Aoiza Ibunroku – Arakane Rin

I’ve had my eyes set on Rin right from the start. First, he’s voiced by Kaji Yuuki. Second, we share the same name. But most importantly, he’s the tsundere of the game. All-in-one LOL.

Rin is the popular female role actor in Aoiza, but he’s really manly off-stage and expresses his thoughts clearly. Maybe even too clear and direct, since it seems like he’s being cheeky to everyone he talks to, including Aoi. In other words, the tsundere. Rin was raised as a shinobi and is often seen with Moni, a ninja dog he brought from his hometown. Miyoshino has a wide open-air bath because of Rin’s request, and he hates it when someone disturbs his bathtime.


Aoi hears a dog barking from her room, but she finds nobody outside. She notices splashing sounds coming from the bath, so she goes to check thinking it must be Hisoka.. but it turns out that Rin’s taking a bath inside lol. Aoi screams and runs off, but the pissed Rin keeps calling her a “peeping demon” after that. He wants her to at least apologize for barging in without asking, so Aoi says she’s sorry though Rin’s sharp attitude is bothering her.

When Aoi tells him about the dog she heard earlier, Rin takes her to see his beloved Moni. He warns her that Moni’s quite picky and keeps barking at Kensuke, but Aoi gets along with the dog really well. Since Moni keeps looking at her with pleading eyes, Aoi ends up taking her out for a walk with Rin. The sakura trees are blooming and it’s a great chance for Aoi to take a look at the neighborhood, considering this is the first time she goes out of the shop. On the way Rin keeps pulling Aoi’s hand so she “won’t get lost”, letting go only when they meet a storyteller named Sanyuutei Housen, who teases him for having a “date”. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

Soon Aoi feels a strange aura coming from a priest nearby, and Rin drags her home saying it’s the evil aura of uramon. A family crest (kamon / 家紋) exists to protect the family members, but “uramon” means the complete opposite. If for some reason the sacred treasure holding the crest is corrupted, the power will hurt their owners instead of protecting them. The sacred treasures can be weapons and accessories that holds the crest’s power, and each Aoiza member has one except for Hachi and Hisoka. The crest’s power is too big for normal people to handle though, so only those who has the power of gods can use it. Or else it’ll go out of control. Earlier Aoi can see the aura of uramon, so now Rin wants to bring her along and see what she can do. After all she’s a freeloader in Miyoshino.. and those who don’t work, don’t eat.

The explanations are confusing, but Aoi finally understands how it works when they go out to battle the zombified priest from earlier. Rin releases his crest’s power and turns into a sacred treasure — the bell. Normally one of his friends would use him in battle, but for some reason only Aoi can touch him today. Rin takes control of Aoi’s body to purify the priest from uramon‘s aura, and everyone is impressed by Aoi’s ability to use a sacred treasure in battle. From now on she’s officially a member of Aoiza too. Not to mention they also call her “princess” since she’s the holder of “Futaba Aoi”, their family crest.

However, Aoi isn’t used to battle yet. The fight earlier took a lot of her stamina, so Rin helps her walk while blushing and saying she owes him one lol. He complains about how she’s putting the burden on him due to her lack of stamina, but he also says she did well on her first battle — tsundere-style lol. Aoi replies she’s going to work harder so she can be more useful in their next battles.


When May rolls around, the Aoiza members take Aoi to their performance in Ginza. On the way Rin lightly slaps her back for walking so slow, and when Aoi tells him not to be so rough towards a girl, he goes “a girl? then don’t walk in such an undignified manner ( ´_ゝ`)” lol. Today they want Aoi to act on stage, since it’s Aoiza’s duty to spread their crest’s power through their performance — purifying any uramon aura in their audience. As the holder of “Futaba Aoi”, obviously Aoi needs to do something better than cleaning the floor. Since Rin keeps throwing complaints at her, everyone tells him to help with Aoi’s training along with Moni. Rin is their female role actor after all, so he’s the best person suited for this job.

Their upcoming play is Shiranami Gonin Otoko, and Aoi’s role is Benten Kouzou — a beautiful thief who dresses up as a woman to swindle people. Even though Rin is super harsh during their training sessions, he quietly mutters that he won’t help if he thinks Aoi can’t do it. So yes, he has expectations in her. He just keeps it hidden beneath that tsundere surface. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Aoi’s acting skill eventually improves after hours of training, so Rin says he’s going to read the script and memorize all of his lines now. Of course Aoi’s surprised since he’s helping her train all day instead of practicing for his own role, and Rin blushes saying it’s only because he’d be the one responsible if she fails on stage. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

At the end of the day Aoi feels really tired and goes to take a relaxing bath. Guess what she saw upon opening the door? That’s right, Rin is taking a bath again. Even though it’s time for women’s bath right now lol. Aoi asks him to get out, and he goes “alright, but are you going to stay there and see me naked?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ ..and this keeps repeating in the future, though Rin starts blushing more and more as his feelings for Aoi continues to grow lol.

During Aoi’s first performance, a possessed man named Zagin no Shou comes to crash their stage. Rin and Moni chased him away, but he already remembers Aoi’s face. She can feel uramon‘s aura coming from the man, and that night she can sense that he’s coming back to attack them. It doesn’t take long until the Aoiza members find him outside, going berserk yelling he wants more women. Apparently this zombie is a womanizer. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Needless to say, Aoi eventually purifies him using Rin’s sacred treasure. This time it doesn’t take as much stamina, but Rin says she still needs to improve. For her own sake. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*


After their successful stage in Ginza, Aoiza travels to Yokohama. It’s been raining ever since they arrived, so during one sunny day Rin tries to ask Aoi out for a walk. Of course he’s being a tsundere as usual, but he blushes furiously when Hachi reveals that Rin actually wants to do some sightseeing with Aoi. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Sadly Hachi couldn’t read the situation and asks if he can come along, inviting the others to join them as well.. and so Rin drags Aoi out before everyone else can ruin his date plan lol. As they observe the foreigners around them, Aoi wonders about Rin’s age. He looks young, but he keeps lecturing her like an old man LOL.

In town they meet a soldier named Oosuga Seiji, one of Aoiza’s regular customers. Lately he’s been busy with work, but he’ll come and see their performance for Aoi. Obviously Rin is not amused and tells Seiji he doesn’t have to come if he’s busy. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Not to mention Fukuzawa Yukichi appears after that, and Aoi is amazed to meet such a famous person. They notice Rin’s killer glare though, so they quickly excuse themselves for work lol. Rin thinks it’s weird for a soldier and an author to work together though.

After they’re gone, Rin takes Aoi to a boutique and picks some dresses for their performance. Obviously people will think he’s a pervert if he tries the dresses himself, so he’s using Aoi as his personal mannequin. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Aoi says she thought it’s his hobby, Rin pulls her corset tighter — suffocating her even more lol. Despite this, Rin carries the shopping bags on their way back since he can’t let a lady carry all the heavy stuff. (*´∀`*)

Aoiza’s performance this month is sword dancing, with Kikaku and Aoi as the main lead. Even though Aoi is experienced in aikido, unfortunately she has zero experience with swords. Aoi throws an old man gag here, and she’s shocked when Rin replies with a similar “その意見はついていけんな” while keeping a serious look on his face lol. It’d be dangerous if Aoi gets hurt though, so she’s going to use Kensuke’s sacred treasure on stage. Which means Kensuke will be the one performing by controlling Aoi’s body. Again, Rin gets jealous and says it’s not enough. He drags Aoi out to do some training, leaving Kensuke muttering “isn’t this spoiling my reputation as the leader..?” xD

On the way back to the inn, Aoi feels a strange aura coming from a really pale woman named Fukamigusa Chouko, but she doesn’t notice until Chouko attacked a boutique the next day. It’s the boutique Aoi visited with Rin the other day. They meet her son, Fukamigusa Sora, with Housen near the boutique, and from him they learn that his mother received a beautiful comb before turning weird. Eventually they find Chouko in a mansion and exorcise her uramon aura, but Housen accidentally saw their battle since Sora followed them into the mansion earlier.

Chouko is in a very weak condition after the battle, and Sora asks them to take him along to Hirata to meet his father. At first Rin feels guilty and wants to take Sora to Hirata alone, but Kensuke decides to bring the whole group instead. They can bring Sora along with them as they do more performance, visiting Rin’s hometown along the way. Despite their long and rocky journey ahead, Housen wants to come along too since he might be able to get a lot of ideas for his talk topic. Kensuke agrees to let him come along as long as he can keep their secret, and Housen promises to keep quiet about their secret activities behind the screen.


Along with Hisoka, Housen and Sora, the Aoiza members travel through the mountain towards the Iga Province. Rin and Aoi keep bickering along the way, but Sora notices Rin smiles the most when he’s with Aoi. (*´ω`*) It doesn’t change the fact that Rin is irritated and more thorny than usual though. When Aoi goes follows him to the lake, Rin finally tells her that her sister, Arakane Yui, died some years ago on her way back to their hometown, Shirogane. Someone lured Yui away from Hisoka and the others, stealing her sacred treasure after killing her. By the time they found her, she was drowning in her own blood in the rain.

Yui’s sacred treasure was a magatama with a really strong power, so she had some guards around her all the time. Aside from Hisoka, all of her guards were also killed that day. Even until know they don’t know who killed Yui that day, but one thing for sure.. it’d be dangerous if her magatama was stolen by a criminal. As the only survivor, Hisoka feels guilty for Yui’s death and he couldn’t face Rin properly ever since. It makes Rin sad since Hisoka is like a family to him, and he doesn’t want Hisoka to be trapped in the past.

Rin then asks what Aoi thinks of his sister’s life as a woman. Yui spent her entire life as a bearer of the sacred treasure and died in such a miserable way, he’s wondering if Yui ever feels happy in her life. Aoi says only Yui knows the answer, that’s why they shouldn’t push their feelings on her memories. While Rin thinks her duty was a burden, for Yui it might be an encouragement. Surely there must be good things too among the hardships she went through. Aoi apologized for saying such things while she’s just a powerless person, but Rin grabs her and kisses her on the lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Obviously Aoi’s surprised, but she stops resisting and just waits until he calms down.

Suddenly some assassins appear to attack them, saying they can’t let the “young master” go back to Hirata. Earlier Aoi just said she’s “powerless”, but that’s obviously a lie because she completely kicks their butts together with Rin. (´・ω・`A;) Their friends already took care of the other assassins when they return, but Sora feels guilty for dragging everyone into this mess. He says things would be easier for his father too if he’s not around, and Rin slaps him saying they’re protecting him on their own will. Just like how Sora joined their journey for his family. It’s the same thing, so he shouldn’t blame himself for the attack.

Since they can’t spend the night camping outside, Sora leads them to a small inn at the foot of the hill. On the way, Rin tells Hisoka that he also directed those words at him. Aoi’s words made him realize the most important thing is how Yui really felt about her life, so they should stop dwelling on the past. Both agree to visit Yui’s grave once they arrive in Shirogane, and Rin feels really glad he’s got Aoi by his side. Later on Rin tells Aoi he won’t apologize about the kiss since apologies can be a burden sometimes, so he says “thank you” and Aoi replies with “you’re welcome..” (*´∀`*)

Just as they expected, they got attacked by more assassins along the way to Hirata. But they eventually find out that the former head of Hirata area, Inomata Hagiji, is the one after Sora’s life. Sora’s father is the current head, making Sora the young master and the successor for the position. One day Chouko took Sora to escape to Yokohama, and Inomata doesn’t want them to return so he can have the head position for himself. The possessed Inomata welcomes the Aoiza members when they come into his mansion, revealing that he actually poisoned Sora’s father before Aoi and Rin purified him. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Thankfully they find Sora’s father inside the mansion, and he’s still alive despite drinking the poison Inomata gave him. Sora then stays in Hirata to take care of his father, while the Aoiza members continue their journey to Shirogane.

When they arrived at the shinobi village, Rin takes Aoi to visit Yui’s grave with Hisoka. He wants to introduce Aoi as the “weird person” who told him to think about Yui’s feelings, as well as telling Yui they’re doing just fine. When Aoi tells Hisoka to stop apologizing, it reminds them that Yui said the same thing in the past. She knows the wound in Rin’s heart isn’t fully healed yet, but she’s glad to see him moving forward. Aoi then prays in front of Yui’s grave with Hisoka, noticing than Rin’s eyes look more gentle and peaceful.


After their long journey, the Aoiza members finally return to their base in Ueno. Because of what happened to Sora last month, Aoi couldn’t stop thinking about the increasing case of uramon lately. Especially since Rin said Chouko and Inomata’s cases might be caused by the same person. Rin tells Aoi to get her head out of the clouds already, but he blushes when the Hime sisters say he’s really observant when it comes to Aoi. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Aoi feels better after talking to the Aoiza members though, saying she wants to grow stronger so she can protect Rin and the others. Since it’s so obvious that they’re in love, everyone starts teasing them about this until Rin runs off to take a bath while Aoi escapes to her room lol.

Three days later, everyone goes to visit Kamimori village in Nikko — Kikaku’s hometown. It’s a place with a long history, so Aoi might be able to find a clue to go home. Aside from Kikaku’s naginata, Kamimori has another sacred treasure in the form of a dagger, so that’s their first stop upon arriving at the village. They warned Hachi not to touch anything since he’s just a normal person, but when he accidentally knocks the dagger off the pedestal.. looks like the dagger has finally found its owner. Because of this happening, Aoi lost her chance to look for a way to go home. Not that she mind it though, since she happily goes to a temple city for their next stage. This time they’re performing Yaoya Oshichi. Aoi will be the main lead, and Rin gets the role of her lover. LOL Kensuke is totally doing this on purpose. xD

For practice, Rin invites Aoi to go to the temple. This time he’s not taking Moni with them, so it’s really a date. There Rin helps an old lady fixing her broken sandal strap, and she tells Aoi she has a good lover. Aoi agrees saying Rin can be stubborn at times, but deep inside he’s really kind.. and she’s fully aware that Rin is right there listening to her while blushing lol. Rin then says he doesn’t mind getting mistaken for her lover, admitting that he kissed her because he’s in love with her. It turns out that he’s planning to confess today, that’s why he asked her out here. Aoi admits that she loves him too, and he kisses her. (❤ฺ→艸←)

As he helps Aoi dressing up for their stage, Rin mentions that he doesn’t mind her flat chest lol. Of course Aoi gets angry saying it hurts her feelings hearing that from the guy she likes, and Rin replies with “stop being so cute!” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Then he ties her obi into a ribbon for her first female leading role ever. What’s with this sudden cuteness overload? xD Since his meeting with Aoi resembles the story in a way, Rin wonders if their story will end up in a tragedy as well.. but Aoi doesn’t think so. She tells him they can’t avoid fate, but what’s important is how they face their destiny. Her words clear away his doubts, and soon Rin’s back to his usual self — throwing more complaints about her acting lol.

Meanwhile, the old lady meets Seiji on her way to visit her husband’s grave. He tells her she dropped an obi tie, and just as expected.. the old lady gets possessed by uramon‘s aura upon touching it. Aoi and Rin managed to save her before it’s too late, but they still don’t know who’s behind the whole incident. Seiji comes to visit their theatre the next day, and Aoi thinks it’s weird that he leaves without greeting everyone else. She can’t explain the weird sensation though, so Rin gets jealous saying “why are you always interested in other things? think only about me sometimes!” and leaves lol.


Five cases of uramon has occured ever since Aoiza’s arrival in Nikko. It’s definitely not normal because the occurrence was like once a year before, but it’s been gradually increasing ever since the Meiji Restoration started. After Aoi’s arrival nobody can use the sacred treasures except her, so she needs to be careful since judging by Yui’s death, the person behind this whole mess is aiming after the treasures. Rin is worried about Aoi and asks her to rely on him a little bit more, holding her hand as they take a walk around the town. (*´ω`*)

When they saw a gorgeous carriage passing by, suddenly Rin grabs Aoi and Moni to hide. He doesn’t know the reason, but he saw Seiji riding inside with a troubled face. Judging by the carriage he must be heading to one of the luxurious mansions in town, and Rin suspects Seiji might be involved in a conspiracy with someone in the government. They follow the carriage all the way to a huge mansion, where they find Seiji with a flamboyant young man who lives in his own little world, Sakazuki Kikusuke. According to Housen, Sakazuki is aiming for the top position in the government.. and the Prime Minister, Sanjou Sanetomi, is getting on his way. As soon as Seiji leaves the mansion, Aoi senses uramon‘s aura coming from Sakazuki.

The next day, Sakazuki has fired all of his servants and went missing. Nobody saw his super luxurious carriage leaving town though. When Aoiza invades his mansion, Aoi finally learns that people possessed by uramon‘s aura will disappear in a few days if not purified. They find Sakazuki inside his own mansion, but he already reached the last stage of zombification. He’s so obsessed with his personal grudge that anyone who enters his field of vision automatically turns into Sanjou. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Aoi and Rin managed to purify him, but Sakazuki turns into a zombie again before vanishing into thin air. It’s too late after all.

Rin has been looking distracted all day because he doesn’t want Aoi to see this kind of result, but they can’t hide the truth forever. Aoi keeps crying after the battle, so Rin and Hisoka take her back to their inn. At night she goes to take a bath thinking nobody’s around at this hour, but apparently Rin had the same thought. They end up taking a bath together back-to-back, and Rin tells her it was the same for him too. The first time he saw a person disappearing, he took a long bath and cried alone. Even if someone enters, his tears are hidden by the water and his hoarse voice is covered by the echo. It became a habit before he knew it, which is why Rin really loves taking long baths. He tells Aoi it’s okay to cry now, as long as she can smile again.


Since Sanjou is coming to Nikko soon, Aoiza extends their stay to find more information about Sakazuki’s case. One day Kensuke complains that their travelling expenses has gone beyond the budget, so it’s time for another performance! Since they have a 12-layered kimono, Aoi suggests they do The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter. Rin refuses to do any female roles since they have Aoi now, so naturally she’s going to be Kaguya-hime. She doesn’t need to worry about her lack of experience in acting since they’re going to make it a comedy, and everyone including Hisoka and Housen will participate in this performance.

After a whole day of spartan training sessions with Rin, Aoi goes to the bath and finds Rin inside as usual. He tells her to quickly decide whether she wants to get out or in, so Aoi ends up taking a bath with him again. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Rin says Yui was harsh towards him too when it comes to acting, and he always thought she’s a scary person. After she died Rin never really thought about protecting the sacred treasures, thinking things would be so much better if they don’t exist. But right now, he wants to protect Aoi and their friends.

During their performance Rin asks Kaguya-hime to swear that she’ll marry the first person who accomplish her trials. This amuses Housen since it obviously comes from Rin’s heart, and Aoi also goes along with the flow by answering his request. Later on that night, Housen tells everyone that he received some information from Kamimori that might be relevant for Aoi to go back home. Basically they need to call a thunder with “the sword”, and when the thunder strikes “the mirror” will open the path to her own world.

However, they don’t have time for this right now. Because some days later, they got a report that Sanjou starts acting weird and locks himself up in his mansion. His guards and servants got knocked out by the evil aura, so this is their only chance to see the Prime Minister. As if it wasn’t bad enough last time, Sanjou’s whole mansion is brimming with uramon‘s aura. It’s so strong that even normal people like Housen can sense it. Why? Because Yui’s magatama is hanging right around the possessed Sanjou’s neck. Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) Fortunately Aoi manages to stop Rin before his anger takes control, and they purify uramon‘s aura from Sanjou’s body. The magatama disappears, finally returning back to Shirogane after being stolen for so long.

At this point both Aoi and Rin already knows that Seiji must be involved somehow, but they can’t figure out the connection yet. When Yui died Seiji was still really young, not to mention he won’t be able to match Yui’s strength in battle. But it’s also impossible for Sanjou to do it no matter how they think about it. Everything is still clouded by mystery for now. Did you guys forget there’s another person with Seiji back then? 8D

Even though she’s doing fine up until now, Aoi feels really tired and “Futaba Aoi” suddenly cracks after the battle. Rin tells her to avoid battles from now on, since Aoi won’t be able to use the sacred treasures anymore if it breaks.. and that will put her into a grave danger if it breaks during a battle. Besides, “Futaba Aoi” isn’t an ordinary treasure. They don’t know what will happen if it breaks, but most importantly Aoi might not be able to go home without it. Rin asks what she’s gonna do if that happens, and Aoi says she’ll continue to live in this world then. Even if she can’t go back, she’s got Rin by her side.


The Aoiza members are getting ready to go back to Ueno, but suddenly they receive a letter from Yukichi. He’s coming to Nikko to see them, saying he wants to talk about their “friend” Seiji.. even though Seiji is just their regular customer. Yukichi arrives at noon, and it doesn’t take long until he mentions the keywords related to the recent incidents: “Sakazuki”, “Sanjou”, and “magatama”. Today Yukichi comes to ask Aoiza to work for him, revealing that he’s been using uramon‘s power to achieve his own goal. Rin finally remembers that Seiji was working with him back in June. He thought it was weird, and now he knows it’s no ordinary “work”.

Yukichi keeps dropping hints that he knows more than he’s letting on, but he only gives Rin a creepy smile when he asks him about Yui’s death. He confirms that it’s indeed impossible for Seiji to kill Yui since the incident happened 11 years ago, and Seiji was still a kid back then. He leaves after Aoiza refuses to work for him, but they can conclude that someone in the group leaked information to Yukichi. Or else Yukichi would know about their exorcising activities behind the screen. When Kensuke asks the person to speak up, Rin adds that he won’t blame the person for anything. He just doesn’t want to doubt his friends.

Now, does Housen’s face pop into your mind? …no, it’s not him.

Nanami finally admits that it was him who told Yukichi, though he never thought things would turn out like this. Housen says he knows about this but never told anyone, so he’s not 100% innocent either. When Nanami was away from Aoiza, he accepted a job from Yukichi. He asked a lot of questions back then, and Nanami told him normal people can’t touch the secret treasures unless they use uramon‘s power, but it’s dangerous because the evil aura will possess them. Nanami didn’t expect that Yukichi would corrupt normal townsfolk on purpose just to produce more uramon. Since Yukichi himself can’t come in contact with uramon and sacred treasures, he needs someone who can touch them — Seiji.

Nanami mentions that Yukichi has an insanely strong guardian, Toki Yatarou. He’s the only one who has enough power to kill Yui. Toki has been protecting Yukichi from the shadows ever since Yukichi was small, and Seiji used to work under him when he was younger. Toki would go to extreme lengths for Yukichi, so they need to be careful of him.

Since things get dangerous, Rin is now guarding Aoi wherever she goes — even in the bath. When she tries protesting, he goes “but we took a bath together! we’re lovers anyway, let me stick around you!” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Up until now his temper quickly takes control when it comes to Yui’s death, but Rin realized he won’t be able to protect Aoi that way. He knows he needs to grow up and be a man that can make her proud. Rin says he’s still got a long way to be an adult, but Aoi can see that he’s a lot calmer than how he was before.

Just before they go to bed, a loud crash is suddenly heard from outside. Toki couldn’t forgive their insolence for rejecting Yukichi, so he ordered Seiji to kill them tonight. He’s going to erase them himself if Seiji refuses, just like how he murdered Yui back then, so Seiji accepts to save the Aoiza members from such a miserable death.. by killing Aoi. If she’s gone, Aoiza won’t be able to fight and Toki won’t see them as a threat anymore. Noticing that Seiji himself is actually in doubt, Rin stands in front of Aoi and tells Seiji to just shoot if he’s sure he won’t regret it later. Here Kensuke drags Seiji away saying “come, I’ll show you what you’re wishing for” and they both disappear from everyone’s sight. What. (´・ω・`A;)

Even though Kensuke clearly knows something they don’t, Rin tells Aoi not to doubt Kensuke. With their leader missing, Aoiza returns to Ueno the next day. Aoi was hoping Kensuke and Seiji will join them on the way back, but they didn’t.


Everyone keeps searching for Kensuke and Seiji, but Aoi needs to stay hidden in Miyoshino. One day Rin heard Aoi mentioning her upcoming birthday, so he prepares a small party for her. Before he comes into her room, Aoi hears him saying “please don’t disturb!” to the Hime sisters outside. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ It turns out he goes out to buy some sweets for Aoi, and he also gives her a cute bell for her birthday present. Then he gets embarrassed and kisses her forehead before going back to his search. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

When Aoi saw “Futaba Aoi” cracking even more, she knows they’re running out of time. They need to put an end to this mess before it completely breaks, so Aoi suggests meeting Yukichi directly since he’s in the center of everything. If she lost her power, she won’t be able to help them anymore since that’s the only thing she can do. However, Rin tells her that she’s wrong. Aoi is an important person both for him and for Aoiza, and that won’t change even if she can’t fight anymore. So she doesn’t need to worry about losing her power.

Eventually they get an answer from Yukichi and go out to meet him at Zojoji Temple at night, bringing Aoi along since it’s her idea after all. Sadly they’re ambushed by Toki on the way, and his first target is Aoi because she reminds him of Yui. He uses uramon‘s power on himself to attack her, but luckily Seiji appears with Kensuke and shot Toki before he can do any harm. When he’s busy fighting everyone else, Aoi and Rin purify uramon‘s aura from Toki’s body, then quickly rushing to meet Yukichi before he regains consciousness.

Yukichi sets the whole temple on fire not too long after they arrived. It’s his intention to burn everything to the ground and create a new Meiji, so he wants the Aoiza members to witness this insanity. ( ಠ_ಠ ) After Yukichi left, Kensuke calls the rain with his sword to put off the fire and prevent chaos from happening.. but “Futaba Aoi” finally shatters on their way back to Miyoshino. Seiji then explains that he couldn’t use his sacred treasure properly after touching so much uramon, and Kensuke helped him to regain his power while staying hidden from Yukichi. Seiji’s sacred treasure is the mirror. By combining his power with Kensuke’s sword, they can send Aoi back to her world — the information Housen told them before.

Since “Futaba Aoi” broke and Kensuke already used his power to call the rain, his sword is weakening in power. This is her only chance to return to her daily life. However, Rin hugs Aoi and tells her not to go. Their happiness has just started, how could she leave him alone in this world? ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Rin then asks Aoi to marry him, promising that he’ll never make her cry. He will protect her from anything and comfort her whenever she feels sad, and he definitely has zero intentions of letting her go. He just can’t send her off with a smile. Everyone tells him not to trouble Aoi so much, but then they see Aoi blushing like a tomato LOL. Rin then takes Aoi back to her room, saying he’s not letting her go until she says “yes”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

In the ending, a few years has passed and Aoi is now married to Rin. She fell asleep on his shoulder and saw a dream of his sudden proposal back then, waking up to find him gently stroking her hair. When Aoi tells him about her dream, Rin gets jealous of himself saying “do you love my past self more than the current me?” (´・ω・`) so Aoi laughs and replies “I love you and will always do.” Rin asks her to always stay with him, but Aoi has given him the answer that day.. which is why she’s now here by his side.

The whole story about uramon makes my head spin. I’m sure I made some mistakes, so feel free to correct me. All I can say about the story is WTF, but maybe that will change when I do Kensuke’s route. As for Rin himself.. he’s such an adorable, manly tsundere when he’s not taken over by his wrath. (❤ฺ→艸←) I was surprised when he first kissed Aoi, but other than that his romantic scenes are really sweet. I love how we get to see his feelings grow as Aoi keeps running into him in the bath. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ ..and finally a guy who tells his girl NOT to go! I’m so tired of seeing “as long as you’re happy” scenarios, so that’s definitely a plus.

Even though I love Rin that sounds so wrong! and his route, sadly the pacing and transition in this game is rather poor. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the romance since they need to go fight some zombies possessed people inbetween, and the route ended so abruptly I was like “huh? the end?” ・・・(゚д゚ ) But then again, the ending is cute so I don’t care. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ At least now I know what to expect from the other routes lol.


10 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku – Arakane Rin

  1. i was like “oh boo! another tsundere!”
    then turned out like “…WTF?! HE ACTUALLY TOLD HER NOT TO GO!? MAN! THAT’S SUCH NEWS!”
    good point! my kudos to Rin lol!

    • I guess it’s a matter of preference, but yes Rin’s so manly. I like that side of him a lot even though he looks like a shota. xD Even if you don’t like tsunderes, look at that sudden cuteness after they start dating! I was ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ing the whole time lol.

    • Isn’t he? He’s an adult already in the ending. :D
      The plot’s a bit complicated to understand, but play it for the characters. It’s pretty entertaining so far.

      • I will! I’m interested in this game too. Also, many famous seiyuus in there (although I won’t be able to understand many things in there as you say this is so hard to translate-even you said that!).

        • Yea the details about uramon and sacred treasures made my head spin, so now I’m playing Kensuke’s route to get a better idea. If you’re confused you can read my post, I hope it can help you somehow. :D

  2. Lots of bath sweet scenes. >///<
    I actually skipped the uramon parts since it's making my head spin and just continued reading to the remaining parts. ^^;;

    • LOL no wonder. It makes me dizzy too at some points. Just think of it as an evil aura that turns people into zombies. xD I wish they’d put these uramon scenes at one point instead of going back and forth between battles and romance. ;_;

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