TYB Dark Cherry – Rudou Jesus

キタ━━━(゚∀゚)。A。)━━━!! As I said before in this post, I was attracted to Jesus right from the start. Namikawa’s using his sexy deep voice and Jesus himself is an awesome tsundere. ♥

Rudou Jesus is the representative from Roppongi. He’s currently 17, a second year student in Mikado High School. Even though he rarely comes to school, Jesus actually has good grades for his exams. He’s the only participant who doesn’t treat Chihiro with kindness, as he often threatens to “kill” or “break” Chihiro instead. His hobby is to feed Dog, his black doberman who follows him around everywhere, though Jesus always acts like he doesn’t care.

4th Day

Because Chihiro wants to know more about Jesus, she goes to Roppongi to meet up with him. When Jesus tells her to get into his car.. Chihiro finds Dog sitting comfortably inside lol. He’s still denying his affection for Dog though, telling Chihiro to get in already or else he’ll tie her onto the passenger’s seat. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Jesus then takes her to a club called Warhouse69, saying he often spends his time here instead of going to school everyday. They’re welcomed with a lot of clubbers who treat Jesus like a god on earth, but he doesn’t care and takes Chihiro to the VIP room instead. Even though the staff also provides full-course meal for them, Jesus tells Chihiro to have everything for herself. He’ll just eat nutritious jellies instead since it’s less めんどくせぇ.

When the staff asks for Chihiro’s drink, she asks him to bring the strongest one. She also tells Jesus her mother is a wine fairy and she was born from a wine barrel, but since that’s a very obvious lie.. Jesus tells the staff to “bring an orange juice for this ‘wine fairy’ and make it really sweet”, while Chihiro adds “please make it 100% natural” LOL. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While there are a lot of people admiring Jesus from afar, Chihiro notices that Jesus is always alone in the corner. Everyone worship the ground he walks on, but nobody has enough courage to approach him directly. Jesus tells Chihiro that he’s used to it though. This is his daily life.

After washing her hands in the toilet, Chihiro feels dizzy thanks to the loud music. Just then a guy comes over to hit on her, saying it’s really rare to find innocet girls like her in a club. This pisses Jesus off so much he starts destroying everything around him, including punching the ones who come to apologize. Everyone gets pissed too saying Jesus’ recent attitude is really weird, as he’s been raging without a clear reason. Chihiro is worried when they leave Jesus alone in the club, but Jesus tells her he never has any friends nor allies — he’s alone and will always be alone. He doesn’t need anyone.

Soon Dog comes and starts barking around Jesus, and while he keeps complaining about the noise.. he sits down and pats Dog’s head. He then tells Chihiro to go home and don’t choose him anymore, saying this “ridiculous thing” called TYB is over for him. However, Chihiro knows that Jesus actually feels lonely inside. She can tell he actually wants someone to stay by his side, just like how Dog always comes to approach him, and she doesn’t want to leave him here alone in the darkness. Jesus replies with “what an annoying woman”, but then he drives her back to the station saying he doesn’t want her to get in trouble again. That’s all. (❤ฺ→艸←)

5th Day

After what he said yesterday, obviously Jesus is surprised to see Chihiro coming to see him again today. Jesus asks why does she choose him again, and Chihiro says she just wants to stay with him. Plus, she’s the princess — she’s the one making the decisions here! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When Chihiro drags him to see the shops nearby, Jesus gives in saying “do whatever you want” lol. He doesn’t seem to be interested in anything though, so Chihiro asks why did he join TYB in the first place. At first Jesus tells her it’s just to “kill time”, but since she keeps looking at him with her puppy eyes.. he finally asks if she wants to go to a cafe nearby. xD

Jesus takes Chihiro to Laulerdale, a famous open terrace cafe in Roppongi, and she decides to sit outside so they can eat with Dog. (*´ω`*) There Jesus tells her that he joined TYB only because an “annoying guy” told him “something annoying”: he’s weak and needs someone to support him. In the end Jesus decided to participate to prove that he doesn’t need anyone, and that’s why he doesn’t care about the event and the rules. While Jesus says the “annoying guy” is a detective who kept sticking to him ever since they were kids, Chihiro knows that he’s actually an important person to Jesus.

Jesus then tells Chihiro that he’s broken ever since he was born. Even if everyone around him are having fun and laughing happily, Jesus can never feel the same. He can’t laugh, he can’t enjoy things, he can’t feel happy.. he’s completely disconnected from people. The only way he can stay connected with everyone through violence, even though that connection is only filled with sadness and anger. There’s no deep reason behind this personality, Jesus was born that way. Naturally nobody would want to deal with such a broken guy, including his own parents. They abandoned him and went overseas, so Jesus is always alone ever since.. until he met that certain detective.

However, he suddenly disappeared without a trace and Jesus is alone again. He keeps saying this is just going back to how things were before, but Chihiro notices Jesus looks really lonely whenever he said those words.. so she tells him she will always be here for him. When Jesus asks if she doesn’t get bored hearing all of this, Chihiro says she feels happy to know more things about him. While he seems to be a scary guy at first, right now she doesn’t feel scared of him at all. Jesus is surprised and says she’s a really strange person, hiding how he really feels by teasing Chihiro as she orders more food. (*´ω`*)

When the sleeping Dog suddenly starts barking, they notice the clubbers from yesterday are coming to attack Jesus. They’re holding various kinds of weapons and tells Jesus that his “reign” is over, but of course Jesus kicks their butts. (´・ω・`A;) Didn’t they start following him because they’re scared of his strength? What are they thinking LOL. After kicking their butts, Jesus tells Chihiro not to get involved with him again. TYB’s main purpose is to spread love and dreams, and he’s definitely not doing that by punching all the clubbers one by one. Jesus says Chihiro should leave him and never return, but she refuses saying she finally got to know him better.. so she doesn’t want things to end this way.

After hearing this, Jesus suddenly hugs Chihiro asking why she’s staying with him. After all, they’ve only known each other for five days. Chihiro tells him it’s true that there’s still a lot of things she doesn’t know about him, but that’s why she wants to know him better from now on. Besides, she told him before that she will always be here for him. When Chihiro shows him the puppy plushie he gave her on the third day, Jesus blushes saying she’s a really mad woman.. even madder than he is. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

6th Day

When Chihiro comes to Roppongi today, she can’t find Jesus in their usual meeting place. She doesn’t want to give up and go home, so she starts running around the town looking for him. Eventually she meets Dog and follows it all the way to a bar in a back alley, where she finally finds Jesus sleeping on the couch half-naked. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン When Chihiro calls his name, Jesus hugs her saying “Dog? no.. this is Chihiro’s scent..” before opening his eyes. (❤ฺ→艸←) He asks what she’s doing here in Vanquish — the bar’s name — since he’s not planning to participate in TYB anymore, but he says no more upon learning that she searched around for him.

Just then Chihiro’s stomach growls and Jesus laughs saying he’ll make a pasta for her. That’s the only dish he can make, but Chihiro is surprised that he can cook.. since he only eats jellies. Even though Jesus goes “maybe this isn’t rotten yet” and “the amount? well whatever” as he cooks, the thing that bothers Chihiro the most is that he’s walking around without putting any clothes on. Half-naked Jesus cooking in the kitchen. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ While Jesus ispretty confident in his cooking skills, he admits he’s surprised when Chihiro says it’s delicious. This is the first time he ever cooked something for a girl, and he says he doesn’t hate cooking even though it doesn’t fit his image. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

When Jesus says she doesn’t have to force herself to stay with him, Chihiro tells him not to misunderstand her intentions. At first it’s because she doesn’t wanna leave him alone, but now she’s here because she wants to stay with him. Chihiro says she won’t disappear without any reason, since Jesus never asked her to stay — it’s her own decision. Jesus says Chihiro is the first girl who goes this far just to be with him, finally asking her to stay with him forever. After telling Chihiro he won’t let her go anymore, Jesus quietly confesses that he loves her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ..and when Chihiro asks “did you just say ‘love’..?”, he goes “n-no! are you stupid!? do you want me to break you!?” immediately LOL. Chihiro says it’s okay to be broken as long as she can stay with him, and Jesus replies with “y-yes, I’ll love you until you brea– ARGH! Σ(〃д〃)” LOL WHY SO CUTE JESUS? .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Dog then uses this chance to pull the towel on Jesus’ hip and runs off. Instead of covering his crotch, Jesus chases Dog around the bar until Chihiro screams “Jesus-kun! Your ‘front’! Cover your ‘front’!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Jesus panicks and tells her not to look as he tries to grab his towel back from Dog, but even though Chihiro says she didn’t see anything.. we all know that’s such an obvious lie. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

If you check Jesus’ blog here, he wrote:
“I don’t know anything about love, but I know I want you” ε-(*´∀`|萌|

7th Day

After the boys all confessed to her, Chihiro takes Jesus’ hand — choosing him as her prince. He blushes and says he won’t thank her, but Chihiro understands. After all, they already made a promise to always be together. As they go on their victory parade, Jesus keeps blushing and puts his arm around Chihiro’s waist. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ When Chihiro says she feels really grateful to TYB, Jesus replies it’s so troublesome.. because now he has to thank the event as well for bringing them together. Jesus then asks Chihiro to close her eyes, and he kisses her.

In the epilogue, Jesus is trying to stop fighting based on Chihiro’s request. He still gets into two or three fights a day, but he’s gradually reducing the amount. Even though people can’t change over a night, Jesus is doing his best for her sake. He also apologized whenever his old habit of saying “I’ll kill you!” kicks in, and Chihiro laughs saying the current Jesus is really cute. (❤ฺ→艸←) Since the habit comes out whenever Jesus feels embarrassed, he almost said it again.. but he quickly controls himself and says “bukkoro.. korokoro” (roll around) instead. While blushing. xD This sends Chihiro into a fit of laughter, so Jesus pushes her onto the wall as the punishment for getting “carried away”. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

When Chihiro asks him to let go since they’re in public, Jesus replies “didn’t I tell you I won’t let go?” (。→∀←。) Just like what he said earlier, people can’t change that easily.. and he still loves teasing her, even though it’s doubtful if that’s ever gonna change lol. He tells her not to worry though, because his love for her will never change as well. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ After telling Chihiro that she’s forever his, Jesus kisses her.


For explanations about the virus go here. For story details go here and here.

6th Day

The sixth day starts with a flashback of Jesus’ past. Soon after Jesus entered junior high, his seniors would come to attack him for being such an “impudent junior” — even bringing high school students to gang up on him. All Jesus could do back then was to break them so hard they won’t come back to attack him again, and this became his daily life.. until he met a young Kurusu Kyouhei. Knowing Jesus is actually a lonely guy who doesn’t know how to approach people, Kyouhei sticked to him like a glue ever since. He never left even when Jesus punched him or shooed him away, and soon Jesus realized Kyouhei is just as broken as he is. Just in a different way.

One day, Kyouhei told Jesus that he’s going to be a detective. He showed his police handbook and jokingly said “I’m going to become a hero to save everyone!” While Jesus thought it’s really stupid, he got a really bad feeling about this idea. Slowly Jesus was starting to open his heart, and he also stopped punching everyone who comes to approach him.. though he still kicks ass when it comes to fights. By the time he entered high school, people already treated him as the leader of Roppongi. Of course Kyouhei was happy with this development, though he wanted a girl to take his place beside Jesus. This is where Kyouhei told Jesus that he need someone to support him all the time, suggesting him to join TYB and find a girlfriend through the event.

However, Kyouhei suddenly disappeared without a trace a few months later.

Just like in the normal route, Chihiro spends all morning running around in Roppongi looking for Jesus.. but instead of meeting Dog, she meets Mother in front of Tokyo Midcity. Soon Mother regains her memories upon touching Chihiro, telling the latter that she’s holding a deadly virus inside her body. Chihiro doesn’t need to worry though since the vaccine ZERO made, Killer Nightingale, soon appeared to “save” her from such a sad fate. Mother doesn’t want to see her death though, so she leaves them saying she’s got to settle her own issues. However, before Killer Nightingale can kill Chihiro, Jesus comes to save her. Or rather, to meet Kyouhei.

Jesus knows that Kyouhei will attack Chihiro again, so he continues participating in TYB hoping they will meet again. Jesus says he’s just using Chihiro as a bait to lure Kyouhei out, shocking Chihiro since it means the time they spend together was all just a “lie”.. and it hurts her feelings because she loves him. As soon as Chihiro realized how she feels, Creeping VI’s heart mark appears on her arm. She starts getting vision of the virus’ victims as well, while Jesus tries to ask Kyouhei what happened to both of them. Unfortunately Kyouhei doesn’t listen, and Chihiro can’t answer since the voices are giving her a splitting headache.

Soon Yuuto comes and asks them to get into his car. At first Jesus refuses to leave saying he needs to talk to Kyouhei, but eventually he gives in upon seeing Chihiro in pain. He gives them the directions towards Vanquish, and that’s where Yuuto explained everything about the love virus and the killer vaccine. Or to answer Jesus’ question from earlier, Chihiro and Kyouhei after both of them became a virus and its vaccine. Unlike Creeping VI, Killer Nightingale takes over its host’s mind. Even though it’s necessary to save the world, naturally nobody wanted to give up their humanity.. except for a certain young detective. Sadly something went terribly wrong and Kyouhei turned into a killer vaccine instead. Most likely because of Mother’s hatred towards the president, because Killer Nightingale was born from her heart.

…and speaking of Mother, she goes to WoodLink’s building to “settle” everything with her past lover. The president says he loved her back then, but Mother knows it’s obviously a lie. After saying goodbye, she pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. Mother whispers “I don’t wanna go to the same place as you, but it’s okay. You’ll be in heaven while I’m going to hell.” ..then she shoots herself as well.

7th Day

At night Chihiro sees a flashback through her dream. Kyouhei was still a second year college student back then, and his circle was planning to do a courage test in Summer. They used an abandoned laboratory since it’s a famous “haunted spot” in town, but Kyouhei decided to spice things up by setting up traps all over the building. He did this secretly on the night before their courage test, hoping he can hook up with a girl during the event.. but sadly this only triggered an accident. Not too long after he heard a girl’s scream, Kyouhei found Itsuki lying on the floor. She was drenched in an unknown liquid, crying in pain as her puppy barked next to her. Later on Kyouhei found out that one of his konnyaku traps surprised Itsuki, and she bumped into one of the laboratory racks as the result.

Kyouhei quickly called an ambulance and took Itsuki to the hospital. He was hoping the little girl won’t have any serious physical injuries, but the effect of that chemical liquid was fatal. Itsuki’s heart is damaged and she can get a heart attack any moment, so she has to spend the rest of her life in the hospital. Kyouhei feels really guilty for taking away Itsuki’s future, but when he came to apologize.. the angry Iori didn’t allow him to meet Itsuki no matter what. He also reported the incident to the police, but they couldn’t arrest him since it was an accident. Not to mention Kyouhei’s father also covered up the whole incident, just so it won’t put a stain on his own career. With both Iori and his father banning him to see Itsuki, Kyouhei had no other way but to carry this sin for the rest of his life. He started living his life for other people ever since.

Not too long after Kyouhei decided to be a detective, he met Jesus in town. Jesus reminds him of Iori a lot, and Kyouhei wanted to bring him back to the right path no matter what it takes. Five years after the accident, Kyouhei came back to investigate the abandoned laboratory. From there he eventually learned about ZERO and the researchers involved. ZERO moves to a new laboratory once every a few years, and this abandoned building was their laboratory in the past. Kyouhei also found out the liquid that got splashed onto Itsuki was actually a test sample of a vaccine, but they dumped it on the rack since it’s a failure. When he heard that the vaccine requires a host to reach the completed stage, Kyouhei has no doubt. He gave his own body for the vaccine — becoming Killer Nightingale.

As soon as Chihiro wakes up, she knows she has to go. She meets Jesus outside, and even though she refuses to answer, Jesus knows she’s planning to look for Kyouhei and commit suicide that way. Chihiro tells him to move away and says she’s just a “bait” anyway, it won’t trouble him at all even if she dies. She admits she doesn’t want to die this way, but that’s the only choice she has. When Jesus says he’s really pissed that Kyouhei turned into the vaccine without telling him anything, Chihiro tells him about the dream she saw earlier. It was hard for Kyouhei to dedicate his life for other people, and he actually became the vaccine hoping he can be free. The time Kyouhei spent with Jesus was really precious to him, so Chihiro doesn’t want Jesus to deny the bond they had.

Before Chihiro walks away, Jesus suddenly hugs her asking why does everyone leave him. Kyouhei’s disappearance left a big hole in his heart, and now that Chihiro has filled that empty space.. he doesn’t want her to leave him as well. When Jesus asks her to stay by his side, Chihiro finally says yes and gets back into the bar. She keeps thinking about what will happen to her from now on, but Jesus blushes and tells her “I’ll stay with you up until the last second, you have no problem with that right?” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Jesus says he’ll kill Kyouhei if it’s necessary to protect Chihiro, but she makes him do a pinky promise that he won’t do such a thing. She doesn’t want him to destroy his “connection” to Kyouhei.

This is the first time Jesus ever made a promise to someone, and Chihiro teases him for smiling and blushing like he’s having fun. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Since Jesus finally returns her feelings, a heart mark then appears on his arm as well — their feelings have activated the virus. Chihiro gets more visions of the victims in pain, and this gives her yet another splitting headache until she blacks out. However, Chihiro can feel that Jesus keeps holding her hand the whole time. She can also hear Yuuto’s voice explaining that the virus has reached the final stage, and the only way to save her is by using the vaccine’s blood. Nobody can hurt the vaccine except for the virus itself, which means it’s either Chihiro.. or Jesus. Despite their promise earlier, Jesus has no doubts. He leaves to stab Kyouhei’s heart — to save both Chihiro and Kyouhei himself.

When Chihiro wakes up, she drags herself to go after Jesus. Seeing her determination, Yuuto then takes her to an abandoned building, where she finds Jesus ready for a deathmatch with Kyouhei. Despite her attempts to stop them, Chihiro can barely stand since Creeping VI keeps giving her more visions. Just when Kyouhei lunges to attack her, Jesus finally stabs him on the heart. He kisses Chihiro to pass the vaccine into her mouth, while Kyouhei dissolves into black feathers. With a shaky voice, Jesus tells Chihiro that in the end he can only destroy everything, including their promise. But even so, he wants her to stay with him. Chihiro tells him she won’t ever leave his side, and Jesus says he’ll hug her with these arms forever — the arms that only know how to break things.

In the epilogue, Jesus and Chihiro visit Kyouhei’s grave together. There’s a lot of offerings in front of his grave, brought by all the people he helped when he was still alive. Jesus says it’s really weird how a kind guy like Kyouhei had to die, while a violent person like him is still alive and kicking.. but he says no more and takes Chihiro back to Vanquish. It’s been bothering her for a while now, so Chihiro asks if Jesus doesn’t have a house. He tells he he doesn’t, and he doesn’t need it either. As long as he can sleep whenever he feels sleepy, it’d be enough.

After thinking for a while, Chihiro says she will always be here waiting in Vanquish whenever she wants to see Jesus. Even if he’s not around, she’s going to wait here until he returns. Now Jesus finally has someone to return home to, so they can call his bar his “home” from now on. Upon hearing this, Jesus blushes saying “I’ll kill you if you don’t wait for me”. (❤ฺ→艸←) He also tells her he doesn’t have any regrets. It’s true that he killed Kyouhei, but he also saved Chihiro by doing so. Even if he can go back in time, Jesus will always pick the same path.. because Chihiro is the most important person to him. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He admits that he feels a bit lonely, and she says it’s natural since Kyouhei was an important to person to him.

Jesus then pushes Chihiro down the couch, saying “I won’t be able to endure it if you’re gone, so stay with me forever. Not that I’ll ever let you go though.” |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ Before Chihiro can answer that she feels the same, Jesus kisses her and says he loves her more than anything else in the whole world.. and he’ll break her so bad she won’t be able to live without him anymore. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Meanwhile in WoodLink’s building, some staff are watching a video left by the president. He knows he must be dead now that they’re watching this, and while he wished he can destroy this dirty world, there’s something he needs to tell them right now..

OMG JESUS I LOVE YOU! (*´д`*)ハァハァ In this route you’ll spend the first two days cracking up his shell, but once you did.. you’ll get an adorable デレデレ Jesus blushing around Chihiro. xD His confession scene was SO CUTE, I spent hours replaying his lines over and over again and it’s still not enough. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ So if you want romance, just bear with all of his “I’ll kill you” or “うぜぇ” or “めんどくせぇ” because it’s really worth it. (❤ฺ→艸←) I love how Chihiro treats Jesus too. She’s terrified of him at first, but as they grow closer she starts teasing him and calls him “cute” — and I agree with this 1000% .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Jesus’ route gives a lot more details about Kyouhei’s past too, plus we get to see him as a normal human. He looks better than most of the other TYB participants.. too bad he’s not dateable. (´・ω・`)

Just like what Hinano said, in the end TYB is like a sad love story of a mad scientist and the woman who loved him. Chihiro, Kyouhei and Itsuki were all victims who got involved in their personal plans and grudge. But creepy Shinnosuke aside, I’m really satisfied with Dark Cherry. Tetsu was a cute dork and Jesus was an adorable tsundere, and they’re now my top two in the whole series. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Earlier I was just saying that I hope TYB becomes a yearly thing, but it looks like Rejet has a similar idea? *points at ending* I can smell a sequel coming up. How about you?

If they’re gonna make a sequel / fandisk, please make Kyouhei dateable. Thank you.

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  1. *was waiting for this post* Just seeing the MOE emoticons and fangirling made me happy ~~NMKW XDDDD YES! There’s SO MANY in this route which means it’s a CAN’T MISS. I’m definitely going to play it. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much in your posts.. (lack of creativity on my behalf) I enjoyed seeing your love for Izumi in Miyako too XD

    • It’s okay, I know you’re busy with your studies too. :D
      Yes Jesus’ route is like so serious for two days, then suddenly cuteness overload on the last day. I just HAD to spam emojis into those paragraphs. xD Since you’re a Namikawa fan, you have to play TYB even if it’s only Dark Cherry. Even if it’s only for Jesus lol. But I’d recommend Tetsu too, he’s cute. xD

      I’m slowly sliding into the Namikawa fandom lol.

  2. I love Namikawa’s voice in it (I thought I just like his sawayaka voice. Now, I really like all kind of his voice!). I can’t wait to play his route.

    And when saying his arm is only to break things, that line must be so heart throbbing..!

    • Yesss he thinks he only knows how to break things, but what happened when he falls in love? Cuteness everywhere! 8D I love his deep voice more actually, but I really like his gentle voice as well.

      Will you play the other two games as well? Or only Dark Cherry?

        • I see. You won’t miss that much really. Honey Milk’s true ending plot is identical to Dark Cherry’s (with less focus on Mother and Kyouhei) and Super Mint completely focused on something unrelated, so it’s okay. xD

  3. wow what is this sequel smell you picked up? are my senses dead cause I didn’t pick up on it at all lmfao.

    JESUUUUSSS is the best. i think its obvious the game makers made the entire game about him lmfao xDDD

    • It’s in this paragraph:

      “Meanwhile in WoodLink’s building, some staff are watching a video left by the president. He knows he must be dead now that they’re watching this, and while he wished he can destroy this dirty world, there’s something he needs to tell them right now..”

      The scene ends there with no explanations. If this isn’t a hint to a sequel / fandisk then I don’t even know what’s the point of leaving things hanging like that. xD

      OMG yes it’s really obvious ever since he stole the spotlight in Super Mint LOL. Jesus is the best guy in the entire series. Now that I’ve finished his route everyone else (except Tetsu lol) just dissolved into the background.

      • I’m still bitter about Shinnosuke lmfao. ILL JUST HAVE HIS SHITTY END DISSOLVE INTO THE BACKGROUND TOO C= C= C= C= C= C= 。・゜゜ヽ| ;∀;|ノウワァァァァァァンッ!

        i remember that scene in Woodlink but i was like “wtf is this shit /mentally stops caring*” lol

  4. I agree with you, Jesus is the best! To me, he’s in a tie with Iori for first place! XD I know what you mean, I want Kyouhei to have a route too! When I saw his CG in the Omake, I was like ‘Why doesn’t he have a route!? Rejet make one nowwwww!’

    Glad you enjoyed DARK CHERRY because I think most people do XD Have fun playing through AMNESIA (Hate parameters…)

    • Yes that omake CG! He looks great in there. xD
      Sadly I don’t like Iori (his voice hurts my ears) but Dark Cherry is really the best game in the entire series. It’s like a more detailed version of Honey Milk, with better guys. :3

      *plows through Amnesia slowly*

  5. I’ve been silently lurking this since April, but I felt the need to comment because of the wonderfulness that is Jesus! I actually squealed when I saw that this post was up. I’ve been looking forward to Jesus’ route since I read the post for the promo disk! :D

    I’ve gotta say that while I loved Tetsu’s route, nothing beats Jesus’s route. :3 He’s just so cute, even though he goes “I will kill you” most of the time.

    • Oh great, because my attention was drawn to Jesus ever since the promo disk too. xD It was between him and Iori back then, but now Jesus stands on top while Iori disappears into the background.. *shot by Iori’s fans*

      I know what you mean, I loved Tetsu’s route too since it’s sweet and full of cuteness.. but nothing beats Jesus’ adorable tsundere moments. Glad to hear you love him as well. xD

  6. sigh… whenever the story reaches it’s parts it ends…
    though aside from everything this story was a good hangout from real world right? ;D you can’t really participate in a “love” challenge and be sweethearts with someone in just 7 days right?!
    and yea i kinda feel this story is still gonna continue… the end wasn’t complete at all…
    lol Jesus is so cute! i’ll break you if you won’t wait for me!
    i was smiling such… when reading that dialogue!
    and wow! killer turned to be the least guy i was suspicious of… that’s what i name a cool story!

    • Actually if they don’t put that questionable scene at the very end, I would think that’s really the end of TYB. In Honey Milk and Super Mint they did the same thing, but it’s understandable since they still have Dark Cherry to close the trilogy. While this is more like a cliffhanger hinting for a sequel LOL.

      Regarding Amnesia, I only put Ikki’s banner because I’m doing his route first. I was planning to do Shin’s, but sadly he puts me to sleep on the first day. Maybe you noticed that I used to have a Toma banner down there, but I took it off since Toma is forever ruined to me. ;__;

      • lol! i can understand you! actually i was surprised to see ikki banner on your blog since you don’t really like guys like him do you? as for shin yea his kinda tiring. i won’t spoil anything lol!
        sigh… have you finished toma already? i said not to be surprised. well, i guess it’s nature of a bloody game to have that kind of guys? take example, Hanaoni. all of it’s guys are really freaked out and weird. but it has a good plot either way :P
        LOL! i’m looking forward to your reviews!

  7. btw, completely forget to mention amnesia. i can see that you’re fave guy changed to ikki huh? lol! i guess those little peeking before sleeping at ikki’s route were useful huh? i can’t wait to read your reviews!

  8. OMG I love him now. haha! I’m kind of soft with newly reformed thugs plus he’s a tsundere. >////<
    I was about to ask if there's a sequel for this since the last paragraph was a cliffhanger. I hope they make one or an fd! :D

    • Good. Because one of my goals is to spread more Jesus love. That sounds so wrong, but whatever LOL. Rejet is making an “all-star” TYB game called Sweet Jelly Beans, which will be released this Winter.. but I wish they’d make it a cute game where everyone has fun + an extra Kyouhei route. Please save the virus plot for next year’s TYB. xD

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