Aoiza Ibunroku – Kotobuki Kikaku

The last route in Aoiza. The first omikuji I got from the official site was read by Kikaku, and I find him cute despite that serious personality. Especially after going through Hachi’s route. xD

Kikaku joined Aoiza when he was small, making him the most experienced member aside from their leader. His honest and serious personality makes it’s hard for him to adapt to new things, including Aoi’s appearance in this world. Unlike the others, Kikaku doubts if she’s really the embodiment of “Futaba Aoi”, so he’s being extra careful not to say anything unnecessary. He also tends to take jokes seriously, which often leads to the others teasing him on purpose.


When Aoi walks out of her room one day, she overhears Kikaku and the others talking about her. Kensuke says he should be glad that “Futaba Aoi” turns into such a cute young woman, but Kikaku only blushes saying that’s not the problem. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ The moment he says he’s not accepting her as “Futaba Aoi”, they realize that she’s actually standing there listening to their conversation. Aoi feels sad thinking she’s not welcomed here, but later on Kikaku comes to her room and apologized. Even though they don’t know if she’s the real “Futaba Aoi” or not, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s all alone in this world. Kikaku feels bad for hurting her, so now he wants to atone for that mistake by guiding her around the town. He also lets her call him “Kaku-san”, blushing when she says “thank you, Kaku-san!” (❤ฺ→艸←)

Right before they go out, the Hime sisters warn Kikaku not to make Aoi cry.. but when Aoi says they’re just going out for a walk, they immediately go “is that so~? enjoy~ (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” LOL. The 1873 Ueno is just like a whole new world in Aoi’s eyes, and Kikaku takes her to a popular shop nearby since she wants to see what kind of goods they sell here. Aoi looks so happy to see various kinds of hairpins and combs, so Kikaku decides to buy one as a present for her. He chooses a red comb that compliments her black hair perfectly, using it to brush her hair in front of the shop. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ It’s the first time Aoi ever seen Kikaku’s smile, and she’s starting to think that he’s actually a kind person underneath that serious exterior.

Soon Housen comes to tease Kikaku for getting such a cute girl, but Kikaku decides to ignore him rather than introducing him to Aoi. He doesn’t want to introduce their precious female member to someone suspicious like Housen, who replies with “just be honest and admit that you want to continue your date” before running away. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Aoi then notices a pale-looking priest walking nearby and goes to ask if he’s okay, sensing a weird aura coming from him. Realizing that Aoi can detect the aura because she’s the real “Futaba Aoi”, Kikaku suddenly starts calling her “hime” on the spot. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Not only that, but he also starts speaking politely and bows down to apologize for all of his insolence so far. He tells her to just call him “Kikaku” without the “-san” suffix, but of course Aoi can’t do that. xD

Knowing thet have to act fast, Kikaku then takes Aoi back to Miyoshino and reports what they saw to everyone. After explaining everything she needs to know about uramon and sacred treasures, Kikaku asks Aoi to help them out. She doesn’t need to worry about battles, since Kikaku will always be here to protect the princess. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Even though she’s not sure if she’s capable of doing such things, Aoi gladly agrees to do everything she can to help them. At night they find the possessed priest near the temple, and Kikaku transforms into his sacred treasure — the naginata. Kensuke was planning to use him in battle, but since nobody can touch him except for Aoi.. in the end she’s the one who purifies the priest with Kikaku.

As Kensuke helps Aoi to stand after the battle, Kikaku warns him not to do anything perverted to their princess.. since apparently his hands are touching places. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He also tells Nanami not to bring any bad influence (e.g. the sloth’s path) for the younger members, especially since they have Aoi in the group now. Kikaku is really protective of her, and Aoi realizes this when he tells her to go inside and keep herself warm. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*


Aoiza travels to Ginza for Aoi’s first performance in May. Even though Kikaku believes she can do it, Aoi feels a lot of pressure since she’s not confident in her acting skills. He keeps coming back to watch how she’s doing during practice, obviously because he’s worried, but sadly Aoi thinks Kikaku still has doubts because she’s unreliable. (´・ω・`) Kikaku doesn’t admit this either and keeps saying he’s just passing by, but when Kensuke says he’ll help Aoi bring out her “charm” for their upcoming show.. Kikaku suddenly jumps out from behind the curtains saying he won’t allow any insolence towards the princess. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

Since Aoi feels really nervous about her debut, Kikaku then tells her a spell to make her feel better — close her eyes and say “the audience are vegetables” three times. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Aoi takes his advice and chants the spell, opening her eyes to find Kikaku leaning so close to her. He doesn’t know why she suddenly turns red, though Kensuke goes “well it’s natural if she blushes ┐(´~`;)┌ ” considering they’re standing so close their foreheads touch lol. This makes Kikaku realize that Aoi is just a human like them, and she’s happy since he finally looks at her as a person, not just as “Futaba Aoi”.

On the first day of Aoiza’s Shiranami Gonin Otoko performance, Zagin no Shou crashes their stage for his regular woman hunt. Kikaku chases them away, but he’s still pissed since Shou was trying to kick Aoi when she jumps in to protect a crying kid in the audience’s seat. How dare he try to hurt the princess! ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)ノ At night Shou comes back to get Aoi from the inn, and she quickly purifies him with Kikaku’s naginata. Kikaku then warns Shou not to show his face in front of Aoi ever again, or else he’ll give him a sakayaki hairstyle. He also says this while swinging his naginata around — resulting in Shou running away in fear lol.

There’s a lot of beautiful young women in Ginza though, so Aoi wonders why Shou decided to target her out of all people. After a short silence, Kinkaku smiles and replies with “you’re beautiful”.. and those words keep ringing on Aoi’s ears ever since. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪


When Aoiza visits Yokohama in June, Kikaku finds it fun to see Aoi looking at everything with great interest. As they look around for a good spot to perform their next show, Kikaku admits that it was hard for him to accept her as “Futaba Aoi” at first. Back then he even wished for her to turn back into a stone, but those feelings dissolved as they spend more time together. Right now Kikaku feels happy to have her as a fellow Aoiza member, and he blushes when Aoi thanks him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ When Aoi asks if he wants to ask her anything, Kikaku admits he wants to know everything about her — ranging from how she thinks of Aoiza to small things like her favorite food. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

After they find a nice place to perform, Kikaku invites Aoi for a walk before returning to the inn. He blushes like a tomato when Aoi grabs his hand, but he keeps holding her hand as they visit the fancy shops in town. (❤ฺ→艸←) Sadly their adorable “date” is interrupted when they see a possessed Chouko walking nearby, though Seiji comes to greet them before they can chase after her. Apparently Kikaku calls him “evil magistrate” too from time to time, though it’s undoubtedly Kensuke’s influence. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He’s not amused about Seiji being too friendly with Aoi though, slapping his hand when he gets too close lol. Soon Yukichi appears to introduce himself as well, but he quickly reminds Seiji that he’s got “work” to do.

Back at the inn, everyone tells them that an elegant-looking woman wrecked a shop nearby not too long ago. Both Kikaku and Aoi know it must be the woman they saw earlier, but for now their first priority is to prepare their next performance — sword dancing, starring Kikaku and Aoi. All she needs to do is just to smile in front of their audience, since Kensuke will be the one doing the performance in his sword form. A lot of people come to see their show the next day, and Kikaku’s impressed since Aoi was the one who chose this place. When she jokes by saying “praise me more!”, Kikaku blushes and really throws a long string of praises until Aoi gets embarrassed and stops him. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Right after their successful performance, Kikaku and Aoi spot Chouko among their audience. They immediately chase her before she disappears again, eventually meeting Housen on the way. Housen starts teasing Kikaku for using “hime” to refer to Aoi, but Kikaku squeezes some information out of him regarding this case. Soon enough they find Chouko in her own mansion with the crying Sora standing next to her, so Aoi and Kikaku quickly purify her before she can cause more damage. The evil aura nearly took over her soul though, causing Chouko to be in a very weak condition after the battle.

Thinking that his father might be in danger as well, Sora then asks them to take him to Hirata. He needs to go home before it’s too late, especially since Housen also mentions there’s an incident involving Inomata. Of course they can’t leave Sora alone, so Kensuke agrees to take them to the Iga Province next. They allow Housen to join their trip as well, as long as he can keep his mouth shut about their “hidden” job. That, and because Housen will spread strange rumors if they leave him behind lol.


Even though Kikaku’s like ( ಠ_ಠ ) and Nanami’s like ( ´_ゝ`) about Housen joining their party, Aoiza soon embarks on their journey to the Iga Province. The mountain path hurts Aoi’s legs since this is her first time going on a long trip, but no worries — Kikaku’s more than willing to carry her if she wants to. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ They resolve the issue with Inomata as soon as they reach Hirata, and Sora decides to stay and nurse his father back to health. Aoi feels sad to say goodbye to him, but she goes all ドキドキ when Kikaku tells her to smile. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Upon arriving at their next destination, Shirogane, Aoi follows Kikaku as he guides her around the village. He takes her to a river nearby since it’s really hot today, and he blushes when Aoi rolls her clothes before stepping into the water. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Kikaku says he used to watch over his sister when she played in the river, though he didn’t spend too much time with her. He’s been traveling with Aoiza ever since he was five, so he grew up among the members instead of his family. Kikaku also mentions that Rin’s deceased sister, Yui, was still alive back then, and she was like a mother figure to him.. until the day she was murdered. He doesn’t want the other Aoiza members to face the same fate, which is why he’s now protecting Aoi with everything he has.

Since Kikaku looks really sad, Aoi then splashes water hoping it can help cheer him up. Kikaku holds her when she slips and gently wipes off the water from her face, which really sends her heartbeat through the roof. ドキ((*´д`*))ドキ Even though they’re both dripping wet from head to toe thanks to Aoi’s water attack earlier, but Kikaku tells her not to apologize since he’s only worried about her. (*´∀`*) He also slides his hand around her waist as he guides her back to the inn, and while it might only be a form of escort.. he certainly doesn’t look pleased whenever the other members are touching her so casually.


After their long journey to the Iga Province, Aoiza eventually returns to Ueno in August. Kikaku keeps arguing with Hachi along their way back to Miyoshino, but everyone feels they actually make a nice combination. Aoiza used to be way more serious before, and Hachi brought a new color when he joined the group last year — pulling out a lot of expressions from Kikaku. They’re having a party that night, and Kikaku has fun handing various kinds of dishes to Aoi until she gets full and falls asleep on his shoulder. Since Kikaku says they shouldn’t wake her up, the Hime sisters immediately ask “you’re actually happy right? right? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪”.. and Kikaku turns into several shades of red. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

When Kikaku comes to wake her up in the morning, the first thing Aoi asks him is “did I eat the anmitsu last night?” LOL. He tells her to rest well for their next journey, since they’re going to visit his hometown in Nikko. Kikaku doesn’t have any family members in the village anymore, but he tells Aoi that aside from his mother and sister, he has another younger sibling.. though he doesn’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. It’s been a long time since the last time he saw them, but Kikaku hopes they’re living a peaceful life somewhere.

A few days later, Aoiza sets off on their next journey to Nikko. On the way, Kikaku explains that Kamimori village was created to protect two sacred treasures — one of them is Kikaku’s naginata. To give Aoi a better understanding about how precious the sacred treasures are, Kensuke adds “you’re precious to us too, especially to Kikaku (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” which makes Kikaku go “wh-what are you saying!? Σ(〃д〃)” LOL. The village also has a lot of ancient literature, so they might be able to find a hint to send Aoi back to the future. The thought of her leaving Aoiza makes everyone sad though.. especially Kikaku, who falls into a long silence.

Upon arriving at Kamimori village, Kikaku takes the group to the sacred treasure chamber for the formal greetings. The other sacred treasure is a silver dagger, but the villagers haven’t found its master up until now. When Kikaku leaves to explain the situation to the elders, Hachi accidentally knocks the dagger off its pedestal and picks it up in a panic.. and that’s when the dagger finally finds its master. Of course Kikaku is shocked since the master is supposed to be someone from their village, so he asks Hachi to explain his family background. Hachi’s an orphan now, but someone in his family might be related to Kamimori.

When Hachi says his mother’s name is Hachisuka Momiji and his sister’s is Kanoko, Kikaku finally realized what’s going on. His mother got the surname “Hachisuka” after she remarries, but her former name was actually Kotobuki Momiji — Kikaku’s mother. Kotobuki Kanoko was his younger sister. They both left Kamimori a long time ago, and his mother was pregnant at the time.. which means that Hachi is actually Kikaku’s younger brother. They’re by no means similar at the first glance, but Kikaku notices the way Hachi behaves strongly resembles their mother. Like how he touches his hair when he’s troubled. Actually Kikaku has this habit as well, he just never noticed until Hachi points it out. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

In any case, Kikaku has to report this to the villagers. Hachi still can’t believe that he’s holding a sacred treasure too now, but Kikaku says he should be proud since the dagger has chosen him to be its master. The situation is still awkward between them though, so they ask Aoi to come along as they visit their father’s grave. Kikaku says he wasn’t a respectable man, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s their father. Today Kikaku wants to tell him that he has finally found his younger brother, fulfilling a promise he made to their mother a long time ago. From now on both of them are going to protect “Futaba Aoi” together, so their father doesn’t have anything to worry about.

In the end they don’t have enough time to examine the ancient literature, but Aoi doesn’t mind since Aoiza’s top priority is to entertain people! Their next show in the temple city would be Yaoya Oshichi — starring Aoi and Rin, since Kikaku will join Hachi in the backstage this time. Knowing it’s a love story, Kikaku sadly mutters “so hime‘s partner is Rin.. (´・ω・`)” though he quickly covers it up. After watching their performance from the backstage with a really sad look in his eyes, Kikaku tells Aoi that her magnificent performance touched his heart.. but then he immediately runs off in a hurry, leaving her confused.

When Aoi goes outside to chase after Kikaku, she notices a possessed old lady passing by. Luckily Kikaku also returns upon sensing the evil aura, though he still looks sad when Aoi mentions the old lady reminds her of her grandma back at home. Since a long battle would be dangerous for their opponent’s body, Kikaku transforms into his naginata and Aoi purifies her in a flash. He feels guilty for using his special skill though, since it takes quite a lot of energy from Aoi. As Kikaku helps her walk back to the inn, Aoi realizes that she feels really calm whenever she touches him. (*´∀`*) She does notice that something’s bothering him recently, though she doesn’t know what’s on his mind.

However, Kikaku isn’t the only one acting weird. On the day before their final performance, Seiji suddenly comes to bid her farewell. He doesn’t tell them his reason though, and he just left after saying “goodbye”. Both Kikaku and Aoi find it weird, but they have to focus on their performance for now. When Aoi says she wants to get better so Rin will praise her acting skills, Kikaku turns quiet again.. and it bothers Aoi as well. She doesn’t want the situation to be awkward between them, because she knows she’s actually in love with Kikaku.


One sunny day in Autumn, Aoi goes to ask Kensuke for more information about Kikaku. He tries teasing her saying “oh so you wanna know more about Kikaku? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪”, but Aoi honestly says yes LOL. She’s been wondering if Kikaku has any worries, and she wants to help him out if possible. Sadly Aoi doesn’t know much about Kikaku’s background, so that’s where she wants to start. Since Kensuke notices that Hachi’s listening to their conversation behind the door, he takes both Hachi and Aoi outside before telling them about the Kotobuki family. Kikaku and Hachi’s father was an extremely devoted husband, but the tragedy started when they have their first child.

After Kikaku was born, their father got pissed since his wife’s love and attention was split into two directions. He got jealous of his own son, thinking Kikaku’s only taking away his wife from him. His deep love for his wife gradually grew into an unhealthy obsession, and by the time they have their second child.. he has completely turned into a violent husband. Not only that, but he also locked his wife inside the house and won’t allow her to take a single step outside. During such madness, she got pregnant again with their third child — Hachi. Fearing for his little brother’s safety, eventually Kikaku lets their mother and sister escape. Of course their father was enraged and tried to get them back, but he ended up falling off a cliff and died. It was an accident, but Kikaku feels guilty even up until now.

Kikaku was only five years old when he lost all of his family members. He joined Aoiza soon after, and that’s where he grew up — just like what he told Aoi before. Five years after that incident, Kensuke also “joined” Aoiza and they’ve been together ever since. He tells Hachi that he’s the living proof of Kikaku’s love for his family, since he’s been through a lot just to protect them. Soon they see Kikaku coming out of the inn, so Kensuke drags Hachi away and tells Aoi to go talk to Kikaku. But rather than eating dangos with “big brother” Kensuke, Hachi has a better idea: stalk his big brother’s date! ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

When Aoi comes asking if she can take a walk with him, Kikaku gladly accepts. He tells her that he asked the villagers of Kamimori to deliver the ancient literature to their inn, since they might be able to find more information about “Futaba Aoi”. They wonder why the sacred stone suddenly turns into Aoi, and Kikaku whispers “..could it be for me?” while blushing LOL. Why are you so cute, Kikaku? ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ While Kikaku looks sad whenever Aoi says something about her home world, Aoi herself is starting to lose her will to go home. She won’t be able to see Kikaku again if she returns to the future, and she almost cried when Kikaku holds her hand.

..and even though Aoi didn’t hear Kikaku’s whisper earlier, Kensuke and Hach sure did. Their reaction? “People tend to imagine a lot when they’re in love” — Kaminari Kensuke.

As they walk near the elite area, they see Seiji riding a gorgeous carriage to one of the huge mansions around them. At first Aoi drags Kikaku all the way to Sakazuki’s mansion, but they end up leaving not too long after that. They won’t be able to do anything if Seiji’s doing his military-related job, plus Kikaku’s not happy that she’s spending so much time worrying about Seiji. After some teasing and provoking from Hachi, eventually Kikaku gives up and takes both of them back to Sakazuki’s mansion. He keeps acting all grumpy and tells Hachi that they’re not here to play, until Hachi finally says “you’re jealous” — which really hits the spot lol.

Just then the possessed Sakazuki comes out of the mansion, ordering his guards to capture the three of them. They’re not expecting any rescue since they didn’t tell anyone about coming here, but luckily Moni saw them leaving earlier and informs their friends at the inn. Meanwhile, Hachi and Kikaku are pretending to have a fight. They’re planning to escape when the guards are coming to check, but they end up having a real argument when Hachi mentions Kikaku’s attitude towards Aoi recently. He understands if Kikaku’s in love with Aoi, but he shouldn’t let his jealousy take over his mind. Hachi also tells him to stop thinking that “Futaba Aoi” and her are the same thing, because Aoi’s just a normal girl after all.

Even though their plan’s gone awry, eventually Rin comes to get them out of the room. Their friends already took care of the guards outside, and soon they find Sakazuki going berserk on the hallway. Aoi and Kikaku exorcise uramon‘s aura from Sakazuki as soon as possible, since black smokes are coming out of his body, but still.. he ends up disappearing. The evil aura has completely turned him into a zombie, eating up his body and mind up to the point where they can’t save him anymore. It’s too late. After everyone leaves the mansion, Kikaku can only hug the crying Aoi until she calms down.


After giving Kikaku, Hachi and Aoi a lecture, Kensuke asks if they notice something different in their daily schedule. Aoi answers the amount of their dishes is decreasing, while Nanami says the amount of sake is decreasing. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Why yes, Aoiza’s travel expenses has gone over the budget.. or so Kensuke said, because he’s just trolling Aoi lol. They need to do another performance soon though, since they were pretty much occupied last month. Aoi then suggests doing The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, because the overall atmosphere suits the beautiful moon in Autumn. Everyone gets excited with preparations, but Kikaku only stays quiet since Kaguya-hime returns to the moon.. and the time of farewell is always sad.

A few days later, Housen informs everyone that Sanjou has arrived in Nikko. Kikaku looks sad when Aoi asks if he’s got any information regarding Seiji, but Hachi tells him not to make such a terrible face. Aoi is a kind person, so it’s only natural if she gets worried about other people. Kikaku asks what he’s trying to say, but Hachi only tells him to take a look at the mirror before asking LOL. When Aoi goes to practice on stage, she suddenly starts feeling dizzy and loses her balance. Kikaku rushes over to help her stand, and Aoi thinks it’s really cute how Kikaku follows her around like a huge, protective.. dog. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He admits it’s because she’s just that precious to him, so he doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

However, when they saw the cracks on “Futaba Aoi”, Kikaku knows that the stone’s running out of power. He runs off to their room in a panic and tries to find a clue in the documents, but Kensuke tells him to leave the ancient literature to Nanami and him. For now Kikaku should just stay in Aoi’s side and support her.

During their performance, Aoi has a hard time taking her eyes off Kikaku. He looks stunning in his prince costume, not to mention he hugs her saying “please don’t go home..” (´・ω・`) That night Kikaku apologized for doing that, but he admits it wasn’t an act — it’s his real feelings. Sadly Aoi then realized that what Hachi said was right. Kikaku is still looking at her as “Futaba Aoi”, and he feels terrible thinking he’s just a cage that takes away her freedom. After he leaves, Aoi whispers that even though their conditions are similar.. she’s not Kaguya-hime nor a princess. She’s just a normal girl named Mito Aoi.

Soon they heard that Sanjou is locking himself up in his mansion, and just as expected, the whole place is surrounded by a strong evil aura. It doesn’t take long until they find Sanjou inside, going extremely paranoid when Kikaku tries to get Yui’s magatama hanging around his neck. Luckily Aoi manages to purify Sanjou with Kikaku’s naginata before he can cause any damage, finally returning Yui’s magatama to Shirogane after 11 years. Even though things weregoing just fine during their battle, Kikaku turns silent again as they walk back to the inn. Aoi notices that he’s not holding her hand today, and at night she wonders why Kaguya-hime decides to return to the moon.. because Aoi can’t imagine spending her days without Kikaku by her side.


When November comes by, Aoi keeps thinking of Kikaku all day. He’s worried that she might be sick, but she pushes his hand away and escapes to her room. Of course Kikaku panicks and follows her, leaving everyone going “oh so young and inexperienced” LOL. Well.. Kikaku isn’t that young, but he’s definitely an inexperienced blockhead no matter how you look at it. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ As Kikaku checks her temperature, Aoi finally admits that she can’t imagine living without him anymore. Kikaku is surprised, but then he hugs her and finally says “hime, I love you” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. He knows “Futaba Aoi” and her are two different existence, but both of them are important to him. Aoi’s just like the sun who always shines on him, while “Futaba Aoi” is like the moon that healed his wounded heart in the past.

As the Aoiza members are preparing for their return to Ueno, Kensuke says Kikaku and Hachi seems to get along really well after Sakazuki’s case. That, and Aoi definitely will wear the pants in the relationship if Kikaku and her get married. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ However, they have to postpone their return since Yukichi’s coming to see them in Nikko. His letter says he wants to talk about the missing Seiji, so Aoi thinks he might be worried as well.. but of course Yukichi doesn’t have such feelings. He reveals that Seiji’s actually working for him, and his “job” is none other than to spread uramon‘s aura. Yukichi knows uramon is a valuable power if it’s used by a person strong enough to handle it, admitting that Seiji is just a tool to reach his goal. Now he wants Aoiza to work for him too, but they obviously reject his offer right away.

Yukichi then turns around and shows a creepy hint of obsession towards Aoi, but Kikaku stops him from getting too close. Aoiza fights for love, friendship and trust — all the emotions Yukichi threw away — so there’s no way they’re willing to work for him, and he better not think of approaching Aoi. Yukichi only says he’s disappointed and leaves, but not before telling Kikaku “I’ll pray so the princess won’t hate you if your emotions take control.” ( ಠ_ಠ )

When Aoi follows Kikaku outside after that, he suddenly hugs her and gives her a passionate kiss. ‘`ァ,、ァ(*´Д`*)’`ァ,、ァ Yukichi’s words earlier hits him where it hurts the most, because he realized he gets carried away so easily when it comes to Aoi. Kikaku feels he’s been pushing his feelings towards her, just like how his father was driven to insanity by his deep love for Kikaku’s mother. However, Aoi tells Kikaku that he’s a really kind person. He never forced his feelings onto her, because she knows he’s always thinking about her more than anyone else. She never feels “caged” around him, though his words and actions are affecting her in every way possible.. but that’s natural because she loves him. Kikaku finally smiles saying the same goes for him, since she has completely captivated his heart. As he pulls Aoi into his arms, Kikaku says he’s really glad to have met her.

The next day, Kensuke tells Kikaku and Aoi to have a date, pushing them out of the room lol. Kikaku apologized for kissing her so suddenly yesterday, promising that he won’t be so rough next time. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He also tells Aoi that he didn’t get along with Kensuke at first. Their former leader, Kaminari Kousuke, suddenly disappeared one day, and Kensuke appeared to take his place one year later. For the young Kikaku, Kousuke was both his savior and his ideal father figure, so it was hard for him to accept Kensuke as his successor. They used to fight everyday, and Kikaku started using naginata so he can poke Kensuke from afar LOL. After Yui’s death, they spent two years travelling in loneliness until Rin eventually joins Aoiza as well. Despite their rocky start, right now Kikaku thinks of Kensuke as the most reliable man ever — they’re just like brothers.

Based on Toki’s order, Seiji comes to attack their inn at night. He’s waiting for them in front of the inn, taking out his gun to shoot Aoi when she comes out. His half-hearted attitude makes Kikaku angry, so he punches Seiji saying he shouldn’t do things he doesn’t want to do. It hurts everyone around him too, especially those who have a kind heart like Aoi. Seiji still holds his gun until Kensuke eventually drags him away into the night — shocking everyone, especially Kikaku. He’s afraid that Kensuke’s leaving them as well, just like Kousuke, but Aoi tells him Kensuke will never throw Aoiza away.. and Kikaku should know that better than anyone else.


Since it starts snowing recently, Aoiza decides to return to Ueno without their leader. The mountain path will be blocked by the snow soon, and there’s no point of waiting forever in Nikko. As they walk through the snowy path, Nanami tells them he actually had a bet with Kousuke in the past. Kikaku was just a weak kid back then, but Kousuke believes he’s going to become a great man in the future. Nanami thought Kikaku would just fail as a man though, so they agreed to make a bet. Now he’s asking Aoi to determine the winner. If Nanami loses, he’ll grant Kikaku one wish. It was his promise to Kousuke.

Upon returning to Miyoshino, Aoi notices that the crack on “Futaba Aoi” is getting bigger. She also feels dizzy again and passes out in her room, though she can hear everyone gathering around her. Unlike before, Kikaku asks everyone to calm down. They should think about what to do next instead of panicking, so Nanami then reveals that he worked for Yukichi before. It was from him that Yukichi learned about uramon and sacred treasures, even though it wasn’t intentional. Housen also apologized since he actually knows about Nanami’s past, but he kept this a secret from everyone else. They need to be careful though since Yukichi’s guardian, Toki Yatarou, is an insanely powerful man, and he’s currently out there hunting for Kensuke and Seiji. After telling everyone to get some rest, Kikaku decides to stay in Aoi’s room.

That night, Aoi finally opens her eyes and finds herself sleeping on Kikaku’s lap. Kikaku keeps stroking her hair gently, whispering that he only wants her safety above anything else. Soon Nanami comes to check Aoi’s conditions, and Aoi tells him her answer — Kousuke wins their bet, just as he expected. To fulfill his promise, Nanami then hands a small crest crystal to Aoi, healing her body and restoring her energy. It’s actually a present from Kousuke, back then he told Nanami to fulfill Kikaku’s wish with the crystal, knowing that he’s going to win their bet in the future. After Nanami leaves, Kikaku asks if he can kiss her. Aoi nods, and Kikaku kisses her saying “Aoi, I don’t want to be apart from you..” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

The next day, Yukichi sends a letter to Aoi saying he’ll be waiting at Zojoji Temple next week. The letter says he wants to have an uramon-related discussion, as well as mentioning Seiji and Kensuke’s whereabouts, but they all know it might be a trap. Even so, Aoi decides to go and meet Yukichi. “Futaba Aoi”‘s power is running out, and they don’t know what will happen to her if the stone breaks. Kikaku runs out in the middle of this conversation, and Aoi finds him thinking alone outside. He feels that he doesn’t really grow up after all these years, but Aoi holds his hands and tells him to believe in Kousuke — he’s a great man. (*´ω`*) Kikaku should also remember that he’s not alone. He can’t really see anyone other than Aoi, but everyone’s here to support them as well. Especially Hachi, who tells him “we’re brothers!” before running away in embarrassment. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

On the promised day, Kikaku and Aoi notice the strong smell of oil near the temple, but Toki appears saying he won’t let them pass. Yukichi’s growing obsession towards Aoi will just be an obstacle towards his own dreams, and Toki would do anything to prevent that outcome.. that includes using uramon‘s aura on himself — ready to kill everyone. However, while Toki’s fighting for Yukichi’s sake, Kikaku also has someone he wants to protect. After a long battle, Aoi eventually purifies Toki with Kikaku’s naginata. “Futaba Aoi” shatters immediately after the battle. Soon Kensuke and Seiji also joins them, and when Kensuke pulls Kikaku out of his shocked state.. Kikaku finally realized that Kousuke and Kensuke have been the same person all along. They don’t have time for explanations though, since a loud boom is heard as Yukichi sets the whole temple on fire.

When they find Yukichi in front of the temple, he tells them he wants to rebuild the country by using “Futaba Aoi”‘s power. He’s planning to mix foreign / western influence to make Japan a better country. Well, too bad! “Futaba Aoi” already ran out of power and his evil plan won’t work anymore. Despite Yukichi’s attempts to toy around with Kikaku’s emotions, Kensuke tells them that it’s actually “Futaba Aoi”‘s wish to be destroyed. A new era has come and it can’t support the country anymore, so it called its reincarnation from the future — Aoi — to use up all of its remaining power. But even if “Futaba Aoi” already disappeared, Aoi is still here. She’s the proof that Kikaku’s devotion towards his mission isn’t for nothing. Yukichi then goes away saying he’ll figure out another method to build the country, and Kensuke calls the rain to put off the fire.

After returning to Miyoshino, Kensuke explains that since “Futaba Aoi” is now broken, Aoi can go back home. When his sword calls a thunder from the sky, Seiji’s mirror will open the path to the future. Kensuke’s sword will run out of power too eventually, so Aoi needs to make a decision right now. Before she can tell them her answer, Kikaku suddenly grabs her and asks her not to go. He can’t imagine a world without her, because he won’t be able to live without having her by his side. Kikaku’s eyes look really sad and teary, but Aoi hugs him saying she’s not going anywhere. She will always stay in this world with him, and she won’t regret this decision even if she misses her family. When Hachi says he’s really glad Aoi’s staying with them, Kikaku stresses that she’s staying “by his side” — he’s upgrading her from Aoiza’s princess to be his princess only. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

In the ending, Kikaku tells Aoi that he didn’t want to acknowledge her as “Futaba Aoi” at first. If the stone reincarnates to be a human, it means that Aoiza failed to protect it at some point in the past. For Kikaku, his mission to protect “Futaba Aoi” was the most important thing, even though he knows there’s no such thing as an eternal life. But that was in the past. For the current Kikaku, Aoi is his everything. She’s just like a flower that blooms on his hands, and he’s now living his life for her. As he holds her in his arms, Kikaku tells Aoi that he loves her.

LOL Kikaku is so cute. While Hachi’s like a puppy that wags his tail around Aoi, Kikaku is more like a big dog that follows her around everywhere. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ It’s so adorable whenever he covers his mouth and blushes like a tomato, since it completely breaks his straight-laced image. Don’t be fooled by that serious and proper personality though, Kikaku’s kiss scenes are 100% hot thanks to those sound effects Suzuken makes. イヤ–(*ノ∀ノ)–ン!! Just as expected, the Kotobuki family background is explained here in Kikaku’s route. While I really like how he gets jealous of everyone, sadly some of the parts are a bit dragged out.. and is it just me, or does Yukichi change his motive in each route? n(ー_ー?)ン?

BBQ plot aside, overall I really enjoyed Aoiza. It takes me a week to complete because there’s no common route, but the characters and their interactions are really interesting. The guys are really cute and have their own charms, I even end up liking a character I thought I wouldn’t like lol. If you don’t mind long games and historical settings, I’d recommend giving Aoiza a try. Just don’t expect much from the main plot, and enjoy the cute moments. xD

7 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku – Kotobuki Kikaku

  1. Ah, finally you finished it! お疲れ様!

    So basically, Kikaku is cute, huh? I prefer his banner randomly, but I’m glad I don’t choose a wrong person. Truthfully, I began not liking Suzuken’s voice after SS, Bloody Call, and Kamisama no Memo-chou. But if it’s similar to Masato in Utapri, then I may keep him my interest.

    All and all, I really want to play it.. (I hope this nise fd will end soon). Thanks for your review, and it will be my guide to play it (as you said it’s hard to understand most of the story).

    • I never watched Kamisama no Memo-chou, but yeah I can see why you don’t like Tsubasa and Wataru’s voice LOL. Kikaku’s definitely more similar to Masato though, since they’re both serious types. xD

  2. I’m actually quite confused about Yukichi’s motive but I set it aside and just focused on romantic parts. lol

    I think Kikaku’s blushing is contagious since I’m like this ^//////^ everytime you mention that he blushes. XDD

    • That’s exactly why I keep mentioning it lol. It’s not really important, but I just can’t resist that blush. He covers his mouth too when blushing, though you probably saw that on my tumblr already. 8D

      As for Yukichi.. I don’t even know lol. *ignores plot for romance*

  3. Cutie guy!
    he kind of reminds me of bad guys but… DUH WHO CARES!?
    though i don’t think silver hair looks good in reality huh? xD
    though i’m probably gonna pass on this one.
    Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku is sooooooooooooooooooo interesting that i don’t even find time to comment on Rin’s goold old reviews!
    BTW, i see you’re doing dark cherry. when are you gonna do Amnesia? not that it’s soooooooooooooo romantic anyway…
    i was just wondering about what your thoughts will be after playing that game.

    • Yeah I don’t think silver hair looks good IRL lol. xD
      Glad to see you’re enjoying HanaIchi, it’s one of my favorite otome games. :D
      I’m going to play Amnesia after Dark Cherry, though I’ll probably take a peek or two (or three) at Ikki’s route every night before bed.

  4. Kikaku ignoring housen in the first part…so funny! And that part where aoi wonders why shou targets her, and kikaku saying she’s beautiful… priceless!kyaa—!kikaku’s inexperience with love is pretty cute too. Hm, i think i might have a weakness for the inexperienced guys…so many weaknesses. -shifty eyes-

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