him in his HUGE mansion. He locks himself up in his room all day, but Kureha keeps banging on the door until he comes out. She asks why he stopped coming to school, and Ryuuichi says he lost his confidence, both as a Hotokenser member and as the student council president. He was raised to be “perfect” as the heir to the Kondou family, so this incident puts a dirty stain on his perfect history. Not to mention they also lost to Karula before. Now he’s going to leave school to study abroad and cool his head off.

Kureha is disappointed because she knows Ryuuichi is only running away from reality. She says she came here only to apologize, and he hugs her from behind saying he needs her.. but she rejects him knowing this is all wrong. Kureha refuses to leave and tries to convince him to come back to school, and Ryuuichi pushes her against a wall saying this is what she gets for playing with fire. He starts kissing her until eventually Kureha pushes him away, running home in tears because their first kiss was just a “lie”.

A few days later Mitsuki, Rikuto and Kureha are talking about a missing student. Rumor has it that the student kept hearing strange sounds coming from the science lab at night, on his way home after club. The moment he entered the science lab, the door closed behind him.. and nobody ever saw him again after that day. Kureha is still feeling down, but she decides to investigate this issue with Mitsuki and Rikuto at night. As they go deeper into the preparation room, the human anatomy figure suddenly attacks them and Kureha gets thrown out of the lab. She can only hear her friends screaming inside since the door is locked, and when it finally opens.. both Mitsuki and Rikuto are nowhere to be found.

The incident makes Kureha really sad, especially since she’s not allowed to investigate alone. She goes to see Ryuuichi in the public library and asks for his help, but he only says it’s got nothing to do with him. He’s no longer a member of Hotokenser now that he’s moving away. No matter what Kureha says, Ryuuichi only tells her to go home since it’s troubling him. She tells him she doesn’t know the qualities required to be a leader, but she’s trying her hardest to do what she needs to do. She wants everyone to trust and help each other. So even if he continues to run away, tonight she’s going to save their friends alone. The librarian then kicks them out for being so loud, and Kureha cries as she runs back home. Ryuuichi is no longer the Hotoken Blue she knew.

That night Kureha comes back to school to face Duke Formalin, the human anatomy figure demon who captured her friends. Some people also saw him moving around in the science lab, hence the weird nickname. But since this is the demon who beats both Mitsuki and Rikuto at the same time, he’s just too strong for Kureha to handle alone. She was in a pinch when finally Hotokenser Blue comes to save her, telling Duke Formalin to keep his hands off “his woman”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Sadly Duke Formalin then moves really close to Kureha, and Ryuuichi can’t attack or else his whip will hurt Kureha as well.

That’s not the end though, since Duke Formalin also summons Mitsuki and Rikuto — both are controlled like puppets to attack Ryuuichi. When they complain about Ryuuichi’s personality, Kureha joins in the parade by throwing a very misleading comment: “I hate this man. He has no idea about how I feel, doing that to me when I came into his room…” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She admits that she’s not brainwashed though, plus she’s been thinking of punching him in the face lol. Kureha doesn’t want to see her friends fighting each other, so she asks Ryuuichi to attack Duke Formalin along with herself.. but Ryuuichi only apologized saying he can’t follow her command, because he can’t attack the girl he loves.

Ryuuichi also apologized for the kiss, but he tells Kureha that his feelings are real. All this time he’s been running away from everything, but he knows he can’t lie to his own feelings. He doesn’t want to attack their friends too, so he tells them to put his body beside Kureha’s after they join Duke Formalin’s “living figure collection” later. Luckily Eraser-kun wakes up from his sleep just in time to give them some advice. Kureha then summons Suzaku to heal Ryuuichi’s wounded Seiryuu, and after an awesome gattai action they finally defeat Duke Formalin. ★万☆ ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ☆歳★

Duke Formalin tells them to come and play with him in the science lab sometimes. He gets so bored just standing alone inside the rack all day, and he needs people to play with him. He also admits that he’s fallen in love with Kureha and tries to seduce her, until eventually Ryuuichi yells “don’t touch my woman! (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻” at him lol. Kureha accepts when Ryuuichi asks her to stay by his side, and Duke Formalin tells them to be happy before disappearing. But he’s going to haunt Ryuuichi in his dreams if he ever makes Kureha cry. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

True Ending
A month after the science lab incident, Kureha has evolved from a “helper” to a really strong leader for the student council. Ryuuichi and Rikuto keeps bickering while Mitsuki keeps trying to escape, and Kureha is the one who pulls them back to work lol. One night after everyone leaves, Ryuuichi confesses to Kureha in front of the student council room. He admits that he fell in love when he first saw her on the train, but he didn’t know what to do since this is his first love. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Kureha cries happy tears when Ryuuichi kisses her, telling him she loves him as well. The happy Ryuuichi then hugs her and makes a small guts pose. He won’t let her go anymore.

Good Ending
Ryuuichi didn’t contact Kureha after the incident, and she locks herself up in her room feeling blue. A few days later, she receives an invitation to a party in Ryuuichi’s mansion. Or rather, a private dance party just for the two of them before he leaves to study abroad. As they dance together in the hall, Ryuuichi promises that he’s going to return in two years without forgetting his feelings for her. This time he can say it with confidence. Kureha believes that Ryuuichi will keep that promise, and she decides to wait for him.

Normal Ending
Since Ryuuichi clearly said “my woman” that night, Kureha follows him for a whole month to get further explanation. He tells her he wants some time to sort out his own feelings, since he’s not as straight and honest as she is. For now he still needs to cancel all of his plans to study abroad, so he wants her to wait until it’s over. After that he’s going to see her mother and ask for permission to date Kureha properly. (*´ω`*)

Aww what a cute route! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* At first I was annoyed since Ryuuichi was so hostile towards Kureha, but after that he turned into such an adorable tsundere lol. Actually Kureha expressed my thoughts perfectly when he suddenly turns emo: “pathetic”, but I like how he got over himself in the end. His confession scenes are so cute, including the one during their last battle. But then again I’m weak towards guys who say “俺の女”, so that also affects my opinion. The endings are really sweet and Kureha is awesome, I’m pretty much satisfied. xD

9 thoughts on “Hotokenser – Kondou Ryuuichi

  1. i’m actually going to say twofive is my favorite otome game company, they make such funny and cute games!
    i LOVE how kureha is soooooooo awesome here. i’m so gonna order this now! *clicks* key did. good thing i didn’t read mostly of it to cover up spoilers but duh who cares?! power rangers is so awesome! even it’s otome game! (lol! never thought red ranger can be a otome!)

    • Oh have you played Yo-Jin-Bo and KoiGIG? I never played any TwoFive games before, but Hotokenser is damn awesome. xD Kureha is an awesome heroine indeed, she’s so easy to relate to since her way of thinking is similar to mine lol.

      • i heard good things about yo-jin-bo but it’s pretty old, i won’t bother old games :P i borrowed my friends some time ago and the game was good. not to mention it’s also translated to english too. KoiGIG is good. it might bore you with some stuff but it’s very funny in some parts. i think comedy is necessary i a good story.

  2. surprised you did him first! I did yellow ranger first cause his route was the shortest and probably the least rangery? it felt like it was more about gachimuchi school life adventures than anything else xD. now i wonder how much shorter it will feel since you skip most of the game lol

    • Yea because I like Rikuto more than Ryuuichi lol. I just finished Rikuto earlier, and yes it’s more like a gachimuchi high school drama instead. xD Here Karula only makes a short appearance, but at least we have Mr. Duke Formalin to spice things up rofl. I really enjoyed both routes though. :D

  3. I used to be a fan of Blue before! XDD
    Reminiscing aside, this is adorable. >////< Even though endings have different names, it feels like his confession is just prolonged so we still know that sooner or later they will be together. XDD

    • LOL yes the endings are so sweet, even the normal one. xD
      To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything from the good and normal endings since usually the true ending is the best, but this is just too adorable. xD

  4. Ahh I’m so late at this, but I’m almost finished with all the routes, and I just feel like IT’S NOT ENOUGH. T^T Also I checked TwoFive’s official website few days ago and there’s still no hint of upcoming fandisc or a new otome game. Gakkari.
    That aside, I love Kureha so much! Do you have a list of recommended otome games similar to this? (more to comedy-romance heavy, heroines who are not doormats)
    The only likable heroines I can remember so far are Saki from Sweet Fuse and Alice from Heart no Kuni series.

    • Wow, it’s actually kind of hard since all I’ve been playing lately are titles full of shady conducts LOL. Have you tried Bocchi Musume Produce? It’s getting an English release as “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome”. I haven’t played it myself, but I heard it’s hilarious.

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