Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku

Since a friend keeps telling me to play this instead of Amnesia, I took her advice and started on Bunmei Kaika today. That, and because I’m still in a historical mood after finishing MIYAKO.

Mito Aoi is a normal high school student living in a shrine with her childhood friend, Kaminari Sousuke. One day her mother asks them to clean their warehouse, where they find a silver mirror among the other antique stuff. Just before they go out, a thunder strikes outside and Aoi gets absorbed into the mirror. When she opens her eyes Aoi finds herself back in 1873, the Meiji era.. and in front of her is a group of travelling performers, Aoiza.

Aoi immediately notices an older Sousuke in the group, but he introduces herself as Kaminari Kensuke and tells her she’s got the wrong person. For some reason the group also keeps calling her “Futaba Aoi”, making her even more confused. She follows Aoiza back to their headquarter, a shop called Miyoshino in Ueno, where she finally learns that “Futaba Aoi” is actually a sacred stone they’ve been protecting all this time. It’s a family crest with a strong magical power, but nobody knows of its existence except for Aoiza’s members. Today the stone suddenly disappeared from its box, and they finally found it on Aoi’s wrist. Because of this, they now think she’s the embodiment of “Futaba Aoi” itself.

As for Aoi herself, she was born holding that stone. Her grandma said it might bring good luck to her someday, so Aoi keeps it with her all the time. Who would have thought that it’s going to play an important role in the past? The Aoiza members then asks her to stay with them, since she doesn’t know anything about this world. Plus, it would be easier for them to protect the stone as well. Aoi gladly takes their offer, and it marks the start of her journey with them.

P.S. Kensuke and Seiji have happy and good endings, while everyone else only have happy and bad. I’m not covering the bad endings since basically Aoi just returns to her own world, leaving her man back in 1873. m(._.*)mゴメンナサイ


16 thoughts on “Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku

  1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh…..
    what company’s game is that? seems interesting… amnesia is kind of… weird… yeah! a weird game lol!
    but i guess what charms people is it’s weirdness huh? :P
    good choice i’d say. i got bored in amnesia for some time… it’s better if you’ll fill your motivation bar first lol! (kidding. i love how much motivation you have! congrats!)

    • It’s by Furyu. You can click on my Now Playing banner to visit the official site. They also made Kaikan Phrase DS and Unchain Blaze Rexx for PSP, though the latter isn’t otome. xD

      How far are you in Amnesia? I took a peek and fell asleep during Shin’s first day. Orion is cute, but after a while his voice lulls me to sleep.. orz Which is why I dumped the game for now and played Aoiza instead.

      • riiiiiiight…. Orion’s voice… i guess they didn’t select the right artist for him huh? XD! lol. Shin is… not my type i’d say :P
        Ikki is a weird guy. someone like seimei from miyako xD! (he’s pretty much a screwed up sadist ->ikki<-)
        kent sounds like a nerd. borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring in my opinion.
        the others are as boring as the first paragraphs :P the only guy that didn't made me sleep was ikki because of he's "I'm a fucking sadist so what?" stuff.

        • LOL I mean yes he’s cute, but because she doesn’t speak, it’s like a monologue when Orion reads her thoughts for us.. and that makes me sleepy. xD The guy who grabs my interest is Toma, but so far I haven’t heard any good review for his route. ;_; Everyone’s either interested in Ikki or Kent. Mostly Ikki lol.

          • Hey Rin, I don’t know if you ever check out the My NeoRomance forum, but TsukimoriKahoko has posted little summaries/reviews of everyone’s routes in Amnesia now if you want to check those out…
            They’re under spoiler tags too, so you don’t have to spoil yourself if you just want to find out what they thought of the game.
            Sorry, just felt like I should say something since it sounded like you wanted to get the general gist of the game.
            …And Toma was not what I expected!

          • Oh thanks for telling me! :D
            I’m an old member in MNR, but I haven’t visited the forum lately. I’ll go check her reviews now. ε=ε=ε=(ノ。・ω・)ノ

            So Toma is unexpected.. is that in a good way? xD

          • No problem! :)
            Glad I could help in some way.
            And at first I didn’t really like Toma too much in his own route… but I liked him in Shin’s route. Does that sound weird? XD

  2. This piqued my interest because of this tweet: “aoiza ibunroku’s heroine aoi: “i’m just a powerless girl” *assassin appears* *throws him away with her aikido* ..powerless alright” lol

    • xDDD you’ll find out about that once I post the first route. Be prepared for super long post ahead lol. Not as long as my Musketeers posts though. 8D

  3. also i forget to mention, the first CG in amnesia’s main site is a kiss with shin. i thought how “violent” and “angry” he looks like. don’t kiss her if you don’t want shin-kun!

  4. thank you for reviewing this game! I started playing it because of Morikubo-san *0* but later I came to love the music as well! do you have suggestion of play order btw?

    • Oh, yeah! The music in this game is gorgeous! xD
      I don’t quite remember since it’s been 2 years, but the main plot lies in Kensuke and Seiji’s route… so you can do them when you want to figure out what’s going on.

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