Tokyo Yamanote Boys DARK CHERRY

Finally it’s time for the latest installment of TYB. Super Mint was disappointing and blew off my otome mood for weeks, but Dark Cherry is another story. The best guys are all in this game!

Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a confession tournament held in Tokyo. This year Chihiro is chosen to be the princess, which means that she gets to spend a fateful dreamlike week with the boys. There are nine participants, each one of them representing an area on the Yamanote Line. The main highlights in Dark Cherry are Rudou Jesus from Roppongi, Moroboshi Tetsu from Ueno, and Hamada Shinnosuke from Shinagawa. Which one of them will become Chihiro’s prince?

Just like in the previous games, Chihiro will spend three days on a “group date” with all the guys. From the fourth day she gets to pick one guy to have a “private date” with, and on the seventh day she’s going to choose her prince in the TYB Dome. By this point I already got sick of naming my heroine over and over again, so I type in something random for her family name each time I start a new route. (・∀・ ;)ゞ But I will still refer to her by her real name, Chihiro.


As usual, the audience are all in a high tension when Chihiro arrives at the TYB dome. Soon an SUV enters the area, and the crowd gone wild as Jesus comes out of the car with his dog. He doesn’t seem interested in the event and wants Chihiro to be his woman right away, but not so fast.. because Shinnosuke jumps out of his helicopter to stop him! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ He cries before jumping out since the height scared him. He also cried after landing since it hurts his feet, but at least he planned a cool entrance LOL.

Only Tetsu arrives with a normal way, though he’s carrying his baseball bat and glove after practice. The other two members of this team are clearly problematic kids, so Tetsu plays the reliable “big brother” role in the group — which fits his image perfectly. Despite Shinnosuke’s antics and Jesus’ constant “うぜぇ” / “めんどくせぇ” / “だりぃ” / other variations depending on your taste, Tetsu manages to lead them inside the dome for the opening event.

After the boys introduced themselves, the president announces the first round of the event. To eliminate the numbers of participant from nine to three, the participants are divided into three random groups for a confession battle. Each group receives a different confession theme, and Chihiro is the one who will determine the winners.

The battle basically goes like this:

  • Jesus, Yuuto and Iori’s theme is “heart-stealing”. Apparently Yuuto’s idea of “stealing” is to buy everything she owns — her house, land and even family register. Σ(゚д゚ ;) This isn’t even a confession, so Chihiro only asks him to return everything lol. Iori’s cool confession makes her go ドキドキ, but nobody beats Jesus in this area. He pulls Chihiro closer and leans in for a kiss, even though he admits he won’t be gentle. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She tries to get away and tells him to stop, but this threatening confession actually wins her heart. Instant victory! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
  • Tetsu, Ayumu and Lucy’s theme is “tolerance”. Even though Lucy presents a beautiful song for Chihiro, sadly his confession doesn’t fit the theme. Ayumu tries his best to act like a reliable older brother figure, telling Chihiro she can talk to him about anything, but sadly he’s just too cute for the role. This theme is totally created just for Tetsu though. He pats her head and fixes her slightly messy hair in such a natural way, he ends up winning the battle even without trying to confess lol.
  • Shinnosuke, Koutarou and Takumi’s theme is “sudden change”, which means they have to attack her heart with a different kind of image. This theme is too hard for the serious Takumi, who pulls out a marriage certificate and asks Chihiro to sign it. Koutarou gets the idea, but he takes the wrong step by confessing like a beast: “Gaooo! Nyaaa!” (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Shinnosuke gets nervous as well, but when Chihiro touches his hand.. he suddenly whispers “I’ll lock you up forever” in a sexy, low voice. Naturally he wins the battle with this image change.

Now that there’s only three participants left, Chihiro will spend the first three days with Jesus, Tetsu and Shinnosuke on a group date. The location of their dates are determined by the staff, and they’re going to inform Chihiro every morning via mail.

1st Day: Asakusa

When they come out of the dome, they are welcomed by Jesus’ dog — Dog. Believe it or not, that’s really his name. (´・ω・`A;) Jesus says it’s really うぜぇ that Dog keeps following him, but Tetsu knows he’s just hiding his feelings beneath that violent mask. If he really hates a person (or an animal), Jesus will say “I’ll kill you” instead of complaining. Just like what he’s doing to Shinnosuke. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They also see a woman dressed in black nearby, staring at the dome with a sad look in the middle of the street. Chihiro pushes her away before she get hit by a car, but she still looks sad even after the group leaves.

Currently the Samba Festival is taking place in Asakusa, so the area is packed with people. Of course Jesus isn’t interested and would rather go somewhere else, but Tetsu and Chihiro want to enjoy the festival. Shinnosuke has a better idea though: make his own festival just for Chihiro — the Hammernival! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The name reminds Tetsu of Hannibal Lecter, but Jesus gets excited thinking Hammernival will feature a famous serial killer lol. Sadly Jesus won’t meet any serial killers soon, since Shinnosuke’s idea of a carnival involves strange totem poles, lots of girls in weird costumes, as well as a giant robot as the main part of the parade. Why a giant robot? Because Shinnosuke enjoys looking down on people from up above.

In order to have a proper “date”, Tetsu then takes everyone to a really famous amusement park in Asakusa — Kikuyashiki. The park has been running for around 150 years, so they can ride the oldest roller coaster in Japan there. While Shinnosuke is busy complaining about how small the park is, they notice a crowd of old people swarming Ayumu nearby. They start worshipping “Jesus-sama” the moment they heard his name, while Jesus asks Shinnosuke to take their attention away from him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He keeps saying “I’ll kill them” as usual, but Tetsu and Chihiro knows Jesus will never ever hurt old people. xD

Since Shinnosuke keeps complaining, everyone decides to go to the haunted house next. Both Tetsu and Jesus are excited, though the latter is interested because Shinnosuke suddenly starts trembling in fear. Tetsu tells him there are “not so many” real ghosts inside, and his fringe moves around as he asks “isn’t that right?” to an empty space beside them. His family members were all shrine carpenters in the past, so Tetsu can see and talk to all spirits ever since he was born. He was talking to a local spirit earlier, who is now floating near Chihiro’s shoulder. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Of course both Chihiro and Shinnosuke are scared to death, so Jesus decides to have some fun by dragging them into the haunted house. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

After the haunted house, it’s finally time to ride the old roller coaster. Tetsu explains that it can stop working anytime since it’s really old, but Jesus loves thrills! ..and so he forces Chihiro and Shinnosuke to ride it. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Five minutes later, the old coaster completely stops right before the peak LOL. Tetsu says he can climb down easily while carrying Chihiro. Jesus says he can do the same thing, but he’s not promising to take her along. As for Shinnosuke.. he’s crying on his seat, panicking and crying for help. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Fortunately (except for Jesus, anyway) the coaster starts moving again, and their first group date ends safely.

When the staff sends her a mail that night, Chihiro is given a reality check. The boys are being so kind (Jesus is kind? Really?) to her because TYB is a tournament. Even thought it makes her feel sad, Chihiro decides not to think too much about this. For now Chihiro only wants to enjoy her dreamlike week as the princess.

Meanwhile, a serial killer called the murder demon are killing high school girls all over Tokyo.

2nd Day: Honja Town

Note: This is TYB’s version of Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Sunshine City.

Today Yuuto comes to pick Chihiro up in the morning. To ensure the princess’ safety, the guys who got eliminated are now taking turns to guard her everyday. Tokyo is a dangerous place now with the murder demon on the loose, not to mentions the youngsters are going wild too for some reason. Yuuto also warns Chihiro to be careful of Jesus. Recently Jesus has been wandering around in Tokyo to search for something, and he seems to be pissed as well. Not to mention it’s weird how Jesus decided to join TYB. He’s definitely not interested in the event, so there must be a reason behind his actions. In any case, now everyone thinks Jesus is trying to cause a commotion all over Tokyo.

Their date spot today is Honja Town, a leisure spot located in Ikebukuro. While Tetsu says he’s feeling uneasy since Ikebukuro is such a modern city, Jesus’ tension goes up thinking he can punch all of the cat mascots there. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Shinnosuke is interested too, but unlike Jesus, he just wants to have fun lol. Since Tetsu wants to take a walk before going to their destination, Shinnosuke then suggests they visit a butler cafe while they’re here. Since today is a special day, all the male visitors can try dressing up as butlers as well. At first Jesus thinks it’s such a stupid idea, but since Tetsu and Shinnosuke keep saying “you just sit there while we impress the princess”.. Jesus ends up taking the offer as well. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Now that the boys have all transformed into butlers, they ask Chihiro to choose one of them to serve her. She can have Tetsu feeding her traditional Japanese menu (since he’s an edokko), Shinnosuke making an unbelievably nasty coffee for her (because rich guys never make their own coffee), or take the masochist’s path by following Jesus’ sadistic butler game lol. After the butler cafe, it’s time to visit their date spot in Sunshine City. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Dog joins them again here, and even though Jesus complains as usual, he looks so happy when Dog suddenly bites Shinnosuke’s butt for no particular reason. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

If Chihiro chooses to take a walk instead of going to the butler cafe, some angry Ikebukuro youngsters come to attack Jesus. They don’t care that Chihiro’s a girl, they’re going to crush every single one of Jesus’ friends. Obviously Jesus kicks their butts, and Tetsu takes Chihiro to escape while the crying Shinnosuke follows them from behind lol.

Upon arriving at Honja Town, Shinnosuke mentions a rumor that Jesus conquered Roppongi in just a week. His hands and legs were tied, but apparently that didn’t stop him from kicking ass. It wasn’t his intentions to conquer the area though, which is why he finds it annoying that all the youngsters in Roppongi are following him like a herd of sheep. Noticing that Jesus looks really irritated, Tetsu stops this conversation and takes them inside the amusement park. Obviously animals aren’t allowed to enter, but Dog is an exception since Jesus scares the staff away lol.

Everyone then decides to participate in Honja Adventure — a game where they have to clear all the missions given by their Honja-kun doll. Their first mission is to eat 100 gyoza in Gyoza Town. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ It seems like an impossible task at first, but Tetsu and Dog can actually eat all of them without problems lol. He always gets hungry after his baseball practice, and he’s got a huge appetite before he knew it. While Jesus refuses to eat since he’s not hungry, Shinnosuke says he can’t eat gyoza because he hates all kinds of vegetables. He gets jealous when Chihiro praises Tetsu though, so he orders a lot of empty gyoza.. only to find they taste disgusting. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

The second mission sends them on a treasure hunt. They find themselves facing a dead end even after following the map, so Jesus decides to take the easy way — destroy the wall with his fist! Tetsu and Shinnosuke don’t think violence is a good idea though, so they decide to split up for a while. The boys want to take different paths towards the treasure, so Chihiro has to choose who she wants to follow:

  • Jesus: He warns Chihiro that he won’t let her escape even if she gets scared of him and changes her mind, but Chihiro knows that won’t happen. Jesus always pulls her hand and leads the way, and she really likes that side of him. He finds it weird that she’s not scared of him like everyone else, though he admits that he’s impressed.
  • Tetsu: After running around for a while, he notices that Chihiro got tired and carries her on his back. She’s worried that she might be heavy, but it’s no problem for Tetsu since he often carries the mikoshi during festivals. Even though they can’t find the right way, Tetsu blushes and says he’s in heaven right now with Chihiro on his back.
  • Shinnosuke: To demonstrate his flexible body, he tries going through a really narrow path between the walls and gets stuck. His attempts to “get out with style” don’t work, and he’s still stuck even after Chihiro tries pulling him out with force. However, when she says he can hug her once he’s free, Shinnosuke suddenly gets out of the path so easily. xD

In the end they fail to complete the mission, but Chihiro says it’s okay. They get fun memories in return, and that’s the treasure they get from this adventure. It turns out that Shinnosuke also set hidden cameras all over the room to take pictures of Chihiro, though Jesus destroys it along with all the pictures inside. Dog then turns around to to bite Shinnosuke’s butt again, and Tetsu says this is probably divine punishment for his stalker-ish behavior lol.

Right after they come out of Honja Town, Kitano Marin makes an appearance again. This time she’s a Tetsu fangirl and wants to exchange mail address with him. Obviously Tetsu refuses since he doesn’t know her at all, and Jesus’ trademark “I’ll kill you” scared the heck out of her. Before running away, Marin gives a nasty look to Chihiro and says she should just die. Tetsu tells Chihiro not to take it seriously since Marin is just jealous, and Shinnosuke says this happens since every girl wants to be the princess of TYB. Jesus also tells Chihiro that she doesn’t do anything wrong, so she should just ignore any jealous girls out there.. and when she thanks him, Jesus BLUSHES saying he’s not doing it for her. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ JESUS IS A TSUNDERE!

That night, Chihiro and her friends learn from the news that another murder case has occured an hour ago. The victim is none other than the girl from earlier — Kitano Marin.

3rd Day: Tokyo Midcity

Note: This is TYB’s version of Tokyo Midtown, the tallest building in Tokyo.

Today’s guard is Takumi, who escorts her all the way to the dome. Just like Yuuto, Takumi isn’t pleased with all of these Jesus rumors flying around. Up until now Roppongi has always been peaceful because everyone’s scared of him, but since he’s wandering around the other areas lately, the youngsters decided follow his footsteps and create problems everywhere. They don’t know what’s going on behind the screen, but Chihiro doesn’t want to doubt Jesus.

Just before they leave the dome, Tetsu suddenly get the chills and feels really sick. He can feel a strong killing intent as the murder demon appears to kill Chihiro. Soon WoodLink’s SP comes to seize him, but the murder demon escapes.. and Jesus suddenly falls into a strange silence. The president apologized for causing such a scary experience for Chihiro, but the show must go on. While Shinnosuke and Tetsu are worried about her, Jesus says they don’t have to worry. If something like that happened again, he’s going to protect Chihiro — calling her name for the first time. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Since Chihiro agrees to resume their date, they depart for today’s date spot: Tokyo Midcity, a complexed shopping mall near Roppongi. Tetsu isn’t familiar with the area and Shinnosuke just won’t do, so they ask Jesus to guide them around. The first thing he does is taking them to rest in a cafe, because he notices Chihiro’s legs are still trembling. (*´ω`*) As they talk about school life, Shinnosuke admits that he always cheats his exams lol. Tetsu’s grades are severe since he’s always busy with his baseball training, but Jesus actually has good grades even though he never studies and rarely comes to school. xD

After they’re done eating sweets, it’s time to look around the shops. Since he loves traditional stuff, Tetsu takes Chihiro to a Japanese-style interior shop. He picks up a pair of matching teacups and asks if she wants to use it together. Tetsu admits he’s half-joking though, which means he’s half serious as well. (❤ฺ→艸←) While Jesus doesn’t seem to be interested at first, he slowly opens up to Chihiro and takes her to a pet shop. She notices that Jesus looks lonely because Dog doesn’t come today, but he denies it — tsundere-style. Jesus also buys a puppy plushie for Chihiro, blushing and saying “I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for the doll” when she thanks him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

When Shinnosuke’s turn comes, he takes Chihiro to a store called IKEE. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ They find some totem poles there, and Shinnosuke gets excited saying it’s really stylish lol. His room at home is filled with questionable stuff too, including a wooden horse used to torture female prisoners back in the Edo era. (´・ω・`A;) As a present for today, Shinnosuke then buys a sofa for Chihiro. He almost bought TEN, but of course they won’t fit into her living room LOL.

At the end of the group date, Chihiro receives a mail from WoodLink. They inform her that the murder demon has been captured earlier, so there’s nothing to worry about. However, just like in Honey Milk, that night the news says the murder demon still hasn’t been captured. WoodLink didn’t hand him to the police.. but for what reason?

Though you should know if you’ve played Honey Milk. 8D

9 thoughts on “Tokyo Yamanote Boys DARK CHERRY

  1. Ah, I just have tried until the opening. It’s quite funny that Yuuto say he want to buy everything she have (I thought back then, the meaning was about romantic way, but… he crazily said that-makes me lose mind about the cool guy vibes of him).

  2. hey! that’s cool! dark cherry seems A LOT better then super mint, i might give it a chance ;P (have to find it from otome basement downstairs)
    is that scary guy in this game? ya know… the one in the entrance CD, the free one.
    that guy who was killing a girl and saying love,death. emo freak.

    • I’m only up to the third day and I can say it with certainty: Dark Cherry is WAY better than Super Mint. xD ..and yes the murder demon is still on this game, because he’s important to the plot lol.

  3. Buh, typical Yuuto. You have to return don’t you? Anyhow, I’m enjoying how DARK CHERRY is going so far. It’s like HONEY MILK and SUPER MINT put together into something better.

    My one has still yet to come in, for whatever reason. AMNESIA came in fine, but where’s TYB!? Oh well, tried not to spoil myself too much on this game, but I really want to play it now! DX

    • I’m loving Dark Cherry as well, but it’s probably because I love the guys. Jesus is awesome, Tetsu is cute, and Hammer is entertaining. I hope your Dark Cherry comes soon. :)

  4. After how Super Mint and Honey Milk didn’t live up to my expectation, I didn’t even bother to preorder Dark Cherry.
    If your review convince me otherwise I’ll buy this one (already planning to get a bunch next month for psp so this would end up backlogged anyways).
    This one does seem a LOT better though.

    • Super Mint was quite bad. Honey Milk might be better if they don’t give us cotton candy aliens use a different design for Yuuto and Ayumu lol. But in Dark Cherry, I’m absorbed right from the start. It’s a good sign, but we’ll see what happened after I step into the true route.

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