Aoiza Ibunroku – Oosuga Seiji

Seiji is the main reason I played Bunmei Kaika. He looks awesome in his white military uniform, not to mention everything about his looks screams princely. ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ Romantic route ahead!

Seiji is a soldier working in the military. He’s a regular customer who always comes to watch Aoiza’s performance at every chance he gets, and he’s on good terms with all the members. As a person who’s been following Aoiza’s footsteps for so long, Seiji is interested in Aoi’s presence as the newest member. From time to time Seiji would come to talk to Aoi, but his true objective remains a mystery.


This month starts with Toki warning Yukichi not to play around so much, though the latter says it’s necessary to bring the country towards a new direction. Yukichi already devised a plan to make Japan stand beside all the other powerful countries, so he wants Toki to just watch for now. At the same time in Ueno, a priest from Kaneiji Temple is taking a shelter from the rain. He was complaining about a stain on his clothes when Seiji comes to greet him. Seiji says he just bought a new coat but sadly it’s too big on him, so he’s gladly giving it to the priest. Just as expected, the priest gets possessed as soon as he wears the coat.. but Seiji doesn’t seem too happy about it. Even though it’s his regular job.

Later on Seiji saw Aoi talking to Housen on the streets, and he goes to ask Housen about her. Of course Housen teases him saying “oh, are you interested in her? don’t worry I won’t tell anyone (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” so Seiji says he’ll get shot in the head someday — even though it’s true lol. He meets Housen again when he was watching Aoi’s first battle against the priest. Housen wants to use this as an inspiration for his new stories, though Seiji tries to stop him knowing Aoi won’t like the idea. Seiji knows Aoi will only hate him if she learns about his “job”, but her smile has completely captivated his heart. He doesn’t know how to deal with this feelings.


To prepare her mind for her upcoming first performance, Aoi takes a walk around Ueno. She bumps into some local delinquents who not only stole her wallet, but also pulls out a sword to attack her. Before Aoi can use her aikido to kick their butts, Seiji appears to chase the thieves away. He returns her wallet and introduces himself, saying he saw her before during Aoiza’s performance. Even though this is only their first (direct) meeting, Aoi thinks Seiji is a really nice person. After learning about Aoiza’s next performance in Ginza from Aoi, Seiji gives her a can of strawberry candies — a rare goods back in the Meiji era.

Aoi invites him to eat the candies together, and Seiji says it seems like she’s used to foreign customs. Like eating strawberry jams and using English words, even though her house is a temple. He knows Aoi has a complex situation though, so he won’t ask further if she doesn’t wanna say it. Aoi then tells him that she’s not confident in her acting skills, and Seiji says it’s okay even if her performance isn’t perfect, as long as the audience can enjoy it. Just seeing her on stage would be enough for him, and he promises to watch their next performance in Ginza. By the time Aoi gets back to Miyoshino, she’s feeling a lot better thanks to him.

Just as he promised, Seiji comes to watch Aoi’s debut in Ginza. He goes to see her after the performance, and he laughs when Aoi throws his trademark old man gag. Or rather, he’s the only person in the entire game who gets her jokes and finds them funny. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ The Aoiza members warn him not to touch their princess, but Aoi is happy when Seiji praises her performance. A few days later, Aoi meets Seiji again in town. He’s wearing free clothes and Aoi’s in her uniform too, since her clothes got wet after playing around with Hachi and Moni. Naturally, her skirt attracts a lot of unwanted attention, so Seiji takes her to a quiet place.. even though he goes (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ too thanks to her exposed legs lol.

Seiji still has some time before work, so he invites Aoi for a walk around town. This is a rare chance since both of them are dressing up differently today, and they had fun before Seiji takes her back to Aoiza’s theatre by the end of the day. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* That evening Zagin no Shou crashes their stage, and Aoi takes care of him on the spot with Kensuke’s sword. Aoi knows she can’t show this side of Aoiza to Seiji, but only seeing him watching their show is enough to make her happy. At night she mutters “good night, Seiji..” before she goes to bed.

It’s not shown in his own route, but Seiji was the one responsible for Shou’s uramon case. He found Shou on the streets mumbling about “more women”, so he gave Shou a bottle of sake. Shou got possessed the moment he drank it, enhancing his lust to touch more women.


Behind the screen, Yukichi is well aware of Seiji’s affection towards Aoi. He’s planning to use Aoiza for his own plans anyway, so he decides to go and see Aoi directly soon.

Aoiza’s destination this month is Yokohama. They chose the port town thinking it resembles Aoi’s world the most, just in case she’s feeling homesick. How sweet. (*´ω`*) Their concern really touched Aoi, and she says more than missing her family, she’s enjoying her fun life here with them. Not too long after they checked in, Seiji visits them at the inn saying Aoiza’s getting really popular lately thanks to Housen’s new stories — clearly based on the battle he saw that day. Kensuke doesn’t mind though since it means more people will come to watch their show, and that’s why Aoi should work hard for their upcoming sword dance performance.

When Aoi says she wants to take a walk, Seiji gladly offers to guide her around the town. He takes her to an expensive cafe and buys some ice creams for them, jokingly asking Aoi to let him taste her ice cream. But then Aoi feeds him directly with her spoon, and Seiji blushes like a tomato when she asks him to open his mouth. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Before he walks her back to the inn, Seiji and Aoi agreed to go out again sometimes when he’s not busy with work.. but sadly this adorable scene is interrupted when Yukichi appears. (´・ω・`) Seiji isn’t pleased by this direct approach, but he excuses himself when Yukichi says he’s got “work” to do.

Rain suddenly starts pouring down on her way back to the inn, so Aoi takes a shelter in front of a shop nearby. There she meets an old man who tells her “you’re too defenseless towards people you don’t know”, but she doesn’t know that he’s actually Toki — Yukichi’s guardian. She also meets a gloomy Sora after that, who says that her mother might have “snapped” with all the harsh trainings she forced onto him. They can’t survive in the Meiji era only with their old knowledge, so Sora has a lot of new things to learn about. Soon Chouko comes to pick up her son, but she’s not possessed yet at this point.

That night Chouko is walking alone outside, sadly muttering she actually hates the Meiji era and all the changes it brings. Just then Seiji appears and hands a pretty comb to her, saying it can take away all of her sadness. Chouko gets possessed by uramon‘s aura instantly and walks off to her own world, but Seiji isn’t happy at all with this method. He quietly whispers “I’m the worst..” after Chouko left. Aoi notices that Seiji isn’t watching their performance the next day.

Soon the Aoiza members hear about Chouko ruining a shop nearby. They meet Housen in front of the shop, and he leads them all the way to where he saw Chouko. Sora’s scream is the first thing they heard from inside, as the boy gets really scared and just wants to bring Chouko back to their home in Hirata. The purification is successful, but Chouko lost her consciousness and is in a very weak state after the battle. After leaving her to recover in a clinic, Kensuke agrees to take Sora to see his father. Since he only came here with his mother, he’s worried that something dangerous might happen to his father back in Hirata.


As the result of his direct meeting with Aoi, Yukichi is now interested in her. He wants to use her power to reach his goal. Toki tries warning him that he’s slowly straying off the path, but Yukichi doesn’t care and gets ready to carry out the next step of his plan.

In July, Aoiza sets off for their journey towards the Iga Province. Housen also joins them at this point. At first his initial intention was to leak information to Yukichi, but he really becomes their ally as they spend more time together. On the way Sora says he wants to take a bath with Aoi, refusing to take one with Kikaku since he’s an “old man”. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In his eyes Kensuke, Rin and Hachi are “big brothers”; while Hisoka, Nanami and Kikaku fall into the “ossan” category. Only Kikaku gets shocked though, since the other two didn’t mind at all lol. Since it’s hard to guess Housen’s age, Sora just says “Housen is Housen” instead of putting him into one of the categories. xD

Since they’re talking about age, Sora says he feels powerless since he’s just a kid. He can’t help his parents when they get in trouble, not to mention he needs Aoiza to take him back to Hirata. Aoi then tells him it’s okay to rely on other people now, because he can always return the kindness when he grows up. So if a kind person offers his / her help, he should accept it and say “thank you”. Upon mentioning the words “kind person”, Aoi immediately thinks of Seiji. She doesn’t know where he is now, but he’s always so kind to her. She had fun in Yokohama too thanks to him.

From Sora, they learned that Chouko has been seeing an unknown young man recently. She’s been suffering from endless irritation ever since Sora’s father got sick, and the young man gave her a lot of advice. In fact, she brought Sora to Yokohama based on his suggestion. He did notice that his mother turned weird after meeting the young man in Yokohama though. At first Hachi thought Chouko is having an affair, but it’s definitely an uramon case no matter how you look at it. After going through countless assassins aiming for Sora’s life, they finally reach Hirata that evening. Everyone’s tired and it’s already late, so they decided to rest for tonight.

Aoi was thinking in her room when someone knocks on her window, and she’s surprised to find Seiji outside. She finds it weird that he’s in Hirata too, but that thought quickly fades away because she really missed him. Seiji apologized for not coming to watch their sword dancing performance, but Aoi says it’s okay since she’ll get nervous if he’s watching.. and he teases her by asking the reason. When Aoi turns red, Seiji goes “why are you blushing? are you nervous?” (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He sadly wonders if he can quit his job and stay with Aoi after his current task is over, but he tells the worried Aoi that he’s fine. This is a job he received from someone who saved him in the past. He doesn’t want to explain what kind of upbringing he received, but that person is just like both a father and a big brother to him.

Seiji then admits he fell in love at the first sight with Aoi, though he feels that someday she will disappear from this world. He wants to know more about her, but he knows he doesn’t have the right to do so.. because he has a lot of secrets as well. Aoi eventually tells him that she actually came from the future, and Seiji saw it coming since the way she walks and speaks are different from everyone else. His mother is a foreigner, so he noticed that Aoi behaves more like them instead of traditional Japanese girls. After a short silence, Aoi tells him it’s okay if he can’t tell her his secrets. Just talking about small things is enough for her, such as his favorite food or what he does on his day-offs.

Moved by her words, Seiji asks if he can touch her. Sadly Aoi thinks Seiji is a normal person who can’t touch the sacred treasures, so she tells him he’s going to get hurt if he touches her. Before going back, Seiji moves his hand closer to Aoi’s — so their shadows look like they’re holding hands. キュ—–(*´ω`*)—–ン Then he bids her good night and leaves.

The next day, the Aoiza members quickly resolved the issue with Inomata. Sora then stays in Hirata to take care of his sick father, saying they’re going to take Chouko back home too once he recovers. As she follows the Aoiza members back to Ueno, Aoi can only think about Seiji.


After spending a few days in Ueno, Aoiza continues their journey towards Nikko. Aoi is still lovesick and thinks about Seiji night and day. She has a lot of questions in her head, but she wants to see him more than anything else. Even when Kikaku mentions she might be able to find a way to go home in Kamimori, the first thought that pops out in her head is “I won’t be able to see Seiji anymore..” Needless to say she’s not really excited about going home, and she’s actually relieved when the villagers are occupied with Hachi and Kikaku’s family issues. In the end they leave Kamimori without even touching the ancient literature, going to a temple city nearby for their next performance.

Aoiza’s upcoming performance is Yaoya Oshichi, starring Aoi and Rin. Aoi was memorizing her script when Housen invites her to go to an exciting place. He also gives Aoi a dress and tells her to wear it, because Yukichi requested her presence at his party. It was him too who prepared the dress for her. She bumps into Sakazuki in the hall, and his flamboyant attitude pissed her off even though he quickly walks away. Aoi also meets Seiji in the party, but he’s surprised to find her here. He tells her it’s not good for her to be here, so he takes her out saying he’ll apologize to Yukichi later.

As they walk back to the inn, Aoi asks if Seiji still remembers what he said back in Hirata. Seiji apologized for making her feel insecure, but he meant every word he said. He loves her, but he knows she will hate him after learning the truth. Kaneiji, Ginza, Yokohama, Hirata — it was him who caused all of these uramon cases. Aoi asks why he did that, and Seiji says that’s the only way for him to stay alive. He always looks so sad because he actually hates this job, but he doesn’t have a choice. Deep inside Seiji is hoping he can stay with Aoi and change his life. Even after hearing all of this, Aoi tells Seiji that her feeling doesn’t change. She still loves him.

Before leaving, Seiji says that he won’t be able to come and see her for a while. Aoi asks him to return since she wants a happy ending for their love story, and Seiji kisses her after saying he’ll come back for her. Just then Nanami appears and tells Seiji he should escape already (from Yukichi) since the girl he loves is waiting for him, but Seiji only replies “if only I can do that..” before disappearing into the night.


One day when Aoi and Nanami are making stage properties, Otohime comes to their inn with a letter from Sora. His father has fully recovered and the “young man” has sent Chouko back to Hirata, so now he’s doing his best to support his parents. Soon Hisoka returns saying he just saw Seiji heading towards a mansion, and Aoi asks Housen to guide her there. He warns her not to get too involved though. Seiji himself is a good person, but the people around him are rather dangerous — especially Toki. This might be the reason why Seiji’s avoiding her too.

That doesn’t stop Aoi at all, so in Housen then takes her to Sakazuki’s mansion. He tells her to wait until he brings Seiji outside, but Aoi ends up entering the mansion after waiting for a long time. Even though she caught a glimpse of the possessed Sakazuki, Aoi knows she can’t do anything alone. She meets Seiji and Housen on her way out, and they get out of the mansion while Housen stays to monitor the situation. Fearing for Aoi’s safety, Seiji then asks her to stop getting involved with the uramon cases. If she doesn’t have any other place to go other than Aoiza, he can take care of her. Obviously Aoi can never do such a thing, and Seiji hugs her saying “I wish I can take you away and live in peace, just the two of us..” (´;ω;`)

When they heard Housen’s voice nearby, they know it’s time for them to part. Since Yukichi’s planning to use up “Futaba Aoi”‘s power until it reaches its limit, Seiji tells Aoi to avoid fighting from now on. He needs to get back for now since Toki is looking for him in the mansion, and he leaves after asking Housen to take Aoi back to the inn. Aoi realized that Seiji can actually touch her without getting hurt, but she didn’t get the chance to ask him.

A few days later, the Aoiza members finally heard about uramon‘s aura possessing Sakazuki. They purified him as soon as possible, but he ends up disappearing since he’s been in that zombified stage for too long. Even though it’s not their fault, Aoi still feels guilty about this.


As the Aoiza members are discussing about their next performance, they wonder why Seiji doesn’t come to watch their show lately. Housen and Nanami tells them he must be busy with work, but Aoi only stays quiet and wonders what he’s doing now. Just like Housen, Nanami warns her that Yukichi is a really dangerous man. Nanami admits he was working for Yukichi since the man saved him a long time ago, but he gradually realized what kind of person he really is.. and realization finally struck him when Yukichi sent Toki to attack his hometown. He gave a job to Nanami just to get him out of the village, allowing Toki to destroy everything.

From Nanami’s explanations, Aoi learns that Seiji might be in danger right now. If Yukichi can get her to work for him, Seiji’s power isn’t needed anymore and they can dispose him anytime. The only way to prevent this is to keep purifying uramon‘s aura.. or for Aoi to go back to her world, but obviously she doesn’t want to take that option. She realized going after Seiji would only cause more problems for him, so Aoi decides to hold back her feelings and do her role in Aoiza. Even during their The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter performance, she keeps thinking of a way to save Seiji from Yukichi’s clutches.

Some days after their performance, Sanjou starts acting weird and locks himself up in his own mansion. Aoi purifies him with Rin’s bell and Yui’s magatama finally returns to Shirogane, but her mind wanders off to search for Seiji in the shadows. Her wish is finally answered when she receives a letter from him that night, but Seiji only tells her not to look for him anymore. He doesn’t want to put her into further danger, since his only wish is for Aoi to be happy and safe — far away from Yukichi and him. He also wrote “if only we met through a normal way and not involved with uramon, things would be so much better..” and Aoi cries upon realizing this is a farewell letter.


Knowing what happened between Seiji and Aoi, Yukichi tells him that he’s actually wishing for Seiji’s happiness too. But at the same time, he’s also wishing for this country to walk towards a better future. Seiji, Toki and him all started from the same start line, but Yukichi knows they have to accept the fact that their paths are branching off towards different directions.

Just before Aoiza gets ready to return to Ueno, they receive a letter informing that Yukichi is coming to see them in Nikko today. It was delivered to the inn by Toki, which is a sign that the old man already starts moving as well. Knowing Aoi is worried sick about Seiji, Yukichi says he’s willing to give her more information about Seiji.. on the condition that Aoi cooperates with his evil plan. Of course he also welcomes Aoiza if they want to work for him as well, but they reject the idea right away. Before leaving Yukichi asks if Aoi has any messages for Seiji, but she only tells him to get out already.

Everyone’s bombarding Aoi with questions after Yukichi left, so Nanami and Housen explains everything in her place. While some of them appear unsupportive at first, the Aoiza members tell Aoi that they will always be here to help her, so she shouldn’t do anything reckless on her own. In any case, Aoi will have to face Yukichi and Toki in order to be happy with Seiji.. and she has to be prepared for the unexpected. Because back in their base, Toki is now ordering Seiji to kill Aoi. He’s not pleased that she rejected Yukichi’s offer, and if Seiji refuses.. he’ll just go and erase her by himself. It breaks Seiji’s heart to carry out the order, but he has no choice.

At night Aoi heard a loud crash outside followed by Moni’s barking. They only find Seiji outside, but he couldn’t bring himself to kill Aoi after all. After firing his gun into the air, Seiji takes Aoi’s hand and they escape into the night — leaving everyone else behind. He already did some research regarding “Futaba Aoi” and the sacred treasures, and he eventually found the way to send her back to her world. Seiji can tell Aoi has a loving family, and they will surely miss her if she doesn’t return. Aoi thinks it goes the same for him, but he only gives her a sad smile. Except for his mother, everyone in his family are worthless scum. They would gladly sell their children if it means they can gain more power and authorities. As long as they can keep living a luxurious life, they won’t feel guilty for entrapping other people.

Seiji then explains “Futaba Aoi” was actually split into two pieces. Kikaku’s family protected one of the pieces, while the other half was kept by the Oosuga family. Sadly Seiji’s family kept using the stone for the wrong reasons, until one day “Futaba Aoi” lost its shine and shattered into pieces. Having such family gave Seiji endless mental torture, and it was during such times that Yukichi appears to help him. Despite his evil intentions, Yukichi keeps moving forward to reach his goal, and Seiji really admires that side of him. As long as Yukichi needs him, he’ll be satisfied and he can ignore all the guilt inside.. but that’s only until he met Aoi. That’s why he’s not handing her to anyone right now. Not to Toki, not even to Yukichi.

Even though he already decided to send Aoi back, Seiji admits that it hurts him either way. It hurts him since she will only suffer in this world, but it hurts him too if he can’t ever see her again. From his family, Seiji learns that Aoi can return home when “Futaba Aoi” completely lost its power. Which will happen sooner or later, since the stone is already cracked right now. He knows that’s not the only requirement, but for now he wants her to stay hidden until they find more information.

When the Aoiza members finally caught up to them, Seiji decides to play the villain and points his gun towards Aoi. He tells her to use the chance to go back to her friends, then use one of their sacred treasures to defeat him, but Aoi only wants them to stop. The fight continues until eventually Kensuke jumps in to stop them, and he drags Seiji away to tell him the “other part” of his wish. They disappeared into the darkness and remain missing ever since, so a few days later Aoiza finally returns to Ueno without their leader.


Upon returning to Ueno, the Hime sisters notice that Aoi looks really pale and tired. Everyone thinks it must be because Seiji and Kensuke are missing, but the next day Aoi reveals that “Futaba Aoi” is now cracked even more — resulting in her feeling anemic. Knowing they’re running out of time, Aoi then suggests talking to Yukichi directly. It’s a dangerous idea and he probably won’t listen, but they might be able to stop him from using uramon‘s power anymore. At first Aoi wants to go alone since she’s doing this for Seiji, but Aoiza exists to protect her. If she’s going then they’ll come along too.. they’re friends after all.

Eventually they receive a reply from Yukichi, telling them to come to Zojoji Temple next week. It’s actually Aoi’s birthday today, but she completely forgot since things has been pretty busy lately. At night Kinohime delivers a package for her, and Aoi finds a birthday cake inside along with a letter from Seiji. He wrote “happy birthday” and apologized that he can’t celebrate it with her, but he hopes she’s happy to receive the present. Aoi was crying when Housen comes to visit her, so he promises to help searching for Kensuke and Seiji’s hideout. He really fulfills this promise a few days later, saying it’s a birthday present for Aoi.

Housen guides Aoi to an abandoned shack, where she finally finds Kensuke and Seiji inside. Turning people’s family crests into uramon took a lot of Seiji’s power, so Kensuke shared some of his sacred power for Seiji. He’s now recovering in bed and is in no condition to talk, but he still apologized to Aoi for not coming on her birthday. Aoi holds his hand and says everything will be alright, so he should just focus on resting for now. She also stored the cake he sent her, asking him to eat it together once he recovered. Aoi doesn’t say anything regarding their meeting with Yukichi next week, knowing that Seiji will drag himself out of bed if he finds out.

On the promised day, Toki ambushes them on their way towards the temple. He clearly says he’s here to kill Aoi, since Yukichi’s starting to develop an unhealthy obsession towards her. Just after Toki uses uramon‘s aura on himself, Seiji and Kensuke appear to join the battle. Toki isn’t amused and asks if Seiji’s betraying the person who saved him, but Seiji says he won’t let anyone hurt the woman he loves. Not even if that person is Yukichi. Now that he has fully recovered, Seiji asks Aoi to fight with him and finally transforms into his sacred treasure — the mirror. It’s his first time transforming and things didn’t go smoothly at first, but his power is so huge it knocks Toki out with just one blow. “Futaba Aoi” shatters after the battle.

Soon they heard a loud boom as Yukichi sets the temple on fire. He only wants them to see as he destroys all the old, traditional things in this country, so he leaves them to take care of the burning temple. Kensuke then calls the rain with his sword, putting out the fire before it burnt the temple to the ground. After everyone returns to Miyoshino, Kensuke then explains that this is the other requirement to send Aoi back to her world. By using his sword to call a thunder, Seiji’s mirror will open up the path to her world. He’s running out of power though, so this is her only chance of returning. Seiji wants Aoi to be happy, and he feels that she can’t find her happiness by his side. Even though it means he won’t be able to see her anymore, he feels honored as long as Aoi can live a happy life.

Happy Ending
Aoi respects Seiji’s decision and decides to go home, saying she won’t ever forget him. Her last wish is to eat her birthday cake together with Seiji and everyone, so they have a small party to celebrate Aoi’s belated birthday. Aoi knows she won’t be able to eat sweets with Seiji anymore, and even though she tries to smile.. she ends up crying just before they send her back. Kensuke couldn’t stand seeing this sad view, so he asks Seiji if he wants to try flying into the future. After all, Aoi came into this world through his mirror. They don’t know what will happen, but Seiji decides to take the challenge. As Kensuke calls his thunder, both Seiji and Aoi are warped into the future. When she opens her eyes, Aoi finds herself in the warehouse with Seiji beside her — safe and sound.

In the epilogue, Seiji and Aoi are living a happy life in the present world. He’s still getting used to this new world, but finally he can stay by her side. Now Seiji can protect Aoi directly.

Good Ending
Knowing she can never be happy without Seiji by her side, Aoi refuses to go home. Seiji then hugs her and apologized, saying he can’t be without her after all. He’s been trying to hold back his feelings all this time, but in the end he loves her too much to let go. Seiji promises to make her happy in this world and asks her to stay with him forever, fulfilling Aoi’s wish too. It will take time until Aoi gets used to this world completely, but Seiji will support her in every way he can. They completely forgot that everyone else is still in the room, watching them spreading flowers and sparkles into the air, but they’re happy that Aoi’s staying here with them.

This route is like a dream come true for me. Seiji’s appearance is like all of my favorite types combined into one. Blonde hair, blue eyes, plus military uniform. Perfect. (❤ฺ→艸←) His route is so romantic, especially since it all started with love at the first sight. Whenever he blushes around Aoi it’s just too ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ to resist LOL. In fact, I was so absorbed in this route that I forgot to use emojis while typing the summary, which is why the last few months are 100% walls of text. (・∀・;)ゞエヘヘ In Rin’s route Yukichi threw a misleading comment that made me think Seiji’s younger than Rin, but he’s actually 25 years old. The fact that he’s pretty close to my age makes me happy. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.


5 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku – Oosuga Seiji

  1. …but her smile has completely captivated his heart. He doesn’t know how to deal with this feelings.
    – THIS. So sweet~~! It may be cheesy, but whatever. XD
    Wow, I didn’t realize that there wasn’t any emoji’s in the last few months. O.O Guess, I was too absorbed reading this as well. :D

    • LOL YES that love at the first sight part is so shoujo manga-ish, but I don’t care. I like it. xD The last few months have that bittersweet aura too, so that might also be the reason. :D

  2. Blond hair?! wow! the nice CG’s show it white! haha! that guy seems my type. Some military dude fells in love with the samurai girl lol! he’s too cute to resist!!!
    BTW, that PSP game (Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku) just came! i’m enjoying this game so far lol! all of the guys are kinda sweet so i dunno to aim for who. do you think you could tell me which one to start first not to spoil the game?

    • No he’s actually blonde. Very light blonde though, so his hair looks white-ish with just a little lighting lol. xD

      Wow you got your games fast! For HanaIchi I’d recommend going from the oldest to the youngest: Tadashi → Isami → Shigeru → Susumu → Hiroshi → Masashi → the secret character. If you’re lost you can always check my reviews here. :D

  3. S-so romantic—-! -chokes on the sweetness- For this game, I prefer the endings where Aoi stays with the guy. And spread all the flowers, Aoi and Seiji!

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