The last route in Amnesia. What should I say about this guy..? He scares me. Everytime Ukyou appears at night, I get shivers down my spine. That aside, his route and story is EPIC. Period.

A mysterious man who appears everywhere. Ukyou keeps giving strange warnings to the heroine and disappears without a trace after that. His personality changes in the blink of an eye. While he seems gentle and affectionate most of the time, his smile turns into a psychotic grin once she turns around. Ukyou thinks of himself as a dangerous being as well, and so his true objective remains a mystery. He often visits the cafe just to see her.

August 1

Just like Ikki and Kent’s routes, in the joker world Orion and the heroine learn about her identity from her bag. They also learn about her friends from her phone inbox, but since there are so many names (including Rika) they don’t know which one they can trust. Telling her parents is not an option either, since there’s a high chance they’ll drag her to the hospital instead. Orion then suggests visiting her college to see if she can remember something. It’s Summer vacation too, so there won’t be too many people around.

Right before she goes through the gate, a long-haired man suddenly greets her with “long time no see” from behind. She gets a vision of the college burning in flames, but it fades away the next second. The man asks if she remembers him, and when she honestly answers “no”.. he also starts wondering if he has met her before. He apologized for the confusion, but he’s glad to meet her again here. He also warns her not to enter the college building today and on the 25th, though it’d better if she never visits her college at all this month. He knows she finds him suspicious, but he wants her to believe in his words. The heroine tells him she understands, and the man asks her to “be careful” before leaving.

Soon Kent and Sawa also appears asking what she’s doing here. Kent tells her to hurry if she has any business inside, since there’s a campus construction starting from today. Sawa also mentions about the heroine’s part-time job, though she didn’t explain further and leaves to ask Kent about her report. The heroine then decides to go home instead, and Orion agrees with her decision. They don’t know the meaning behind the warning, but she can always visit her college another day. Back at home, they decided to get more information about the long-haired man since he doesn’t seem to notice the change caused by her memory loss.. but sadly they can’t find any clues at all. However, the heroine feels that she can trust him.

Note: If the heroine ignores the warning and goes inside, she gets caught up in explosions as the whole building suddenly catches fire. Just before she dies on the floor, she sees the man from earlier.. sadly whispering that “it’s no use” and how he can’t have a future with her.

August 2

In the morning, the heroine gets a voice mail from Sawa. They’re going to have their monthly morning assembly at work today, so Sawa will pick her up with Mine at 9.. and it’s currently 8.57 AM. She quickly gets dressed and prepares to go out in less than three minutes, finishing right before Sawa and Mine ring her doorbell. In Meido no Hitsuji, the girls are welcomed by the cheerful waiter pair — Toma and Ikki, along with Shin and Kent — the grumpy kitchen pair lol. Soon Waka (very normal and nice in this world) comes to start the meeting, and so everyone starts discussing about their overall sales and personal performance last month.

First, Waka points out that the kitchen pair did a great job with their latest menu: tiramisu and anko-nabe. Despite their noisy fangirling, Waka thinks Ikki’s fans make their cafe more lively, and so he wants Ikki to keep up the good work. He’ll keep Ikki’s personal data private though, based on Ikki’s request. Next, Waka compliments Toma and Mine for their good performance and response speed. Toma is popular with both the younger and older group of guests, while Mine receives some sweets from a customer she helped before. Waka is satisfied with their overall performance this month, and Orion says
he seems to be a really nice manager.

However, Sawa gets really scared when Waka mentions a certain mistake yesterday — she made the wrong coffee blend for a customer. The amount of coffee beans she put was also wrong.. though the difference is only around 1.1 grams. Since they’re running a cafe here, the taste of their coffee and tea is extremely important. Waka then adds “the next time you make a similar mistake, I’ll kill you” with a smile on his face, and he ends the meeting while Sawa turns really pale in the background lol. Since she’s too afraid to make another mistake, Ikki suggests her to do some cleaning up outside with the heroine instead.

As they sweep the ground in front of the cafe, Sawa complains that it’s really difficult for her just to remember the manual. She points out the manual’s location when the heroine asks, and she even copies it for both of them — thinking the heroine wants to study the manual as well. Sawa also mentions that the heroine’s parents are working in another prefecture, though they will transfer back here in three years.

Here, Waka interrupts their conversation since he forgot to tell the heroine about her personal performance evaluation earlier. Just like the others, she did great job and is really popular with their male guests. Some of them even stalked her, but she doesn’t need to worry since the male staff — including himself — will “take care” of them LOL. Waka also apologized to Sawa and says the customers love her refreshing and lively personality, asking both of them to keep up the good work from now on. After he goes back inside, Sawa says she’s really surprised since they didn’t hear his footsteps coming. Shin also told her that Waka used to be a part of an assassination unit in the army. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

That night, Orion mentions they have met everyone from her phone inbox except for the girl named Rika. They still know nothing about the long-haired man too, since apparently he’s not a workmate and they don’t know his name.

August 3

Today the heroine is in charge of the floor with Ikki, who notices that she’s looking straight into his eyes. He never asked her before, and now he realized that his eyes don’t work on her.. though it’s probably because of Orion. Ikki is interested and says he’ll treat her as an important friend from now on, because he knows it’s rude to date a girl just because she’s “rare”. They have a lot of customers today, and soon the heroine notices the long-haired man from before. He greets her saying he’s glad to see her doing fine, but he goes to his seat before she can ask him anything. Waka remembers seeing him in a weekly magazine though, from which she learns that the long-haired man is an up-and-coming photographer named Ukyou.

After work, the heroine finds herself lost in the street. She was thinking of asking somebody for directions when suddenly Ukyou appears and pushes her aside, saving her from getting hit by a car. She asks why did he save her, and Ukyou says people don’t need a reason to save someone.. even though he seems to have something on his mind. He’s glad to see her okay, but he tells her to take care since she lives alone. If she feels any pain later, she should contact a friend and go to the hospital. Since she says she doesn’t have any friends who can come to her rescue, Ukyou ends up saving his number on her phone — reluctantly. She’s free to call or mail him during emergencies, and he’ll come to help anytime.

Ukyou then says he saved her too during the first meeting. He looks really sad when she says she doesn’t remember, muttering “you’re supposed to remember, but … is taking effect” after telling her not to think about it. Before leaving, Ukyou asks her to be careful not to get into an accident again. In the end she manages to find her way home, and Orion wonders if Ukyou lives nearby since they often met each other around this area.

August 4

In the morning, Orion mentions that his master, Neil, is a deity who lives his life freely. It turns out that he has wandered off somewhere and didn’t return for a long time, and Orion wishes he’d do something about that wandering habit of his. When the heroine arrives in the cafe for work, she can hear the sound of water flowing through the room. Soon Waka appears with a sad look on his face, informing that they have to close the cafe for today. Their water pipe in the kitchen exploded and the entire cafe is now flooded with water, so it will take time to fix all the mess. As the heroine leaves the cafe to go home, she meets Ukyou again outside.

Ukyou is relieved to hear she’s okay even after the accident, saying it’s been a long time since the last time he felt worried about someone. Since the cafe is closed and the heroine is doing fine, Ukyou excuses himself and walks off to buy lunch.. but she asks him to walk home with her. Though he’s clearly reluctant at first, Ukyou accepts her invitation and walks with her to a slope nearby. She doesn’t remember, but this slope is similar to the place where they first met. Ukyou then explains they actually met each other in Kobe back in March. It was right after her graduation from high school, while he was still a photographer in training. Back then she got lost during her graduation trip, and Ukyou gave her directions.

Some months later, Ukyou moved away from Kobe and started working for a publisher in this town. They were reunited in front of her college, and soon he learned about her workplace through a string of fateful coincidence. Even though she forgot everything, he still remembers these memories. He wonders if the “rewind” erased him from her memories, but before she can ask what he means.. suddenly a potted plant falls from above. Ukyou pushes out of the way just in time, but it would have been fatal if the pot landed directly on her head. After a long silence, he asks her to take a leave from work tomorrow. There’s something he wants to confirm, and he wants her to accompany him.

Even though he’s being really vague, the heroine accepts Ukyou’s invitation. He’s going to pick her up tomorrow at noon, and he leaves after telling her to be careful on her way home. Back at home, she receives a mail from Sawa informing that the cafe will still be closed tomorrow.

Note: If she refuses Ukyou’s invitation, she ends up taking a walk the next day. Suddenly the flyover above her starts crumbling, and she gets smashed by the concrete blocks.. along with all the cars standing on the flyover. Just before her death, she can hear Ukyou’s voice saying “Sorry, but can you take a break from work tomorrow? If you don’t, you might die.”

August 5

An hour after the heroine wakes up, Ukyou comes to pick her up as promised. As they take a walk nearby, he asks if she ever got into a dangerous situation near the railway before. Like almost getting hit by the train. He also mentions that they can see the fireworks from a street near her mansion, asking if someone asked her to the festival.. but then he realized it’s still too early for that and apologized. Their next stop is Ikki and Kent’s college, where Ukyou asks if Kent helps as an invited tutor in her college. Last, he takes her to the hospital and asks if she came here recently. She answers “no” to all of his questions, but do you realize that these all happened in the other worlds?

In the evening, Ukyou takes her to a shrine and apologized for dragging her around. Before he goes to buy some juice, he warns her not to go near the well since it’s dangerous. This makes her curious though, so she goes to take a look and finds the well so dark and deep.. she can’t see the bottom. Suddenly the ground beneath her feet starts crumbling, and Ukyou saves her just in time. He’s relieved that she’s okay, since she won’t be able to get out once she falls into the well. It’s too deep, and the slippery mud inside makes it impossible to climb back up. This is the third time Ukyou saved her life. Which means that in just a few days, her life has been in danger three times already — falling pot, traffic accident, and this.

They can still call it a coincidence if it only happens twice, but since this is the third time in a row.. Ukyou knows it’s no mere coincidence. It’s inevitable. After spending the whole day with her, it’s confirmed that his suspicion is true: “this world is trying to kill you.” From now on a lot of other misfortunes will fall upon her, so Ukyou asks her to follow his words in order to stay alive. It’s not like he can see the future though. He only knows what will happen next because he already went through it before. It’s up to her to believe in his words, he only wants her to listen to his warnings.. and stay alive until August comes to an end.

As he walks her back to the mansion, Ukyou tells her the first picture he took was a picture of the clear blue sky. At first he wanted to take a picture of flowers or animals with his father’s camera, but then he looked up and thought nobody takes pictures of the sky alone. When he grew up and became a photographer, he finally realized there’s a lot of photobooks dedicated to the sky. He was shocked and stopped taking pictures of the sky ever since, but recently he finds himself staring at the sky again because it makes him feel at ease. Ukyou then takes her hand when she walks beside him, but then he quickly apologized saying it’s an old habit of his.

The heroine asks if they ever hold hands before, and Ukyou sadly answers they did. He has walked through this street for so many times, always holding her hand like this each time. The moment she heard his answer, the heroine regains a piece of memory of them holding hands in the past. Back then Ukyou said he never though they would meet again here, and he feels glad to come to this town. He also mentioned their first meeting back in March, but Orion cuts the memory since the heroine is spacing out in the middle of the street — it’s not visible to him.

August 6

Since the water pipe is perfectly fixed, the heroine returns to work today. In the cafe, she’s welcomed by the news of an accident yesterday: one of the highway flyovers collapsed, and a dump car parked above fell to the street below. Mine and the heroine loves near the area, so Waka is relieved to see them okay. On a lighter subject, Waka reveals that he actually repaired the shop by himself — ranging from wiping off the water until changing all the damaged tiles. Mine thinks it’s a joke, but it’s probably not since Waka’s a superman in this world. (´・ω・`A;)

Their first customer today is Ukyou, who comes here for breakfast. 30 minutes later Toma and Shin also comes to eat, while the heroine moves to the cashier for Ukyou. After paying for his meal, Ukyou whispers “keep a distance from those two” and warns her not to support one of them. He leaves the cafe without explaining, but the answer soon becomes clear when Shin invites her to watch a concert on her next day off. Before she can answer, Toma gets up and says he actually wanted to invite her to the movies as well.. but he’ll give up since Shin asked her first. Shin doesn’t want Toma to hold back though, and the heroine ends up refusing both invitations since she can’t choose one of them. Just like what Ukyou told her to do.

August 7

Five minutes before the heroine’s shift is over, a commotion ensues in the cafe as Rika finally makes her entrance. The heroine didn’t reply to her mail, and Rika’s worried sick thinking she might have gotten involved in the flyover accident. She’s relieved to see the heroine doing just fine though, so she leaves after apologizing for causing an uproar. From Sawa, the heroine learns that she gets along really well with Rika. They often go out together, and Rika always asks about her whenever she comes to see Ikki in the cafe.

Soon Ukyou enters the cafe and Sawa goes over to welcome him, but he remains silent for a while before telling the heroine that Rika and her seem to be good friends here. He saw Rika leaving the cafe earlier, and he learns that it’s not like they’re enemies in every world. He also tells her to get along with Rika as much as she can — this is necessary to avoid Rika’s grudge if anything happens, just in case. Later on Ukyou shows the pictures he took to Waka, who’s interested in photography and design in general. Waka then notices a certain picture from the batch, and he goes “so this is the reason why you keep coming recently~ (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪” as Ukyou turns bright red. The picture was taken secretly, but Ukyou says he doesn’t have any ulterior motives. He just took it because “she’s beautiful.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

When she delivers a chestnut parfait to his table, Ukyou warns the heroine not to go near the station today. He can’t tell her the details, but a “passing demon” will appear there later. That night when she returns home, Toma mails her informing that there’s an incident in front of the station. Apparently a man was going berserk earlier, swinging around his survival knife and attacked a woman who was passing by. Just then the phone starts ringing, and she picks it up to hear Ukyou’s voice on the other side. He’s relieved to hear that she’s okay, but before he can hang up.. the heroine asks why did he know about the incident beforehand.

After a short silence, Ukyou suddenly starts speaking in a louder voice: “Because on August 7, I was stabbed by a ‘passing demon’ in front of the station.” When she asks this is only a lie, Ukyou answers “Of course it is. If it’s real, you’ll be in trouble!” He starts laughing maniacally, and then he hangs up on her without saying another world.

August 8

In the morning, Ukyou sends a mail to the heroine. He attaches a map and asks her to meet him there, but a few minutes later he sends another mail telling her to forget it. He apologized and asks her NOT to go out today. Obviously she’s confused, but in the end she decides to stay at home all day. However, 15 minutes later Ukyou comes to visit her — running out of breath and panting in front of her door. He’s really scared that she might go to the location on the map, but he’s relieved to find her safe at home. When the heroine invites him to have some tea inside, Ukyou says he can’t be alone with her in a quiet place. He’s not sure if he can control himself not to do any weird things to her.. in a lot of way. (´・ω・`A;) Orion can see that Ukyou’s really worried about her, but they have so many unanswered questions for now.

Note: If she decides to follow the map, she ends up in a back alley where a lot of steel frames suddenly falls from above — crushing her limbs and piercing her body. She tries to ask Ukyou, who was standing nearby, why he did this.. but she coughs up blood and dies. Ukyou’s smile then turns psychotic, and he laughs maniacally saying “this death is less painful than me.”

August 9

From Waka, the heroine learns that Ikki was looking for her this morning. They didn’t meet each other though, since she’s taking the night shift today. During work, Waka also asks Mine and her to place some photography magazine on the rack for their customers. When Mine jokingly says he’s keeping up with the trend, his falls into a short silence before saying his deceased grandfather loved the magazine.. but when Mine apologized, he admits it’s just a lie LOL. Waka also told this story to Ukyou, who cried without realizing it’s just a fake tearjerker. xD

August 10

Today Orion and the heroine visit a park after work, hoping she can remember something from the scenery. Just then she notices Ukyou sleeping on the grass nearby, and since he’s really pale, Orion panicks thinking he might be sick. The moment Ukyou opens his eyes, the first thing he says is “I’m still alive.. I’m still trapped in this world!” The heroine tries gets scared and tried to run away, but Ukyou notices her presence and pulls her by the collar. He keeps blaming her for an unknown reason until she pushes him away, and that’s when he finally returns to the usual Ukyou. Upon realizing what he just did, Ukyou apologized saying he was still dreaming.

When Ukyou asks if she’s okay, the heroine lies and says she got hurt.. and when she admits it’s a lie, he goes エェ――Σ(;д; lll)――ッ!! before saying he’s glad she’s okay lol. However, he warns her not to approach him when he’s sleeping. They can’t predict what he’d do to her in such a state, and he also wants her to keep a safe distance when he’s awake — 2 meters or above. Next time even if she sees him sleeping on the street, she should just ignore him. Both Orion and the heroine think Ukyou is homeless because of this, but apparently he does have a house. It’s just.. he’s always in that violent state when he wakes up, and nobody can stop him since he lives alone. He decides to sleep in public places so he won’t go wild for too long.

Ukyou is aware that he’s being suspicious, but he doesn’t mind as long as the heroine follows his warnings. She won’t believe him if he tells her the truth, so she should just think of him as a person who can see the future through his dreams. Since the park is too quiet, Ukyou then asks her to visit a shop she likes.. but he quickly cancels it and walks her to the rail crossing instead. Before telling her to go home, Ukyou also says he’ll sleep far away from her mansion from now on. Even though he’s trying to stay away from her, Ukyou admits he feels happy to see her today.

This unlocks the memory of the heroine’s reunion with Ukyou in front of her college — just like what he told her before. He was really happy to see her again, admitting that he regrets not asking for her mail address back in Kobe. The next vision is Ukyou standing here near the rail crossing. He was blushing and asked her if she’s really okay with him, since he didn’t expect to hear her answer so soon. His mind was blank and he didn’t know how to tell her how he feels. The memory ends with Ukyou saying “Right now, I feel really—“

Ukyou’s voice brings the heroine back to her senses. He says he’ll come to the cafe tomorrow and starts to walk off, but despite his warning earlier.. she follows him and asks how he feels towards her — surprising Orion. After a moment of silence, Ukyou finally answers “I love you. More than anyone else. Even more than myself.” She doesn’t remember anything, but he was always looking for her from a long time ago.. and that’s why she shouldn’t get closer to him.

August 11

As he wonders why the heroine works so many shifts this month, Orion notices a small mark on her calendar — “Aim for Kobe!” It seems like she’s saving money for another Kobe trip, but there’s a high chance that she’s actually going there to see Ukyou. At work Mine asks if the heroine will be going to this year’s fireworks festival, and this conversation eventually leads to Waka asking Ukyou “are you going to take pictures of the fireworks? or are you going to see it with her?” (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Sadly Ukyou says that’s impossible. Their relationship is merely a cafe waitress and a customer, and that will never change from now on. Σ(;∀; lll)

Since Ukyou rejected the idea, Ikki asks the heroine to go with him instead on the 13th. Ukyou looks really sad, but he tells her to enjoy the festival with Ikki before walking away. Since she needs a yukata for the festival, at night Ikki invites her to go and buy a yukata tomorrow. Rika misses her too, so the three of them can go shopping together.

August 12

Even though she already heard about the fireworks festival, Rika isn’t jealous at all. It turns out that Ikki invites her to the beach, so she gladly hands the fireworks festival to the heroine LOL. After all, sharing is important as fellow fans.. though cheating and stealing is more important. Soon Ikki comes to join them and apologized for being late, since he got caught by his fangirls earlier. While Rika is ready to lecture them as the leader, Ikki is more concerned about the two of them. The heroine and Rika are his close friends, so he’s worried that the others might bitch behind their backs. It might be better if he keeps a distance from them, but he feels lonely.

Rika tells him not to worry though since she’s THE leader, and she won’t allow the other girls to hurt her best friend. However, when Ikki leads them to the shop, Rika warns the heroine to be careful of the fanclub members. Ikki always tries to be fair, like how he invites Rika to the beach because he’s going to see the fireworks with the heroine, but lately some of the new members don’t like playing fair. They want Ikki’s eyes on them only. Rika also reveals that his eyes don’t work on the heroine after all. She only joined the fanclub because Rika invited her, and Ikki likes them because they treat him as a friend — not as an object of adoration. While Rika crushed the jealous girls with one hand, the heroine is the quiet type who can get bullied easily.. so she needs to watch her back.

That night Orion wonders what they should do. Going to the festival with Ikki seems to be a dangerous idea, so she ends up mailing Ukyou to ask for his opinion. His answer: “Even if you don’t go, in the end you’ll still make the situation worse. Nothing will happen tomorrow though, so just enjoy the festival.”

August 13

Despite what Ukyou said yesterday, the heroine ends up cancelling her festival date plan with Ikki. It would be better to stay at home today since she told Ikki she’s “feeling unwell”, but she wants to see Ukyou again. Even though Orion is surprised at first, he’s glad that she’s starting to express herself more. Sadly Ukyou doesn’t reply to her mail, so she walks around the town looking for him until it gets dark. When the fireworks start lighting up in the sky, Orion suggests going to the park they visited three days ago.. and that’s where they finally find Ukyou. He’s surprised and asks if she got separated from Ikki, but the heroine says she wants to see him.

Realizing that she’s been looking for him all day, Ukyou hugs her saying that’s really foolish of her. She doesn’t remember him and all of their memories, not to mention he warned her not to get too close.. but she’s still searching for him. He admits he wants to see her too, but they can’t meet nor touch each other like this. When Ukyou says he doesn’t have the right to say he loves her, she suddenly regains a memory of them in a hospital. On her bedside, Ukyou kept saying he loves her. He promised to say those words as much as she wants, asking her to open her eyes once again — “I don’t have anything else to wish for. I don’t mind even if she forgets about me, so please.. save her!”

August 14

On the way to work, suddenly someone splashes something red onto the heroine’s back. At first Orion panicks thinking it’s blood, but when they turn around.. they see Ikki’s bitchy fangirls giggling at her. Before leaving, one of them even yells “stupid!” at the heroine. WHY ARE THEY STILL ALIVE, BURN IN HELL. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ Earlier they threw water balloons filled with red ink at her back, so Orion tells her to hurry into the cafe before she caught a cold. Naturally Mine is shocked upon seeing her appearance, and she apologized upon realizing Ikki’s fangirls are going wild. Yesterday they were being so noisy about Ikki and the festival, and Mine said Ikki’s going with the heroine just to shut them up.

Mine feels really guilty and goes to get some change clothes since she lives nearby, saying she can never hate the heroine even though they might be “rivals” for Ikki’s attention. Not too long after Mine leaves, Toma comes in and is also shocked upon seeing her back. He asked who did this to her, but she says this is just a random prank — remembering Ukyou’s warning to keep a distance from Toma. Waka seems concerned about this too, but she doesn’t need to worry since he’ll “erase” all threats in 24 hours if necessary. Σ(゚д゚ ;)

During work, the heroine receives a call from Ukyou. He can’t come to the cafe today because he’s feeling unwell, but he’s worried that something might happen to her. When she tells him about Ikki’s fangirls throwing ink at her, Ukyou sadly mutters “even though Rika doesn’t cause a problem, the end result still doesn’t change..” It’s a difficult fate she can’t avoid. After a short silence, Ukyou warns her that Ikki’s fangirls will invite her to a mountain villa soon. She needs to refuse this invitation at all costs, otherwise she’s going to die in their hands. He was about to warn her about “the forest at night” when suddenly his voice changes again from gentle to psychotic. This side of Ukyou tells her to join the trip instead, and the real Ukyou tries to keep this evil side under control before eventually dropping the call.

This phone call confirms that there’s something really wrong with Ukyou, but the heroine says she wants to know more about him. Orion agrees since Ukyou’s feelings for her is genuine, and they’ll think carefully about the mountain trip when the invitation comes.

Note: If she tells Toma the truth, he goes into yandere mode instantly. The next day he takes the heroine to his house, where she notices a large red stain on the floor. Toma says it’s not blood though. Not his or her blood, at least. With Rika’s help, he met the fangirls directly and learned about their next evil plan. Now he’s going to keep his promise to protect her from such danger.. by locking her up here forever with him. Until they die.

August 15

Since it’s her day off, the heroine and Orion goes out to look for Ukyou. He doesn’t answer his phone as usual, but they eventually find him sleeping near the shrine. The moment they see him crying in his sleep, the heroine regains another vision of the past. During her trip to Kobe, she wanted to see a special preserved mansion in the residential area.. and that’s where she met Ukyou. The mansion was his grandfather’s house, and the developers were planning to destroy it for a road expansion. Ukyou was just a kid back then and couldn’t do anything about it, not to mention he had to follow his parents when they moved overseas. After 15 years, he finally returned to Japan thinking the mansion is gone.. but it’s still standing. It felt like a reunion with his grandfather.

The heroine actually talked to Ukyou because she saw him crying. She only pretended not to see, though he realized it right from the start. After introducing himself, Ukyou asked for her name and the memory ends there. Unlike her previous memories, this one is visible to Orion as well. Soon Ukyou opens his eyes, but instead of raging like last time, he hugs her saying he’s glad to see her here. He says she was gone in his dream, and he kept searching for her until he broke down.. but he’s relieved that it’s only a dream because she’s right here in his arms. Upon realizing that he’s hugging her, Ukyou blushes and releases her in a panic. He says he was still half asleep, and he apologized for touching her. Ukyou then repeats his warning, but she says she doesn’t hate being touched by him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

When Ukyou says he’s still an unknown man to her, she replies with “you were crying.” This surprised him since it means she already remembered their first meeting. It’s an embarrassing memory for him, but he’s really happy that she finally remembers him again. Sadly right after Ukyou admits he’s been in love with her ever since, his expression turns dark. As he tries to suppress his evil side from appearing, Ukyou quickly leaves saying she better go home too for today. Both Orion and the heroine are worried since he looks in pain, but they decide to follow his advice and return home.

August 16

During work, Shin asks the heroine to deliver a drink to Ukyou’s table. Waka is having a chat with him as usual, and this time they’re talking about Ukyou’s hometown and origins. Just like what he told her during their first meeting, Ukyou grew up overseas and returned to Japan in March. He doesn’t have a house anymore in Kobe, but he stayed there until July. While Waka thinks Ukyou and the heroine kept in contact after their first meeting, Ukyou says their reunion is purely coincidence. At first he says he met her again on July 4, but then he quickly fixes it to August 1. He apologized saying he’s losing track of dates, and Waka goes “Don’t worry. In the battlefield it’s easy to lose track of date and time, and sometimes even of yourself.” LOL.

August 17

Today Mine asks everyone to go on a beach trip together. She’s jealous that Ikki and Rika are going to the beach, and she ends up asking Waka for a company trip with the cafe staff. They can’t go to the beach though since it’s getting cold, not to mention the sea is filled with jellyfish in this season. Instead, they’re going to a Summer Evening Festival tomorrow. Ukyou isn’t too pleased with this idea though, since there’s so many threats that could harm the heroine’s life. For example: gas explosion from one of the festival stands, taiko truck going out of control, a falling signboard, getting stabbed by a takoyaki spatula, choking on an apple candy, drowning in the goldfish scooping stand.. or simply falling into a hole and dies. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

In any case, Ukyou is going to the festival with her tomorrow. Even though Waka says it’s not a dangerous place, he can’t leave her alone knowing she might drown in the goldfish tank.

August 18

In the evening, everyone gathers in front of the cafe. Since all the staff plus Rika are going to the festival together, Ukyou feels worried knowing there are some “dangerous” people in the group. At first he asks the heroine not to leave his side today, but then he realized it might be a dangerous idea as well. She should be careful and stay with the group, while also keeping a safe distance away from him. Despite this warning, everyone splits up the moment they arrive at the festival. Ikki and Shin are having a shooting match. Rika and Mine are taking pictures of Ikki’s for their fangirling needs. Sawa and Waka are scooping some goldfish, while Toma and Kent are checking the lotteries. That leaves the heroine with Ukyou, whether he likes it or not.

Instead of looking around the festival, the heroine wants to sit down and talk with Ukyou. He warns her that he’s dangerous and might do something to her, but she doesn’t mind keeping a distance. Ukyou then says he’s really envious of everyone’s relationship. It’s rare for them to gather like this, but they’re always having fun together. On the other hand, nobody knows him and he’s always alone. It’s the result of his wish, but Ukyou feels a bit lonely without anyone he can talk to. When the heroine asks if she can fill that position, Ukyou blushes saying he’s happy.. but she shouldn’t say that since he’ll fall more in love with her. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Eating meals in the cafe is enough to ease his loneliness, she doesn’t need to be that kind.

Before going home, Waka starts a shaved ice eating competition for the guys. The ones who finish eating their ice can pick whom they want to walk home with, so if they want a specific partner.. they better finish fast before someone else beats them to it. Kent finished last since he dropped his spoon at the start, while Toma got 4th place because the lemon syrup was too sour for him to handle. At 3rd place was Ikki, who can’t stand the smell of his Blue Hawaii ice. Shin got 2nd place thanks to his beloved melon ice, and that makes Ukyou the winner with his strawberry ice. Even though he can choose to go home alone, he decides to walk the heroine back home.

As they walk to her mansion, Ukyou tells her to be careful not to get too close. He can’t let the other guys walk her home either, since it’s going to stem into yet another problem — no matter who walks home with her. The heroine thanks him for thinking of her safety, and Ukyou says this will be over once August come to an end.

August 19

The heroine doesn’t have work for a while starting from today. It might be related to the shift distribution, but Orion thinks she might planned something for this time span.. like seminars or a trip. They can’t figure it out though since her memories are still missing, so they end up going out for a walk instead. In town they meet Ukyou, who says he’s going to buy some sleeping bags since it’s getting too cold to sleep outside. Apparently Ukyou also slept by the river bank before, and he was drowning in the water when he woke up. Σ(゚д゚ ;)

The heroine says he can take a nap in her house, which obviously makes him go “W-WHAT? NO! Don’t raise my affection! I’ll take advantage of the situation!” while blushing. (❤ฺ→艸←) Then he goes on too add “You’re being too kind ever since our first meeting! Not to mention you’re so friendly.. and nice.. and cute..” LOL. Ukyou admits that he really loves her, but things will be more painful if this feeling grows stronger. He’ll disappear from her sight once this is all over, so she should act normally around him. After Ukyou leaves, the heroine gets another piece of memory of them in front of the station. Ukyou was trying to guess her destination, but he kept giving the wrong answer.

August 20

Today the heroine takes a walk in the park, where she meets Ukyou again. He’s here to take a nap though, so he says “good night” and rolls around on the grass. Instead of resuming her walk, the heroine and keeps looking at Ukyou until he says “um.. please don’t stare, I can’t nap when you’re staring at me..” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He doesn’t mind other people — Ukyou can’t sleep because it’s HER. They have known each other for quite a long time now, but he never slept in front of her. When she’s staring at him like this he feels embarrassed. How cute. xD He then goes to sleep near the pond.. and fell into the water a few seconds later. Orion says Ukyou’s pride will get hurt if they help him in this situation, so the heroine decides to leave him alone.

August 21

This morning Sawa sent a mail saying Kent insulted her report, and she’s going to paste a sign saying “Demon’s Lair” on his math lab’s door lol. Since Sawa seems to be in college right now, the heroine decides to pay their college another visit. Ukyou warned them not to go inside, so she thinks it’s okay as long as she doesn’t go past the gates. The moment she approaches the gates, Ukyou suddenly comes running from behind and stops her from going further. The sight of her approaching the building nearly gave him a heart attack, and he wants her to avoid the college for now. Even though she’s curious, she can always visit her college again after this month comes to an end.

When Ukyou says she’s always been reckless, the heroine regains a memory of them talking by the rail crossing. She told him she wants to visit the countries he lived in, but Ukyou said it’s a dangerous idea. He’s been moving around from one country to another, and some of them are still an unexplored region. That aside, Ukyou feels happy since it means she’s interested in him. Back in the present, Ukyou says this isn’t the time to feel nostalgic. He says he’s a threat to her as well, and he quickly leaves after warning her not to go inside again.

Back at home, Orion is surprised to hear she got another piece of memory. It was invisible to him, and he wonders when did that rail crossing vision happened. Up until now Orion thought they were reunited on August 1 — just like what Ukyou told Waka — but the rail crossing is here in this town. Is it really her memories? Or is it a vision from a parallel world?

That night the heroine has a dream of her college burning up in flames. She tries to deny it and says this is all a lie. Her college is still standing.. and she’s still alive.

August 22

When she wakes up, the heroine finds an empty mail sent by Ukyou. After replying the mail to ask him what happened, she goes down to check her mailbox.. and there she finds Ukyou. He walks around in circles in front of her mansion, with both of his eyes closed. She goes closer to approach him, and her presence surprises him so much he literally jumps into the air. Ukyou blushes and asks what she’s doing here, telling here she’s standing too close to him. (❤ฺ→艸←) He doesn’t remember sending any mails to her, though he soon realized it must be “him” who sent the mail and walked all the way to her mansion. The “time limit” is coming closer, so “he” must be in a rush as well.

Of course the heroine doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so Ukyou tells her to just ignore the mail. Most likely “he” was trying to take her out, but whatever plan “he” had in mind failed. Before leaving, Ukyou asks her to go out tomorrow. If she’s willing to come, he’ll be waiting for her in front of the station. It might be better if they don’t meet anymore since Ukyou thinks he’s dangerous, but tomorrow might be the last time they can see each other.. He tells her she will be safe once he disappears, so she doesn’t need to worry. It’s just a little more until then.

August 23

Today the heroine decides to accept Ukyou’s invitation. Not just because she likes him, but to seek the truth as well. Both Orion and the heroine feel that Ukyou holds the answers to all of their questions, so they want to find out. Ukyou is really happy when she comes to see him in the station. He’s been thinking its okay to die as long as he can see her, but seems like it’s not the time for him to die yet. As they walk through the streets, Ukyou mentions their reunion at the cafe. When he says her maid uniform surprised him, the heroine gets a really short vision of Ukyou blushing in the cafe. Ukyou kept coming back just to see her, and he finally asked her out on a date after he became a regular.

When they walk through a slope, Ukyou says they had a race here. Again, she gets a vision of Ukyou standing on the slope. In the end he fell down and lost, but it was a good memory for him. She sees another vision as they walk by the road near the cemetery, where Ukyou says they often took walks together here. Eventually he gathered up the courage to hold her hands, and he feels happy when she blushed beside him. It was his wish to walk with her again in this road as lovers.. though it’s been a long, long time since he made that wish.

In the evening, the two of them return to the station. As he tells her about their memory here, she sees another vision of Ukyou looking sad in front of the station. Back then they met either Ikki or Toma here, and he got jealous upon seeing her being so friendly with them. He knows she’s got a lot of friends, so he feels honored that she chose him. Ukyou takes her to the rail crossing next, saying this is where he confessed to her by the end of July. She accepted his feelings and they started dating in August, but sadly their happy time together wasn’t long.

Ukyou thanks her for coming with him today, saying he can go all the places he wanted to visit with her. Before he can leave, the heroine asks him to come over to her room. At first Ukyou seems reluctant, but then he blushes and agrees. Since it’s dangerous for them to be alone in a closed room, he also hands her a lot of weapons — stun gun, special baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, and security buzzer LOL. She should put the last one within her reach, and when it gets dangerous, she should use the weapons without hesitation. While Ukyou gets nervous in her room, Orion gets nervous because of the stun gun lying on the table. xD

As he takes a look around the room, Ukyou suddenly wonders why her mirror isn’t broken. He quickly corrects himself saying it’s not broken in this “world”, confirming that Orion’s suspicion is true — Ukyou knows about the parallel worlds. When Ukyou says it was him who broke it on July 31, the day before the “college accident”, the heroine suddenly regains another piece of memory.. though she can tell it doesn’t happen here in this world. On July 31, Ukyou learned that the heroine is living alone. He was worried and asked her not to invite guys into her room, kissing her to prove that guys will take any chance like this.

She got embarrassed and tried to escape to the kitchen, but Ukyou grabbed her before she stepped on her phone on the floor. It was then when he bumped into her mirror and cracked it. He apologized and wanted to buy a new one for her, so they agreed to go shopping the next day — August 1. Since she wanted to borrow a book from the college, Ukyou said he’s going to wait in front of her college at noon. Back then she feels happy thinking she can meet him again tomorrow, but the next thing she sees.. is the vision of her college burning up in flames.

When Ukyou calls her name, the heroine is pulled back out of her memories. Since her face is really pale, Ukyou says he’ll go home so she can get some rest. There’s something he wants to tell her though, asking her if they can meet again tomorrow. However, the heroine asks him to stay with her tonight. While he’s clearly reluctant at first, eventually Ukyou agrees and ties himself to the table with the handcuffs. He’ll call the ambulance with his phone if her condition gets worse, so she should sleep now. Even after she turns off the light, Ukyou notices that she can’t sleep — most likely because he’s in the room. He apologized saying it might be better if he goes home after all, but he wants to stay with her as much as he can.. because his time is running out. Just two more days, and he can’t stay with her anymore.

After a long silence, the heroine gets up and unlocks Ukyou’s handcuffs. He’s not sure if this is a good idea since he’s dangerous, but she believes in him. Realizing that she’s not scared of him despite the possibilities, Ukyou says he’ll do his best too. Their remaining time together is really short, so he won’t let “that kind of person” disturbs them until the end. As he moves closer to hug her, Ukyou says “I’m a really cruel human. No, actually it’d be ridiculous to call me a ‘human’ by now. I’ve become insane. Right now I can’t even tell if my sanity is still here. But even so, only my desire to hold you lingers..”

August 24

In the morning, Ukyou calls the heroine to wake up. If she continues sleeping, he might have to chain himself to the table again.. because he’s losing control and starts thinking of doing a lot of things to her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Like drawing on her face with an oil marker LOL. Since she looks much better compared to last night, Ukyou thinks she’s ready to hear everything he wants to tell her. He starts by saying on August 1, she was supposed to get caught in an explosion at her college and fell into a coma. Then without opening her eyes again, she died on August 25. However, she avoided the explosion and managed to stay alive. This shifted the world from its destined future, and the world needs her death in order to go back to the right path.. so all sorts of accidents have occured to kill her before the 25th — it’s her fate to die.

Ukyou has been guiding her to avoid this fate up until now, but he realized that the “attacks” are rather soft this time. It’s like the world isn’t sure if the heroine is really herself, and Ukyou thinks it might have something to do with her amnesia. Even though Orion finds her “fate” hard to believe, he knows that his own existence here is something unbelievable as well. He asks if they should reveal himself to Ukyou, but she decides to keep quiet. While he notices she’s hiding the answer, Ukyou tells her NOT to tell him since “that person” will come out to destroy the reason of this strange occurence.

From now on, Ukyou wants her to be careful and avoid all the accidents like they did up until now. However, he also reveals that the biggest threat to her life is himself. Or rather, another side of him who’s trying to kill her to survive. Ukyou warns her NOT to believe what he says to her after this conversation ends, because his only wish is for her to stay alive. Since this might be the last time they can see and talk to each other, Ukyou wants her to know that even though he’s been meeting and losing her for countless times.. he still loves her. (ノД`)・゜・。

Upon hearing these words, the heroine sees another flashback. First it’s her burning college, and next it’s a vision of Ukyou by her hospital bed. He was talking to someone, and she can hear him saying “I don’t mind if you’re a demon. I don’t mind giving my life and soul to you, as long as her life can be saved. I have nothing else to lose!”

When she opens her eyes, it’s already evening and Ukyou is already gone. Orion is worried and asks if she saw anything, because he couldn’t see most of her “memories”. She decides to tell him what she saw in the flashback earlier, Orion says it might be because Ukyou came from another world in this parallel universe. He guesses that Ukyou was lovers with her in that world, but he lost her in that explosion. From then he travelled to another world, trying to save her from meeting the same fate. Orion notices something as he wonders why Ukyou is trying to attack her to “survive”, but he brushed the “terrible thought” quickly.

Note: If she tells him about Orion, Ukyou is relieved and says she will be safe as long as she stays with Orion tomorrow. However, his evil side kicks in before he can even finish his own sentence. He quickly attacks her with the stun gun on the table, then he kills her when she’s still unconscious — saying “I’m glad I made it in time.”

August 25

The last day starts with the heroine seeing a dream of her burning college. The heat was so painful and she couldn’t breathe, not to mention she couldn’t see clearly thanks to the smoke. All she could think about was that she’s glad “that person” didn’t get involved in the explosion. If possible she wanted to see him once again for the last time, but it seems impossible. Right before she lost her consciousness, she could feel that someone lifts her up.. and knowing it’s him, she didn’t feel lonely anymore.

The heroine wakes up to find a mail in her inbox, which is Ikki inviting her for a trip to Shinano. His fangirls will come along too including Mine and Rika, but she refuses since Ukyou warned her not to go. Even though the heroine worried about Ukyou, Orion thinks they should just stay at home all day. She might regain the rest of her memories if she goes to see Ukyou, and it’s really dangerous if Orion gets kicked out of her body today — the last day and also the peak of the attacks. If his presence is really protecting her from the world, she would probably die as soon as Orion leaves.. and they don’t want that to happen.

Soon she receives another mail from Waka. He just saw the latest issue of the weekly photo magazine, and he attached a picture of Ukyou’s photo inside — a picture of her. This triggers the rest of her memories to return. The first one is when Ukyou and her were having a race on the slope. Ukyou was pretty confident and made a bet with her. If she wins, she can call his name without any honorifics. If Ukyou wins, he wants her to stop being so formal with him. The next memory is when Ukyou first saw her uniform at work. He blushed and stuttered, saying he’s really shocked by her extreme cuteness.

The third one is when they walked by the road near the cemetery. Ukyou said it’s too bad that it’s not that cold today, because he won’t have a reason to hold her hand. The fourth one is when he sulked in front of the station, admitting that he got jealous of her workmate. The last piece of memory is when Ukyou took her picture back in March, during her Kobe trip. She was standing beneath a sakura tree, and he apologized for surprising her. He just wanted to take a picture because both the sakura and her are so beautiful.

Even though Orion feels bad, the heroine finally understands that he’s not the reason she lost her memories. She just never experienced those memories in this world, and that’s why she didn’t remember anything. Since her important “memories” have returned, now she can’t see Orion anymore.. though she can still hear his voice. Orion says he couldn’t see her memories earlier, but he can feel that he’s drifting away from her. She explains that she met Ukyou back in March in Kobe, and they were reunited on July 4 in front of her college. By the end of July they became lovers, even though their romance was really short. This leaves one question for them to solve — why did he greet her with “long time no see” on August 1?

The heroine then asks Orion if she can see Ukyou. She really wants to talk to him right now, despite all those danger lurking outside. Before Orion could even answer, suddenly she gets up and runs off outside. Since she keeps insisting that Ukyou won’t do anything to harm her, Orion tells her there must be a reason why he wants her death. Since Ukyou said he’s going to kill her to “survive”, Orion thinks their fates are contradictory — if she stays alive until the end, then Ukyou will die in her place. Ignoring Orion’s warning to stay inside, she rushes out of her mansion to look for Ukyou in town.

They might not be able to change “fate”, but she can’t just sit down and do nothing when the person she loves might be in danger. Even though she’s afraid of death, she can’t push such a cruel fate for Ukyou to accept. Somebody pushed her towards the railway and a car almost hit her on the streets, but that still didn’t stop her from running forward. Just then a mail from Sawa comes into her inbox, saying she just saw Ukyou looking unwell near the shrine.. and she runs off towards the shrine immediately — with Orion going “stupid Sawa!” in her mind, but he eventually gives up since she won’t listen anyway.

Instead of meeting Ukyou at the shrine, guess who they find? That’s right, Ikki’s bitchy fangirls are back. ( ಠ益ಠ ) A “certain someone” informed them that she’s going to come here later, so they’re more than happy to see their abuse victim showing up. Before she could escape, they push her to the ground and unleash their rage on her. She told them doing this kind of thing will only hurt Ikki, but obviously this only pissed them off even more. At first they were planning to cut her hair and face, but they change plans. After kicking her on the ground, they throw her into the shrine and lock the door. Not vile enough? They also throw in some rocket fireworks to burn her. Obviously the shrine is made of wood, so the whole place catches fire in no time. I swear I have never EVER hated a sub-character this much. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

After the bitch army escapes, the heroine thinks this situation is similar to the explosion in her college. It might be her fate to die on August 1 after all. Realizing that Orion is in pain as well, she asks him to cut off their connection. She doesn’t want to give up and die here, but there’s nothing they can do about this. At least she wants Orion to escape, so he doesn’t have to go through the same pain. After a short silence, Orion says he won’t cut their connection. They have been living together up until now, so he wants to stay with her until the end. She called the fire department for help, but since they don’t now she’s freaking LOCKED UP in the burning shrine.. they only told her to wait until they arrive.

When she starts thinking if she’s going to die without meeting Ukyou again, the door suddenly bursts open and Ukyou appears to get her out. He takes her to escape to a back alley, where he asks why isn’t she staying at home today — an question seconded by Orion. However, he also reveals that this is all “his” plan. It was “him” who told Ikki’s fangirls to wait for her in the shrine. Just before Ukyou drags her home, the heroine asks if they were actually lovers. She knows she loved him, and she wants to hear the truth directly from him. An icicle rain starts pouring down before he can answer though, so Ukyou takes her to take a shelter inside the station and starts planning a safe route for her to go through.

Unfortunately since even the air conditioners are filled with killing intent, they end up running further away from her house — though Ukyou doesn’t think her house is safe at this point. On the way Ukyou also grabs her before she fell into a manhole, then he takes her to run before a telephone pole falls on them. She asks why he can predict the future, and Ukyou says he can’t read the future. He’s just reading their opponent’s next movements as they go through these strings of misfortunes. He knows really well how the world is going to “erase” them as irregular existence — implying that both the heroine and him have died a thousand times in a lot of different ways.

After running around until her lungs hurt, the two of them end up arriving at.. her college. Even though it’s a dangerous place today, they don’t have a choice but to take a shelter inside. She can’t run anymore, and it’s safer to stay here rather than getting struck by a lightning outside. It feels like the world has lead them all the way here so fate can repeat itself, but Ukyou won’t allow that to happen. He’s going to protect her until August 25 comes to an end. She remains silent for a while, and then she finally asks if he’s going to die in her place. Ukyou looks really sad, but he answers that it’s true. If she manages to survive until the date changes, he’s going to face his fate and dies — in this world, both of them can’t exist at the same time.

The heroine is shocked, but Ukyou smiles and tells her not to feel sad. He lost her once, but he couldn’t accept her death. As he travelled between the parallel worlds, Ukyou keeps looking for the world where she’s still alive.. but this is the only world where both of them exist. He tried saving her in the other worlds before realizing this, only to fail and probably witnessed her death over and over again. Just then a loud explosion is heard, and the heroine realized what was supposed to happen in August 1 will take place now instead. Orion tells her to run away with Ukyou quickly, but when they turn around.. his smile is already psychotic. It’s still 23.30 right now. Which means still he has 30 minutes to make sure she’s dead.

The evil Ukyou explains that in the worlds where she lived past August 25, he never existed in the first place. He thought it’s enough as long as he can see her again, but of course they can’t change the world by force. As the result, Ukyou got “erased” by the world since he’s an irregular existence — it’s his fate of death. Sadly even though he keeps dying, his wish for her to stay alive is never granted. At least not when he’s still alive. Ukyou would never know if she really survives or not.. because he would be dead by then. As if that’s not enough, he can’t get out of this endless loop of death either.

Suddenly the evil Ukyou lunges to strangle the heroine’s neck, but soon after his normal self tries to fight back by grabbing his own hand. He tells her to run while he stops himself from strangling her, but his evil side kicks in again saying he experienced hell just for this woman. All the pain and deaths tortured him to the point of insanity, and that’s why the evil Ukyou was born. If one of them has to die for the other to exist, then he’ll just kill her before he dies — just like what he’s been doing up until now in the other worlds. After escaping death by killing her, Ukyou would run away from the guilt by travelling into another world. In the end the result is still the same. Either he dies protecting her, she dies in an accident, or he kills her.

When the evil Ukyou says he should kill her and move on to another world, Ukyou finally lets out the big hint: “No! Neil doesn’t have any power to move between worlds anymore. If I lose her here, I won’t be able to see her again! I keep failing in the other worlds, so Neil rewound the time in this world.” you notice the familiar name? Orion does. He finally understands what’s happening here, saying he didn’t get absorbed into her mind by coincidence. Orion can sense Neil’s presence nearby, but his power is really weak. At this rate he’s going to lose his godly powers.

Before his evil side can attack her again, Ukyou quickly pushes her away and tells her to run. As she dashes through the burning building, Orion tells her that fate can only be changed by a deity.. and a deity exists right there in front of their eyes. If she can make it past 12 AM safely, there might be a way to save both Ukyou and herself. However, Orion’s voice then vanishes before he can finish his sentence. After some brutal hide and seek across the whole campus, the evil Ukyou finally finds her in a classroom — greeting her with a playful “welcome back~”. He knows she’s going to come here eventually, because she died in this classroom before the rewind. Fate has lead her here again.

The evil Ukyou then pulls out a knife, calmly saying it’s still 23.58 right now. Tears starts falling from his eyes, but he ignores it since it’s only Ukyou’s last attempt to resist. It reminds her of their first meeting since Ukyou was crying too back then, and she tells the evil Ukyou to stab her. If her death means he can survive, then she doesn’t mind dying here. She tells Ukyou she loves him, both in the past and the present. She only wanted to tell him how she feels, and he can kill her now — she’s already satisfied. Then she closes her eyes and says goodbye to Ukyou, saying she’s really glad to have met him.

When she hears the sound of knife slashing the air, the heroine is more than ready to face her death.. but nothing happens. She then opens her eyes to find Ukyou lying on the floor, with his knife piercing his own heart. As she starts crying and asks why he did this, Ukyou tells her to escape before the fire spreads further. He killed her so many times because he couldn’t give up on his wish, and he says a sinful person like him shouldn’t be allowed to live. Even though she says she forgives everything he did, Ukyou only replies with “I love you.. and finally I can see you alive with these eyes.. Thank you, and sorry..” before closing his eyes.

August 26 – Good Ending

As she realized the date already changed, the heroine cries and begs Ukyou not to die. Their fates have turned, and he died while she remains alive. Suddenly she hears a gentle voice saying “finally.. Ukyou’s wish has been granted”, and she gets warped into the empty space between the dimensions — the place where she first met Orion. The voice introduces himself as Neil, thanking her for granting Ukyou’s wish.. and also for taking Orion with her. The next thing she hears is Orion’s voice explaining everything to her.

On August 1 in this world, Ukyou lost her in the explosion. The one who heard his cries was Neil, Orion’s master, and Ukyou asked him to save her life. Sadly not even a deity can change her fate of death, so Neil takes Ukyou to the worlds where she’s still alive. He threw away his body and went into Ukyou’s mind, while Orion got absorbed into the heroine’s because his master was looking for her. Neil was planning to stay with Ukyou until his wish is granted, but in some of those worlds Ukyou died even before he can get close to her. Because Neil is an immortal deity and couldn’t leave until Ukyou’s wish is fulfilled, Ukyou got revived everytime he died — the endless loop of death. The rest is just like what he told her yesterday.

After travelling between the worlds for so long, Neil finally realized that Ukyou and the heroine only exist together in this world — only in one world in the entire parallel universe. Ukyou will end up dying again in the world where he doesn’t exist, so Neil took him back to this world and rewound the time. However, Neil couldn’t rewind the climate along with the time, and this is why it’s really cold even though it’s still Summer. Neil took Ukyou back to the first day of July, and even though he was supposed to meet her on the 4th, he was too afraid to approach her. Eventually Ukyou was forced to talk to her on August 1, because fate would repeat itself if he didn’t warn her.

Orion then connects her mind to Ukyou’s. He only has one wish after his death — to vanish. He’s aware that he has done a lot of terrible things, but he has suffered a lot too. He lost his sanity, left his family and friends, and died countless times.. but Ukyou still wanted to see her. Orion asks if she can forgive all the things Ukyou did, leaving the final decision in her hands. Of course she forgives him, and Orion says he knew she’d say that. It’s only for 25 days, but he feels really close to her during that short time span. Just before Orion sends them back to their world, Ukyou suddenly says he can’t return.

Even though the heroine forgives him, Ukyou can’t continue to live while carrying his sins. It’s been a painful journey for him. He admits he was scared everytime he died, not to mention she doesn’t remember him in every single world except this one. Before his deaths, Ukyou always saw the image of her living a happy life with someone else.. and even though it’s not with him, he feels happy just to see her alive. He has commited way too many sins, and he only wants peace right now. However, the heroine says he can’t do that. She apologized for forgetting and leaving him to die all this time, but she’s going to stay with him from now on. She tells him there will be hard times ahead since she’s the cause of his wounded heart, but she won’t let go of his hands no matter what. She wants him to return and live with her.

Before Ukyou can say anything else, she hugs him saying it’s okay. He’s not alone since she’s here by his side. Ukyou finally apologized and thanks her, while Orion laughs saying he’ll take that as Ukyou’s answer. Orion tells him to give up and protect her with all his life, and Neil also apologized for causing so much trouble for them. He was too curious about humans and their wishes, but in the end he couldn’t bring happiness to anyone. The heroine tells him it’s not true though — she can stay with Ukyou right now because of him. When she thanks him and says he brought happiness for two people, Neil gently asks Ukyou if this is the woman he loves. He answers “Yes, Neil. This is my dearest lover.”

After granting their wishes to “heal the wound in Ukyou’s heart” and “change fate”, Neil finally returns Ukyou and the heroine to their world. For one last time, Orion thanks her for all the time they spent together and tells her “see you again someday!”

A few days later, the heroine is waiting for Ukyou in front of the station. He’s really late and she wonders if he’s still asleep, but then he appears saying he came here on time. Earlier he was just taking another picture of her, because he’s a photographer after all. She wants to take his pictures too, so next time she’ll start bringing her digital camera around. As they were talking about making a lot of albums for their pictures together, a boy suddenly tells her she dropped her handkerchief. When she turns around, she finds Orion and Neil standing behind them — both as a human. After handing her handkerchief back, they leave with Orion saying “see you again big brother, big sister!”

She doesn’t remember who they are, but the heroine feels that she knows the little boy really well. On the other hand, Ukyou says “I see. So that’s your punishment.” He doesn’t know who gave this punishment to Neil, but Neil’s wish to learn more about humans has been granted as well. She asks what he’s talking about, but Ukyou says “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about how happy I am.” When she says she feels the same, Ukyou tells her they should go buy a new mirror for her room — the promise he can finally fulfill after so long. As they look up at the sky, Ukyou says the weather is so nice it feels like he’s seeing a dream right now. She holds his hand saying it’s not a dream, and he knows he’s alive as long as he can feel her warmth. Then Ukyou tells her “I love you. Until the end of this world, only you.”

August 26 – Normal Ending

The heroine can’t forgive Ukyou, and she ends up returning to her world alone. She wakes up in a hospital and learns that she was found unconscious in her college. She doesn’t have any physical injuries, but it took three days before she finally opened her eyes. Soon she returns to work, and everyone throw a welcome back party for her. Her friends are wondering why she could end up in the burning college, but she doesn’t remember anything at all. Though it’s not a date like Ikki suggested, she does feel that she was there with someone.. but she can’t remember. Waka also asks if she knows where Ukyou is right now, because they don’t see him recently. She looks confused, so Waka thinks maybe Ukyou returned overseas.

As she wonders who Ukyou is, she gets very short flashback of their first meeting in Kobe. Tears then starts flowing down from her eyes, though she doesn’t know why she’s crying. With this weird feelings in her chest, she looks up at the sky and whispers “goodbye”.. even though the person who should receive that word is no longer in her memories.

This is such an awesome route. Ukyou is scary when his evil side kicks in, but otherwise he’s an adorable character. He’s really cute whenever he blushes and stutters around the heroine, and he’s willing to go to extreme lengths just to save her life. A lot of things in this route made me cry: their past, their love, their fate, and also the parting with Orion. (ノД`)・゜・。 No wonder his route only unlocks after clearing all the guys, because Ukyou is definitely the canon of the game. Sadly while Ukyou’s good ending is really good, his normal ending feels more like a bad ending instead. I don’t even know what’s going on in the heroine’s head when she says she can’t forgive him.. Ukyou did everything for her. (´・ω・`A;) Overall I’m really impressed though, so no complains about the story. xD

My expectations for AMNESIA was pretty low, but in the end I think it’s a great game. I can’t recommend it for those who are looking for a sweet, fluffy romance though. The routes are pretty long, and sometimes romance just fades into the background. You’ll switch back and forth between mystery and romance a lot, though the former gets a greater proportion. If you don’t mind thrilling stories or intriguing puzzles and bitchy fangirls, then do give AMNESIA a try. At least play it for Ukyou, he deserves the love. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

P.S. Before anyone asks me about this.. yes, Neil is a male. In the ending Ukyou calls him “彼” not “彼女”, though his voice completely fooled me lol.

36 thoughts on “AMNESIA – Ukyou

  1. ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ Congratulations for a full completion~! Haha, if people are going to give Amnesia a try just to play for Ukyo, they’d have to make it through everyone first ;D.

    Even though I love Ikki the most still, I’m really content to have Ukyo as the canon. He REALLY deserves it after everything he’s been through for her.. and I’m a sucker for these “defying fate” and “travelling through time/parallel dimensions” to save their lovers and whatnot.

    You’d think I would get used to the constant parting with Orion after going through 4 routes of it, but this one was still heartwrenching but perfect at the same time. I like how they tie up everything at the end into a neat little knot ^^.

    Hmm, I almost want to say that the romance gets started really quickly since you don’t have to go through a courting process, but I guess since the heroine has amnesia it’s sort of like nothing is going on except for the mystery/plot-unfolding (unless you’re in Shin’s route lolol in which case all the romance happens at the beginning and then it’s just mystery after that xDD).

    Orz I completely got fooled by Neil being a man, instead of a woman.

    • Thank you~ ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ yes they have to go through all four worlds first, but it’s still worth the effort. xD I also love this “defying fate” theme, it shows how deep his love is and how much determination he had just to save the girl he loves. That’s why I don’t get the heroine’s decision in the normal ending.. after all the things Ukyou did for her.. T___T

      Even after five routes (including Ukyou’s), I still feel sad whenever it’s time to part with Orion. Everything suddenly feels so quiet and bland without him and his tsukkomi lol. So yes, that good ending is perfect. I hope the four of them get to meet again soon, even though she doesn’t remember Orion anymore.

      LOL yes I notice the romance starts quickly, but for a while it feels like there’s no progress thanks to her amnesia. The game focuses on gathering her memories first, then finally goes into romance as you towards the end of August. I like how they develop the plot though, even in Shin’s Gyakuten Saiban route. xD

  2. \(^o^)/ banzai, this is a great game and ya i have to agree with the mystery and romance switch >.> although i find the routes lacking in romance for an otome game its ok since the storyline made up for it ^^

    Ukyou is the best chara in this game, he reminds me of the childhood friend of the heroine from Clock Zero who kept going back into the past to try saving her but keeps failing (@.@ their names completely slipped my mind atm, i was zoning out while reading this review, almost as if my mind was detached from my body, i really should sleep earlier for my own good >.>)

    so ya even if its just for Ukyou we should play this game, so ths again for the review, hope to read the next game review soon

    P.S. was just wondering wat is the next game on ur list?

    • If you don’t mind long stories with a daily format, then you’ll love Amnesia. But if you’re looking for a sweet romance with a light story, you’ll find it boring lol. The game reveals things step by step, so people who aren’t interested in the mystery will get tired really fast. xD;

      I know right, I keep thinking Rittan during Ukyou’s route. Well, his evil side reminds me of Takato actually. They both got messed up in the head because of their determination lol. But in the end it shows their deep love, so it’s okay. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

      My sidebar isn’t updated yet since my internet connection is sulking right now, but I’m doing Gekka Ryouran next. Before my yandere mood goes away lol.

  3. Congrats! I’m taking a break from Ukyou because I just got a copy of Shadow of the Colossus so I’m busy with that XD Although I’m convinced that Ukyou really cares for the heroine, I can’t stay that I’m not expecting his alter ego to come out and get me XD

    Will finish off his route soon though! *Goes off to fight Basaran :S*

    • Oh, have fun with Shadow of the Colossus! I had fun watching my cousin playing that game. xD Is it strange if I’m interested in the evil Ukyou as well? I like Miyata Kouki’s lower voice, so I find the evil Ukyou both creepy and sexy at the same time. 8D; Too bad we can’t get a love ending with that side of him, but I’m not complaining lol.

    • LOL yes! Shin might be the poster boy and gets a lot of delicious artwork, but everything about Ukyou screams canon. From his story to his matching hairstyle with the heroine. His evil side might be creepy, but he definitely needs more love. xD

      ..and that Orion macro LOL. EXACTLY.

  4. Ukyou reminds me of Takato from Clock Zero and Kansuke from Nise no Chigiri. I think these types of characters are meant to be played last. Because after seeing all that they’ve done for the girl, you feel guilty going for another guy! At least I do…

    I’m glad that you’ve decided to do Gekka Ryouran Romance after all :D Looking forward to that!

    • Haha, same here. I keep thinking Takato too. xD
      Their routes are best played last (or at least for Takato, Ukyou is last by default lol) since they hold most of the answers. It’s pretty clear that the main stories revolve around them, so it’d be hard to see the heroine(s) with another guys other than them.

      I’m slowly ploughing my way through Gekka Ryouran now. :D

  5. oh man… just oh man…
    i can’t believe my eyes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! ukyou-sama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can they make such a cruel fate for ukyou!? silly otomate! (ಠ益ಠ)
    let me tell you EXACTLY how i feel! i feel happy! and sad… happy because ukyou is not a psycho freak who’s all about kill-kill and sad because this is such a freaking route!!!! i mean… THOSE FANGIRLS!!!!

    i wanna stab them 999999999 times until my arms will joint out of place and cook their face in a large pot until their blood is dried!!! and cut their eyes into 9999 pieces until i can’t see them and put them into all other remaining fan-girls plates! AAAAAAND break their arms and legs and limbs until i’m disgusted and vomit at their all dried up faces! (ಠ益ಠ)…………………………………………………………
    sorry for the creepy comment…
    *ahem* and about day 23; the night were they… “sleep” together… it’s all about how to be man and blabla like in shin’s route right? *sigh* and i cant believe how bitchy this mine girl can be! at kent’s route she LOVES that weird waka and then Ikki!???? and i can’t BELIEVE how she made friends with that Rika person!? weird things happen at weird times indeed…
    (sorry for super long and creepy comment lol!)

    • Thank you for expressing my thoughts about Ikki’s fangirls. But I don’t think that would be enough, really. Though I feel happy during that “Toma and the Red Ink” bad ending. Ohoho. 8D

      Actually on the 23th, nothing naughty was implied lol. I just assumed they really slept (as in really sleep, not that kind of “sleep”) until morning came. Ukyou has a good reason for turning insane though, and I’m glad he has a satisfying happy ending. He deserves it. :D

      ..and about Mine, I never liked her. :/ Sure she’s a nice girl if she’s on your side, but she can be a real bitch when it comes to guys. Like at the beginning of Ikki’s and Kent’s route. e_e; Rika is nice in this route though, I actually like her here and in Shin’s route. She can go DIAF in Ikki’s and Toma’s, and she didn’t appear at all in Kent’s LOL.

      • Goooooooooooooood about the naughty part cuz it would feel really weird… with ukyou lol!
        and no problem on expressing your feelings lol! yeah… that wasn’t enough but i couldn’t think of anything creepier! got an idea!?
        mine is SUCH a bitch. Rika is SUCH a sub-character. both of them are VERY bitchy.

    • Oh no, it’s really simple classic visual novel. All you have to do is just pick the right choices. As long as you follow the right guide, you’ll be able to complete the routes and collect all endings without fail. :)

      • Oh! I must have misunderstood then ^^; A friend online told me you have these bars of trust/jealousy/suspicion and constantly have to flip back and forth to check if it’s right. But if you follow a guide you can’t mess it up?

        I heard it had 9 bad ending and I don’t want to be locked inside a cage by Toma lol ;_;

        • Yes there are parameter bars, but if you follow a guide you don’t have to worry about those. The guide will lead you to fill up those bars as you go on, so you can just enjoy the story. Momokan‘s guide perfectly guided me to get each ending, I’d recommend that if you’re planning to play Amnesia. :D

  6. I read your reviews some time ago and I just loved AMNESIA!
    Ikki is adorable! (I burst of laughing everytime you wrote something about his fangirls!, for example “burn in hell fangirls”)
    Shin calls my attention since the beggining
    and Kent is such a good boy!
    (No coments about Toma, he scares me)
    Ukyou deserves all the best after everything he went through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T

    • It can’t be helped since Ikki’s fangirls are really annoying lol. They’re the worst mob of fangirls I’ve ever seen in any otome games so far, even topping Ejima Shikiko’s creepiness in Hanaoni.

  7. I wasn’t expecting much from amnesia too,
    but I actually loved all the guys.
    Especially Ukyou,
    in Shin’s route i wasn’t really intersted in him (sorry Ukyou), I didn’t even knew he was the secret chara.
    But in Toma’s route when I saw that psychic side of him, I think I fell in love. xD

    • I was curious about Ukyou after seeing him in the other guys’ routes, but I was more.. scared than interested. xD; I didn’t cover the bad endings for the other routes, but some of them were seriously creepy. Especially a bad ending involving Ukyou in Kent’s route.

  8. OMG, Ukyou is such a brave, nice, caring, loving, and tons of other descriptions. Even though I didn’t play the game cause I can’t understand Japanese. But still its really thanks a lot to reviewers like you! Even just by reading your review, I cried. Kinda unbelievable for me. >_> But thanks a lot for such a good review!

    • You’re welcome! Glad to hear my post gave you a good impression regarding Ukyou, because seriously that man deserves the love. ♥ If you wanna play a game but don’t understand Japanese, feel free to use my posts as a guide. :3

  9. im thinking of starting with this game as my first japanese otome game and buying this from amazon. im wondering if the words or dialogue are too hard for a beginner in japanese?

    • It depends, really. If you’re only having problems reading kanji, then it’s not too difficult because the heroine doesn’t speak. There are no monologues, and the characters will read everything for you. But if you’re a beginner and still have limited vocabulary, then it might be difficult. You can use my posts as guides though. I wrote down all details, so you won’t miss anything. :3

  10. After reading the whole route, I’m at the verge of tears already but keep on hiding it since my brother was around.

    I super duper love this review. At first, my body hair’s raising up because he’s psychotic even on the earlier routes (somehow worse than yandere-guy toma) but as i go on reading, it went down and my eyes start to gain tears. ahh… true love never dies.. *cries*

    But still…. i agree with you when you said these lines: “WHY ARE THEY STILL ALIVE, BURN IN HELL. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ ”

    ….YEAH!!! BURN THEM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! *throws gasoline and burning match to the stupid fangirls of Ikki*

    All in all, it motivates me even more to save money for psp, buy the game and learn japanese 101 again.

    thank you again!!!!!

    • Don’t you just love Ukyou? (*´∀`*)
      The things he does for the heroine are just amazing, and this route gave me a good mix of emotions — between touched and fear. While evil!Ukyou scared the heck out of me, Ukyou’s love for the heroine is so deep he’s willing to fight fate just to save her life. I was tearing up too when I finished his route.

      Playing otome games help improving your Japanese a lot, so yeah if you have the money and time I’d recommend getting a PSP. Most otome games are being released for PSP right now. :3

  11. “P.S. Before anyone asks me about this.. yes, Neil is a male. In the ending Ukyou calls him “彼” not “彼女”, though his voice completely fooled me lol.”

    – LMAO I was tweeting about this with Ili-chan. I believed that Neil is a guy because of his name…not until I heard his voice that made me doubt my judgment. XD So I just thought that he’s androgynous. /shot

    • I saw your conversation. xD
      His name is written as ニール, which is rather ambiguous, so you can’t really tell whether he’s a man or a woman. I actually thought he’s a woman too at first, and I had to fix the last few paragraphs after Ukyou referred to him with “彼” LOL.

  12. I’m glad I told myself I needed to finish Amnesia before I read your own impressions. They make for a nice review of what the routes were generally like, not to mention your commentaries are refreshingly positive.

    As far as playing order went, I played Shin before I did Toma. It didn’t have an impact on my impression of the guy though since I got spoilered prior to playing. More like I was expecting something bad to happen, just like how I knew he’d have an important role in Shin’s route. What did happen from playing Toma’s route though was my desperation to try and find as much of him in the other guys’ route as possible. :D;; I do love all the guys though, so I was happy to see good ends for each of them.

    That said, I think you should try playing Amnesia Later if it’s not already on your list of to play. It’s a nice addition to the main game. It ends up explaining a lot about the boys’ mental process regarding the heroine and there’s a nice set of bonus for Waka and Orion.

    • Thank you! My commentaries tend to be subjective, but it’d be unfair to judge the game based on my taste alone, so I try to look at stuff from different perspectives. It makes me happy if you find them positive. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

      Oh, is Toma your favorite? From what I heard most people got a bad impression of Toma because of a bad ending in Shin’s route, and they walk into Toma’s route carrying that bad impression.. and then it got worsened by all the things he did.. 8D; Amnesia has well-developed characters and well-written plot, I love all the guys too. ❤ As for Amnesia Later, I do have it in my backlog. It’s just I haven’t found the time to play it yet, especially with all these new releases floating around. But I’m planning to play it in a few months ahead, thanks for the recommendation! :D

      • I believe all reviews and commentaries are subjective. XD However, the way you review is really pleasant to read. Reminds me of when I read all of the Sangoku Rensenki reviews. ❤

        If I were to call anyone my favourite, it’d be either Orion or (ikeonee) Waka-san. o3o)b But yeah, I rather like Toma the best out of the 5 guys (Ukyou and Shin occasionally share spot #2), but that might stem from sympathy? So I’m not surprised to hear that people get bad impressions of Toma from the Shin route and from his own. It’s sad to say, but his actions and methods are simply not laudable. Yes, they are motivated by love, but no sane (for the public’s generally accepted definition of ‘sane’) girl would appreciate such extreme attentions.

  13. Hi! I recently completed the four main characters and only have Ukyo left… but he scares me too much for me to play through his route (;w;) and seeing as the anime seems to be leaning towards his route I decided to read your review! It was very easy to read and I fully enjoyed it – thank you! I also love the sweet side of Ukyo, but his dark side is just… pure horror.

    • LOL I know what you mean. Ukyou’s route is worth it though, so I’d still recommend you to do his route if possible. It’s much better / more touching when you go through it, though his dark side was indeed scary. :D

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