Aoiza Ibunroku – Suwa Nanami

Thanks to Kensuke and Seiji’s routes, now the story makes much more sense lol. Since Kikaku and Hachi’s routes are probably connected, I decided to go after Nanami next. ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ

Nanami is a senior member of Aoiza. He’s older than most of the other members, but he would rather spend the entire day skipping work and drinking sake. Almost everything is troublesome to him, so Nanami often does backstage work instead of acting. He has a rather cynical and ironic view of the world, but he’s actually pretty wise and has a broad range of knowledge. He’s also good at taking care of the other members, which is why Hachi relies on him a lot.


When April comes by, Aoi is busy thinking about her family and Sousuke back in her world. Nanami can hear her monologues from the outside, so he comes to check how she’s doing. This is the first time they talk privately, but Nanami can see through her personality. He knows she feels guilty because there’s nothing she can do except for freeloading, so he tells her to just take it easy and enjoy her life. If she’s too afraid to walk through the sloth’s path alone, he’s always here to accompany her as.. well, fellow sloths. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ So for the first step, Nanami takes Aoi to view the blossoming sakura outside. He’s going to drink until he’s satisfied, so Aoi can have all the dangos for herself lol.

At first Aoi thinks Nanami is just a weird person, but she soon realized that he’s actually caring and attentive. Nanami tells her not to praise him though since he’s not used to it. After all, he’s just a lazy person who can’t be serious like Kikaku or Rin. Soon they heard Housen calling them, but Nanami tries to escape saying “the others will get angry if I introduce her to someone suspicious like you” lol. When Housen says he already knows about Aoi, Nanami replies with “okay, then go away” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Since Nanami keeps throwing sharp words at him, Housen eventually leaves after introducing himself to Aoi. Poor Housen LOL.

On the way towards their sakura-viewing in Kaneiji Temple, Aoi can sense uramon‘s aura from a priest nearby. Nanami then drags her back to Miyoshino to explain everything, both to Aoi and to their friends. Even though Aoi didn’t realize her own power, Nanami knows she’s the real thing. The evil aura surrounding the priest is really thin, and yet she noticed it even faster than Nanami did. Kensuke knows they can’t leave her in the dark forever, so he agrees to let Aoi come along. It’d be easier for her to understand too by watching their battle.

That night they find the possessed priest in the temple, going wild attacking the head priest. Nanami says he’ll do his job her and transforms into his sacred treasure — the bow — but nobody can touch him except for Aoi, confirming that she’s really the embodiment of “Futaba Aoi”. It doesn’t take long until Aoi and Nanami purified the priest’s body from uramon‘s aura, impressing the other members considering this is her first battle ever. While Nanami thinks it’s too bad that she can’t spend all day lazing off anymore, Aoi feels glad to find her role in Aoiza. As he helps Aoi to walk back to the inn, Nanami says they can enjoy the night sakura outside to make up for their failed plan today. No sake involved this time.


In May, Aoiza travels to Ginza for Aoi’s first performance. She’s not confident in her acting skills, but Nanami says he’ll cheer her on from the backstage. Mostly because his role on stage will decrease if her debut is successful lol. While Aoi’s busy making some confetti at the inn, Nanami shows his awesome skills by making a new hair accessory for her debut as Benten Kouzou. Rin has been playing that role up until now, so Nanami wants to make a new one that really suits Aoi. He’s actually quite experienced in handicrafts thanks to a side job he took before, when he blew all of his money in a gambling parlor. (´・ω・`A;)

After they’re done making the properties, Nanami treats Aoi to eat sukiyaki in town. Today he’s putting a limit on himself, since it’d be so uncool if he gets drunk under the table in front of her. Just when Aoi thinks Nanami’s treating her like a girl, he goes on to add “it’s impossible for you to carry me back to the inn” lol. Aoi feels a lot better after eating the delicious meal, and Nanami also says his sake tastes better thanks to the “cute girl” in front of him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He guides her back to the inn through a different path, and Aoi goes ドキドキ when he gets close. When she notices Zagin no Shou eyeing her from a dark corner, she realized that Nanami’s trying to protect her from danger.

Aoi’s first performance received an outstanding applause, even though it’s interrupted by the possessed Shou in the end. He’s been searching for her ever since he saw her in town that day, so now he wants to make her his. オコトワリ━━( ゚ω゚ #)━━!! Shou recognized Hachi and Nanami because of their gangster past though, and the latter terrifies him so much he ends up running away.. for now. At night Shou comes back to get Aoi and she quickly purifies him with Nanami’s bow. She heard Nanami saying he doesn’t wanna be “too late to help” anymore, but she doesn’t get what it means at this point. There’s another side of Nanami hidden beneath his lazy surface, and Aoi wants to learn more about him.


When Aoiza reaches Yokohama, Aoi finds it difficult to describe what the town looks like in the present world. Nanami tells her not to think too much though, since people and everything around them won’t change THAT much — they’re just following the flow. It turns out that he’s the one who suggested them going to Yokohama this month, thinking the port town might be able to refresh Aoi’s mind. Nanami slaps Youta before he could tell Aoi about this though.. lol. Since Aoi seems worried about their next performance, Nanami says he’ll treat her something nice if she does well.

Everyone’s busy looking for the perfect spot to perform, so Aoi finds herself spacing off at the inn right after that. She decides to take a walk alone and meets Nanami outside, with a lot of “war funds” he just got from gambling. He admits he was addicted in his younger days, but right now he’s only doing it for fun. Soon they find a crying Sora on the streets, looking for his missing mother. Aoi kindly offers to walk him back home, but Nanami suddenly tells him “this big sister is mine, so you can’t touch her” lol. The reason is because normal people will get hurt upon touching Aoi since she’s a sacred treasure, but that still makes her go ドキドキ. xD Knowing Aoi can’t leave the poor boy alone, Nanami lets Sora hold onto his kimono sleeve as they walk him back, even though he doesn’t like children. (*´ω`*)

They find Chouko looking for her son near the inn, but she gets possessed by uramon‘s aura as she walks away with Sora. Nanami and Aoi didn’t notice at first since Chouko is in a weird state to begin with, but Nanami does notice that it must be hard for her to accept the Meiji era.

After their sword dancing performance, Seiji comes to introduce himself to Aoi. Soon Yukichi also appears to greet them, but both Seiji and Nanami certainly don’t look pleased at how he approaches Aoi. They leave to do some “work” after that, and Aoi asks if Nanami is close to Seiji since they seem friendly with each other. Nanami says Seiji’s special because he’s their regular customer, but he mentions Seiji takes his “job” way too seriously. He quickly adds it’s about his duty in the military though.

On the way back, Nanami and Aoi heard a group of people talking about a woman thrashing a shop in town. They also find Housen in their room back at the inn, ready to follow them to get new ideas for his story.. even though Nanami glares at him saying “there’s a lot of other inns nearby” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Following the rumors, the Aoiza members find their way towards Chouko and eventually cleanse her body from uramon‘s aura. Just as Nanami predicted, she couldn’t accept the foreign influence entering Japan recently. She’s been pressuring Sora to learn about new things too, just so they can survive in this new era.

Since Chouko’s in a very weak condition after the battle, they have to let her recover in a clinic for a while. However, Sora’s worried about his father and the people of Hirata. He asks them to take him back to his tometown, and Kensuke agrees to let him come along as they travel to the Iga Province. Housen also decided to join the trip since he already saw their “hidden” job, though Nanami isn’t too excited to have him in their party.


As they walk through the mountain path to Hirata, Sora tells the Aoiza members that it was his mother’s wish for him to stay hidden in Yokohama. Nobody knows why Chouko suddenly took him and escaped, but Nanami says it’s probably for his own sake. She wants Sora to leave the traditional Hirata and get used to the new changes in Yokohama, hoping that her son can live a happy life in the Meiji era. But Sora doesn’t want that kind of life. He wants to follow his father’s footsteps and lead the people of Hirata in the future. Nanami pats Sora’s head saying he had a similar experience in the past, so he knows Sora made the right decision.

That aside, Nanami also understands how Chouko feels. He also wants Aoi to live a peaceful life here in 1873, despite all the troubles going around them. He admits he told Sora the truth so the little boy won’t run away from reality, and Aoi asks if Nanami himself has been living like that too up until now. Nanami only says it’s not a story he can tell when it’s still bright outside, so she should prepare two pillows at night — it will be her bedtime story. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Kikaku rages at him for teasing their princess, but Aoi notices Nanami’s only avoiding the subject.

Aoiza quickly resolves the issue with Inomata as soon as they reach Hirata. Sora decides to stay in Hirata to take care of his father. Their clan is no longer around, but he wants to do something to support his family. Aoi feels happy to see Sora growing up to be a reliable young man, and she knows Nanami’s words must have moved his heart. Now that Sora is back at his hometown, Aoiza continues their journey towards Shirogane village. The long mountain path totally killed Aoi’s legs, so Kensuke tells everyone to take a good rest for today — much to Nanami’s delight.

After taking a relaxing bath, Aoi meets Nanami outside with more sake on his hands. She tells him she can keep him company even though she can’t drink, so Nanami invites her to sit down with him in their room. Since Nanami says she can ask any questions, Aoi decided to ask him about the his “similar experience” to Sora. She won’t force him if he doesn’t want to say it, but Nanami doesn’t mind. He tells her a lot of things happened in the past, and he’s the only one who survived a certain incident. It’s a common thing in this era though, so he tells Aoi not to look so sad. Nanami then starts feeling sleepy and falls asleep while hugging Aoi, and since she can’t move.. Aoi goes to sleep in Nanami’s arms. (*´ω`*)


A month after their journey to the Iga Province, Aoiza finally returns to Ueno in August. They’re going to spend a few days in Miyoshino, then it’s time for another journey towards Kamimori village in Nikko. Nanami tells Aoi there’s a lot of ancient literature in the village, so she might be able to find a way home. Even though she joined Aoiza so she can return to her world, Aoi finds it scary how she gets used to this world in just four months. Nanami says he’s going to help her translate the documents, because even though he thinks it’s troublesome, he’s willing to do anything to help Aoi. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

At night the Aoiza members are having a party in Miyoshino, and Nanami already empties his sake cup even before the party started lol. The Hime sisters say nothing happened in Ueno when they’re away, so Nanami says the uramon cases might be following them after all. Or rather, someone’s indirectly guiding them towards the cases. Especially since they have Aoi now. The subject quickly fades away when Hisoka brings the food to the table, as everyone then starts eating and having fun. All of these uramon cases are still bothering Aoi though, so she goes outside to get some air.

When Nanami comes to see her, Aoi says she’s been thinking about the person behind this whole uramon issue. Even though sacred treasures can also get corrupted naturally, Sora clearly said his mother received a strange item from someone. However, Nanami says that Aoiza’s top priority is to purify the corrupted sacred treasures. She’s the first person who actually thinks about their enemy’s idenity, though Hachi also said the same thing when he first joined. Nanami says it’s good to have a different kind of member though, and Aoi feels relieved since she really enjoys her life in Aoiza.

Nanami then hugs Aoi and gently pats her head, saying he feels “drunk” in a different way whenever he looks at her. Obviously Aoi is surprised by the sudden attack and complains that Nanami smells like sake, even though she’s blushing like a crab. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ She runs away when he tells her to come closer, but she turns back and tells him to get a proper sleep in his room. As Aoi escapes to her room trying to hide her blushing face, the drunk Nanami lies on the floor whispering “my pillow runs away..” LOL.

A few days later, Aoiza sets off on their next journey. They finally reach Kamimori after going through yet another mountain path, but they have no time for the ancient literature thanks to Hachi and Kikaku’s newfound brotherhood. Not that Aoi cares, since she happily follows the group to a temple city not too far from the village. Since Aoi doesn’t know what a “temple city” is, Nanami explains that it’s a city built near a big temple. People often comes to pray and visit the temple, so merchants started gathering to do their business nearby. The area then started growing and expanding until it eventually becomes a town. Nanami complains this explanation is really troublesome, but he did it for Aoi anyway lol. For their next stage, Kensuke decided to perform Yaoya Oshichi with Aoi and Rin as the main stars.

Right after the performance, a friendly old lady comes to tell Aoi that their show was amazing. Nanami saw this and praises Aoi for growing into such a wonderful actress. Lately a lot of people are coming just to see her, so they can really say that she’s one of Aoiza’s stars now. Sadly Aoi’s wish to spend peaceful days in Nikko didn’t come true, because the old lady from earlier got possessed soon after that. Aoi and Nanami purified her before it’s too late, but they also learned that the old lady received an obi tie from someone.. and she got possessed as soon as she touched it. This is also Hachi’s first time to assist them as a holder of the sacred treasure, and Aoi gets a little jealous when Nanami praised him for doing so well.

However, Aoi gets the feeling that a storm is coming their way. Seiji comes to say goodbye the next day, saying he’s so occupied with “work” that he can’t watch their show anymore. At first Seiji only wanted to bid farewell to Aoi, but when Nanami finds them near the temple, he ends up explaining the situation to him as well. Nanami tells him to quit already, and Seiji leaves saying he’ll do his best to change his “path”. Aoi doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but then Nanami sadly says he might be the one who destroyed Seiji’s future. He knows Seiji is currently walking through hell, and yet he can’t do anything about it. When he hugs Aoi to hide his sadness, Aoi hugs him back hoping it can make him feel better.

A few months ago Aoi wanted to learn more about Nanami, and now she knows he’s been holding a sad secret all this time. Though his connection to Seiji is still a mystery at this point.


Ever since Seiji came to say goodbye, Aoi noticed that Nanami has been avoiding her. Nanami looks really sad and Aoi couldn’t stand it, so one day she asks him to tell her everything. He apologized and takes her for a walk around town, but before he can explain anything.. they see Seiji inside a gorgeous carriage passing by. While Nanami doesn’t think it’s a good idea to find out about Seiji’s “job” here, they end up following the carriage all the way to Sakazuki’s mansion. Nanami takes Aoi out of the mansion right after Seiji left, and he asks her not to get involved any further. Aoi suggests talking to Kensuke about this, but Nanami tells her to stop. For now she should just focus on looking for a way to return to her world.

Since Aoi is worried and confused, Nanami finally tells her that he spent some time away from Aoiza in the past. He was planning to return to his hometown due to an inheritance issue, and he met a “bad guy” on the way. Nanami was still 13 back then, and he lost everything thanks to his addiction to gambling.. even before he reached his hometown. The “bad guy” then paid off all of Nanami’s debt and saved his life, but the young Nanami didn’t know that there must something hidden beneath that generous surface. To show his gratitude and regain all of his travel expenses, from time to time he accepted a job from that man.

Things took a turn for the worst when Nanami used his crest’s power during a mission one day, and he was seen by the “bad guy”‘s subordinate. Eventually he gathered enough money to continue his journey, but by the time he arrived.. his hometown is gone. That subordinate attacked the small, hidden village and massacred everyone without exception, threatening Nanami to work for the “bad guy” if he doesn’t wanna go through the same fate. At firs the followed the order, but that’s only until he realized they’re actually gathering sacred treasures from all over the place. He ran away and stayed hidden in Edo for a while, knowing he’ll just put Aoiza in danger if he returns.

Two years after that, suddenly the subordinate came to Nanami’s hideout with Seiji, who was still a young boy back then. He tells Nanami to guide Seiji so he can replace his role, because Seiji actually holds a sacred treasure too. They stopped pursuing Nanami in return, but he continued living alone until he eventually met Hachi. Nanami saved Hachi from getting beaten up by his gangster friends, and he’s been following Nanami ever since — hence the nickname “Boss Nanami”. He brought Hachi along to join Aoiza, but even until now.. Nanami still feels guilty for escaping and thrusting Seiji into that position. He doesn’t want Aoi to deal with such dangerous people too, so he tells her to just forget about all of this and return to her world as soon as possible.

However, Aoi says she can’t return to her world in this condition. She can’t leave everyone for her own peace and happiness, knowing she will only regret it all her life. Nanami says she will only get hurt by trusting other people so easily, and he suddenly kisses her to prove his point — telling her to stop getting involved if she can’t endure that much. Of course Aoi gets angry and slaps him since it was her first kiss, but her decision remains firm.. so Nanami gives up in the end. He pats her head saying she trusts people too much for her own good, and he only wants her to live a happy life in a peaceful world.

When they return to the inn, everyone was wondering where they go. Even though he told Aoi to stay quiet earlier, Nanami informs them that they saw Seiji in Sakazuki’s mansion earlier. Housen, who attended a party in the mansion, also tells them that Sakazuki was acting weird the whole time. He only sat in the corner hugging a wine bottle, glaring at everyone he saw. They find the possessed Sakazuki alone in his mansion, and Aoi can feel the evil aura coming from his fan. Unfortunately, asking about the fan only causes Sakazuki to go berserk thinking they’re going to take it away from him. His grudge against Sanjou completely takes over his mind, and he ends up disappearing even before Aoi and Nanami could purify him.

After the battle Aoi turns really pale and has trouble breathing properly, so Nanami kisses her again to help her breathe. Even though they managed to save all victims most of the time, Aoi needs to know that this kind of thing happens. Nanami won’t tell her to get used to the harsh reality, but he wants her to endure it until they can send her back to her world. He also tells her to smile, since everyone gets their strength upon seeing her smile. Nanami then promises that he’ll do anything to make sure Aoi can return home safely.


For some reason, Nanami keeps spacing out after what happened last month. He jokes around and says it’s nothing, but Aoi knows he’s blaming himself again. Soon Hisoka brings some old documents based on Nanami’s request, though he thinks Nanami better tells Hachi and Aoi about this.. which is probably true, since Hachi and Aoi are really worried about him. As they take a short walk nearby, Aoi briefly tells Hachi about Nanami’s relationship with Seiji. Though Hachi doesn’t understand why Nanami feels guilty and responsible, Aoi says it’s because Nanami is a kind person inside. He acts like everything’s troublesome, but he just can’t leave people in trouble. They want to do something to help pull Nanami out of his misery.

Just then they notice an old man approaching them, mentioning “as long as Oosuga and Suwa can be useful when needed..” He knows that they’re members of Aoiza too, and he leaves them with his name — Toki Yatarou. Though they want to hear more information, Aoi knows it’s too dangerous to chase after Toki. Especially because they don’t know what kind of role he plays during this whole case. When they tell Nanami about this, he says Toki only wanted to confuse them by mentioning his name and Seiji’s. He praises them for doing the right thing, because chasing after Toki would only lead them to death, and telling the others about this would only cause more confusion. Also, the “subordinate” he told Aoi before is obviously Toki.

Nanami goes back to his nap after that, but Hachi knows he doesn’t want to show his weak side in front of Aoi. Hisoka and Kensuke also knows that every night, Nanami’s going through the mountain of ancient literature looking for a way to send Aoi back to her world.

Since Housen needs some day to write the script for their next show, Nanami says he wants to visit everyone’s graves in Higakure — his hometown. Aoi’s worried about leaving him alone and Kensuke tells him to bring her along for a “date”, so Nanami gives up and takes her with him. As they walk through the falling leaves, Nanami tells her that Seiji always looked happy whenever he received a “job”. He always smiled whenever Nanami taught him how to do his “job” properly. He always said “I’m happy to be useful” until Nanami couldn’t stand it anymore, and so he left after teaching Seiji the basics.

Nanami admits he feels so powerless since he can’t do anything to help Seiji, but Aoi tells him it’s only because he’s a kind person. Even though Seiji devoted himself to the wrong person, he must have feel happy and thankful for Nanami’s feelings.. so Nanami shouldn’t keep blaming himself and suffer from all the guilt alone. It was Nanami too who saved both Hachi and Aoi, and she doesn’t want him to deny that. Nanami’s surprised upon hearing her words, but then he laughs and eats the onigiri Hachi made for them.

Higakure remains abandoned after all these years, and Nanami takes Aoi to the graveyard he made for the villagers. He admits that he’s glad she came along, because he won’t be able to stand in front of their graves alone. The Suwa family had a long history and Nanami grew up with big expectations on his shoulders, but they also gave him a lot of things he needed in life. It’s been a long time since he lost them in that incident, and now he can finally return to say “thank you” for all the things they did for him. Aoi also introduces herself in front of his family’s graves, saying she’s coming back to visit them again someday. When she goes to pick some flowers for their graves, Nanami tells his family that he vowed not to cause any sorrow for Aoi. He wants to use the Suwa family’s ancient literatures for her sake, asking them to watch over him from the heavens above.

After they returned to the temple city, Nanami comes to see Aoi during practice. His role is the fourth prince, whose task is to retrieve a jewel from a dragon’s neck. The prince gives up after encountering a storm on the way, but Nanami says he can’t give up so easily. Aoi feels that Nanami’s up to something dangerous, so she makes him pinky-promise that he won’t do anything reckless. Aoiza takes care of Sanjou’s case not too long after their performance, but Nanami still keeps his mouth shut about Seiji’s involvement behind the screen.


When November comes by, Aoiza is planning to return to Ueno before it starts snowing. Both Hachi and Aoi notice that Nanami’s still acting weird, locking up himself in his room while the other members are busy with packing. Hachi tells Nanami that he wants to help, but Nanami only says “then go and keep Aoi company” instead of explaining things to him. This continues until he eventually learns something from the ancient literature, and Aoi’s worried sick when he finally comes out of his room. They don’t have time for explanations though, since Yukichi is coming to see them in Nikko today.

Even though Yukichi says he comes to talk about Seiji, Nanami knows it’s just a cover. He tells everyone that Seiji is actually spreading uramon‘s aura for Yukichi, revealing that Yukichi is the “bad guy” who saved him in the past. It was him too who ordered Toki to destroy Higakure when Nanami was busy doing dirty jobs for him. He knows Yukichi has another evil plan in mind, and he’s ready to do anything to protect the person he loves — just like Toki’s devotion towards Yukichi. Nanami doesn’t mind even if everyone thinks of him as a traitor, but Kensuke does mind. He tells Yukichi that Nanami is an important friend for them, and there’s no way they’re handing him back to Yukichi. Needless to say they refuse his offer to work together, and Yukichi leaves with a creepy smile on his face.

Nanami apologized for not telling the truth, but everyone’s more worried about him rather than the truth itself. They know it must be hard for him to keep such a secret for so long. When he walks out to get more cigarettes, Aoi follows him outside saying she’s worried about him. He tells her he’s just not used to that kind of situation, and he just got tired after what happened. Nanami thanks Aoi for the concern, but she can’t shake off the feeling that there’s something wrong about this. Especially since he also said “I wanted to see your face” before leaving, even though they see each other everyday.

…and that night, Nanami doesn’t return to the inn.

The next day Hachi informs Aoi that Nanami is missing, and they force Housen to help them search for Nanami. At night they finally find Nanami in an empty shack with Seiji, but the latter tied him up with a rope. Both Toki and Seiji can take his attacks, but all the guards inside will probably get knocked out by just a single punch from Nanami. Seiji asks Nanami to endure this until he returns, sadly saying “it’s too late” when Nanami tells him to stop working for Yukichi already. As soon as Seiji left the shack, Aoi and Hachi come bursting through the door, wiping out all the guards in just a few seconds. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ

After Hachi cuts the rope, Nanami says he won’t do reckless things again when he’s with them. He said it in such a complicated way, so Hachi translates it as “he’s saying that I’m his precious ‘younger brother’, and he really really loves you!” and Nanami slaps him saying he translated too much (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He admits that it’s true though. Hachi is just like a younger brother to him, and Aoi holds a special place in his heart. Right now he’s still keeping a secret from them, but he promises to tell Aoi when the time comes.

When they finally returned to the inn, everyone was waiting for them outside. Nanami informs them that suddenly Seiji has gotten so much stronger it’s unnatural, and that’s the reason why he got captured earlier. Just then Aoi feels dizzy as “Futaba Aoi” starts cracking, but again.. they don’t have time for explanations since Seiji has come to attack them. Seiji looks really sad saying “if only it was Aoiza who saved me from my family..”, so Kensuke grabs his hand and they disappear into the night as usual.


Since their leader remains missing ever since, Aoiza eventually returns to Ueno without him. Aoi meets Zagin no Shou again when she’s taking a walk to clear her head, but this time he introduces himself properly as Yatsuhashi Shou — his real name. He notices her looking sad, and after Aoi tells him that their leader is currently missing, Shou says he’ll let her know if he saw Kensuke around this area. Shou is surprised to hear Aoi calling Nanami by his first name though, since Nanami is such a legendary gangster lol. Despite his strength, Nanami only had two followers back then, Hachi and Seiji.. and this reminds Shou that he just saw Seiji two days ago in Ginza. He looked really sick and someone else was helping him walk. Shou didn’t get a clear view on the other man, but it’s obviously Kensuke.

After saying goodbye to Shou, Aoi runs back to Miyoshino to tell everyone about this. They want to do further investigation, but Nanami tells them to be careful of Toki. He knows it was him who ordered Seiji to attack them, most likely because Aoiza refused to work with Yukichi. But then Seiji disappeared with Kensuke after failing to do his mission, so right now Toki must be out there hunting for them, thinking it’s a betrayal. Though their first priority is Kensuke’s safety, Aoi thinks this might be a good chance to talk to Yukichi. He needs a new “pawn” after Seiji goes missing, so they might be able to get more information from him. If they can help him reach his goal without using uramon‘s power, Kensuke and Seiji will be free from danger.

That evening, Nanami visits Aoi in her room. He remembers that today is her birthday, so he comes to celebrate it with her. ヽ(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)ノ Back in May he made a paper accessory for her, but this time Nanami made a real one for her birthday present — a peony hairpin. Aoi cries happy tears and Nanami kisses her, saying he can’t hold back when she looks at him with those eyes. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン While Nanami wishes Aoi isn’t a person who came from the future, Aoi feels happy because she’s got everything she wants on her birthday: a present, sweet words and Nanami’s warmth.

A few days later, Yukichi sends a reply to meet him in Zojoji Temple next week. However, Aoi notices that “Futaba Aoi” is cracking even more, so she decides to tell Nanami about this. In the meantime, Hachi also figures out that all of the events in Nikko are connected. When he goes to ask Nanami, he tells Hachi that the true role of “Futaba Aoi” is to protect Tokugawa’s reign only. That period has come to an end when the Meiji era started, but “Futaba Aoi” only attracts attention as it was decaying. The stone then called its reincarnation from the future, Aoi, but at the same time it also calls destructive power around them — uramon. All of this just to destroy itself, so its power won’t fall to the wrong hands.

Kensuke knew that “Futaba Aoi” only has enough power for one more purification, so Nanami says he’ll sacrifice himself for Aoi’s sake. He already figured out that Kensuke can call the thunder and Seiji’s mirror will open the path, so all they need to do now is to destroy “Futaba Aoi” and send Aoi back to the future. This is why Nanami went missing last month, he was trying to corrupt his own sacred treasure so Aoi can purify it. Hachi thinks Nanami should tell Aoi about this, because he can tell that she’s in love with him. Nanami eventually agrees and calls Aoi to come in, knowing she’s been listening in front of his room. When Nanami says he’ll keep her warm for tonight, Hachi reads the atmosphere and runs off to leave them alone lol.

On the promised day, Toki ambushes them on the way to the temple. The old man reveals that he destroyed Higakure when Nanami was busy gambling, so by the time he started working for Yukichi, everyone in the village actually already died. Luckily, this is a chance Nanami has been looking for. Since Toki uses uramon‘s aura on himself, Nanami doesn’t need to corrupt his sacred treasure anymore. Kensuke and Seiji also join them during the battle, but they trust Nanami and Aoi to take care of Toki by themselves — letting Nanami take the revenge for his destroyed village. They finally purify the old man after a long battle, rushing to see Yukichi in the temple before he regains consciousness.

Yukichi congratulates them for beating Toki, but he obviously doesn’t have any intentions to talk since he sets the temple on fire after that. After he left them to watch the burning temple, Kensuke calls the rain to put off the fire and save everyone inside. Just as they expected, “Futaba Aoi” shatters into pieces on their way back to Miyoshino.. which means it’s finally time for Aoi to go home. Nanami says it’s time for “the deity to return to heaven” since she doesn’t belong here in 1873, but Aoi doesn’t want to part with Nanami. It’s just as painful as losing her family, and Nanami should know that feeling better than anyone else. In the end she decides to accept his decision though, knowing she can’t brush off his feelings that easily.

Outside, Kensuke calls thunders from the sky and Seiji opens the path through his mirror. Aoi sadly says goodbye to Nanami, asking him to remember her sometimes.. but then he suddenly hugs Aoi saying he can’t let her go after all. It might be too late to say this, but he wants her to stay in this world with him. Even though Nanami has been holding back his feelings up until now, the thoughts of losing Aoi is so unbearable because he loves her. This is the first time he ever said those words to her, and it’s enough for Aoi to make her decision. As long as she has Nanami by her side, she can keep living in this world. There will be times when she will miss her family, but it’s okay because Nanami will always be here to protect her.

In the ending, Aoi lets Nanami sleep on her lap as she gently strokes his hair. She asks when did he fall in love with her, and Nanami says it’s around the time when he first kissed her. He always thought she’s a really innocent and positive girl, but the kiss made him realize that he has hopelessly fallen in love with her. Since Aoi already promised to do the same, Nanami returns the question at her. But instead of asking when did she fall in love with him, he wants to hear how much she loves him now.

At first I liked Nanami the least out of the whole cast, just because he’s a heavy drinker and is into gambling. I walked into this route hoping Nanami can change that impression, and he sure did! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ He didn’t say the word “love” until it’s really late, but that actually make things so much sweeter. From time to time I wished he’d be more open towards Aoi, though later on I did realize he’s doing it for her own sake. My only complaint would be the CGs. While Kensuke and Rin gets full 4:3 CGs, Nanami only has a few. Most of them, including the pretty kiss CG, ae smaller. Why? 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 There’s a hot kiss scene too with awesome sound effects (lol credits to Miki Shinichirou), but no CGs are shown. (´・ω・`)


5 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku – Suwa Nanami

  1. Strange. I thought the characters have 2 endings?? Or Nanami is an exception?

    Anyway, I couldn’t help but think that he looks way too old for Nanami…but that may also be because of the way he dress. Plus he’s tall. But I like his personality. Fellow sloth. XD

    • Yeah, stay and return ending.. but as I said before, except for Kensuke and Seiji everyone else’s return endings are just Aoi leaving them back in 1873. It’s basically just “take care in your world” “don’t forget me” *inserts tears here* and Aoi goes back into the future. xD

      Oh and Nanami’s 29 while Aoi’s 18, so yeah.. lol.

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