Aoiza Ibunroku – Kaminari Kensuke

At first I decided to go for Kensuke just to get a better view on the plot, but what can I say? I can’t resist that uniform + cape combo. This is a bittersweet yet enjoyable route. ε-(*´∀`|萌|

The leader of Aoiza. Kensuke is a unique man with unusual traits. Normally he’s carefree and playful, but he’s actually reliable when necessary. He’s the one in charge of arranging Aoiza’s performance, choosing the play and the actors by himself. Flirty and hip, Kensuke cares a lot about his appearance and keeps teasing Aoi every now and then. For some reason he looks exactly like the older version of Kaminari Sousuke, Aoi’s childhood friend back at home.


Rather than thinking all day, Aoi decides to work out in her room to clear up her head. Just then Kensuke enters and she bumps into him, pushing him to the floor as she falls on top of him. Aoi tells him to let go so she can get up, but instead Kensuke goes “why should I let go of something so soft and nice?” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Since Aoi looks so sad when they’re talking about her world, Kensuke jokes saying he’ll celebrate her birthday here if she can’t go back. But then he laughs and tells her it’s okay, he’ll look for a way to send her back to the future. Kensuke also tells her to stop being so formal with him, so Aoi starts calling him “Suke-san” — zero sexiness lol.

Since Aoi has been staying in her room all week, Kensuke takes her out for a walk around the town. It’s a completely different world from the future Ueno, and Aoi’s really excited to see everything outside. They also meet Housen and Kensuke introduces her as a newcomer in Aoiza, though he doesn’t allow Housen to touch their princess. Aoi’s interested and wants to hear his stories, but Housen leaves saying he doesn’t wanna disturb their “date”. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

When she turns around, Aoi notices a weird priest walking nearby. Kensuke isn’t surprised though since she’s the holder of “Futaba Aoi” after all, so he takes her back to Miyoshino and explains everything about uramon and the sacred treasures. As a member of Aoiza she will get involved eventually, so now Kensuke wants to bring her to see their “hidden” job. Before thet go out Kensuke finds the worried Aoi thinking alone, so he touches Aoi’s cheek and tells her not to worry. When she says he seems used to comforting girls like this, Kensuke moves in really close saying “I’ll tell you everything if you wanna know” lol.

The moment they find the priest in Kaneiji Temple, Kensuke releases his crest and turns into his sacred treasure — the sword. The initial plan was for Kikaku to use him in battle, but since the bearer of “Futaba Aoi” is now here.. nobody can touch him anymore aside from Aoi. Kikaku was worried about her joining the battle, but Aoi wasn’t joking when she said she’s pretty strong. She kicks the possessed priest’s ass before purifying him with Kensuke’s sword in her hands, impressing everyone else even though it still takes a lot of her stamina.

As Kensuke helps her walk back to Miyoshino, his kindness reminds Aoi of Sousuke back at home. Kensuke knows what’s on her mind, but he doesn’t mind since it means Aoi’s thinking about him too. Though Aoi does mind whenever Kensuke gets too close to her, knowing he’s doing it on purpose lol. Aoi then remembers she had some pictures in her phone and wanted to show them to Kensuke, but sadly her phone died so she can’t even take look at her family pictures anymore. He pats her head and tells her everything will be alright, so she shouldn’t look so sad.


This month marks Aoi’s debut on stage. Aoiza is travelling to spread festive mood across the land, purifying any potential uramon aura in their audience, so now Aoi needs to join them on stage. This is Kensuke’s order as the leader, and he won’t take no as an answer. Aoi tries to tell them her that she has absolutely no talent in performance, but Kensuke’s decision remains firm. Even if her dancing teacher gave up a long time ago, Kensuke knows Aoi has the guts to perform with them. He’s taking the responsibility to train her too, so one day she can go back and tell Sousuke about this experience.

When Kensuke goes to get some tea for them, Aoi meets Moni for the first time. Moni really loves Aoi and sticks to her like a glue.. until Kensuke comes back, then she starts barking at him. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Kensuke tells Aoi he loves all kinds of animals and Moni is no exception, but for some reason both the dog and the owner are acting thorny towards him lol. Since Moni spilled their tea, Kensuke takes Aoi for a walk around Ginza and they try riding a bike together. It’s Kensuke’s first time riding one, so he sits on the back and hugs Aoi — making her heart beats furiously since he’s touching her everywhere. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He also speaks right beside her ears, saying “but I’m just a beginner in cycling” when she tries to protest lol.

During their Shiranami Gonin Otoko performance, a possessed Zagin no Shou comes in for his woman hunt. Kensuke managed to take control of the situation, but that night Shou comes back to get Aoi to be his woman. お断りだぜ!☆\(`o´) He still tries to flirt with Aoi even after they purified him, so Kensuke chases him away saying he won’t tolerate anything beyond this point lol. When Aoi says it seems like Shou will take any woman he saw, Kensuke pities the poor man for getting such an image even though it’s not entirely wrong. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He can relate to Shou in a way since Aoi is indeed a good young woman.


Upon arriving in Yokohama, Aoi is really charmed by the sight of the port town. When Kensuke pokes her cheek for spacing out in the middle of the road, she tells him this is like a whole new world for her. He says following the “new flow” into a “new world” suits her personality, but for some reason he looks really sad. Aoi hears him saying “maybe accepting new changes is the right thing to do..”, but he chops her head and takes her for a walk before she can ask him anything. They visit a foreign shop to buy a memento, and that’s where they first saw Chouko.

Both Kensuke and Aoi can sense uramon‘s aura coming from Chouko, but they lost her in the crowd outside. They soon meet Seiji nearby, who calls Aoi “princess” after politely introducing himself. Obviously Kensuke isn’t amused with this and tells Seiji not to flirt with their princess in front of his eyes. It turns out that Kensuke also calls him “evil magistrate”, a nickname based on an alternate way of reading his family name. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Seiji wants to see their next performance, but unfortunately Yukichi appears to remind him that he’s got “work” to do. Thanks to this meeting they completely lost track of Chouko.

Aoiza’s performance in Yokohama is sword dancing, starring Kikaku and Aoi. It’s dangerous to let her perform with a real sword though, so Kensuke lets her use his sacred treasure. He admits it’s not easy to perform while controlling her body, but he did his best. The next day, Aoi wakes up to find a sleepy Kensuke lazing off in their room. She says it’s definitely not a refreshing sight in the morning, especially since he’s wearing her under-kimono to keep his shoulders warm. It’s a costume from yesterday’s performance though, so Kensuke replies with “I’d rather borrow yours than Kikaku’s.” (❤ฺ→艸←) It’s so perverted no matter how you look at it, but Kensuke doesn’t care LOL. He even asks “do you wanna see me change?” to tease her even more. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、

When they heard about a possessed woman ruining a shop nearby, Kensuke and Aoi know it must be the woman they saw yesterday. During their search they meet Housen and Sora, who tells them more details about his mother’s strange behavior. After spending the whole day searching with no results, they finally find Chouko inside her own mansion at night. Aoi and Kensuke manage to exorcise uramon‘s aura from her body, but Chouko is in a really weak condition after being possessed for so long. Sora then decides to look for his father in Hirata, and Kensuke agrees to take him along as they travel to the Iga Province.


Aoiza’s next journey will be quite a long one, so Kensuke’s taking everyone without exception. Housen also decided to become an Aoiza member and joins their journey, saying he’ll spread weird rumors if they refuse lol. Kensuke doesn’t mind though as long as Housen can fulfill his role as an Aoiza member, which is an easy task for a storyteller / informant like him. The Aoiza members quickly resolve the issue with Inomata, leaving Sora to stay with his father in Hirata. Before they leave Sora tells Aoi that Hachi would make a nice husband for her, and Kensuke goes “hey! you should say Ken nii-chan‘s name here!” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

After going through a long mountain path that kills Aoi’s legs, Aoiza finally arrives in Shirogane. Here Aoi asks Kensuke about his own hometown, but he replies with “be my wife first, then I’ll tell you.” (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Kikaku tells her not to fall for it though, since Kensuke has no intentions of telling anyone about his hometown. Both of them notice that Kensuke knows a lot about Shirogane, but he avoids the subject and tells them to take a relaxing bath instead. Aoi meets Kensuke again after taking a long bath, and they take a night stroll to see beautiful gardenia flowers growing by the lake.

As he grows closer to Aoi, Kensuke realized that she’s just an ordinary girl. She might be the bearer of “Futaba Aoi”, but she’s not a deity. Kensuke then asks Aoi if this world is beautiful in her eyes, with all the foreign influence that keeps coming after the Meiji era started. Kensuke thought the world doesn’t need their traditional family crest power anymore, and yet uramon cases keep occuring one after another. People still get hurt and die even until now, so he can’t see what difference this new era brings.

Kensuke then tells Aoi about Yui, who was like an older sister to him. As the leader of Aoiza, he feels guilty since their purification activities ultimately lead to her death. Knowing Yui did her best to live and face her destiny, Aoi tells Kensuke not to think like that. It feels like he’s denying Yui’s efforts by saying those words. What they should do is to pray in front of Yui’s grave and tell her she did well. Kensuke then says if only Aoi was there with them, she would be able to heal everyone’s hearts.. but Aoi thinks Kensuke always makes everyone feel at peace too, because he’s doing all he can for Aoiza. Before they go back to the inn, Kensuke suddenly hugs Aoi. Her hair smells like gardenia, and it turns him on. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He whispers into her ears and asks her to stay like this for a little longer, which really send Aoi’s heartbeat through the roof.

Sadly, even though Aoi already told him not to feel guilty, Kensuke had a nightmare about Yui’s death that night. The past is still haunting him even in his dreams.. and Aoi feels that Kensuke is still hiding something from her.


After their journey to the Iga Province, Aoiza finally returns to Ueno. Kensuke knows that Aoi’s feeling down, and she tells him she feels sorry for the sacred treasures. They couldn’t do anything to stop people from corrupting themselves, not to mention they hurt their owners too if that happens. Even though Kensuke says sacred treasures are only heartless tools, Aoi doesn’t think so. She’s the embodiment of “Futaba Aoi”, which means she’s a sacred treasure as well, but she does have a heart. She can feel sadness, pain and happiness.

After a short silence, Kensuke pats her head saying he was a heartless tool.. but he’s starting to grow feelings ever since she came to this world. He then asks Aoi to give her heart to him and just forget about Sousuke during her stay in this world, admitting that he wants her for himself. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Sadly this cute moment is interrupted when they heard the Hime sisters going “Ken-nii, kiss her! Kiss her!” from the outside. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Aoi falls asleep during the banquet that night, so Kensuke carries her back to her room saying he’ll watch her sleeping face until he’s satisfied. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Also, he does this after stroking her hair in front of everyone lol. Kensuke’s totally enjoying this. xD

A few days later, Aoiza sets off on another journey to do more performance in Nikko. Their first stop is Kamimori village. It means more walking for Aoi’s poor legs, but she might be able to find a way to go home there. While everyone agrees to help her read through the ancient literature, Kensuke only stays quiet and says it’d be nice if they can find some information. However, fate decides to play a trick on them. The secret dagger in Kamimori finally finds its master in Hachi, and this leads them to the fact that Hachi and Kikaku are actually brothers. They don’t have time to search through the ancient literature because of this, but Aoi doesn’t mind since she’s more excited about their next performance instead — Yaoya Oshichi.

Kensuke visits Aoi in her room after their successful performance. As they’re discussing about the characters, he says that all Oshichi did only brings trouble for Kichiza. She couldn’t think about the effects since her head was so full with her own feelings. Kensuke then asks what would she do if he does the same thing, keeping her in this world forever so he can stay with her. Aoi answers she will probably feel touched, knowing he’s doing it because he loves her. Kensuke tells her she can’t turn back anymore after saying those words, and when she asks what he means by that.. he kisses her on the lips. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Then he goes “what? do lovers need any reason to kiss?” (❤ฺ→艸←)

During their first date at the temple, both Kensuke and Aoi sense uramon‘s aura nearby. The source is a nice old lady who came to watch their play, but her body is rejecting uramon‘s aura by itself. Aoi doesn’t want her to suffer for too long, so they quickly purify the old lady with Kensuke’s special skill. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Thanks to her new relationship with Kensuke, Aoi’s motivation and acting skills as the lovesick Oshichi also improved significantly. The next day Seiji comes to tell her the performance was brilliant, but he won’t be able to watch them again anytime soon, since he’s getting busy with “work”. Kensuke is clearly suspicious when Aoi tells him about this, but he avoids the subject for now and asks if Aoi still wants to go home. Of course Aoi can’t answer that question easily since her feelings are gradually shifting towards this world, and she’s worried about Seiji right now. She doesn’t realize that Kensuke feels sad because of her vague attitude.


When Aoi goes out to do some sightseeing in Nikko, Kensuke comes along as her guard. The number of uramon cases has been increasing at a terrifying rate lately, and Kensuke knows the trigger is none other than Aoi’s arrival in this world. It feels like someone’s doing this on purpose, knowing that she’s the mortal version of “Futaba Aoi”. Kensuke says he only wants his lover to be safe, but Aoi thinks he’s just protecting her because she’s the holder of “Futaba Aoi”.. and because she’s the only one who can use the sacred treasures now. ( ´_ゝ`)

Kensuke and Aoi see a luxurious carriage passing by in the outskirts of town. They notice Seiji riding inside with a gloomy look on his face, so they decided to follow the carriage all the way to Sakazuki’s gorgeous mansion. Aoi notices uramon‘s aura coming from Sakazuki as soon as Seiji left the mansion, and so does Kensuke. But for some reason he looks really distracted, even as they discuss this issue with everyone back at the inn. Sakazuki greets them when they visit his mansion again, but sadly he has completely lost his mind after being zombified for a few days. He ends up disappearing after Aoi and Kensuke purified him.

As he walks the crying Aoi back to the inn, Kensuke says he didn’t want her to see this kind of result. He hugs her saying it hurts him too whenever she cries, even though he never really felt any emotions before meeting her. Aoi finally tells him she feels the same. She doesn’t want to see the man she loves gets hurt in battle, so she asks him to treasure himself more. Kensuke is surprised since this is the first time Aoi ever said she loves him, but he says he’s really glad to have her by his side. (*´∀`*)


One morning Kensuke tells everyone they need to do another performance soon. They’ve been staying in Nikko for quite a while now, so it’s time to go back to their job and make some money. Based on Aoi’s suggestion, they eventually decided to perform a comedy version of The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter this time. Of course Aoi has to take the responsibility for suggesting this idea by playing the role of Kaguya-hime herself, and she can’t back down because Kensuke won’t take no as an answer. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Everyone including Housen and Hisoka are working together for this performance, so no Aoi.. you can’t run away lol.

Aoi knows there’s still a lot of things she doesn’t know about Kensuke, but he says he doesn’t have any mysteries surrounding himself. His life is just like a one-sided commitment, since it’s the only thing he can do in his remaining years. Aoi says he should say those words 50 years later, and Kensuke laughs saying he might be able to make it until then. Right now his only happiness would be for Aoi to stay with him forever, but he knows she has a place to return to — just like how Kaguya-hime returns to the moon. Even though they’re lovers and Aoi wants him to rely on her, she’s well aware that they’re from completely different worlds.

Some days later, Aoi suddenly feels dizzy during practice. She soon notices the visible crack on “Futaba Aoi” and panicks, but Kensuke tells her “Futaba Aoi”‘s power is reaching its limits. That’s also the reason why she suddenly feels anemic. From now on they should avoid battles since it puts pressure on her body, and if “Futaba Aoi” breaks they won’t be able to purify uramon aura anymore. Kensuke promises that he’ll do everything he can to protect her, collapsing after he transfers half of his power to Aoi’s body. Later on Kensuke wakes up on Aoi’s lap, and she tells him not to do such things anymore. Even though she knows Kensuke’s hiding something from her, Aoi won’t ask and won’t leave his side. She only wants one thing — Kensuke’s safety.

Despite their weakening conditions, Aoi and Kensuke managed to resolve things quickly when Sanjou got possessed.. but Seiji is nowhere to be seen. Their performance in Nikko is a huge success, and Housen relays an important information he got from Kamimori: by calling a thunder with “the sword”, Aoi will be able to go back home through “the mirror”. As Housen explains more details to everyone else, Kensuke only watches in silence.


After spending nearly three months in Nikko, it’s time for Aoiza to return to Ueno. However, a letter from Yukichi informs that he’s coming to see them in Nikko today. The letter says he wants to talk about Seiji’s disappearance, but everyone knows there must be another reason.. which is proven true when Yukichi asks them to work for him. He also reveals that Seiji is the one behind the recent uramon cases, following his orders to corrupt normal people for the sake of testing Aoi’s power. He knows “Futaba Aoi” is reaching its limits, so now he wants them to use their remaining power to “build” this country with him.

Kensuke notices that for some reason, Yukichi is trying to make them think that Seiji is the traitor. But unlike Seiji, Kensuke makes it clear that Aoiza doesn’t have any intentions to support his evil plans. Yukichi only gives a creepy smile before leaving, saying it might be better if Seiji remains missing like this forever. He also tells Kensuke that his wish to be “truly accepted” would probably never come true. ( ಠ_ಠ ) After Yukichi leaves, Nanami admits it was him who leaked the information about uramon and the sacred treasures.. though he never expects things would turn out like this. He apologized for hiding this from everyone, but Kensuke understands since it must be hard for him too.

When Kensuke comes to her room later, Aoi asks about what Yukichi meant earlier. Kensuke finally tells her that he’s not a human, so it’d be difficult for him to stay with a human like her. He asks if she still loves him after learning the truth, and she hugs him saying “of course I do!” ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Aoi only wants Kensuke to tell her everything instead of carrying all the burdens to himself, and her love won’t fade away even if he’s not a human. As he holds Aoi in his arms, Kensuke tells her to always remember that he loves her. No matter what happens, no matter what he does, that feeling will never change.

Aoi asks if he’s planning to do something after saying this, but Kensuke only replies with “well, I want to do a lot of things to you.” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Then he kisses her and leaves.

That night a scream was suddenly heard from outside, and Seiji greets them in front of the inn. He apologized saying he loves both Aoiza and Aoi, but he can’t go against the order.. and he’s been ordered (by Toki) to kill Aoi tonight. When Seiji pulls out his gun, Kensuke moves forward and tells Seiji to treasure his own wish. Seiji panicks and shoots, but luckily it only knocks off Kensuke’s hat. Kensuke knows Seiji will only regret this later on, so he grabs Seiji’s hand and drags him away — disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Obviously everyone is shocked by this turn of events. Even though Aoi believes in Kensuke, she’s worried about him more than anything else. In the end she decides to follow the group as they make their way back to Ueno.


As soon as they return to Miyoshino, everyone starts searching around for Kensuke and Seiji. Housen thinks they’re hiding somewhere in Tokyo, but the only information they get is about Toki — the man who has been supporting Yukichi from the shadows up until now. In any case, both Seiji and Kensuke are in danger now. Instead of searching around pointlessly, Aoi then suggest they ask Yukichi directly about this matter. It’s a really dangerous idea, but they know it’s better than getting attacked by Toki during their search.

Eventually they receive a reply from Yukichi, telling them to see him at Zojoji Temple next week. Days passed by so quickly, but there’s still no signs of Kensuke and Seiji returning. One night Moni suddenly runs off when Aoi tells her she misses Kensuke, so Aoi follows her all the way to an abandoned house.. and that’s where she finally finds Kensuke inside. Aoi hugs him and they immediately make out until Moni barks at them. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Kensuke knows their time is limited though, so he’s planning to save the continuation for their next date. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Inside, Kensuke tells Aoi that he was born in a hidden village. People believe that the village has been producing Aoiza leaders for generations, but that’s actually not true. All of those “leaders” are actually one person — Kensuke himself. That’s why he keeps it hidden from everyone else. Once in every 20 years, Kensuke’s life comes to a reset. He turns young again and loses all of his memories, which is just the same as reincarnating. While everyone else holds their sacred treasures in their bodies, Kensuke is different. He’s the sword that was born to protect “Futaba Aoi”. He is a sacred treasure himself, not just a human holding one.

“Futaba Aoi” was a sacred treasure that supported Tokugawa’s reign, so Kensuke became a human and created Aoiza to protect the world with its power. But now Tokugawa’s reign has come to an end, and their power are weakening when the Meiji era started. Both “Futaba Aoi” and Kensuke don’t have much time left in this world. After asking Aoi to call his name, he pats her head and says this: “You can think of everything that has happened in this world as just a dream, so please forgive me. All I want is to stay with your soul.” (ノД`)・゜・。 She’s the first person who puts herself in the sacred treasure’s perspective, and he fell in love with her for that reason.

Kensuke still needs to wait until Seiji recovers though, so he walks Aoi back to Miyoshino and tells her to wait for just a little longer. He also tells her “happy birthday”, revealing that he was actually planning to come and see her today. After saying good night to Aoi, Kensuke thanks Rin and Hisoka for protecting her. He notices them guarding Aoi from the shadows, but right now he can’t tell them anything yet. At least not until Seiji recovers. He promised to join them when they go to meet Yukichi next week, but for now he’s going back to his secret hideout.

Just as he promised, Kensuke and Seiji joins everyone for their battle against Toki. Again, Aoi completely kicks ass here. After throwing Toki down with her aikido, Aoi picks up Kensuke’s sword and they purify his body from uramon‘s aura. Obviously her fighting style gives Kikaku a heart attack, but hey it works. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ “Futaba Aoi” shatters right after the battle, but Kensuke tells her everything will be okay. Just then Yukichi sets off the whole temple on fire, saying this is necessary to make people realize that modernization only brings damage. People threw away their old beliefs just to embrace new things, so now he wants those fools to open their eyes by witnessing this incident. ( ಠ_ಠ )

After Yukichi left, Kensuke shows his real power by calling the rain from the sky, putting off the fire before it causes more damage. When they return to Miyoshino, Seiji reveals that he’s the holder of “the mirror”. The village protecting the mirror was destroyed, but the Oosuga family survived. His sacred treasure was corrupted because he’s been dealing with so many uramon lately, and Kensuke shared his power when they went missing. Now Seiji has fully recovered, ready to send Aoi back home with Kensuke’s help. It was “Futaba Aoi”‘s wish to be destroyed when its power isn’t needed anymore, and since that wish has came true.. the only thing they have to do now is to return Aoi to her own world. Kensuke only has enough power to call one more thunder, so this is her only chance to return to her previous life.

Since Aoi falls into silence, Kensuke tells her not to look so sad. He wants to stay with her too, but his power is weakening now that “Futaba Aoi” is gone. He probably only has a few more decades to live. However, Aoi knows that summoning thunders takes a lot of power, and Kensuke is probably planning to use up his remaining life span just to send her back. Kikaku tells him not to let go of the woman he loves, but eventually Aoi tells Kensuke that she’s not going back to her world. She knows she’ll only regret it later, because her only wish is for Kensuke to live on. A few decades are enough for her, that’s as long as humans normally live anyway. Besides, the other Aoiza members will hold a grudge against him forever if he dies after sending her back.

Kensuke finally gives in saying there will be times when they regret this decision in the future, but he doesn’t care anymore. He wants her to stay with him forever, giving all of his remaining time for her. Until death do them part, Kensuke will live a happy life with Aoi here in this world.

Happy Ending
Even though Kensuke thinks he’ll regret his decision, his happiness of seeing Aoi’s smile gets rid of that feeling. Aoi tells him it’s okay even if he regrets it, because that doesn’t change the fact that she’s staying here by his side.. and she doesn’t have any intentions to let go of him. Kensuke tells her not to say such cute things, even though he feels the same. Years may pass and seasons may change, but he won’t ever let her go anymore. She’s the one who taught him that sacred treasures have feelings too, so now he’s expressing those feelings into words: “I love you.”

Good Ending
Kensuke doesn’t want to close the path to Aoi’s future, so in the end he sends her back to her own world. This is the best thing he can do for the woman she loves. Aoi is the reincarnation of “Futaba Aoi”, so Kensuke might reincarnate too someday. He tells her not to cry, promising that he’s going to come and see her in his next life. After Kensuke sends her back, Aoi wakes up in the warehouse to find Sousuke beside her. He says he saw a dream too, and her smile in his dream is calling out to his soul. Realizing that the “dream” is actually his past memories, Sousuke laughs and calls her “Futaba Aoi-chan” — just like how Kensuke usually calls her.

While Kensuke got jealous of Sousuke back then, this time Sousuke also gets jealous of his past self. He’s been trying to confess to Aoi during their Spring break, but in the end she became lovers with him.. in the past lol. But that’s okay since he kept his promise to see Aoi again, this time as a human.

Kensuke’s route is so bittersweet. I cried when he revealed the truth, and obviously his good ending also made me cry buckets. (ノД`)・゜・。 Both of his endings are really good though. I’m so glad Kensuke gets to be happy in both worlds. Character-wise, I absolutely love Kensuke. ε-(*´∀`|萌| He loves teasing and acts like a perverted old man at times, but that only adds to his charm lol. But then again I love this kind of characters, so yes I’m being completely biased. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Their first kiss was adorable, but OMG that kiss scene in his hideout.. the sound effects killed me on the spot. For a moment I was wishing this game’s R-18 instead. (*ノ∀ノ)

Hmm, story? What story? *ignores plot for Kensuke’s adorable moments* 8D


6 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku – Kaminari Kensuke

  1. I’m starting to like this type of characters. XD I love the mysterious aura while being playful with the heroine.>////////<
    I didn't expect him to be a non-human character. O.O His life somehow reminds me of a r-18 game wherein the heroine also reincarnates after a few years. ^^

    • Is it Tsubasa no Oka no Hime? 8D
      I didn’t expect it either, but then again it makes him the perfect guy for Aoi since she’s a sacred treasure too in 1873 lol. In the omake section Kensuke says he’s actually 423 years old, though he looks 23. xD

  2. I prefer the happy ending than the good ending, personally. It is much more to my taste. The good ending’s bittersweet,as you said, mmhm.

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