Gekka Ryouran – Yaehara Daria

Here comes the yuri route. Honestly my motivation dropped to zero since obviously I’m not into girls. Not even when the girl is the princely type. But whatever, that’s just my personal preference. I mean no harm, so please don’t take it as an offense.

The only female member of the date club. Being the daughter of a famous actress, Daria is the star of the drama club as well. Her superb acting skill impresses even professionals. She got recruited into the date club, and she’s really popular for her androgynous beauty and princely personality. As a perfectionist, Daria is always on her guard and does everything flawlessly. Sadly not every girls are on her side, because Daria has antis as well.

For the first date, Nazuna chooses to go out with Daria. At first she thought it doesn’t feel like a date since they’re both girls, but it doesn’t take long until she realized Daria’s princely charm. Since Nazuna has just transferred, Daria then decides to give her a tour around their school. First they go to the rooftop, where she explains that Aoi often does naughty things here. The date club will grant any kind of requests, so Daria is always open if Nazuna wants to enjoy a naughty date.. though unlike Aoi, she knows where to stop lol.

After getting swarmed by her fangirls in the cafeteria, Daria takes Nazuna to the garden. She leaves her behind on purpose, enjoying the sight of Nazuna looking around like a little chicken searching for its mother lol. As Daria takes Nazuna’s hand to escort her, all of her fangirls in the background instantly scream with jealousy — though Daria only smiles and keeps holding her hand. If anything happens Daria says she’ll protect Nazuna, just like how a prince would protect his princess. Deep inside, Daria actually feels sorry for Nazuna. She can’t stand how the club members keep doing stupid things all this time, and Nazuna’s presence actually eases the burden on her shoulders. She’s hoping Nazuna can go on without falling into their hands.

On their second date, Daria invites Nazuna to ride horses together. Daria started horseback riding thinking it might be useful for her acting career, but it turned out to be more fun than she expected. Daria then introduces Nazuna to her beautiful white horse — Blanc — and invites her to ride the horse properly. Naturally Nazuna feels nervous since this is her first time riding a horse, not to mention Daria keeps teasing her from such a close distance. While Daria rarely uses her horsewhip, Nazuna still feels sorry knowing Blanc will still get whipped when Daria needs it to run faster. Even when Daria says it’s a form of communication between a horse and its master, Nazuna can’t see the connection between affection and whipping.

After a short silence, Daria suddenly asks “Then shall I leave my mark on your skin with this whip? So you’ll remember me upon seeing the marks.” Σ(゚д゚ ;) She’s willing to give Nazuna a wonderful pleasure on top of her “love marks”, but then she laughs saying it’s just a joke. As Daria takes her for a relaxing ride on Blanc’s back, Nazuna thinks about Daria’s impressive acting skill. For a moment she thought Daria was serious — that’s how good she is. On the other hand, Daria is also wondering which side of her Nazuna likes. Should she approach her as a girlfriend or like a man? How should she treat her? Daria can turn into any type she likes.

Around the time of the Theater Festival, Nazuna overhears some girls badmouthing Daria in the library. The festival is an important event for Daria, but in the end the drama club members stole the lead role from her hands. Later on Nazuna learns that Daria’s mother was involved in an adultery scandal, which only makes the antis hate her even more. Daria feels really down after learning that someone else takes her role, not to mention she almost got into a fight with Aoi when he mentions her mother.

For the third date, Daria and Nazuna take a walk around the woods. It suddenly starts raining on the way, so the two of them take shelter in an undeground chamber nearby. Since they’re both drenched and the drama club left some costumes here, both of them decided to change clothes before they catch a cold. While Daria has a glamorous body, Nazuna feels sad since her body is standard with zero sexiness. She gets embarrassed when Daria says her body is nice too, and she slips while pulling Daria to fall on top of her. Daria asks if she’s inviting her, but Nazuna tries to act calm saying this isn’t a big deal since they’re both girls. Then she gets up and changes clothes in a hurry, with Daria laughing upon seeing her panicked state.

Despite her fight with Aoi before, Daria feels grateful when the club members agreed to make a play for her to star in. She ends up acting Romeo on stage and receives positive feedback, though her partner — Juliet Aoi — refuses to follow the script lol. Even though it was a simple play, Daria finds herself absorbed into her role even until their performance is over. She thinks they should have given the heroine’s role to Nazuna after all, since her presence is the reason why Daria can act with all her heart today.

Following her wonderful performance, Daria soon starts gracing the front covers of various magazines. At first Nazuna imagined her doing feminine poses, but apparently Daria goes with her boyish image instead. Noticing that Nazuna is the closest person to Daria in the school, her classmates are asking her to get Daria’s signature on their magazines. When Nazuna goes to ask her about this, Daria calmly signs the magazines saying it’s an easy request, but Nazuna notices her sadly whispering “so you too..” Today Daria has some work to do, so she leaves after asking Nazuna not to date the other members while she’s away.

That night, a magazine journalist stops Nazuna in front of the dorm. He’s looking for information regarding Daria, and his search eventually leads him to Nazuna instead. Nazuna is suspicious since normally journalists won’t come all the way to school, but the man grabs her before she can escape. He forces her to spill some information about Daria’s private life and relationships, though luckily Atsumori soon comes to chase him away. Just like Aoi, Atsumori also thinks that Daria is popular because she’s the daughter of Yaehara Botan (means peony.. not button lol), but Nazuna knows Daria has the skills to match her popularity.

The next day, Nazuna finds the reporter still loitering around the dorm. This time he’s bothering Daria herself and wants to dig some information regarding her mother, so Nazuna runs off to help Daria. The reporter is pissed that Nazuna’s interrupting his gossip-seeking mission, and he rudely pushed her out of the way. However, this action enrages Daria so much she pulls out a rapier and tells the reporter to quit it. She understands it’s his job to look for information, but she won’t forgive him for treating Nazuna like that. The next time he ever tries to approach them again, she will stab him for real. Daria also thanks Nazuna for coming to her defense, but she doesn’t want her to jump into danger again.

Sadly when Nazuna says it must be tough having a famous mother, Daria’s mood takes a turn for the worse. Nazuna doesn’t know anything about her mother, so she tells her not to talk as if she knows everything. Then Daria walks away, leaving the surprised Nazuna behind.

On their fourth date, Daria and Nazuna visit the planetarium. At first the air around them is still awkward, but the silence melts away as Daria says she booked the place just for the two of them today. The stars are beautiful during Winter, and they agree to enjoy the beautiful night scenery on their next date. After discussing about the sad story of Castor and Pollux, Daria asks if Nazuna is willing to throw away everything for love. When Nazuna says she admires that kind of passionate love, Daria hugs her saying it would be nice if she can share such an experience with Nazuna.

Nazuna eventually apologized to Daria on their way back to the dorm, but Daria acts as if she doesn’t remember anything. They part ways on the woods, and Nazuna returns to the dorm alone. Despite Kakeru’s warning to be careful of the club members, Nazuna can’t stop thinking of Daria. She also remembers a quote from Nietzche’s work — “One can promise actions, but not feelings, for the latter are involuntary.” Meanwhile, Daria is also wondering why she feels jealous if Nazuna dates the other club members. All she wants to do is to be alone with her.

The next day, Nazuna goes to school with Wabisuke. He notices that she’s been spending her time with Daria recently, so he asks how she feels about dating a fellow girl. Even though she says it’s just like going out with a girlfriend, Wabisuke is still worried since Daria behaves like a man. Just when Nazuna says Daria is only acting that way, Daria appears and sadly asks if she really thinks that way.. but before she can answer, Daria suddenly kisses Nazuna on the lips. IN FRONT OF WABISUKE. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ Ignoring the fangirls screaming behind them, Daria only asks why Nazuna refuses to accept her feelings. But even though it fails to reach Nazuna’s heart, Daria’s feelings for her won’t change.

..and since Wabisuke is too shocked to go yandere, he can only say “gi.. gi.. nero..” WTF LOL.

After spending the whole morning getting bombarded with questions, Nazuna escapes to think alone in the rooftop. Soon she notices a girl is glaring at her, and when she comes over.. the girl immediately goes “return Daria-sama to me! Daria-sama is going out with ME!” Yet another jealous fangirl. Wonderful. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Nazuna says she only thinks of Daria as a friend though, so the girl finally calms down after making sure it’s not a lie. On her way back to the classroom, Nazuna notices a crowd in the garden — Daria is doing her job as a model. The sight charms Nazuna for a moment, but she denies having special feelings for Daria. She runs away when Daria tries to approach her, not realizing how sad Daria looks when she escapes.

Daria is busy with her job as Christmas comes closer. She’s away from school and club for a while, and Nazuna realized she’s missing Daria. Despite Nazuna’s attempts to deny how she really feels, her expression instantly turns bright when Daria greets her at school. Daria tells Nazuna that there will be an annual Christmas party soon, and it’s a tradition to ask the person you like to attend the party together. Nazuna immediately thinks of Daria the moment she hears this, but she remains quiet until Daria leaves saying she’ll be available in club today. However, the other members can see that Nazuna’s falling in love with Daria as well. She gets nervous and cuts her finger on a book, and Daria licks the wound to stop the blood. This scene keeps repeating itself in Nazuna’s head all day, making her even more nervous around Daria.

For the fifth date, Daria and Nazuna ride a boat on the lake. Nazuna gets jealous upon hearing Daria often rows the boat during her dates with other girls, but before she can deny it.. Daria laughs and jokingly says she wants to see Nazuna in her jealous mode. Daria also remembers visiting a beautiful late when she was small, though most likely it was her mother’s shooting location overseas. She wants to visit that lake again someday, taking Nazuna with her so they can be alone in a quiet place. When Summer comes she also wants to swim in this lake with Nazuna, and they can shop for matching swimsuits together.

At night they visit the rose garden together, where they see the beautiful roses in full bloom. As the reward for escorting Nazuna to such a wonderful place, Daria gently hugs Nazuna in the garden — enveloping Nazuna in her cologne’s scent. While the romantic mood sends her to seventh heaven, Nazuna falls back to earth when Daria’s jealous fangirl greets her back in the dorm. She only says it’s bedtime soon, but Nazuna can see black circles under her eyes. Seems like we have a new yandere here.. while Daria completely turns into an otome in love whenever she thinks about Nazuna. (´・ω・`A;)

The next morning, Daria notices that Nazuna’s eyes are red. She asks her to be careful, but of course Nazuna can’t say she was actually thinking of Daria all night. Just then the fangirl from last night glomps Daria from behind and asks her to go to school together, but Daria refuses saying “I can’t go to school with someone I don’t know.” Shocked and heartbroken, the fangirl then accuses Nazuna of forcing Daria to say this and storms off. Even though Daria feels bad for causing this problem, she admits she doesn’t remember the girl at all.

When Nazuna goes to the club room later, she finds Daria acting out a scene from the book she left yesterday — Shakespeare’s Hamlet. As she acts as both Hamlet and Ophelia, Nazuna remembers that the scene resembles the conversation with the fangirl. Seeing Daria changing roles like this, Nazuna starts thinking that her “I don’t remember” this morning might be an act as well. Just like how Hamlet fooled Ophelia. She wonders if Daria keeps is too in her daily life, but she quickly brushed off the thought.

Daria soon notices Nazuna’s presence and asks if she can borrow the book for today. It might be a good practice for her upcoming drama. Since this is her first drama and Nazuna seems to be interested, Daria then invites her to come to the shooting location. Today they’re shooting a confession scene, and here Nazuna notices something: Daria’s confession lines are exactly the same lines she said right after kissing Nazuna. Which means that Daria was acting back then. This isn’t the only one, because Nazuna remembers many kinds of Daria — each acting out a different role from different titles.

In order to confirm this, Nazuna tries reading all of Daria’s favorite books that night.. and she learns the truth. Every single line Daria said comes from these books, even up to the simplest ones. Feeling sad that Daria’s kind words were just a part of a role and not actually directed at her, Nazuna finally realized that she’s in love with Daria after all.

For their next date, Daria takes Nazuna to the amusement park. Nazuna can’t tell what Daria truly feels, but she decides to have fun today. They hold hands as they walk inside the house of mirrors, and Daria asks what Nazuna thinks of their reflections. Do they look like friends? Siblings? Or maybe lovers? On the way Daria suddenly lets go of her hand, and she runs off after telling Nazuna to search for her — just like how people search for their loved ones in the story books. When Nazuna finally finds her reflection, Daria hugs her from behind saying she feels lonely waiting for her to come. As Daria leads her out of the mirror maze, Nazuna thinks her heart is still lost inside. She’s still looking for the real Daria.

When they return to the dorm, Nazuna finally asks Daria “where is the real you?” She states the events Daria forgot — the date with her fangirl, and their fight when Nazuna mentions her mother. Since Nazuna thinks Daria forgets everything she did during her act, she also tells her about their kiss.. and Daria falls into silence. Probably because it’s gone from her memories as well. At first Daria says it’s not true and tries to flirt with her, but then Nazuna points out this is also a line from her favorite book. Even though Nazuna doesn’t know why Daria keeps acting, Daria says she might have an idea about what triggered this habit of hers.

Just like what Nazuna heard before, Daria’s mother is a famous actress. She’s also famous for her superb acting skills, but she’s more well known for her relationship scandals. One day, Yaehara Botan suddenly gave birth to a daughter and became a single mother. Everyone says it must be tough for Daria, but she’s actually proud of her mother. However, her mother rarely stays at home. Even when she’s not working, she would either practice acting or go date her lovers. Naturally Daria felt lonely when she was small, and she filled her free time with acting. It was the only way for her to enter her mother’s field of vision. After tons of practicing, one day Daria suddenly lost herself in her own role. She completely turns into the character she’s playing, and she can’t remember what happens during such times.

Even though everyone praises Daria for her natural acting talent, her mother isn’t pleased. At first she was proud of her daughter, but she refused to watch it again after that. It’s probably because she’s jealous that Daria was born a natural, while she has to put a lot of effort into acting. Daria doesn’t give up though. She continues to act hoping someday her mother will look at her, and it became a habit before she knew it. Daria feels terrible for deceiving everyone all this time even though it’s unintentional, but Nazuna tells her it’s okay. She then recites another quote: “What is a lie? ‘Tis but the truth in masquerade.” — Lord Byron.

Knowing that the true Daria is hidden beneath her act, Nazuna tells her to be herself. At least in front of her. After a short silence, Daria holds Nazuna’s hands saying she’s really grateful to her.. and these words come from her heart. It’s not an act. She might start acting again out of habit, but she promises to let her real self out from now on. Nazuna says she’ll help Daria too as much as she can, because she wants Daria to truly smile from the heart. Someday she wants to hear how Daria really feels.


The next day, Daria and Nazuna walk to school together. After thinking about her act all night, she realized that she starts acting whenever someone wants her to act. Like how her fangirls want her to be princely, for example. The other condition is when Daria doesn’t know how to behave in a situation, so her act is more like a self-defense. However, Nazuna can accept her real self. Daria feels relieved from the bottom of her heart, and she doesn’t have to put on her mask anymore in front of Nazuna. She also realized how she feels towards Nazuna, but she’ll keep it a secret until she learns more about her real self.

One day before Christmas, Daria invites Nazuna to watch her mother’s stage play tomorrow. They’re planning to have dinner together after that, and Daria wants Nazuna to come along. Just then the jealous fangirl from before pushes the bookshelf near Nazuna, but thankfully she only got scratched on the knee. Even though this means she loses the bet, Nazuna tells Reito she can’t stop her feelings for Daria.. and he only asks her to keep Daria company — erasing her debt despite the result. That night Daria spends the night in Nazuna’s room. If she can stay as her real self after meeting her mother, there’s something she wants to say to Nazuna.

Prohibition Normal Ending

In the morning, Nazuna goes to talk with the jealous fangirl. While it doesn’t seem like she can accept Nazuna’s feelings for Daria, Nazuna doesn’t want to lie anymore. After that Daria takes her to watch her mother’s performance in a theatre, followed by their Christmas dinner in the evening. When Daria expresses her honest opinion about her mother’s performance earlier, her mother starts crying. This is the first time Daria ever said her feelings honestly, and she feels touched that her daughter finally returns to how she used to be. All this time she’s been looking away not because she’s jealous, but because she feels guilty for ruining Daria’s life. She thanks Nazuna for setting her daughter free, and Daria tells her mother not to worry. She will be okay from now on.

After dinner, Daria and Nazuna link arms as they look at the night illumination outside. Nazuna doesn’t think she did much to help them, but Daria says she loves that side of her a lot. Since she has reconciled with her mother, now she can finally tell Nazuna her real feelings. Daria then confesses that she’s in love with Nazuna. Even though they’re both girls, Daria wants Nazuna to accept her feelings.. but Nazuna already has the answer right from the start. She admits that she loves Daria as well, and they kiss under the Christmas tree.

The following year, Daria quits the date club and becomes an actress. In the end she paid for Nazuna’s debt to the date club, and Nazuna is now working as her manager in return. Nobody notices that they’re actually lovers in disguise, so their relationship is their own little secret.

Prohibition Hard Ending

Just before Daria takes Nazuna inside the theatre, the jealous fangirl suddenly appears. She screams at Nazuna to leave Daria’s side, throwing some stalker pictures of Daria staying in Nazuna’s room last night. This commotion attracts journalists lurking in the shadows, so Daria and Nazuna are forced to cancel their initial Christmas plans. Sadly the stalker pictures speak for themselves, causing a scandal which eventually leads to Daria getting banned from the entertainment world. After spending some time apart, Nazuna finally gets a chance to see her in the chapel at night.

Daria apologized for dragging her into this mess, but a part of her feels glad about leaving the entertainment world. She doesn’t have to act anymore, because it was her acting that drove her fangirl into madness. That, and because she doesn’t need a world that rejects her love for Nazuna. If Nazuna feels the same, Daria promises not to ever leave her side forever.. but she wants her to think carefully. They’re about to cross the forbidden line after all. Nazuna replies that her feelings for Daria have grown so much she can’t turn back anymore, and it’s her wish to be captured by Daria. They start kissing which eventually leads to an implied sex.. but let’s not get into that.

A month later, the press and Daria’s raging fangirls eventually get tired bothering them. Daria and Nazuna rarely interact at school, but once the after school bell rings.. they’re off to have a date in their own secret world. A year quickly passed after their relationship begun, and they leave Japan to live in a beautiful lake town overeas. Now they can be free to love each other.


Daria sticks to Nazuna like a glue, but she’s still struggling with her inner fears. She’s scared that she will start acting again when Nazuna isn’t around.. and even though she’s in love with Nazuna, she’s afraid of getting rejected. Daria’s fangirls are obviously not pleased with this, since Daria also starts skipping drama club practice just to stay with Nazuna. It’s like Daria is afraid of dealing with anyone other than her. Noticing their relationship, Suou warns Nazuna that this can be the root of a scandal. If Daria loses her place in the entertainment world, she will definitely cling even more to Nazuna. Because of these thoughts, Nazuna subconsciously pushes Daria’s hands aside when she comes to see her later.

At first Daria is shocked, then she hugs Nazuna saying “please don’t push me away! I don’t wanna lose an important person again!” — referring to her mother. Nazuna feels bad and lets Daria stay in her room that night, but this only causes Daria’s dependency to increase as the days go by. One night Nazuna goes to pray in the chapel, even though she knows Daria might not be able to let her real self out anymore. Kakeru and Kazuya also catch the jealous fangirl loitering around at night, hoping she can find something to bring Nazuna down. They tell her to write an apology letter to Nazuna, but the content is really short: “I won’t forgive you.”

Pure Love Normal Ending

Knowing her presence is blocking Daria’s path in life, Nazuna decides to settle everything on Christmas. During the party, Daria puts a Dahlia hairpin on Nazuna’s hair as a present. Dahlia symbolizes magnificence and dignity, but it also means unstability.. which fits the current Daria really well. In return, Nazuna gives her a book about a girl’s journey in the world of acting. She knows rather than staying with her, Daria will be so much better if she continues performing on stage. Nazuna confesses that she’s been in love when Daria was still wearing her mask, but then she kisses Daria and tells her to forget everything. Before Daria can tell her she loves her too, Nazuna stops her saying she should say those words when they meet again.

After losing the bet, Nazuna returns to her house. She also goes back to her previous school and starts working part-time to pay off her debt. In Spring, Nazuna watches Daria’s movie at home while Wabisuke goes shopping alone. After watching Daria’s activities as an actress, Nazuna knows that Daria is now shining as her real self. A voice suddenly reads Daria’s line at the end of the movie, and Nazuna turns around to find Daria standing behind her. After she left, Daria finally realized her mistake and decided to face herself. She feels grateful because all that Nazuna did are connected to the current her, and now Daria can finally see her again as an actress. Both Daria and Nazuna are still in love with each other, so they agree to build their relationship from scratch again — with Daria kissing Nazuna’s hand as the start.

Pure Love Hard Ending

Instead of encouraging Daria to pursue her career, Nazuna decides to accept the current her. They celebrate Christmas together in the chapel, where Daria prays for Nazuna to always be by her side. Daria also confesses that she loves her, but right after Nazuna answers that she feels the same.. the jealous fangirl comes bursting through the door. Here, the girl evolves into a full-fledged yandere as she pulls a knife to stab Nazuna. So in order to protect her princess, Daria quickly knocks the knife off her hand, picks it up, and stabs the girl to death. \(^o^)/ All Daria needs in the world is Nazuna alone. Everyone else is just a hindrance. Even though Nazuna realized it’s her fault that Daria became like this, it’s too late.

In order to erase the body and the evidence their sin, Daria and Nazuna set the chapel on fire. Nazuna thinks of escaping, but Daria says it’s just the same as revealing themselves as the criminals. She wants to keep this a secret just between the two of them, thanking God since her prayer has been granted — Nazuna will never leave with the secret tying them together. The next day they wake up only in their underwears, keeping their lips sealed while everyone else are making a commotion about the burnt chapel.

Pure love route aside, Daria’s route is actually pretty good. Her story doesn’t have that emotional swings, she’s princely and everything wraps up nicely in the prohibition endings. It was hard for me to pick up the sparks because I’m not into yuri, but you should give Daria a chance since she’s a lovable character. That, and Wabisuke is hilarious in this route. I loved Daria’s kiss scene because of his reaction. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Unfortunately, Daria’s pure love hard ending is screwed. It’s like Rejet and Otomate just HAD to make at least one messed up ending for everyone, and you won’t be able to tell which ending is the crazy one since they place it randomly. Sometimes it’s in prohibition, the other times it’s in pure love lol. In any case, I’m done with Daria’s route. Now back to the guys!

Flower Language:
Dahlia — magnificent, elegant, dignity


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  1. They start kissing which eventually leads to an implied sex.. but let’s not get into that.

    ガ━━━(゚Д゚;)━( ゚Д)━(  ゚)━(   )━(゚;  )━(Д゚; )━(゚Д゚;)━━━ン!!!!!
    ewww oh my god I am not touching this route when I play this game. DO NOT WANT SERIOUSLY DO NOT WANT

    • LOL there’s another one in pure love hard ending, but it’s not as obvious as that one. Half-naked underwear scenes are also present, so maybe you should force skip if you can’t stand it. xD

  2. /forces brain to understand. Gives up after 2 minutes. _| ̄|○

    I MEAN WHAT щ(゚Д゚щ)(屮゚Д゚)屮 the idea of a yuri route in an otome game is er, pretty unusual and maybe good but just no thank you. No offense Daria you’re pretty awesome, but as lovers…? Yeah, I think I’ll pass.
    Which is why I don’t even know what should I write.

    お疲れ様!( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`) ナデナデ

    • アリガトーフ♪≡c⌒っ´・∀・)っ□

      I agree, Daria is a pretty awesome character.. as a friend. Or as a big sister role. But definitely not as a lover. While she’s cool and behaves like a guy, I want to date real men please lol.

  3. ya Daria’s route would be perfect IF only she was a guy >..>

    hope the game is fun for u to play, cant wait to read ur next review =D

    • First look at the official site, I thought Daria is the flamboyant guy in the group. But then she turns out to be a real girl.. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Most of her CG look boyish like that too, except for the ones when she’s half naked or in her underwear.

      ..and they put her in the harem to make things forbidden. xD

  4. It’s like Rejet and Otomate just HAD to make at least one messed up ending for everyone —> THIS… is what I hate (ーー゛)

    oh my I can’t agree more, this route would be perfect if only she’s not a girl, especially since princely type is my favorite type.

    • I know right. e_e
      Daria is truly a prince on a white horse, too bad she’s a girl..
      Also, things would be perfect for you since there’s no yandere Wasabi on the loose here lol.

      Let’s see if this crazy ending trend continues in the remaining routes. I bet it does.

  5. Good job on playing this game and finishing the routes (._. ;;)
    I started playing this game since I wasn’t sure what game to play next… probably only had about 30min of playtime? After reading your review I might just give up.
    …or just play for Atsumori, the only character I’m actually interested in ._.

    • Well, so far I’m only satisfied with Reito’s route.
      I don’t like Wabisuke’s, and not interested in Daria’s. (´・ω・`A;)
      Some of the date scenes are cute though. If you like a character you should try doing his route, but beware of emotional rollercoasters. xD

  6. Eww loser yuri’s. fuck off otomate cuz i’m NOT going to give a damn about your implied fucking brain polluting girl’s sex. i mean… they HAD to make the yuri one with sex too? ewwwwwww… i’m starting to get curious about that kid (seri’s) route more than ever………………………….. BAH!!!1 YOU’RE DOING HIM NEXT RIGHT.???????????????????????????????????? BLESS YOU!

    • Actually someone in tumblr posted a screenshot of Daria and Nazuna in lingerie, so I figured Daria might have implied sex as well.. and I was right. *bleaches brain* il||li_| ̄|○il||li Yes I’m doing Seri next, hoping I can take the guilt of dating a 14 y.o. kid LOL.

  7. I actually liked Daria’s route a lot XD I mean, honestly, the only problem I have with it is that in all the other routes there’s not hints anywhere that Nazuna might be into girls. I have no problem with gay couples, just the ones that pop out of nowhere for the sake of being there, which Otomate kinda did with this *laughs*

    That being said, it is pretty odd that one of my favorite routes isn’t one of the guys’. It’s like they put twice as much effort into the romance here and skimmed off of the others. What the heck.

    • It doesn’t show at the beginning either. Nazuna saw her as a normal girlfriend. Who would have thought that she can fall in love with girls as well? Well, I guess it’s necessary to go with the “forbidden” theme. xD;

      Yea I noticed they put a lot of romance in Daria’s route, while the guys’ routes are filled with a lot emotional rollercoaster and problems to solve. I’m currently in Seri’s route and I can smell more problem ahead. T__T

      • Although, in all honesty, as just a love route, it’s pretty cute. I don’t see why people have a problem with it. Although, it might just be I’m not as heteronormatively crusader-like as some XD; I like any route as long as there are nice romance moments, cute moments, and dramatic moments.

  8. Dahlia reminds me of the pink haired prince-who’s-actually-a-girl from Revolutionary girl Utena…but eh.

    There’s no spark for me when playing this route. I’m sorry Rejet, but dabbling in the “forbidden” has failed to unstraighten my straightness.
    I’m starting to think maybe they had a deeper intention. Like, portraying a semi-realistic yuri relationship to open people’s minds to the idea of gay relationships or targeting people who swing both ways…it’s either that, or they’re just comparing female-female relationships to forbidden fruit. ( ̄□ ̄;) I DONT KNOW.(ಠ_ಠ)

    All I know is that it doesn’t work in an OTOME game for crying out loud.

    • LOL glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks of Utena. When Daria takes out her rapier, my mind immediately went to Utena and the duelists.

      I guess Rejet and Otomate are really pushing the “forbidden” concept as much as they can. The others are fairly acceptable, since going for a shota / teacher / onii-chan *glances at love revo* are rather common in otome games. But still, I don’t think yuri will do good in otome games. At least not when the heroine is surrounded with hot guys.

  9. What a fascinating title. I never thought Otomate (well, any company) would do it but they did it. lol

    When I first heard there was a yuri route, I thought to try it for kicks since it seemed so out of place (and somewhat refreshing) but after reading your posts, I feel a bit dejected about it on a whole… (;´・ω・`)

    • Oh, and why is that? xD
      When Rejet and Otomate said this game’s about everything forbidden, they mean it lol. I didn’t expect to see a yuri route too, especially not the implied R-18 stuff at the endings. (´・ω・`A;)

  10. I read this summary ’cause I was curious about Daria even though she’s a girl… BUT OMG IMPLIED SEX LIKE WTF??? WHAT IS THIS Y U DO DIS OTOMATE AND REJET???

    I was thinking this was going to be some like implied friendship ending like in Zettai Meikyuu Grimm but DANG lol this was like full fledged yuri holy crap XD LOL do not want. not touching this route when I get into Gekka. @_@

    • Daria’s route would be so much less disturbing, if only they take out that implied sex scene. I mean yes it’s forbidden, but.. ._.; LOL yes if you can’t stand that much yuri then avoid Daria’s route. It’s romantic plot-wise, but the implied sex scene is DNW. xD:

  11. Is Daria’s route the only one where Wabisuke actually takes an active approach to helping Nazuna? For once.. I can sort of see how nice of a brother he can be.. LOL but I totally ruined that by having to redo his route to get the voice clips 「あのハイエナ!」. I should really keep a secondary save to redo the date+end of a chapter as I go through the character’s route =_=.

    I think the main thing that made me get fed up over the yuri route was the fact that it was shoved into my face the whole time in a stupid way by Nazuna. She was always like “Co-could I possibly like Daria? BUT WE’RE GIRLS” and I just wanted to shake her and slap some sense into her. Especially when EVERYONE ELSE in the game could care less about it LOL. Daria’s fangirl: “So? I love her” and Aoi: “..? What does that have to do with anything? Love knows no boundaries”.

    щ(゚Д゚щ) The only thing holding Nazuna back is her stupidly wrong idea about what others think, but the poor readers have to slog through that drama. I really raged when I read the line where she was like “I’m.. already a sinner for you Daria” ಠ_ಠ.

    • Yes. He’s being a good boy in Aoi’s, but he’s more supportive here in Daria’s route. I can’t help but to think that’s he’s actually okay with Nazuna having a relationship.. as long as it’s not with hyenas guys lol. So far I only missed Wabisuke and Daria’s second tracks by following the guide, but maybe it’s a good idea to save every once in a while. You can go back if something wrong happens. xD

      LOL I know what you mean. Nazuna is only creating more unnecessary drama by going “oh noes we’re both girls”, while everyone else clearly don’t give a crap about gender. I was like COME ON Nazuna just accept it already! щ(゚Д゚щ) ..but then again I was shocked when she falls truly madly deeply in love with Daria. It’s like she couldn’t care less about everything else. That Pure Hard is a good example lol.

      ..this game trolls you so hard with all those dramas and endings. 8D;

      • ya it was pretty dramatic but isnt that what makes it so good?…i also think that the stupid fan-girl got what was coming. i mean who does all of that out of jealousy!!!! if you really love the person than set them free not try to KILL the one they love!!!

        • Personally I don’t really like Gekka’s dramas, but glad to see it working on you. :3 Seems like Japan is having a yandere boom right now, and jealous fangirls will now try to get rid of their rivals by killing them lol. Yanderes want to monopolize, so letting go of the person they love isn’t an option. xD;;

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