At first I started with Shin, fell asleep during the first day, and a friend suggested to start with Ikki instead. So now here I am in the world of spades. I hate his bitchy fangirls, but I love Ikki.

Always surrounded by a swarm of fangirls, Ikki is as popular as an idol. He always wears a sunglasses wherever he goes, since his eyes instantly charm any girl who looks into them. Any girl except the heroine, that is. It seems like Ikki has given up on dating someone seriously, as he keeps dating different girls temporarily just for fun. He’s a senior in college, and he also works part-time at the same restaurant as the heroine.

August 1

Upon choosing the spades world, the heroine wakes up in her room. From her identity card in her bag, she learns that she’s a first year college student, majoring in psychology. Soon her phone starts ringing, and she receives a date invitation from someone called “Ikkyuu-san”. It might be risky, but she doesn’t have a choice since he might be her only clue at the moment. She ends up accepting the date invitation, but after an hour and a half this “Ikkyuu-san” still hasn’t come to pick her up. Following Orion’s advice, the heroine decides to go outside.. and that’s where she finds her boyfriend — Ikkyuu-san aka Ikki — surrounded by tons of fangirls.

Ikki’s fangirls are asking him to dump the heroine and go play with them instead, but Ikki keeps his promise to see the heroine. As much as Orion wants to deny it, Ikki is really her boyfriend. He only gives a simple apology and explains that “they suddenly gathered when I took off my sunglasses for a while”, then he takes the heroine on a date to the movies. Even though Ikki looks like a player, he’s actually really kind towards her. He carries her bag during the date, as well as apologizing for always taking her to dark places during their dates. Ikki says it’s not because he’s thinking of something dirty, but because girls will flock to him if they look into his eyes. After making sure nobody’s around, Ikki finally takes off his sunglasses and thanks the heroine for always putting up with his physical constitution.

At the end of the day, Ikki reminds the heroine that she’s got a shift tomorrow. He finds it odd that she doesn’t remember about work, but he agrees to pick her up tomorrow before work. That night she also gets a mail telling her to write “today’s report”. Both Orion and her have no idea about any reports though, so they ignore it.

August 2

Today Ikki takes her to their workplace — a cafe called Meido no Hitsuji. The manager, Waka, is a peculiar person who treats customers as enemies who should be captured lol. The heroine also meets a younger workmate, Shin. Since she doesn’t remember anything, Ikki teaches her how to make parfaits since it’s her job to do so. Just then the heroine gets a vision of something similar happening in the past, and the shock caused quite an impact to her body. While Shin tells her to stop giving them troubles and go home already, Ikki lets the heroine help him in the kitchen until their shift is over.

Before going home, Ikki asks the heroine to wait at the “usual place” and leaves quickly. Orion wonders why they have to meet up outside, but they find the reason upon stepping out of the cafe — he’s surrounded by his fangirls again. As usual they treat the heroine like crap and Ikki acts really cold towards her, but Orion soon realized that this might be their daily routine. Of course the heroine doesn’t have any idea about the “usual place”, so she ends up wandering around until Ikki calls and picks her up. Back at home, the heroine finds out from her journal that she’s gonna work everyday this month. So rather than worrying about Ikki and his fans, she better do her best at work.. or else Waka will yell at her again tomorrow.

August 3

Even though Waka notices a drop on her overall performance, today he praises the heroine for improving. After work Ikki comes to pick her up, and it turns out that he does this everyday without fail. He notices there’s something wrong with her, but he admits he feels happy when she asks him to pick her up. Normally she never relies on anyone, so when she asks for his help.. Ikki feels the distance between them are growing closer. He wonders if she’s actually in love with him too, but he’s not expecting an answer. He knows she won’t tell him anything, he only wanted to say it. This makes Orion so confused because Ikki and the heroine are clearly dating, but his words indicated that Ikki’s only holding a one-sided love for her.

When they arrive in front of her mansion, Ikki pushes her against the wall. He won’t kiss her if she doesn’t want to, but he wants to know how she really feels. In the end he gives up since the heroine won’t close her eyes, and he mentions it’s really hard to capture her heart even though they only have “one month left”. She the first girl he might fail to get, but he’s not giving up on her. Ikki then returns her bag and leaves after saying good night.

August 4

During the morning assembly, Waka suddenly warns Ikki and the heroine not to go too far with their relationship. He doesn’t want them to obstruct his business. It turns out that Shin reported their “kiss scene” from yesterday, since he lives not too far from the heroine’s mansion. That caused quite an impact for Shin, so he reported this to Waka just to get back at Ikki. Not to mention he also spiced things up by saying “Ikki tries to kiss her, she slaps him and runs away crying.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Of course Ikki doesn’t mind, but he apologized for causing such an embarrassing memories for the heroine. He also tells her he’s got something to do today, so he can’t walk home with her.

Today a lot of girls are coming into the cafe looking for Ikki, hoping they get his mail address. He politely refuses saying it’s in the rules not to exchange addresses during operating hours, but they can come back to ask him again after work.. if they still remember him. Shin notices that the heroine doesn’t seem to mind though, and Orion couldn’t agree more when he says their relationship is beyond weird. But even though Ikki keeps flirting with his fangirls, he also cares a lot about the heroine as his girlfriend. At night he sends her a mail saying “sorry I can’t walk home with you today, did you get home safely?”

August 5

Since Waka also noticed her strange behavior recently, Ikki asks the heroine to tell him what actually happened to her. Both Orion and her want to tell him everything, but sadly they can’t trust him yet for now. Especially since Ikki’s behavior is rather vague as well. The heroine tells him it’s still a secret for now, and Ikki says he’ll wait until she trusts him enough to say it. Since Shin gets a day off, it’s just the two of them (+ Waka) working in the cafe today.

After work Orion tells the heroine to check her shift, and they find out that she’s working six days a week with Ikki. Two days ago he got a special leave since his day off is actually the same as hers. Orion also notices both of them are taking three days off from the 19th to the 21th, and while they might be planning to go on a trip together.. it’s weird since they haven’t even reached the kissing stage. Following Orion’s plan, today the heroine secretly follows Ikki all the way to the “usual place” — the place where he picked her up yesterday.

August 6

Today a girl suddenly calls the heroine during work, which is rare since they usually want Ikki instead. Of course the heroine doesn’t know her at all, but since the girl seems to know her, she tries to act normal. Eventually she learns her name from Ikki, who calls her “Sawa-chan”. She’s the heroine’s friend in college, and Ikki often hears about her from the heroine. Just like every other girl out there, Sawa falls in love with Ikki when she looks into his eyes and asks if Ikki believes in love at the first sight, even though she’s friends with his girlfriend — and said girlfriend is standing in front of her. Ikki replies he does believe in love at the first sight, but the moment he gets out of Sawa’s sight.. she’s suddenly back to her senses.

Sawa then apologized to the heroine for flirting with his boyfriend. She admits she came today because she’s worried about the heroine’s relationship with Ikki, knowing his reputation as a player. Rumors have it that Ikki breaks up with his girlfriends whenever he feels like it, even though he’s really kind when they were still dating. Sawa doesn’t want her to experience that kind of fate, even though she knows the heroine should already know about these things.

August 7

As they walk home together, Ikki notices that the heroine’s looking a little down. He tells her to take care of herself, since they won’t be able to go to Shinano — a recreation spot on the top of a mountain — if she’s sick. It turns out that Shinano is actually their destination on the three days trip marked on the schedule. Sadly it’s not a couple’s trip, since they’re going there for a mixed gasshuku with their circle members. Ikki says he wants to sneak out at night and watch the starry sky with the heroine, though he knows it’s impossible since she’s not in love with him yet. When Ikki sends her a mail at night, the heroine finally finds out that Ikki and her are actually attending different universities.

August 8

Another Meido no Shitsuji staff, Mine, returns to work today. She was the one who worked with Shin back on August 1, when Ikki and the heroine had their day off. While Mine seems to be a nice, cute girl in front of Ikki, her attitude flips instantly upon greeting the heroine. It’s really obvious that she’s an Ikki fan too.. so she’s being really cold towards his girlfriend. From Mine she learns that she only has one month left to date Ikki — just like what he said to her before. Knowing that the heroine hasn’t accepted Ikki yet, Mine says she’ll try to snatch him away and makes it really clear that she wants them to break up. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Since Mine wants to talk to Ikki, the heroine goes to wait for him in the usual place. Soon Ikki comes and tells her to wear her gloves since it’s getting cold, blushing when the heroine says it’s okay for him to hold her hands. (*´ω`*) She wonders if it’s okay to ask about Mine, but Ikki says he actually wants her to know. Earlier Mine asks him to break up with the heroine and start going out with her instead, saying it’d be more fun to date her. Of course Ikki rejects her since he doesn’t find her interesting at all. In fact, sometimes Ikki thinks he really hates girls. They can snatch away other people’s boyfriends without hesitating.. except for the heroine. Ikki knows she’s not in love with him, so she won’t snatch him away from anyone’s hands.

At night Ikki sends her a mail asking what would she do if she falls in love with a guy who has a girlfriend already. After what happened earlier, Ikki feels confused thinking if this is normal for girls.. but the heroine says she won’t confess. He soon replies that he definitely won’t confess either, saying he feels relieved upon reading her answer.

August 9

Today’s work starts with Shin complaining to Ikki. Last night Mine suddenly called him saying she’ll skip work because Ikki rejected her, forcing Shin to cover her shift. Shin also reported this to Waka (for what, really?), who actually feels sorry for Ikki more than anything else.

The heroine goes to the usual place after work, but instead of finding her boyfriend, she finds an unknown man standing there. Ikki and him get into a “fight” soon after, and the heroine falls down when she tries to stop them. In the end it’s just a misunderstanding, but Ikki feels happy that she’s willing to go that far just to save him. Ikki then introduces the guy as Kent — his best friend and rival. Their “fight” is actually about math puzzles. From time to time Kent would bring a new puzzle he made for Ikki to solve, and he’s not stopping until he wins.

Since Kent is coming to his place, Ikki invites the heroine to come along. From Kent she learns that his ex-girlfriend fell in love with Ikki in the past, and while they had a fight over that issue at first, they became good friends since Kent’s interested in Ikki’s eyes. He also tells her that he’s taking a doctor course in university, while Ikki’s major is accounting — both of them deal with numbers daily, hence their math puzzles hobby. This isn’t the first time Kent meets Ikki’s girlfriend, but he notices that the heroine is a different type. He’s interested since Ikki’s having a hard time winning her heart, though he finds her “surprisingly ordinary” lol.

At night after Kent leaves, Ikki asks if the heroine wants to stay over for the night. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He laughs upon seeing her blush and says he’s just joking.. but she’s always welcomed when she’s ready to move in with him — not just staying over lol.

August 10

Mine comes back to work today. From her the heroine learns that there’s a fireworks festival today. Even though she knows Ikki’s going with the heroine, Mine isn’t sad nor angry because she’s going with Shin and Waka. In fact, she’s supporting the heroine’s relationship with Ikki now, saying it’s her victory since two handsome guys are better than one. The heroine says she won’t apologize for Ikki’s rejection, and Mine agrees. She doesn’t need her sympathy, they were rivals after all. Before leaving Mine also mentions “don’t let his fanclub get in the way!”

Fanclub? What fanclub?
..yes, it’s those girls who flock to him even when he’s wearing his sunglasses.

After changing to her yukata that evening, the heroine waits for Ikki to pick her up in her room. As usual 30 minutes passed and Ikki’s still nowehere in sight, so the heroine decides to come out.. and there she finds him surrounded by his fangirls again. They’re forcing him to leave her and watch the fireworks with them instead, but Ikki says he doesn’t wanna break his promise, though he says “I don’t care if my girlfriend has to wait”. Eventually they agree to let him go on the condition that he kisses their foreheads one by one, but here a girl named Rika appears saying they shouldn’t cause so much trouble to Ikki. Especially because his girlfriend is already here, witnessing him flirting with his fangirls.

Both Ikki and Rika aren’t pleased that the heroine came out of her room, since Ikki clearly told her to wait inside. What, you expect me to wait INSIDE and close my eyes while you flirt with your fangirls? Not to mention you have to pick “I’m sorry” here or else Ikki’s trust will go down. WTF I DON’T WANT TO APOLOGIZE! (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ But as soon as his fangirls left, Ikki apologized saying he actually came here at six, just as planned, but his fangirls were getting in his way. Since they won’t make it in time for the festival, Ikki then takes her to a building’s rooftop and they watch the fireworks from there — holding hands. Even though he’s temped to do more than that, Ikki’s holding back because he doesn’t want her to hate him. Right now just holding hands with her is enough to make him happy.

When they go back to the heroine’s mansion, they find Rika waiting in front of the building. Her house is at the same direction as Ikki’s, he asks her to go home together. Here Rika acts rather considerate towards the heroine, but soon she learns that it’s only a façade.. because at night the heroine receives a threatening call from her: “you think Ikki-sama is all yours? don’t act all high and mighty!” ( ಠ_ಠ ) Just then the heroine regains another piece of memory of Rika telling her exactly the same thing in the past.

August 11

Today a strange man suddenly calls the heroine during work. He greets her with “nice to meet you, or should I say it’s been a while?”, introducing himself as Ukyou. He tells her they meet in a different place before, but he knows she doesn’t remember him at all. Ukyou also asks who she’s dating now, telling her to “be careful” when she says it’s Ikki. Naturally the heroine feels confused and asks how much he knows, but Ukyou only says he can’t say anything for now. Because she won’t believe him even if he tells her everything.

Later on the heroine tells Ikki about Ukyou’s warning, and Ikki quickly goes over to talk to him. Orion notices that despite his cold attitude in front of his fangirls, Ikki is actually the type who moves quickly to ensure his girlfriend’s safety. Even though Ikki knows that Ukyou is worried about her as well, he asks the heroine to rely on him instead. He’s her boyfriend after all. For now he’ll try to keep an eye on her as much as possible, telling her not to go out alone at night to avoid any danger.

Since Ikki feels bad for what happened yesterday, today he’s taking the heroine on a date to the movies. When she lets him hold her hand in the dark, Ikki says this might be the first time they do something like lovers do. Both of them have a day off tomorrow, but at night Ikki says he’ll see her again at work. Tomorrow he’s got a promise with someone else, so it’ll be hard to contact him. However, it turns out that the heroine’s also going out with Sawa tomorrow.

August 12

When she meets up with Sawa at noon, the heroine finally learns that she’s actually a member of the billiard club. Sawa says it’s really hard to get the heroine to play with her, since she’s working all Summer and spends her day off with Ikki instead. While she thinks he’ll monopolize her during their gasshuku as well, Orion predicts the heroine will get mauled by Ikki’s fangirls instead.. and speaking of fans, Sawa wants to know why she’s dating such a player in the first place. Apparently the heroine first met him when she was still in high school, and she told Sawa there’s a “jerk” in her workplace.

However, the heroine suddenly joined Ikki’s fanclub around the time she entered college.. and somehow she ended up dating him. She also told Sawa that Ikki will never date a girl for more than three months. He’s really sweet towards his girlfriend during that time span, but he will always dump them easily afterwards. The heroine relationship with Ikki is going to reach that three-months limit by the end of August, that’s why everyone keeps saying they only have “one month left”. Sawa is worried that she might get dumped like all of his ex-girlfriends, but for some reason the heroine told her those three months will be “the key”.

Here the heroine suddenly gets another flashback. Both Ikki and the heroine are interested in each other, though it’s not romantically, so they decided to try going out for three months. This piece of memory puts quite an impact to her body, and the heroine collapses in the middle of the street. Since it starts raining as well, Sawa calls some people around them to help carry the heroine back to her mansion.

August 13

The heroine wakes up in her room to find an unknown man watching over her. Everyone tells her to just rest for today since she’s got a high fever, but the memories she had with Ikki keep coming back to her. At first Ikki’s eyes actually charmed her as well, even though she tried to deny it. Back then Ikki started going out with a girl named Taeko, and he’s planning to make the heroine his next girlfriend after three months.

August 14

Before she can see more memories, Orion wakes her up since she has a guest. The man from earlier is the one who opened the door, and they heard Ikki’s voice asking “who are you and what are you doing in my girlfriend’s room?” The man seems surprised too, but soon they find out it’s because Ikki’s wearing a weird mask from the Kamen Rider world. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Luckily Kent, who also comes with Ikki, tells him to calm down and take off that stupid mask before anything else LOL. It turns out that he’s wearing a mask as a “full defense”, since he doesn’t want his fangirls to get in his way again. Not when his girlfriend is sick. xD

Now that the situation is under control, the unknown man introduces himself as Toma — the heroine’s stepbrother. It turns out that her parents are divorced and her father married Toma’s mother, only to have yet another divorce later. Even though they’re not related by blood, Toma thinks of the heroine as his own little sister and often takes care of her. However, Ikki still gets jealous upon learning that Toma spent the whole night to nurse her back to health. He asks Toma to give that role to him instead, so Toma ends up going home with Kent for today.

After they left, Ikki tells the heroine that he’s worried sick about her. He kept making mistakes during work today, but he’s prepared to take Waka’s killer training course tomorrow lol. Earlier he did a lot of embarrassing things ranging from wearing that mask and accusing Toma, but he feels relieved upon seeing that she’s okay. When the heroine asks if he’s actually in love with her, Ikki says that’s what he’s been saying all this time.. and even though she doesn’t believe it, he really does love her. Even when he’s surrounded by his fangirls, Ikki can only think of her all the time. He doesn’t want to touch anyone except her.

In order to take care of her, tonight Ikki’s staying in the heroine’s room. He cooks dinner for her and says he won’t do anything weird when she’s sleeping. He admits it’d be nice if she says she loves him too.. because they only have two weeks left.

August 15

In the morning, Ikki wakes the heroine up since it’s time for him to go to work. Today he won’t be able to come at night since he’s got something to do, but he tells her to rest and call him if she needs anything. Orion says Ikki stayed up all night just to watch over her — he’s a really good guy when they’re alone. After the heroine tells him about all the memories she regained, Orion asks what does she think about Ikki’s feelings. Is he just playing around like what he did to Taeko? The heroine thinks Ikki really does love her, and Orion agrees since it clearly shows through the way he acts around her.

August 16

Today the heroine returns to work, receiving Waka’s training course as the punishment for her failure to stay fit and healthy. This training consists of yelling “customers are enemies!” fifty times, reading aloud the first chapter of the book “Business is War”, and practicing business smile for 2000 seconds. Σ(゚д゚ ;) While the heroine is going through this hell, Ikki is enjoying it from the kitchen lol. Her voice makes him feel calm, so he keeps coming back to the kitchen just to hear her voice.

As they walk home together after work, Ikki tells the heroine that their gasshuku will probably cause a heavy pressure on her. Obviously because his fanclub will attend the event as well. She should stay with Sawa or Mine and be careful, though Ikki will do his best to help too. At night Ikki gives the heroine a call and tells her to prepare for bed, later on admitting that he was imagining things as he heard the sounds she makes. Though rather than imagining perverted stuff, he was thinking about how nice it would be if they’re living in the same room.

Before she goes to bed, Ikki tells her there’s something that’s really troubling him right now. He wanted to ask for her opinion.. but he suddenly stops, says goodnight, then hangs up.

August 17

It seems like Ikki really wanted to share his problems with the heroine, but in the end he says she doesn’t need to worry about it. After all, she has just recovered from her fever. Today he can’t walk home with her, but he apologized saying he’ll send her a mail at night as usual. That night when he calls her, Ikki sounds really drunk and tired. He asks her to talk about anything for around 30 minutes to keep him awake, but the heroine wants to go and see him instead.. even though he just said he might “attack” her in this condition. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

By the time she comes to his room, the air outside already clears Ikki’s head a little. He asks her to spend the night here since he’ll die if she goes away, promising he won’t do anything weird. As he hugs her on his bed, Ikki says that a lot of girls are confessing to him lately, most likely because his three-months relationship with the heroine will end soon. Ikki has no choice but to reject them, but it hurts him a lot whenever they cry and start blaming him.. even though he only thinks of them as playmates to have fun with. The girl he rejected today cried a river saying she wants to die, and even though he doesn’t feel sorry for her at all, he feels crushed under the pressure. All he can think about was “please end this mess already, I want to see my girlfriend”, but he knows he will always feel this pressure.. as long as he has those eyes.

No matter what decision he makes, Ikki knows he’ll only end up hurting someone in the end. He let his heart froze and have fun with his fans, changing girlfriends once every three months since this is the only way to satisfy everyone. Naturally some of the girls couldn’t stand this kind of relationship and wants to break up before the time limit, and it puts another pressure on Ikki when he refused. Everything feels painful to him. When the heroine asks if her presence can ease his pain, Ikki says everything about her heals his soul. He feels calm whenever he hears her voice. He feels a lot better after talking to her, and the heroine’s voice finally lulls him to sleep.

August 18

In the morning the heroine makes breakfast for the two of them, which sends Ikki to heaven lol. He can’t stop smiling all morning, saying it’d be nice if they can do this everyday. (*´ω`*)

Today Ukyou calls the heroine again during work. He came to visit a few days ago, but she was sick back then. Though Ukyou is relieved to see her doing fine up until now, he wants her to be extra cautious during the gasshuku. Somehow he can sense danger waiting ahead of her, and she needs to be careful of people who “get along” with her. Ukyou doesn’t care if she thinks he’s a stalker or something for knowing her detailed schedule. He only wants her to survive, because he knows a certain someone thinks of the heroine as a disturbance.. and that certain someone would go as far as killing her just to erase her from the face of earth.

Upon hearing these words, the heroine regains another piece of memory. It’s the continuation of the one she saw after Rika’s terror call, where she told the heroine to remember that she doesn’t own Ikki just because they’re going out. If she forgot about this warning.. Rika will kill her. Ukyou admits that he will put her in danger too if he stays too close, so he won’t come to see her again from now on. By this point the heroine already gets a lot of her memories back, so from time to time Orion’s voice would disappear from her mind. Orion doesn’t want to leave her alone with incomplete memories though, so he’s been wondering if he really can trust her in Ikki’s hands.

On their way home, Ikki hands a gasshuku guidebook made by Rika to the heroine. Apparently Rika is the coordinator of this event, and while the heroine and Orion feel hesitant to go.. she might be able to get the rest of her memories there.

August 19

Finally it’s time for the joined gasshuku in Shinano. They have 18 people joining this event, but sadly there’s only three guys including Ikki. The rest are his fangirls plus the heroine, Mine and Sawa. Obviously they won’t be able to get along with Ikki’s fierce fangirls, so they decided to stick together during this event. Even though Summer is supposed to be the best season for Shinano, it’s unbelievably cold when they eventually arrive at the mountain villa. Luckily even though their rooms were arranged beforehand, the heroines shares a room with Sawa.

Just as they expected, Ikki gets surrounded by his fangirls as soon as he starts playing. Most of them clearly joins the billiard club for him, so all they’re doing is to watch him and squeal like a bunch of pigs. As usual they treat the heroine like crap, and it doesn’t help either when Ikki goes “I’m only teaching you girls how to play, why should I worry about her?” Geez thanks a lot, dear boyfriend. ( ಠ_ಠ ) However, Ikki secretly passes a silent message for the heroine to “look at him” as he shows his impressive billiard skills. Sadly his fangirls keep dissing her even if she stays, so in the end the heroine goes to join Sawa instead.

At night Mine comes to invites them to play trump with Rika in the lounge, but since the heroine refuses, only Sawa joins the game.. to get closer to the villa’s owner, not to have fun with all the bitchy fangirls LOL. Not too long after they left, Ikki finally comes to visit their room. He ran away from his room since those fangirls will come to ambush him, so now he wants to hide in her room instead. Ikki admits he feels tired dealing with them all day, and he’s hiding since they will just flock to him instead of playing trump. All he wants to do is to have fun with everyone normally, talk to them normally — like how the heroine does to him. She’s always so honest

August 20

Since the fangirls are swarming Ikki again today, the heroine decides to stay outside with Mine and Sawa. Just like Sawa, Mine also says the heroine really hates Ikki back in Spring. They’re curious if Ikki’s eyes actually worked on her, but she admits they actually charmed her at first. Suddenly Ikki appears saying he wants to know why his eyes lost their power on her, which sends Orion in a panic since the heroine remembers absolutely nothing. Luckily Sawa reads the situation really well and says she’ll tell him eventually, apologizing for asking too much.

No gasshuku will be complete without a courage test, and that night Rika announces that they will have a courage test in a nearby forest. 50 years ago a heartbroken woman hung herself in that forest, and tonight they’re going to walk through the path she went through, putting a flower in her suicide spot. Sadly since the pairings are determined by lottery, the heroine ends up pairing up with one of Ikki’s fangirls. Ikki keeps looking at the heroine though, and when she goes to see him.. he whispers “we should sneak out and leave our partners” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* It sounds like a really nice plan, so I don’t get what gets into the heroine’s head — she refuses.

As soon as they enter the forest, the heroine’s partners keep bitching before ultimately leaving her alone in the forest. The map looks wrong and it seems like she’s lost, but luckily soon Ikki finds her and tells her everything will be okay. His partner gave up on the way earlier, so now he’s free to spend time with the heroine. Ikki then asks why she never told him that his eyes actually worked on her before — is it because of the rumor that Ikki will dump a girl once she falls in love with him? The heroine says the current her doesn’t believe in that rumor, which is more than enough to make him feel relieved. It’s true that he played around with a lot of girls, but that rumor was created by the guys who got jealous of him. Ikki doesn’t need any effort to do so anyway, since they fall in love instantly upon looking into his eyes.

Ikki then takes her to a clearing in the forest, where they watch the stars together. Back when he was small, Ikki made a wish to be “popular” to a shooting star. All the women around him started treating him really kindly after that, and by the time Ikki entered junior high.. he realized that his wish has been fulfilled. However, he doesn’t feel happy at all. He gets tons of fangirls going crazy over him, but he doesn’t have any friends because of this strange power. If he can go back in time, Ikki wants to make a different wish. Just then a shooting star appears in the sky, and Ikki kisses the heroine saying “I hope you will return my feelings. I hope you won’t get angry that I kissed you without permission. I hope you’ll allow me to kiss you again.” ..then he tells her he loves her and kisses her again. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

August 21

In the morning, Mine suddenly comes to the heroine’s room in a rush. From her they learn that yesterday’s courage test was actually a trap set up just to scare the heroine, which is why her partner suddenly went missing on the way. Both Sawa and Mine were given the last turn since they’ll just get in the way, and Ikki’s partner was pretending to be sick so Ikki won’t go into the forest — because his fanclub members were all hiding in the forest, ready to attack the heroine when she’s alone. Fortunately this plan failed since Ikki left his partner to look for her, but that was really dangerous. What would happen to her if he didn’t come?

Oh and THANK GOD this stupid gasshuku is over today, because after their stupid abuse plan last night.. I really really REALLY wanna set Ikki’s whole fanclub members on fire. ( ಠ益ಠ )

Back at home, Orion tells the heroine maybe Ikki’s childhood wish was granted by a deity. In Orion’s world, deities get their power by granting people’s wishes (did he came from Desert Kingdom’s world? LOL) so if a powerful deity heard Ikki’s wish.. that might explain the strange power in his eyes. Judging by Ikki’s behavior last night, Orion is sure that he really loves the heroine. Sadly, just when he starts thinking of leaving her in Ikki’s hands, the heroine receives a mail from Ikki. The content is simple: “Let’s put a distance between us for now. I wanna think alone for now.” ..and he doesn’t want to tell her the reason.

Orion’s reaction: ( ಠ_ಠ ) ← basically what I feel right now.

August 22

Today Waka welcome them back with a special training — yell “customers are enemies!” x 10. After work Ikki tells the heroine she doesn’t have to wait for him anymore starting for today, and he goes home with Mine instead. At night he sends her a mail saying he wants to talk to her tomorrow, asking her to come to his place after work.

August 23

Despite what he said yesterday, Ikki says he can’t go home with her today. He’s going to the karaoke with his fangirls today and he’ll be home late, so he tells her to just ignore what he said. Noticing that the heroine feels jealous, Orion suggests asking Ikki directly about why he’s suddenly doing this. Following his advice, the heroine then waits in front of Ikki’s house until he finally returns late at night. Obviously Ikki is surprised to find her here, but he quickly takes her inside before anyone sees them.

After making a cup of coffee for her, Ikki asks why did she do something so dangerous. What would she do if Ikki comes home with his fangirls? She’ll just get abused again, like what they did to her during the gasshuku. Ikki suddenly starts treating her coldly because he wanted to protect her from his fangirls, and how he feels sad thinking she’s doubting him. When he asks if she thinks he’s only having fun with them, the heroine finally says she doesn’t understand anything at all since he never explains. To be fair, Ikki actually did explain to her when they started going out, but of course the heroine doesn’t remember anything.

Ikki then explains that his fangirls saw his phone during the gasshuku. He’s always acting cold towards her in front of them, but by reading his mailbox they finally learned that it was all just an act. He also saw Mine talking to his fangirls, and for a moment he thought she might be involved as well. This is why he treated the heroine coldly during work, but then he learned that Mine’s actually worried about the heroine as well.. and so he returned to normal the next day. Today he only went out with his fangirls so they won’t unleash their anger on the heroine again. He feels angry since she almost got in danger because of him, not to mention she had to wait outside in the cold just to hear the truth for him.

Realizing that the heroine came here because she’s jealous, Ikki asks what she’s trying to do by showing her jealousy to him. While he made it really clear that he loves her, she never did the same to him. Ikki admits he wants to spend his days with her forever, but he knows that’s impossible since she’s not in love with him. Not to mention his fangirls will rage if they know Ikki is actually serious about her, and that would only put her in yet another danger.

Ikki also explains that he used to have serious relationships in the past, but it always came to an end before three months. Most likely because his fangirls keep bullying his girlfriends until they can’t take it anymore. By the time Ikki entered high school, he created that three-months rule whenever he dates someone. That way his fangirls won’t bitch because they know the relationship will end in three months anyway, and Ikki will have a replacement to comfort him after the breakup — all parties should be satisfied. Now his time with the heroine is running out, and yet she’s still not showing any signs of falling in love with him.

August 24

Today the heroine goes home alone since Ikki’s still keeping a safe distance. She meets Kent on the way and he decides to walk her home, knowing that Ikki is worried about her safety. He says this is the first time he ever seen Ikki getting serious about a girl, and it seems like the heroine is the “true love” Ikki has been looking for up until now. Sadly his eyes and his fangirls keep getting in the way, but if the heroine feels the same.. Kent wants her to save Ikki from this recurring despair.

August 25

After spending 3 weeks without her family, the heroine’s father finally makes an appearance today. Apparently aside from her time limit with Ikki, she also made a promise to her father. He came here to see if she’s ready to give him an answer.. though sadly she doesn’t remember anything at all. However, her father then mentions that he’s not paying for her room rent once August comes to an end. Right now she’s working hard to save money, but it would be hard for her when her Summer vacation is over. Her father wants her to live with him and her new mother as a family. By the way, this is the heroine’s fourth mother since her father can’t stop cheating. Toma’s mother was the third. (´・ω・`A;)

So if you’ve been wondering why the heroine works six days a week, this is the reason. She doesn’t want to live with them, so she’s saving money to pay for her room rent. While her father keeps forcing her to give up already, his attitude changes when Ikki comes to talk to him. Ikki then introduces himself as “Ikkyuu” — her daughter’s boyfriend — but her father says she’s moving to their house at the end of the month. It’s two hours away by train, so it won’t be so easy for him to see her after she moves. Ikki says it might be impossible for the heroine to continue living alone, but they can always share a room to reduce living costs. This is why he keeps dropping hints about “moving in”.

Of course the heroine’s father can’t accept that idea easily. After all, Ikki’s still in college and only works part-time in this cafe. However, Ikki explains that he’s currently on his 4th year and has plenty of time to work. He’s also living a stable life independently from his parents, and he already has some famous companies waiting to employ him after he graduates. Ikki asks him to give his daughter a choice, and he finally gives up — ordering a coffee with a grumpy expression lol. When Ikki tells the heroine he’ll protect her as soon as she’s ready to move in wih him, she regains another piece of memory of Ikki saying the same thing to her last month. He’s ready to support her. The rest depends on her trust on him.

When she gets home that evening, Orion asks how she really feels towards Ikki. They have less than a week before the time limit, but Orion wants to hear her answer before he gets kicked out of her mind. The heroine finally answers that she loves Ikki as well.

August 26

Now that she has realized her own feelings, the heroine starts blushing around Ikki. Of course Ikki notices this too, and he wonders if his eyes are finally working on her. Before she can run away, he grabs her saying she should look into his eyes and say “don’t be so self-conceited!” like she usually did in the past. Ikki tells her he’s going to count to ten, and he’ll kiss her if she still doesn’t say anything.. but sadly Shin interrupts this moment before then. However, this conversation triggers yet another memory to come back to the heroine’s mind.

The heroine was actually charmed the first time she looked into Ikki’s eyes, but she denied it. When Ikki tells him to look into his eyes and deny it again, his behavior reminds the heroine of her cheating father. This is also the reason why she kept saying she really hates Ikki in front of her friends. She snapped out of it and told him “don’t be so self-conceited!”, shocking him because his eyes never failed to charm any girl before. Ikki’s eyes stopped working on her ever since, which means that the power will lose effect once you reject his charm.

After work Ikki invites the heroine to walk home together, saying he’ll wait here in the locker room instead of the usual place. Not to mention he also holds her hand as they go out. Ikki then tells his fangirls to move away since he’s going home with his girlfriend, and just as expected, they block the path and start bitching instead. Before Ikki can say anything, Shin comes out and tells them to go away since he needs to do some cleaning. Obviously they bitch saying they’re the VIPs here, and Shin answers “I know, because you’re always so noisy and brings endless problems for us.” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Ikki uses this chance to escape with the heroine, hiding behind a wall nearby. After making sure his fangirls are gone, Ikki asks what’s happening to her. If his eyes aren’t working, then there’s only one answer left.. and he wants to hear that from her. Ikki then admits she holds a special place in his heart, nervously asking if she feels the same towards him. When she tells him he’s also a special person for her, Ikki says he can’t hold back anymore and kisses her on the lips. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He also reveals that he’s been in love with her right from the beginning, saying he won’t be able to stay alive if she dumps him after three months.

When she returns home at night, the heroine can’t see Orion anymore. She can still hear his voice right now, but they both know that they have to say goodbye soon..

August 27

As she walks to work today, the heroine slowly remembers of Ikki’s ex-girlfriends she met before. Ikki is always kind to every girl he dated, but none of them ever think about continuing the relationship after three months. After work she meets Toma in front of her mansion, and he seems worried since the heroine keeps feeling dizzy lately. Actually Ikki asks Sawa to take care of her when he’s away, but since she can’t come today.. she asked Toma to watch over the heroine in her place. When the heroine says she doesn’t wanna move to live with her new family, Toma tells the heroine to rely on Ikki. She tends to keep everything to herself, but she should remember that she’s got somebody to rely on right now.

Both Ikki and the heroine have a day off tomorrow, so Orion says it might be time for her to tell Ikki about her amnesia. At first they weren’t sure if they can trust him, but Orion believes Ikki will do his best to support the heroine. She sends a mail to Ikki saying she wants to talk, and he says he’ll come to her place tomorrow.

August 28

Today the heroine finally tells Ikki everything about her amnesia and Orion. He’s surprised that she’s been dealing with such a hard situation, pretending nothing happened when she can’t even tell friends and enemies apart. Ikki says that he can tell the heroine’s starting to like him right by the end of July, but before he can ask for her answer.. she suddenly started acting weird thanks to her amnesia. Ikki then asks if there’s something he can do for her, and she asks him to hug her. This makes him realize that she’s actually worried and confused all this time, and he apologized for not making things clearer to her right from the start. He didn’t know what to do either when she suddenly took a distance away from him, since they only had a month left before the time limit.

As he hugs the heroine in his arms, Ikki tells her that he loves her. There were times when he treated her coldly to protect her from his fangirls, but he has decided to stop doing that. When the heroine starts crying, Ikki says that he’s going to protect her from now on. If she doesn’t remember anything then he’ll tell her everything — their first meeting, their time together, how much he loves her. Before she lost her memories, everyday Ikki told her “I love you” without fail, and from now on he’s going to do the same.

At night Orion uses all of his power to make himself visible, though he’s transparent. It’s finally time to say goodbye, since the heroine now has Ikki by her side. He has regained most of her memories too, and Ikki will help filling the blanks in her memories. After telling the heroine that it’s been a fun month for him, Orion finally disappears as she whispers “thank you, Orion..”

August 29

Just before they go home after work, Waka notices that Ikki has been ignoring his fangirls for the last few days. Ikki tells him he already made up his mind a long time ago, since he kept his fangirls company just to protect the heroine. However, Waka has a better solution — show the strength of their bond to his fangirls. Let them see that there’s nothing they can do to pull Ikki and the heroine apart, and weird pranks will only make Ikki hate them more.

As usual, Ikki’s fangirls start their endless bitching session when they see him going home with the heroine again. However, this time Ikki clearly tells them not to bother with him and his girlfriend anymore. Since the heroine recognizes Ikki’s ex-girlfriends among the fangirls, it reminds Ikki that the heroine herself suddenly joined Ikki’s fanclub back in May. He can tell she’s just faking it, but he doesn’t know why she did that. She clearly said “I didn’t join your fanclub because I like you”, and it doesn’t seem like she was invited to join either. Ikki knows that his fanclub is up to no good, though he doesn’t know what’s on Rika’s mind.

Ikki says that he was classmates with Rika back in junior high. While it seems like she’s been in love with him ever since, Rika never approached nor confessed to him directly. Eventually she started organizing his fanclub, and even though he knows there’s something really wrong with their activities, Ikki feels grateful since it means less catfights between his fangirls. When the heroine says Rika has been threatening her, Ikki finally realized there might be brutal things going on behind the screen.

Here the heroine gets another piece of memory to answer their questions. It turns out that the fanclub members are prohibited from monopolizing Ikki. They also have ranks in the club, and only the high-ranked members are allowed to confess to him. Everyone are taking turns to date him, and they have to break up with him after three months. The girl who dates Ikki also has to write a report for the fanclub EVERY SINGLE DAY. What the heck seriously. ( ಠ_ಠ ) On top of all these stupid rules, the heroine also had to sign a contract and promise that she won’t tell Ikki about this. This is how Rika runs the fanclub. No wonder his ex-girlfriends all gave up after three months — it’s in the rules.

The heroine kept her mouth shut because she knows this fact would only hurt Ikki. She found out that Ikki is actually innocent beneath his playboy reputation, so she accepted when he asked her to go out. The fanclub members then started harrassing her because she stopped writing reports to them when she lost her memories. However, Ikki doesn’t want her to keep any secrets from him. He has the right to know, and so the heroine finally tells him everything.

August 30

After learning the truth, Ikki directly tells Rika and his fangirls to stop doing this. At first they still tried to deny it, but soon they admit they’re doing it because of his love for him. Too bad Ikki doesn’t wanna take more crap from them, so he tells them he will continue going out with the heroine from now on. Tomorrow they’ll reach the three-months limit, but he absolutely has no intentions to let go. From now on she’s his highest priority, and he’s not meeting up with any of them unless she gives her permission. But most importantly, he won’t forgive them if they’re still trying to hurt her after this. While most of his bitchy fangirls are still.. well.. bitching, Rika quickly apologized saying they’ll disband his fanclub right away. She promises that they won’t disturb their relationship anymore and finally takes his fangirls to leave.

Since Ikki punched the wall to get his point across, Waka says he’ll take the repair fee from his daily wage LOL. He’s impressed with the way Ikki “fights” though.

August 31 – Good Ending

Today marks the heroine and Ikki’s three months anniversary, but their “time limit” doesn’t apply to them anymore. Ikki says he’ll always stick to the heroine even if she refuses, asking her if she loves him. She says she does love him, and she finally agrees to move in with him. They will start by sleeping on different beds, but Ikki says he’ll convince her to sleep together after a month, though he’s pretty confident it won’t take that long. Every night he’s going to whisper “I love you, come here” until she agrees to sleep beside him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

There’s still one thing Ikki wants to do, so he takes her in front of the station and kisses her in the middle of the street. He won’t lose to his eyes’ power, and he doesn’t care about what people think anymore. The most important thing is that he’s going to protect her from anything, and he’s ready to take the responsibility. Ikki tells her to be prepared too, because he won’t ever let her go. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

August 31 – Normal Ending

The heroine ends up moving to live with her family. Even though she didn’t like her new mother at first, she knows really well that she’s a nice person. Ikki goes to the station to send her off, telling the heroine not to look so sad since they can always meet again. She can ask him to come over whenever she wants to see him. She can also call him whenever she wants to hear his voice. He tells her to forget him if she wants to, but it will probably take him 10 years before he can forget about her. Before she gets into the train, Ikki kisses her forehead and tells her “I loved you”.

A month later, the heroine sends a mail to Ikki. She tells him the stars in her new home is really beautiful, and she invites him to come over and watch it with her. Soon Ikki replies with “I want to see it too. Are you free this weekend?”

Ikki’s route is like a giant emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s really sweet towards the ending, but before that.. it was nightmare, honestly. The annoying scenes completely outweighed the cute ones. I wanna set his bitchy fangirls on fire. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ It was so bad at first that I feel absolutely NOTHING when Ikki was being sweet to the heroine, since my mind was so set on burning his fangirls into ashes. ┐(´~`;)┌ That aside, I loved Ikki as a character. His affection for the heroine clearly shows, and he really does his best to protect her. He just didn’t take the best method available. I keep ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ing towards the ending, which is excellent actually considering Ikki annoyed me at first.. though it’s mostly thanks to this fanclub lol.

Also, sorry for this post’s absurd length. (・∀・;)ゞ


27 thoughts on “AMNESIA – Ikki

  1. I know right? His fangirls should burn in hell seriously. Anyways, at first I wasn’t too sure about Ikki, but after getting through his route, I was like, “Aww, you such a sweetie.” Still, the fangirls ruined it.

    I plan to go in the order of Ikki -> Kent -> Toma -> Shin. I don’t really mind the monotones they speak with sometimes, because I mostly speak in a monotone when I’m being casual, so it’s not a problem for me. I’m planning on staying away from the bad ends until I finish everyone’s good and normal routes first.

    • Exactly. Ikki’s really sweet towards the end, but since you don’t know what’s happening at first.. those fangirls really get in the way. Everytime they go “キャー!イッキー!” I feel like slapping a bitch honestly lol. It’s smooth sailing once Ikki’s real feelings start showing though. xD

      Yea I think it’s a good idea to do Toma before Shin, or else he’ll be forever ruined for eternity. I won’t say why to avoid spoilers at this point, but that’s my opinion lol. I’m actually doing Shin’s route right now and his voice doesn’t lull me to sleep anymore. Maybe I just got used to it. Maybe the mystery is keeping me awake. Either way, it’s a good thing. :D

  2. Haa, your reactions were exactly like mine. Every single time Ikki showed his soft side and confessed his love to the heroine I was all O(≧∇≦)O 萌えぇぇぇぇ!! Then when his fangirls appeared and he ignored/treated the heroine coldly because of them my expression instantly fell to (╯ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻ WTH DUDE.

    Ikki’s route was the only one where I actually liked all of his bad ends ^^;;. Even after finishing his good route and normal end I was still a bit doubtful/annoyed at the way he treated the heroine, but then after torturing him through his bad ends I took back everything I previously thought of him and bumped him up to being my favorite character. :3

    LOL I just realized that if you hate the fangirls here, you should wait until you do Toma’s route or Ukyo’s route. I MEGA-RAGED on those routes. I’ve never hated any side characters more than I did in this game. I wish they were punished more by Ikki or other people.. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD!?

    • LOL yes rollercoaster ride. When Ikki’s being sweet I went ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ..then bitch army came and I turned WTF GO AWAY! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ〃┻━┻ Rinse and repeat until he finally kicked their butts. Actually I liked his bad endings too, especially the one where creepy Rika pushed the heroine off a cliff.. because the thought of Ikki doing the revenge for her = sweet. 8D

      The fangirls are bad enough in Toma’s route, are they even worse in Ukyou’s? I agree, I wish they’d get harder punishment from Ikki himself. Ikki’s being too gentle on them. ;__; But then again I won’t be satisfied until they fall through the gate of hell, so.. lol.

      • His last words in that end where Rika pushed the heroine off the cliff sent shivers, the good kind, down my spine (≧∀≦)! I like to think that they got the punishment they deserved, muahaha. BREAK THEM IKKI <3

        .. I won’t say anything and just let you experience the fangirls in Ukyo’s route for yourself ;D. You can look forward to it, hahaha.

  3. wow i might fall in love with this game >.< when i saw the official site, i wasnt really interested but i found myself reading ur whole review from beginning to end
    its really interesting and it seems like there are still things left unsolved so i will have to keep reading ur reviews
    anyways ths as always for the review =D hope the next one comes out soon

    • Considering I took note of almost every single detail, if there’s an unsolved mystery.. it remained unsolved until the end of the route lol. Next post will be Toma’s route. :3

  4. Oh wow, thanks for writing this! I couldn’t finish his route cause my anger for those fangirls were always on the verge of bursting and I was like, almost wanting to throw my PSP. Goddamit why are they so twisted!? My rage was uncontrollable.
    So, about Ikki. First impression: he has a weird chin. /shot. So…pointy! It’s really notable in some CGs. I mean, I do feel his love for the heroine but WTF WHY ARE YOU SO AKDSBASHBFJAHBSDA. I’m getting molested here you weirdo! DO SOMETHING ARGHHHHHH /rages.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I shall go try to burn those damn fangirls in the corner of my mind

    • Yes! Amnesia has beautiful art, but you have to admit.. the proportions look off in some CGs. Like Ikki’s chin. Or Toma’s nose. *shot*

      I know that feeling. Sadly Ikki has quite a messed up view on the world thanks to his eyes, but you’re doing it wrong Ikki! Don’t protect your girlfriend by IGNORING her hdasjd;kl (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ So you can tell how happy I was when he finally kicked their butts in the end lol.

  5. I know Ikki is good at doing romantic vibes. And I really really like Taniyama Kishou’s voice in it (remembering me of Ookami in Akazukin). But, it is like you’ve wrote. Because his story is all about that fangirl thing, I may not like him to the fullest. I can’t stand their annoying voice, keeps hearing it in my ears.. So, how bout the bad end? Did you do it? Most of it are just annoys the story…

    • That’s because Kiyan is a pro. xD

      Actually I did all the bad endings, I just didn’t write about them.
      Just like what I told Ilinox above, actually I loved his “君を壊した子たちを壊して” bad ending. Those fangirls keep ruining the mood during the whole route, so I’m more than happy to see Ikki breaking them by himself. 8D

  6. I agree with what you feel. I hate Ikki when he’s with his fangirl, but when he starts being all sweet I just melt. Plus I love Taniyama Kinshio. Looking forward to Toma’s route…?

    Oh by the way, are you planning on playing Gekka Ryouran Romance? I’m really curious about that game, and whether or not it’s good (and to find out what’s the deal with Dahlia or whatever her name is. If that’s a girlxgirl route…) If not, do you know of someone who is planning on reviewing it?

    • After going through Toma’s yandere route, I’m not sure if I want to do Gekka Ryouran Romance anytime soon. My friends keep saying the yandere level are pretty bad, and I can only take so much creepiness at a time lol. As far as I know, Ilinox is playing Gekka right now. Maybe reviews will come up when she’s done? :D

  7. Flipped lots of tables playing this route, esp cos of the fanclub bitches, and Rika was goddamn annoying OMG. I’d say Ikki is quite a good person, but seeing him flirt with everyone and their mother in my presence is like……FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I AM NOT TAKING YOUR BULLSHIT.*flips*

    • Rika is creepy indeed, and those fanclub members who keep treating you like crap.. they annoyed me so much I end up posting this on tumblr. Not to mention Ikki’s trust went down when I picked “I hate you” instead of apologizing WTF. -__-

  8. IKR. his fangirls are super annoying. though i can see that you actually liked Ikki, i can’t say i’m not surprised xD.
    but after reading your review it seems like even I am changing my feelings for him lol… yea your review kinda made me realize i hate him for his ultra annoying MADclub. seriously, how can they make Rika such an annoying bitch? i thought she’d be some kind of cool character but now… i wonder who’s your fave now? this game is kinda twisted for me so i can’t say i PURELY love any of them. everyone has their little bad quality’s.

    • Yea I loved Ikki. I like him when he’s being sweet and devoted, but whenever he flirts with his fangirls.. I flip tables lol. So far I can’t recommend Amnesia to anyone who wants pure love stories. The stories are a bit twisted with a little mystery thrown in, so sometimes romance just fades into the background. (・∀・;)

      My favorite is Ikki, but I like Shin as well. I might change my mind later after completing the game though. xD

  9. Wow. I didn’t expect to like Ikki. I don’t usually like characters with fanclubs since they are annoying me to death. They’re all thinking is for all and no one shall monopolize him *coughgirlfriendcough*. However, I cannot fully melt with his sweet words because there might be a catch at the end. >_>
    Still, I like Ikkyuu-san now. XD

    • LOL I love it when Kent calls him Ikkyuu. He hates his name though, hence the nickname Ikki. He thinks Ikkyuu a really dull name. xD The main source of annoyance here comes from his fangirls, so if you can ignore them and just focus on Ikki.. I believe this route would be much more enjoyable. :D

  10. Even though post is really long I read the WHOLE thing. I regret nothing. And when it comes to fangirls it makes me love the heroine even more by how she’s so strong putting up with the fangirls not even mentioning their harassment to anyone. Even though she was part of them once. Enough of those fangirls, both endings where SUPER cute and lovey dovey~ ^w^

    • Thanks for reading the whole thing! My Amnesia posts are giant since there’s no common route. xD Yeah, I liked the heroine in Ikki’s route too. She actually never became one of his fangirls, as she only joined his fans club to find out why he kept breaking up and changing girlfriends per three months. His fangirls were irritating like hell in Ukyou and Toma’s routes too, and I loved how Ikki warned them not to bother his girlfriend anymore. He was too nice in the entire route, so it’s nice to see him taking a drastic action. :D

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