Shin was the first guy I attempted to do.. but that flat, monotonous voice of his lulls me to sleep at first. I was expecting to fall asleep during this route, but I’m actually awake until the end. xD

Shin is the heroine’s childhood friend. He’s a year younger than her, currently a third year high school student. Despite being mature and calm for his age, Shin is really blunt that his words often hurt everyone around him. Shin received harsh treatments because his father commited a murder in the past, resulting in him growing up to be such a cold young man. He’s normally expressionless, but deep down he actually cares a lot for those who are close to him.

August 1

Upon picking the heart world, the heroine wakes up in the worst place possible — a hospital. Her body is covered in bandage and Orion wonders if she had an accident, but an unknown young man enters the room before they can figure out anything. Since she’s still spacing out even after he tells her to wake up, he decides to help opening her eyes.. by kissing her on the lips. He finds it weird that she’s not resisting as usual, saying he’ll just continue if she remains quiet. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン The man notices that she’s still looking blank though, so he tells her to get dressed while he takes care of her discharge procedure outside. Naturally Orion thinks he’s her boyfriend, or else he wouldn’t kiss her like that.

Ten minutes later the man returns, just in time as she finished changing. Noticing that the trash can is still empty, he tells her to drink her painkiller before leaving the hospital. It’s really painful for her to move around because of her wounds, and she’s been taking painkillers everyday to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, he’s taking her home by taxi.. and since he’s not really familiar with the area, he tells her to give directions for the driver. Obviously the heroine is completely blank about the way, so she replies with “I’m really bad at giving directions.” Again, he finds it weird since she did it just fine before, but he ends up doing the explaining for her.

As he walks her back to her room, his suspicion grows deeper since she keeps doing weird things — amazed by her own mansion, walking past her room, looking for her room key while she handed it to him before. He also notices she’s acting weird when he asks her to make some tea, though he says nothing and continues sorting out her belongings from the hospital. When he goes out to buy lunch for her, Orion notices this man actually cares a lot about her, despite his harsh words and strict attitude. Before leaving in the evening, he says he’s going to skip prep school tomorrow to visit her again.

Even though Orion and the heroine learn about her identity after examining her wallet, they still don’t know her boyfriend’s name. Also, her cellphone is nowhere to be found.

August 2

The young man from yesterday comes really early in the morning today. When she opens the door, the first thing he does is to complain that she shouldn’t slack off just because she has returned home. After handing her today’s breakfast, he then asks her two questions. The first one is what she wants him to do for their first anniversary today, but the second is straight to the point — “You never called my name since yesterday. Why?” He knows something wrong is going on here, because she usually sticks to him like a glue and calls his name a lot. That, and this isn’t their first anniversary. The first question was just to test her memories.

When she admits she’s hiding her memory loss to avoid the hospital, he says he understands. He won’t take her back to the hospital, so she doesn’t need to hide it anymore. After checking how much she remembers, he finally introduces himself as Shin — her childhood friend. He’s a year younger than her, and they started dating three months ago. Shin also explains that her parents are living overseas. They came to visit her in the hospital, asking Shin to take care of her since they need to go back soon. Before explaining further, Shin suddenly apologized and says it’s his fault that she lost her memories. Ten days ago she had an accident, and she hit her head really hard back then. Right now he’s not prepared to tell her about the accident yet, but he’s going to take care of her until she fully recovers.

Here, the heroine regains her first piece of memory. Back when she was still in the hospital, Shin apologized to her parents. He told them the accident is completely his fault, and he asked them to let him take responsibility.. even though they don’t think he’s guilty. Shin is surprised when she tells him about this, but then he smiles saying he’s glad she can remember her lost memories. As he takes her out for a walk, Shin explains all the areas around her mansion. He also shows her the directions to his house and tells her to come if she needs anything, since it’s really close from her mansion. Which means he also tested her with the taxi yesterday.

Next, Shin takes her to Meido no Hitsuji — her workplace. A very cheerful waiter Toma greets them as they enter the cafe, asking her if her head is okay, but the heroine doesn’t remember anything else so far. Shin also mentions she needs a new phone since her old one is broken during the accident, but he’ll take her back home if she’s tired. When she tells him she’ll try harder to walk, Shin replies with “Stupid, I’m not telling you to try harder. Tell me if you have any problems.” (*´ω`*) He admits he has mixed feelings about her amnesia though. They grew up together and there are lots of things they do naturally, but now he needs to explain a lot of things to her from scratch. After buying a new phone, Shin walks her back to her mansion.

August 3

Shin starts the day by trolling the heroine today. He tells her that her parents are actually living in the neigboring prefecture, even handing their phone numbers to her. After making sure the heroine is really 100% amnesiac, Shin admits that it’s a lie — he just did it to check if she’s still hiding something about her memories. He tells her it’s okay to get angry like she usually does, since he feels weird when she stays quiet like this. It seems like she has become a different person thanks to her amnesia.

Since she’s feeling fine today, Shin takes her to see her college. He explains that she was a loyal member of the school band ever since her second year in high school. At first she really sucks at singing, but she gradually grows to be a better vocalist. She joined the same club in college and continues singing, so both Orion and Shin think she might remember something if they visit the club room. Shin often came here to talk with her after practice. His confession and their first kiss both happened in this room, but even after Shin kisses her again.. she can’t remember anything. However, when he apologized for kissing her since he’s just a “stranger” in her eyes, the heroine says she doesn’t hate his kisses. Even though most of her memories are gone, her feelings for Shin still remains.

On their way out of the campus, the heroine suddenly gets a new piece of memory. She was talking to Shin and Toma after a live, and Shin said her singing was so bad it grated his ears. He blamed her for playing around too much instead of practicing, ignoring Toma when he tried to comfort her. Shin wanted to tell her his honest opinion, so she will be able to improve for her performance next year. This memory causes quite a shock on her body, and when Shin asks if she’s okay.. she answers “you scolded me until I cried” LOL. He admits it’s because her performance was really bad, but the following year he praised her for improving a lot.

When they return to her room, Shin tells her she’ll be returning to work on the 5th. Of course they don’t want people to know about her amnesia, so he agrees to give her a special training session tomorrow. It won’t be that hard since she won’t be doing heavy tasks at work. After all, she just got out of the hospital and is still injured at the moment.

August 4

Just as expected, Shin’s training session is filled with harsh words. Even though he puts the word “stupid” at the end of each sentence, Shin blushes when she greets him with “お帰りなさいませご主人様” and practices serving him. Why so cute? ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ After she takes his order, Shin suddenly blurts out “um, can I attack you?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Apparently this training is torturing him to no end since she’s being so cute, and yet he can’t do anything to her lol. When Toma eventually comes to join them, Shin says he already explained her conditions to Toma as well — because they need someone to rely on during work. Since the heroine seems confused, Toma explains that he’s just like a big brother to them. Even though Shin keeps saying he doesn’t need an older brother figure anymore at this age.

Soon Toma notices that Shin is skipping prep school again today. Shin’s grades aren’t bad, but Toma is worried since Shin needs a scholarship in order to continue his studies — his family can’t afford to pay for his college fees. The heroine thanks him for taking care of her during such a crucial time, but Shin tells her not to worry. Starting from tomorrow he’ll catch up on his studies for three days, asking her to rely on Toma or Sawa when he’s away. But for now, he wants Toma to help with their maid cafe roleplay training.. because at this rate, he’s going to lose control and attack her. xD

The result?

Heroine: “お帰りなさいませご主人様”
Shin: *blushes and looks away* “………..”
Toma: *blushes and freezes in place* “………..”

… (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

August 5

Today the heroine finally returns to work. She’s welcomed by a REALLY kind Waka, who tells her she’ll be working half day until next week. This is just like a rehabilitation until her physical condition gets better, so he doesn’t want her to force herself too hard. W-Waka..? Why are you so kind in this world? It’s creepy. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ Soon they also meet Mine, who is relieved to see the heroine doing fine. Since she also mentions “I thought you were going to die”, Orion thinks Mine might know something about the accident. Unfortunately, they can’t ask her today since Waka sends the heroine home at noon.. and Mine’s shift isn’t over yet.

Outside, the heroine finds Shin waiting for her. When she asks if he came to pick her up, Shin says she’s slowly returning to her old self — especially her trademark puppy eyes lol. It turns out he’s only here to talk to Waka, and he needs to return to prep school right after that. Shin asks how was her first day at work, and the heroine says it was “fine”.. but then he replies with “There’s no way it could be ‘fine’. You’re troubling everyone in this condition, so I’m here to apologize to Waka.” ・・・Σ(;∀;lll) Feeling bad, she follows him inside to apologize together, but since Waka is really kind in this world.. he says the heroine did really well and Shin should praise her for doing great today.

As they walk out of the cafe, Shin apologized for being so harsh on her earlier. He needs to go back to prep school now, so he tells her to be careful on her way home.

August 6

In the morning, Orion wonders what they should do. Shin is busy studying and it’s her day off today. They were thinking of taking a walk when the bell chimes, and Toma is standing in front of her room with Sawa. This is the first time they meet directly, but she has heard from Shin that Sawa is her best friend. From them the heroine learns that she was actually hospitalized in Shinano for a week, so Sawa couldn’t visit her. She was transferred to the local hospital just two days before she her discharge. It turns out that Sawa was also there during the time of her accident, so the heroine decides to ask her for more information.

Sawa finds it natural that she didn’t remember, but Toma adds “her memories of the accident is completely blank thanks to the shock” for extra safety. Sawa then explains that the three of them, plus Shin and Mine, went to Shinano together for a trip. On the second day the heroine goes out with Shin, but he returned alone at night with a really pale face — informing them that she fell off a cliff while they were playing around. It was dark outside and they couldn’t see the bottom of the cliff, so in the end everyone in the villa helped them look for the heroine. An hour after they find her beneath the cliff, she was finally brought back to the villa.

After hearing everything, the heroine suddenly regains a piece of memory from the night she fell off the cliff. Shin was the one found her lying half-conscious on the ground. He asked if she can get up, but all she could say was only “Shin.. you came..” Despite this vision, Sawa says the one who found her were Ikki and Kent — the other guests in the villa. Right after the accident, the police suspected that Shin pushed her off the cliff on purpose.. and the heroine kept saying “Shin isn’t guilty!” with all the strength she had left. There are contradictions in the heroine’s and Shin’s testimonies, but everyone thought it’s obvious since it’s directly after the accident.. they must be confused and shocked. However, Shin keeps saying that the accident is his fault. Even up until now.

August 7

Today the heroine will be working half day again. Thanks to Shin’s training session, she gets used to her job really fast. At this rate she can return to work full-time just fine next week. Before she goes home, Mine mentions that even though Toma panicked and Sawa cried after hearing she fell off a cliff.. Shin remained calm. While Toma knows Shin was actually shocked as well, Mine says she feels scared because of a “scary rumor” — Shin’s father commited a murder. Toma quickly says its an accidental homicide, but Mine keeps saying it doesn’t change the fact that someone died in the accident. She’s now scared of Shin, since he might have inherited those traits from his father.

Here, Toma says he’ll get angry if Mine says anything further. It’s true that Shin’s father had a fight with someone when they were drunk and ended up killing the man, but the accident has nothing to do with Shin himself. Mine doesn’t know the details anyway, so she shouldn’t doubt people easily just by hearing irresponsible rumors like this. Realizing how cruel her words are, Mine apologized and the heroine thanks Toma for protecting Shin. Eventually Waka ends this conversation by telling them even though Shin is strict and harsh, he will never ever hurt his precious girlfriend.

August 8

In the morning, Shin suddenly comes asking “are you free? wanna go out?” without any prior notice lol. On the way the heroine tells him about the last piece of memory, but he says what Sawa said is right — it was Ikki and Kent who found her that night. Shin was staying in the villa, calling the ambulance and explaining the situation to the police as the only direct witness. He also admits the contradiction on their testimonies was because he lied to the police. He told them she fell because he surprised her from the back, while she insisted she just ran away when he teased her and fell off on her own. After investigating the cliff, the police found out that the heroine was telling the truth. There were footsteps and signs that she really did ran away from something. Shin lied because he actually teased the heroine by saying “bring me into your room tonight”, and he found it hard to say such things to the police.

Shin then apologized for not telling her sooner. She must be confused to find out about this to other people. He admits the memories kept haunting him whenever he tried to tell her about the incident — her scream when she fell, her bloodied body upon returning to the villa, how the police interrogated her without asking for her conditions. He also saw lots and lots of blood dripping from her wounded neck, and even though her injuries weren’t life-threatening.. her life might be in danger if they find her a little bit later.

Again, Shin blames himself because he couldn’t do anything to save her. She was right beside him, and they were still holding hands a few seconds before the accident. When the heroine says she was saved because of him, Shin smiles saying she always said the same thing whenever he apologized — even before she lost her memories. After hearing this directly from Shin, Orion believes it really was an accident. But why did she get a contradicting piece of memory? Is it just a mistake?

August 9

Starting from today, the heroine is going to work full-time again. The cafe owner, who’s also the owner of the mountain villa in Shinano, comes to see if she’s doing fine. Waka told him to wait until she recovers, but there’s something he’s been wanting to ask her all this time: “how is your tangled love triangle with Toma-kun?” Σ(゚д゚ ;) It turns out that the heroine proposed to Toma back in kindergarten, and the owner heard about this during their stay in Shinano. This triggers a short piece of memory to return — a boy was putting a flower ring onto her finger, and she said “Toma, let’s get married when we grow up!”

However, that’s not why the owner comes to see her today. After Waka asks Toma to return to the cafe, he immediately stirs the conversation towards the accident. He gives her more detailed explanations about what happened, ranging from Ikki and Kent’s movements until the list of people in the villa that night. He also asks for her version of the accident, though he’s well aware that she’s protecting Shin. Why would the owner go this far? Because he’s a true mystery lover, that’s why.

August 10

Just like what Shin did on the 8th, today Toma suddenly comes asking “are you free?” Before she can answer, Shin also shows up and looks visibly surprised upon seeing Toma. Both Toma and Shin go “oh I’ll leave because you’re his boyfriend / because you’re here first”, but eventually the heroine chooses Shin and Toma goes home. There’s a strange tension when Shin apologized to Toma, but the latter only gives a sad smile before leaving. Shin knows she’ll just become a sloth if she stays at home all day, so he takes her to have lunch outside.

When they return home in the evening, Shin quickly says he’s going home. Noticing that she’s looking at him with a confused look, he tells her it’d be a problem if he gets into her room now. For the first few days he did get inside to take care of her, but now she should be aware that he’s her boyfriend. Shin asks how does she see him right now.. as a childhood friend, family, or boyfriend? If she can’t remember, then he’s going to ask her again — “Please go out with me, I can’t see you as a family member anymore.” When she says she can’t see him as a man yet, Shin tells her no problem since he’ll open her eyes right away. Then he laughs because she said exactly the same thing when he first confessed to her.

This causes another piece of memory to return. When Shin confessed to her in the club room, the heroine said she can’t see him as a man. They have been together ever since they were small, not to mention she’s also older than him. Shin doesn’t care though, and replied to this with “Soon you’ll see me as nothing but a man. Date me first, we’ll talk later.” She was afraid that things will become awkward if it doesn’t work out betweem then, but Shin told her it’s too late to turn back anyway. He won’t force her if she refuses, but he couldn’t go back to be her childhood friend.. because he can only see her as a woman. If she wants to stay with him, then she should accept his feelings. He’ll erase the short distance between them.

When Shin asks for her answer, the heroine is brought back into the present. She accepts his feelings saying “don’t be too aggresive, okay?” ..and as the answer, Shin takes her inside her room, closes the door behind them, and kisses her on the lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He says he’s been wanting to do this. It was really painful to see the girl he loves without being able to touch her. He was thinking of holding back until her memories return, but he gives up. They don’t know when will she get her memories back, and he can’t wait forever. If they go back to be family members like before, the last three months they spent together would just evaporate into thin air. Then Shin tells her “I’ll make you nervous again, because you won’t know when I’m going to kiss you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

August 11

Before work, the heroine finally takes off the bandage on her neck and arms. Waka’s a bit sad since maid x bandage = his dreams come true, but he’s glad to see her recovering. Today is also the first time she works together with Sawa, who suggests having a private fireworks festival after work. There’s going to be a big fireworks festival this evening, but it’d be hard for the heroine to go to such a crowded place.. so Sawa wants her to at least enjoy the event with all the employees here. While Waka contacts Mine and Toma, the heroine invites Shin and he agrees to join the fun.

At night everyone gathers at a shrine near the heroine’s mansion. Shin comes to sit with her by the well, asking if she has heard about his father as they gaze at their incense fireworks. He explains his father got into a fight with a really drunk man and pushed him away, but the hit was deadly. His father was labelled a criminal, and everyone starts avoiding Shin ever since. He understands everything clearly after he grew up, but back then he didn’t get why people are ignoring him and calling his father a murderer. However, the heroine and Toma were still staying by his side. If it wasn’t for them, Shin wouldn’t be able to deal with people anymore.

For a moment Shin only followed the flow and did nothing, but he’s trying to do his best right now. No matter what they say about his father, Shin wants get into a good college and open his own path to the future. He never told her this before she lost her memories, but it was her who pushed his back during such times.. so he won’t give up anymore. When Shin gets up to check up on their friends, the heroine thinks of collecting her lost memories for his sake too.

August 12

Since Shin said he’ll come to visit on her day off, Orion is expecting to see him when the bell rings. However, they find Sawa and Toma standing in front of the door with a bad news: Shin got taken in by the police again for further questioning. Toma is going to visit the police station, telling Sawa to stay with the heroine until he returns. Sawa tries to comfort her and tells her not to worry, but when she accidentally drops a cup, both Orion and the heroine notice that the news must have shocked her as well.

That evening Toma says he couldn’t get any crucial information, but he can think of a possible reason. Earlier he saw an investigator from Shinano talking to an officer who handled Shin’s father’s case a long time ago. Now that the investigators in Shinano already learned about his father, they’re suspecting Shin as well just because they’re blood related. The fact that Shin’s testimony contradicted the heroine’s are only making it worse, even though she already made it clear that he’s innocent. It feels like the police keep dragging out an old suspicion, and now they have found a new “clue”.

August 13

The heroine keeps breaking plates and missing orders during work, so Waka tells her to just go home for today. Soon an detective from Shinano visits her mansion for more questioning, and Orion panicks since her memories are mostly blank. In the end she decides to repeat her own testimony, saying that she fell off the cliff on her own. She also explains that she ran away out of embarrassment, because Shin was teasing her that night. When the detective asks if anyone came when she was lying on the ground, she says she doesn’t remember.. The detective also asks if Shin ever shows any violent or stalker tendencies, and she tells him Shin would never do anything like that.

At night, the heroine finally receives a mail from Shin. The police finally allowed him to attend his prep school, but since he’s still under watch.. he won’t be able to meet her during his free time. It turns out that Toma sat in front of the police station until Shin came out, telling Shin that the heroine is worried sick. Shin assures her that he’s alright though, so both they don’t have to worry about him.

August 14

Thanks to Shin’s mail, the heroine can concentrate on her job today. Even though everyone in the cafe knows that Shin is innocent, Toma says the police must be desperate to capture the real culprit as well. Since tomorrow is her day off, Orion asks if she wants to try conducting her own investigation. They still can’t solve the contradiction in her memories, not to mention the detective also asked if “anyone came when she was lying on the ground” yesterday. She doesn’t remember anything about Ikki or Kent, which means that she was unconscious when they found her.. but her memory is saying Shin was the one who found her.

August 15

Shin doesn’t contact her today, so it’s time for investigation! According to the guest list she got from the owner, there were nine people in the villa that day. The first group consists of five people — the heroine herself, Shin, Toma, Sawa, and Mine. Next there are Ikki and Kent, and the last two are unknown guests named Ukyou and Rika. Uh.. I get a very bad feeling about this. (´・ω・`A;) Thinking it would be easier to approach a girl, the heroine then decides to give Rika a call. They agree to meet up and Rika tells her “you’ll recognize me the moment you see me” ..and indeed they do. The heroine remembers when Rika first introduced herself in the villa as well. All thanks to her gaudy appearance and frilly dress. \(^o^)/

Just like Mine, Rika also says everyone in the villa ran out to search for her after the accident. Rika doesn’t remember that much either because she was busy thinking of using the situation to approach Ikki.. but Rika did join the search, just because she didn’t wanna be blamed for not cooperating. Rika finds it weird that she’s digging into the case now, but she understands that the heroine has her own reasons. She says that Kent “馬鹿野郎様” should know more than she does, because Kent was the one directing everyone that night. Then she adds “that man monopolized Ikki-sama while we were busy with our search, unforgivable!” LOL.

Creepy Ikki obsession aside, Rika tells the heroine Kent can always be found in their college’s math lab on Wednesdays. That’s all the information she can provide.

August 16

There’s still no contact from Shin today. Both Toma and Sawa invite the heroine to walk home together after work, but she decides to go with Sawa. She feels bad for Shin if she spends time with Toma when he’s away. Back at home, the heroine tells Sawa that she’s still worried about Shin. Sawa only knew both of them since high school, but she knows Shin isn’t the type who calls his girlfriend just to make her feel relieved. He might be busy and doesn’t have time to contact her yet.. and speaking of Shin, Sawa asks if he already lets the heroine hold his hand now. Back when they just started dating, the heroine complained that even though Shin keeps kissing her, he’d run away in embarrassment if she holds his hand. (❤ฺ→艸←)

At night, the heroine finally receives a call from Shin. He apologized for not contacting her, and while he wants to see her.. he knows he’s in no condition to say those words. Thinking that their relationship is only putting restrictions on her, Shin says he’s taking back his confession. It might be better if she doesn’t remember her love for him, and he doesn’t mind if she falls in love with another man from now on. When the heroine says this isn’t like him at all, Shin admits it’s really pathetic of him to say these words now. But what he said earlier is true.. he doesn’t mind if she wants to break up. He’s aware that this case and his father’s history are causing problems to her, so she can leave him when it gets too painful for her to bear.

After telling her he’s also doing his own research, Shin drops the call. Orion notices that Shin sounds really tired, and they can only wonder what he’s researching about.

August 17

Today is Wednesday, so it’s time to see Kent in his college. Upon entering the math lab, she finds both Kent and Ikki inside. Ikki hits on her right away saying a girl covered in bandage is surprisingly sexy.. but since Kent notices the heroine’s slowly running away, he tells her not to mind Ikki’s seduction. At least for now, because Ikki also adds he won’t attack a girl unless he got her permission LOL. Apparently Rika already informed both of them about the heroine, so they already know she’s here to investigate her own case.

Kent confirms that he was indeed the one who directed everyone during the search, because they’d just run out and search blindly if he didn’t become the brain. It’s not like they’re complete strangers either, since Ikki reveals they actually played ping-pong together on the night before. They were betting on kisses from the girls too, though everyone backed away when it was RIka’s turn. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Toma and Sawa left the villa right after hearing the news, so Kent only directed the remaining ones. After examining the area map, he split them up into pairs and assigned them to search in different areas.

However, when the heroine asks about her condition when they found her.. both Kent and Ikki fall into a short silence, because Shin also asked them the same question a few days ago. To answer her question, Kent explains that she was indeed unconscious. They kept calling her name and even slapped her cheeks, but she didn’t open her eyes until much later. Now they’re interested in this mystery as well, because Shin and the heroine herself are both implying that she was actually conscious by the time she was found. In any case, Kent and Ikki are willing to help if she ever needs anything.

August 18

After work, Orion points out that they have met 8 out of the 9 villa guests. The only one left is the man named Ukyou — a photographer with no fixed address. Hoping to have a discussion regarding the case, the heroine then asks Waka about the owner.. and again, Waka says Shin also asked him the same question not too long ago. She then sends a mail to Shin suggesting they work together, since it seems like they’re walking on the same track, but she receives no answer. Today both Toma and Sawa invite her to go home together again, and she chooses Sawa as usual. Poor Toma.. (´・ω・`)

Back at home, Sawa tells the heroine that Shin didn’t reply her mails either. Up until now Shin and the heroine are always together, so it feels weird now that he’s suddenly gone. From her behavior, Orion suspects that Sawa might be in love with Shin as well.. but he dismissed the thoughts for now.

August 19

It’s been a week after Shin was taken in by the police. After walking around with no result in the morning, the heroine returns home to find Shin standing in front of her room. Shin explains that the police didn’t call him today, and he hugs her saying he’s really tired — “Let me stay like this for a while. Heal me. You’re so soft and warm.. I’m really hugging you right?” This is the first time they’ve been apart for so long. When she says she really missed him, Shin laughs saying “so you can say such cute things too now.” After he lets go, she takes him inside so they can discuss more about the case.

Knowing that the heroine is also investigating the accident, Shin asks her to tell him everything she learned so far. Despite his limited free time, Shin actually gathered more information than she did — starting with everyone’s phone numbers, including Ukyou’s. He also managed to get the owner’s phone number from Waka, though unlike the heroine’s failed direct approach.. he lied a bit by saying he left something important in the villa. Shin already knew why the police are doubting him, complete with the evidence. It’s still a secret for now though, because Shin wants to show her the “real thing” later.

For now Shin can only tell her this: he didn’t push her off the cliff, and there’s another culprit behind this whole accident. At this point Shin already knows who the culprit is, but he needs more evidence to prove that person’s guilt.. and he wants her help, because they trust each other. Shin tells her not to worry though, saying he won’t let her get hurt again. Now for their first step, they need the owner’s help.

August 20

Today the owner invites everyone to have another gasshuku in Shinano — just as planned. He says they should prove that Shin is innocent, because everyone should know that Shin will never hurt the heroine on purpose. The police puts very little effort to investigate the crime scene too, so they have a higher chance of finding out the truth by themselves. It’s just like having an exciting mystery tour! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Even though everyone are excited to help, Orion is worried since all the people present during the accident will be there as well.

August 22

After a day of preparation, everyone finally revisits Shinano today. Shin notices that she looks worried and tells her everything will be okay, but she shouldn’t leave his side at all times. Even though Rika is fooled into thinking she won a free trip prize, both Ikki and Kent knew they will meet again here. The last guest, Ukyou, is also present.. though he doesn’t seem surprised as well. Obviously nobody knows that they’re actually here to find the real culprit, not just simply to find out the truth.

Their room assignment is the same as their previous trip, so the heroine shares a room with Sawa. When Sawa leaves them alone, Shin gives her a more detailed explaination about the villa’s layout. The room order from the back: Shin and Toma → the heroine and Sawa → Mine → stairs → Rika → Ikki and Kent → Ukyou on the other side of the hallway. Their rooms are next to each other, so Shin wants her to come to his room if anything happens. She shouldn’t trust anyone during this trip, but if Shin is away then she should join the crowd. If everyone’s busy doing their own thing, then she should go and see Toma. Not Sawa, because they can’t depend on her.

Shin doesn’t know Ukyou that well, but he gave Shin a warning before the accident: “If one of you get lost in the forest, the other one should be careful not to get lost as well.” Right after the accident, Shin followed this advice by returning to the villa instead of searching under the cliff. In a way, he thinks Ukyou has saved the heroine’s life. It’s dangerous to walk around at night though, and since the sun’s already setting, today they should just enjoy their stay.

After dinner, everyone plays air hockey together. Well, at least that’s how it was supposed to be.. since Shin and Toma are having an intense match with Ikki and Kent LOL. Last time they lost to the seniors during that ping-pong match, but today they won’t give up. Ikki is a member of the darts club now, though he admits he’s good at any games that requires “using hands” to play. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Oh and Kent? He’s the strategist. Ikki will do the match for him while he calculates their counter-attacks lol. Needless to say they win the match again, and Shin says they should play poker instead because he’s getting sick losing. xD

While Shin and Toma are experts in poker, Ikki refuses to team up with Kent. His calculations are always perfect, but his skill on poker face is absolutely zero. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Since Ikki is dominating any table sports, plus Shin and Toma are scary opponents in cards.. everyone starts brainstorming for a game they can do together. The heroine then goes to buy drinks for them, calling Shin to go with her so she wouldn’t be alone. When Ukyou also comes to get a cup of coffee, he says they get along very well. Not just Shin and the heroine, but everyone else too. No matter where and how they meet, they always end up getting along. Ukyou says he’s a bit jealous of their relationship, because he’s different — subtly hinting that he can be both their friend and enemy.

Noticing that there’s something really wrong about Ukyou, Shin thinks he might have made a mistake. He shouldn’t have called Ukyou to join them here.

August 23

In the morning, Shin finally explains the situation to everyone. Even though Rika doesn’t trust him, Kent agrees to cooperate. He knows Shin is innocent, because he had plenty of chance to deliver the killing blow before telling everyone in the villa. Today Shin wants them to pair up with the same partner and search in the same area they did on the night of the accident. Shin himself will go to the cliff with the heroine, and they don’t have to worry since Mine and Ukyou will be there as well — they were the ones searching on the cliff back then. Since Rika keeps saying she doesn’t trust him, Shin then tells Ukyou to stop him if he does anything suspicious.. but he’s surprised when Ukyou replies with “then please do the same to me.” Σ(゚д゚ lll)

Back then Toma and Sawa ran out of the mansion to search blindly, so today they’re going to pair up. If they find any evidence, they should take a picture and leave without touching it.

The forest is dark even though it’s still bright outside. However, Shin doesn’t take the heroine here to look for any evidence. He wants her to remember what actually happened that night, and that’s his real objective behind this whole trip. When Mine and Ukyou left them to find the exact location of the cliff, Shin pushes the heroine against a tree and repeats the lines he said to her that night — “Stupid, why are you rooming with Sawa? Ask Mine to change rooms with you. I’ll sneak out of my room too. You’re not thinking of that because we’re here with friends? Aren’t you being too careless?” Shin tells her not to worry because the accident won’t repeat itself. Today he’s here to protect her, so she should relax and try to remember the rest of their conversation that night.

Memories from that night immediately return to her mind. Back then Shin was pinning her too, and she asked why he loves teasing her so much This pissed Shin off since he was serious about “inviting” her to spend the night together, and he asked if she really thinks of him as her boyfriend. Shin also asked what would she do if he’s not allowing her to go back to the villa, since they were alone in the dark forest back then. She got embarrassed and ran away from his arms, ignoring him when he said she’s going to the wrong direction.. and that’s how she fell off the cliff. Now she finally remembers that Shin is really innocent. He did tease her that night, but he didn’t push her off the cliff. He’s been telling the truth the whole time.

Since this is an important piece of memory, Orion turns transparent when she looks at him. But it also means she’s still missing something important, because she can still see Orion. She tells Shin she’s happy to remember everything, even though it’s not a pleasant memory, and Shin thanks her too. Back then everyone else was looking at him with doubts in their eyes, so he was happy when she protected him from their accusations. Just then Mine and Ukyou calls them saying they found some traces nearby, and Orion says it’s indeed on the direction she ran off to — confirming the location of the hidden cliff.

An hour later, everyone’s back in the villa and reports what they found. Kent and Ikki checked the site of her fall and took pictures, and since it was bright.. they can see dried blood on the pictures. The problem is, her blood stains can be found in two different places. They’re both pretty wide as well, which proves that she was lying on both places for quite a long time. On one of the locations they also found a bloodied rock, lying beside her blood stain. Considering she was hit on the back of her head, this rock is probably the weapon.

However, after examining the marks on the cliff, they learn that she actually fell on the other blood stain location. Not the one with the rock. This means after she fell down, she actually got up and moved, then she knocked her head on the rock and fell unconscious.. or someone else did it for her. For example, the culprit behind this incident was surprised to see her still alive, so he decided to deliver the killing blow before anyone found her. Kent knows the police asked Shin about this, though Shin plays dumb and avoids the question. This doesn’t prove his innocence, but he thanks them for the information.

While Rika and the owner didn’t find anything new, Sawa and Toma took a picture of bloody handprints far away from their location. They also found footprints on the same place, which indicates that someone was walking around in circles there. It’s hard to identify the shoeprint though, because the footprints are overlapping each other. Shin says the police might be able to identify them, which is good since they now have enough evidence to call the police. Here Rika panicks since it means there’s a culprit behind the whole incident, and Shin tells her she’s right. It seems like the culprit was shaken after hitting the heroine’s head, returning to the villa without getting rid of the bloody handprints and footprints outside.

Remembering their last conversation in the math lab, Kent then asks the heroine if she was actually conscious after she fell off the cliff. Just what she told Sawa before, she only says someone did come to save her.. but she couldn’t remember who it was. While everyone else are confused, Shin smiles and adds “most likely she did something to provoke the culprit back then” — though Kent finds it hard to believe since she was heavily injured. Kent also points out that aside from Shin, Toma and Sawa also had enough time to commit the crime. Everyone else’s search were organized by Kent, but these two left the villa before then. Of course Ikki and him also had the same chance, so they won’t be able to figure out the answer right now.

In order to keep the evidence safe, they’re planning to make three copies of the pictures. Shin, Kent and Ukyou each will carry a copy for extra backups. However, late at night they heard Sawa’s scream outside. When the heroine goes to check what happened, she finds a terrified Sawa in the lounge — along with Shin and Toma. Sawa explains she was going to the toilet and saw someone near the stairs, then she got pushed down by that someone. Later on she calms down and adds it might not be intentional, but she’s still scared because it means the culprit is really here in the villa.

Soon everyone else joins them in the lounge. Since Sawa is also a suspect, Kent tells them it might be an act to clear away the suspicion from herself. Of course Sawa quickly says she’s not lying since somebody really did push her shoulders, but Kent adds he’s not accusing her. He’s just stating a possibility. In any case, they know that the heroine might be in danger right now. If the culprit is trying to get rid of the evidence, she might get attacked as well because she’s the crucial witness and victim. Shin asks her to sleep in his room tonight, telling Toma to sleep in another room while Sawa will move to Mine’s room. Everyone else is worried since Shin is also one of the suspects, but even when they tell the heroine to choose her own room for tonight.. she still chooses Shin. I actually picked Ikki before reloading. 8D

After borrowing a wooden bat, Shin takes the heroine into his room. He tells her to stay away and just go to sleep, since it’ll be dangerous for her if he needs to swing the bat. This triggers another piece of memory to return. Back in their childhood days, they got lost in a forest along with Toma. While Toma tried to comfort the crying heroine, Shin stayed far away saying he’s going to protect her from there. If he’s holding her hand he won’t be able to fight. Toma noticed that Shin was actually shivering as well, but Shin denied it and said he’s not scared at all. Shin never treats her kindly and rarely comes to comfort her, but he’s always thinking of her more than anything else.

When the heroine presses her cheek against his back asking if he’s scared, Shin admits that he is. He’s not scared to fight for her, but he’s scared of hurting someone else. Even though he’s not sure if he can swing the bat properly, Shin knows he has to protect her. It’s been a while since the last time she clings to him like this and he feels happy, even though he knows they’re in a dangerous situation right now. He always told her to be careful and put her guard up, but he feels happy when she trusts him like this.

August 24

The first thing the heroine hears this morning is Rika’s complaints. Last night she got so scared she couldn’t sleep, and it’s loosening her skin. Shin asks everyone to go home together after breakfast, but she wants to get out of this place as soon as possible lol. Shin also spills their stew (totally on purpose) on the floor, saying he’ll wash everyone’s shoes to apologize.. with the heroine. After dumping water on the shoes, Shin then pulls out a camera and asks her to take pictures of everything. From all sides. Since the footprints have been discovered, most likely the culprit will get rid of his shoes after they go home, so this is their only chance to get pictures for evidence. Shin is surprised when Toma later adds “we should take pictures when everyone’s wearing their shoes too” — revealing that he knew what they did — but Shin says he’ll take the pictures himself.

A lot has happened during their stay in Shinano, but today everyone makes it back to Tokyo safely. Before Toma leaves, Shin asks him to spend the night in his house today. This is an emergency and he wants to keep the heroine safe in his house, but it’d be “dangerous” if it’s only the two of them. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Shin’s mother usually comes home very late at night, so he needs Toma to watch over them — he’s their big brother after all. Toma agrees and the three of them go to Shin’s house, where he tells her to sleep in his room. Both Toma and Shin are going to sleep in the living room tonight.

Upon seeing the big compo and bass in his room, the heroine asks if Shin and her did a band together. He only replies with “not really”, but he’s surprised when Toma asks if he actually wanted to join her band. Since Shin mentions he plays the bass, Toma says he remembers that Shin complained a lot about the bassist in her band.. and Shin blushes. xD Which means what Toma said is true — he started learning how to play bass just because he wanted to join her band. Then he escapes by dragging them to prepare dinner lol.

When Shin comes to talk to her at night, the heroine was looking at the musical scores on his desk. They’re all famous songs, and Orion giggles at the thought of Shin practicing the songs her band has played before. From their Shinano trip, Shin already found the evidence he was looking for. If he hands this piece of evidence to the police, they will be able to determine the culprit right away. However, Shin feels that the culprit isn’t trying to hide his crime. He’s still trying to bring everything into the light, but he wants her to be ready since the truth might hurt her. Shin then asks for her opinion about the culprit, and when she answers “Toma”.. he falls into silence and says nothing more.

August 25

Today the heroine returns to work, so she leaves with Toma while Shin goes to prep school. It turns out that Waka is exhaused after working alone for three days, and he left a note saying he’s taking a day off — leaving them to run the cafe on their own. After work Toma invites her to walk home together, but they find Shin waiting for them in front of the cafe. He tells them he feels uneasy at home since the police are still watching him, so the three of them end up going to a park they used to play in when they were small. Back then their parents got angry since they named the park “Crawfish Park”, because there was a time where they fished a lot of crawfish here LOL.

To trigger more memories, Shin says they should play rock-paper-scissors + hit like they used to. Since + hit means the winner gets to smack the loser’s head, Shin also picks a newspaper and rolls it. Before long they got heated up in the game and start smacking each other’s head, but even though Toma is being gentle on the heroine.. Shin shows no mercy and smacks her head anyway. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ He says he’s going easy on her though since he only wants to have a fight with Toma today, and Toma returns the sentiment. This quickly escalates into them throwing “you’re annoying!”, “I won’t forgive you!” and “I hate you!” at each other, and Shin says he’ll go buy some drinks when they’re finally done fighting. He also borrows Toma’s wallet since he’s got no money, whispering “keep him here” to the heroine before leaving.

After thinking of a subject that can keep Toma occupied, eventually she asks him about Shin when he was small. Toma says even though Shin was a crybaby, he was a cheeky kid. Shin himself thinks he was a cute and honest kid before his father’s case though.. lol. They end up talking about the past until Shin returns 30 minutes later, saying he went to a far supermarket since the convenience store nearby didn’t have any melon soda. He returns Toma’s wallet and asks what they’re talking about, so Toma says “your cute childhood days” LOL.

August 26

In the morning, Shin takes the heroine to Toma’s house — not his mansion, his parent’s house. From Toma’s mother they learn that Toma came here earlier, but he already took the car and left. Since they’re too late, Shin covers it up by saying they were planning to go out together and they quickly excuse themselves. Shin only wanted to find out if Toma borrows the car today, calling it “decisive” without explaining the reason. He tells the heroine something really bad will happen tomorrow, so he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go today. That, and he won’t complain because he wants her to have fun. She says she’ll go study with him. Even though Shin knows she won’t find it fun, he thanks her since it helps him a lot.

Back in Shin’s room, he ends up getting frustrated since she doesn’t remember anything about her exams nor the materials. Shin admits that he actually loves studying. He likes learning new things, both from books and from lectures. At first he gave up on going to college because his family is poor, and she was the one who pushed his back. She’s always working so hard on everything she does, driving Shin to do his best too. Shin says he admires her, but he quickly stops and continues with their studies.

When the sun starts setting, Shin asks her to spend the night in his house again. Not because he’s thinking of doing something dirty, but because he feels worried when he’s alone. They’re going to meet “that person” tomorrow and Shin can’t stop thinking about how it’s going to turn out. If “that person” resists, they can’t ignore the possibility that Shin might get attacked since he knows too much. Shin also adds “that person” hasn’t given up, that’s why today he took the car to erase the evidence. However, Shin knows he has to reveal the truth. Both for the heroine and for “that person” as well. That’s why needs her to stay with him today, because he needs a lot of courage and mental preparation for tomorrow. Shin also promises that he won’t touch her without permission, and she eventually agrees to sleep over.

As he leans against her shoulder, Shin admits that he was thinking of letting her go when the police suddenly took him in. She forgot about their relationship and their memories, so he didn’t want to trouble her with all of these cases. He kept telling himself it can’t be helped if she falls in love with someone else, but in the end he couldn’t do it — “I can’t let you go. Sorry.” When he learned that she lost her memories, Shin actually feels really scared. With all her memories gone, he’s afraid that she’s going to disappear from his sight. But even so, she never leaves. She always stays by his side and trusts him, even though he’s a suspect in her case.

The first time Shin watched her live, he really thought she has no talent in singing. He threw a lot of harsh words to stop her from embarrassing herself any further, but she worked hard and improved a lot in just a year. She was like an entirely different person during her next live the following year, and that’s the first time Shin realized what a beautiful woman she really is. Even though he knows all of her miserable and stupid times, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. After the live he praised her for working so hard, and she was really happy even though his praise was really simple. When she thanked him for pushing her back with his harsh words, Shin realized he can never win against her.

Even though everyone around her keeps praising her, Shin knows she worked really hard to achieve what she had accomplished. She doesn’t need to force herself in front of him, since he’s going to protect her everything — her hardworking side, her stupid side, everything. Shin promises that he’s going to be a man she can be proud of. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He asks her to sing any song she can think of, and he doesn’t mind if she can’t sing properly. She’s been there, she can do it again if she keeps practicing.

August 27

When the heroine wakes up, Shin explains that they’re going to meet Toma after work today. He doesn’t think anything drastic will happen, but he wants her to be careful. Toma knows she was staying in Shin’s house, and he quietly mutters “even though you lost your memories, in the end you’re still choosing Shin..” before going back to work. They meet up with Shin after their shifts is over, and while Toma seems concerned about Shin’s studies, Shin just wants to settle their issue as soon as possible. After placing her by his side, Shin gets straight to the point — “The one who attacked her after she fell off the cliff is you, Toma.”

After a short silence, Toma asks Shin to explain. The first thing that bothered Shin is Toma’s words after the heroine returned from the hospital — he asked about the wound on her head. It’s true that she hit her head pretty hard, but the most visible wound is actually the one on her neck. Blood was pouring out of her neck when she was taken back to the villa, so naturally everyone’s attention went to that huge wound immediately. Even after she was hospitalized, the bandage on her neck was really distracting.. and yet Toma asked about her head, not her neck. Toma responds to this by saying it’s because he heard the pain on her neck wasn’t that bad, so he was more concerned about her head.

Next is the contradiction in her memories. She knew it’s impossible for Shin to come and save her beneath the cliff, so she sealed away this memory deep inside her mind and never told anyone about it.. but this contradiction suddenly came up after she lost her memories. It’s true that Shin didn’t join the search that night, so it means she mistook someone else for him. From the bloody handprints they found, that someone must have tried to carry her — possibly while holding the wound on her neck, hoping to stop the blood loss. By the time Toma returned to the villa, Ikki and Kent already found her. Toma then immediately rushed over and clung to her in a panic, concealing the blood stain on his hands and clothes. Nobody would have noticed that her blood was already there before he even returned to the villa.

Since Toma says the culprit might have thrown away the shoes, Shin points out another thing. Back in the villa, Sawa was actually working with him. Since Toma won’t move if Shin is still awake, he told Sawa to keep an eye on the hallway and call anyone who walks out of their room. He asks if it was an accident, and after a long silence, Toma finally admits it was. He didn’t push Sawa down the stairs on purpose. He was suprised when she called him, and he accidentally bumped into her when he tried to run away. Toma wanted to apologize to Sawa, but he couldn’t say it since everyone will ask why he came out of the room.

Toma also said his hands slipped when he tried carried the heroine back from under the cliff, and he couldn’t find a good timing to admit this. The case was concluded as an accident when he returned, not to mention she also thanked him in the ambulance. He couldn’t bring himself to say it, though he’s planning to admit it if Shin gets arrested. This is true, because he went as far as getting a signed petition from Shin’s mother so he can replace her son in jail. However, Shin knows that Toma is lying about something else. He wants to close this case as an accident with no guilty criminals, but that’s not the real truth.. because for a moment, Toma held a killing intent towards the heroine that night. Toma keeps insisting that he doesn’t have a reason to hurt her, so Shin asks her to try and remember everything.

What did she said back on the night of the accident? ..and what happened to her after that?

This finally unlocks the final, contradicting piece of memory. When she was lying beneath the cliff, “Shin” was the one who found her. He asked if she’s okay, and she told him “Shin.. you came..” His reaction was “wow you’re seeing things”, but he helped stopping the blood from her neck and carried her up. Again, she told him “Shin.. you’re so kind..” and he asked “..can you see me?” in return. She said her vision is blurry, but she kept calling his name.. until he went “why does it have to be Shin? why can’t it be me!?” and thrusted her away from his arms. Right after she knocked her head on the rock, she finally saw that the man in front of her is NOT Shin. It’s been Toma all along. She refused to believe that Toma did such a terrible thing to her, so she sealed this memory deep inside her mind.

Since her memories have returned, it’s time for Orion to leave her. She’s still missing pieces of memories, but he knows she’ll get them eventually. After all, she has a knight right by her side.

As much as she wants to protect Toma, the heroine eventually admits that Toma pushed her away that night. Before she can ask about his feelings, Toma quickly says it’s only because he has a complex about Shin. He got pissed since she mistook him for Shin, that’s all. This is also Toma’s effort to protect her from the harsh truth, but Shin knows they can’t hide the truth forever. He’s holding another piece of evidence he took from Toma’s room, though he doesn’t want to use it unless he really have to — her pictures. Knowing Toma will get rid of these as soon as he got home, Shin snuck into his room and took a few pictures. It was when he left them to buy a melon soda on the 25th, because he knows Toma keeps his key on his wallet.

However, Shin is returning these evidence to Toma. Just like what he said before, Toma isn’t trying to hide the crime. He’s trying to hide the objective. He doesn’t want them to know that he’s in love with her, and he pushed her away because she mistook him for Shin. After a long silence, Toma finally says he lost. Ever since a long time ago, Toma is always trying to protect the heroine from getting hurt. After watching her first live, he prayed so her performance can get better next year. When he saw how much she improved the following year, Toma thought his wish has been granted.. but upon seeing her thanking Shin so happily, he was brought back to reality. Shin is always so honest and keeps hurting her with his words, but he always pushed her back to move forward.

Toma also admits that before she started dating Shin, he asked her to go out several times. He said it jokingly because he’s afraid she would avoid him after that, and his feelings remained unnoticed until the end. Unlike Shin, he didn’t want to take the risk of destroying their current relationship. Toma doesn’t have enough courage and determination to get out of the “childhood friend” mold, and Shin can’t hand the heroine to him for that reason. Shin already forgot about this, but back when they were small she asked them to get married in the future. Even though Toma was already in love with her, Shin easily snatched her away too back then. When Toma asks if she remembers, the heroine finally recalls the day she proposed to Toma.

During their childhood days, she asked Toma to marry her when they grow up. But she didn’t stop there, because she also asked Shin the same thing. While Shin easily said “okay”, Toma told them the three of them can’t get married to each other. Someday she will have to choose only one person, and she started crying since she loved both of them equally. Shin then said he’ll marry her in the future, so she should stop crying since he’s going to be with her forever. Even though Toma tried to protest, she smiled saying she really, really loves Shin. As Shin put a flower ring on her finger, they promised to always be together.

..and where was Toma? On the background. IGNORED AND FORGOTTEN.

The heroine starts apologizing to Toma, but he says the one who should apologize is him. He was the one who hurt her, and he caused a lot of troubles for Shin too. After yet another long silence, Shin finally says he doesn’t know how much Toma has been holding back all this time. He doesn’t know the shock Toma felt when she mistook him for Shin. But despite his reason, Toma ended up hurting her.. and Shin can’t forgive him for that, though Toma doesn’t want to be forgiven either. Shin then punches him in the face and Toma thanks him, while Shin says he’s not the only one who get hurt here — it hurts Shin as well. As Toma walks to inform the police about what he did, the heroine says they will be waiting for him.

When he takes her to the “Crawfish Park” after that, Shin apologized for bringing back the memories she tried to forget. He doesn’t want Toma to carry the guilt alone for all his life, since it will be so much easier if he admits his mistake and apologized. While Toma admires Shin’s honest personality, Shin is actually envious of Toma’s kindness towards her. He wished he can treat her kindly like Toma does. Shin still thinks the accident is his fault for teasing her, and he also thinks she might turn around to look at Toma if he didn’t confess to her back then. He really did snatch her away, so it was him too who drives Toma until he snapped.

However, Shin will still snatch her away even though he had to destroy everything. Even if he knew the result right from the start, he will still do the same thing.. because he loves her. As he hugs the crying heroine, Shin tells her “You can blame me all you want, but I won’t ever let you go. I’ll make you so happy that Toma will give up on you with a laugh.”

August 31 – Good Ending

In the end, Toma’s case might be closed with no prosecution. Even if he does get prosecuted, it won’t be that bad because the victim was only injured, and he had no crime records before. Shin already informed everyone involved except for Ukyou, who has disappeared into thin air again. When the heroine asks if Sawa actually holds any special feelings for Shin, he tells her it’s impossible because Sawa is more in love with her instead of him. Even if Sawa is worried about him, it’s because he’s her boyfriend lol.

The heroine then wonders if Toma will come and see them again when he returns, so Shin asks why does she love Toma that much. She says it’s because Toma is their big brother, and when Shin adds “because he’s kind, unlike me?” she replies with “if you know then be more gentle to me” LOL. Shin admits he wants to, but he doesn’t know how to do it. He also notices she always looks so happy whenever she meets Toma, so he doesn’t want them to let them see each other because he gets really jealous. (❤ฺ→艸←) In order to teach Shin how to treat her kindly, the heroine says they should start by holding hands.

At first Shin refuses since it’s embarrassing, but then he decides to give it a try. The moment he holds her hand, Shin blushes saying it’s too embarrassing after all. It reminds him of their elementary school days, but she tells it’s different right now. While Shin thinks he’s always granting her wishes, she says there are lots of time when he didn’t. For example, he refused to go to the zoo because “it’s childish”, he didn’t let her come to his room because he wanted to “practice bass secretly”, and he always says he loves her so much it “pisses him off”. xD

After a short silence, Shin finally says he’ll take her to the zoo after his exams. She’s also free to enter his room since she found out about the bass, and he loves her. She tells him it’s like the last part was just an extra, so Shin goes “I love you. I really love you. I really, really love you.” as he keeps blushing. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ The heroine finally smiles and tells Shin she loves him as well.

August 31 – Normal Ending

The heroine doesn’t want to remember the truth, so in the end her memory is still sealed. Toma still goes to tell the police what happened, but he’s reporting this as a mere accident. Shin tells her she’s just throwing away his effort up until now, they gain nothing except for the crack in their relationship — because deep down she doesn’t want to know how Toma really feels. Three weeks later, Shin tells her that Toma has been released.. but she already knows since she keeps in contact with Toma. Before going back to studying, Shin hugs her saying it might be better if they break up now.

Shin feels it’s unfair since she doesn’t remember anything, and yet they’re dating just because they were lovers before she lost her memories. He wants to see if the current her is going to choose him again, and he wants a fair match with Toma as well. Even though he admits he’s not confident, Shin tells her not to worry because he’s going to steal her heart again. He won’t give up on her no matter what, so she should wait until that time comes. She smile saying “I’ll wait, so come and take me away” then she adds “thanks, I love you.” Shin tells her it’s still too early to decide, but she already made up her mind.

Oh God.. I feel so bad for Toma. Shin’s route shoves him into the dark background, forgotten and ignored up until the end. I sort of solved the mystery in the middle of the route, but it was fun to go through since I’m a mystery fan like the owner. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ The final showdown gave me major Gyakuten Saiban flashbacks, and the investigations keep sending chills down my spine.. but I enjoyed it. Shin also gets A LOT of kiss CGs, even though I’m disappointed that he only gets a non-kiss holding hands CG for his good ending. Why? Is it because they realized they made too many kiss CGs for him? xD; This route is like 80% mystery and 20% romance, but the ラブラブ scenes are really sweet. Also, somehow I got used to Shin’s flat voice since it didn’t lull me to sleep anymore, but maybe it’s the mystery that kept me awake lol.

P.S. If you don’t want Toma to be forever-ruined™ for eternity, do his route before Shin’s.


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    I actually liked that Shin’s end CG wasn’t a kiss scene. Shin kisses/hugs the heroine so quickly and suddenly most of the time and doesn’t get embarrassed. But he gets embarrassed by holding hands.. I thought it was cute and it’s so Shin XD MOEEE Actually in terms of MOE, Shin’s route is No.1 for me.. I just love his quotes. But in the end I like everything about Ikki more & Toma’s extremeness just kept growing and growing on me.

    I think I’m the only one who likes Shin’s voice from the start and didn’t fall asleep in his route. (This was the opposite when I played Toma’s route)

    • Doing Shin after Toma lifts your impression since he has a good reason to snap here, but doing the opposite will worsen his image since it makes him even creepier than before LOL.

      Actually I love his good ending a lot, I’m just disappointed that the CG looks so plain compared to everyone else. xD Yes I agree with you, Shin has the sweetest lines and romance scenes.. but in the end my favorite is still Ikki, with Toma following closely behind. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ I enjoyed Shin’s detective route the most though lol.. I’m such a mystery freak.. orz

  2. AHA! SO I wasn’t the only one who thought about Gyakuten Saiban in the confrontation! Even the confrontation theme started playing in the back of my head orz. So, I don’t know If I’m biased or something, but Shin is my favorite out of the bunch. It feels like a normal route (no annoying fangirls, no creepy yanderes…) and Shin is so moe. Especially with the meido training (´∀`). And that last lineeeee, manly tears were shed. ”俺のこと責めてもいいよ。でも絶対離さない” きゃああああああ~~~~~
    But yeah, the bad endings were incredibly creepy here too. Poor heroine, she keeps dying everywhere orz

    • YES that BGM change is so Gyakuten Saiban no matter how you look at it. I can see Shin and Toma pointing to each other like Phoenix and Edgey too. *bricked* Shin is a good, dedicated boyfriend indeed. His romance scenes are the sweetest even though they get swallowed by the mystery every now and then, and Rika is actually hilarious in this route. xD

      …and this post is LONG because I keep typing full quotes from Shin. I love his lines that much. ♥ When he says he wants to be a man who can make her proud, I went ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ beyond belief rofl.

  3. I actually like Shin’s route and yes, I thought the same thing when that music showed up in the confrontation. I do like how Shin keeps on insulting Rika XD Because my personality is practically the same as Shin, I’d do the same thing.

    Now that I have finished all the guys, I’m onto Ukyou’s route…which I’m a little hesitant to do XD

    • I have to admit, Rika scared me at first. Her face when they were discussing suddenly turned into a psychotic grin for a moment, and it reminds me of Ikki’s bad ending. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ But other than that, yeah her reactions to Shin’s insults are hilarious lol.

      Currently I’m still doing Kent’s route, but I.. don’t know if I can do Ukyou’s route at night. Whenever he turns evil it creeps me out so much his face haunts my dreams at night. T___T I heard his route is epic though, so enjoy~ xD

  4. lol this review took me like 3 hrs to read cause i was at work >=D this route was interesting but i feel it was put together very quickly at the end by the developers D=, the route and the ending just feels incomplete but interesting never the less
    anyways its probably just me again >_<, looking forward to the next few routes =)

    • LOL I hope you enjoyed that 3 hours of Shin’s detective game. xD
      Maybe it feels incomplete because of the lack of romance? Personally I find Shin’s route is the most fulfilling though when it comes to story and closure. :)

  5. *sigh* (dying for some romance)
    WTF?! man… i was like WTF?! when i played his route. and the worst is… I DID SHIN’S BEFORE TOMA!!!! sigh. so somewhat i was excepting him to be freaky stalker… which he kinda did. anyway. Shin was soooooooo cute. dokidoki!! and that “let’s go to your room” moment was… i’m not sure. was all that fuss about a silly little kiss?! didn’t they kiss the whole time? i was somewhat hoping it would be something more but… whatever xD

    • Ah, too late then? xD
      Yea as I said above, you’ll probably get creeped out by Toma in this route.. but at least he has a reason to snap, while in his own route it’s just his yandere blood going wild. I still can’t hate him though LOL.

      By saying “let me sneak into your room”, Shin was implying he wants to do more than kissing.. if you get what I mean. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン After all he wants her to realize that he’s a man. 8D

    • Glad to hear you enjoy it. I love investigating the mystery too. xD
      Yea they messed up with Toma so bad. He’s shoved to the corner and ignored here, while he became a yandere in his own route. ;__;

  6. I felt pity for toma in this route…*hugs toma*
    too lucky i read toma’s route first than shin…

    Anyway shin’s so…cute!!!! another tsundere/moe guy!!!

    And also, I can’t stop saying “kyaa” in my mind as i read this one, especially his love qoutes…
    *fan girl squeal*

      • Yes, I can’t stress this enough but.. it makes so much difference if you play / read Toma’s route before Shin’s. Shin’s route gives him a bad image, and his own route only worsens that impression. On the other hand, if you go from Toma → Shin, you’ll be able to see that Toma really does care about the heroine.. and yeah, feel sorry for the poor guy too. (´・ω・`) The fangirls aren’t here because Shin’s route focuses on uncovering the truth, which is good since I just can’t handle them lol. They return in Ukyou’s route though. ; v ;

        • i agree… those stupid fan girls came back at Ukyo’s route..err..but somehow i felt like thanking them half-heartedly because they made ukyou’s route the best for me

  7. Ugh…damn it! It pains me so much to see Toma ignored, forgotten and thrown away! He’s my favorite too ;A; Luckily I read Toma’s route first so I guess my impression of him is saved (though I still would have loved him anyways). Anyways, wonderful work on this summary :)

  8. I just start playing this game..from
    Pictures my favourite character is toma so i straight played his route,but this route make him become the bad guy!! I realise the new anime is about shin route too…. I pity toma,but still love him!!>.<

    • Same here. I didn’t like Toma halfway into his route because of his questionable actions, but when you think that he’s doing all of those to protect the heroine… it’s kinda hard to think of him as a bad guy. I wish more people would appreciate him though. :|

  9. OMG I regret doing Shin’s before Toma now. ェン(p´;ω;`q)ェン I went klsjsdkskjflskfj how could you guys left the poor guy alone! I can somewhat understand how bad he felt. His childhood friends left him in the dust and he had to keep his feelings towards the heroine a secret because he loves them both.

    The bad end with Toma in Shin’s route sent me raging for a good minute but honestly… I can’t blame him for feeling like his precious childhood friends are out of his reach. I’m gonna cry while doing his route… I’m sorry if I’m not making total sense orz

    • Oh, I hope your opinions regarding Toma wouldn’t plummet once you do his route. ;w; The bad end / the fact that he’s the “culprit” in Shin’s route sort of tainted his image, and his route… isn’t helping at all. But anyway, I agree with you. The way they treat Toma just makes you feel SO BAD for the poor guy. Even during that cute childhood proposal scene, I couldn’t really enjoy the fluffiness because where was Toma again? That’s right, in the background. Alone, forgotten, and he had to hold back for the next few years. I guess that’s his own fault for not actually making a move, but still… _(:3 」∠)_

      Have a good cry in Toma’s route.

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