Gekka Ryouran – Fuji Reito

As much as I want to get Daria out of the way, I’m not sure if I can take yandere and yuri one after another. Next target is the ero teacher, so I expect a lot more *ahem* in this route LOL.

Reito is the infamous infirmary teacher. He’s mysterious, aloof and unpredictable, but he’s also intelligent and examines his patients carefully. Reito is an alumni of Hakuou Gakuen, and now he’s acting as both the OB and the adviser for the forbidden date club. As a sexy, charming adult man, Reito also has tons of fangirls in the school. Whenever Aoi calls him “ero teacher”, he always denies it by saying “I’m not erotic. I’m Eros himself!” Currently 34 years old.

For her first date, Nazuna chooses to go out with Reito. She asks what they should do during the date, so Reito takes her for a walk to the woods. He explains that a lot of couples come here for their date since the woods is really wide, so people won’t be able to see them easily. Since the path isn’t exactly smooth, Reito holds Nazuna’s hand and walks slower so she can keep up. While at first Nazuna remains calm knowing this date is only a part of their bet, her heart starts beating faster as Reito guides her around the forest.

Soon Reito points at the chapel near the woods, explaining that people in the school often hold their weddings there. Not only the teachers, but among the students as well. Most of the rich students here have a fiancee determined by their family, so they get married in this chapel as soon as they reach the legal age. That, and forbidden lovers also hold their informal weddings here. Both Reito and Nazuna think it’s a romantic idea, and he teasingly asks if she wants to try marrying him in the chapel. (❤ฺ→艸←) Then he laughs and tells her it’s just a joke, putting his jacket on her shoulders as they walk out of the woods. He’s treating her as a woman, not as a student, and it makes her happy.

However, Reito holds a resentment towards women behind that gentle demeanor. He enjoyed their after school date and thinks Nazuna is an interesting little girl, but that doesn’t change the fact that she will grow up to become a woman someday. In Reito’s eyes women are nothing more than dirty creatures who always follows their lustful instincts, and he’s looking forward to see what kind of woman Nazuna will become.

On their second date, Reito and Nazuna visit an abandoned underground chamber. It used to be a part of the student dorm in the past, but now they look like forbidden lovers coming to a place like this. While Nazuna remains a realist and doesn’t think so, Reito tells her it’s because boys are more romantic than girls. As they walk deeper into the chamber, he drops his lighter and Nazuna picks it up. She asks him where does the fire come from since the shape is rather unusual, so Reito lights it while holding her hands. (*´∀`*) Nazuna blushes when Reito says the flames are dancing in her eyes, but he tells her not to look away. It’s dangerous since she can get burnt, though he’s ready to take the responsibility by taking her as his wife if that ever happens. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Noticing that Nazuna is nervous, Reito teasingly asks if it’s because her fingers are now near a man’s lips. She asks him to stop teasing her, but he replies with “hm? so you want me to get serious?” before kissing her hand. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Reito also wonders if a fire spreads out here and trap them inside, would they look like forbidden lovers who commited suicide together? He thinks it’s a wonderful form of romance, and Nazuna can’t deny it since her heart won’t stop beating faster around him.

Nazuna isn’t the only one who starts growing feelings though. After their Halloween sweets competition, Reito keeps thinking about how he wants to play a trick on her. Like kissing her after eating her Halloween candy, imagining how she would blush and what will happen if he touches her cheeks. Reito never thought he would prefer a sweet kiss over his cigarettes, considering he already threw away that kind of emotions in the past.

For their third date, Nazuna visits Reito in the infirmary. At first she thought he’s away, but he appears from behind the curtains and asks if she feels lonely without him around. She admits she does, and he tells her he feels the same when waiting for her to come here. Since Reito still has some work to finish, Nazuna takes a look at the medicine desk as she waits for him. She’s really surprised when Reito suddenly talks to her, knocking the medicine bottle as she turns around. The contents are spilled onto the floor, so Reito then gives her a “punishment” by pushing her onto a bed and closes the curtains around them. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Some students then come to treat their wounds, and Reito tells her to keep quiet.. unless she wants them to see her in bed with him. The students wonder where Reito is, but they know he’s probably busy with the date club. When the students walk out of the infirmary, Reito lets go of Nazuna. She asks why he did that “sexual harrassment”, but he calmly says it’s just a punishment for spilling the medicine lol. Sadly even though Reito wants to continue with their date, Nazuna chooses to go back to the dorm for today. (´・ω・`)

During the Theater Festival, Reito almost joins in the fun when Aoi drags Nazuna on stage. He manages to hold back upon seeing Seri’s demonic expression, which prevents more chaos from happening lol. Reito is aware that he’s a teacher, not kids like the other members, but he loves seeing how Nazuna keeps changing her expressions. He wants to see her showing more expressions, thinking she would probably blush if he jumps into the stage too. However, Reito feels that he’s currently crossing a dangerous bridge. Since he keeps thinking of Nazuna lately, he feels that the wall between “playing” and “serious” is starting to crumble.

One day in December, Nazuna goes to school early since her room AC is broken. She goes to the library as usual and uses the stool to reach the higher rack, but she falls down since the stool leg is broken. Luckily Reito grabs her just before she gets buried under the books. When Nazuna says she’s fine and asks him to let go, Reito laughs saying he’s got his payment for saving her — the sight of her pink panties LOL. Nazuna still tries to reach the book by herself even after Reito offers his help, so he goes “seems like this young lady still wants me to take another peek under her skirt.” (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

After taking the book for Nazuna, Reito recites a quotations written inside: “men are common people in the country of lies, but women are the aristocrats.” He read the book when he was still a student, though right now he prefers reading school literature instead. When Reito asks if she has read Mishima Yukio’s The Temple of the Golden Pavilion before, Nazuna says she loves Mishima’s beautiful descriptions. Reito says those aren’t his only talents, but he’ll tell her after she grows up a little bit more. She’s interested in Reito’s favorite book — The Sound of Waves — but sadly it’s not available in the library.

Just then Nazuna notices Reito’s lab coat’s collar is flipping out, and when she fixes it for him.. she sees a red mark on his neck. Before she can ask him about it, his phone starts ringing and he leaves in a hurry. It reminds her that Reito had a meaningful conversation over the phone a few months ago, and somehow the thought of Reito having a girlfriend bothers her a lot. She tries to get it out of her mind, but the kiss mark she saw earlier keeps haunting Nazuna all day. Her friend in class notices this and asks if she’s thinking about Reito, and even though Nazuna denies it.. Reito’s fangirls are not amused. Jealous fangirls again? Seriously? (´・ω・`A;) They bitch about Nazuna outside, and things took a turn for the worse when Wabisuke hears this.

After school, Wabisuke invites Nazuna to walk home together. When she tells him about the book Reito recommended to her, Wabisuke suddenly asks her to stop getting involved with the date club. Nazuna knows it won’t be so easy to stop, but Wabisuke says he’s worried about her. Even though Nazuna says she won’t fall in love with any of them, Wabisuke notices that she’s been spending a lot of time with Reito recently. Wabisuke then hugs her asking if he can trust her, but Nazuna pushes him away and runs off to the dorm alone — thinking her brother became weird because of his involvement with the date club.

In front of the dorm, Nazuna meets Reito and he asks her what happened since she looks so gloomy. As the dorm caretaker, he’s always open whenever Nazuna wants to talk to him.. but he won’t force her to say anything. However, Nazuna’s mood lightens up instantly when Reito hands her a copy of The Sound of Waves. He has another copy of the book, so she can keep this one for herself. After reading the book all evening, Nazuna finally calls Reito to fix her AC since it’s really cold at night. He looks troubled upon seeing her, and she notices a sweet smell coming from him — women’s perfume.

Nazuna loses control of herself and lets her jealousy takes control, but Reito calmly asks what she wants to do. It’s his private life and she doesn’t have any rights to interfere.. unless she wants to be a part of it. She can’t accuse him of being “impure”, because she’s also dating a guy who isn’t even her lover. This argument ends with Nazuna running off to her room feeling terrible, repeatedly telling herself that Reito’s love life has nothing to do with her. Since her AC remains broken all night, Nazuna’s throat starts hurting the next day. She also meets Wabisuke in front of the dorm, but she avoids him and runs off before he can say anything. The situation remains awkward betwen Reito, Nazuna and Wabisuke for the rest of the day, and Aoi thinks Reito is irritated because he’s starting to fall in love with Nazuna.

Since Nazuna wants to apologize, she chooses to go on a date with Reito as usual. As they take a walk in the rose garden, Reito shows the beautiful sea of red roses in the inner part of the garden. The awkward silence between them melts away, though she blushes when Reito says the most beautiful flower is Nazuna herself. He tells her it’s how he really feels, laughing when she asks him not to tease her again. Nazuna then stirs the topic towards Christmas and asks if he has any plans, but Reito replies with “I’ll show you an adult’s Christmas if you ask me out.” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She gets the wrong idea and refuses in a panic, even though he’s talking about having a Christmas dinner in a hotel LOL. Reito also says he’ll be happy to receive her handmade muffler as a present. (*´∀`*)

When Reito asks if Nazuna knows the flower language of roses, she tells him she wants to present the red one to him. Red rose symbolize “love” and “norm”, and she thinks he needs it as a person who always do whatever he wants when it comes to romance. Reito laughs and says the flowers she’s pointing to aren’t red roses. They’re the crimson (帯紅 / obibeni) ones, and they hold a different meaning — “capture my heart”. Despite Nazuna’s protests, Reito is taking it as her real feelings and interlaces their fingers. Then he whispers “as you wish, let me capture your heart” in a low voice. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Nazuna gets embarrassed and runs away from him, but she ends up pricking her finger on a beautiful rose instead. Reito takes a look at the cut and sucks her finger to stop the blood, and he teasingly asks if it turns her on (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン since Nazuna’s blushing like a tomato. Though Nazuna returns the favor by saying “yes” before revealing she’s just joking, her heart keeps beating so fast it could explode anytime. On their way back to the dorm, Nazuna apologized for saying terrible things last night. She asks him not to think of her as a troublesome girl, and Reito laughs saying he’s not angry. He then pats her head and tells her to smile. If she looks so sad, he’s afraid that he might really fall in love with her.

Back in the dorm, Nazuna is thinking of giving Reito a present. He only drinks coffee for lunch, so she decides to make a bentou for him tomorrow. At the same time, Reito is thinking about how pure Nazuna is. This is the first time he ever received a serious apology from a woman. However, he’s not sure if it’s good for Nazuna to stay beside him like this. He’s afraid that she will get “dirty” if she keeps dating him.. because unlike her pure white color, he’s black from head to toe. BIack roses means “you belong to me”, but Reito hates it since it’s such a perfect flower language for his past self.

After spending days with her broken AC, Nazuna eventually caught a cold. She’s not feeling well, but she still goes to school to deliver Reito’s bentou. Wabisuke is waiting for her in front of the dorm, so they finally apologize to each other for what happened before. He also gives her a bunny plushie and tells her to keep it with her as much as possible, because bunnies die when they feel lonely. Sadly this happy mood doesn’t last for long. When Nazuna opens her shoe locker at school, she finds her shoes torn apart and covered in scribbles. They hear some girls giggling near the locker before running away, and Wabisuke says those girls must be jealous because she receives special treatment from the date club members.

Since Reito is away when she visits the infirmary, Nazuna puts the bentou on his desk along with a memo. In the hallway she also meets Kazuya, who warns her to be careful not to “get trapped”, but Reito comes to interrupt before he says anything unnecessary. The air around them turns tense instantly, so Nazuna tries to stir the conversation by asking Reito about the bentou. For a moment Reito looks really sad — as if saying he doesn’t want to hear her — and replies with a really cold “what?” Nazuna is surprised, but she quickly covers it up by telling him about her broken AC. Even though she feels that Reito is avoiding her, Nazuna brushes thought aside for now.

As if Reito’s cold treatment isn’t bad enough, his fangirls also confront her directly by saying “Fuji-sensei won’t like you no matter what you do!” ( ಠ_ಠ ) This makes Nazuna feels terrible since she now thinks her bentou was only troubling him, and her fever is only making her feel worse. Her friend tells her to rest in the infirmary during PE class, but the bitchy fangirls keep throwing sarcastic remarks right into her face. Instead of going to the infirmary, Nazuna ends up leaving school early and goes to bed — putting Wabisuke’s bunny beside her pillow. She feels someone’s stare here, but she ignores it thinking it’s just her imagination.

When Nazuna wakes up later, she’s drenched in cold sweat because her AC is still broken. In order to prevent her fever from getting worse, she goes to take a shower.. but her mind is still blank and she walks out of the bathroom only in her underwear. From the hallway she hears some sounds coming from her room, so she rushes inside thinking it’s the Kano brothers and their usual pranks.. but instead, she finds Reito fixing her AC. Obviously Reito is shocked upon seeing her appearance, and he goes “s-stupid! why are you..” Σ(〃д〃)ハッ LOL. Soon Reito finds out that Nazuna has a high fever, so he carries her onto her bed and tells her to sleep — looking away from her and blushing at the same time. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ However, she has mixed feelings when he says helping her is natural because she’s his student.

Reito then helps getting some clothes from her closet, telling Nazuna not to get up so suddenly since she’s still in her underwear. She asks him if he received the bentou, but after a short silence.. he replies with “what are you talking about?” All the negative thoughts in Nazuna’s mind eventually make her cry, and Reito asks if she’s falling in love with him. The answer is written all over her face, so he tells her he’s not the kind of person she’s thinking of. Probably she just holds an admiration towards him as a teacher, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good man. Reito admits he’s more “impure” than she thought. He can sleep with any woman and dump them easily after that.

Since Nazuna doesn’t believe him, Reito then pushes her onto the bed to prove his point. While Reito kisses her neck and leaves a kiss mark there, Nazuna can only stay in place and thinks about how GOOD that feels. (❤ฺ→艸←) Reito releases her when she asks him to stop, telling her to forget him before leaving. She shouldn’t approach him any further, or else she’ll only get hurt. Even though she’s heartbroken, Nazuna tries to act normally when Wabisuke comes to visit her after school. Sadly things doesn’t go as smoothly.. because he notices the kiss mark on her neck, and his expression darkens for a second. Nazuna then asks what could be the reason when someone who used to be kind suddenly changes, and Wabisuke says it must be because that someone hates the person he’s dealing with — completely intentional.

Of course Reito leaving her means Nazuna wins the bet, but she feels sad instead of happy. What Reito said was right, she’s falling in love with him. It hurts her whenever she thinks that Reito only saw her as a date partner, or even less now that he hates her, but she can’t stop thinking of him. The next day she meets Kakeru on the way to school, who also notices the kiss mark on her neck. Kakeru tells her that kiss mark is the symbol of fear and doubts, since a couple who trust each other will never do that. She starts crying again when Kakeru mentions Reito’s name, though she says it’s nothing when Wabisuke comes to ask her what’s wrong.

Despite what happened, Reito asks Nazuna out for their fifth date. He wants to show her an interesting place in the underground chamber, which turns out to be an old prison cell. They don’t know why such a place existed in school, but he says it’s probably to imprison students who commited crime or lost their sanity — just like a normal prison. Since the date club has a lot of different kind of clients, some of them gets more “excited” in places like this. He asks if Nazuna wants to know what that means, pointing to a bed and a pair of chained handcuffs in the cell. That should be enough hints to figure out what kind of “excitement” he’s talking about.

Reito also asks how would Nazuna feel if she got tied up there, but then he laughs saying it’s just a joke.. for now. He admits he never used those chains, though there are girls who puts them on by themselves. (´・ω・`A;) Obviously Nazuna isn’t interested in such fetish, and Reito goes “I know you wouldn’t. That’s why I…” before saying it’s nothing. He asks if Nazuna hates dirty things — like this place and himself — but she honestly says she can’t hate him. Since he looks troubled, Nazuna realized Reito takes her here to confirm this. He also said provocative words to see if she would come to hate him, even though it means he’ll lose their bet.

When they return to the school, Reito says he feels relieved upon seeing Nazuna’s reaction today. Love is just an illusion to him, and he doesn’t want to drown in such emotion. He resists with all his might whenever someone comes to steal his heart, thinking it’s the most peaceful way of living. Nazuna thinks it’s really lonely, but she can’t say anything since she has been doing the same thing all this time — rejecting love because she’s scared of getting hurt again. Just then Reito’s phone starts ringing and he leaves, apologizing for not walking her back to the dorm. Nazuna notices that instead of looking happy, Reito always looks scared whenever he receives a call.

That night Nazuna wants of putting The Sound of Waves on the shelf since it reminds her of Reito, but the book is gone from her room. It might be for the best, but she still feels sad. At the same time in his room, Reito is thinking that Nazuna took a really wrong step by falling in love with him. He wants her to have a normal relationship with a normal man, unlike all the twisted members of the date club. While he doesn’t want to hurt her, Reito might have to do something terrible to make sure Nazuna stays away from him. It turns out that he did eat her bentou and finds it delicious, though he won’t be able to eat it again if she hates him.

Some days later, Nazuna’s friends ask about her Christmas plans. Most of them will spend the day with their boyfriends, but Nazuna doesn’t have any plans. She thinks it would be nice if she can spend Christmas with Reito, even though she also feels guilty for falling in love with him. After all, her initial goal was to save Wabisuke from the date club. During art lesson, she visits the chapel hoping she can concentrate on her drawing. However, Nazuna notices Reito near the chapel and follows him to an empty classroom.. only to find him making out with a female teacher. (ノД`)・゜・。 Their eyes met, but Reito doesn’t stop until Nazuna runs off.

Reito leaves the female teacher right away, and he finds Nazuna in the empty library. He tells her he only came here to make sure she keeps quiet about what she saw, breaking her heart even more. Reito then says that’s how adults have fun and kisses Nazuna to teach her how it feels like, but she slaps him and asks why does he loves hurting her so much. Tomorrow she will admit her defeat to Aoi, so she wants him to stop doing this. Reito calmly replies with “that was fun” and says he’ll tell the brothers to erase her debt — as the payment for stealing her first kiss. Since she can’t erase her feelings easily, Nazuna ends up confessing and asks him not to leave. Sadly Reito only says this is just a game and they have to follow the rules, so he can’t let her stay by his side.

Later on, Nazuna visits Reito in the infirmary after school. Nazuna’s decision is firm, so Reito tells her to lock the door if she wants to stay.. then he pushes down onto a bed and asks if she’s also prepared for this. However, Reito didn’t expect Nazuna to say yes. She knows it might be better if she stops getting involved with him, but she can’t lie to her own feelings. She loves him, and that won’t change despite all the things he did to her. Reito laughs and admits he’s interested in her too, making a kiss mark on her chest as the proof that she was touched by him. Nazuna’s dream of having a peaceful school life starts floating further away, but she doesn’t regret anything.

When Reito asks if she’s not scared of getting dirty, Nazuna answers she’s okay as long as it’s him. Reito was about to say something when the second after school bell rings — marking the end of their date time. He’s still treating their relationship as a game with rules, but Nazuna doesn’t care about any rules. As they walk to the dorm together, she asks him to tell her why he’s avoiding her. She won’t leave his side until he tells her everything. Even if Reito says he’ll do it with her until she breaks down, Nazuna is prepared to take the risks. Reito thinks Nazuna will leave him after hearing the truth, but he gives up and agrees to tell her everything.

Back when he was small, Reito’s mother was always lonely whenever his father was away. She ended up forcing her lust onto her son, and Reito admits he started smoking just so he’ll have the same smell as his father. It was to make her happy. The one who keeps calling him is his mother’s twin sister, who has exactly the same face and voice as her mother. Recently her husband passed away, and she would call Reito whenever she feels lonely. At first she said she thinks of Reito as her own child, but in the end her lust took control as well. This is why he doesn’t believe in love. He thinks people will just follow their desire in the end.

Reito expects Nazuna to leave after hearing this, but she doesn’t want to leave his side. No matter what happened in his past, she wants to accept everything in him. Their worlds might be different, but she wants to stay with him and that’s final. She also tells him Fuji / Wisteria’s flower language — “lovesick”. It represents her feelings for him perfectly, because she’s so lovesick she can’t be apart from him. This finally makes Reito realize that Nazuna probably is not as stiff as he thought. He asks if she really won’t regret this, and she says yes.

As Reito holds her hand, Nazuna realized that his hands aren’t made to love her. He probably won’t ever say the word “love” to her, but she doesn’t mind as long as she can stay with him. It’s not easy for Reito to change his view of the world either. He won’t ever let Nazuna go, but he still refuses to believe in love. What he’s feeling for her is “dependence”, but he’s going to say it’s “love” just to make her happy. However, deep inside he’s also wishing that this feeling will really turn into love someday.


In the morning, Nazuna wakes up to the good smell of coffee. She feels Reito’s lips kissing her cheek, and she opens her eyes to find him beside her. Nazuna asks for his Christmas plans as they drink coffee together, and Reito says he’ll spend the day with her. Even though their relationship started off as a game, he admits that he feels happy right now. Before Nazuna returns to her room, Reito gives her a passionate kiss and tells her to be careful. Maybe she should take those words seriously.. because a pissed Wabisuke is waiting in her room. He knows Nazuna didn’t return to her room last night — probably because of a certain something inside the bunny — and now he snaps because she’s lying. Nazuna then locks herself in the bathroom, hiding inside until Wabisuke finally leaves in frustration.

After school, Nazuna is planning to knit a muffler for Reito’s Christmas present. She goes out to buy some cashmere wool and knitting needles in town, then she happily walks back to the dorm. Wabisuke is absent from school today, but it doesn’t really bother her.. yet.

Prohibition Normal Ending

It’s already dark when Nazuna makes her way through the woods. Suddenly someone greets her from behind, and she turns out to find her big brother — in his yandere mode. He wants to know what she’s been doing until this hour, concluding that she went out with Reito before she could even answer. Wabisuke accuses her of dating Reito while he’s busy working with the date club, so he then knocks Nazuna out and throws her into an abandoned prison as the punishment. When Winter vacation starts he will bring her home, then he’ll lock her up so they can be together forever until death do them part. \(^o^)/

Not too long after Wabisuke leaves, Reito eventually comes to rescue Nazuna. He found her shopping bag in the woods, which leads him to the sight of Wabisuke leaving the prison. They had a fight earlier, but Reito managed to knock him out and took the key. Now they have to run away before Wabisuke regains his consciousness. At first Nazuna feels guilty since she’s the one who caused Wabisuke to go berserk, so Reito says she’s just repeating his mistake in the past. He didn’t want to see his mother sad and gave up in front of her lust, but it’s a really grave mistake.. and he doesn’t want Nazuna to experience the same thing. Just like how Reito hurt his father back then, Nazuna will hurt her parents and Reito himself if she stays here.

Realizing that Wabisuke will remain a yandere even if she stays, Nazuna finally chooses Reito and takes his hand. They escape from the school together, and even though Reito doesn’t tell her if they have a destination, she doesn’t mind as long as she can stay with him.

Prohibition Hard Ending

As she walks back to the dorm, Nazuna sees Reito and Wabisuke in the woods. She senses danger in the air and follows them deeper into the woods, where Wabisuke tells Reito to stop dating his sister. Even though Wabisuke covers it up by saying Reito should think of his moral as a teacher, Reito knows better than that — “you love your sister right?” At first Wabisuke says he does since they’re siblings, but then Reito adds “you love her as a girl”. It’s similar to what Reito’s mother did to him, so he knows the symptons more than anyone else. Reito tells Wabisuke he won’t let Nazuna suffer from the same experience.. and Wabisuke snaps.

After admitting that he does love Nazuna as a girl, Wabisuke forces Reito to admit his feelings for Nazuna. Reito admits he doesn’t know if he loves her, but he knows he doesn’t want to be apart from her. Or rather, he can’t leave her side anymore. Nazuna also knows about this and accepts Reito the way he is, so Reito apologized to Wabisuke because their relationship won’t change no matter what he says. This causes Wabisuke to go マジヤンデレ 1000% as he pulls out a knife, stabs Reito multiple times in the gut and starts giggling creepily. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Nazuna jumps out of her hiding to stop Wabisuke, but then the ground starts crumbling and Reito falls off the cliff beside them. At first Wabisuke is laughing over his “victory”, though it doesn’t last long because Nazuna leaves him to search for Reito.

Nazuna finds Reito directly beneath the cliff. Even though he’s not buried by the ground, she’s worried about the wound on his stomach. Reito opens his eyes right after Nazuna calls the ambulance, assuring her that he won’t die because the wound isn’t critical. He also tells her this is her only chance to let go of him. Just like what he told Wabisuke earlier, he’s not sure if he’s in love with her — he’s just attached to her. Not that Nazuna’s gonna listen though. She’s so madly in love with Reito, there’s no way she can leave his side.

The next day, Wabisuke is arrested by the police. They find a lot of evidence in his room; such as the remains of Nazuna’s missing book, the voice recorder inside the bunny plushie, and a spare key to Nazuna’s room. Plus, he’s also the one who torn her shoes. Despite what he did, Nazuna can’t hate him because she knows she’s the reason behind his insanity. She’s hoping that someday Wabisuke will return and laugh beside her again. Reito asks what she’s thinking about as Nazuna wheels him outside in Spring, and she replies she’s thinking about a delicious cake sold nearby, avoiding the subject of her big brother.

When Nazuna asks if he likes sweets, Reito tells her to stop calling him “Fuji-sensei” already.. so she starts calls him “Reito-san” from now on. Of course he also does the same, calling her name instead of the usual “Tsumori”. Even though Reito’s life is saved, the attack damaged his nerve pretty bad — he can’t walk anymore. He can’t teach anymore with his current physical conditions, and Nazuna also leaves Hakuou Gakuen to live with Reito. Starting from tomorrow she’s going to a new school, though she’s now more interested in staying with him rather than studying. After making sure Nazuna is really okay with this, Reito finally tells her “You’re mine and I’m yours, I will never let you go.. and I will always stay with you.”



In this route, Reito thinks he doesn’t deserve a pure girl like Nazuna. He needs to face his past before he can be with her, so he only gives her a good night kiss on the cheek for tonight. The next day, Nazuna goes to ask Reito about his Christmas plans.. she can’t find him anywhere. At first she thought Reito’s avoiding her, but it doesn’t take long until she realized he’s actually away from the school. Nazuna keeps waiting as she knits a muffler for his Christmas present, until she eventually hears a rumor that Reito is currently missing. He left a letter of resignation on the principal’s desk and nobody could contact him ever since. From Kazuya she learns that the date club is disbanded because their adviser is now gone, but Nazuna isn’t happy at all.

Knowing Nazuna loves Reito that much, Kazuya then says Reito’s probably visiting his family’s graves — handing her a map of the location. As Reito’s childhood friend, Kazuya regrets not visiting him when he suddenly took a break from school 20 years ago. He feels that Nazuna might be able to stop Reito, though Reito leaves because he’s afraid to taint her. Whether she wants to go or not, Kazuya leaves the decision in her hands.

Pure Love Normal Ending

Even though Reito might be troubled if she comes, Nazuna decides to chase him. She takes a bus to his hometown and follows the map, eventually finding Reito standing on a cliff near his parents’ graves. When he turns around, the first thing he says is “I can’t be with you.” She’s the most precious person for him, but that’s also why it hurts him to stay with her. While Reito actually wants to touch her, he knows he can’t make her happy.. because he never wishes for happiness himself. Even though Nazuna tries to say he’s just a victim of his past, it doesn’t change the fact that Reito has slept and played with so many women until he met her.

Realizing that Reito is planning to jump off the cliff, Nazuna tries to stop him saying she’ll jump with him if it’s necessary. He asks why she wants to stop him that much, and when she says it’s because she loves him, Reito smiles and says those words are more than enough. Then he says goodbye and jumps off the cliff — leaving Nazuna screaming in terror. Luckily Reito doesn’t die, and she manages to bring him to the hospital. The doctor says Reito’s life isn’t in danger and moves him back to the dorm, but he’s still unconscious on Christmas Eve. Nazuna puts his Christmas present on his bed, and when she cries asking him to wake up.. he finally opens his eyes.

While Reito thinks it’s really pathetic how he failed to die, Nazuna says he’s wrong. He already died when he fell into the sea, and he can turn a new page in life now that he has opened his eyes again. Nazuna knows these are just mere words, but she doesn’t want Reito to be that harsh on himself. If he really wants to do something for her, then he should live and make her happy from now on. She wants him to love himself too. After a short silence, Reito finally tells Nazuna that he lost to her. Because of the sin she commited, his mother wasn’t allowed to be buried in the family’s grave — both her husband’s family and her own. For 10 years she lied alone on that cape, before finally Reito’s father rested eternally beside her.

Back when Reito’s father was still alive, he never really looked at his wife. He couldn’t forgive both his wife and his son, but just before his death.. he suddenly wants to lie beside his wife forever. Even though Reito couldn’t forgive his family either as the victim, he doesn’t want to follow his father’s footsteps. Just like what Nazuna said, Reito already died once and there’s no need for him to be trapped in the past anymore. He forgives his parents and himself, since now he has a person who loves him. Nazuna has given him a new life, so Reito wants to be happy with her.

Nazuna asks if there’s something he wants to do in his new life, and Reito says he wants to go home and drink the coffee she makes. From then they can think about what to do, because they have a lot of time together from now on.

Pure Love Hard Ending

Because Reito has been avoiding her recently, Nazuna decides not to chase after him. She’s afraid that her presence would only drive him to do something reckless. She also feels guilty thinking Reito left because she found out about his past, but Kazuya tells her Reito only needs time to think alone. Reito also knows that he can’t stay trapped in the past forever, and he left to sort things out by himself. Nazuna says she’s going to wait until Reito can face his past and return to her side once again. Back in her room, Nazuna stores her handmade muffler away and spends Christmas alone. Time passes really quickly after that — Wabisuke graduates in March, and before she knew it.. a year has passed. It’s now her turn to graduate.

A few days before her graduation, Nazuna spends her weekend on the classroom. Just then Daria comes saying she has guest waiting in front of the chapel, and walks there feeling sad. She got accepted into the top university, but she feels that her love with Reito will end once she leaves Hakuou Gakuen. The school is the only thing that connects Nazuna to Reito right now. However, her doubts dissolved into the air when she saw her guest — the person she has been waiting for. Nazuna couldn’t believe her eyes, but she runs off to hug Reito after making sure it’s really him.

After leaving the school, Reito has been wandering around trying to forget about his past and his life as a teacher.. but he can’t forget everything. Reito then gives Nazuna a book that he wrote, which contains his feelings to his parents and all the things he did up until now. It’s the way he chose to deal with his past. He also put her feelings for Nazuna hoping he can erase it, but in the end he can’t do it — the more he wrote about her, the more he comes to love her. She was always on his mind even during his journey, and by the time he finished writing the book, Reito finally accepted the fact that he loves her. Even though Reito never wishes to be happy, he wants to seek for that happiness if it’s for Nazuna’s sake.

Reito then apologized for taking a long time to find such a simple answer, but Nazuna thinks it was necessary for both of them. From now on they won’t ever let go of each other anymore, and finally Reito whispers the words into Nazuna’s ears — “I love you.”

OMG I loved Reito’s route a LOT. I keep ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ ing right from the start until Reito broke my heart before the fifth date. From there it’s an emotional rollercoaster ride, but in the end I still love Reito and his sexy, teasing attitude. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン I have to admit I was shocked upon learning about his past, though I guess it explains why Reito grew up to be a corrupted man. His pure love endings are totally worth the emotional swings though. I don’t know which one is better, since I love both endings equally. Sweet romance FTW. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

On the other hand, the prohibition route is ruined by a creepy big brother. They’re still sweet, but ruined nonetheless. I have lost all respect I had for Wabisuke thanks to these endings.

Flower Language:
Fuji / Wisteria — lovesick, rapture


22 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran – Fuji Reito

  1. Reito-sensei!!!!!!!!!!!! why do you keep fucking her? lol!
    sorry. but that game’s ero plot gives me chills.
    i am starting to HATE yandere guys… not that i loved them but i am starting to hate them even more >:c
    … i can’t help but imagine what would it be like in ero parts at seri’s route… i heard from someone that there is SOME ero things at his route too… not sure about WHAT they are…

    • Her? His mother / aunt? Or were you referring to Nazuna? xD
      Yeah sadly Reito’s life (and family) is broken like that, so the pure love endings feel really good since he finally leaves that kind of life lol.

      Y-you mean there are ero parts too in Seri’s route? Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ
      I can’t imagine the guilt of dating a 14 years old boy.. and the thought of doing him after Daria’s yuri route doesn’t help either.. orz

      • everyone. he’s sick :c hopefully he leaves being sick.
        to be honest i don’t know myself. my PSP is currently at hospital so no games for me ;p but my friend says they ARE some things that’ll give you the idea of them doing “that”. OMG… a 14 years old kid is A KID!! that’s a child abuse. and to think doing “THAT” with a 17 year old WOMAN… *shivers* i can’t imagine…

        • Well to be fair, even 14 years old kids are doing it in Japan.. (or maybe in other countries as well) and it doesn’t have to be with their boyfriend / girlfriend either. I still can’t take the guilt though LOL.

          • well yes but do you think it’s right? no. i think it’s weird ;p but as you said people like us can’t take the guilt.

  2. LOL I was all serious reading the endings and suddenly マジヤンデレ 1000% pops up and I start laughing like a maniac. That was pure gold xD

    Awww, I was kinda expecting some familiar problems but I never thought they would be so serious lol. Still, Reiji is pretty hot orz. But emotional rollercoasters are really not my type. I just want happy-ish endings ; A ; but I guess something with “forbidden” slapped into the title won’t give me that huh /shot.

    Urgh, Wabisuke you’re seriously getting into my nerves. LEAVE D: you perverted, chain-loving, teacher-stabbing siscon voiced by Hino!

    • LOL that was my instant reaction. I thought his yandere side finally shows up when he snapped, but of course he just had to cross the line by going THAT far. Forever ruined. ;___;

      While I can’t stand the emotional rollercoaster in the middle, I have to admit his pure love endings are happy enough for me. xD It’s still involved with his dark past, but if you compare it to Wabisuke’s ending.. lol. Reito is hot when he’s not pulling your emotions back and forth though. :3

      *washes Wabisuke out of mind*

      • lol wtf why did I write Reiji up there? That’s it Reika, no more Gyakuten Kenji for you. /puts game away
        Yeah this route pretty much ruined Wabisuke for me. I was all “its ok, I can handle th-NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE”

        A-am I bad for liking the prohibition routes better than the pure ones?

        Oh gawd, I’m not sure I wanna read about Daria’s route…I was secretly hoping Daria to be a cross-dressing man, guess nope DDDDD:

        • Hey I just realized your name is similar to Edgey’s. 8D
          I thought I can handle Wabisuke since I liked Toma in Amnesia, but nope.. in the end I still don’t like yanderes. Even though this isn’t as bad as those R-18 ones lol.

          Reito’s prohibition endings are nice too, so no worries there~
          I prefer the pure love ones because I like sweet romance, and because Wabisuke doesn’t go mad there. xD

          ..and I’m about to start Daria’s route. Excitement level: 0.

  3. this route is pretty interesting but i feel yet again that its less ‘forbidden’ than it should be, cause everyone seems to know about their feelings/relationship >.>

    and ya for the prohibition route on i have no resp[ect for Wabisuke anymore

    anyways i hope the next route will be good too ^^

    • In Reito’s case, I think the really forbidden one is the one he had in the past. Of course a teacher-student relationship is also considered forbidden, but.. lol. In any case, this route alone is enough to ruin Wabisuke forever. I hope he won’t go wild in the other routes. =_=

      • Wabisuke was the chara that i was interested in before but now his image is like ruined in his and this route =_=, i am hoping the brothers’ route will make up for it =P

        and shouldnt the ‘forbidden’ concept be more focused on the ‘now’ and not the ‘past’, cause we are talking about the heroine here not his mom. and i understand the teacher-student one too but it just doesnt seem to show in the route *__*

        • It doesn’t seem that way since this is a date club after all, and for us otome gamers dating teachers doesn’t sound so forbidden lol. Sure it happened in the past, but it affects Reito in the present right? I think the forbidden concept focuses on his past “sin”, and it’s connected to Nazuna as his current love interest.

  4. How can that face is 34 years old LOL…..and he is 17 years older than Nazuna………I don’t hate him and don’t mind his past but I MIND THE HUGE AGE GAP (_ _)

    • LOL yes at first I was like “17 years old older? ( ಠ_ಠ )” too, but in the end I don’t really mind since he doesn’t look like an ossan. xD I guess for me looks > real age lol.

  5. Is it bad that I was 0% interested in Wabisuke before but the more I hear about his yandere antics, the more I feel interested in going for him?

    On the other hand Reito sounds like the type I like too with his “Not Sure If This Is Love” feelings thing. I feel like Otomate finally made a game to feed all the lovers of yanderes and messed up characters lol. Also Nazuna sounds like a protagonist that I’ll probably like.

    • Not bad at all. In fact, I think you’ll love this game. ;D

      I prefer normal romance, but I have to admit Reito’s “not sure if this is love, but I’m not letting go” strikes my hear lol. Wabisuke aside, Aoi is also given the title “yandere prince” though I don’t know how bad his yandere level is. xD;

      Nazuna is pretty strong willed too, especially at the beginning. :3


    Oh damn I was so excited with Wabisuke’s route after I read it ’cause of his yandere-ness but this… this took it too far oh god lol I’m so upset (ಥ_ಥ) Why Wabisuke, WHY????

    On a happier note, I can’t wait to read the rest of your route summaries!! :D

    • Same here. I thought I could handle yanderes after Amnesia’s Toma, Wabisuke’s yandere laugh / giggles haunted my dreams for days, so yes I don’t think I can handle anything further than this. His Pure Hard was pretty bad, but he just took it to a whole new level here. xD;

      Thanks for reading my posts~ ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

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