So after going through a mob of annoying fangirls, a protective yandere and the otome version of Gyakuten Saiban, I finally reached the world of clover. Kent’s route is unexpectedly cute! ♪

A graduate student from the mathematics department. Kent always looks at everything from a bird’s eye perspective, and he’s interested in anything that couldn’t be explained with logic or theories. He has a habit of observing people around him, trying to analyze their feelings using all the knowledge stored in his brain. Love is not an exception either, because Kent thinks it’s an emotion they should “solve” with a logical approach. He loves making maths puzzles.

August 1

After choosing the clover world, the heroine wakes up in her own room. Upon checking her bag, Orion and her learn about her identity: a first year college student currently living alone in this mansion. Soon Orion also spots her phone sitting on the table, so she checks her contact list to get more information. Sadly while she has 1250 contacts registered, there are only five mails in her inbox — all sent by the same person named “Kent-san”. Every single mail only contains a single word though, either “good night” or “good morning” lol. The oldest one was sent three days ago, and Orion realized her phone must be new. Since “Kent-san” sent her these simple mails everyday without fail, there’s a really high chance that he’s her boyfriend.

Orion was expecting another “good morning” mail when her phone rings, but Kent is actually asking the heroine to meet him in Meido no Hitsuji. She looks up the cafe’s location and prints a map from the internet since she has no clue, and even though she manages to find it in town.. she has no idea which one of the guests is Kent. Waka and Toma greet her when she enters the cafe, but since they just left after that, she ends up sitting on a random table until a tall man comes asking “why did you come if you don’t wanna sit in front of me?” — revealing himself to be the man they’re looking for.

Kent suddenly demands an explanation. He knows she has a lot of complaints regarding his attitude, but he wants her to say it since he can’t read her mind. When he says “I’m doing my best to learn about dating too”, it confirms that Kent is, by no doubt, her boyfriend. He also mentions she was really angry yesterday, and since he doesn’t understand the reason, he wants her to explain it now. The heroine then apologized hoping it can bring this conversation to an end, but Kent goes “what? why? explain!” instead lol. In the end he apologized as well, though he says her apology is a mystery. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Kent tells her to calculate their bill before they leave, saying he just wants to test his “student”.

After walking around aimlessly in silence, Kent finally walks her back to the mansion. He asks if she still wants to take a walk, and since she looks confused.. he explains he only wanted to have a “date”. Σ(゚д゚ ;) His friend said new couples should start by taking a simple walk, so he followed the advice even though he doesn’t get the whole idea LOL. That night he sent her a mail asking what he should write, since she’s not pleased with his simple “good morning” and “good night” mails. xD It turns out this was the reason behind their argument. He finds it weird when she replies with “those simple words are enough”, but he’s relieved since he doesn’t like typing up mails from his phone.

Even though they can’t tell him about her amnesia yet, Orion thinks Kent is a reliable man. If he ever finds out, the chance of him dragging her to the hospital is undoubtedly 100%.. so they need to keep it hidden for now.

August 2

Today Kent calls asking if she’s coming over, since she doesn’t have work today — explaining the red marks on her planner. She tries to get more information by asking him to take a walk to her workplace, and Kent says they were just there yesterday. She works in Meido no Hitsuji, that’s why the staff are familiar with her. Kent finds it interesting when she says she wants to “observe” the cafe, and he suggests getting the manual as well so they can analyze things further. She can come and see him once she’s done with her observation. This is actually a good idea since she needs to learn everything about her job.

The cafe is full today because of an event nearby, but Waka lets her borrow the manual. He only nods and leaves in silence when she thanks him — that’s how cool and expressionless he is in this world. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Because she doesn’t know where Kent is, she decides to go home for now.. and on the way back, she notices Kent walking nearby, absorbed in his own thoughts so much that he bumps into an electric pole. Soon he notices her presence and says he came here to pick her up, since they’re going to his house today. Kent realized that she’s acting strange though, so he asks if she wants to break up. It turns out that they have been dating for only a week, and he wonders if she’s giving up already.

When she says she feels reluctant about visiting a man’s room, Kent asks if she thinks he’s planning to do something dirty with her. Then he goes on to explain that there are steps in a relationship, and they haven’t even passed the first step. Does she think he’s as a wild sex fiend who’d just jump through these steps? プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Kent only wants to spend time with her, and he’s taking her to his room because he’s currently busy with research. He also apologized if his words caused her to get the wrong ideas. Knowing Kent really meant what he said, the heroine finally agrees to visit his place.

Upon entering Kent’s room, the first thing she notices is the potted plants above the rack. They all have labels attached to the pots, each label containing a very questionable description. It turns out Kent gave them weird names too — like “yogurt grass”. Since Kent is busy working on his presentation slides, in the end she spends the day studying the cafe’s manual in his room. When she gets ready to go home in the evening, Kent wonders why she doesn’t get angry today. It seems like she got angry before because he ignored her like today, but the current her doesn’t mind since she doesn’t feel anything towards him. At least not yet.

August 3

In the morning, Kent sent a mail saying he’ll be in his research lab in college every Wednesday. He asks her to come and see him today if she’s free, typing his college name and location into his mail. She knows Kent will probably ignore her again like yesterday, but it’s still better than staying at home all day. Kent comes to the gate to pick her up when she calls him asking for the lab’s location, and he blushes saying it’s the first time she ever called him. He feels happy that she called instead of asking the people around her. How cute~ (pq´∀`*)♡ Kent’s lab is actually a math lab for graduate students and researchers, but he’s using it as his personal space. Nobody ever really comes on Wednesdays, so she’s free to do whatever she wants.

Since the heroine wants to chat with him, Kent ends up “entertaining” her by talking about his research LOL. Before she goes home in the evening, Kent wonders why she suddenly stops getting angry at him for the last three days. He was about to ask if her feelings have changed when suddenly a man appears behind him, going “don’t move or you’ll die” LOL. For a moment it seems like a dangerous situation.. until the man adds he already solved Kent’s math puzzle. Soon he notices the heroine’s presence, and after a short silence, Kent introduces her as his girlfriend. The man then introduces himself as Ikki, asking her not to call him “Ikkyuu” like Kent does. He also uses his eyes to charm her until Kent, obviously jealous, tells him to stop. xD

Soon Ikki realized that his eyes don’t work on her at all. He gets interested and asks if he can flirt with her for real, but of course Kent won’t allow Ikki to seduce his girlfriend. Later on Kent explains that Ikki is his rival, whose eyes work like a love potion. Ikki thinks his eyes don’t work because she’s madly in love with Kent, and when Kent says it’s impossible since she hates him.. she regains a piece of memory about him saying the same thing in the past. While their relationship seems complicated, Kent says it might be a really simple case for Ikki. They agree to talk about this over a drink later, but sadly the heroine can’t come along with them. She’s still underaged, not to mention she’s feeling anemic thanks to the vision earlier.

August 4

Today the heroine goes to work. Mine greets her coldly in front of the cafe, though her attitude completely changes upon greeting Toma inside. Since she was spacing out alone earlier, Mine thinks she probably received Waka’s silent wrath lol. Soon Waka appears and stares at them in complete silence, but Mine and Toma get his order since they quickly leave and get prepared for work. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Despite her effort to follow the manual, the heroine ends up doing simple mistakes during work. After work Waka asks why her performance drops, and even though he only repeats the question “why?” with no expression, it terrifies her so much she decides to study the manual again later. xD

Also, Mine is being annoying by giggling at her “stupid mistakes”.. but let’s ignore her for now.

That night the heroine receives a mail from Kent. Even though he only wrote “good work”, she feels happy since he sent this knowing she just got home after work. She sends back a reply, and Kent replies with “..what do you mean? but thanks, it makes me happy.” (*´∀`*)

August 5

The heroine meets Sawa at work today. Upon hearing about her mistakes yesterday, Sawa asks if she’s having a fight with her boyfriend. She’s willing to hear her love problems if she wants to talk, telling Toma to go away since boys will make things more complicated lol. After work Waka gives her a silent stare again, but today he only goes “..alright” since her mistakes are decreasing today lol. From Sawa, she learns that Kent is going to London for a year at the end of the month. The heroine knew about this even before she started dating Kent, so Sawa is worried if she’s feeling sad.. though she seemed completely fine before. Kent must be busy with preparations until the academic meeting on the 25th, but Sawa tells her to treasure their remaining time together.

At night, Kent sent a mail asking her to meet him on the 7th since she doesn’t have work. Orion thinks it’s such an unromantic date invitation, but the heroine happily tells him she’ll be looking forward to it. This surprises Kent so much he drops his phone and steps on it. (❤ฺ→艸←)

August 6

Mine is being annoying again, but the heroine’s performance today is perfect. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ After work Waka praises her for doing well. He thinks she was re-evaluating her methods for the last few days and is impressed with the result, telling Mine to learn from her LOL.

However, Mine’s reason for hating her becomes clear when they leave the shop. After giving her a very cold congratulations for dating “him”, Mine asks why does it have to be him out of all people. Up until now Mine thinks nobody except herself would ever fall in love with “him”. When Mine asks what she loves from “him”, the heroine says it’s the way he walks through his own path — obviously referring to Kent. Mine says she’s not giving up though. She will snatch “him” away someday, since she’s much cuter, more friendly, good at cooking and her personality isn’t THAT bad. LOL.

August 7

Kent comes to pick the heroine up exactly at noon. Today he wants to take a walk on a street where they often met each other before. Just like their “date” before, he walks really fast and she’s having a hard time keeping up with his pace. When he finally turns around, she tells him she wants to talk.. but since he doesn’t have anything to talk about and responds with super short sentences, she decides to tell him about Mine’s “love rival” declaration. Kent only replies with “how do you want me to react?” before telling her she looks really bored too today. He’s wondering if she’s trying to say she wants to break up, since basically he doesn’t care at all about Mine and her affection for him.

She asks if they’re going to break up that easily if one of them gets bored, but it turns out Kent already made this clear right from the start. She often got angry too over this issue. Right now he’s still interested in her though, so he doesn’t have any intentions to break up unless she’s asking for it. Upon hearing these words, the heroine suddenly gets another piece of memory. Back then she told Kent that she’s heartbroken, but he only said he’s only her informal math teacher.. not her love counselor. Through a long explanation, Kent said that couples break up when they get bored anyway. Some of them even break up after having a child, and she’s lucky to experience this during her college years — not after she got married. She slapped him before he can continue, and he asked her to explain why she slapped him.

The memory causes her to feel dizzy again, so in the end Kent takes her back home. Despite the disastrous “date”, today she learns more about their relationship. It seems like Kent came to her university as an “informal teacher”, and they didn’t get along right from the start. Both pieces of memories are connected to Kent though, so he must be an important person to her.

August 8

In the morning, Kent mails the heroine saying he wants to talk. When she goes to see him at the same street they visited yesterday, Kent says he doesn’t understand why it’s necessary to hold hands. Do couple hold hands to confirm their feelings? Or is it to reach the next step? Since he can’t figure out the reason, Kent blushes and admits how he truly feels: he wants to hold hands with her because he loves her. He only wants to touch her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kent keeps thinking of taking her hand whenever she walks beside him, so he walks faster because he doesn’t know what to do.

Even though their relationship has become more peaceful lately, Kent still doesn’t get why she suddenly stopped acting so thorny towards him. He’s not sure if he can take the step forward from here, so the heroine asks him to hold hands with her. (*´∀`*) At first Kent blushes, but then he takes her hand saying this is the result of his consultation with Ikki last night — after getting laughed at by Ikki, that is. Since he actually wants to approach her with his own way, Kent asks if she wants to hear his thoughts. When she says she does, Kent finally stirs the conversation towards yesterday’s topic.

Kent still doesn’t know why she told him about Mine, but since he can’t express himself really well, he follows Ikki’s suggestion and says: “Other people’s feelings have nothing to do with me. I love you, and that feeling will never change.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He’s unsure if these words can explain his feelings, but when she thanks him saying she understands.. Kent says he’s glad and smiles. After walking her back to her mansion, Kent also mentions Ikki tells him boyfriends should give their girlfriends a present after a fight — preferably handmade — so he gives her a bunch of math puzzles he made to help her calculate faster LOL.

August 9

Today Kent is staying at home, so the heroine visits him bringing the math puzzles he gave her yesterday. Kent also realized that words are really important in relationships, so he tels her to ask anything she wants to know. From this, she learns that Kent is currently busy preparing his presentation for the academic meeting on the 25th. He was invited to study abroad thanks to his thesis, but the decision is still tentative depending on his presentation’s grade.. so it’s an important assignment for him.

When she asks how he feels about going to London, Kent says he’s happy. As a researcher, studying abroad will broaden his vision and knowledge. He adds his success will be good for her as well in the long run, since he’s serious about their relationship. So despite his “bored = break up” view, Kent is actually thinking about marrying her in the future. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He will be busy until the 25th, so her presence is actually a hindrance since he keeps thinking of her. She asks if he keeps calling her just because of his “duty” as a boyfriend, but Kent suddenly blushes saying he just wants to see her. He’s afraid she’d run away if he says he wants to hold her hand, so he goes “I won’t do anything, so please don’t go home and stay here.” xD

Since she doesn’t want to disturb Kent, the heroine then decides to play around with his math puzzles. Kent is impressed that she got all answers correct, and she reads a book after that since he needs to resume his work. It gets dark before they knew it, so she excuses herself and Kent tells her to be careful. On the way home she meets Ukyou, who seem surprised to find her walking alone at night. He wants to walk her home, but it’s impossible since there’s no guarantee what he’d do to her.. and it doesn’t take long until his evil side kicks in. Noticing that she’s currently going out with Kent, Ukyou grins saying she won’t die so easily. Which means it’s his turn. F-for what!? (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ

As soon as he returns to his gentle side, Ukyou apologized and tells her to go home since it’s dangerous, warning her not to go out alone at night before leaving. As she rushes back home, Orion says he feels really scared — it’s just like meeting a shinigami / death god.

August 10

When the heroine tells Kent about Ukyou today, he thinks the man is either a swindler, a real killer, or just delusional. Noticing that she looks really scared, Kent moves closer to hold her hands.. but then he stops himself and apologized. He assures her that he won’t do anything unnecessary to her, asking her not to put her guards up around him. WHY. Let’s hold hands Kent! カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ) From now on he’s going to walk her home when it gets dark outside too, so she doesn’t need to worry. Just then Kent suddenly tells her to hide, and she gets scared thinking Ukyou has come to attack them.. but of course it’s only Ikki, asking for more puzzles to solve. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

..and here, Kent finally learns that giving math puzzles as gifts isn’t a good idea LOL. Unlike the difficult ones he made for Ikki, the ones he gave her were actually elementary school level. Ikki
feels sorry and asks her to be patient with Kent, who immediately goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) at the sight of his rival patting his girlfriend’s head. Of course Kent has never patted her on the head before, so Ikki keeps teasing them by saying he’ll comfort her instead. YES PLEASE. 8D It’s only when Kent tells him to stop already that Ikki finally leaves them alone, but not before saying “oh no.. your boyfriend’s heart is so narrow he can’t allow a little skinship” and trades mail addresses with her. xD

The moment Ikki leaves the room, Kent suddenly pats her head and starts rambling: “It’s not like I get jealous everytime another man pats your head. It’s common even with family and friends, so I won’t hold back either. I’m not thinking of anything dirty, who should I hold back? You let Ikkyuu pat your head, so you don’t mind right?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ She says she doesn’t mind, but her head hurts when he grabs it like this LOL. Kent calms down and apologized, but then he asks why did she let Ikki pat her head earlier. Ikki acts fast, so he’ll start hugging her waist and shoulder before she knew it — while Kent finds it hard just to touch her hair. He’s afraid that she might fall in love with Ikki.

After apologizing for showing this side of him, Kent walks her home. Both Orion and her never expected that Kent would get jealous over such a small thing, but this shows that he actually loves her a lot. (*´∀`*)

August 11

Today the heroine learns from Mine that there’s a fireworks festival tomorrow. Mine knows she’s going with “him”, so she tells the heroine to have fun while she’s drowning in sorrow. Kent never mentioned anything about this up until now, but luckily the heroine kept a memo on her notebook — August 12, 7 PM in front of the station. During work, Waka orders her to go to table 9.. and while she’s worried about making a mistake, she finds Kent sitting there watching her work. After praising her maid uniform, Kent gives her a cake as an apology for touching her yesterday. It’s been half a month ever since they started dating too, so he wanted to make a surprise for her. He’s going to wait until her shift is over, and they can go home together.

While Waka is impressed that she gets a cake from a customer, Mine certainly isn’t. She coldly says “it’s so nice to be loved” before telling the heroine not to act so ラブラブ during work, even though she’s the one who took a peek at the cake. ( ´_ゝ`) Back at home, Orion notices that she changed her phone on July 29 — a day after Kent and her started dating. They have no idea about the reason, but it might be because she wants to have the same provider so it will be cheaper to call and mail each other. Even though Kent said she hates him, the heroine might actually be in love with him before losing her memories.

August 12

After work, the heroine changes into her yukata and goes to the station to meet Kent. Mine is still being cold as usual, but she decides not to mind her so much. After almost an hour, Kent calls her asking where she is now. He’s worried that she might meet Ukyou on her way home, so he keeps waiting in front of the cafe. When she says she’s waiting to go to the fireworks festival with him, Kent goes “what fireworks?” before realizing about their promise. He admits he’s not interested in the festival at all, so it just disappeared from his memory. It doesn’t seem like they’re going to make it, but when she says “I want to go with you” ..Kent falls into a really long silence on the other side. Then finally he answers “I’m going now. Wait over there.” xD

Ten minutes later, Kent arrives at the station — panting and running out of breath. It’s obvious that he ran all the way here as fast as possible. It’s almost the end of the festival when they arrive, and Kent buys an umbrella for them since it starts raining soon. He asks her to hold the umbrella with him if she doesn’t mind, even though he admits he has ulterior motives.. which is to hold hands with her. When she asks if she should hold his hand tighter, Kent blushes and asks “are you enjoying my reactions? or do you really wanna get closer to me?” (❤ฺ→艸←)

As they look around the festival stands, Kent says they promised to watch the fireworks back when they just started dating. At first he’s not interested at all, but now he’s glad to see the festival with her. Even though they couldn’t make it in time for the fireworks, he’s having an enjoyable and peaceful time beside her.

August 13

Today Mine reveals that she actually kept “him” in the shop until it’s really late, hoping “he” will end up having a fight with the heroine. This isn’t the end though, since Mine wonders out loud what she should do next to crack their relationship. Mine’s attitude completely changes when Waka enters the room though, as she politely explains that she just apologized to the heroine for keeping Waka in the shop for so long yesterday.. and obviously Waka replies with “why do you apologize to her?” LOL. Do you realize something really wrong is going on here? xD

Yes, Mine is actually in love with Waka. She’s really shocked when the heroine says “um.. my boyfriend is Kent..” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Sawa keeps saying she doesn’t get why the heroine is dating “an intimidating, stubborn weirdo”, so Mine just assumed she’s dating Waka. It can’t be helped either since Waka’s personality is similar to Kent in this world LOL. Mine quickly asks Waka if he has any girlfriends right now, but he only gives her a silent stare. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ In any case, this solves the misunderstanding between Mine and the heroine. Mine apologized for her attitude, and they quickly change into their uniforms before Waka gives them his silent wrath again.

August 14

When she visits Kent’s house today, the heroine tells him that the “rival declaration” was just a misunderstanding. Just like what he said before, Kent doesn’t care even if there’s a girl who’s madly in love with him out there. He asks what would she do if the situation is reversed, and the heroine says she’d still be curious about the other guy. While Kent’s mind goes towards the negative direction at first, he soon realized it’s only because she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Kent admits he enjoys talking to her like this without having arguments like before, but it leads him to another question — why did her attitude suddenly change?

Before he can start looking for the answer, a phone call from Sawa interrupts them. She asks if Mine and her can have a girl’s talk at her place today, and Kent feels happy when she tells them she’s currently with him. He doesn’t mind her spending time with her girlfriends though, asking Mine and Sawa to come pick her up at his place later. After the call, Kent mentions that it’s been four months after he got invited to teach in her college. He kindly gazes at her for a moment, but then he blushes and denies he was thinking of their meeting. xD Even though he’s still curious about the change in her attitude, Kent says it’s nothing and tells her to have fun with her girlfriends tonight.

That night the girls are having a girl’s night, where they celebrate that Mine’s heartbreak is just a misunderstanding lol. Currently Sawa doesn’t have anyone she likes, but Mine adds that’s because she’s too picky when it comes to men — Waka and Shin’s personality is a big no-no, Kent is taken, Toma is impossible to read, and Ikki is too suspicious. When Mine says she tried to approach Kent and got rejected, the heroine regains another piece of memory. Back when Kent was still teaching in her college, Mine asked him to try dating her. His answer was really straight to the point: “First, try getting full marks for the next test. I’m not interested in dating a stupid girl.” Σ(゚д゚ ;) The heroine witnessed this harsh confession, since she happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.

Mine is curious if the heroine managed to get full marks since she’s dating Kent right now, but Sawa thinks it’s impossible since Kent’s tests were really hard. They ask who confessed first when they started going out, so she says it was her.. even though she doesn’t remember at this point lol. Sawa also says she wants to date someone she can trust, and Mine tells her trust doesn’t grow over a night. It’s something a couple build together.

August 15

In the morning, the heroine wakes up to an excited Mine thanking Waka over the phone. Mine suggested a relaxation event for the staff before, and while Waka refused to have one on the 12th, he finally agreed to hold a Summer pool trip tomorrow. Mine’s planning to approach him during this trip, and hopefully this will also help opening Sawa’s eyes to find a good guy in the future. In order to make a perfect trip for the three of them, the heroine decides to invite Kent as well. Despite his busy schedule, Kent says he doesn’t mind joining the trip. He also asks if she’s going to wear a swimsuit, so his imagination must be going wild right now. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Later on, the girls decided to go buy some new swimsuits together. Naturally girls are lively when they’re shopping, so the heroine doesn’t get any new information from them today. Back at home, Orion notices that half a month has passed since she lost her memories.. and they’re not making much progress. Not to mention Kent, the key person, is leaving in 10 days as well.

August 16

Today the heroine finally meet Shin when everyone gathers at the station. The first thing Shin does is to complain that Toma isn’t coming with them, but it can’t be helped since someone has to stay behind and run the cafe. He also complains that Waka and Kent are coming along, but then he politely introduces himself to the latter. Shin already knows about Kent since he often heard about him from big brother Toma. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Apparently Shin also heard that the heroine used to hate Kent in the past.. but since they’re dating now, they should make use of this trip to deepen their bond.

While everyone else is excited by the indoor pool, Kent is shocked upon seeing the heroine’s new bikini. He asks why is she showing so much skin in front of him, and he drags her into the water away from the others so nobody can stare at her — himself included. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ As he holds her shoulders, Kent realized how small she really is. He apologized for dragging her here, saying that previously she’d get angry if he treats her like this. When he asks if she doesn’t want to say the reason behind her change, she asks back if he likes the previous her better. At first Kent says he likes the current her better, but then he fixes it saying “both are you, even if you change.. you’re still you.”

Kent also reveals that he was the one who confessed first. Back then he was being vague and told her “maybe I love you”, but right now he knows he’s really in love with her. He loses all reason when it comes to her. He wants to keep her for himself. Even though he know they would probably have yet another fight, he still wants to see her and hear her voice. Now that their relationship is more peaceful than how it used to be, Kent’s feelings for her are becoming even clearer — he loves her, but he won’t ask for her answer yet. Since they have come all the way to a pool, Kent then invites her to have a playful swimming race and enjoy the rest of the day with him.

…and so her memories make no progress again today.

August 17

The heroine comes to Kent’s lab today, but Orion feels that it’s going to be another day wasted with no new memories. There are only two ways to stimulate her memories. The first is to ask the people around her, but it’s really risky since they’ll think she’s being suspicious. The other way is to reveal her amnesia to Kent.. which is even more risky than the first one. If they can avoid getting dragged the hospital, naturally the heroine wants to take the second option. She keeps thinking about this while looking at Kent, so eventually he asks her not to do that since he’s getting the wrong ideas. (❤ฺ→艸←)

When she says she doesn’t mind, Kent blushes and asks if he can kiss her.. but since he’s a dork, he gets nervous and ends up bumping into her forehead lol. He laughs saying he keeps doing embarrassing things in front of her, but he has no regrets. While he wished he can tell her how he feels sooner, Kent doesn’t think the feeling is mutual because he still believes she hates him. Sadly he doesn’t continue with the kiss, and he returns to work saying it might still be too early for them. NO. NOOO. Please continue. (ノД`)・゜・。

Soon it gets dark outside, and Kent finally leaves his lab to walk her home. Orion was hoping they can get more memories when talking to Kent, but sadly that won’t happen because they meet Ukyou on the streets outside. He’s relieved to see her walking home with her boyfriend, and Kent notices that he’s the “shinigami” she told him about. Since Ukyou keeps hinting that they actually know each other in a different time and place, Kent gets suspicious and says he’ll capture Ukyou if he’s still lurking around her in the future.. and Ukyou agrees saying it’s a good idea. He also says he won’t visit the cafe again to avoid meeting her there, telling her to “be happy” before leaving.

Here, Kent realized something weird. Ukyou seems to be a regular customer at the cafe, but she doesn’t remember him at all. Yesterday she was acting like it’s her first time meeting Shin as well, even though they’re working at the same place. Kent almost arrived at “the first day your attitude changed”, but she avoids the subject by saying they should go home now. He’s not giving up on this subject though, so he’s going to pick her up after work tomorrow.

August 18

Things took a turn for the worst when Kent comes to the cafe today. He asks everyone about Ukyou, and that’s when he learns that Ukyou is actually the heroine’s regular customer. After work she decides to walk home with him, but Kent remains silent all the way to her mansion, where he finally asks if he can talk inside for a moment. In her room, Kent starts listing a lot of reasons behind her sudden change — ranging from her mood swing until alien abduction LOL. However, after eliminating the reasons one by one, Kent arrives at one conclusion: amnesia. He doesn’t know how much memories she lost, but he notices she doesn’t remember anything about her college days.

The heroine admits that he’s right and apologized for not telling him, explaining that she doesn’t want to be taken to the hospital. After analyzing the situation, Kent tells her that they started dating on July 28 and she lost her memories three days after that. They were always fighting before, so Kent started to think that she’s actually holding some affection towards him.. but now he knows it’s only because she forgot everything. Including how much she hated him in the past. Kent has been thinking of this possibility from the beginning, but he wanted to believe that the current her is the real her.

Suddenly Kent hugs her saying she’s going to regain her memories someday. She’ll remember her hatred for him. He’s been wondering when will her memories come back all this time, and it scared him so much he couldn’t bring himself to say it. Kent admits that he doesn’t want her to remember anything, because he wants to stay as a loving couple with her.. but he knows it’s just his ego taking over his mind. Even though she says it’s okay even if she doesn’t remember anything, Kent knows she needs to know the truth — she has the right to know. After letting her go from his arms, Kent starts explaining everything starting from her background.

The heroine comes from a normal family. Her house is quite far from the capital, so she started living alone when she entered college. Sawa, Mine and her formed a study group before, and they invited Kent to become their math tutor. Their main objective was actually Ikki, who was in the same circle as Mine, but he passed the job to Kent instead — letting him do a research on his eyes in return. Soon Kent noticed that the heroine and him walked through the same street everyday. He regularly took a walk between his research hours, while she was walking her dog. After Kent became her math tutor, she started calling him whenever she saw him on the street. Even though it was frustrating and they kept fighting, she never gave up talking to him.

Despite their daily arguments, one day Kent suddenly asked her to go out with him. He didn’t know the reason, but he knows his feeling towards her must be love. When Kent asks if she remembers her reason for accepting him, the heroine remembers that Kent treated love like an interesting research subject. He thought love is merely a deception created by people’s brain, so she decided to take the “challenge” and prove him wrong. After all, love just comes to you without any reason or calculations. Her decision was also influenced by her hatred towards Kent, since she got pissed when he proposed this challenge.

Upon remembering her own attitude in the past, the heroine finally understands why Kent was so surprised when she’s behaving nicely around him. But even though he thinks she’s going to hate him again, her anger doesn’t take control. If she never lost her memories, she knows she will never realize the sad look on Kent’s face.. like now.

August 19

When the heroine wakes up this morning, she finds Orion transparent. Most of her memories have returned, but she’s still missing something important. At work, Sawa completely gets the wrong ideas and asks if she’s cheating on Kent with Ukyou, thanks to all the questions Kent asked yesterday. The heroine wonders how she should face Kent from now on, but he picks her up after work as usual. As they walk back to her mansion, suddenly she regains another piece of memory. They used to walk side by side like now, and something terrible happened between them.. but she doesn’t want to remember, and she blocks the memory as she faints on the street — with Kent calling her name in a panic.

Later on she wakes up in her room and finds a worried Kent by her side. She tells him she’s okay, but Kent feels guilty for bringing back the memories she doesn’t want to remember. He asks if she still wants to know the truth even if it destroys their relationship, though he quickly apologized for asking such questions. She needs her memories, whether she wants it or not.

August 20

Since she’s still feeling dizzy, the heroine takes a break from work today. In the morning, Kent comes to take care of her and brings some food for her breakfast, leaving his important work just to make sure she’s okay. She falls asleep when he was on the kitchen, and he panicks upon seeing her with her eyes closed. He quickly apologized for disturbing her sleep, but he looks really sad and asks her not to go anywhere. While he admits he was simply interested in her at first, the current Kent can’t bear the thought of losing her. Not after the time they spent together during the last few weeks.

Knowing that Kent is really worried about her, the heroine doesn’t want to keep secrets from him anymore. She finally tells him about Orion’s existence, and Kent decides to believe in her words since he already promised to do so.. no matter how unbelievable it is. Even though he thinks she’s only testing him at first, Kent soon realized that Orion must be the reason why the heroine remains calm the entire time. Normally people would panick if they suddenly lost their memories, but she can calmly decide what actions to take next because Orion is there to help her think. That, and she develops a strange habit after losing her memories — staring off at an empty direction whenever she’s thinking. Obviously because Orion is standing there.

After going through a long explanation (that basically explains the game’s intro in a much more complicated way), Kent suddenly starts talking to Orion. Since nobody can hear Orion’s voice, Kent asks her to write down Orion says on a piece of paper. They introduce themselves to each other, and Kent asks Orion if he wants to get out of her mind as soon as possible. Orion tells him he wants to, but he wants to make sure there’s a reliable person to take care of her in his place. He’s worried about the heroine’s life if he leaves her in this condition. Even though Orion thinks Kent is a reliable man, he’s going to London at the end of the month.

However, Kent promises to help them gathering her missing memories. If she wants to, he will still provide his help even after his departure. He only wants her to live a happy life, even if it means she’ll regain all the unpleasant memories and might leave his side. Kent asks Orion to leave her on his hands, and Orion says he’s really glad that she has Kent as her boyfriend.

August 21

Today the heroine visits Kent’s house again. His parents were always away up until now, but this time it’s his mother who opens the door. Soon Kent comes down and tells his mother to rest since she has a cold, but his mother keeps asking “she’s your girlfriend right?” until he admits it lol. While Kent says they haven’t reached the parents introduction stage, his mother is really excited and asks the heroine to stay for dinner — even forcing her husband to go home early just to meet her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Later on Kent explains that his mother is a lawyer, while his father is a math researcher in a college.

Since the academic meeting is drawing closer, Kent says it will be hard for him to see her until it’s over. He doesn’t think she’s going to miss him though, so when she says “I feel lonely too” he blushes saying he’ll call her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Kent finally understands that couples call and mail each other when they can’t meet, and now he knows why she got angry at his simple mails. He also asks her not to walk alone at night because he’s worried about Ukyou lurking around, and he’ll the situation to Mine and Sawa so they can accompany her starting from tomorrow.

That evening Kent’s father comes home, and the heroine joins their family dinner. His parents are both busy with their jobs, so they always buy food or have catering delivered everyday. They’re impressed that Kent has found such a cute girlfriend, though Kent himself isn’t sure if the heroine is satisfied with him — which leads them to assure her that she’ll live a good life with Kent as her husband. Before they get the wrong ideas, Kent interrupts saying it’s still too early for that. For now he doesn’t want his parents to interfere with their relationship, since they’re going to resolve their own issues.

As he walks her home, Kent says he used to think like his parents: falling in love and marrying the best woman, then have kids to inherit his family line. He never thought that he’d fall in love with a girl who hates him, and she’s affecting his entire life. If this is a sign given by his gene, Kent wonders if his gene is damaged. The other option is to accept what she told him in the past — love needs no reason nor calculations. When she tells him his gene isn’t damaged, he asks if it means she’s the right person for him. Then he smiles saying it’s up to them to make the combinations work.

August 22

Since she doesn’t have any plans, the heroine stays at home today. Orion wonders if they’re allowed to watch Kent’s presentation on the 25th, so she mails Ikki to ask about if they can come. Ikki is more than willing to help and even offers to pick her up at home. He’s also ready to help if she wants to make Kent jealous, but she refuses and informs Kent that she’s going to come. Soon Sawa calls saying she just heard the heroine is going to star in a movie based on her college life. Earlier Kent calls Sawa to give her some interesting episode suggestion, so Sawa is now pretty excited — unaware that Kent is only doing this so the heroine can regain her memories even from home.

As Sawa tells her about the start of their study group, the heroine starts remembering her first meeting with Kent. At first Mine was planning to invite Ikki as their tutor, but Ikki sends Kent to come instead. From their first meeting, she thought Kent is a weird person who tries to solve everything with logic. She was interested and wanted to talk to him more. When she realized they walked through the same street, she started calling him and talked to him everyday.. and the memory ends here. She can’t remember what happened after that.

August 23

Today Shin and Toma come to visit the heroine’s mansion. They have heard about the movie, and they’re also here to check if she’s feeling well. She decides to tell them about Ukyou as they take a walk nearby, and Shin thinks he’s really suspicious. Especially since he has never seen him in the cafe before. Toma saw him sometimes, but that’s only because his schedule is similar to hers.. which means Ukyou never came to the cafe unless it’s her shift. Toma also notices that Ukyou often gazed at her with a complex expression, like he’s feeling both happy and sad at the same time. Lately Ukyou never shows up in the cafe again though, exactly like what he told her on the 17th.

Later on Shin also says she’s got a good boyfriend, and he asks why she hated Kent before. She wonders if it’s weird that hatred can turn into love, but Shin says it’s a common case as long as you’re not a narrow-hearted person. When the boys stir the conversation towards the movie, Orion says that no matter what Kent did in the past, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s being really kind towards her right now.

August 24

Despite his busy schedule, today Kent comes to visit the heroine. He doesn’t know how much she remembers after hearing her friends’ stories, so he asks if she still wants to talk to him right now. Yesterday Sawa informed him that the heroine looked happy thanks to Shin and Toma’s visit, so now Kent feels afraid of losing her again.. especially because he thinks she’s going to hate him when the last part of her memories gets unlocked. He couldn’t concentrate on his work with all these thoughts haunting his head, and he ends up coming to see her.

When she says her feelings won’t change no matter what kind of memory is waiting ahead, Kent asks “are you really sure? when you remember your reason for hating me, will you still be able to talk to me peacefully like this?” in a trembling voice. He’s really afraid of making her cry again, but he wants to believe in her words. Orion also adds that he doesn’t think she will hate him again like before. Just like Kent himself, her feelings also changed as they spend time together. While she finds him hard to understand at first, she knows that he’s a kind person. As a spirit who has been staying with her for almost a month, Orion can see that she’s slowly falling in love with Kent as well. She might feel annoyed, but she can never hate him.

Knowing Kent felt the same towards her before, Orion asks him to tell her everything without fearing the result. If there’s still a hole in her memories, she won’t be able to say she loves him with all her heart — even if she really does — and the fear will keep haunting Kent forever. Kent apologized saying he’s not ready for this right now, but he’ll think about it. It’s enough for Orion, because he knows both Kent and her need courage to face the locked memory.

August 25

Today is finally Kent’s academic meeting day. Ikki’s busy helping him preparing his presentation all morning, and from the phone call she heard that Kent forgot his hint cards. She feels bad since the conversation yesterday must have bothered him, so she decides to take it from his house and deliver it to him. This is an emergency, but she should have stayed at home and waited for Ikki.. because when she walks along the street, someone pushes her back onto the road and she gets hit by a car.

As she lies in pain and wonders what just happened to her, suddenly she remembers about a similar scenery before. In the past, her beloved dog Kuro was hit by a car in this street. Kuro was still breathing and Kent asked the car’s owner to take them to the animal hospital, but sadly the dog died before then. Kuro was the dog she brought from her hometown, and they were inseparable until it died.. so now she’s wondering if she’s going to meet Kuro in heaven.

Meanwhile, Ikki calls her to apologize for being late. He’s surprised to find a nurse answering her phone instead, and he learns that she got into an accident earlier. Ikki rushes to tell Kent about this, informing him that while her injuries are light, she’s still unconscious. Sadly her family lives far away from here, and Kent doubts if the heroine herself knows their phone numbers — complicated family relationship. Kent would like to go as a substitute himself, but his presentation time is about to start. Kent asks what would Ikki do in this situation, and Ikki says he can’t answer that question for him. Only Kent himself knows the answer. He needs to determine his own actions.

In his head, Kent knows he should finish his presentation first. His whole future depends on this task, and he can go visit her once it’s all over. He’s well aware that he won’t be able to do much even if he visits her. Her injuries are light and she’s not in a critical condition. He knows.. but still, he wants to see her as soon as he can. After apologizing to Ikki, who’s been helping him so far, Kent leaves his lab and rushes to the hospital.

In her hospital room, the locked memories are finally coming back to the heroine. Right after Kuro’s death, Kent asked if she’s planning to sit there and mourn forever. Those who have died won’t ever return, and she should know right from the start that her dog will die before she does. He assessed the situation as well, starting from how she kept using a leash that was so corroded it easily broke. Kuro ran off onto the road the moment the leash broke, so the dog’s daily training was also lacking. Kent told her to pay attention to these points when she buys a new dog, and next time he wants her to keep calm in case of emergencies. Her dog will surely die if she keeps crying in the middle of the street, instead of taking it into the hospital right away.

Kent was surprised when she started crying. She knew she was a careless master, but she only wanted Kent to let her mourn for Kuro’s death. When she asked him to leave her alone, he told her accidents and failures happened, and Kuro died so she can learn not to make the same mistake again in the future. However, she refused to listen and yelled at him to leave her alone already, eventually telling Kent she really hates him. Before losing her memories she always thought Kent doesn’t care about this accident at all, but the current her knows that those words has been haunting him for so long.

Soon she hears somebody calling her name, and she opens her eyes to find a worried Kent by her bedside. Noticing that she looks confused, Kent says he threw away his presentation to see her. He just can’t attend the meeting knowing she’s lying on a hospital bed, even though her injures aren’t fatal. Before she can say anything, Kent tells her not to blame herself. A part of him was wishing he can forget about his plan to study in London, because she’s the most important person in the whole world to him. Kent doesn’t mind if she hates him. He won’t ever let her go anymore, and his feelings will never change.

The heroine tries to say something to him, but Kent says she doesn’t have to answer him right now. He tells her to get some rest, assuring her there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing scary will happen to her, and he’s going to stay here for the rest of the day — watching over her. That evening, Orion uses all of his remaining power just to make himself barely visible. It’s time for them to part now, because all of her important memories have returned. Orion knows her relationship with Kent will be okay, so he can really leave her in Kent’s hands. Right after they say goodbye to each other, Orion disappears and she whispers “It’s been fun, Orion..”

August 26

When she tells him she already remembered, Kent apologized for not thinking of her feelings back then. He wanted her to get over Kuro’s death and walk forward, but in the end she got hurt because of his cold words instead. Her accident opened his eyes as well, because even though someday death will do them part, he wants her to live by his side until then. Kent also apologized and admits he thought Kuro was a hindrance. He never liked dogs and Kuro was always barking, and back then Kent only wanted to be alone with her. The moment he wished Kuro would go away, the leash broke and the dog ran off. It was a coincidence, but it’s just like a demon has granted his wish.

She thanks him for apologizing, and Kent thanks her for accepting his apology. He feels like a heavy burden has been lifted from his shoulders, though he never thought she’d still talk to him normally after remembering everything. As he holds her hand, Kent tells her “I’ve always been in love with you. I’ve always wanted to talk to you like this.” After Kuro’s accident, Kent didn’t know how to approach her. She never took a walk anymore and he was afraid of hurting her again.. but still, he wanted to see her. That’s why he asked her out. Back then she looked both surprised and sad, as if she was asking him “if you love me, why did you say those words?”

Kent has just found the answer after realizing her importance to him. He never had anything he considered precious, and he didn’t understand her feelings after losing Kuro. Kent admits he might make a mistake again in the future, but he’ll do his best to fix it.. so he asks her to let him stay by her side from now on. She also apologized for being so harsh on him, and Kent smiles saying she can tell him her problems. It’s okay even if they get into an argument, they can talk it out and solve the problem together. Kent then adds he doesn’t hate debating with her, because she looks really cute when she’s being serious.

August 27

Mine and Sawa come to visit the heroine today. They’re surprised to find Kent in her hospital room, so Kent explains he’s taking care of her since her parents are away. When Mine teases him saying they’re just like a married couple, Kent blushes and asks them to leave already lol. They mention that Waka wants her to rest well before returning to work, and Kent asks if they saw Ukyou in the cafe recently. While Sawa never saw him again, Mine says an unidentified man who looks really similar to Ukyou threw himself off a building last night. They can see her hospital room from that building’s rooftop, and Mine finds it creepy thinking what the man was doing up there in the middle of the night.

This conversation eventually leads Kent to another question — why did she walk out before Ikki came to pick her up? He’s surprised to hear that she was trying to deliver the hint cards he forgot at home, though Mine and Sawa find it amusing how Kent threw away his presentation for the girl he loves. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ After they leave in the evening, Kent asks her how many days will they spent apart if he goes to London. When she answers “379 days”, he blushes and says he’d feel lonely without her. She tells him she feels the same.

August 28

Today the heroine finally returns home. She finds it really quiet.. and even though it’s natural since she lives alone, she feels like she was always talking to someone in her room before. She can’t remember Orion anymore, but she feels a little lonely.

August 29

Kent takes the heroine to a walk in the park today. They often visited this park before she lost her memories, so it’s a nice place for her rehabilitation. After a while Kent tells her to rest on the bench and gives her a math puzzle he made for her. While he gave her elementary school level math puzzles before, this one is actually quite complex. It’s not as difficult as the ones he makes for Ikki though, but he hopes she’ll have fun solving it. Kent falls into silence after she accepts his puzzle, and when she asks him what’s wrong.. he suddenly goes “do you want to marry me?” Σ(゚д゚ ;) At first he still thinks through the biological aspects like his parents, but then he fixes it to “If it’s with you, I feel that we can have a happy life together.”

As he gets on his knees and kisses her hand, Kent promises to swear eternal loyalty if she accepts him. Someday he’s going to put the proof on her ring finger, but the decision depends on her. Kent tells her this is just a notice for now, and he wants her to think about it until he proposes to her formally in the future. It’s still too early for them to think about marriage now, but her heart can’t stop beating after receiving such a sudden proposal.

August 31 – Good Ending

In the morning, Kent comes to the heroine’s mansion. Today he received the official result of his exchange program plan, but he wants her to visit a certain place before anything else. He takes her to her college, leading her to a classroom where they used to have their math study sessions with Mine and Sawa. The moment she enters the room, she remembers that Kent was really strict and shot down all questions unrelated to their studies. He was really serious even when his students was fooling around, and she admires him a lot for that.

When Kent says she told that “strict teacher” about her love problems, she finally remembers that she was actually talking about him the whole time. It was right after Kent rejected Mine saying he doesn’t want to date stupid girls, and she was heartbroken since Kent didn’t seem interested in girls — including herself. She’s too embarrassed to tell him about this, so she only says “I don’t have anyone else that I love.” (❤ฺ→艸←) Kent soon realized whats he means, and he blushes saying he finally understands why she slapped him. After a long silence, he starts laughing since they never had any problems to begin with. He admits he said harsh things to her because he was jealous, though he didn’t understand the reason back then.

Since Kent told her to “change partners and experience more heartbreak”, she asks if he’s still thinking like that right now. Despite the logical perspective, Kent says his feelings for her will never change.. and the thought of her falling in love with another man is killing him. As he says love is a mystery and he can’t figure it out, Kent leans forward and kisses her — asking her to stay with him until he can find the answer. It’s going to take a lifetime and they probably won’t be able to figure it out, but they don’t mind spending their lives together.

After leaving her college, Kent finally tells her about the exchange program result. He hands her some documents asking “will you come to London too next year?” (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Kent is planning to propose for the exchange program again next year. He can’t give up on his future, but he doesn’t want to be apart from her as well.. so he’s taking her to London with him. Her college also offers recommendations to study abroad, and Kent is going to help her with her studies so she can get accepted. He’ll teach her English too. When she asks if it’s that hard for him to be apart from her, Kent says it really is. He already said that he won’t let her go, so he lets his feelings take control of his actions.

One year later, the heroine and Kent are both living in London. He apologized for making her wait in English, and she nervously replies before turning around to find him smiling. He teases her for getting nervous when someone calls her in English, so she points out that he’s also having a hard time remembering directions. Kent says he actually arrived earlier, but he spent some time gazing at the sight of her waiting on the bridge. It makes him realize that she’s really here, following him all the way to London. When she apologized for making him wait, Kent replies “No, thank you for coming. I won’t let you go anymore.” and kisses her.

August 31 – Normal Ending

Because Kent decides to finish his presentation before visiting the hospital, he ends up going to London alone. He admits it’s really hard for him to leave her, asking if he’s allowed to wish for a future with her. They won’t be able to see each other for a year, but she tells him she’s going to wait until he returns. Three weeks later, Kent and the heroine hug each other before he leaves in the airport. She says it’s going to be lonely without him, but she will wait patiently until she can see him again next year. When Kent promises to keep mailing her, she tells him she doesn’t mind his one-word mails and promises to reply them.

The next morning, Kent sent her a mail. She thinks he wrote simple “good morning” like before, but when she opens it.. she finds a different word inside: “会いたい / I want to see you.

Despite his looks and serious personality, Kent is really cute whenever he blushes and gets jealous. (❤ฺ→艸←) I absolutely love seeing inexperienced 堅物 guys falling in love, and Kent is no exception since his reactions to romance is so adorable lol. It was hard to concentrate at first because Kent keeps ignoring the heroine to focus on his work, not to mention Ikki keeps coming back to steal my attention, but it’s really sweet that he only wants to spend time with her. Even if they’re doing their own thing. Sadly while I love the blossoming romance between them, I found the main “unlocked memory” rather shallow. The development is wonderful, but I was expecting a greater reason behind the heroine’s actions in the past. Oh well, Kent is still an adorable man behind his LONG logical analysis. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

*mentally prepares self for Ukyou’s route*

25 thoughts on “AMNESIA – Kent

  1. Glad you liked Kent’s route ^^ To be honest, I love the stories of AMNESIA. It’s different from every other otome games I’ve played. Kent is such an adorable and his interactions with Ikki is so funny XD

    Good luck with Ukyou’s route. I’m just overwhelmed that there are so many bad ends :S

    • Currently I’m only on day 5 in Ukyou’s route, and the heroine has died twice. As expected from the source of bad ends in the other guys’ routes.. *shivers* Just like you, I like how Amnesia offers mystery as well. It’s not pure romance, but even us otomes need a different kind of romance sometimes. xD

  2. I don’t mind his and heroine nothing of past (that dog problem is too common). The big problem about Kent for me is his scientific analysis to everything he see in the world! It’s too long and hard to understand, but I admit am a little amazed by how he can analyze it through it all (it’s not a problem for a genius like him).

    But maybe after thinking much about the other characters, I like how he blushing whenever he realize his feeling to heroine. And so, I prefer him more than anyone else in this title (I don’t have to analyze another person bad and good personality, so I’ll just stick with Kent, who have nothing to be hated of).

    • I’m more like “what, you got angry only for that reason? ( ಠ_ಠ )” lol. I know it’s sad to lose a beloved pet, but the heroine’s image turns into a pretty big drama queen in my eyes for taking it that far.. though it’s because Kent was cornering her too.

      Yes Kent analyzes everything through a scientific and logical view, so sometimes I just take a quick read until he reached the conclusion. Much faster, less brain computing. xD So your favorite is Kent then? I actually love all the guys in Amnesia so far, but Ikki is still my favorite lol.

  3. Hmm, it seems like Kent’s likability comes from his pretty normal route. Everyone else’s route sort of featured some psychotic killer; Shin has Toma, Toma has himself, Ikki has his crazy fangirls, and Ukyo has himself.

    I’m guilty of falling asleep and feeling super bored every time he started going on his long logical analyses.. I think his route is probably my worst review of the game, simply because I was like “What the heck is going on!? STOP SPEAKING LIKE THAT AND LISTING ALL THE POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS!!” xDD;; I was also majorly distracted by Ikki who kept on showing up.. I think I had to load an Ikki save halfway through Kent’s just to get my dose of Ikki’s eyes (*´ω`*)!

    He is pretty adorable at some points though, like sending the mail in the normal end. I’m SUCH a sucker for those x3. It’s such a powerful scene with no BGM and then just the mail popping up with one word.. almost like Ikki’s normal end asking her if she’s free next weekend.

    P.S. You’re reviews always make me like these characters more, even though I wasn’t too impressed with their route when I did them Orz. I guess youe writing just makes their routes sound loads more interesting xDD!

    • LOL I know right. The most distracting thing in Kent’s route is Ikki, who keeps coming back to seduce you every now and then. I had to kick myself to proceed with Kent’s route, not replaying Ikki’s flirting lines over and over again. xD;

      Once the romance kicks in it’s really cute though, since I’m REALLY weak towards guys with an adorable blush which is like 80% of the guys in any otome games. 8D I love his normal ending too, it’s bittersweet and less flowery.. but that mail pierced my heart — even more than Ikki’s “are you free?” mail lol.

      ..and omg you’re right, Kent’s route is so normal compared to everyone else. Well, except for Ukyou since that splatter bad ending haunts my dreams. (i|!゜Д゚i|!)ヒィィィ I guess my reviews leave a better impression because I always go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ towards the end? LOL.

  4. i want to see Kent blush >..> so i should prepare myself for reading ur review like u are for playing his route, so good luck and hope its not as bad as we both think

    ths as always for the great review =D

  5. what is this? lacking story? i can’t believe they made a HUGE fuss over a stupid dog. it’s not a reason enough to hate him! and Kent is SUCH a dump guy! but i love him for his logical dumpness xD!
    i LOVE how he gets jealous of Ikki! and i LOVE how Ikki makes Kent jealous! LOVE EM BOTH!
    …oh and!
    Kent’s end was the most normal one out of all… especially compared to ukyou! *ahem* anyway. and his normal end was the only one i didn’t mind. at least he confessed right?

    • Yea the reason she hates him is rather shallow to me. I understand how she feels, but do you need to go that far and hate someone just because of that? :/ Actually, Kent confessed in the middle of the route regardless of the ending lol. He gets jealous a lot too. I love it when he goes “I-I’m not jealous, my heart isn’t that narrow” while it’s clearly written all over his face. xD

  6. This is a welcoming change of pace, though I agree with the main memory unlock. I do like all the routes so far but this one seem just …nice right after Toma’s route. *hides in a corner*

    I’m staring at the multiple bad endings with Ukyou… Eep… not going to be sleeping tonight XD;;;

    • This kind of “normal” route is nice after both Toma and Shin’s routes actually, those two are filled with mystery and thrill.. so Kent’s normal romance route feels so relaxing. xD

      I’m actually doing those bad endings as I work my way towards the good one.. I hope they won’t appear in my dreams lol.

  7. I got the normal ending….can you tell me where i did my mistake please ? (by the way sorry for my bad english I’m french :D)

  8. OMG he´s so perfect , i´m so in love right now =w= , now i can´t look him on the anime , without thinking how freaking cute he is awww , this route it´s so cute , now i´m going to start reading the other 3 , O_O , i guess this was the sweet one, the others guys have crazy fangirls , or are crazy by themselves XD

    • Ahaha, yeah Kent has the most peaceful route in this game. There are no crazy fangirls, he’s not insane, and the world isn’t out to get you. He definitely deserves more love, so I’m glad you like him. :3

  9. Kent is soo CUTE!! <3 If there were more guys like Kent, the world would have been a better place… He is the only charachter who actually makes me optimistic to go into uni… Definitely one of my favorite Anime/Manga/Visual Novel type of guys! ;)

    • Ahaha, glad to see Kent getting some love. xD
      All of his logic terminologies and brain puzzles might come off as boring to a lot of people, but he’s really adorable in love.

  10. I don’t think the heroine truly hated Kent, sure they fought a lot but she did agree to go out with him even though he said some pretty insensitive things about her dog dying. I believe she was just so emotional that she took her anger out on Kent who was the only one with her at the time. I have a dog too since he was a puppy and while he isn’t dead yet I see the gray hairs under his chin and I can tell he isn’t as active as he was when he was younger and that gives me anxiety.(He’s a black lab but still has the eyes of a puppy.) The main reason I believe they fought a lot was because they didn’t understand each other but both wanted something from the other. It’s like when two people who don’t speak the same language but either one party or both want something from each other they can’t ask so that leads to impatience which leads to fighting. Kent wanted to understand why the heroine was so attached to her dog Kuro while the heroine wanted to know why he would say something so insensitive.

    • Yeah, she didn’t. She even said it herself—she might get annoyed, but she can never hate him. It’s just that over the course of the game, she didn’t remember any of this and everyone around her was hinting that she used to “hate” him in the past. Doesn’t necessarily means that it’s true, both Kent and her simply thought that she did.

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