Gekka Ryouran – Kano Atsumori

Finally it’s time to tackle the brothers! ヽ(。・∀・。)ノ I feel that their stories are like two parts of a larger picture, so I’m glad I left them for last. Judging by looks only, Atsumori is my favorite. 8D

The younger one of the Kano brothers. Atsumori is a first year student, though he completely controls the school with his stepbrother. He’s a sharp-tongued ドS who has quite a warped view of the world, thinking he’s always right in everything he does. People finds him hard to approach thanks to his personality, even though his looks are definitely top-class. Atsumori’s love for chocolate is extreme, and he admits he only wears glasses to look smart.

Nazuna takes Atsumori to the chapel for the first date, but she regrets her decision instantly. On top of not giving a crap about her opinion, Atsumori also acts all high and mighty as usual. When she tries to express her displeasure, he says she’s like a cat begging for her master’s attention. Obviously Nazuna is pissed, so she then snatches Atsumori’s chocolate and eats it in front of him. She tells him she’ll return the chocolate if they release Wabisuke from the club, but she forgot she’s dealing with a ドS here. Atsumori moves closer to eat the chocolate from her mouth, but since Nazuna keeps resisting.. he licks it off her fingers instead. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Atsumori also asks if she wants him to lick deeper, and Nazuna drops the chocolate in a panic lol. Seems like she’s still got a long way to go before she win against him lol. While he wanted to punish Nazuna for stealing his chocolate, Atsumori is actually impressed too since she’s the only girl who has the nerve to do so. All the girls he played with so far always followed what he says, so Nazuna’s resistance has piqued his interest. He wants to see how she’s going to deal with him from now on, thinking this is just like playing with a cat.

For their second date, Atsumori takes Nazuna to a fancy restaurant in the school area. When he explains the ingredients of their meal, she realized he’s actually quite knowledgeable. Even though he spends most of his time fooling around with Aoi. (* ・艸・)プッ He keeps complaining as usual — which makes her wonder why this troublesome guy is popular LOL — but he also tells her to be thankful and enjoy the meal. Since this is a “full course luxury date”, Atsumori guides Nazuna to the dance floor after dinner. She gets nervous when he puts his hand on her waist, but apparently he’s still holding back. As he teaches her to dance, he grabs her butt saying he’s just fixing her posture. Not to mention he also licks her nose to keep her attention focused on him alone. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

Even though Nazuna’s table manners and dancing skills are pretty much nonexistant, Atsumori actually feels happy that she enjoys listening to his explanations. He’s always surrounded by people who never listens to others like Aoi, so he appreciates Nazuna for listening to what he has to say. He won’t take her to have a formal dinner again since it’s tiring him out, but he still wants to keep her company for a little longer.

On the third date, Atsumori is irritated about what Aoi said to Daria — “being a victim for your parents is natural.” He’ll get even more annoyed when he’s bored, so he asks Nazuna to make him happy. He says there’s only one way to make a guy happy during a date, which leads her mind to fly to the forbidden zone, but then he laughs and says teasing her is the best way to kill time. When they hear some teachers passing by in the hallway, Atsumori hugs Nazuna and bites her ear to tease her even more. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン The teachers find them “making out” in the classroom, but instead of giving a warning.. they apologize for disturbing Atsumori and leave.

Atsumori asks if she wants him to bite her lips next, but Nazuna pushes him away because it hurts. She refuses his offer to lick her bleeding ear, and he says he’ll bite it harder next time. T-this ドS… Σ(゚д゚ ;) At first Atsumori finds the date boring because Nazuna doesn’t allow him to kiss her, but he finds this biting game interesting. He loves seeing her white skin turning red, and next time he wants to bite her in a place hidden from everyone’s eyes. It’s the first time a girl ever makes his heart dances, so he’ll return the debt by playing this game with her.

As the season gets colder, Nazuna realized that she’s gotten used to the date club so much. She also enjoys spending time with them recently, which isn’t good at all for their bet. As she thinks alone in the library, she suddenly heard Atsumori getting called to the principal’s office. Soon a sour-looking Atsumori appears to drag her along, and Nazuna agrees thinking it might be a chance to grab his weakness. She was expecting to see the principal as well, but they only find Kazuya there as the representative. The principal’s message for Atsumori is simple: “thank you” — probably referring to his parents’ donation. It’s necessary to cover up a lot of suspicious things in their family, including the fact that Atsumori and Aoi aren’t real brothers.

Since the Kano family is drowning in money, Atsumori asks if Nazuna wants to buy the book she’s carrying from the library. She refuses because she’s not after their wealth, and she’s more interested in why only Atsumori got called to the principal’s office. He says it’s because things will get out of hand if they call Aoi as well, and he quickly changes the topic by inviting Nazuna to do naughty things again.. but she pushes him away and runs off outside, where she meets Aoi. When Nazuna tells him what she just heard from Atsumori, Aoi turns quiet and says he’s just like a trash to his family. They can throw him away anytime.

Nazuna then goes to the garden to pick up the trash Aoi threw out from the window, and she notices a courier holding a package for Atsumori. He’s lost since the school is pretty huge, so she agrees to deliver the package in his place. Nazuna can’t find Atsumori during lunch break though, and she ends up leaving the package in the club room. During class she thinks about how Atsumori will scold her later, but her trains of thought is interrupted by a loud explosion from the club room.. caused by none other than the package she left. Some people saw her entering the club room with that package, and so Nazuna is summoned to the principal’s office by the police. They want to bring her to the station for further investigation, but soon Atsumori comes saying she’s not the culprit. He won’t report this incident either and asks them to leave.

After the police leave, Atsumori explains that he already knew everything right from the start. Members of the Kano family are having a dispute over the head position, because everyone wants to conquer the wealth for themselves. The one who sent the bomb must be his relative, and this is also one of the things they hide from public. Back when Nazuna just transferred he also got a package full of chocolates, and he threw them away because it was a trap as well. Luckily the explosion earlier wasn’t that big. Atsumori was in class as well, and the bomb only broke some stuff in the club room. Wabisuke isn’t amused about this though, asking her not to approach Atsumori anymore.

When she goes to visit the library, Nazuna overhears some girls gossiping about the incident. Rumors have it that every single son in the Kano family was born from a different mother, and the current head has two wives at the moment. There are three sons in the family, but there might be illegitimate children too behind the screen. Outside, Nazuna notices Atsumori looking sad and decides to follow him towards the chapel. There she finds him glaring at the cross,
whispering “I will live. No matter what happens, I will survive.” As if their family dispute isn’t enough for the Kano brothers, the next day Nazuna finds some delinquents beating them up in the garden. Aoi is already down on the ground and Atsumori remains silent for a moment, but then he gets up and starts beating them up until eventually Reito comes to stop him.

Later on Atsumori orders Nazuna to come to the club room with him. He grabs her wrist like he usually does, but she pushes his hand away — still scared of what she saw earlier. This only adds to Atsumori’s already bad mood, and he pushes Nazuna down asking if she thinks of him as a monster as well. Even though Nazuna doesn’t think so, sadly she ends up shoving him away and runs off. However, Nazuna feels really bad when Seri hands her a book in the club room. It’s the book Atsumori offered to buy for her yesterday. She told him it’s an expensive, rare book, and he actually went to get a copy for her. Now all sorts of guilt are piercing her heart, because she realized that Atsumori was planning to give it to her. Soon he comes to the club room and tells her it’s time for their date, but he doesn’t say anything else.

For the fourth date, Atsumori takes Nazuna for a walk in the rose garden. Nazuna looks away when Atsumori comes closer for a kiss, so he gently holds her hand and asks her not to be scared. Knowing Nazuna is still thinking about the fight, Atsumori asks if she’s scared of him.. and even though she denies it, he knows she’s lying out of guilt. He tells her not to look away if she wants to win a fight and stares deep into her eyes — forcing her to do the same. The moment she blinks, Atsumori says she lost because she escaped from his gaze, even though it’s because he suddenly licks her fingers lol. He tells her not to trust people so easily, or else she’ll get hurt one day.

As they walk into the chapel, Nazuna asks why he bought the book for her. Atsumori denies buying it for her sake, saying he only wants to show her that he can get everything he wants despite the price and rarity — people included. He believes he can get anyone as long as he’s got enough money to provide their needs and wants, so he thinks Nazuna will fall for him too eventually. The book is a good example, since she became less thorny to him after receiving it. Atsumori grabs Nazuna’s hand before she can slap him, and he forces a kiss on her until she finally bites his lip to resist. He looks sad when she tells him money can’t buy people’s hearts, but a high laughter quickly replaces that expression. If Nazuna insists that much, then he’ll just have to show her the proof.

Despite what he said to Nazuna, Atsumori knows that she’s right. He can never buy anyone’s heart. However, he also knows that people will give in to their greed eventually. Even though he thinks Nazuna will fall into temptation, a part of him is also wishing that she won’t lose. He might be able to change himself if he can find someone who isn’t consumed by their desire, so he doesn’t mind even if Nazuna wins this fight.

The next day, Aoi tells Nazuna that Atsumori was in a really bad mood last night. By looking at her gloomy expression, he can tell that the reason must be her. Since Aoi keeps pestering her to tell the truth, Nazuna eventually snaps saying “if you guys think I will do whatever you say, you’re wrong!” — which basically reveals everything lol. Aoi says Atsumori is a pervert who loves controlling women, so he gets pissed that he can’t control Nazuna with his wealth. Aoi then tells Nazuna not to take Atsumori’s orders, but she should be careful.. because both Aoi and Atsumori have nothing more to lose. While her decision to fight back stands firm, Nazuna completely forgot that there’s another participant in this game: her brother.

The moment he sees Nazuna with the brothers, Wabisuke immediately tries to take her away. He wants them to stop bothering Nazuna already, but sadly he can’t think of a way to pay off her debt. After the brothers left, Wabisuke tells Nazuna to escape alone before they can do anything dangerous to her. He also says he’ll do something about her debt, but Nazuna knows she’ll just trouble everyone either way. She keeps spacing out during the morning assembly, only regaining her focus when Wabisuke makes a speech about the soccer club’s upcoming Inter High. Just then Nazuna suddenly feels that someone’s staring intensely at her, and she turns around to find Atsumori smiling at her in such a challenging way.

After the assembly, Nazuna goes to the soccer club’s room to congratulate them for making it to Inter High. However, she can hear Wabisuke and Sotomura arguing inside. It turns out that their right to participate has been erased, and their adviser told them to “give up” without even explaining the reason. When Atsumori passes by with a smirk on his face, Nazuna knows he must be the one behind this case. He admits it saying he’s just playing around to kill time, and the soccer club just happened to be his victim. He doesn’t care even if she can’t forgive him, but he’s willing to think it over on one condition — “bow down and beg to be mine.”

Nazuna is too angry to answer, so she pushes Atsumori away and runs away in tears. She calms down after a while, but the guilt strikes back when she sees Wabisuke looking down in the chapel. Unable to face him in this condition, Nazuna ends up hiding inside until Suou comes to sit beside her. It was him who erased the soccer club’s participation right, so obviously he knows she has done something to offend Atsumori. Suou also reveals that he’s actually both their uncle and guardian, but he doesn’t have any right to constrain their actions.. because the main family has ordered him to “let them do whatever they want”. While it seems like the family is spoiling them, in reality they just want to avoid trouble. Aoi and Atsumori might do something dangerous for the family reputation if they’re angry, and they don’t want that to happen.

Atsumori is a candidate for the next head position. He has special permissions even more than Aoi does, hence this mess with the soccer club. Suou doesn’t want to deal with any problems though, and today he only comes to warn Nazuna not to approach them. Wabisuke comes in after Suou leaves, cheerfully inviting her to have lunch together. Nazuna feels really guilty and starts crying in front of him, but Wabisuke tells her everything will be alright. The decision isn’t final yet, and they still have a chance to regain the permission to participate. Even though he tells her to rely on him during troubled times, Nazuna doesn’t want to cause more problems for him. Wabisuke always sacrifices himself just to protect her. Now it’s her turn to protect him.

For their fifth date, Nazuna follows Atsumori to an underground chamber. He takes her to the prison cell, where he pushes her down after locking the door behind them. Atsumori then tells Nazuna to play a game with him. If she can endure whatever he does without screaming, he’ll listen to whatever she wants to say. Nazuna accepts the challenge for Wabisuke’s sake, but she turns pale when Atsumori pulls out a pair of scissors. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ He won’t hurt her body since the wounds will heal eventually, so he’ll damage her mentally — starting with either hair or clothes. Pushing her fear aside, Nazuna tells Atsumori to go ahead.. but he stops saying he lost interest. Since she wins their game, he finally agrees to listen to her.

As they walk back to the dorm, Nazuna asks Atsumori to let the soccer team join Inter High. If it means the soccer team will regain their right to participate, then she doesn’t mind accepting his conditions. Atsumori wants a proof that Nazuna is willing to become his girlfriend, so she follows his order and kisses him on the lips — followed by a rough deep kiss initiated by him. Nazuna can’t stop her tears, but it only makes this ドS megane even happier. Atsumori finally lets her go when Reito and Suou comes looking for him. Reito says they “received a contact”, and Suou quickly tells Atsumori to get inside the helicopter. He seems reluctant and glances at Nazuna with a lonely expression, but he eventually rides the helicopter and leaves the school.

When Nazuna turns around, she finds Aoi whispering “can he come back here..?” She wants to ask what he means by that, but Reito tells them to go back to the dorm. While Nazuna keeps thinking of his lonely expression, Atsumori can’t stop thinking about their kiss. He has kissed a lot of women in that rough, dominating manner, but this is the first time he doesn’t feel happy about it. Kissing Nazuna feels like kissing a robot with no feelings, and he’s not satisfied even though he’s got her under control. He always thought people who fall in love are stupid, but now he’s in no position to say so.

Soon December comes and Atsumori is still away from school. At first everyone makes a fuss over this, but with Christmas waiting right in front of their eyes, Nazuna is the only one who is still worried about him. Despite his leave from school, Atsumori keeps his promise by granting the permission for the soccer club to join Inter High. At first Wabisuke is happy about this, but his mood does a perfect flip when Nazuna says she’s looking for Aoi. He’s glad that Atsumori is gone from school, though he can sense that she doesn’t feel the same. Nazuna denies having any special feelings towards Atsumori, but then she escapes to the library — leaving Wabisuke feeling irritated.

Not too long after that, an announcement calls Aoi to the principal’s office. Nazuna decides to follow him hoping she can get some information about Atsumori, and she waits outside when she hears Aoi’s voice through the door. She wonders if it’s okay to hear his conversation with Kakeru inside, but the subject catches her attention. That the current head of the Kano family is in critical condition, and Aoi points out that Kakeru seems to know even more than he does. Including about the condition of Atsumori’s mother — who’s a little unstable emotionally — and also Aoi’s mother — who lives in the same mansion as a mistress. Here, Nazuna also learns that nobody desired Atsumori’s birth. He’s not close to his father, and his mother hates him so much up to the point of trying to kill him.

Just in case you’re wondering, the one who sent the bomb is none other than his own mother.

As they hear Nazuna’s footsteps running away, Aoi asks Kakeru what he’s planning to do. He started this conversation knowing Nazuna is waiting outside, though Aoi also has his reasons for playing along. Kakeru says he’s looking forward to see her movements from now on.

After school Suou comes to Nazuna’s room, and he takes her to see Atsumori in his mansion. Nazuna finds Atsumori in the garden looking incredibly pissed, and he wastes no time getting down to business. He drags her into a room, locks the door behind them, and tells her to strip. She has to obey everything he says, or else the soccer club won’t be able to see Inter High. Atsumori yells at Nazuna when she tries to argue, eventually pushing her down and tells her not to close her eyes until the end. Before they can continue, suddenly a hysterical scream is heard from outside. The moment he hears this, Atsumori immediately curls up on the floor and covers up his ears. Nazuna tries to comfort him, but he tells her to get out instead.

Back in the garden, Suou finds Nazuna and guides her to a guest room. He tells her the one who screamed earlier was Atsumori’s mother — a weak woman who can’t even control her own emotions. Suou asks if she feels sorry for Atsumori to be a part of this cursed family, but Nazuna says no. She thinks his family condition is terrible, but it doesn’t mean she can forgive everything he did to her up until now. From the servants chattering outside, she also learns that aside from his parents, the servants hate Atsumori too. He’s cheeky and hard to handle, but they have to be patient because he’s the future head of the family.

Atsumori’s bad mood continues even when he invites Nazuna to eat dinner. She tries asking why he called her here, but he only says it’s to kill time. He’ll throw her away when he gets bored. Just then Atsumori suddenly chokes in pain and falls unconscious on the table, and it doesn’t take long until Nazuna realized that his dinner has been laced with poison. She tries calling for help, but none of the servants give a crap until Suou eventually comes to save him. It’s already late by the time things calmed down, but Nazuna says she wants to stay here with Atsumori instead of returning to the dorm. Nobody cares about Atsumori in this house, and this is the only thing she can do for him.

When Nazuna wakes up in the morning, the first thing she hears is Atsumori’s complain. His arm feels numb because she fell asleep on top of it last night, but then he laughs normally as he pokes her cheek. Normally, because he’s actually showing a sincere expression instead of being sarcastic as usual. Nazuna doesn’t know how to comfort him after what happened last night, so she pokes his cheek too saying it’s just to “kill time”. xD When Atsumori tells her he’ll make her cry later, Nazuna pulls his cheeks and says his face looks weird.. though she thinks he looks weird all the time LOL. Atsumori finally blushes for the first time in the ENTIRE GAME, but this cute moment is interrupted when his mother comes bursting through the door.

As she strangles his own son, Atsumori’s mother screams at him for staying alive. She says giving birth to him was a biggest mistake, and she starts yelling “die! die!” to him in a hysterical fit until Suou drags her away. Atsumori tells Nazuna not to say anything, taking her to return to school in the afternoon. They find Aoi waiting for them in the garden, and even though the first thing he says is “oh you’re still alive”, Nazuna can tell that he’s worried about Atsumori. Sadly while Aoi is happy to see them back, Wabisuke is in rage mode thinking Atsumori kidnapped his sister. Nazuna tries to stop him from attacking Atsumori, but he replies with “why are you protecting him!?” Not again. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Fortunately the Kano brothers soon leave, and Wabisuke takes Nazuna back to her room.

After school, Atsumori takes Nazuna on a date to the planetarium. While he thinks stargazing is boring, he chooses this date spot thinking Nazuna will love it. Since she wants to enjoy a proper (read: romantic) date, Atsumori then holds her hands as they look at the stars. (*´∀`*) He also offers to buy Cassiopeia so she can find it easily in the sky, but Nazuna laughs saying his feelings are enough to make her happy. Atsumori still doesn’t get how she prefers looking at stars rather than receiving material things, but then he points at a small star saying it’s her Cassiopeia — because it reminds him of her. While at first she thinks he’s trying to say she’s a small girl, she soon notices that it’s the brightest star in the sky. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

On their way back to the dorm, Atsumori buys some warm drinks for the two of them. When she asks for the price so she can pay him back, he starts laughing and says that side of her is nice. Nazuna drops her cup out of surprise, spilling the warm drink all over her lap. She tells him she’s okay, but he kneels down and licks her thigh to “make it cool”. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Atsumori then takes Nazuna to rest in the chapel, where she asks him why he said “I will live” in front of the cross back then. After a short silence, Atsumori says it’s like a revenge to his mother. She wants him dead, so he’s trying to get his revenge by staying alive. He wants to survive and be the next head as a revenge to the current head — his “grandfather”.

The reason why everyone hates Atsumori is because he’s not his father’s child. His biological father is none other than the current head, making him the direct successor. His mother turned hysterical ever since, and her husband also hates Atsumori since he’s the son born from a forbidden relationship. His father gives all his love to their second son instead — the one born from him and his wife. There’s also the mistress, Aoi’s mother, who hates Atsumori as well. Aoi has an older brother, and she wanted him to inherit the head position.. but then her plan is ruined when Atsumori was born. When they learn that Atsumori’s mother is trying to kill her own son, both her husband and Aoi’s mother are also wishing for Atsumori’s death. If they can get him out of the way, everything will return to how it was supposed to be.

However, Atsumori isn’t sure if their plan is good for Aoi. In the end, both Atsumori and Aoi are cursed ever since they were born in the Kano family. Nazuna starts crying after hearing all of this, and Atsumori pinches her cheek saying he’ll bite her if she doesn’t stop crying LOL. Since Nazuna belongs to him, Atsumori then orders her to always “smile” from now on. Deep inside, Atsumori is actually surprised that Nazuna is staying with him. He did a lot of terrible things to her, and she also found out about his family condition.. but she didn’t run away and even cries for him. He wants to show her his everything, and he wonders if she would come if he says he wants to live with her forever.

Both Atsumori and Nazuna are not aware that someone’s watching them from outside.


A few weeks later, Nazuna reads a book in her room while Atsumori rolls around on her bed. He keeps complaining that her room is boring, but he regularly comes to see her anyway. She belongs to him, so he has the right to tease her.. and she has the responsibility to take care of him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ While he’s still being his ドS self, Atsumori will stop touching Nazuna if she shows any signs of doubt. As they flip through a fashion magazine together, Atsumori admits that he hates Christmas. His grandfather took him to many formal parties on Christmas, but he doesn’t have any enjoyable memories. Nazuna wants to make a warm, memorable Christmas for Atsumori, and they agree to go on a Christmas date.

When Nazuna goes to buy a present for Atsumori, she meets Aoi in town. He’s free today, so he offers his help to help her choose a nice present. As they walk through the street together, Aoi asks about her feelings for Atsumori. The atmosphere around him has changed a lot, but it doesn’t seem like they’re making any progress in their relationship. Nazuna says she doesn’t understand. She likes spending time with Atsumori, and from time to time she thinks that she’s in love with him, but a part of her also thinks everything might just be an illusion created by her sympathy. Aoi tells her it doesn’t matter though. If it’s really sympathy, she should have ran away after seeing their family. It’s either she’s in love with Atsumori or she’s just ドM LOL.

As the reward for accompanying her today, Aoi asks her to visit a mansion with him before they go back. It’s a room Aoi rented for himself, and he forgot his phone there. Only students can visit him in the dorm, so this mansion is for his older “playmates”. Aoi tells Nazuna to relax though, he won’t do anything weird to his brother’s girlfriend. When they enter the mansion, Aoi borrows her phone to keep his phone ringing, and they split up to look for the phone in the room. Do you smell something suspicious? Why of course. Aoi then leaves the room and locks the door from the outside, leaving Nazuna in the cold room with no phone to call for help.

Prohibition Normal Ending

A week has passed ever since Nazuna disappeared. Wabisuke receives a mail saying she’s okay, so everyone thinks she’s leaving on her own will. Meanwhile, Nazuna only eats a bite or two from the food Aoi gives her everyday. She asks him why he did this, but he only says it’s his last futile struggle. It turns out that aside from Aoi, Wabisuke is also involved in locking her up here. Wabisuke admits he doesn’t want to do join hands with Aoi, but this is the only way to open Nazuna’s eyes. ( ಠ_ಠ ) They keep her in the room until freaking SPRING comes. She spends everyday calling Atsumori’s name in her mind, but she finally gets a chance to go out when Aoi tells Wabisuke he’s already bored of this game. Because he knows no matter how long they keep Nazuna inside, she will never become theirs.

When she tries to check what’s happening, Nazuna finds the door unlocked. Her eyes meet Aoi’s when she sneaks out, and he only laughs at Wabisuke as she finally makes her escape. Nazuna returns to school looking for Atsumori, but Suou tells her that he’s no longer here. He quit school thinking Nazuna won’t be coming back, returning to the Kano family mansion. Suou helps them out by contacting Atsumori, who then comes to school and is finally reunited with Nazuna. Atsumori apologized for giving up and not believing in her, and Nazuna asks him to always stay with her from now on. She’s going to die if they have to be apart again.

Following Atsumori, Nazuna also quits school. It seems like Wabisuke stays in school, but Aoi suddenly disappears after meeting them for one last time. Just as they promised, Nazuna and Atsumori are inseparable ever since. They can’t be apart even just for one second, because she won’t be able to breathe unless he hugs her in his arms. She can only see him, and his eyes are set on her only. As long as they have each other, they couldn’t care less about other people.

Prohibition Hard Ending

After Nazuna’s disappearance, Atsumori goes to ask Wabisuke if he knows the reason. Well he totally asked the wrong person. Wabisuke lies saying “she told me not to tell you”, and Aoi comes in to add “she told me she can’t be with you after all” to make the situation even worse. This leads Atsumori to think that Nazuna got scared of his family after all, and he leaves after punching the wall in frustration. Aoi refuses to take Wabisuke to Nazuna’s place as well, but somehow she manages to escape from the window. Even though her hands and fingers hurt as she makes her way back to the ground, she doesn’t feel scared at all. By the time Aoi visits the mansion, Nazuna is already gone from the room.

Nazuna makes it back to the school at night, and she rushes to Atsumori’s room immediately. Sadly, Atsumori is being really cold thanks to their big brothers’ lies. He says he was a fool for believing in her, and he slams the door before she can even answer. Nazuna keeps calling his name until Aoi appears saying it’s useless. Just like what she saw in their mansion, Atsumori has a habit of plugging his ears whenever he doesn’t want to hear anything. Aoi says she’s too naive for believing in him. There’s no way he would support their relationship, because he won’t let Atsumori to be happy without him. Everyone born in the Kano family is cursed, and they can’t live a normal life no matter what.

To put Nazuna in their shoes, Aoi then calls Wabisuke and forces him to admit that they’re not real siblings. Wabisuke also confesses that he loves Nazuna as a woman, and she runs off when Aoi asks if she can still live normally after hearing this. As if this chain of events isn’t enough to mess up her life, Nazuna is suddenly expelled from school the next day. They can’t tell her the reason, but she knows it must be Atsumori. Since it’s obviously unfair to Nazuna, Kazuya then agrees to grant her last wish before she leaves — to talk to Atsumori.

When they meet in the chapel at night, Nazuna finally tells Atsumori everything. She wants him to trust people more, even though she thinks Atsumori won’t believe her anymore. However, Atsumori then hugs Nazuna and calls her stupid. How can he doubt her when she cries that much? Atsumori apologized for not believing in her. He notices Aoi’s strange behaviour lately, but he should have trusted Nazuna right from the start. Just when Atsumori and Nazuna hug each other, suddenly Aoi appears and stabs Atsumori from the back. They have been relying on each other up until now, so Aoi won’t let Atsumori to leave him alone. If he’s going to be happy with Nazuna, then Aoi is going to join their happiness.

Atsumori is taken to the hospital right after that. The wound isn’t life-threatening, but one of his arm is now numb forever. Aoi remains calm despite what he just did, and Nazuna can’t feel any anger towards him either.. because she knows Aoi is a really sad person inside. This is the fate of the Kano family’s cursed children, and Atsumori asks what Nazuna wants to do from now on. If she’s staying with them, she’ll just get dragged into the darkness. After a long silence, Nazuna finally says she’s going to get cursed along with them. She can’t leave them alone, so she’s going to stay with both of them forever. Atsumori smiles and apologized.

One morning, Nazuna wakes up to the sound of alarm in her room. Both Atsumori and Aoi are lying in her bed as well.. and they’re taking turns touching her everyday, though Atsumori is more possessive. Since Atsumori can only use one arm, Aoi also won’t use one of his arms to make it fair for them. Nazuna wonders if she made the right choice by staying with them, but she knows the three of them can’t run from this relationship anymore.


As they read books together in the library, Nazuna tries to get Atsumori to say romantic lines to her.. only to fail miserably lol. They overhear a couple talking about their Christmas plan in the corner, and noticing envy shining in Nazuna’s eyes, Atsumori asks if she has any plans for the 25th. She says she’ll be staying in the dorm since her parents aren’t coming back, so he asks her to spend the day with him. While Nazuna thinks he hates Christmas, Atsumori tells her his mother gave him a Christmas present once. It was only a random chocolate bar, but he was really happy back then.. and that’s why he loves chocolates so much. Even though that’s the only Christmas memory he has, this year Atsumori has Nazuna by his side. They agree to watch the night illuminations and have a chocolate cake afterwards.

One week before Christmas, Nazuna goes to buy Atsumori’s Christmas present in town. She bumps into Wabisuke on the streets, and it doesn’t look good because he’s pissed about her relationship with Atsumori. Nazuna tries to explain that the current Atsumori is different, but obviously he only takes this as another effort to defend Atsumori. In order to open Nazuna’s eyes, Wabisuke doesn’t have a choice but to take that way. The next day, Atsumori receives a report from Daria that Nazuna is currently missing. Aoi says she probably ran away, since women will always betray them anyway. Yeah right. ( ´_ゝ`)

Just as expected, Wabisuke locks Nazuna up in a mansion. He’s not letting her out before she opens her eyes. If Nazuna can return to how she was before, then he’ll take her back to their parents house. Wabisuke doesn’t care even if she hates him — he’s doing this to protect her. Nazuna ends up spending her days watching TV out of boredom, but Atsumori is always on her mind. On Christmas, she learns from the news that his grandfather passed away. This makes Atsumori the head of the Kano family, and he gets interviewed by the reporters. The only comment he makes is this:

“I want to say something to a girl who dares to leave me secretly, even though she belongs to me. It’s you, Nazuna. If you come back to me, I’ll call you ‘bunny’ or ‘sheep’ or whatever you want, so come back soon. You’ve still got a long way to go before you can run away from me. Right now I still believe in you. Don’t leave me without saying anything.”

Wabisuke is now in 暴力ヤンデレ mode and tries to stop Nazuna from leaving, but she knocks him away and escapes anyway — leaving him screaming in frustration.

Pure Love Normal Ending

When Nazuna reaches the dorm, Suou informs her that Atsumori already returned to the Kano family’s mansion. He’s got a lot of work to do as the new head, so they don’t know when he’s going to return. Nazuna then goes to his mansion with Suou’s help, and Atsumori is surprised when he finds her in the garden. He’s still confused though, so he locks himself up in his room saying he’ll come to see her when he’s ready to talk. That night, Nazuna was thinking alone in the garden when she notices a woman in the forest — pointing a knife towards herself. When Nazuna goes to stop her, the woman turns around and she can see the striking resemblance between her and Atsumori.

At first Atsumori’s mother panicks and tries to attack Nazuna, but then she runs out of energy and faints on the spot. After throwing away the knife, Nazuna brings her to her room. When she wakes up later, Atsumori’s mother says Nazuna is a really nice person for helping people despite their past and motive. She can see why Atsumori is interested in Nazuna, admitting that the curse in the family might be lifted after the former head’s death. When Nazuna asks her to love Atsumori as her son, she says she has always wanted to love him.. but Atsumori is like a mirror of her with that man’s blood. She’s been taking out her anger on Atsumori, even though he never did anything wrong. Earlier she wanted to die to atone for her sins, and she cries when Nazuna says she should live on and love her son.

The next morning, Atsumori is surprised to find Nazuna in his mother’s room. She asks him to talk to his mother, but he drags her back to school instead. He still tries to run away from her, so Nazuna follows him around and tells him about the conversation with his mother last night. It’s going to take time, but one day Atsumori and his mother will surely be able to understand each other. Atsumori then asks Nazuna to take responsibility by staying with him until that day comes, and this time he won’t allow her to disappear again. When Nazuna happily agrees, he tells her “stay with me forever, Nazuna.”

Pure Love Hard Ending

After learning about Atsumori’s location from Aoi, Nazuna finds him in the chapel alone. He’s visibly surprised to see her, though he tries to cover it up by saying “you’re late” lol. She feels bad thinking there’s nothing she can do, but Atsumori hugs her and says she doesn’t have to do anything — just stay by his side. Even though she pisses him off from time to time, he can never forget her. When Nazuna jokingly asks him to call her ‘bunny’ like he promised on TV, Atsumori pokes her flank as the punishment for teasing him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Eventually he says he’ll call her ‘bunny’ if she kisses him first, but since Nazuna can’t do a rough kiss like what he usually does.. she lost again today lol.

Atsumori and Nazuna return to the dorm after their Christmas date in town. Suou is waiting for them inside with a letter addressed to Atsumori, informing about his mother’s death. Atsumori runs off outside after reading it, and Nazuna chases him after hearing about the details from Suou. She finds him in the chapel, whispering that his mother just added yet another painful Christmas memory for him. When Nazuna hugs him, Atsumori cries and admits he wanted his mother to love him. He wanted to keep living not for revenge, but for his mother to accept him someday. Nazuna then says even though she can’t replace his mother’s place, she can stay with him forever.

Feeling Nazuna’s warmth enveloping him, Atsumori asks her to promise to celebrate Christmas with him again next year and the years after that. Nazuna tells him she won’t break anymore promise, because she will always stay with him. Even after ten or twenty years, she won’t ever leave Atsumori’s side forever.

I thought Seri was bad, but Atsumori took me to a whole new level of emotional rollercoaster ride. He’s cute and has adorable scenes at the beginning, becomes a jerk around chapter 4, and turns all デレデレ at the end of the last chapter. I went ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ by the end of the last date, since I prefer Atsumori’s cute and teasing personality rather than his sadistic games. The plot was a bit hard to catch for me, so sorry if I make any mistakes. All the hints given about Atsumori’s family are really subtle, and I didn’t realize what was going on until much later. (・∀・;)ゞ To be honest I’m not satisfied with the endings.. the really happy one is only Pure Love Normal, while the others are either messed up or sad.

Flower Language
Atsumori Grass — fickle, I won’t forget you


13 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran – Kano Atsumori

  1. i have to admit that atsumori route really gave me a hard time..not only to undestand his route but also his Prohibition Hard ed was shocked me so much >.<

    i agree with you~ the only happy ed is his purelove normal ed xD even so i like his route so much *oh my doMness* :))

    thanks for your review xD i'm looking forward for Aoi's :D

    • You’re welcome. I’m starting Aoi’s route now. :D
      I guess I’m not satisfied even with Pure Love Normal, because it’s like 90% Atsumori’s mother and 10% of him lol. Why does he get so little screen time in the only happy ending? щ(゚Д゚щ) But I do like Atsumori when he gets all blushy lol.

  2. sigh… i don’t wanna talk about ero anymore… because it’s so hard to believe that atsumori can be such a yandere jerk. well to me he WAS a yandere. cuz gaming experience kinda gives me the hint… *sigh* Otomate really HAD to make such a stupid adnd pointless game after all. well… it’s not pointless but this game is so weird… i’m kinda going to give up on playing this you know… cuz everytime i sleep the dream of killer seri and yandere wabisuke and now atsumori and lesbian Daria and sick reito-sensei will haunt me forever… let’s just hope aoi is a HUMAN out of all… but… sigh. no hope left for me ;p

    • Which part of him is a yandere? xD
      He’s a sadistic jerk, but I think the yandere(s) here are Wabisuke and Aoi lol. I agree though, this game isn’t for everyone. Just like what the tag line says “for those who can’t be satisfied with normal romance anymore..” 8D

      ..and I don’t think Aoi will be more normal, honestly.

      • you know… the sadistic part of him seems more like yandere to me but you’re right. he’s more SADISTIC than he’s a YANDERE ;P
        NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I WANT MY NORMAL ROMANCE BACK!!!!! well… i want some mystery and weirdness too but NOT THAT MUCH!!! it’s freaking too much!
        …yeah… aoi is probably the WEIRDEST…

        • LOL. Because you know, yanderes go wild when they’re jealous.. but Atsumori isn’t driven by jealousy nor love. He’s only pissed that she’s going against his belief, so he forces her to accept his order by torture. I don’t like that part of him, but he’s cute when he’s in love. xD;

          Don’t worry, I’ll return to normal romance after this lol.

  3. the endings were bad most of the time in this game, with only very few exceptions D= well i guess i will give them points for his ‘forbidden’ part being kinda a new concept but yet again not really >.>

    anyways like wat Ayaka said, i am hoping Aoi will be the most ‘human’ out of all these ppl but thats probably not happening =_=

    • Again, I don’t think so. xD
      The hard endings are like the amplified version of the normal ones, so normally they’re less happy and more crazy.. lol. Rather than seeking the forbidden, I’m more interested in learning about their past though. Every club member has black history.

    Ya know, can’t say this game is my cup of tea. The ideas are refreshing since they’re so different form normal games, but I think I’ll stick with normal otome games…

    Prohibition Hard end is so…naughty, but I gotta admit Nazuna looks really sexy ;D. And yes, Atsumori is kinda cute when he’s a tease, but then he throws everything out of the window argh /rages. My favorite scene is in Halloween where Nazuna mentions giving the chocolate to a cat and he goes all dere dere for the cat xD

    • Same here. I like the character interactions, and I really love Reito and Aoi, but still.. I prefer normal romance lol. I don’t mind dealing with their dark past, but the emotional rollercoasters get too heavy and tiring after a while.

      LOL that halloween scene. “I-I don’t like cats. Why would I like those furballs?” but then Reito says a cat walks by, and he instantly goes “cat!? where!?” xDD

  5. i wont lie i loved the ending where Aoi jump’s in and makes room for him-self lol. it was a kind of twisted ending but it was all right…i guess my day dreams of having two sexy guys by my side it to much to ask in reality :c

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