After pushing Amnesia further and further into my backlog, eventually I decided to pick it up and play it already lol. The heroine has no name, so I’ll just refer to her as “the heroine”. xD

One day in Summer, the heroine opens her eyes to find herself in an empty space between the dimensions. A strange spirit named Orion asks if she’s okay, explaining that he’s currently stuck inside her mind. On his way to the human world, Orion suddenly got absorbed into her mind, and he can’t get out for an unknown reason. Unfortunately her memories got kicked out in return, so now she’s completely amnesiac. In order to get out of her mind, Orion then offers his help to find her memories back.

Since the heroine is currently standing between the worlds, there’s a lot of parallel worlds in front of her very eyes. She doesn’t know from which world she came from, so Orion tells her to pick the one she feels right. However, Orion warns her to be careful of her amnesia. She wouldn’t want people to take advantage of the situation, such as getting money or stealing her boyfriend just because she doesn’t remember anything. He suggests consulting to her family first, but apparently the heroine lives alone in a one-room mansion.

So in order to regain her memories, the heroine closes her eyes to return to her world. There are four worlds to chose from — heart, spade, clover and diamond. What kind of life awaits her in these worlds?

The story starts on August 1 and goes all the way to the end of the month. Small hints and pieces of memories are given as you go through the heroine’s daily life, so I’m going to follow the game format and write everything that happens each day. Just think of my upcoming posts as super long diary entries.. and by long, I mean really LONG lol.


75 thoughts on “AMNESIA

  1. Woo, I’ve been looking forward to your post on this game! I’ll be following your routes right after you post them. XD
    I’m very excited to play this game!
    I’ve heard that Shin’s voice bores and disappoints people though… );

    • Yea finally I’m touching Amnesia. xD
      My posts will be REALLY long, but I hope they can at least be a guide when you go through the game lol. Sadly I have to agree that Shin’s flat, emotionless voice puts me to sleep.. so I’m starting with Ikki. :D

  2. Good luck, AMNESIA is a pretty long game as I’ve only completed Ikki’s and Kent’s route. I love the game though, but some people don’t really enjoy it, mostly because of the monologues in the game.

    • It’s not as long as I imagined, but yes it’s pretty long since there’s always something happening each day. Even though it’s not really important. That, and no general route. xD

      More than the monologues, I was bothered by the dialogue’s speed. It’s like the guys are talking without commas or periods, but maybe I’ll get used to it later.. The most annoying thing in this game is Ikki’s fanclub though lol.

  3. I actually like Shin’s route (the only one I completely so far) even though a lot of people don’t seem to like it. I have to admit it’s super super long and he talks in such monotone -_- (so does some others)…Since there is really no common route this game takes forever D=, although I like the story I’m only slowllyy working through the game because it takes too long >_<

    • So far I noticed that Shin talks in that flat tone, while Ikki sometimes talks with almost no intervals — like a train. Kent and Toma seems normal, but I guess I won’t know until I’ve played their routes. It’s indeed pretty long and it will take time before I can full-comp this.. let’s do our best? xD

  4. 待ってました~~
    LOL I just finished Shin’s route cause like, he’s poster boy, but I had to put the game down. I sadly have to agree with the voice issue, though :/ which is a pity since I normally adore Kakihara. I’ve also noticed the voices sound extremely weird sometimes, like they don’t pause or whatever.
    The game didn’t disappoint me, though. Shin’s voice made me fall asleep a couple of times, but I was pretty excited until the end with the GRAND reveal and whatever stuff lol. Orion of course, is the cutest shota I’ve seen in years. Why didn’t they make him dateable, I don’t know. They need to make a fan disk just to make a route for him orz.
    /goes back into deep guests vortex

    • Yes, that’s the biggest issue for me. It wasn’t so bad with Toma or Kent, but Ikki goes through any commas and periods without pausing. That, and Shin’s flat voice sort of take away the emotions in the dialogues.. so even in an important scene, it’s hard to get the mood / feeling since they’re speaking so fast. ._.

      At first Orion puts me to sleep, but he sort of grows on me. xD
      LOL I agree they should make a fandisk with more romance + Orion route added — where the heroine goes to Orion’s world and marry him there. *shot*

  5. Yay!
    I love Orion, he’s so upbeat and bubbly, I just want to give him a big FAT bear hug haha ヽ( ´¬`)ノ Something tells me though, that the game would have been even blander and way too serious if the protagonist had done the narration instead of Orion.

    The lack of periods bothered me the most during Kent’s route – especially when he started dissecting social norms in his robotic, one-tone voice (´・ω・`) He’s okay when not monologuing though, as are most of the other characters.
    If anything, AMNESIA subverted a lot of my expectations for the characters. None of them turned out the way that I thought they would (゚∇^*)
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts! (^▽^)

    • Oh my God, Kent too? I thought it’s quite bad already in Ikki’s. (´・ω・`)

      Yes without Orion I’d fall asleep over and over again. He’s the only source of fun in the game, since everything else is either serious / depressing / annoying so far. But I’ll look forward to see more characters development! :D I know Toma’s forever ruined, but I hope the other four won’t disappoint me. xD

  6. yay you finally started! the ONLY game i was tooooooooooooootally interested in even before release was Amnesia… andddddddddddddddd S.Y.K.

    *sigh* do you like bloody games Rin? cuz i don’t :P they tend to be scary and heart aching for me. just like hammer’s route…

    but well. i guess we need that sorts of game too right???????????? lol!

    i’m looking really forward to your REALLY LONG posts! (cuz you know… the walkthrough’s like… what? 10 pages or something long!? FOR EACH ROUTE! DUH~! i can’t believe i didn’t even notice that…)

    • It depends on how much blood involved. A little blood from fighting scenes is okay, but I definitely won’t touch any games with gore scenes in them. xD ..and don’t worry, I know Toma’s forever ruined. Plus, Ukyou scared the heck out of me. 8D

      Yes my posts will be REALLY long, maybe around 8-9k words and more lol.

      • lololol~~~!
        i heard Ukyo has a route too? since he was too dark and bloody for me i didn’t do his route at all….. i wonder what it’ll be like… 8D!!!

        • Yes he does. I think it unlocks once you finish all four guys, so I’ll probably get to him next week or so depending on how fast I finish these routes. xD;

          • you know i think those guys who tend to piss off the heroine are kinda cute and kind at heart. maybe Ukyo’s no exception…? but i’ll wait for your posts first! i must be ready! duuuuuuuh… i still have Kent left…

  7. I’m glad you’re doing Amnesia now!

    I figured this was a long game, since when I printed out the walkthrough for each guy it was like twenty pages. I’m kinda disappointed in Toma though. I liked him at first but now…gosh, Otomate why you’d have to ruin him? I hope Hino Satoshi can make me enjoy him even a little…

    Oh and Ukyou’s route becomes unlocked onec you complete every guy’s good route.

    • It’s long because there’s no general route, and for most days you have like 2-3 choices even though there’s nothing really important happening. xD

      I know what you mean, I’m disappointed in Toma too. I love his design, I love his personality.. but of course Otomate had to go and make him forever-ruined™ lol. I took off his banner from my sidebar because of this. T_T

  8. Yay you are finally touching this!!! \^O^/
    I myself have completed Ikki and Toma’s routes, on to Shin’s route now. I am glad to have started Ikki first cos his was, imho, really slow and boring, and Toma’s route spiced everything up with thrill and suspense.
    Um yah it’s pretty long even though i am being slowed down from unforseen forces of nature, but it’s really interesting as you get all the routes down! Good luck completing this!

    • Oh we’re following the same order then. I’m planning to do Ikki, Toma, Shin and Kent. Sadly since I don’t like yanderes, I think Toma’s route is taking it a bit too far with the *coughcagecough* lol. I’ve seen longer games though, so don’t worry since I should be done with Amnesia around next week. xD

      • Yeah, like wand*cough*fortune*. Toma’s route is wangsty emo shit but it really pays off, even though I am not used to yandere myself

        • Yes. WoF. Exactly. *pushes it deeper into backlog* xDD
          Glad to hear Toma’s route pays off in the end, because I usually forgive “mistakes” as long as the ending is worth it.. and I really want to like Toma because I love his design lol.

  9. Aaah~ After lurking around this site for months, I finally decided to comment on what an AWESOME job you do at reviewing the route’s Rin (is it all right if I call you that ?) :3

    I must say I LOVE your game reviews since many of the character reviews I read are very detailed and they give me a good understanding of the story of games that I will never be able to play (do hope they port Hotokenser to PSP someday T-T)

    I’m glad you’ll be doing a day by day summary for Amnesia (been interested in this even before it was released), but I’ll be playing this game after I’m done with Musketeer (loved your summary on this btw) so I can’t wait to read your summary, thoughts and comments on it~

    Glad you’ll be doing long posts, as I also love reading (and writing) huge walls of texts :3
    Thank you so much for writing and sharing these summaries!

    btw is Amnesia really that long? For a game that only lasts 1 month, I thought it was going to be a rather short game. And did you find the text in Amnesia rather hard to read? Some kanjis look rather hard to decipher >_>

    • Sure, everyone calls me Rin anyway. xD
      Thank you for reading my posts. I know they take time to read through since I write LONG posts, and Amnesia’s are longer than any reviews I’ve written so far LOL. Glad to hear you enjoy reading them. :D

      As for Amnesia, I don’t think it’s THAT long really.. but it’s definitely not short. It seems long because there’s no general route and you have to pick choices like EVERYDAY, but some days are only filled with short, not-so-important events lol. The thing is, they keep putting in small hints everyday. I feel like reading a mystery novel here. xD

      Also, I don’t have any problems with Amnesia’s text. :3
      Since the heroine rarely speaks, you have everyone’s voices to read the kanjis for you. :D

      • Since you’ve finished one route in this game, I’d really like to ask you a couple of questions about this game.

        Since you finished Ikki’s route, I wanted to ask how many hours/days did it take for you to complete his route? I’ve read several reviews that mentioned that at times the story felt like it’s dragging on (maybe cause it’s day by day?) So how would you compare the length of Amnesia to Musketeer and Aoiza?

        If I’m not mistaken, every character route in Amnesia has many Bad Ends, a Good End and a Normal End and I was wondering which of the endings will you write out?

        Thank GOD the heroine doesn’t speak! Some of the kanji in the game looks rather blurry so the voices help a lot.

        Thanks for replying Rin, looking forward to your upcoming posts!

        • It took me two days to complete Ikki’s route, but it might be faster if I didn’t take notes at the same time. There are times when I ignored my PSP to type my post on Notepad lol. Rather than dragging on, I actually feel like the game’s revealing things step by step. It’s a bit longer than both Musketeer and Aoiza, but not that much difference in length. It just seems long because of how they reveal things, but not in the ZOMG-SO-LONG level. :D

          As usual I won’t be covering the bad endings, so only good and normal. Sometimes I feel bad for my readers since I don’t list out all the endings.. but I have like zero motivation of writing about the endings where the heroine dies / the guy dies / everyone dies / just messed up in general. ;__;

  10. Hi there~ I’ve always been a closet stalker of your blog ;D! Unfortunately I never had much to say to most of the games you’ve blogged about since I haven’t played them yet Orz. I’m envious of how fast you and Hinano blog.

    Back to the topic though, I’m looking forward to your reviews/thoughts about Amnesia, especially Ikki’s since he’s my favourite xDD. It’s always fun to see what other people think about the games you’ve played before, haha, and this game seems to have a lot of conflicting reviews. Some of the routes were super boring *coughKentcough*, but when I look back at the character’s stories.. they weren’t that bad (maybe I just conveniently forgot about the torturous daily routine though ^^;;).

    Good luck trying not to fall asleep in Shin’s route with his flat voice! I’m guilty of doing that Orz.. and it happened in Kent’s too.. and even Toma’s.. LOL.

    • Hello! I’ve been reading your Shinigami to Shoujo reviews, but I didn’t comment since I haven’t played it myself. :D Do I really finish games that fast? Hinano does blog fast, but my pace greatly depends on the amount of work I have at the moment. xD

      So far my thoughts about Ikki’s route (since I’m doing him first) is that it’s like a giant emotional rollercoaster ride lol. I love Ikki as a character, but those fangirls.. ugh.. ._. It’s still better than having a boring route though, so I hope Shin and Kent won’t put me to sleep. 8D;;

      Oh and do you mind if I link your blog? :3

      • It seems that way to me xDD. Bunmei looked like quite a long game, but you finished that in a two weeks time?

        Ugh.. those fangirls… I’ve never hated any side characters more than I hated those girls щ(゚Д゚щ). The things that they do in the name of “love” for Ikki makes me want to break something, but I agree in that they do make things more interesting ^^;;.

        Shin’s route has a lot of mystery that might pull you through despite his voice, but Kent’s route was just tiring for me because of how normal it is compared to everyone else (I’m also not much of an Ishida fan).

        Only if you don’t me linking your blog~ <3! Do you mind if I also follow you on Twitter? :3

        • No problem! I’ve already followed you on Twitter :D

          Yeah Aoiza is quite long and it took me two days to get one guy, but it only has nine months / chapters — nothing compared to Amnesia’s length. xD I’m surprised to see I have around 9k words for Ikki’s post and it’s still not done yet. I might break my own record (for longest post) thanks to this game lol.

          Actually just by Kent’s appearance in Ikki’s route, I have a feeling that his voice might lull me to sleep. But before that let’s see if I can survive Shin’s without falling asleep.. orz

          *prepares coffee to keep eyes open*

  11. I was excited for this game before because of Shin and Toma but…what have they done to Toma. T_T I might give it a chance and read your review about him, hoping it’ll change my image of him. :D

  12. Hello! Great reviews as always~ thank you for your hard work! I just bought PSP a week back and I bought this psp already. It’s running perfectly, but I have a question … :3 a stupid question actually. Could you tell me how to open the “dialog history”? I’m a total noob at PSP so I tried pushing every button that I can push (I actually pushed the speaker too, for some reason). An answer could totally help me out, thank you~

    • I… actually forgot what it was. OMG I’m sorry, it’s been a year since I did Amnesia so I don’t remember the details. But if it’s “???”, usually it’s something that will be unlocked later. Have you tried finishing a route? Maybe it will appear then. Also, yeah Amnesia Later is on my backlog. I haven’t got the time to write any summaries recently, but I’ll do it soon.

    • It came out in 2011, so I think it might available in online shops like CDJapan? Or you can use a proxy service to order stuff from Japanese online stores. :D

  13. this has been two year in the making but i love your review of this game. I would have commented earlier but i have just now been able to play the game myself *finally* and i must say that i agree on the blocked speech. the constant run-ons and missing of comas, and periods like they were optional grammatical marks was just a tad much at times. I’ve finished 3 of 5 routes so far so i’m constantly finding things to like and dislike. Thankfully though they have Orion as the cute comic relief and the Art and music are a plus, i was actually quite please with the musician choice. ^ ^

    overall, i’m finding its a fun play. Thanks for the reviews. i look forward to getting to read the last 2 once i pick the game back up :D


    • (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪
      Despite my complaints, Amnesia is a pretty good game so I’m glad you’re enjoying it. After AMNESIA I had this strange period of time where I think normal otome games are rather “lonely” because they don’t have Orion’s commentaries LOL. I guess the speed issue (missing commas, periods, etc.) was mainly caused by the heroine’s nonexistent dialogues, but not too sure about this since I haven’t played Amnesia Later. Kinda curious whether or not it still feels that way, since the heroine can talk in that game. Good luck finishing the last two routes, and I hope you’ll love Ukyou as much as I do. He needs more love. <3

      • (笑)I’m finding that too actually! i have a variety of different games systems so playing them now just isn’t the same – its like i waiting to hear one of Orion’s comebacks or cute complaints in the background. :P Thankfully they’re doing an anime of this so now its just a matter of waiting til Thursday to be able to hear Orion’s comments again and their layout and plot are quite interesting right now.

        I’m glad i’m enjoying it too to be honest. i was a tad hesitant at first. i was drawn to the artwork mostly and i had only heard about the project through a friend (coughcoughtheartistcoughcough) ;) and at the time i hadn’t really gotten into the otome scene as much as i have in the past couple of years so my interest was only curiosity/support based. :D

        Oh i already love Ukyou – when the first character art came out i pegged him as a favorite(along with Ikki) – purely based off of design – so i looked forward to being able to play through his route :D

        • T-The artist…!? Σ(゚ー゚;)

          Ah yeah, I was a bit worried about the anime at first because… well, anime adaptations of otome games never worked too well for me before. So I’m glad to see the quality of Amnesia’s anime. It’s a different experience from the game, but enjoyable. :D

          Enjoy Ukyou’s route when you have the time! :3

          • hahaha, i’m sorry i suppose that has a lot of meanings since its so general *coughcoughthemusicartistcoughcough* …just between us though please ;)

            with animes that usually tends to be the case. but with this one, i’ve likened it a bit like mock gameplay with the added exception that they’re combining pretty much 4*and in so cases* 5-in-1 so its refreshing to see them trying so hard to stay true to the basic plot and scheme of how the game actually flows in psp format.

            Ukyou’s route is next! finally T_T i had some quality time with my game system the other night :D looking forward to it!

          • なるほど。ビックリしましたw

            I think a lot of people who have done Amnesia were a bit concerned regarding this issue, so it’s really a nice feeling to see how good the anime turns out to be. Also, have fun in Ukyou’s route. ❤

  14. Hi there!

    I’ve finished watching the anime and I’ve typed up my review for it so I was wondering if I can use a link to your posts of the individual character routes in my review, since yours are very detailed! Thankyou and I love this game too!

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