Gekka Ryouran – Saionji Seri

Seri’s voice is actually quite low, and that’s a plus since he doesn’t hurt my ears. But despite his cool personality, he still makes me feel like a giant shotacon.. and that’s no good. (´・ω・`;)

The 14 years old prodigy who skipped grades, currently a first year in high school. Because of his brilliant mind and cool personality, Seri often makes fun of the adults around the world. He also thinks that the emotion “love” should be settled with logic and theories. While Seri is popular with the girls because of his cute looks, he’s actually a really cold person under that exterior. Loves teasing Nazuna, but for some reason he seems to dislike the Kano brothers.

For the first date, Seri takes Nazuna to the rose garden. Nazuna thinks she should try leading the date because she’s older, but Seri escorts her properly. He asks which kind of rose she likes the best, whispering “you’re unexpectedly passionate” when she says she loves the red one. While at first Nazuna feels at ease, Seri quickly gets bored and starts making a move on her. He touches her cheek and moves closer, but he also says kissing is just a meaningless gesture. Instead, he’s more interested in observing her reaction and guessing how she feels.

From her eyes to the her walking position beside him, Seri can read Nazuna like a book.. and he’s doing this just to prove that any kind emotions can be solved with logic. Seeing Nazuna looking surprised, he goes on to ask “how does it feel when a younger guy is reading your heart’s contents?” in a rather cheeky manner. Unable to give a proper answer, Nazuna only remains silent. She’s pretty smart and logical herself, but such a theory only works on Seri because she can’t read how he feels at all.

While Nazuna doesn’t like how the date club plays with people’s hearts, Seri thinks it’s really stupid how she acts like a victim. He knows she’s also playing with someone’s heart without even realizing it, and he thinks she’s just playing a saint for her own benefit. However, Seri doesn’t hate that complicated side of her. Now that the necessary “actors” have gathered, he wants to try making her drink the poison by herself — just like Juliet. The difference is instead of killing himself, her Romeo will only laugh at her stupidity.

On their second date, Seri wants to have a “home date” in the club room instead of going out. He asks Nazuna to play chess together, but she refuses saying she doesn’t know the rules. Instead of teaching her, Seri declares his unearned victory and thinks she should be punished for giving up without trying. As both the penalty and a part of his experiment, Seri then asks Nazuna to say she loves him repeatedly until her voice is gone. Saying the same thing over and over again works as an auto-suggestion on most people, and he wants to see if it affects her as well. When she refuses to play his game, he challenges her by asking “why? are you afraid of falling in love with me?” and forces her to do it anyway. It’s a penalty after all.

After Nazuna says “I love Seri-kun” multiple times in a row, Seri stops her to ask if she has fallen in love with him. Much to his surprise, Nazuna answers “no”. It’s true that she becomes more conscious of him after repeating those words, but her feelings for him remains neutral. Seri isn’t amused and says he can tell if she’s lying, so Nazuna tells him to see the answer in her eyes — breaking his “perfect” logic. Even if she does fall in love, it’s nothing more than a temporary illusion. After a short silence, Seri sighs and says this is stupid. He doesn’t care about how Nazuna really feels. He’s only pissed that everything doesn’t go according to plan.

Despite this, Seri finds himself slowly getting drawn to Nazuna. At first he only wanted her Halloween candy just to damage the Kano brothers’ pride, but then he realized he’s wishing for something else. He wanted her to choose him, though he doesn’t know if it will grant him any benefits. In any case, winning the bet alone isn’t enough for Seri. He wants Nazuna to give all her heart and feelings to him.

For the third date, Nazuna follows Seri to the rose garden again. There’s a rare rose that only grows in the school, and it just bloomed earlier in the morning. Nazuna gets really excited upon seeing the beautiful rose, pulling Seri to take a closer look until he falls down. Since Seri keeps grumbling and refuses to walk with his injured leg, Nazuna feels bad and helps him walk to a bench. She blushes when Seri’s breath tickles her hair as he speaks, unaware that it’s 100% intentional. Seri also asks her to clean the wound by licking his leg, but he drops the idea since Nazuna keeps refusing.

Right after Nazuna puts a band-aid on his leg, Seri asks what would she do if he actually got injured just to get treated by her. Obviously Nazuna is surprised and asks if he really did it on purpose, but Seri only leaves the answer to her imagination. Deep inside, he feels satisfied to see Nazuna following his orders. He wonders how the Kano brothers will react if they ever see her blushing like earlier, but he doesn’t care about anything else. He’s the only one who can control her, and it feels pleasant to have her under his fingers.

In December, Nazuna visits the library to study for the upcoming exams. There she finds Seri glued in front of his notes, writing something with a serious look. She decides not to disturb him and focuses on her own studies, until Seri greets her by himself.. though he keeps making fun of her when she can’t solve a problem in the book. Nazuna then asks for a helpful hint, but Seri just HAVE to reply with a sarcastic “don’t you feel ashamed for asking people?” ( ಠ_ಠ ) While he actually wants her to fall in love and lose the bet in return, he ends up teaching her anyway. Just because things won’t be interesting if Nazuna’s intelligence decreases. When Nazuna thanks him, Seri coldly replies with “I don’t need those cheap words.” WTF.

Nazuna also asks if he was studying for the exams, but Seri only laughs and says he’s not studying only for exams. After Seri leaves, Kakeru appears asking if Nazuna has found Seri’s weakness. Everything about him seems to be perfect though, because he’s smart and cute despite his cheeky attitude. Kakeru wonders why Seri became such a twisted person, since he’s loved by everyone around him. He clearly knows something, but instead of explaining.. Kakeru asks what would Nazuna do to learn more about the person she likes. Nazuna says she’ll try to make that person happy, but apparently that’s the wrong answer.

If you wants to know more about someone, find out what makes them angry.

After school, Nazuna notices Seri walking with a lot of books in his hands. She follows him all the way to a marsh in the woods, where he takes a book from the pile and starts flipping the pages. At first Nazuna thinks Seri just wants to have a quiet reading time here, but the moment she turns around.. he tears up all the books — which turns out to be school textbooks — and throws them into the marsh. Noticing that Nazuna is watching nearby, Seri explains he doesn’t need these books anymore. He already memorized their contents. Everything he doesn’t need is nothing more than trash, and that’s why he’s throwing them away.

When Nazuna tries to stop him from doing this, Seri yells at her not to touch him. This reminds her of Kakeru’s words, though she doesn’t know what actually causes Seri’s wrath. As they watch the books drowning in the swamp, Seri says everything will be over if he drowns as well. Nazuna is surprised and asks him not to say such things; but he only calls her stupid for touching him again, brushes off her hands, and leaves the forest in silence. She doesn’t know that he’s doing this on purpose, hoping he can put a safe distance between them. He doesn’t want her to act all friendly just because he helped with her studies earlier.

The next day, Nazuna keeps thinking about Seri. She wants to know more about him, though she’s trying to deny her growing interest. Nazuna visits the chapel at noon since the door is opened, and she finds Seri watching her inside. As usual, Seri teases about how Nazuna’s dirty footprints are ruining the virgin road, admitting that he’s teasing her because she’s boring. Even though her mind tells her to escape, Nazuna stays and asks Seri to have lunch together instead. Obviously he thinks she’s plotting something, and he makes it REALLY clear that he’s only approaching her for the bet. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand his intentions. When Nazuna stops him from leaving, Seri bites her neck and says “you’re sweet like a candy, but you’re not my type.” Then he leaves the shocked Nazuna alone in the chapel.

For the fourth date, Seri wants to go to a quiet place. Nazuna agrees thinking they’re going to the library, but he takes her to an underground chamber instead. The moment they arrive, Seri takes out a book and starts reading in the dark — ignoring Nazuna and her complaints. They can’t remain silent during the date though, so Nazuna asks him about the book he’s reading. He says she can borrow it later if she really wants to, revealing the book to be The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. Yes, Seri is reading a horror novel in a creepy place. (´・ω・`A;) However, Nazuna makes a grave mistake by admitting that she doesn’t like horror.

With an evil smile on his face, Seri starts reading the contents of the book for Nazuna. He also points to a shadow saying it’s similar to the black cat’s, but he panicks when she gets scared and clings to him lol. Seri says they won’t know what he’s gonna do if she keeps hugging him like this, but Nazuna notices that he’s actually blushing despite his cold words. Since Nazuna looks like she’s about to cry, Seri finally decides to leave the book and entertain her instead.. by telling her about the seven wonders of the school. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ A prisoner died in this underground prison in the past, separated from his beloved wife even until his death. Rumors have it that his ghost whispers “kiss me please” to anyone who enters the place, and those who hear it must kiss the person beside them. Or else the ghost will curse them in three days.

Just then Seri says he can hear something, and someone whispers “kiss me please” into their ears. Following the story, Seri asks Nazuna to kiss him here. He doesn’t want to steal a kiss from her, so he wants her to initiate the kiss. Nazuna is scared to death and kisses Seri on the cheek without asking, but even though Seri blushes at first.. soon she can see that his eyes are totally laughing at her LOL. He finds it weird that Nazuna doesn’t escape from him though, considering he did many things to scare her on purpose. He can see that she was scared in the chapel — just like what his theories said — but why did she decide to stay? She’s going against his logic, and he can’t understand her actions.

The next day, Nazuna feels sleepy since her mind was full of Seri last night. In fact, she’s so distracted she’d fallen off the stairs at school if Kazuya didn’t warn her. Noticing a similarity between Seri and Kazuya, Nazuna then asks if he’s being quiet on purpose. While Kazuya admits he doesn’t like talking about unnecessary things, he also reveals that the real reason is because he’s hiding his true self. If a person never shows what he’s thinking of, it means he doesn’t want people to look at his real self. From her ドM classmate who’s completely in love with Suou, Nazuna also realized that she might be in love with Seri as well, though she wipes the thought quickly.

Since Nazuna is chosen to represent Hakuou Gakuen in an academic assembly, she thinks it’s a good way to distract her mind. Sadly Nazuna’s effort to forget Seri turns into a waste when she finds him on the school yard later on, getting beaten up by some students. She runs over to stop them, but Seri yells at her instead — “who do you think you are? you think I need your help? don’t pity me! go away! disappear! you’re annoying!” … ( ಠ_ಠ ) Nazuna runs off feeling terrible, though eventually Seri comes to see her in the library after school. He’s been looking for her because there’s something he wants to talk about, so she follows him outside.

Out in the hallway, Seri apologized for yelling at her earlier. Nazuna also apologized for poking her nose into his business, but he tells her it’s okay. Seri also invites her to eat in the cafeteria together, shocking Nazuna since he refused her lunch invitation yesterday. On the way, Seri explains that getting attacked like that is a part of his life. Everyone has people they don’t like, though he prefers adapting rather than being violent. Nazuna thinks it’s really lonely to adjust yourself just to adapt, but she knows Seri won’t understand. Their way of thinking is just too different. However, she feels happy when Seri says he still wants to talk for a bit longer. So happy that she doesn’t hear him whispering “so cheap..”

When they stop by the chapel at night, Seri reveals that he doesn’t believe in wedding vows. To him it’s just the same as making empty promises, because people won’t be able to tell what will happen next. Nazuna tells him that it might be difficult to understand, but she thinks people swear their love because they want to stay together. When he asks if she ever felt that way before, she avoids the subject by saying their parents should undertsand that feeling.. and he sighs before falling into silence. Nazuna uses this chance to ask about his past, but sadly this only causes Seri’s mood to take a turn for the worse. Instead of answering her question, he tells her it’s natural that he skipped grades. He worked hard to achieve what he has now.

Seri also throws a lot of questions at her, the last one being “can you tell what I’m feeling right now?” Of course Nazuna doesn’t know since he never said anything, so Seri finally says he’ll let her know the answer.. by LOCKING HER IN THE STORAGE WTF MAN. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ This is her punishment for pitying him without even knowing the reason. Cellphones won’t get any reception here, so she won’t be able to call for help. Before locking the door, he also tells her to enjoy the delicious punishment — screaming alone in the dark until her voice runs out.

Wabisuke and Daria come to save her in the morning, saying the other club members are really worried about her too. Before Wabisuke can ask her what happened, Seri appears pretending to be innocent.. and Nazuna can’t say the truth in front of them. She lies saying she was only searching for something and fell asleep, taking all the blame to herself. Noticing that her hands are wounded, Seri then says he’ll take Nazuna to the infirmary while Wabisuke should inform the others with Daria. Just as expected, Seri’s attitude instantly flips right after they leave. He wants to know why she lied, and he gets pissed when Nazuna says it’s for Wabisuke’s sake.

Of course Nazuna doesn’t know why Seri is so angry about this, so she tells him she’s going to punish him as well. He might try to hide how he really feels right now, but one day she will bring the real him into the light. For a moment Seri looks surprised, but he quickly regains his composure and wishes her luck. Then he leaves her to go to the infirmary by herself.

For their fifth date, Seri tells Nazuna to use her brain and determine their date spot for today. He complains when Nazuna decides to visit the art gallery, especially since it’s really packed thanks to an exhibition. He also complains about every single thing she does, but she realized he’s probably trying to ruin the mood on purpose. Nazuna tries to be patient and puts up with Seri’s attitude with a smile, until he eventually snaps saying her behavior today annoys him to no end. He admits she’s being too submissive today, so he can’t have fun picking on her. Even though Seri treats her like a toy, Nazuna is happy to see him starting to be more honest.

When they return to the dorm later, Reito comes to tell Seri that he’s got a package from home. It was sent by his family, but Seri refuses to accept it saying he doesn’t have any family. He’ll give it to Nazuna if she doesn’t want him to throw it away. In Seri’s eyes, Nazuna is a really strange person. He did all he can to hurt her, and yet she doesn’t run away. While he doesn’t know what she expects from him, he can’t deny that he keeps searcing for her as well.

On the day of the assembly, Nazuna finds out that Seri is the other representative of Hakuou Gakuen. In other words, her partner for the event today. He seems bothered about something, but he says it’s got nothing to do with her. Even though Seri keeps criticizing her actions as usual, he helps her to calm down during the formal greetings. Noticing that Nazuna is hungry, Seri also goes to get her favorite food from the table — “so you won’t embarrass me if your stomach growls during the greetings” lol. However, Seri’s expression instantly darkens when a man named Mutou Junya approaches them. While he’s really polite towards Nazuna, Junya is acting really thorny towards Seri.

It turns out that this is the thing that bothered Seri earlier, and he went as far as reading the guest list just to check if Junya’s going to come. He also mentions that he’s Seri’s “master”, but he’s more interested in dancing with Nazuna right now. She doesn’t like how he treats Seri though, so she politely refuses and goes to dance with Seri instead.. until Junya bumps into them on purpose. They take a break near the fountain since Nazuna’s leg starts hurting, and Seri asks if she’s been enduring all the pain all this time. He tries to hide it at first, but then he blushes and treats her injured ankle with a handkerchief. Seri also admits — for the first time ever — that he’s not as perfect as she thinks. Everyone has their own flaws after all.

When Nazuna says she feels happy to talk to him like this, Seri finally shows a bit of his true colors — a tsundere lol. He blushes and goes “僕はあなたなんて、大嫌いですからね。” before adding “..but thank you for defending me.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Seri admits he still doesn’t believe in love right now, but if one day he comes to understand that feeling.. Sadly this conversation is interrupted by Junya who appears to disturb them again. He tells Nazuna not to worry since Seri can never go against him anyway, dragging her back to the dance floor. It was from him that Nazuna finally learns about Seri’s past.

A few years before Seri came to Hakuou Gakuen, he used to live in Junya’s mansion. They’re distant relatives, though Junya only thinks of him as a hindrance. His parents both came from a good family, but they left their fiancées and eloped. The Saionji family collapsed because of this. Nobody blessed his birth, not to mention his parents died afterwards — leaving him alone with the family that hates his existence. They think of him as a burden in their already hard life. Seri himself also hates his parents for being so irresponsible, and Junya’s family took him in just because nobody wants him. Seri spent most of his time studying, but Junya thinks it’s only because he doesn’t want to be thrown away anymore.

Junya also says Seri’s parents used to work for the Kano family when they were still alive. This is why Seri doesn’t want to lose to the brothers, and he’s acting really cold towards them for the same reason. Junya has a brilliant idea of spreading this story to the entire school just to cause trouble for Seri, but Nazuna slaps his cheek, calls him the worst, and says goodbye. Seri remains silent as Nazuna takes him to a quiet place, where he finally asks if it’s okay to do that in front of everyone. When she says she feels refreshed and apologized for doing such a thing, Seri admits he actually feels the same. Even if people blame her later, he will share the blame with her. He tells her he’s really grateful and moves in to kiss her, but sadly she feels embarrassed and runs off to the dorm after saying good night.

The next day at school, the first thing Suou says to Nazuna is “you’re still inexperienced” and he gives her a LONG lecture about how to slap someone properly. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After school she meets up with Seri in the club room, but she keeps spacing out since her mind is full of him. He forces her to say what she’s thinking about, and he goes Σ(〃д〃)エッ when she admits it’s him lol. This is the first time Seri invites Nazuna out on a date, and they’re both nervous after what happened last night. How cute. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Seri also admits he doesn’t know where to take her today. He wants to make her happy, but he can’t seem to think with his logic anymore. Nazuna is more than happy to hear this though, so they end up taking a walk around the school instead — enjoying the scenery around them.

When they see a Christmas tree in the school garden, Seri admits he has always dreamed of a warm Christmas with a famiy who can accept him. He thought this kind of wish doesn’t suit him, but he believes Nazuna when she says it’s not true. He also says he thinks love is foolish because of what his parents did, and he’s the result of that foolishness. Just like Nazuna, he came to Hakuou Gakuen after receiving an invitation from someone he doesn’t even know. It irritates him that he has to rely on other people to survive, and he thought of his life as a way to kill time before he dies. However, right now he feels that living might not be so bad after all.

After hearing how he really feels, Nazuna hugs Seri and he hugs her back. She admits she felt sorry and wanted to do something for him, but this is the only thing she can do. Seri says the memories from his past are now floating inside his mind, and he asks her to stay like this until he calms down. Both of them know they have lost the bet. Seri thinks Nazuna is a really strong person, while Nazuna wants to fulfill Seri’s wish of having a happy Christmas.


One afternoon, Nazuna goes shopping alone in town. She was on the way to buy Christmas presents for Seri and Wabisuke when suddenly someone knocks her out from behind. Before losing her consciousness, Nazuna heard a familiar voice saying “it’s your own fault for getting along with him.” At night Reito informs Seri that Nazuna is missing. The only clue they have is an envelope containing Seri’s handkerchief, found in front of their dorm. It’s enough to tell Seri where Nazuna is though — the basement in Junya’s mansion. He got beaten up by Junya and his gang, but he doesn’t resist until they take him to Nazuna’s place.

Back when Seri just came into this mansion, Junya tried to get along thinking they should be brothers.. but he only got rejected. Seri wasn’t interested in anything other than standing on top of everyone else, and now Junya wants to get revenge. Seri watches in silence as Junya runs his knife on Nazuna’s skin, but he eventually pushes Junya away before he can rip her clothes. As he picks the knife on the floor, Seri tells them to stop involving Nazuna.. or else he might really have to kill them. He’s going to lose a place to belong again, but he doesn’t mind if it means he can protect Nazuna. Since Junya ignores his warning, Seri proves that he’s serious by stabbing Junya. The other guys ran away, and Seri hugs Nazuna with his bloodied hands.

Prohibition Normal Ending

Thinking this will be the last time they can see each other, Seri asks Nazuna to smile even if it’s just for a short while. She has to leave before anyone finds them here, but Seri needs to explain some things before then. First, he actually came to check up on her after he locked her up in the storage. She was tired and fast asleep, and he couldn’t do anything at all. The result might have been different if he can treat her more kindly.. but fate has lead them here. Next, he also reveals that he knows her even before she came to Hakuou Gakuen. The mysterious person who invited him here sent him a mail one day, saying there’s a student who’s “more capable” than he is. This person is definitely dangerous, and Seri wants Nazuna to be careful.

When Seri was investigating Nazuna’s data, the Kano brothers found out about her. That was the start of their bet, which also explains why the club members already knew about Nazuna right from her first day at school. Seri apologized for hiding this, admitting that he lost their bet in the end. Just before Seri confesses, the door suddenly bursts open.. and Kakeru comes in. Even though Seri is thinking of reporting his crime to the police, Kakeru orders them to go back to the dorm. He’ll take care of everything else. Why is he doing this? Because he doesn’t want to lose interesting “pawns” from his game.

Seri doesn’t want to involve Nazuna at all, but she tells him she wants to stay with him. She’s going to carry this sin with him all her life. Following Kakeru’s order, Seri and Nazuna return to the dorm straight away. She quickly changes into her uniform, in order to make everyone think that she was staying in school all day — covering up the truth. They don’t know what’s going to happen from now on, but they will always stay together. From the news, they learn that Junya’s case is labeled as a “suicide”, but both Seri and Nazuna don’t care anymore about the truth. As long as they can hug each other like this. Finally, Seri understands how his parents must have felt when they eloped. This is what love makes people do.

Prohibition Hard Ending

In order to get Nazuna out of the crime scene, Seri says harsh things on purpose. He tells her to go away because he hates her, saying he only stabbed Junya because of his insults. That doesn’t work on Nazuna though. She has decided to stay with Seri no matter what happens, because she loves him. Seri says she’s a really foolish person, but in the end the two of them escape from Junya’s mansion together. They don’t have anyone to rely on, depending solely on Seri’s remaining savings to survive. Seri is labelled as a criminal though, so they have to live on the run.

However, Nazuna soon realized that Seri doesn’t have any money to begin with. He never lets her come to buy food together, probably because he took everything without paying.. and he doesn’t want her to know. She cries and tells him not to keep all the burden to himself, but he tries to leave her that night. Soon Wabisuke will come to pick her up, so she can wake up from this nightmare. While Seri insists that he wants her to be happy, he eventually gives in when Nazuna says her happiness is to stay with him. As they sit in a snowy back alley, Seri tells the sleeping Nazuna that he will always love her now and forever. Then he closes his eyes as well.


After spending the whole morning surveying the library, Nazuna decides to give Seri a picture book for his Christmas present. When she calls him to the rooftop during lunch, he comes late because he was dragged into the Kano brothers’ yet another stupid argument. Despite Seri’s attitude towards them before, Nazuna notices that he’s enjoying their companion now. Since he notices she’s got something to say to him, Seri asks her to be honest with him. Seri was hiding a lot of things from her, but he’s willing to tell her everything as long as she keeps it a secret. He doesn’t like it if people interferes with his issues, but Nazuna is special.

Seri then starts teasing her by saying he’s thinking of kissing her right now, so Nazuna blurts out “w-will you spend Christmas with me!?” LOL. This surprised Seri so much he freezes in place, but then he happily replies with “sure, it’s not like I don’t want to spend it with you.. and I’m free too” — tsundere-style. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ This will be Seri’s first time celebrating Christmas with someone, so he invites her to have dinner in a fancy restaurant as well. Even though he tries to act calm and composed, Seri also asks her to hold hands with him on Christmas. xD

Nazuna later meets Kakeru in the hallway, and she admits she can’t look for Seri’s weakness anymore. She apologized for failing to accomplish their goal, but Kakeru says he understands. Or rather, he already calculated this kind of outcome. When Christmas finally comes, Nazuna goes to meet Seri in front of the Christmas tree in the garden.

Pure Love Normal Ending

Not too long after she arrives, Nazuna receives a mail from Seri. He caught a cold and it’s now worsening, so he will be a little late for their date. Nazuna is worried, and instead of waiting for him in the garden.. she sneaks into his room in the boys’ dorm. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Reito caught her on the way, but he guides her towards Seri’s room as a Christmas present lol. Seri still wants to go out for their Christmas date even in that condition, so Nazuna tells him they should stay here for today. As long as she can spend the day with him, it’s more than enough. It’s his first time saying “Merry Christmas” to someone too, and he gives her a handmade snow dome for her Christmas present. Seri has always thought celebrating Christmas is useless, but today he actually feels grateful.

After telling Seri to get some rest, Nazuna borrows his kitchen to make a porridge for him. He blushes when she tries to feed him, but he eats from the spoon anyway. (*´∀`*) When she puts the tray aside, Seri then hugs Nazuna and pulls her into his bed. It’s really cold today, so he wants to stay like this for a while. Nazuna says she’ll hug him until he falls asleep, and Seri replies with “I won’t sleep then, so you’ll stay like this forever right?” He also asks her to tell him everything about her life, because he wants to know more about her — admitting that he’s interested in her as a girl.

Seri quits the date club after Christmas, and he also convinces the Kano brothers to release Wabisuke from the club as well. Nazuna is still unsure about her relationship status with Seri since none of them said the words, so Seri then kisses her in the rose garden and asks: “Will you elope with me? If it’s for you I can become anyone. I love you.. forever.”

Pure Love Hard Ending

When Nazuna comes to the garden, Seri is already waiting for her. For her Christmas present, Seri nervously gives her a teddy bear he made for her. He says this doesn’t suit him at all, but Nazuna is happy to receive his feelings. When he opens the present she gave him, Seri is at a loss for words because he never felt this happy before. They look into each other’s eyes in silence for a while.. until the Christmas tree suddenly starts burning by itself. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Nazuna is disappointed since she wants to present the best Christmas for Seri, but he actually thinks it’s good that everyone’s attention are focused on the burning tree. Now he can kiss Nazuna without any worries.

They’re not aware that inside the school building, Kakeru is amazed by his wonderful plan. He totally burns the Christmas tree just to create a chance for Seri and Nazuna to kiss, though Kazuya thinks it’s an evil idea.

Just like the normal ending, Seri quits the dating club after Christmas and forces the brothers to release Wabisuke too. However, Seri and Nazuna are having a big argument one day. In fact, they’re so busy arguing in the club room that they kick Aoi away. Even though he’s only trying to remind them that it’s club activity time now. That, and they’re actually arguing about who loves each other more — 100% a lover’s quarrel LOL. If Nazuna still insists that her love is bigger, Seri says he’ll push her down right here right now. In front of everyone. The club members never expected to see this side of him, but they’re happy to see his relationship with Nazuna. Except maybe Wabisuke. xD

After they’re done arguing, Seri and Nazuna go outside to see the sakura tree blooming. This is the first time they go flower-viewing together, and he kisses her under the sakura tree. He never thought sakura are beautiful before, but now everything in his world are shining with a fresh light. Seri tells Nazuna he can understand his parents’ feelings now, and now that he knows how it feels to be born from such a beautiful feeling.. he swears to love her eternally.

While Seri’s attitude annoyed me up until chapter five, he’s really cute after transforming into a blushing tsundere shota LOL. The problems he’s carrying is rather big, so it’s understandable why he became so twisted at the age of 14. For those of you who are wondering, there are no suspicious / implied sex scenes in Seri’s route. Which is good, because I won’t be able to stomach it. (´・ω・`A;) There’s nothing suggestive in this route, and the kiss scenes are more romantic than erotic. So you all can relax. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Ignoring Seri’s young age, I actually love the romance in his pure love route. Both endings are really sweet, but my favorite is the hard one. The prohibition ones are just too twisted and depressing, do not want.

Flower Language:
Seri / Japanese Parsley — nobility, integrity


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  1. BAH!!!!! so my friend lied to me?! i’m gonna find her… but oh well. i guess her mind was twisted with all that cloth ripping stuff she thought they did something dirty ;D again i’m sorry. since my PSP is at hospital i can’t play these games. i wouldn’t lie you know. lol! but i think you’re also happy? no naughty stuff here. yay! … but i think they SHOULD be some in those twins route. after all, there are in OTHER guys route. i hope you believe me right? seriously. it wasn’t me who played that game… i hope you’re not mad at me. (sorry if that sounded to weird)

    • No, I’m not mad. Why should I be mad? :D
      I think Junya was planning something dirty, but really.. it’s over before it could even start lol. Some of Seri’s blackout might be suggestive, though it depends on your imagination. For me they all sound innocent. Maybe because I’m not interested lol.

      Oh, and I’m sure the brothers have ero scenes. Especially Aoi. xD

  2. Baw, I thought Seri’s route was beautiful! Especially after he becomes a blushy tsundere mess ;D no wait, actually even before that lol. Maybe this is bad…maybe I’m turning into shotacon….At least his voice is deep and he’s as tall as Nazuna, so I can somewhat ignore his age…

    Nazuna is kinda cool here~ I totally wanted to slap Junya and she did :DDD that alone gets her lots of points in my book. Even though her face looks really off in some of the CG’s orz

    Why are his prohibition route so sad ; A ; I felt the tears in my eyes when I played his prohibition hard ending. Or maybe I’m emotional. But its so sad ; A ; he’s only 14 for gawd’s sake, that’s kinda terrible…

    • Seri becoming a tsundere flipped my impression instantly. xD
      I didn’t like him at all before that, but then he suddenly became so adorable.. and Kishio’s voice helps a lot whenever we want to ignore / forget / mentally blocks his age lol. I agree, Nazuna is both cool and mature here. She can put up with Seri’s tantrums, and she slapped Junya for us. 8D

      I don’t even know what went wrong in his prohibition route. In the hard ending, the dialogues are written as if they’re going to die on the streets. -_-“

      • Oh Gawd I got that feeling too! I was like “WAIT WHAT THEY’RE GONNA DIE!? DDDDD:”
        Wabisuke isn’t a psycho yandere nii-chan here but then you give me Junya DDD: that’s terrible.
        Isn’t Kakeru a magnificent bastard? xD Burning a tree down so they can kiss pfffttt

        • YES. Kakeru terrifies me. He also has scary giggles in Wabisuke’s route lol.
          It’s like the game wants to have at least one yandere / people who can mess up things in every single route. I dunno about the brothers yet, but it’s been that way so far. Wabisuke = himself, Reito = Wabisuke, Daria = the fangirl, Seri = Junya. (´・ω・`A;)

  3. the routes are actually wat the title implies, ‘love’ and ‘prohibition’, here =D this is interesting although his attutide was annoying in the beginning, this was easy to understand but again i dont know where the ‘forbidden’ part went @.@

    anyways i am looking forward to the 2 brothers’ route, hope they are not that evil

    • The only “forbidden” thing in Seri’s route is his prohibition route. Other than that, it’s like romance with a twisted tsundere shota lol. I don’t think the Kano brothers are that evil, really. They’re just stupid rich kids. xD

  4. HNNGGGG <3 SERI OH GOD lol I was TOTALLY looking forward to Seri just 'cause his seiyuu is Kishio Daisuke~
    And now… I'm totally lookin' forward to it even if he is cruel and mean at the beginning (for reasons we now know justifies this attitude) lol all that tsundere blushing cuteness + Kishio Daisuke's voice? I'm gonna have a heart attack XD I nearly had one just reading your summary bahahaha! Turns out this game is surprising me all around 8D I can't wait to actually play it! XD

    • Play it when you have the time. It’s not for everyone but if you like these forbidden stuff, you’ll enjoy it. Wabisuke’s creepy yandere mode aside. xD

      LOL yes, Seri is really annoying for the first five chapters, but his cute blushing デレデレ side is really worth going through all those trouble. 8D Kishio did a great job too, since Seri’s voice never pierced my ears like shotas usually do lol.

      • a soft tear burn’s in the back of my eye…too dramatic huh?

        well i loved his route because like you i wouldn’t be able to stomach the sex parts. i did think he was a bit of a jerk in the beginning but over all his route was sweet and pure (ok most of it)

        • According to a friend, Seri and Nazuna actually had sex on Christmas. It was just a subtle line and not so blatantly obvious like in other routes, so I completely missed the hint lol.

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