Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE

Since Amnesia (read: Toma) put me in a weird yandere-loving mood, I decided to play Gekka Ryouran next. It’s about everything forbidden, so I’m not expecting normal romance here. 8D

Tsumori Nazuna is a diligent girl who loves studying. She believes that unlike love, knowledge will never betray you. In the second semester of her second year, her parents suddenly had to move overseas and Nazuna transfers to an elite boarding school — Hakuou Gakuen. Her brother Wabisuke is a senior there, so he can take care of her. However, Nazuna’s new life takes a sudden turn as she gets involved with the forbidden “date club”.

The first thing that happens to her at school.. is getting attacked by a horse. A princely girl named Yaehara Daria saves her, and soon Wabisuke comes to take her to the infirmary. Even though they’re siblings, Wabisuke and Nazuna have different last names. Their parents have the policy of keeping their own family names, so Wabisuke got their father’s surname while Nazuna received her mother’s. Since Wabisuke is really popular, everyone seems interested in their relationship. Though some people seem to hold a different kind of “interest” in them.

On her first day in class, Nazuna hears a rumor that Wabisuke has a girlfriend now. It reminds her of her relationship in junior high, which ended in a heartbreak when her boyfriend cheated on her. Nazuna is still afraid of falling in love and puts all her time into studying instead, but it might be better if she joins a club to fill up her free time.. though she doesn’t have much time to think about it. Because after school, Nazuna’s luggage is stolen and she falls into the hand of the forbidden “date club”. Their club room plate says “going home club”, but that’s only a cover since they’re actually more like an after school host club.

In the club room, Nazuna meets the members: Kano Aoi, the charismatic yandere leader who dragged her here; Kano Atsumori, the sharp-tongued ドS subleader; Saionji Seri, a cool junior who skipped grades; and Yaehara Daria, the girl who saved her yesterday. When the after school bell rings, it’s time for their “forbidden game” — and they’re inviting Nazuna to join in the fun. As the target. When she refuses, they demand a payment since she has “participated” in their game today, even though Nazuna is here only because they tricked her.

Of course Nazuna doesn’t have 120,000 yen to pay for this ridiculous “date”. She goes to her dorm caretaker — Fuji Reito, the infirmary teacher — for some advice, but he can’t do anything since the Kano brothers have bribed the school to turn a blind eye. That, and because Reito is actually a member of the date club too. The only thing she can do is either run away, or try to fight back. Since Wabisuke wants to help his sister as well, the club members then come up with a wonderful solution: taking Wabisuke as the hostage of the date club. If Nazuna wants to save him, she needs to date each member without falling into their hands. The time limit is until they get bored of her. They’ll forget about her debt too if she wins, otherwise they’ll raise it to 300,000 yen. However, the members are only allowed to approach her during club hours. That’s their only rule.

Even though Nazuna is reluctant, Wabisuke agrees to take the challenge. He believes Nazuna won’t fall to their temptations, assuring her that he won’t get tempted by anything either. This finally marks the start of Nazuna’s adventures with the date club. They view “love” as actions and words, so if she loses.. she will be stuck in such a shallow relationship with one of them.

Now let’s step into the forbidden world! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ


25 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE

  1. Been waiting for this review. XDD It looks evilish under that sweet guise. XD
    I have a question, how will she win? Is it if she finishes dating each members without falling for any of them or if she made 1 of them fall for her?

    • Even Otomate states the genre as “forbidden romance adventure” 8D

      Since the time limit depends on the members, she has to date whoever she likes until everyone gets bored of her. At this point I think it’s only an excuse so she’ll join them forever lol.

  2. LOL If Toma got you all KAJSBDKB in Amnesia, I swear Wabisuke isn’t any better (poor Hino gets the onii-chan role a lot, it seems xD)

    Anyways, looking forward to your reviews~

    • Actually, Wabisuke is even worse LOL.
      Thanks to Amnesia, Gekka Ryouran and Kurokin, now my head immediately thinks of yandere whenever I hear Hino. xD

  3. Thanks so much for reviewing this game xD
    i also play this game but still missed one-two things~ lol…also my poor japanese didn’t help so much xD

    looking forward for your review ^^ specially Kano brothers and onii-chan ;D

    • You’re welcome.
      I blog so my readers can understand the events in the game, so I’m more than happy if my reviews can help. xD

      Onii-chan’s route is up ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! more onii-chan kill-kill stuff!!!! doesn’t that game feel like a remake or something of ouran high school host club? cuz you know… a host club… a girl between some guys with another girl…

  5. I would play this game right after AMNESIA, but I have a long list of otome games to bulldoze through. Not to mention Time Attack in Shadow of the Colossus. Six colossi down, ten more to go DX Wow some of the characters are twisted here…

    • Haha, I have a lot to complete too. The list of games in my backlog keeps piling up, when I take so much time just to complete one game. Not to mention I haven’t played any good RPGs or any other genres lately.. ;__;

  6. this seems soooo interesting, i was wondering if some1 would play this game or not, so glad u are Rin ^^

    i am going to read every review here without fail, so i hope u have fun with this game

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  8. Reading this (now that I’m pretty much past the spoilers in this post) makes me really curious as to why Wabisuke isn’t last. I mean if she’s going to rescue him, shouldn’t he be the last one she saves? LOL but I trust you and everyone else’s advice and I’ll play him 2nd xD

    • It’s more like.. personality issues rather than plot-related issues lol. Some of the routes (Reito and Atsumori) have spoilers about Wabisuke’s background and personality, so you’d either feel.. well, spoiled or creeped out. xD Also, the initial goal of “saving Wabisuke” gets forgotten as you go further into everyone’s routes, so it doesn’t matter lol.

  9. : D : D : D OMG. I have this fetish for yandere guys! Thanks so much for doing this! Oh man, siscons are such a turn on too LOL do you know any other good otome with sexy yandere guys? Besides Kurokin, Amnesia, Clock Zero and this game?

    • Tokyo Yamanote Boys has a yandere too, but it’s hidden up until the true ending. It’s in Dark Cherry, just in case you’re interested. :D Sadly I’m not into yanderes, so I don’t know many games with them lol.

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