TYB Dark Cherry – Hamada Shinnosuke

Following a friend’s advice, I decided to start with Hammer.. and I’m glad I did. His true ending ruined everything. It changes my impression of him from hilarious to creepy as hell. ((ノll゚Д゚llヽ))

Hamada Shinnosuke is the representative from Shinagawa. He’s currently 18 years old, a third year student in Hokuougi Juku High School. Shinnosuke is filthy rich and often uses his money to resolve everything, ranging from buying huge hotels to bribing his own fans club. He’s a pervert and often throws erotic remarks even on stage, though he also gets picked on a lot thanks to his weird personality. He’s rather poetic, but he invents his own vocabulary.

4th Day

After choosing Shinnosuke for the private dates, Chihiro goes to Shinagawa to meet him. Near the station they meet his “fans” — the Hammer Girls — who clearly joined the club just to get money and branded goods from him. Shinnosuke refuses to go shopping with them since he’s got Chihiro now, and they start bitching until he gives them his black card. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Chihiro isn’t sure if that’s a good idea, but Shinnosuke tells her not to worry since he’s got unlimited money in his bank account. After all, he’s the president of his parents’ hotel management company — the Pacific Oriental Group. His father is the CEO and his mother is the secretary.

Shinnosuke then takes Chihiro to Shinagawa Marine Stadium, an aquarium near the station. He says the aquarium is too small for him since they don’t have whale sharks, but he often comes here after school to swim.. and that’s their date plan for today Σ(゚д゚ ;) He also brings some swimsuits for her — a gold T-back and a platinum string bikini. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Obviously Chihiro refuses to wear both, so he ends up giving her a normal swimsuit instead. Today he already booked the entire place just for the two of them, and Chihiro can join him for a swim among the fishes LOL. Since Chihiro’s hesitant about this, she ends up watching Shinnosuke as he starts swimming with questionable style. xD

A shark then comes to attack them in the aquarium, and Shinnosuke tries to protects Chihiro by handing his butt to the shark. Instead of biting him, the shark jumps and licks Shinnosuke’s face like a dog. Apparently the shark loves him, probably because he gives gold fish & chips to all the dangerous fishes in the aquarium.. if not to all of them. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He also prepared some gold to bribe the fishes just in case they come to attack, but of course that retarded plan won’t work LOL.

Even though their date is far from normal, Chihiro knows Shinnosuke did his best to make sure they’re having fun today. When she says he looks really cool, Shinnosuke starts crying happy tears and asks Chihiro to marry him already. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ She doesn’t get what he’s saying though, since he was crying and sobbing the entire time lol. Chihiro’s friends are expecting a perverted kind of date knowing Shinnosuke’s personality, but their date today is actually pretty innocent.. though things definitely went wrong lol.

5th Day

When Chihiro arrives at the Shinagawa station, Shinnosuke pulls out a present he made just for her — a portrait of her made of GOLD. He worked hard to paint it himself for the last five days, telling Chihiro that he’s a member of the art club at school. While Shinnosuke definitely has a twisted sense of beauty, Chihiro’s happy that he’s doing his best for her. When Chihiro says she’ll treasure the portrait forever, Shinnosuke starts crying again and hugs her in front of the station until she tells him to stop. What a dork lol.

For today’s date, Shinnosuke takes Chihiro to do some shopping in Wing Takanawa. He wants to buy everything in the shop (which really reminds her of Yuuto), but since Chihiro refuses.. they end up choosing some clothes together. After shopping they decided to have lunch, and when Chihiro asks what he wants to eat, Shinnosuke says “I want to eat you” and asks if she wants to spend the whole night with him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン They also see some angry youngsters from Shibuya having a fight nearby, so Shinnosuke suggests a wonderful idea to keep Chihiro safe at all times — tie their hands together with his “love handcuffs”! \(^o^)/ Of course she rejects the idea right away, saying they should just hold hands instead. Despite him being a pervert at all times, Shinnosuke blushes and stutters as he tries to hold Chihiro’s hand. xD

Unfortunately, their いちゃいちゃ time pisses off the angry youngsters around them. They push Chihiro away saying she’s an annoying airhead, and Shinnosuke tries to bribe them in a panic. However, when they forced Chihiro to play with them, a pair of devil wings suddenly comes out of Shinnosuke’s bag.. then his personality changes instantly. In a low, sexy voice, he says “don’t touch my woman” and tells them to go away before he beats them into a pulp. Σ(゚д゚ ;)

Shinnosuke scares the youngsters so much they run away in fear, but he turns back into his usual self when Chihiro touches his hand. Apparently it was subconscious, since Shinnosuke doesn’t remember anything about his personality change. While the sexy “Devil Hammer” from earlier was a bit scary, Chihiro thanks him for protecting her and says he looks really cool. But since Shinnosuke is back to his perverted self right now, he uses this chance to put his “love handcuffs” on her wrists saying they should continue their date this way. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

6th Day

Today Shinnosuke’s taking Chihiro to a model room he made for them — filled with his favorite totem poles, weird masks, questionable objects and rose petals covering the floor. It turns out that he bought an entire garden just to have an endless supply of rose petals lol. Shinnosuke wants to stay with Chihiro even after the tournament ends, so this will be their room when they start living together in the future. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He understands they need to follow the right order though, so he takes her to their next destination: a wedding hall in the same building LOL. Chihiro only wants to know him better though, and she drags Shinnosuke to have a date in town instead of discussing their “new life” together.

In the Shinagawa Station Building, Chihiro spots a cute plastic necklace for sale. Shinnosuke isn’t sure since it’s just a cheap non-gold non-platinum accessory, but Chihiro tells him “good” doesn’t always mean “expensive”. It’s a special campaign item given to anyone who can clear a baseball game in the shop, so Shinnosuke does his best to get the necklace for her.. even though he has zero reflexes and keeps throwing the balls into the future. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ By the time he managed to clear the game, Shinnosuke already ran out of energy and faints in the shop, so Chihiro takes him back to his model room.

When Shinnosuke gives her the necklace, Chihiro says she’s really happy that he’s doing his best for her. Rather than receiving expensive things, she prefers seeing Shinnosuke putting a lot of effort just to make her happy — like the portrait he painted for her and today’s necklace. As Chihiro lets him rest on her shoulder, Shinnosuke finally realized this kind of relationship suits them the best. It’s enough as long as they can stay together like this. Shinnosuke soon falls asleep and Chihiro gently pats his head, pretending not to hear anything when he mutters “Honey-chan, tie me up.. hit me.. kick me..” in his sleep. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

7th Day

The fateful seventh day is the last day of TYB. The finale takes place in the TYB Dome, where Jesus, Tetsu and Shinnosuke each gives their final confession to Chihiro. After receiving all of their confessions, Chihiro takes Shinnosuke’s hand. Shinnosuke is crowned this year’s prince, and he couldn’t stop crying as they go out on their victory parade. When their carriage passes Chihiro’s friends, she can hear Hina yelling “I never thought you’ll pick a maniac!” LOL. They’re expecting to hear interesting reports from now on. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

In the epilogue, Shinnosuke and Chihiro go on a date to Galaxy Land. He still gets all nervous when they hold hands, but at least he’s not using his “love handcuffs” anymore lol. At first he thinks of bribing people to let them ride attractions whenever they want to, but he remembers that Chihiro won’t be happy with that. Even if they can’t ride attractions, he’s happy as long as he can spend time with her. After spending the whole day walking around holding hands, they watch the parade at night. Shinnosuke asks if he can kiss her, but when Chihiro opens her eyes after the kiss.. she finds “Devil Hammer” standing in front of her. Before he kisses her again, he tells her to open her eyes and look at him as they kiss. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン


The true route starts with a scene in a laboratory. The researchers are panicking since their test subject “KNG” suddenly starts going wild for an unknown cause. Soon “KNG”, or rather.. Killer Nightingale, breaks the barrier and attacks all the staff around him. While in the shadows, a woman called “Mother” is watching this with a sad look in her eyes.

2nd Day

On her way home from the usual drink bar, Chihiro finds Marin stalking her outside. Pissed by Chihiro’s calm attitude, Marin takes out a knife and forces her to just quit TYB already. But the moment Marin touches Chihiro, a sharp pain suddenly pierces her chest and she runs away. As she’s writhing in pain, the murder demon then appears and gives her a nice stab through the heart. I’m happy with this result. Thanks, Mr. Killer Nightingale! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Meanwhile, Yuuto’s butlers are watching all of this from afar.

3rd Day

In the morning, Takumi tells Chihiro that there used to be a person who tried to suppress all the violence in Roppongi. That person’s name is Kurusu Kyouhei, and he’s currently missing. He was really kind to everyone, but he tends to push his ideals on people as well. He really tries to save everyone without exception, including all the criminals in town. Takumi knows Kyouhei well because he used to be an OB in his school, and he describes Kyouhei as a “perfect” man — good at studies and sports, has a bright future as a policeman, and has tons of fangirls.

Kyouhei’s only mistake is probably that he gets involved too much with people. Rather than doing deskwork in the police station, he prefers guiding the youngsters in town back to the right path.. even though it’s not an easy task. Kyouhei had to go through many kinds of danger and difficulties, not to mention his boss isn’t pleased with his actions, but that never stops him from working for the youngsters. While this tarnished his reputation as a policeman, Kyouhei managed to control the security in Roppongi — though in a different way than what Jesus did.

However, Kyouhei suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. At the same time Jesus suddenly starts roaming around the other areas, so the youngsters are going wild again to “follow” his footsteps. They think Jesus just wants to go on a rampage, while actually he’s only looking for something. Or someone.

During their first encounter with the murder demon, he drops a big hint about what’s actually going on here: “Move out of the way.. Jesus..” Upon hearing this line coming from him, Jesus looks incredibly upset and asks “..why are you here?” only to get no response. Before he can figure out what’s going on, WoodLink’s SP comes and the murder demon escapes. Later on he got captured though, and they put him inside an unbreakable barrier. The president is amused to see “the other party” creating this kind of outcome, but right now he’s more interested in his own love virus seed.

4th Day

A sharp pain strikes Chihiro’s arm in the morning. While the pain quickly goes away, that night she saw a strange dream about a ruined world. At the same time in WoodLink’s laboratory, the murder demon finally manages to break the barrier. Now he’s going out to get more blood.

5th Day

When Chihiro’s having her daily girl’s talk that night, a researcher named Oomine is searching around the town for her. The vaccine they made has been captured by WoodLink, and he’s got no choice but to tell her everything. Sadly instead of finding Chihiro, he finds the president instead. Right from the beginning, he knows that Oomine betrayed his group — LUV — to join the other side for a certain woman’s sake. Even though Oomine thinks he’s the sole survivor of the KNG incident, the president tells him that he’s not the only one. He won’t tell him whether “Mother” is still alive or not, but he’s willing to share the fact that their vaccine has escaped last night. The president isn’t doing anything on purpose, because he knows people fall in love more easily when they’re in danger.

After saying goodbye to Oomine, the president orders his subordinate to shoot the man dead. Chihiro actually hears the sound of the gunshot from afar, but she brushes it off thinking she’s probably just imagining things.

6th Day

On her way to the station, Chihiro notices that there’s a lot of black birds around her. It creeps her out since they seem to be watching her movements, so she runs off to meet Shinnosuke as quick as possible. Unfortunately, the black birds are following Chihiro all the way to the Shinagawa station. Soon the murder demon appears to attack Chihiro, and Shinnosuke tries to bribe him in a panic lol. Chihiro feels touched upon seeing Shinnosuke trying to protect her, even though his legs are shaking the whole time.. and that’s when Creeping VI’s heart mark appears on her arm.

Before they can figure out what’s happening, the woman they met on the first day, “Mother”, shows up. She’s really bitter about Creeping VI, but she explains that the pain on Chihiro’s arm is caused by love. Even though it’s still incomplete right now, the virus was activated because Chihiro’s starting to fall in love. She also starts seeing visions of people writhing in pain, while both the murder demon and Mother keep saying that she’s the one causing their pain — she’s the world’s enemy. Shinnosuke tries to take Chihiro to a safe place since Mother won’t help them no matter what, and here’s where Yuuto appears to save the day. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

..or so I thought. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Shinnosuke not only refuses to get into his car, but he also refuses to hear the explanations as well. Right now he needs to carry Chihiro to his helicopter, so he tells Yuuto to play with the murder demon as they escape. When Chihiro opens her eyes later, she finds Shinnosuke holding her hands from the bedside. He explains this is his second (or third.. or fourth..) home, and it’s better than a hospital since he already called a lot of doctors to take care of her. When Yuuto calls Shinnosuke to explain the situation, he goes “don’t talk about Honey-chan’s body, so perverted!” and hangs up on him. (´・ω・`A;)

Since the doctors don’t know anything about Chihiro’s illness, Shinnosuke decided to just take the positive way and draws his own conclusion — she’s lovesick! \(^o^)/ He’s so happy and tells Chihiro that he loves her too, not even giving her a chance to react. Shinnosuke says he’s going to look for a way to heal her pain, and Chihiro actually feels better upon seeing his antics in action.

7th Day

Chihiro has yet another strange dream, but this time she can see things better. She’s standing in front of the ruined, abandoned TYB dome, and she’s surrounded by mountains of corpses. Those who survived think of themselves as saints, while Chihiro herself can’t do anything at all. She can’t move. She can’t speak. She can only stare at this sad scenery. While she feels calm and comfortable in this ruined world, Chihiro knows that she’s missing someone..

Chihiro wakes up to find Shinnosuke watching her all night long. It turns out that he already did his homework and did some research on her “love disease”, learning that something terrible will happen if they ignore it. The doctors and researchers explained a lot of things to him, but of course Shinnosuke only understands a small part of it. That didn’t change the fact that he did his best for her though, considering he didn’t get any sleep last night. When Chihiro thanks him, Shinnosuke tells her to save her gratitude for later since he’s got a present for her — a special room in his building.

…yes, a special room with Chihiro’s pictures covering the walls and Chihiro’s plushies sitting on the bed. MY GOD it looks so much like a maniac stalker’s room, I’m beyond terrified at this point. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ The room is also heavily guarded and Chihiro had to go through a complex sterilization process just to enter, but Shinnosuke tells her not to worry. She doesn’t have to go through all of those complicated process anymore. BECAUSE HE’S LOCKING HER UP IN THIS ROOM FOREVER. (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ He explains this room will sterilize every single bacteria in the air — preventing Chihiro’s virus from growing any further. She will be safe in this room, and everyone outside won’t suffer as well. PERFECT.

Even though she won’t be able to get out, Shinnosuke and his staff will provide everything she wants. Everything will be just fine and Chihiro won’t feel lonely at all, because he’s also staying in this room forever with her. It’s a world just for the two of them. Literally speaking. \(^o^)/ Shinnosuke then confesses his love for Chihiro, and after a short silence.. she accepts his feelings and says “thank you” — happy that he did this much just for her. While everyone out there thinks of her as an enemy, Shinnosuke is giving her a new world to live in.

In the epilogue, Shinnosuke and Chihiro are living a happy life in their own world. They have no idea how much time has passed ever since that day, since they completely cut off all contacts with the world outside. Chihiro actually feels a lot better here, and Shinnosuke tells it’s because this room is equipped with a fake sunlight to make sure they stay healthy. After spreading red rose petals around them, Shinnosuke pushes Chihiro to the bed saying he’s going to love her forever.. and he knows she feels the same. She’s going to spend the rest of her life in this room, so she can never love anyone other than him.

WHY SUCH A CREEPY TRUE ENDING. WHY!? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Up until his true ending, I actually liked Shinnosuke a lot. He’s weird, perverted and stalks Chihiro a lot, but he’s hilarious and amusing most of the time. Especially when you poke his crotch during most of his event CGs. He makes the most entertaining faces too in the whole series. But after watching that creepy ending, I can’t think of him as anything other than a.. well, a creeper. I have to admit I went through the epilogue really quickly because it creeped me out so much, and no.. not even Suwabe’s sexy voice can save Shinnosuke for me. (ノД`)・゜・。Now whenever I hear him say “I wanna lock you up” or see him stalking Chihiro, his creepy ending will always come back to haunt me. What have you done, Rejet? (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

15 thoughts on “TYB Dark Cherry – Hamada Shinnosuke

    • Honestly his “I wanna lock you up” confession gave me the chills, but I never expect his true ending to be THAT creepy lol.. Sadly I know I’m gonna deal with this locking up stuff again in Amnesia オワタ\(^o^)/

  1. I only skipped to the end to save major spoilers, but WTH!? Oh, why must the funny and cute ones turn out to be creepy??? I won’t spoil too much on AMNESIA, but be prepared for a few scary stuff in bad endings ^^ Some aren’t bad as others though XD

    • LOL yes I was disappointed since they ruined such a cute character. If they give this ending to someone else I don’t like, I guess I won’t be so upset. xD

      ..and yes I’m prepared for more creepiness ahead in Amnesia. Especially Toma lol. T_T

  2. /jaw drops all the way to China.
    I swear, If I ever play this game, I’ll probs save him for last and then I’ll just skip the hell out of it. Rejet, I can understand the silly swim wear, but WHAT THE **** IS THIS!? /traumatized beyond repair.

    No, I really can’t say anything else, I’m way too creeped out to think about writing something about him…Suwabe oh God, I love your voice, but just…no.

    • See, even Suwabe failed to save this one lol. Everything about Hammer is weird, starting from his swimsuit to his whole personality.. but that ending is djskdj;asj NO. Just no. But then again it might be better to play him first to get him out of the way, you don’t want such a creepy ending to be your “last impression” of Dark Cherry. xD

  3. He is more than impossible. O.O And what is with that absurd ending. >_>
    One question, why is he called Hammer? :O
    Anyway, I’m excited for Jesus’ route. XD

  4. What the..!? When reading I your review I thought to myself “Haha, she’ll probably run away and scream at him for being a stalker” but then it just…ended like that? Wth?

    • Yea actually I was surprised about Chihiro’s reaction too. I was expecting her to resist and escape, but apparently that is not the case. ( ಠ_ಠ ) But then again she’s in a state of shock too, which is why she feels thankful instead of getting creeped out like me lol.

  5. “i love you and i’m a emo fucking fog and i wanna lock you up in a room and do whatever the hell i want to you.”
    ……………………………………………………(ಠ_ಠ )
    that’s something you’d normally expect in an otomate game… but this is just so… CREEPY!!!
    WAH!!! i can’t believe someone creates some creepy guy and expects us to LOVE him!? some people got some really “weird” testes… i’m beginning to worry about the end…
    i feel pretty bad for tetsu too… WHAT IF HE GOT THE SAME END WAH!!?
    (cuz you know, cute guys turn to be a yandare) (and OMFG what is this in second CG hammer is wearing?! a swimsuit!!?? lol that’s pretty funny for a “bath” suit!!)

    • LOL don’t worry, only Hammer gets this kind of ending in the whole TYB universe. The other guys are normal. I don’t even know what went wrong when Rejet was planning his route. Maybe yandere lovers will love this kind of ending, but I definitely don’t lol.

      ..and yes, everything about Hammer is weird including his swimsuit. But nothing beats Yuuto’s golden thong back in Honey Milk. xD

      • lol yeah! that creepy golden thong!! it made me laugh and feel creepy hahaha!
        i have never loved yandere characters, not hammer either. oh well, i guess every game has “this” kind of weird people at it!

  6. i died for how romantically creepy this was, yes now i have weird dreams when ever i think of isolated places but in a good way over all i like his route…just not as much as i like

  7. Can I just say what is wrong with this chick?! I mean if I was in her place I would call the mental institution and get him cure! “Hey babe, I love you so much that I decided to lock you up in my room where nobody can see you.” First of all, no no no no! He was so cute in the beginning and now he’s a freaky, stalker yandere dude! I always thought it’s adorable when boyfriends get jealous that other guys are checking out their girlfriends and saying stuff like I don’t want anybody look at you besides me only. But this!!! That is beyond creepy! Someone get this guy mental help! @_@

    • Since Hammer is so forceful, I think it’s already too late by the time she realized what’s going on. Chihiro was in a confused state too, since so much is happening in only a few days. After spending so much time with him in the locked room, I guess it’s starting to corrupt her mind as well. 8D; I don’t like yanderes either, so I understand how you feel. Hammer was so cute too in the beginning. :(

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