Gekka Ryouran – Kaneda Wabisuke

Let’s start with our beloved Wasabi Wabisuke onii-chan. Seems like I’m not done dealing with yandere big brothers yet, because I keep hearing that Wabisuke’s quite an extreme one LOL.

Nazuna’s big brother. Wabisuke is a third year student who received an athletic scholarship, and he’s also the captain of the soccer team. He’s really popular with the girls because of his refreshing smile and personality, but he’s more concerned about his little sister instead. Most of the time he tends to be overprotective as well, so much that Nazuna thinks he’s got quite a serious case of sister complex. Wabisuke loves a nasty drink named “Giginero Drink”.

For the first date with the club members, Nazuna decides to go out with her brother. Wabisuke is relieved that she chose him, saying it’d be for the best if she keeps dating him and the Kano brother find this interesting. He tells her not to think too much, since he’ll work hard to get that 300,000 yen if it’s necessary. While Nazuna thinks they should just pretend to date, Wabisuke wants to escort her for real. It might feel weird at first, but even siblings can get to know each other more through dating. Plus, she can relax and take it easy around her brother.

Wabisuke then asks Nazuna to order anything she wants to eat today, he’ll treat her as much as she likes. When Nazuna was about to eat her parfait, Wabisuke suddenly takes her spoon and tells her to open wide. At first she gets embarrassed, but then she eats from the spoon saying she actually feels happy. He replies with “you always look so cute whenever I feed you.” (*´ω`*) Soon Nazuna notices Wabisuke’s fans squealing at them from afar, so she asks him not to do this kind again in public. But on top of not realizing his fans, Wabisuke also adds “we’re special then, because we do thing normal siblings won’t do.” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

When Wabisuke asks her about her previous school, Nazuna says she spent most of her time studying in the library. It’s just a normal school life, but Wabisuke looks so happy because he wants to know everything around her. He admits he’s indeed overprotective, and he wants to lock her up at home too if possible.. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Nazuna says she doesn’t mind though, as long as Wabisuke is staying with her. He only smiles saying he’s always by her side.

The next day, Nazuna goes to the principal’s office hoping she can ask for some advice. The principal is absent though, and she’s welcomed by Kakeru (the history teacher) instead. As they have tea together with Kazuya (the PE teacher), Nazuna explains her situation and they say she has fallen victim to the date club. While they can’t do anything to the Kano brothers directly, both Kakeru and Kazuya want to stop their madness as well. It would be difficult for teachers to do, but Nazuna might be able to find their weakness as she interacts with them from now on. She accepts this idea immediately — thinking it’s to save Wabisuke — and they give her a special protective charm. Whenever she’s in a pinch, she should scream “help!” into the charm and a deity will come to save her.

Before returning to class, Nazuna says she’ll go wash their mugs, but Kazuya grabs her hand saying it’s not necessary. He’ll do the cleaning up. Here Nazuna caught a glimpse of a picture on Kazuya’s arm beneath his sleeve, but she think it might just be a tattoo. Kazuya also warns her not to get involved to much with the date club. She might not be able to turn back.

Even though Nazuna just denied the rumor about her dating the Kano brothers, they visit her class during a lesson and force her to play with them. At first she refused, but she ends up following them into the club room.. only to receive more harrassment from them. As Atsumori pins her down the couch, Aoi takes out a “drug” that will silence any woman — which turns out to be chocolate. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Fortunately Seri soon comes to stop the harassment, followed by Wabisuke, Reito and Daria. Apparently Seri knows the Kano brothers will resort to dirty tricks, so he put a hidden camera in the club room LOL. Since they broke the rule by approaching her during class, everyone asks Nazuna to give them a penalty. She asks them to give her 2-3 days to think of a “super harsh punishment” — terrifying the stupid brothers lol.

After school, Nazuna walks back to the dorm with Wabisuke. She feels bad for dragging him into this mess, but he tells her not to worry. Just then his phone starts ringing and he tells her to go on ahead, so she thinks it might be from his rumored girlfriend. However, Wabisuke says this when he picks up the phone: “why do you call? I understand, because this is our ‘deal’..” What Nazuna doesn’t know, is that her brother’s holding a forbidden emotion towards her. He knows she loves him as a big brother, but he can’t see her as a sister anymore.

Since normal punishment (e.g. cleaning the school) won’t work, eventually Nazuna decides to force the Kano brothers to join the Halloween Party and entertain everyone. To get the others to join as well, Nazuna says they should have a sweets-gathering competition. Obviously the brothers won’t participate without an interesting reward, so they want her to kiss the winner.
Despite Aoi’s attempt to provoke him, Wabisuke listens to this conversation in complete silence until finally the after school bell rings — their date signal.

For their second date, Wabisuke takes Nazuna to a quiet place — an abandoned underground chamber. There’s a lot of questionable tools piling up in the corner, but Wabisuke lightly says it was because this room was a torture chamber in the past. Σ(;∀; lll) He also adds any loving couple would get cursed here, but then he smirks and asks “if you’re with me, don’t you think we can endure that curse?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Wabisuke knows that Nazuna is scared though, so he hugs her and pats her head saying there’s nothing to be afraid of. She gets embarrassed if he does this in public, but since they’re alone right now, she actually feels happy and safe in her brother’s arms.

However, Nazuna gets jealous when Wabisuke says “I love hugging you the most” ..which means he has someone else to compare her with. She thinks it’s his rumored girlfriend again, but Wabisuke says he gets a lot of hug requests in the club. Nazuna is shocked upon hearing he went on a lot of dates after joining the club, but he tells her not to worry since he refuses any further request. Even though a lot of girls asked him to kiss them after the date, Wabisuke considers it as an imposible task. Nazuna still has complicated feelings though, so she misses it when Wabisuke’s whispers “I thought we’d get mistaken as a couple and get cursed here..”

That night Nazuna has a dream of a night festival when they were small. The two of them got lost among the crowd, and Wabisuke told her to wait beside a stand while he went to search for their parents. She waited for a long time, and she cried when he finally returned. Nazuna then wakes up to find the Kano brothers.. on her bed. (´・ω・`A;) They were planning about what they should do with her (options: “do”, “sleep”, “eat”, “play”) when Seri comes to the rescue again, followed by Daria, Reito and a naked Wabisuke. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He was about to take a shower earlier, but he heard footsteps and panicked upon seeing the brothers walking to her room. Though Aoi thinks Wabisuke wanted to “attack” her so much he stripped even before entering her room. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Just before the Halloween Party starts, Wabisuke takes Nazuna to the rooftop. He’s worried if she’s really okay with this idea, since her first kiss is on the line. Even though Wabisuke thinks they should escape together from the school, Nazuna wants to stay and win their bet. She cheerfully says everything will be fine if he wins today’s competition, unaware of the change in Wabisuke’s expression when she mentions the kiss. Since Wabisuke tells her to avoid the auditorium for today, Nazuna ends up staying in the library alone.. until Kakeru invites her to come to the rose garden and have a private party with the teachers.

When Nazuna visits the club room after the party, she finds all the members in their costumes. Wabisuke asks what she thinks of his mummy costume, but she coldly replies “what a waste of bandages” LOL. All six members received the same numbers of sweets though, so to avoid a draw, they ask Nazuna to give her sweets and determine the winner. Of course they make it clear that she has to kiss her brother as well if he wins, so in the end Nazuna eats her own sweets and runs away. Wabisuke is relieved that she didn’t pick anyone, though a part of him also feels irritated that she doesn’t choose him.

A month quickly passed since Nazuna got involved with the date club. While she gets to know the members better, she feels that her defense are getting softer as well. One night the Kano brothers sneak into her room again, bringing a bottle with a questionable liquid inside. Soon the others join them as well, with Wabisuke mentioning that his “informant” told him about this via mail. He only laughs nervously saying it’s because he’s worried about her, and Nazuna sadly thinks it might be his rumored girlfriend again. In the end they drink the sweet contents of the bottle together, though at first they’re afraid it might be poison because of the funky color.

At the same time in the principal’s office, Kazuya wonders who stole his special syrup LOL.

However, Nazuna reads something suspicious the next day. She comes to the club room and finds nobody there, but she notices Seri’s PC is still on. Since Seri always turns it off before he leaves, Nazuna thinks of shutting it down for him.. but from his opened draft, she learns that she’s actually a part of a certain plan. Soon Seri comes back with an unknown package sent to their club room, and so the mail remains forgotten while the conversation floats further away — eventually ending up in a heated argument between Aoi and Daria. Fortunately their fight stops when Wabisuke enters the room, just in time for the after school bell.

Wabisuke and Nazuna’s third date spot is the chapel, where he shows her the pretty stained glass during sunset. A lot of students come here to have a pseudo-wedding ceremony with their lover, and Wabisuke also had one with one of his clients. Obviously Nazuna is shocked, but she notices he looks really sad to have a “wedding” with a girl he doesn’t love. When she tries to cheer him (and also herself) up by saying it’s only a fake wedding, Wabisuke asks if she wants to have a pseudo-wedding ceremony here with him. He wants a proof that a fake wedding doesn’t have any special meanings, but his direct proposal — “marry me” — sends her heartbeat through the roof. Wabisuke also says he’ll say it again when he proposes to her in the future, but she thinks he’s referring to another girl who will be his future wife.

As they stand before the altar, Wabisuke recites the wedding vow and smiles when Nazuna says “I do.” He almost seals their vow a kiss, but then he laughs saying he’ll save the kiss for their real wedding ceremony. Wabisuke then says he’s really thankful to God for a certain time he had in his life, though he’s not telling her what happened. He’s feels happy when she gets all curious, especially since Nazuna says she only behaves this way in front of him. She can be herself and feel at ease only when she’s around him. Wabisuke says he feels the same, and Nazuna’s heart won’t stop beating even after they leave the church.

The next day, Aoi suddenly summons everyone to gather in the club room. He announces that the date club will be participating in the upcoming Theater Festival. The drama club members hate the date club members with a passion — including Daria, who’s a member of the drama club as well — so Aoi wants to steal the spotlight. Nazuna doesn’t want to get involved, but she has to participate or else they’ll multiply her debt again. Fortunately she received a minor role, since Aoi will be the main heroine instead. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ They’re going to act out a happy version of Romeo and Juliet, with the scenario written by Seri.

After a discussion with Kakeru at night, Nazuna walks back to the dorm with Daria. She starts saying poetic lines and approaches Nazuna until Wabisuke comes to stop them, but thankfully Nazuna manages to stop Daria from attacking her brother. While Nazuna thinks Daria only got absorbed in her role, Wabisuke thinks Daria was trying to deceive his sister. Before leaving, Wabisuke accidentally drops a book he borrowed from Seri — Goethe’s Faust. He lends the book to Nazuna, but she wonders why he’s interested in reading this. When she returns to her room, Nazuna opens the book and finds a piece of paper inside.. and that’s where she finds the answer to her questions.

After their not so successful Romeo and Juliet performance, the date club members throw a celebration party until everyone falls asleep in the club room that night. Nazuna finds herself enjoying their company, but there’s something she needs to confirm. When Seri wakes up, Nazuna asks if he’s the one spreading all the flyers and edited pictures of her and the Kano brothers. Seri admits that it was indeed him, but Nazuna has to face another shocking truth when Wabisuke suddenly adds “it was by my request.” They did it so Nazuna will resist the Kano brothers, preventing her from falling in love with them. Wabisuke knows Nazuna won’t listen to him so easily, and so he decides to join hands with Seri instead — thinking Seri is less dangerous compared to the brothers.

While Nazuna thinks Wabisuke forgot to take the memo out of the book, such a trick can’t fool Seri’s eyes. He knows that for some reason Wabisuke is doing it on purpose, but he decides not to inquire further. Deep inside his mind, Wabisuke isn’t pleased that Aoi is dragging Nazuna into the stage earlier. When the scene continued to a comedic duel with Daria, Wabisuke was wishing Aoi would get pierced in the heart. Obviously Nazuna isn’t aware that this darker side is torturing Wabisuke to no end, because she sees him as her beloved big brother.

One fine afternoon, Nazuna goes to read Nietzche’s Zarathustra on the rooftop. Her peaceful reading time is interrupted by a girl’s moan from the corner, which turns out to be a date club client making out with Aoi. She goes over to stop them, but Aoi continues kissing and groping the girl in front of her — showing off on purpose. Aoi releases the girl only when Nazuna tries to leave, grabbing her hand and asking “did you get ‘excited’?” Σ(〃д〃)ハッ He also teases her by saying she should change partners sometimes instead of doing these kind of stuff with her big brother, and soon said big brother comes to stop this harrassment.

The sight of Nazuna in the brink of tears pissed him off, but Wabisuke smiles and gently pats her head after making sure she’s okay. Then he turns around to Aoi and whispers in a low voice: “the next time you do something like this again, I’ll kill you.” Nazuna is surprised and tells him he doesn’t need to go that far, which results in Wabisuke asking why she’s protecting Aoi. He thinks Nazuna is dating Aoi secretly, but she quickly denies it saying her words don’t hold any deep meanings. Naturally Nazuna thinks Wabisuke’s behavior is really weird, though he goes back to his usual self when he smiles.

During lunch break, the vice captain of the soccer team, Sotomura, comes to visit Nazuna in her class. They move to talk in the school garden, where he tells her that Wabisuke has been acting weird recently. He’s losing his composure and concentration, so Sotomura’s wondering if he’s falling in love with Aizaki Chika — the manager who’s in love with Wabisuke. They can’t let him perform in the upcoming match in that condition, and Sotomura wants Nazuna to act as a cupid to bring them together. Apparently the idea of her brother dating someone else doesn’t please Nazuna either, because she refuses the request at first.. but she ends up accepting it to protect Wabisuke’s reputation as the captain.

As the first step, Nazuna decides to gather information about Aizaki and her relationship with Wabisuke. She goes to see the soccer club’s practice, but her presence makes Wabisuke so nervous he sprained his leg. Before Nazuna can approach him, Aizaki rushes over and takes Wabisuke to the infirmary. Instead of visiting Wabisuke directly, Nazuna asks Reito about his condition because she doesn’t want to disturb them. After a short silence, Reito asks Nazuna how she feels towards Wabisuke.. so she answers he’s a great big brother. Despite saying this, Nazuna is shocked upon seeing Aizaki asking Wabisuke to kiss her in the garden — and he says “okay”. However, once he sees Nazuna running away, Wabisuke tells Aizaki to move and pushes her away.

When Nazuna comes bursting through the door, everyone in the club room wonders what just happened to her. She only lets out a sigh when the Kano brothers start teasing her, but she’s clearly surprised when Wabisuke enters the room. Since his leg still hurts, Nazuna ends up having a relaxing date with him around the school for today. She tells him not to force himself, but Wabisuke says he’s enduring the pain just to be with her. To bring out the romantic mood for their simple date, Wabisuke also holds Nazuna’s hand and asks her to squeeze his hand back. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Sadly Nazuna then starts feeling weird and lets go, so Wabisuke then pushes her against a wall and asks “holding hands is nothing compared to this right?”

At first Nazuna panicks, but Wabisuke stops at a close distance and asks if she’s still feeling weird about holding hands now. When she tells him the weird feeling is gone, he laughs and finally releases her from his arms. Wabisuke then holds her hand again saying their should continue their date, looking so happy while Nazuna is still trying to control her heartbeat. He looked really serious earlier, and for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her. When he walks her back to the dorm after that, Nazuna says they probably should stop dating since he has someone he likes. Wabisuke falls into a short silence, but then he pats her head and tells her not to think about it. He also says that he won’t fall in love with his own sister, and these words pierced Nazuna’s heart — even though it’s normal because they’re siblings.

Just when he turns around to leave, Wabisuke stumbles and cringes in pain. He puts too much power on his wounded leg, so Nazuna lends her shoulder to help him stand. All she can think about is how close they are right now, and she’s surprised when Wabisuke suddenly hugs her saying “thank you, Nazuna.” While she goes to bed still feeling ドキドキ at night, Wabisuke also feels the same in his own room. Holding hands is a part of his job as a date club member, but nobody except Nazuna can make him this happy.

In December, everyone are excited for their Christmas plans. Everyone except Nazuna. Every year her family spend Christmas together, but this year she will spend the occasion alone. Her parents are overseas, and she thinks Wabisuke will have a Christmas date with Aizaki. A long time ago she gave Wabisuke a handmade present, but she can’t remember what she made for him. She only remembers that he was really happy to receive the present. On her way to the library, she meets Wabisuke who says he’s in the middle of a really important task. He enjoys seeing her getting curious, so he asks her to come along if she wants to.

Following Wabisuke to the school cafeteria, Nazuna soon finds out that his “important task” is to buy the infamous cutlet sandwich before it runs out lol. She thinks it’s cheating since people normally have to book these sandwiches, but the cafeteria lady doesn’t mind since she loves seeing his smile. At first she teases them thinking Nazuna is Wabisuke’s girlfriend, and when he explains that they’re siblings, she says Nazuna is lucky to have such a great big brother. Even though Nazuna said the same thing to Reito not too long ago, she realized that Wabisuke is indeed a great guy — athletic, friendly and cares a lot about his little sister.

Wabisuke also buys a melon bread for her, but Nazuna feels sad when he rubs her head and says she’s still a kid in his eyes. Instead of returning to class, Wabisuke sits down to eat with her in the cafeteria. When he says he prefers spending time with her like this, Nazuna’s heart starts beating faster.. and her mood drops when Wabisuke mentions Christmas, thinking he’s going to see the night illumination with Aizaki. Wabisuke notices the change in her expression and asks what she’s going to do for Christmas, and Nazuna says she’s going out with Aoi to hide how she really feels. Upon hearing these words, everything around Wabisuke changes: his expression, the atmosphere, the tone in his voice. He asks why she’s still spending time with Aoi after what happened, but he returns to normal when she says it’s only a joke.

The misunderstanding in Nazuna’s head is finally cleared when Wabisuke invites her to go out together on Sunday. They can buy presents for each other and watch the night illumination. Sadly Nazuna’s happy mood is ruined when they see Aizaki passing by. She’s carrying a lot of books for their history class, so Wabisuke tells Nazuna he’ll be going and runs off to help Aizaki. When she returns to her classroom, Nazuna is greeted by Sotomura who comes here to thank her since Wabisuke and Aizaki finally start dating. He heard this from Aizaki herself, and Nazuna is shocked because Wabisuke never told her anything. Aizaki also mentions that they’re going on a date this Sunday — the day Wabisuke and Nazuna planned to go out.

Back at the dorm, Nazuna tries to mail Wabisuke but can’t bring herself to send it. She thinks Aizaki invited him for a date, and he couldn’t refuse just because he had a promise with his sister. She also thinks Wabisuke doesn’t have the heart to cancel their plan for Aizaki, so she remains confused about what to do until a few days later. She was expecting him to contact her and cancel their plan, but he didn’t say anything. During class, Nazuna notices that Aizaki is staring at her from the door, and she follows her outside when Aizaki says she wants to talk. Just as I expected, Aizaki’s attitude changes when Wabisuke isn’t around. ( ಠ_ಠ ) She tells Nazuna to stop sticking to her brother so much, and thanks to this stupid bitch Nazuna finally mails Wabisuke to cancel their plan. He doesn’t reply.

At night, Nazuna decides to visit the library and meets Seri there. She tells him what happened today, and Seri suggests tailing Wabisuke’s date to figure out her own feelings. Because he thinks she’s falling in love with her brother — not as a sister, but as a girl. Obviously it’s hard to find Wabisuke among the crowd on Sunday, and Nazuna meets Aoi when she’s about to give up. He’s worried upon seeing her looking so gloomy, so he runs into a cafe and buys a hot cocoa for her.. then he steals a kiss from her as the “payment”. Since apparently Aoi is a really good kisser (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン the kiss actually lightens up Nazuna’s mood a little bit. Knowing she won’t be able to find Wabisuke anyway, Nazuna decides to go home with Aoi. She drags him into an accessory shop on the way, because she wants to buy a present for Wabisuke.

..and that’s a really bad move. Because Wabisuke isn’t going on a date with Aizaki. He’s tailing her as well, and now he gets the wrong idea of Nazuna cancelling their plan to have a date with Aoi. Wabisuke looks really down the next day, but he tells her it’s nothing and takes her out for their fifth date instead. Their destination today is the underground toture chamber they visited during their second date, where he says it feels like they’re separated from the rotten world outside. While Wabisuke thinks it’s a wonderful place since he can be alone with her, Nazuna feels scared and wants to get out as soon as possible. Her negative response finally leads Wabisuke to reveal his feelings — “why won’t you feel the same?”

When Wabisuke says other people are just a nuisance, the surprised Nazuna says he’s not a person who can say those things. He asks why she’s protecting and listening to everyone other than him, and it hurts her feelings since he’s doubting her. Nazuna then tries to run off outside, but Wabisuke hugs her and apologized. He begs her not to leave his side, asking her not to betray him. He says he wants to believe in her, and Nazuna tells him she won’t betray him.. even though she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She stays in his arms and says she won’t go anywhere, but her mind is thinking that Wabisuke’s behaving strangely because of the date club. After that Wabisuke walks her back to the dorm and says goodbye coldly.

After making sure Wabisuke is busy with soccer practice, Nazuna goes to the date club room alone. She only finds Aoi there, and she tells him she’ll admit defeat in their bet. She’s going to pay her debt too somehow, so she wants them to release Wabisuke already. Aoi has a more interesting idea though. If Nazuna becomes his girlfriend, he’ll release her brother right away and forget about her debt. She quickly accepts the deal thinking it’s to save Wabisuke, and Aoi wastes no time making a move on her — he tells her to open her mouth and gives her a long, passionate kiss. Nazuna doesn’t feel anything even when Aoi starts touching her neck, but she endures it for Wabisuke’s sake.

Rumors about Aoi and Nazuna spreads quickly, and it doesn’t take long until Wabisuke heard about this. He comes to Nazuna’s class saying he wants to talk, but she refuses because of what Aizaki told her before. This only worsens the situation since Wabisuke is now under the idea that Aoi banned her from meeting him alone. He was about to bring her outside, but Suou (the math teacher) interrupts them because it’s time for his class. Wabisuke doesn’t give up though, and eventually Nazuna goes to see him in the rooftop during lunch break. He wants to know why she’s dating Aoi, and when Nazuna says it’s because she loves Aoi, Wabisuke sadly replies “It can’t be helped then. If you love him, then I support your relationship.” In the end this lie only hurts both parties.

Ever since they started dating, Aoi visits Nazuna’s class everyday. At first he only hold hands with her in public, but it gradually escalates until eventually he asks her to have sex with him. She doesn’t want to do it in public though, so they move to the rooftop to “have fun” before the lunch break is over. Aoi moves fast and gets into action right away, but soon Wabisuke comes to punch him for harrassing his sister. He tells Aoi to keep his hands off Nazuna, but Aoi stays calm and asks her to say who she belongs to. Aoi? Wabisuke? Nobody? Both Aoi and Wabisuke keep pushing her to answer, so she ends up running away from them. When Wabisuke manages to catch Nazuna in the hallway, he tells her he’s been holding back all this time, but he’s reaching his limits.. and then he kisses her.

Their kiss is interrupted by Aizaki’s scream. As she turns around to leave, she drops an old felt keyholder on the floor. Wabisuke picks it up and asks if Nazuna still remembers — it’s a Christmas present she made for him a long time ago. The keyholder is Wabisuke’s treasure, but he made a mistake by telling Aizaki about this. It’s now torn and ruined, obviously because of Aizaki’s jealousy towards Nazuna. After putting the keyholder into his pocket, Wabisuke finally confesses that he’s been in love with Nazuna for a long time.

When the bell rings, Wabisuke calls Nazuna for their after school date. Probably the last one, considering what just happened to them. She doesn’t want to be seen by people, so she asks him to go to the woods today. There he asks if she hated being kissed by him, and he wants to know if Aoi is really a special person to her. Nazuna says no to both questions and admits she actually loves Wabisuke’s kiss more than Aoi’s. Since a kiss holds a special meaning for Nazuna, Wabisuke then promises that he won’t kiss any other girls anymore — he’ll save his kisses only for her. When he holds her hand saying he doesn’t want to let go, Nazuna finally stops resisting and tells him she’s okay with that.

At night, they sit by the Christmas tree at the school garden. They have to clear a lot of things, and Wabisuke starts by telling Nazuna that they’re not related by blood. He was adopted by her parents. Their mother was on a fertility treatment at the time, but then the treatment was successful and Nazuna was born. Wabisuke learned about this from their parents when he was in junior high, and even though he was shocked.. a part of him feels relieved because he can love Nazuna freely now. At first he didn’t want to attend a boarding school since his time with her will decrease, but he doesn’t want to cause problems to their parents as an adopted child. When their workmate offered an athletic scholarship, Wabisuke accepted and moved to live in the school dorm.

Nazuna asks why he never told her anything before, and Wabisuke admits it’s because he’s afraid of ruining their relationship.. but now that she knows the truth, he wants her to give him an answer. Nazuna then asks him to give her some time to think, and Wabisuke feels relieved that she doesn’t reject him on the spot.


The next day, everyone suddenly avoids Nazuna because of a certain rumor. From Aoi, she finds out that someone — obviously Aizaki — posted her “immoral” relationship with Wabisuke on the underground school website. Nazuna also uses this chance to break up with Aoi, and he agrees since they’re not dating for love anyway. After spending a few days apart, Nazuna misses Wabisuke a lot and realized that she has lost — she’s in love with him too. Following Daria’s advice, the two of them agree to meet up in the chapel at night.

Prohibition Normal Ending

Nazuna is worried since Wabisuke looks really pale, and he admits he couldn’t eat properly for the last few days. He’s afraid of being unable to see her again, or get rejected if they do meet. As they sit inside the chapel, Nazuna finally tells Wabisuke that she doesn’t want to be apart from him anymore. She apologized for taking so long, but she can give him an answer now: “Onii-chan, I love you.” They also clear up the misunderstanding about Aizaki, since Wabisuke never dated her — it’s all in her head. Nazuna tells him she already broke up with Aoi as well, because Wabisuke is the only one she loves. She hugs him back when he pulls her into his arms, and he tells her it’s okay even if nobody blessed their relationship. As long as they have each other, it’s more than enough.

Even though Wabisuke wants to elope to a place nobody will recognize them, Nazuna wants to face everything since they’re not doing anything wrong. From now on she’s going to call his name instead of “onii-chan” too, just like what normal lovers would do. Wabisuke smiles and says she’s really strong, agreeing to stay in this school and endure everything.

Some days later, Wabisuke tells Nazuna that he quit the soccer club since the team refuses to play with him. It’s a shame since he’s really talented, but he doesn’t mind as long as he’s with her. Later on Wabisuke and Nazuna also visit the date club to submit a formal retirement, but everyone refuses since both of them will only lose another place to belong. They don’t need to worry about causing problems for the other members, because even the Kano brothers don’t feel troubled at all. Even though Wabisuke won’t participate in the dates anymore, Nazuna and him are always welcomed here.

Prohibition Hard Ending

The moment they see each other, Wabisuke and Nazuna hug in front of the chapel. He brings her inside since it’s a really cold Winter night, and they start kissing as they confess their love to each other. This is like a dream come true for Wabisuke, so he teases Nazuna until she tells him the words “I love you.” Their kiss quickly escalates to a further step, eventually leading to them having sex on the chapel’s floor. Nazuna wakes up when she hears voices outside, and Aizaki comes bursting through the door just when she hugs Wabisuke to wake him up. The jealous bitch also brings a hoard of students, who then lock the two of them in an abandoned prison. Fortunately, Reito soon comes to let them out. He will be in danger if the school finds out, so he tells them to escape and wishes them luck.

While Nazuna doesn’t mind dying together in the snow, Wabisuke wants to be happy with her. They return to their home once, but sadly the rumor has spread so much their neighbours are putting pranks on their door as well. The next day, Wabisuke and Nazuna leave a letter for their parents before leaving the house together. They don’t have a destination, but it’s okay as long as they have each other.


In this route, Nazuna keeps treating Wabisuke as a big brother. She cries as she flips through their family album at night, because she can only think of him as a big brother. He’s a precious family member — nothing more and nothing less. Nazuna tells Wabisuke her answer the next day, and he runs off saying he can’t think straight for now. Of course Nazuna feels awful for hurting him, but Aoi is being a good boyfriend here: he silenced Aizaki and stopped her from bothering Wabisuke again. Nazuna doesn’t want Wabisuke to avoid her forever, so she mails him saying she will be waiting in the chapel on Christmas night.

Pure Love Normal Ending

Before making up, Wabisuke asks Nazuna to give him the “last memory” by going on a date. As they look at the night illumination and reminisce about their childhood days together, both Wabisuke and Nazuna pull out a Christmas present for each other. He gives her a gachimuchi pig mug cup (LOL), while she hands him a new sports towel. They go back to school after the date, where Wabisuke finally says he still likes Nazuna after all.. though after spending a few days apart, he realized it might be brotherly love. At first he felt terrible and wanted to vanish, but in the end he wants to stay as her big brother forever. Nazuna says she feels the same, and they finally make up — going back to be siblings.

When Spring comes, Wabisuke receives a scholarship from a sports university and moves out of Hakuou Gakuen. Before he leaves, Nazuna gives him a present: a new keyholder she made just for him. Until the day Wabisuke finds his own princess, Nazuna will always be his number one supporter.

Pure Love Hard Ending

Nazuna waits in the chapel until it’s late at night, but Wabisuke doesn’t show up nor contact her at all. She ends up falling asleep before he finally comes to wake her up at 11.50 PM, just 10 minutes before Christmas ends. However, Wabisuke says it’s impossible for them to return to their previous relationship. He loves her, and he can’t stand the sight of her with another man. He also admits he came late and didn’t contact her on purpose, so she will feel happier when he finally shows up. It’s his habit to come and see her just before it’s too late, and this includes those times when he saved her from the date club members. Nazuna is disappointed that her big brother turns out to be such a calculating man, so she tries to leave after handing her Christmas present for him.

Well too bad Nazuna, because Wabisuke’s idea of “making up” doesn’t involve “going home”. Does she think he’ll allow her to reject his feelings and go back to be siblings? He drags her to an underground prison, chains her ankle to the wall, and locks her up here forever. Nobody knows about this place, so she’s safe from anyone who can harm her out there. That, and she will never fall in love with anyone else because Wabisuke is the only person she will see for the rest of her life. She’s forever trapped in this madness called his “pure love”.

Wabisuke is a refreshing character and I like him a lot, even after he starts showing his darker side. I guess I’m weak towards protective older brothers. (´・∀・`;)ゞエヘヘ But then again, this whole route is made up with a LOT of misunderstanding, and I don’t like it. None of the endings feel really “happy” either, but my favorites are the prohibition ones. The pure love endings are just.. ugh. Especially the hard one. PURE love? Really? (´・ω・`A;) Also, why do I have to deal with annoying fangirls again. Go away, Aizaki. Don’t disturb my onii-chan. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

P.S. If you love R-18 stuff, go play his first and third blackout. 8D

Flower Language:
Camellia Wabisuke — humble, quiet elegance


13 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran – Kaneda Wabisuke

  1. OMFG… this was r-18!?????????????? >:D long time no see naughty boys! *wink* buuuuuuuuuuuut… i thought this was r-15 though? i can’t think of a poor little girl playing this game purely and then… bingo! here goes the hard end! xD anyway i don’t like him being a onii-chan and a sex freak at the same time! i mean… c’mon! the only r-18 brother game i’ve ever played was this totally freaking game for pc who’s brother was not even her own brother!!!!!!!! but this a little uncomfortable. i mean… i can’t think of “them” doing “this” as siblings and lovers at the same time. goos job idea factory on your freaking yandere “sleeping” games!!!!!!!!!

    • oh oh oh anddddddddd… i can’t possibly imagine her doing “this” whit that poor 14 years old guy. what was his name again…? seri? right! seri… poor guy…

    • OMG I can’t imagine implied R-18 scenes with Seri. That feels so wrong LMAO. I hope he gets romantic scenes instead of naughty ones like Wabisuke’s. The guilt.. LOL.

      It’s not exactly R-18 since they don’t show anything dangerous, but they don’t even bother to make it as “subtle hints” like in most otome games. It’s really clear, especially when Aoi says “let’s do it” and that chapel scene with Wabisuke. They only did it once though, so personally I think it’s normal considering the situation.

      ..but don’t mind me, I love implied R-18 scenes after all. 8D;

  2. Hino can speak english right? I totally feel like writing him a really long letter asking him how he feels with those yandere nii-chan roles he keeps getting /shot.

    Anyways, back to Wasabi-kun. I love his prohibition normal ending the best, since it feels the most happy to me. But wtf is with that PURE ending!? Oh ffffffff, more chains, yayness. /still recovering from trauma.

    Please do Seri next ;D the blackouts are awesome. I was like “THIS IS SO NOT 15+, NO 15+.”

    • Yes he can. Try asking him and do share what you learn. 8D *shot*

      His prohibition normal are a bit depressing thanks to the rumor, but yes it’s the most happy ending. Pure normal is TOO pure it breaks my heart, while pure hard is.. ahaha.. ahahaha.. *shivers* I can’t handle yanderes after all. He’s so scary when he snaps.. orz

      I’m doing Reito next, then I’ll do Seri after getting Daria out of the way lol. Are there any suggestive voices / scenes? xD

  3. at some point when i was reading this i had the thought of ‘o maybe their parents were real siblings too’ or something like that but i guess not =P

    but my opinion for this is that, if they really want to have a ‘forbidden relationship’ theme, they should have went with the idea that they were real siblings and that they love each other so much that they dont care about wat society thinks and just loved each other

    *sigh* this route was a bit disappointing at the point where they revealed that Wabisuke wasnt her real brother

    and the endings reminded me a bit of the game Hinano played awhile ago, ‘Pandora ~Kimi no Namae wo Boku wa Shiru~’ where the ‘Bond’ and ‘Love’ end seemed to have been fliped =_=, i was like shouldnt the ‘Pure Love’ be the ‘Prohibition’ end instead >.>

    anyways i hope the next route be better ^^

    • LOL no, their surnames are different. Unless Nazuna’s grandparents have that surname policy as well. xD Sadly you’re right, this isn’t forbidden at all. It only looks forbidden because everyone thinks they’re siblings.. while they’re actually not. But I don’t really mind as long as Wabisuke gets a happy ending lol.

      In the “prohibition” route, I guess Nazuna chooses love no matter how wrong it is.. and so it leads to happy endings, while in the “pure love” she decides to think instead of letting her emotions take control. But seriously, the names are so misleading. (´・ω・`A;)

  4. um…. uh….. i think….it was a shocking but sweet story but the “pure” ending was him chaining her underground!!!!! but over all i liked his route

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