Despite Toma’s reputation as a notorious yandere, I decided to do his route next. A friend told me the fanclub abuse are even worse here, so let’s just think of it as a mental training. xD

Toma is both the childhood friend and the older brother figure in the heroine’s life. He’s been watching over her ever since they were small, and he continues to take care of her even up until now. Toma’s love and dedication to protect the heroine is really strong. Maybe even too strong for his own good. While normally he seems like a considerate protective guy, Toma’s affection for the heroine tends to make him a bit.. mentally unstable.

August 1

After choosing the diamond world, the heroine finds herself standing in front of her mansion. When an unknown man rushes over asking if she’s okay, she immediately regains an important piece of memory from their childhood days. Back then he kindly told her everything would be okay, he will always protect her.. and soon the heroine remembers his name — Toma. From him the heroine learns that she suddenly collapsed and hit her head earlier, so now he’s going to take her to the hospital despite her protests. Fortunately for her, Toma explains her identity and condition to the doctor. She learns that she’s a college student who lives alone, and she’s currently working part-time in a cafe.

Since the heroine needs to be hospitalized for a day, Toma says he’ll bring her insurance card and borrows her mansion key. However, when the nurse mentions she’s got a very loving boyfriend, Toma explains that they’re not lovers. Before leaving he also gives the heroine a memo containing his phone number, telling her to call him if she needs anything. At night Orion notices that the heroine doesn’t have her phone with her though. Also, the heroine can’t see Orion anymore since the memory she got today is a really important one, but she can still hear his voice.

August 2

In the morning, the nurse brings a bad news for Orion and the heroine. There’s a problem with their MRI machine, so she’s going to have her examination tomorrow.. which means that she’s going to spend another day in the hospital. That evening Toma comes to visit her, but he’s only here to make sure she’s doing fine. Earlier the nurses told him not to stay for too long or cause any unwanted stimulation to her mind, so Toma soon leaves saying he’ll come again tomorrow.

August 3

Despite what the nurse said yesterday, the MRI machine is still broken today and the heroine needs to extend her stay again. She ends up spending yet another blank day in her hospital room, not to mention Toma’s visit only lasts for two minutes today.

August 4

Thanks to all the time she spent spacing out in the hospital, the heroine’s mind grows duller in just three days. The memory she regained are now locked up once again in her mind, but this also allows her to see Orion again. Luckily she’s finally released from the hospital today, and Toma comes to pick her up in the morning. Even though there are no serious physical injuries on her head, Toma explains that her memories are still a bit messy due to the shock. Of course it’s actually “gone” instead of “messy”, but at least she has a reason to be confused now. xD

After taking the heroine back to her room, Toma gives the heroine a cellphone. It turns out that she dropped and broke her old phone before, so he bought a new one for her. When Toma says she’s really quiet today and asks about her memories, the heroine honestly admits that her amnesia is actually far worse than he thought. Her parents are rather hard to reach since they’re living overseas, but Toma informs Shin — their younger childhood friend — about this incident. Shin doesn’t seem to care though, hanging up on Toma after leaving a message for her: “ドジ。バカ” LOL.

Since she doesn’t remember about Shin, Toma explains that the three of them were always together until high school. After that they moved to different locations and start living alone, so they can’t spend as much time together anymore. Back on August 1, the heroine was actually waiting for Toma in front of her mansion. It’s been quite a while since the last time they saw each other, but when he arrived.. he found her lying on the ground. Later on Shin also comes to see how she’s doing, telling Toma to inform him earlier if something like this happens again. Even though he’s busy with his high school exams, he doesn’t want to remain ignorant while the heroine’s having a hard time.

Despite his harsh words, Shin is worried about leaving the heroine alone. Especially because she remains quiet and just sits there spacing out into the air. Shin wants to spend the night in her room just to watch over her, but Toma is against the idea since they’re no longer kids who can sleep together anytime. When the heroine says she wants Toma to stay with her, he tells her he can’t do that since it’d be unfair for Shin. Toma also says he’s harmless because he’s been watching over her ever since they were small, so he won’t “grow any special feelings” for her.. and for some reason, these words hurt her heart.

Before leaving Toma also mentions that she’s got a day off tomorrow, and he’ll come to pick her up on the 6th so she can start working again.

August 5

From her phone’s contact list, the heroine learns more about her friends. This includes all four guys, her girlfriends, Waka and Rika. She also finds a notebook full of her activity reports with Ikki, so naturally Orion thinks she’s going out with Ikki. The reports also stated that she visits a certain back alley a lot with Ikki. Just then Toma comes and invites her to go shopping together since her fridge is mostly empty, and the heroine decides to ask him about this “back alley” in her notebook. It turns out that Toma also knows about the place and takes her there, though why suddenly she wants to come here is beyond him.

In the back alley, the heroine regains another piece of memory. Back in July, she was talking to someone in this place. She told that someone “I love him. It seems like he’s only looking at me as a sister and I’ve cried a lot because of this, but still.. I love him”. The memory causes quite a shock to her body and she collapses again right in front of Toma’s eyes. However, before he can take her to the hospital again, the heroine suddenly asks him “tell me. the person I loved.. is it you?” Toma looks surprised at first, but then he tells her that it’s true — they’re lovers, he just kept quiet so she won’t feel confused. The heroine feels relieved that Toma is looking at her as a girl, and then she blacks out.

August 6

When she opens her eyes, the heroine finds herself back in her room. On top of carrying her back from the back alley, Toma also watched over her all night without getting any sleep. He’s reaching his limits and feels really tired as well.. so after asking the heroine to let him sleep for 10 minutes, Toma takes a nap on her bedside. Orion doubted it when Toma said they’re lovers since he never acted like a boyfriend, but after watching him last night, he can tell that Toma’s love for her is real. When she holds his hand, Toma opens his eyes and asks her to stay like this until he wakes up.

However, Shin’s mail points out a jarring contradiction. He finds it weird that she keeps staying with Toma now.. because she has been avoiding Toma up until recently. She even told Shin “I don’t wanna see Toma” with a very serious expression. Soon Toma wakes up and goes out to buy lunch for them, so the heroine and Orion decided to investigate her room further. They find a notebook sitting on the corner, but they can’t find its battery or power cord anywhere in the room. Not even after spending four hours going through every single nook and cranny.

..and to make things more confusing, today Toma tells the heroine that she’s just like a sister to him. She doesn’t need to worry about sleeping in front of him, since he doesn’t hold any weird feelings towards her. Even though yesterday he just said they’re actually lovers.

August 7

Today the heroine finally goes to work. She doesn’t know anything about her workplace, but luckily Toma comes to pick her up in the morning. When she tells him she was looking for her PC’s battery last night, Toma replies with “it must be hard without a PC, you can borrow mine if you want to use one” and mentions nothing about the power cord.. so Orion thinks he knows that the heroine doesn’t have any. Soon they arrive at Meido no Hitsuji, with a really calm and composed Waka welcoming them. It turns out that Toma used to work here as well, but he’s taking a break from work since he’s currently busy with college.

Since recently the heroine keeps collapsing, Toma asks for Waka’s permission to give her a temporary leave until the end of the month. Both Orion and the heroine aren’t sure about this idea since they won’t be able to meet more people that way, but Waka agrees. Kent is coming back to work this month, and he’ll be able to cover her job easily since she doesn’t have that many shifts to begin with. Toma then goes to talk to Mine and Sawa in the office, so she goes outside to wait for him.. and there she meets Ukyou.

Noticing that she came here with Toma, Ukyou asks if she’s going out with Toma right now. He understands when she remains silent since he’s only a “suspicious person” in her eyes. But here suddenly Ukyou’s personality changes, and he puts up a creepy smile saying “If Toma is around you, it means you’re gonna get killed. You’re going to die because of his wish. Enjoy your short life!” Then he leaves with a psychotic laughter. What the heck. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

Back in front of the mansion, the heroine was wondering if she should tell Toma about Ukyou when suddenly a potted plant falls from up above. Luckily Toma pushes her out of the way, or else the pot will smash her on the head. He tells her to wait as he goes up to check, but after five minutes he returns saying he couldn’t find the culprit. He might be able to track down the culprit if he did a thorough search, but he’s worried about leaving her alone. After taking her back to her room, Toma tells her to stay inside while he contacts the mansion’s manager. They can’t left the broken pot lying around outside after all. He also knows it’s not an accident since all the windows were closed when the pot fell down — it’s intentional.

After Toma goes home, Orion wonders if the heroine’s actually cheating on him with Ikki. While the heroine clearly says she only loves Toma, her notebook says that she often meets up with Ikki in the back alley. Earlier Toma confirmed that Ikki also works in Meido no Hitsuji, so Orion suggests going back to the cafe tomorrow. They might be able to find Ikki.

August 8

Toma has been delivering her mails up until now, but today the heroine goes to check her own mailbox directly. However, instead of finding letters.. she finds a terrifying sight of rotten eggs and dead insects filling her mailbox. Soon she receives a mail from Sawa asking if she’s okay, since she suddenly took a break from work. She also mentions that Ikki’s worried too, so after 30 minutes of mental preparations, the heroine decides to clean her mailbox and go to see Ikki. Toma arrives the moment she steps out of her room, and while he’s confused (or rather not amused) upon hearing she’s going to see Ikki, he agrees to walk her there.

However, when they walk by the mailbox area on the first floor, the heroine finds her mailbox squeaky clean. Earlier the rotten eggs were dripping onto the floor.. but now it’s all gone. On the way to Meido no Hitsuji, Toma and the heroine stop for a while to wait for a train to pass. Just then someone suddenly shoves her from behind, pushing her towards the rail. Thankfully Toma acts fast and grabs her before she got run over by the train, and he quickly drags her home since it’s getting too dangerous for her to be outside. With all these incidents happening one after another, Toma knows that something really wrong is going on here. He asks her if she experienced any changes recently, so she finally tells him about her meeting with Ukyou.

Knowing the police won’t be able to provide any help, Toma then takes the heroine to stay in his room for a few days. It’s her first time visiting his room after he starts living alone, though she often came to visit his house in the past. He apologized for taking her here without asking for her opinion, but he’s too worried to leave her alone in her room. He’ll be working on his PC for a while, so she’s free to read his book, play his games, or do whatever she wants. Orion soon notices an album on the rack, going “so cute~!” upon seeing Toma’s childhood pictures with the heroine and Shin inside. When she finds a picture of her own crying face, a piece of memory comes back to the heroine’s mind.

Back then the heroine broke her favorite toy and cried buckets, so Toma kept patting her head while Shin tried to fix it. Toma’s hand was really warm, and even though she wasn’t really sad anymore.. she continued to fake her cry because she didn’t want him to stop patting her head. As she falls asleep, the heroine says “ever since those days, I’ve always…” in her mind.

August 9

When Toma wakes her up in the morning, Orion explains that he carried her to bed last night. He slept on the floor and didn’t do anything weird to her at all, though he lovingly pat her head. Toma says he did that because it reminds him of their childhood days, asking if she’s angry that he’s treating her like a little sister again. Again. It means that Toma has done so in the past, and the heroine got angry at him. After breakfast Toma leaves to go shopping, and since they can’t find any other albums in the room.. the heroine and Orion spend the whole day playing a game called “Destiny Kingdom” LOL.

That evening Toma returns and apologized for being so late. He says he had a lot of things to do earlier, but now he’ll cook her favorite food to make up for it. He also bought a pudding for her to eat after bath, which means that he’s got no intentions to return the heroine to her room. Since Toma is planning to sleep on the floor again, the heroine says she doesn’t mind sharing the bed with him. Sadly while he admits he doesn’t hate the idea at all, Toma only replies with “Don’t ever say that to any other guys, they’ll think you’re ‘inviting’ them. I won’t do anything even if you invite me though, since I don’t feel that way towards you.” — the heroine gets a vision upon hearing these words, but it was too quick for her to grasp.

..then Toma refuses her invitation and goes to take a shower. Lovers? Really? ( ´_ゝ`)
Orion also thinks it’s weird how Toma keeps saying these things to the heroine. He wonders if this caused a fight between them, which might be the reason why she avoided him before.

August 10

Today Toma’s went out early in the morning, but Orion mentions he gently pat her head before leaving. The other thing he noticed is that the slope right in front of Toma’s mansion appeared on the heroine’s memory before — the first memory she got back on August 1. She decides to go outside for a moment to check the slope, but instead of regaining a new piece of memory.. she meets Ukyou instead. Even though he sadly apologized for saying weird things last time, his personality changes again the moment she turns around. Ukyou tells her “the man you’re staying with isn’t your lover, and I’m not the one lying here” ..but he doesn’t care even if she doesn’t believe in him. Because in the end, she will die in a certain someone’s hands.

The heroine rushes back into Toma’s room, and he returns home soon after. Orion asks what she thinks about what Ukyou said earlier, but the heroine believes in Toma since they can see there’s nothing wrong with him. Not to mention he cares a lot about her too. After giving her a duplicate key to his room, Toma invites her to play “Destiny Kingdom 2” for the rest of the day, much to Orion’s joy.

August 11

When she wakes up, the heroine finds Toma still sleeping on the floor. As she tries to fix his blanket, Toma opens his eyes asking “you can’t sleep alone..?” and pulls her into his arms to make her feel comfortable. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ This triggers another piece of memory in her mind. Back when she was small, the heroine kept crying at school because she wanted to spend her naptime with Toma. Soon Toma comes to her class since he can hear her crying, and he slept beside her while holding her hand — bringing his bed from his own class.

Since his actions earlier were all subconscious, Toma is surprised to find himself hugging the heroine. He tells her to resist instead of snuggling comfortably in his arms, saying he must be doing this because he saw a dream of their childhood days. She used to be really small back then, but she’s already an adult when he realized it. After telling her to get up, Toma blushes saying there’s no way he’s not feeling anything in this situation. Then he goes out to check her room’s condition, telling her to change before he returns — because her pajamas are rather dangerous towards him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン The heroine actually feels happy since it means Toma is really looking at her as a woman, despite him treating her like a sister up until now.

That night Toma tells the heroine he still got something to do, but she should just go to bed first. She decides to stay up and wait for him though, playing “Destiny Kingdom 2” with Orion until Toma tells her to get some sleep already. He admits he’s happy that she’s waiting for him, but tonight he wants her to give up and go to bed.

August 12

Since Toma worked on his report until morning came, Orion tells the heroine to be careful not to wake him up. He’s still away in the dreamland after she changes and probably won’t wake up anytime soon, so she decides to visit her room to check the situation. The first thing they notice is that her mailbox still smells like rotten eggs, though it’s sparkly clean. Upon entering her room, the heroine and Orion find a PC battery sitting nearby. Last time they couldn’t find it, but now they can finally check her PC. Sadly this brings them to another terrifying sight of her mail inbox — filled with terror mails saying “die / stupid woman / break up”. The only “normal” mails are from unknown guys who think she’s a whore selling herself on the internet, most likely because someone uploaded her picture on an online dating site.

At first Orion thinks Toma has a warped ex-girlfriend or is currently cheating on her, but then it suddenly hits them. The reason why everyday Toma goes to her house without fail must be because he’s cleaning her mailbox and deleting all of these spam mails on her PC. Her mailbox still smells like rotten eggs because he just cleaned it recently, and he keeps coming back to check just in case it happens again. Since Toma is hiding this from her, the heroine shouldn’t ask him directly about this. She also decides to go back before Toma finds her here, taking a hidden diary she finds before leaving.

Toma is already awake when she returns. He panicks and almost bumps into her on his way out, but the heroine covers it up by saying Toma also did the same thing a few days ago. He apologized knowing she must feel lonely waking up alone in his room, but she’s in danger right now. If she wants to go out, then she should at least wake him up. Two hours later, Toma is working on his reports again. He says the heroine won’t be able to work anymore if she took the same major, but then again it might be a good idea. When she first greeted them with the Meido no Hitsuji’s trademark “お帰りなさいませご主人様”, Shin froze in place and Toma almost died of ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ lol. It was Toma too who introduced her to work in the cafe, but he was expecting her to work in the kitchen instead of becoming a waitress.

Soon Toma gets ready to leave, and it reminds Orion that they haven’t deleted the spam mails in her inbox. If Toma checks her inbox, he will surely notice the heroine has opened and read those mails.. which is normal actually since it’s her mail, but they know it’d be better to prevent this from happening. Before Toma can say anything, the heroine asks him not to leave since she feels lonely here. Toma is surprised saying “it’s been years ever since the last time you honestly relied on me like this”, but he agrees to stay and tells her everything will be alright. He will always be here to protect her — just like what he promised her a long time ago.

August 13

Since Toma didn’t go shopping yesterday, his fridge is almost empty today. He still has some mochi his parents sent him though, since his parents keep sending food for him even though they don’t live that far apart.. which means that Toma’s house is somewhere around here. In any case, today the heroine goes grocery shopping with Toma in town. They still don’t know if it’s safe for her to go back home, so Toma tells her to buy everything she needs ranging from clothes to toiletries. It’s been five days since she started living with him, and he noticed she’s running out of body lotions.

Their first stop is the drugstore, where the heroine buys some shampoo. Toma asks if the one he has at home isn’t good enough for her, realizing that she actually cares a lot about her hair despite using a “magical girl transformation shampoo” when she was small. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He loves the smell of her hair though, especially since he just hugged her in bed a few days ago. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She also buys books about traditional ceremonies and business manners in the bookstore, though she can’t explain that she needs them because she doesn’t remember anything lol. The heroine doesn’t buy anything when they visit a boutique, and Toma says she never changes. She loves window shopping ever since they were small, though she rarely buys anything in the end.

Before going to the groceries, she visits a lingerie shop and Toma waits outside. However, the staff drags him in thinking he’s “the boyfriend”.. and boyfriends should pick lingeries for their girlfriends. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Poor Toma blushes like a tomato as the staff keeps bringing sexy sets for the heroine, ultimately asking her to try them on in front of him LOL. When they finally leave the lingerie shop an hour later, the first thing Toma says to her is “..are you testing me?” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He tells her he doesn’t mind choosing her underwear normally, but right now it’s dangerous since they’re currently living together. She should be careful since he might attack her tonight, though he’ll hold back as much as he can. Poor guy lol.

On their way home, they have to go through a crowded street since it’s Sunday today. Just then Orion notices that a girl behind the heroine pulls out a scissors from her bag, cutting a strand of the heroine’s hair before she could even react. The girl laughs saying “stupid! you’re a nuisance!” before running away, and as much as Toma wants to chase her.. he knows the heroine is his top priority. Toma quickly takes her home, where he checks the cut on her hair and says he can’t forgive that girl for doing this to her. He’s going to look for the crazy bitch and make her pay for her actions, but then he apologized.. because right now, there’s nothing he can do to make the heroine feel better.

After turning off the lights for bed, Toma mentions that they were always together until her university entrance exams. She started avoiding him around that time, and he started to “lose confidence” because of the distance she put between them. After a short pause, Toma says he will never hurt her, and he won’t let anyone hurt her either. He’s been protecting her all this time and that will never change — he will always protect her.

August 14

Today Toma’s going to college in the morning. There’s a mistake in his report, so he’s going to fix it and will return at noon. Right after Toma leaves, the heroine regains a piece of memory. In the past, Toma told her that he’s studying law in college. He knows she’s going to take a major related to education, and he wished they can take classes together once she starts her college life. Judging by Toma’s words, the heroine should be on her last year in high school back then, and she was planning to get into the same college as him.

Despite Toma telling her to stay inside, the heroine decides to check her room. She knows it’s dangerous out there, but she also needs clues to solve this terror mystery. To make sure she doesn’t get attacked anymore, Orion temporarily gets out of her mind and checks the situation around her room, while she stays hidden in front of the mansion. However, 20 minutes later Orion returns saying this time it’s so terrible it might be better if she doesn’t see it. Her mailbox is filled with ink, and her door is entirely covered with written insults. Obviously she can’t go home in this condition, so she decides to go back to Toma’s room for today.

Unfortunately, Toma finds her right in front of his mansion. He quickly drags her inside, where he snaps at her for loitering around outside after what just happened yesterday. Toma asks if she wants to visit a certain place so badly — up to the point of ignoring all the risks — and the heroine says she does. This causes him to go “So in the end you’ll still go out no matter what I said. Rather than me, you…” and falls into silence. Then he tells her to give him an hour to calm down, asking her not to talk to him before then.

At night Toma asks the heroine to come over, so she gets into his arms as they lie on the floor. He asks how she feels towards him, and she tells him she loves him.. sadly while Toma feels incredibly happy with her feelings, he knows that actually her love isn’t directed to him. Toma says he doesn’t want to see her sad and he’ll do anything to protect her smile. Even if she will hate him in the end. It’s really painful for him because he wants to treat her kindly, but he can’t do that anymore.

August 15

Toma greets the heroine normally when she wakes up today, preparing breakfast for them as usual. Orion feels there’s something terribly off with Toma’s attitude last night, but he decides to put the subject aside for now. The heroine falls asleep not too long after eating breakfast, and when Orion wakes her up later.. it’s already evening. Toma also tells her he managed to finish his report thanks to her spending the whole day in the dreamland. In the end the heroine and Orion couldn’t do anything productive, so they decided to take a rest today. After all, they don’t want to make Toma angry again.

August 16

In the morning, Orion explains that last night she falls asleep right after eating dinner. Do you get the feeling that there’s something wrong going on? Because I totally do. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Even after washing her face, the heroine falls asleep again during breakfast. She wakes up at 5 PM with Toma and Orion asking if she feels okay. Toma asks if she usually takes naps back at home, but he feels relieved since he can keep an eye on her this way. In fact, he jokingly tells her “It would be better if you’re forever asleep, since you keep doing absurd things whenever you’re awake.” .. (´・ω・`A;) On the other hand, Orion is wondering what’s wrong with her lately. Up until now she sleeps 7 hours a day like a normal person, but she suddenly starts developing this strange sleeping habit now. At this rate they won’t be able to solve anything.

August 17

After falling asleep again in the morning, the heroine finally wakes up at night to find a worried Orion by her side. Soon Toma comes saying they’ll have dinner soon, but here Orion quickly warns her not to eat anything Toma makes for her. Why? Because earlier he just saw Toma putting drugs into her tea. She’s been falling asleep lately because HE’S BEEN DRUGGING HER FOOD THE WHOLE TIME, obviously to keep her inside the room all day long. Before the heroine can think of any excuses to refuse dinner, the doorbell rings and Shin comes inside — asking what she’s doing here in Toma’s room. Shin noticed that her house remains empty for the last few day, and Toma didn’t pick up the phone when he called to ask what happened. He never expected to find her here out of all places.

Since Shin demands an explanation, Toma says he brought her here just for protection. It’s not like he forced her either. Even though the heroine confirms that she’s staying here on her own will, Shin knows it’s a lie because she’s been avoiding Toma all this time. There’s no way she would suddenly start living with him as if nothing happened. Shin understands that she can’t stay at home with all the terror pranks around, but rather than having Toma hiding her here.. wouldn’t it be so much better if she stays with her girlfriends? She can always rent a weekly mansion too. However, Toma doesn’t care about Shin’s opinion. He can’t trust other people to protect the heroine — including Shin himself. Before Shin can do anything, Toma drags him to talk outside and tells her not to eavesdrop.

When they finally return to the room, Toma says Shin already understands. Shin still wants to get her out of Toma’s room as soon as possible, but Toma asks him not to interfere and just leave everything to him. His highest priority is to protect the heroine, and he couldn’t care less about everything else — other people, Shin, or even how she feels towards all of this. Shin gives up for today, but before leaving he tells the heroine to call him if anything happens. Just like how Toma doesn’t trust him, Shin can’t trust Toma to protect her either. Because Toma is NOT her boyfriend or anything. After Shin leaves, Toma admits that he knows her memories haven’t returned yet. He was taking advantage of her amnesia, tricking her to believe that they’re going out.. while they’re actually not.

Toma then asks if she’s scared of him now, and even though the heroine says she’s not, he replies with “It would be so much easier for me if you get scared and hate me. A part of me is scared that you’ll hate me, but that’s my biggest enemy.” After clearly saying he has zero intentions of letting her leave his room, Toma suddenly pins the heroine against the wall and kisses her — slipping yet another drug onto her mouth. As she loses her consciousness, the heroine hears Toma apologizing to her. He doesn’t want to see her cry, but that simple wish can never be granted.

August 18

In her sleep, the heroine sees a flashback of her reporting something to Shin in the past. While he remained supportive of her, Shin was worried about a certain person’s fanclub since they seem like a raging bitch army. Mine was the one who invited her to join this fanclub, and she only joined in for fun. Shin also mentioned about her “final battle” next month, telling her “good luck” since he didn’t know what to say about this. Soon the memory fades away and Orion appears. He tells her to get up carefully since she might “hit her head”, and when the heroine opens her eyes.. she finds herself IN A FREAKING CAGE. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Soon Toma comes to reveal that he already put a padlock on the cage’s door. It won’t break even if she goes wild inside, so she better not think of doing unnecessary things. He’ll let her out to take showers though, and he will also bring her meals to the cage. While Orion feels really guilty for letting her stay with this kind of person the whole time, Toma says he’s doing this for their own sake. She will go out to face more danger if he doesn’t lock her up, and it’s getting hard for him to hold back his desire to “attack” her.. but it’s fine now since she’s in the cage! \(^o^)/ The heroine doesn’t feel sad though, because she still believes in the promise Toma made when they were small — he’s doing this to protect her.

When Toma opens the cage’s door to bring her meal, Orion is hoping for a chance to escape. Unfortunately that hope quickly gets crushed since Toma’s guarding everything perfectly. He chains her wrist to the iron bars whenever he opens the door, making sure she doesn’t have any chance to run away. At 11 PM Toma leaves saying he’s got something to do, telling her to go to sleep before turning off the lights. Orion says Toma will learn about her mails if he goes to her house, but soon he realized that her room key is still sitting on the table. Not that things could get any worse than this though.

August 19

Today Toma greets the heroine with a morning coffee. Last night he returned home at 2 AM, and he’s been working on his PC all morning. Orion says he was searching for something on the internet, but he just looked through the number of hits without opening the links. At noon Toma finally lets her out to take a bath, but he keeps her hand chained until he returns her to the cage. Then he tells her to fix her clothes (because she put them on quickly only with one hand) and goes back to write his report. This really pissed Orion since Toma’s treating her like a lifeless doll and there’s nothing he can do to help, but the heroine says it’s enough as long as she has Orion by her side.

Before bed, Toma tells the heroine that she’s just like a captured princess. He’s the evil demon king and Shin is the warrior who tries to save her, but he’s not letting Shin to save her now. After telling her she has grown into such a beautiful young lady, Toma apologized and asks her to bear with this for a little longer. When the time comes, he’ll release her from this cage.

August 20

The heroine regains another piece of memory in her sleep. She was telling her love problems to an unknown man. The person she loves never looks at her as a girl, even though the man in front of her said she’s actually quite charming. He found it interesting since she’s the only girl who ever told him about her love problems, and so he helped her to think of a solution. All she wanted was for the person she loves to turn around and look at her, then fall in love with her even more. Even though she’s been regaining her memories one by one, the heroine can still see Orion when she wakes up. Which means that her most important memory is still locked.

Since the heroine looks really bored inside her cage, Toma gives her a box of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle to play in her spare time. Soon he gets up saying he’s going to clean her room now, revealing that he already knows that she went home the other day. It’s not like he put a GPS on her or anything though, he’s just got a good instinct and a good poker face to cover it up. A few hours later he returns saying her mailbox was filled with ketchup, mayonnaise and olive oil today. They can’t do anything about these pranks, but her mansion’s manager was complaining. Toma notices that the heroine’s looking at him from the cage, and when he asks her what’s wrong.. she tells him “Thank you, Toma.” He’s locking her up right now, but he continues to clean her mailbox everyday no matter how disgusting it gets.

At night the heroine sees another memory in her dream. Back when she just entered college, she told Toma that she’s in love with someone. Toma was surprised at first, but then he said it’s natural since she’s already a college student. She asked if he’s not shocked upon hearing this, but he replied with “Why should I be shocked? Isn’t that a good thing?” Poor girl. (´・ω・`)

August 21

When the heroine wakes up, Orion points out that they have never seen the person she loves directly in her memories. So far they only have memories about her telling her friends about this, including Toma.. and speaking of Toma, soon he wakes up muttering he saw a strange dream last night. For a moment he’s shocked upon seeing the caged heroine, asking who did this to her before eventually remembering that it’s him. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Since she’s been sleeping in the cage, Toma also keeps sleeping on the floor. He can’t find a bed that fits her cage size yet, so he just can’t sleep on the soft bed while she’s lying on the hard, cold cage floor.

Here the heroine suddenly gets a flashback again. As she stared into the blue sky, she kept thinking of the person she loves. She really wanted to see him, but she knew she can’t meet him in her current state. It’s just a bit more longer until she can finally see him, telling him how much she loves him.

At night the heroine opens her eyes to find Toma beside the cage. Toma tells her even though he already gave up and knows that he can’t go back anymore.. it hurts him to be hated by both Shin and her. He thinks of them as his precious siblings and wants them to be happy, but in the end he failed to do so. If Shin ever finds out about the cage, Toma will let Shin punch him until he’s satisfied, then he’ll go far far away and disappear from their sight.

August 22

In the morning, Toma leaves to check the heroine’s room again. She was thinking about what to do when Orion suddenly notices that she’s leaning on a loose iron bar. It turns out that the bottom part of the bars aren’t welded properly, and she ends up breaking one side of the cage by removing the joints. Sadly she can’t escape because her house is still covered in pranks, not to mention she can hear Toma’s footsteps outside. Orion suggests taking her phone into the cage for emergencies, so she quickly grabs her phone, hides it inside the puzzle box, gets back into the cage and fixes the bars right before Toma enters the room.

Just like what he said before, Toma is quite sharp. He immediately notices that her phone is gone from the shelf, but she quickly turns it off before he calls her number. He knows it must be somewhere in this room though, asking her “you can’t get out from the cage right?” just to make sure. When she asks if he’ll let her out, Toma says he wants to let her out.. but he can’t do it yet. Luckily he believes that the cage is unbreakable, so he concludes that he must have dropped it somewhere in the room.

After telling her to stay back, Toma then puts tons of plushies, dolls, chocolates and books into the cage. He knows she must be bored to tears inside, so he bought all these stuff to keep her entertained. Since he doesn’t know her current hobby, he ended up getting the toys she loved when she was small. The heroine asks if he thinks of her as his doll on a toy box, but Toma says he never thought of her that way. Even though he’s locking her up, he knows really well that she’s not his — asking her “have you ever thought of yourself as mine in the last 19 years? never, right?” Again, Toma apologized and asks her to bear with it for now. He might be able to “get enough proof” soon.

August 23

Today Toma is gone in the morning, so the heroine decides to check her phone inbox. Up until the 17th, Shin sent a lot of mails asking for her location. Sawa also sent normal mails to check if she’s doing fine, but the most important one was sent by Ikki. He apologized for not coming to see her, because Rika stopped him and complained that it’s “unfair”. Ikki also asked how did it go with the person she loves, saying that he’s wishing her all the best. This means she was just confiding with Ikki the whole time — the one she loves is not him. Orion asks if she wants to try asking Shin or Ikki about this, but the heroine already knows the answer: the one she loves is none other than Toma.

After taking a bath at night, the heroine finally asks Toma if he loves her. When she touches his cheek, Toma tells her to stop and asks what she’s doing — “Are you trying to flirt with me? Or is this pity?” She should do this to the person she loves instead of him, because he’ll think she forgave him. After everything that he did, Toma says he doesn’t have the right to touch her anymore. He’s doesn’t have the right to see a happy “dream” anymore.

August 24 – Good Ending

Since her direct approach to Toma ended up in a failure, today the heroine decides to sneak out and visit Meido no Hitsuji — hoping to get more information from Ikki. It’s risky since Toma will get angry if he finds out, not to mention the one terroring her is still lurking outside, but she can’t stay in the cage forever. Right after Toma leaves to check her room, she breaks out of the cage and runs off outside. On the streets she meets evil Ukyou again, who tells her that Toma locking her up in a cage is still on the soft level. He also mentions that Toma is the most difficult guy out of the whole bunch, and he rarely sees her having a happy ending with him.

Ukyou says he’ll take the heroine to escape, but naturally she runs away from him. He doesn’t care though since tomorrow, August 25, is the “time limit” — she won’t see him again. On her way to Meido no Hitsuji, suddenly somebody rams his bike towards the heroine. Luckily Orion managed to warn her in time, but she hurts her shoulders and knees when she fell down. It’s really hard for her to continue walking, and since going to the hospital is out of the question.. she ends up going back to Toma’s house and lock herself back inside the cage.

Even though Orion is relieved that they made it back in time, they can’t fool Toma’s eyes. The first thing he asks upon returning to his room is “..did you get out?” — with a creepy yandere expression. He notices that her shoes is placed differently and the tips are scratched, but the most important thing is.. her knees are injured. After opening the cage’s door, Toma tells her to get out and take her clothes off. He wants to see if she has any other injures, and she better make it fast since he’s really pissed right now. Upon seeing the wound on her shoulders, he asks “did you wanna run away from me that much..?” and suddenly pushes her onto the bed.

In a low, dangerous voice, Toma whispers what should he do to make her listen to his words. Even though he’s well aware that she’s currently injured, he doesn’t have any intentions to let go. She keeps ignoring his pain all this time, so now he’s going to do the same thing.. because he knows she’ll just run away if he lets go. Thinking locking her up in a cage wasn’t enough, Toma then goes “If I make you mine by force, will you look only at me? Or will you break? But it’s okay even if you’re broken, because I know I will still love you..” (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

The heroine feels scared upon looking up at Toma’s cold eyes, but she still wants to believe in him. He’s been protecting her ever since they were small, always holding out his hand to help when she needs him. She remembers when he used to hold her hand, telling her everything is okay so she shouldn’t cry anymore. The moment she cries “Help me.. Toma!”, he immediately gets up in shock and bumps into the shelf nearby — dropping her bag along with the diary she brought from her room. The diary lands on the floor and the pages start flipping, opening up a random page.. and as he reads the things she wrote inside, Toma finally learns the truth.

On February 16, she wrote a really short entry because tomorrow is her entrance exam. She wanted to get into the same college as Toma, so she didn’t want to fail. On February 17, Toma waited until she finished her exam. She was really happy when he pat her head and bought a cake for her, but she also felt sad since he keeps treating her like a kid. On February 20, she went to visit his workplace.. but sadly it was his day off. She knew he must look really good in his waiter uniform, and she wanted college to start already so she can see him again.

On July 31, she was preparing for the “final battle”. Three months had passed ever since she started avoiding Toma based on Ikki’s advice. During that time span she did he best to become prettier, wondering if Toma is missing her or not in her abscence. Tomorrow she’s planning to confess to him, erasing her “little sister” image from his mind. Just then the heroine gets more flashback from her childhood days. She chased after Toma on that slope in front of his room, but he told her not to call him just because she saw him. She also told him that she loves him and wanted to marry him when she grows up. When he asked “what about Shin?”, she told him Shin can be their child.

On her third year of high school, she went to visit Toma in college. She told him she wants to get into this college and become his junior, and he said he’ll take care of her. After all, it’s his role to take care of Shin and her. She asked him to stop this “little sister” treatment, though he only replied with “but you’re just like a sister to me, or else it’d be weird for us to keep seeing each other like this”. He also added he’ll get punched by her future boyfriend, then he left her to join his circle activities before work.. while she remained silent.

Eventually she started working in Meido no Hitsuji as well, following Toma’s footsteps. One day Mine (still in high school back then) invited her to join Ikki’s fanclub, because Rika wouldn’t allow any high school students to apply for membership. The heroine didn’t mind because her heart remains loyal to Toma, and that’s how she met Ikki. She told him about her relationship with Toma, and Ikki offered to hear out all of her love problems. They often met up in the back alley for these love consultations — to avoid his fanclub’s rage. In order draw out Toma’s real feelings, Ikki suggested putting a distance between them for a while.

After avoiding him and polishing herself up for three months, she decided to confess to Toma on August 1. It was for this reason that she called him to her mansion, but sadly she lost her memories before he arrived. Her feelings for Toma is really strong it pulled both Orion and her amnesiac self to land on August 1. Remember how she recognized Toma right away? Most likely it’s because of her love as well. Orion then appears saying she already regains all of her memories.. so it’s finally time for them to part. She manages to say “thank you” before Orion disappears, and he replies with “be happy!”

When she opens her eyes, Toma apologized for this HUGE misunderstanding. All this time he thought that she’s in love with Ikki. When he went to get her insurance card for the hospital, Toma saw her mailbox and door covered in pranks.. and he realized her “relationship” with Ikki is putting her life in danger. Toma is really afraid of losing her, so he quickly took her to hide in his room and stopped her from meeting Ikki at all costs. However, Toma realized that he only got caught up in protecting her — he’s not really looking at her.

Even though it might be too late now, Toma finally admits that he loves her too. He never really looked at her as a sister. He just tried to cover it up, fearing that she might hate him if she finds out about his real feelings. When the heroine says “I love you, Toma. I want to hug you. I want to touch you”, Toma puts his jacket on her shoulder since she’s only wearing her lingerie right now lol. Then he finally pulls her into his arm and kisses her, saying “finally I can hug you..”

Now that their feelings are connected, it’s time to take care of the other issue — the terrors. Up until now Toma has been trying to collect the evidence, and now he has enough to tell Ikki about this. After gathering his fanclub members in Meido no Hitsuji, Ikki tells Rika to spit out the truth already. It was clearly them who set up all those pranks in the heroine’s mansion. Toma also got a picture of one of the girls pouring trash into the heroine’s mailbox, so they can’t deny it anymore. They’re still trying to bitch even after Rika’s apology, but that’s only until Ikki tells them “So you can’t tell apart friends and lovers? ..I’m starting to lose my trust in humans.”

Even though Rika says she doesn’t know anything about the biker guy, Toma knows they’re not the only ones pulling pranks on the heroine. Thanks to the false rumors they spread on the internet, unrelated people out there are joining in the fun as well. Apparently aside from putting up her picture as a prostitute for sale, Rika also spreads a rumor that the heroine is a demonic boyfriend snatcher. Even if Rika apologized and orders the fanclub members to stop pestering her, there’s no way she can stop these rumors from floating around the internet.. so Toma tells them to admit their crime by uploading a statement online — complete with a mail address and phone number. That, and he wants them to answer every single prank call and spam mail that comes their way. He can’t erase what they did, but at least he can make them pay for it.

As they walk out of the cafe, Toma admits that her old phone actually isn’t broken. When she was in the hospital her phone keeps receiving spam mails, and Toma saw the titles from the display screen. He bought a new phone and set it to block mails from unregistered addresses, because he doesn’t want her to get scared. When Toma says he was thinking of returning her to Ikki once it’s all over, the heroine says he’s really a fool for not realizing her feelings all this time. She tried her best to get her feelings across, but when she knitted a muffler for his birthday present.. Toma thought she’s giving her an ugly stomach band on purpose LOL. xD

Since Toma seems unsure if she’s really okay with him, the heroine takes her to the slope in front of his mansion. She asks if he still remembers the promise he made here, and Toma says there’s no way he can forget — he promised to protect her from anything. When she thanks him for keeping his promise, Toma asks “Are you sure? I’m not a nice guy. I’m selfish, egoistic and a coward on top of that. I’m the worst.” ..but the heroine actually feels happy since she won’t have any rivals lol. Toma says she’s really got a bad taste in men, admitting that even now, he’s still worried that she might run away from him. She tells him she doesn’t have any intentions to do so, but even if she goes away, she will always return to his side.

Toma blushes saying someday she might regret choosing him, but even so.. he won’t let her go anymore. He doesn’t want to hand her to anyone else, once again apologizing for all the cruel things he did to her. Here the heroine says it’s okay because she had someone who always supported her, though she couldn’t remember Orion’s name anymore. (ノД`)・゜・。Of course Toma thinks she became delusional and feels really guilty, but she tells him it wasn’t a painful experience. When she mentions that the cage is broken, Toma asks how did she get out back then. She says she won’t tell unless he hugs her first, asking if he doesn’t want to do it when Toma sighs. As he pulls her into his arms, Toma answers “stupid, do you think I’ll be satisfied with just a hug?” and kisses her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Toma has been holding back all this time, so now she should be prepared — he’ll stick to her like a glue and get all いちゃいちゃ to make up for the time they lost. When she says she’s well prepared, Toma finally tells her “I love you, and I will always do.”

August 24 – Normal Ending

When Toma pins her down onto the bed, the heroine manages to break free from his arms and escapes. She meets Shin outside the mansion, who was surprised to see her — injured and only in her lingerie. Under Shin’s protection, she finally returns to her room a few days later. Toma already gave the evidence DVD to Ikki, who immediately took care of Rika and the bitch army. The heroine’s days are slowly returning to normal, and she starts working again not too long after that. She can’t see Orion anymore and his voice is fading away, so she knows they will have to say goodbye soon. When Orion says he’s going to stay by her side until she can live a happy life.. Toma’s image appears on her mind.

The heroine tries going to Toma’s mansion after that, but she finds his room dark and quiet. Later on she hears from Shin that Toma has moved away, quitting college and travels to a faraway place — just like what he said that day. As she looks up at the sky, she wonders if he’s looking at the same sky too.. wherever he is. She’s not sure if she can be happy without him by her side, but it’s too late. He’s already gone.

I’ll be honest, I actually love Toma a lot more than I expected. Sure he sounds like a yandere rapist in the bad ending, but that aside.. you can see that he’s desperately trying to protect the heroine. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s creepy though. Toma’s yandere expression on the 24th gave me the chills, even though I find Hino Satoshi’s low voice really sexy. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ However, I don’t like how this route is basically just a big, messy misunderstanding. I noticed what’s going on way before the grand revelation, and I keep wondering why Toma didn’t get her feelings since it’s really obvious. (´・ω・`A;) But complaints aside, I loved his good ending a lot. Even though this route feels like a shoujo manga plot gone incredibly wrong.

Also, I get scared upon hearing the words “locking up” now. Thanks to Hammer and Toma.

53 thoughts on “AMNESIA – Toma

  1. Why does reading your review make his route sound so awesome? LOL. I’m almost tempted to fangirl all over him, until I remember the pain I went through doing his route.

    Same thing happened to me when I found out that his route was nothing but a big misunderstanding, instant drop of any enjoyment. ಠ_ಠ For being such an observant guy he tends to be as dense as a brick when it comes to relationships, though I suppose you could say that he didn’t think she looked at him in that way, etc etc. GAH, osananajimi routes bother me ;_;. BUT HINO’S VOICE.. it pulled me through (≧∀≦)!! I wish he could used his low voice more often~.

    • On the contrary, I just read your review and it reminds me how painful it was starting from day 17 LOL. Different people, different impressions. xD

      Exactly. Toma is observant and has a very sharp instinct. It’s really ironic that this whole mess happened because he’s too dense to notice her feelings. I even feel sorry for her during those diary flashbacks. She tried hard, but he didn’t get her signals at all LOL. I love childhood friends only if their relationship can develop into lovers properly. Like Shin’s. :D

      ..and I know what you mean. It was thanks to Hino’s voice that I managed to endure Toma’s yandere phase. Otherwise I’d probably turn off my PSP and hide because THAT YANDERE FACE creeped me out so much. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

      • …..You’re reaction to Toma went from WTF HAVE YOU DONE OTOMATE —–> Toma LOVE! XD just like me LOLOL

        (o≧▽≦)ノヽ(≧▽≦o) Hugs you for helping in the fill-TL-with-Toma-plan XD

        He really grows on you.. even if you were annoyed by the boring day system and the misunderstanding thing when playing it.

        • LOL it was more like WHAT HAVE YOU DONE (to a character I like) OTOMATE, so yeah I actually love Toma right from the start. 8D Even though he went too far with the cage, I just can’t hate him knowing he’s doing this to protect you. But still.. I’m not satisfied with this route. I hope they’ll release a fandisk when we get to be more ラブラブ with all the guys. xD

  2. When going through his route, I didn’t expect to be locked up in a cage for 6 DAYS! I mean Toma is really pretty cool character and all, but his protectiveness towards the heroine is a little over the top.

    That being said, I can’t blame him since those fangirls are psychotic and whatnot. If Toma wasn’t there, then I don’t think the heroine would be alive (then again, if you do the bad ends, you’ll get killed by Ukyou so many times XD)

    • That cage was just.. taking it way too far. xD;
      But then again just like what you said, she’ll probably get stabbed / ran over by a car / smashed in the head if Toma didn’t lock her up in the cage. The abuse is really bad in this route. Toma’s punishment for them was quite awesome actually, but I don’t think it’s enough. 8D

      Yes, in this route Ukyou pushed her into a well. Creepy. (´・ω・`A;)

  3. this route was pretty creepy at some point, and also at some points the heroine seems … weird to me cause i dont think i can stand the person who locks me in a cage for watever reason it maybe

    and reading ur review, gives me the feeling that unless u play all the routes u cant find out the whole story like for Musketeer, and also theres more to the story then we think atm. since Ukyou said something like ‘he rarely see a good ending with Toma’ or that he and the heroine at another place

    well all this might just be me reading too much into the story so feel free to ignore me ^^ anyways cant wait to read the next review =D

    • The heroine’s actions were understandable for me, because she’s madly in love with Toma. Even when Orion starts thinking towards a negative direction, she keeps believing in Toma. This is the only route where she actually remembers the guy’s name by herself too, so that should give you an idea how much she loves him. xD

      Actually, everyone’s story are pretty much wrapped up aside from Ukyou. Each route takes place in a parallel world, but since Ukyou is obviously different.. seems like his route will hold the answers. Just like Treville / Constantin in Musketeer.

  4. What did i told you?! lol! i said he’s a sick protective yandere. well maybe not sick but… that sounds same either way. i’m sorry about that. he was your fave right? *sigh*
    such is Otomate Otome Game lol!
    but to think of it once more he wasn’t THAT bad… not as “certain” someone lol!
    the heroine’s kinda sweet at this route. just as you said above she actually remembers his name! now i wonder… did you like him overall? cuz i kinda did. even though he was REALLY ULTRA annoying but DUH! but i just like him… xD

    • Yes, I love Toma. My favorite is still Ikki though. xD
      I know he’s a yandere, but since he’s actually a nice person, I’m not pleased with what Otomate did to him. Not to mention he’s just.. GONE in the normal ending, which feels more like a bad ending to me lol. It’s undeniable that he’s creepy in the drug / cage part, but I just can’t hate him lol.

  5. Hinnochi, I srsly love you, but arghhh a cage!? A freaking cage!? Are you serious ; A ; the heroine is too cute to be locked into a cage!! His bad ending is so creepy. The heroine looks so completely broken is not even funny. I guess emotional roller coasters are not for me. The whole thing sounds like something you take from a korean drama orz.

    Can’t wait until you do Shin lol.
    BTW did you know they’re already making another Tokyo Yamanote Boys game? Sweet jelly beans /snorts. We can go for that…dude, whose name I keep forgetting. The virus person orz.

    • /mentally blocks the cage from mind 8D

      Toma’s only happy ending is his good end, the rest are either creepy crap or he disappears.. T__T Amnesia is full of emotional rollercoasters, and romance often disappears into the background too. It’s a good game, but it’s definitely not for people looking for pure romance lol.

      Oh and yes I just saw Sweet Jelly Beans earlier. That title.. LOL.
      Seems like you can go for all 9 guys + Kyouhei, so this feels like the fandisk I was wishing for. Thank you Rejet. xD

    another TYB game? wooooooooooooooow! that’s something i wanted to see. thank you rejet!
    btw, Toma’s such jerk. someday i feel like i hate him and another day i feel like i LOVE him. stupid otomate :p.

    • NOOO he’s a nice guy. He’s just a bit messed up in the head. xD

      For TYB.. honestly I only care about Jesus, Tetsu and Kyouhei. Everyone else disappears into the background lol. I’d ditch the entire Black Vanilla team if Lucy isn’t there.

  7. TOMA = the guy who notices trivial things yet the one who didn’t notice the heroine’s feelings. *sigh* I still want to be believe he’s a good guy who chose to use extreme methods. But at least he is aware that his methods are cruel and not absolutely the best thing to do. XD;;
    I feel that if one give this game a try, it can turn to a good yet pretty angsty game. But I may be wrong since I haven’t tried this. XD;;

    • Isn’t that ironic? LOL. That’s like the biggest irony in the whole game so far. He’s sharp and he knows it, but he’s as dense as a rock when it comes to his own romance. xD; Toma is a good guy, really.. he just went to extreme length so she won’t get stabbed out there. The cage is taking it a bit too far though lol.

  8. If there were words to explain how sad his route made me feel I would use them…*tears* I love his route… Why because I’m weird and am attracted to guys like him!!!! Yes his route made me fangirl all over him…just not like those crazy fan club girls who I kind of want to kill. God haven’t they heard the saying “if you love something set it free” well the way they acted I just wonders how free???

    • I told you, yanderes don’t know the phrase “if you love something set it free.” They want to keep their beloved all to themselves, drugging and caging them if necessary — like what Toma did here. xD I’m not a fan of yanderes myself, and the only reason why I love Toma is because he did it to protect the heroine. He’s just a big brother figure gone wrong lol.

  9. Toma~~!! (●´∀`)ノ♡ (●♡∀♡) I HAVE LIKE NO WORDS BECAUSE I LOVE TOMA TO DEATH. LULS. Yandere guys > yandere girls. <3<3 He's definitely my favourite route fo-sho.

    (*°∀°)=3 I'll never feel differently.

    • Usually I don’t like yanderes, but I do like Toma because he’s willing to go to extreme length just to protect you. :3 Other yanderes traumatize me though, like Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran. xD;;

      • Loool, Wabisuke from Gekka. XD I liked him, but he’s pretty scary. (Aoi was my favourite from Gekka XD). I know right? (like stuff you in an animal cage lol) But honestly, I think that there was one ending where he kills those fangirls. I forgot which one it was, but I’m sure he does. XD But in any case, Toomaaa~~ (●´∀`)ノ♡

        • Yeah, one of his bad endings involves him killing Ikki’s fangirls. At first he says the red stain on his floor is ink, but then he adds “It’s not blood. At least not yours or mine.” ← sends chills down my spine everytime. xD

  10. gosh!!!! I love his route..excluding the locking the heroine in the cage situation…also, his over-protectiveness remind me of suzuya in starry sky (excluding his yandere personality again)

    and those freaking fangirls of Ikku…gaah!!! WHY DON”T THEY SHUT THEIR FREAKING JEALOUSY ALREADY!!! *sprays gasoline to them and throw a burning match*

    anyway, I really love reading your entries here. Even though i can’t play the game (since psp and buying the game is expensive plus having only little knowledge in japanese), I can feel like i already played them and also it motivates me to study japanese language.

    Thank you so much or your blog and hope to read more great reviews from you!

    • Thank you for reading too. (*´∀`*)

      I also love Toma because he’s so protective, but looking back at his route.. that drugging and caging parts were indeed creepy as hell. (´・ω・`;) Ikki’s fangirls are like everywhere. I heard they’re also in the fandisk. Why can’t we erase the jealous bitch squad from the game entirely? il||li_| ̄|○il||li It’s probably to add more spice to the game.. but it’s not exciting. It’s (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻.

      Glad to hear that my posts help. I summarize in details mainly for people who can’t play the game / don’t understand Japanese enough to grasp the plot, so that makes me happy. x3

  11. Omg omg omg!!!After playing Toma’s route in Amnesia,i just can’t stop myself from falling in love with him!!=3=And that makes me finished his route first in Amnesia later~~by the way,is Rin-san gonna post the review of Amnesia later and……….MIyako FD?Lots of games are coming up this month,and i want to finish playing everything so that i can go 萌えぇ 萌えぇ with Hiiro3 FD n jyuzaengi…

    • Yes I’m planning to play Amnesia Later and Miyako FD, but I can’t find the time to squeeze it in right now. xD I’m currently doing Elkrone, and will be followed by Brothers Conflict and Black Wolves Saga. After that I’m planning to do Jyuza Engi, but I might change the order around later. 8D;

  12. Brother Conflict!!!I want Subaru!!Argh…too many games to play…owh,do you mind if i ask you a personal question?Are you a Japanese?I really like the way you write your review, it summarizes everything XD

    • Thank you. :3
      I don’t want people to miss anything, so I write like everything. 8D;

      Oh, and no I’m not a Japanese. I’m just a random person who loves their language LOL.

  13. Erm…I know it’s kinda early to ask this,can Rin-san write a review on Toki no Kizuna once you have finished playing?of course after it’s released in July and…provided that IF doesn’t postpone its release date>.<

    • Sure. I skipped reviewing some games before, but now I always review games as I play. I can’t say when I’m going to play Toki no Kizuna though, since it’s not high on my priority list. If everything gets released on time, in July / Summer I’ll be busy with Custom Drive and Dangan Ronpa 2. So Toki no Kizuna might have to wait until then.

        • I have the game, but I can’t say when I’m going to play it. ;-;
          I do want to play it though, since I’m also curious about Jesus’ route.

  14. Thanks a lot for willing to write a review on that!Oh,take your time,I don’t mind waiting as long as there will be a review on Toki no Kizuna~
    One more question…Is hiiro3 FD on your priority list?
    I went through the list of your reviews but I don’t find hiiro no kakera there,so I was wondering whether you will write a review on Hiiro3 FD and Hiiro4-Shirahana no Ori(the guys are extremely HOT!!=3)…

    • I’m sure there are other bloggers out there who will review Toki no Kizuna on time, but if you don’t mind waiting then yes I’ll eventually get to that. xD As for Hiiro, I don’t have any plans to touch the series actually. I only did Hiiro 1 a long time ago and it put me to sleep, so I figured it’s just not for me. ;___;

  15. …to tell the truth, I LOVED Toma’s route, despite the creepiness. After reading this, Toma’s been in my mind day in and day out D: I think that’s what happens when I get a favorite character XD

    I guess I couldn’t hate him at all because of his (over bordering) devotion for dear little Herione-san and his conflicting emotions saying that he wasn’t good enough for her. That immediately got my heart in a heap of mush and going ‘awww’ at him. Lolz, me and my soft heart. And yes, Hino’s voice is. To. Die. For.

    I found my heart going doki doki at the cage and yandere scenes. Is that weird? I don’t know…it was the sense of fear mixed in with passion. I don’t get why I’m into those types of things but the possessive actions had me going love struck. I suppose my heart is easily influenced with emotions, so I sway in tune with what I read/watch. I’m into those psycho guys with the wide range of anime guys as well, so yeah^^

    I’d like to thank you for doing this awesome summary since I now have a new favorite character :D So, once again, thank you.

    • No problem. Glad to know you loved the summaries. :3
      Toma’s devotion is the sole reason why I can never hate him. He can drug, cage and tie her with handcuffs, but he’s doing it because he wants to protect her. ;____; Personally I’m not into yandere and I didn’t like the huge misunderstanding in this route, but I still think Toma is a loving big brother figure. ♥

      • XD I’m happy you don’t hate him. His protectiveness is one of the most endearing qualities in him <3 But yes, despite him being a yandere and mentally unstable, that loving big brother point stood out, another quality to be loved. The misunderstanding was very…well, how to put it, not romantic? It did take most of the route where it should've been replaced with something more thrilling.

        I remember when I first saw the picture of Toma with the others and fell in love with Shin at first sight. When I saw Toma, I immediately labelled him as the idiotic but lovable blonde that was kind and the type of guy you would want to be friends with. I then went to see if you had done a summary of Amnesia and read Toma's route first…and the first line at the start of your summary got to me, seriously.

        'Despite Toma’s reputation as a notorious YANDERE, I decided to do his route next.'

        …Do you know how much that word stood out like a prick?! XD
        I can still recall my reaction…a gaping mouth, wide eyes, several seconds of disbelief before thinking 'The hell?!' I guess basing on a anime character's outer qualities can really be demeaning…

        I'm going to ask you a question, Ikki's route…is it the expected? I'm quite reluctant to read his summary since I found out he's a player and that his fan girls may or may not be equally annoying in it and that he found interest in the heroine for not liking him or falling for him with his 'eyes'.

        I'm really thinking of those typical shoujo plots/Korean dramas D: Is it like that? (And I'm sorry for typing down so much ;_;)

        • Yeah, it doesn’t help that the main source of their misunderstanding is because Toma is too scared to make a move. The heroine had been smothering him with affection, but he just pushed her away and sister-zoned her.. even though he loves her. Personally I found that very stupid, as if they couldn’t make a deeper story / cause of the misunderstanding. It’s like a shoujo manga plot gone horribly wrong. Which is such a bummer actually, because I actually like Toma when he’s being protective in the right way. Not when he’s drugging or caging her, and definitely not when he’s pushing her away. xD

          The first time Amnesia’s site was opened, my eyes instantly landed on Toma. I played it a bit later than most of my friends, so I was surprised to hear them saying Toma is a creepy yandere too lol. I had to take down his banner because me and yanderes just don’t go together, but hey in the end I liked him. 8D

          As for Ikki’s route, it’s actually deeper than that. The heroine herself got intrigued with the power of Ikki’s eyes, his fanclub, and why he keeps changing girlfriends per three months.. so it’s not entirely cliche shoujo plot. If you’re planning to play his route though, be warned that his fangirls are incredibly annoying. I never hated any sub-characters the way I hated them.

  16. Thank you so much for summarising everything here. My Japanese is not good, so it was hard to play, but thanks to you I can enjoy it much more fully. :DDD I can only imagine how long these posts took you, so much work has been put in, thank you so much!
    Funny enough Toma’s yandere side had me falling head over heels for him, so for me it ended up being a good thing rather than bad. *laugh* I have a soft spot for big brother types too. When I first saw all of them, he was the first one I thought looks really good and made me want to play. Somehow it feels like fate…

    • Hello! Thanks for reading too! :D
      Personally I’m not too fond of yanderes myself, so Toma is a special case. I remember going ( ಠ_ಠ ) due to the drugging / caging, but somehow I ended up liking him. But then again I really like big brother types, so maybe it’s that side of him that won me over. xD

  17. I understood Toma’s feelings through the whole route, he’s different from all the other guys. Also, HINNOSHI~

    Also, will you play Amnesia Later? I’m dying to know what happens there.

    • Hinocchi’s voice is so hot. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚
      It seems like a lot of people hate Toma, so it makes me happy that you understand how he feels. Sure he took it too far, but he did everything because he cares about the heroine. ;w; Oh, and yes I’m planning to play Amnesia Later. In fact, I might do it after I’m done with BWS. If you want to read summaries, my friends Suri and Ili have posted them. :D

      • Yeah, It’s a shame he’s kind of forgotten as a seiyuu… The last big roles he had were Yuji in Shakugan no Shana III, Saito in Zero no Tsukaima F and now in Bakuman. 3 which is the final season… I really hope he gets more roles from now on, maybe Amnesia will throw him up once again ;A;

        I’ve already read them, but I’d like to see yours as well, exactly because you seem to like Toma more than them XD
        Also, I just finished reading some reviews of UtaPri Debut… lets say I really need to read something that’s actually positive xD

        • Hopefully. :3
          I wonder if he’s also busy dubbing? Because the last time Maeno sort of “disappeared” from anime / games, he was busy dubbing foreign movies.

          Oh, alright. I’m going on a trip on Dec 21, so not sure if I can make it… but I promise I’ll do it soon. :D You got me though. I actually like Toma a lot (just not more than Ikki 8D), it’s just I didn’t like the misunderstanding and all the crap it brings lol. My friends who played Shin’s route ALL raged about it though, so I apologize in advance if I start throwing tables. 8D;

          • Hm.. I dont know about that.. time for research!

            Oh, ok. Enjoy yourself then ^^ Xmas Trips are always awesome 83
            But I’m looking forward to you review especially because Later seemed a little boring and short, so.. yeah xP Dont worry about table flipping, there’s nothing compared to UtaPri Debut.

          • LOL is Debut that horrible?
            It seems really bad from the reviews I’ve read, but wow I never knew it defeats the rage festival in Shin’s Later route. Anyway, I’m gonna do Later right after BWS. If I can finish it in time, you’ll see the posts soon. If I’m being a snail, you’ll see the posts next year. 8D

  18. OMG i´m so happy with the good ending, when i first found out that he put her in a cage i really though that there wouldn´t be a good ending for him, but there is!
    I could dance right now, Toma´s been my favourite since the beggining, and he continued to be even after i found out he was crazy, i think that that even made more interesting xD

    • Admittedly the things Toma did (drugging / caging) made me go ( ಠ_ಠ ) at first, but just as you said, that makes him even more interesting. Otomate rarely gives you screwed up good endings, so it’d be more surprising if he doesn’t have one actually. Seeing Toma receiving more love makes me happy, tbh. xD

  19. I really like Toma… I don’t know why… Is it because the voice actor is really good or that his passion (more like obsession) makes him adored… I really don’t know… -_- All I do know is that he is an excellent example of a guy some may want to crave. Although many doubt him and also hate him because of his obsession (aka: Putting you-know-who in a cage), it is that trait that attract people towards him. It is also his cheerful, caring, considerate and selfless attitude towards everything (including the person he loves) is what attracts people to him.

    Maybe the complexity of Toma, and the considerations of his makers to put such a diverse and realistic charachter in an otome game is what makes people feel.. Insecure. Their ability to reject what they fear (O_O would never know why…) and maybe the fear of wanting to be devoted and also their denial to be devoted…

    Oh well… I may be reading too much into it.


    All I DO know is Toma is the type of guy who would make anyone get a heart attack for! ;)

    I really like him!
    Wait. Take that back.. I really love him! ;)

    • You’re right, Toma actually has a lot of good qualities. Sadly they seem to be less noticeable compared to his flaws, since those flaws caused him to take extreme measures even though the intention is good. He’s cheerful, observant and considerate, but only when it comes to other people. When it comes to his own issues, he’s actually pretty dense and jumps to conclusions too fast. That’s what caused the misunderstanding in the first place, right? But then again, these traits actually make him more interesting as a character. It won’t justify his actions (of drugging / caging her) but it makes him deeper as a character. :D

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