Gekka Ryouran – Kano Aoi

The last route in Gekka Ryouran. While Aoi caught my attention in Wabisuke’s route, he doesn’t move as fast here.. which is too bad since I want more action lol. More family dramas ahead.

The older one of the Kano brothers. As the charismatic 27th leader, Aoi is the central figure of the forbidden date club. He treats romance and dating as just a way to kill time, and he’s more than happy to throw them away when he gets bored. Countless of women has fallen victim to Aoi, but he makes fun of them for being so easy to decieve in the first place. Despite this, Aoi still has tons of clients and often does naughty things with them in the rooftop.

For the first date, Aoi takes Nazuna to the woods. She gets all jumpy when he holds her hand, and he’s super confident that she’ll fall in love with him in no time. The moment she asks what they’re going to do in the forest, Aoi pushes Nazuna down as the answer. Girls quickly fall in love as long as they’re in a relationship, and this kind of “relationship” is no exception. Nazuna can’t move since Aoi is pinning her to the ground, but she refuses to cry knowing it makes him even happier. However, Aoi’s teasing attitude changes when Nazuna tells him she hates him.

Aoi suddenly gets really pissed and tells her “who do you think you are? don’t mess with me!” before letting her go. Then he acts like a jerk and laughs at Nazuna when she can’t stand up on her own, saying she’ll regret rebelling against him. He’ll make her fall madly in love with him, and he’ll throw her away like a rag after that. Obviously Nazuna thinks Aoi has lost his mind, but he yells at her again when she tries to protect. Aoi says his words are absolute, as he’ll crush anyone who dares to go against him. Nazuna doesn’t think she can fall in love with him this way, but he tells her to shut up and leaves.

Realizing this counts as a “date” too, Aoi then turns around and helps Nazuna to stand up. Or so she thought. The moment she holds onto his hand, Aoi shoves Nazuna away until she falls back to the ground. Then he laughs at her, tells her to go home alone, and leaves for real this time. What a wonderful first date. ( ಠ_ಠ ) While Nazuna curses him for doing this to her, Aoi is actually surprised since she’s the first girl who rejected him. This only raises her value in his eyes, and he’s looking forward to see her falling in love with him later. Maybe it will take time, but he believes she will fall in love eventually. Because nobody can resist his charm.

On the second date, Aoi says he’s going to finish today’s date quickly because he’s got a date with another girl. He knows Nazuna will fall in love with him, so there’s no need to change his schedule just for her. Since he doesn’t have much time, their date spot for today is none other than the club room. While Nazuna can’t accept Aoi’s egoistical attitude, she also gets tired just by trying to argue with him, and in the end she lets him do whatever he wants. To make up for their short time today, Aoi decides to give Nazuna “extra service” by sticking to her like a glue. On top of holding her shoulder and whispering on her ears, Aoi also asks her to sit on his lap and calls her cute when she blushes. Nazuna refuses though. Sadly.

Even though Aoi is open for “further services”, Nazuna says she only wants to have a chat with him. He doesn’t know what to talk about though, as the only subject he’s interested in is whether she likes playing with chains.. if you know what I mean. (´・ω・`A;) He keeps looking at the clock before eventually getting up to leave, but this is completely intentional because he wants to make Nazuna jealous. Aoi says he’s willing to cancel his next date if she begs him not to go, and while she refuses at first.. Nazuna gives in since Aoi keeps provoking her. He keeps telling her it’s not “cute” nor “sexy” enough, until she finally says “don’t go to see other girls.. please stay with me”. Aoi then pats Nazuna’s head saying she’s really cute, but guess what? He still leaves anyway. There’s no way he’s gonna keep his promise. \(^o^)/

After Atsumori and him sneaks into Nazuna’s room at night, Aoi keeps thinking how she would react if he kisses her. The thought of her blushing face turns him on, and he wonders if she’d bite his tongue if he puts it in. Not like he’s going to forgive her if she does though. He doesn’t want any other guy to pass him in this area, so he’s going to steal a kiss from Nazuna soon.

For the third date, Aoi and Nazuna goes to the cafeteria. Different from the last two dates, Aoi is being really kind and tells Nazuna to choose a dessert she likes — he’ll treat her. As Nazuna eats her parfait happily, Aoi then asks her to give him a bite and eats from her spoon. He also wipes some cream from her lips and licks it off his fingers, making her heart race even more. Noticing her blushing, Aoi teasingly asks if she wants him to lick the cream directly off her lips, but then he laughs saying it’s nice to watch her eat like this. Sadly this dreamlike date quickly ends when Nazuna suddenly feels really drowsy, and she falls asleep on the table.. but not before she notices Aoi smirking beside her.

Later on, Nazuna wakes up in her room to find a naked Aoi sleeping beside her. She screams and panicks immediately, but Aoi calmly says “well, this officially makes you my woman.” She also notices that her uniform’s shirt is unbuttoned, and she was at the brink of tears when Aoi finally tells her they didn’t do anything. He’s not interested in having sex with an unconscious girl. This brings back Nazuna’s attention to the parfait she ate earlier, and Aoi admits he was being kind so she won’t notice that the parfait was drugged. He wants to engrave himself in her heart, and this is necessary in order to deliver that much impression. Nazuna thought they really had sex and Aoi knows it, so he teases her by asking how did he do in her imagination.

Nazuna chases him out of her room after that, so Aoi leaves after telling her to keep thinking of him. Her heart won’t stop pounding, but she forces herself to think it’s because she feels uneasy.. not because she’s in love. Aoi doesn’t stop here though. During the Theater Festival, he drags Nazuna to the stage hoping he can declare their relationship to everyone in school. While he’s pissed that Daria ruins his plan, Aoi is also annoyed that Nazuna’s starting to wake some weird feelings inside of him. He doesn’t like it, and he’s planning to get his revenge once she falls in love with him. He’ll play with her until she breaks down.

The next morning, Nazuna wakes up to a sweet floral scent. She can feel something nice and soft beside her.. which turns out to be Aoi again LOL. He’s still half-asleep and says it tickles when she touches him, whispering “you like touching me huh.. I can’t resist..” which leads her to think he’s having a suspicious dream. (❤ฺ→艸←) He also hugs her saying her chest is “hard” LOL, but eventually he wakes up and laughs at her bedhead. Plus the trace of drool near her mouth. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Before they continue to “enjoy their morning”, Aoi gets up to take a shower in Nazuna’s room. He invites her to shower with him, though sadly obviously Nazuna refuses. Not too long after she gets dressed, Suou comes for the daily dorm patrol.

Apparently Reito caught a cold, so Suou replaces him to check the dorm for today. This is the worst timing ever since Aoi’s humming in the shower, and despite Nazuna’s attempt to get him out of the room, Suou walks to the bathroom knowing she’s hiding Aoi there. At first Aoi thinks Nazuna is making a move on him, but the moment he turns around.. he runs out of the shower half-naked LOL. When Aoi protests by saying he’s free to do whatever he wants, Suou asks if he really means it — making Nazuna wonder what he means by that. The subject changes before she can ask though, since Aoi notices Nazuna staring at him. He teasingly asks if she wants to see him naked that much, saying he’s willing to show her everything later, but Suou gives him a good smack and tells him to get dressed already lol.

After telling Aoi to come to his torture chamber “confessional room” later, Suou leaves with a suspicious ドS laugh. That ruins Aoi’s mood for the rest of the day, so he gets dressed saying he’s going back to his room. However, Aoi doesn’t know that Nazuna wasn’t simply staring at his naked body. She’s actually more concerned of the scars covering his entire body, but she can’t ask him directly about this. Later on, Nazuna also learns that Reito didn’t catch any cold. Suou came knowing Aoi is in Nazuna’s room, and she wonders what kind of relationship they share. From the newspaper, she also learns that Kazuya is the successor of an the Renge Group organization, but he ran away and is currently missing.

Soon Aoi comes and snatches the newspaper from Nazuna’s hands, sulking that she thinks he can’t read kanji properly. Instead of the news about the Renge Group, Aoi is shocked upon seeing the article beside it — the one about a successful organ transplantation. He asks if she heard anything from Suou, but Nazuna doesn’t know anything. After a short silence, Aoi gets back to his senses and realized he doesn’t have time for a relaxing chat. Suou is waiting with his punishment, so Aoi drags Nazuna to escape because she’s “equally guilty” lol. They hide in the rooftop together, where he puts his head on her lap and falls asleep instantly. She notices that he looks rather pale and even sneezes in his sleep, so she puts her blazer around him.

Nazuna is surprised when Atsumori suddenly appears out of the blue, wondering why she’s being really kind towards Aoi. He also points out that Aoi’s fingers are holding her sleeve, and asks if Nazuna knows what Aoi did last night. When Aoi wakes up saying he’s distubing his nap, Atsumori hands him a “love letter” saying he doesn’t tell Suou about this. The contents of the letter shocked Aoi, and he runs off immediately — leaving Nazuna all confused. Atsumori asks if she’s curious about what happened, but she denies it and hides how she really feels. Aoi disappears from school after that, and he doesn’t return even until December comes.

One night, Nazuna realized she left her textbook in class. It’s already dark outside, but she still goes to retrieve it anyway. She notices that the lights are on in their club room, and when she takes a look inside.. she finds Aoi lying on the floor — suffering from a high fever. Since she doesn’t bring her phone, Nazuna then borrows Aoi’s phone to contact Reito. She accidentally clicks on a picture folder on his phone, and there she finds a surprising image: a picture of Aoi and another person who looks exactly like him. Just then Aoi suddenly starts apologizing in his sleep and stretches out his hand towards her, so Nazuna holds his hand until finally Atsumori comes looking for him.

When Aoi tries to refuse, Atsumori says he understands that Aoi wants to stay “here”.. but he will only die like this. Atsumori then tells Nazuna to keep this a secret from everyone else, and he takes Aoi away after saying this has got nothing to do with her. Nazuna can’t sleep since she’s really worried about Aoi, even spacing out in front of Wabisuke the next day. However, Aoi then shows up in club looking alright. She asks if it’s okay for him to walk around, but Aoi doesn’t seem to remember anything from last night. As Aoi holds Nazuna’s hand and leave the club room for their date, Wabisuke is staring at them with a worried look.

For the fourth date, Aoi goes into the woods saying he wants to take a walk. Nazuna tries to catch up with his pace, but he remains silent and doesn’t stop until they finally reach the lake. While Nazuna gets excited seeing the beautiful scenery, Aoi tells her a man died here before. His girlfriend loved the flower growing in the island in the middle of the lake, but he drowned when he tried to pick one for her. His death devastated his girlfriend, who then also commited suicide to follow him. Aoi asks if Nazuna would throw away her life for a man she loves, and she says she will.. though she probably won’t commit suicide to meet him in the other side.

Before Nazuna can say anything else, Aoi suddenly jumps into the lake saying he’s going to take a flower for her. He jokes around saying “don’t I look good when I’m wet?”, but Nazuna is in a panic and blurts out “you look good even if you’re dry, so get out of the lake!” LOL. He tells her he wants to see her “wet” too (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン but eventually he listens to her word and goes back to the shore. Aoi quietly whispers “sometimes I want to risk my life for someone else..”, though he quickly tells Nazuna it’s nothing. After Aoi walks her back to the dorm at night, Suou appears and warns her not to get involved with Aoi anymore.

Even though Aoi acts like he doesn’t know anything, he actually remembers what happened last night. He didn’t expect Nazuna to come into the club room at night, and he’s irked that she saw him apologizing repeatedly. That aside, Aoi actually felt comfortable when Nazuna held his hand. Back then he wanted to stay like that forever, but now he tries to deny it saying he wasn’t quite himself thanks to the fever. He doesn’t want Nazuna to see his weak side, so he decides to forget everything that happened that night — including the warmth of her hand.

Despite Suou’s warning, Nazuna can’t deny that she’s about to step into a forbidden area. She doesn’t want to think that she’s in love with Aoi, but she has to admit she wants to know more about him. When she was thinking alone in the library, Kazuya suddenly comes asking if she told anyone about him. Reito informed him that Nazuna read the newspaper article, though he doesn’t mention this in front of her. Nazuna says she doesn’t have any intentions to leak this information to anyone, and Kazuya thanks her for keeping it a secret. He also says there are people who only have the school as a place to belong to, but a scream from outside suddenly interrupts their conversation.

Nazuna follows Kazuya to the garden, where they find a boxing club member beating up Aoi for playing around with his girlfriend’s heart. Nazuna jumps in to shield Aoi, and the guy leaves when Kazuya tells him to stop — saying he’s going to kill Aoi someday. Soon Reito comes and takes Aoi to the infirmary with Kazuya, inviting Nazuna to come along because they need her help to treat the “wounded beast” lol. From Reito, she learns that this kind of thing happens a lot. Aoi won’t fight back when somebody comes to beat him up, and he always ends up in the infirmary like this. Since Reito and Kazuya have to attend a staff meeting, they ask Nazuna to stay and watch over the unconscious Aoi.

Later on, Aoi wakes up to find Nazuna by his bedside. He asks why is she still here, blushing when she says “so you won’t be alone when you wake up.” (*´∀`*) Aoi also asks why she protected him earlier, saying it would be better if she left him half-dead on the ground. Nazuna tells him to treasure his life more, but Aoi only gets pissed and replies with “It’s my life. I can do whatever I want with it!” He says a nice girl like her won’t understand, but in this world there are people who won’t make much difference whether they’re alive or dead. Then he gets off the bed and leaves, telling her to shut up when she asks where he’s going.

Nazuna feels really bad for hurting Aoi, and she realized she doesn’t know anything about him at all. She was crying when Atsumori comes to the infirmary, so he gives her a chocolate and tells her to stop crying. LOL that’s really sweet. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Knowing she’s crying because of Aoi, Atsumori tells her Aoi is carrying a heavy fate on his shoulders. Just like what Aoi said earlier, it won’t make much difference even if he dies. Aoi can’t escape from that sad fate, and that’s why he keeps suffering. Not just Aoi, everyone in the date club holds darkness in their hearts. The reason why they want Nazuna so bad is because they feel she might be able to take them out of that darkness, bringing them to her clean, bright world.

While Atsumori thinks it might only be an illusion, Nazuna believes their happiness is standing beside them. They just don’t realize it, because the grass is always greener on the other side.

Nazuna meets Wabisuke in the library after school, and even though she doesn’t tell him.. she feels guilty knowing she’s losing the bet. She doesn’t want to betray Wabisuke, but she can’t stop thinking of Aoi. On the way back to the dorm, Nazuna notices Aoi standing by the fence in the rooftop. She panicks thinking he’s going to commit suicide, so she rushes to the rooftop and quickly apologized for what she said earlier — begging him not to jump. Aoi blushes and panicks too when Nazuna suddenly clings onto him, refusing to let go until he promises not to die. However, Aoi then smiles, pokes her nose, and calls her stupid. He’s not planning to jump, he was just looking at the first star of evening in the sky.

When Aoi asks why she wants him to live, Nazuna answers she doesn’t want anyone to die. Aoi admits he wished for someone’s death before, but he hated himself for thinking like that. If he’s alive, he’s only taking advantage of a certain someone.. and in the end that will lead him to his death. But if he dies, that certain someone is going to die as well. Aoi changes the subject by asking if Nazuna has a first star. He has one, but he won’t show her lol. Aoi also asks if she’s interested in him now, noticing that Nazuna wants to know more about him. He teases her saying he’ll tell her everything if she gives him a kiss, but then he takes a picture of her blushing face instead. While Nazuna thinks he’s just toying with her as usual, Aoi’s heart is actually racing inside. He only took her picture to cover it up.

On the fifth date, Aoi lets Nazuna to choose a date spot she likes. She takes him to the library, and Aoi stays with her even though he finds the place boring. Since he’s not interested in any non-porn books, Aoi calls Nazuna to a quiet corner and teaches her how to “enjoy” the library his way. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He starts touching her and pulls her ribbon, telling her to keep her voice low so nobody would notice. Sadly Aoi’s erotic plan quickly fails as Nazuna then hits him with a hardcover book, saying it’s the punishment for trying to do something dirty in the library lol. At first she’s worried since Aoi looks in pain, but then he laughs saying he was just joking.

As they walk back to the dorm at night, Aoi and Nazuna notice a Christmas tree in the garden. Aoi looks really lonely when Nazuna tells him about how her family usually celebrates the day, but he says he also has good Christmas memories. Even though it’s not too many. He never spent Christmas with Atsumori, since they’re only stepbrothers. They only started spending time together after entering Hakuou Gakuen. Nazuna then suggests making a small Christmas party with the club members, complete with a simple present exchange. Aoi laughs saying it might be a good idea.. because it might be his last Christmas party. Instead of promising that he won’t die, Aoi only tells Nazuna to take a good care of Wabisuke. The poor guy suffers a lot too, even though she never notices.

Just then Aoi suddenly collapses and Nazuna quickly takes her to Reito’s room. Reito tells her it’s an heavy case of anemia, but he also heard from Atsumori that Aoi hasn’t been eating his meals properly. It must be because Aoi keeps holding back his feelings, even though he tries to accept his fate. Knowing that Nazuna is worried, Reito says he’ll give her a reward by not telling her anything — she needs to hear the truth from Aoi himself. Suou then comes to take Aoi back to his room, telling Nazuna not to look so worried. It will only make Aoi happy to know that someone actually cares that much about him.

The next morning, Nazuna wonders what she should make for breakfast. Her mother sent a lot of ingredients from overseas, and she needs to cook them before they rot. After thinking for a while, Nazuna then gets a great idea — make a bentou for Aoi. During lunch break she gives him the bentou saying “I-it’s not like I made this for you!” and Aoi laughs at her tsundere reaction. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ He complains about how her bentou doesn’t have the trademark octopus wiener and meatballs, but then he opens the lunchbox and blushes. This is the first time Aoi ever had a bentou, admitting that he only saw those “ideal” menu in mangas. While he teases her saying his opinion of her has improved, Aoi quickly says he’s just joking because her bentou tastes pretty good.

Nazuna then notices Aoi separating some parts of the bentou. He asks her to open wide, and when she tells him not to be so picky with food.. Aoi says he just can’t eat meat and fish. He feels that they’re fellow victims, and his heart can’t accept this “cannibalism” even if he forces himself to eat them. After thanking Nazuna for the meal, Aoi then pushes her down saying it’s now time to eat her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン When she pushes him away and tells him to stop, Aoi laughs saying her face is bright red. Nazuna realized that Aoi isn’t serious about attacking her. He did it to hide how he really feels. Just like what he usually does.

Soon the bell rings and Nazuna prepares to go back to class, but Aoi says he’s going to skip. It seems that Aoi rarely comes to lessons, so Nazuna wonders why he bother coming to school at all. But then she remembers what Kazuya said before — some people only have the school as a place to belong. As she rushes back to the classroom, Nazuna finds Suou talking on the phone. He mentions that the “spare” didn’t receive any serious damage, asking the other party to wait until Christmas. Unfortunately, Nazuna drops her pen and Suou notices her presence. He lets her go since the conversation wasn’t confidential, but Nazuna gets a bad feeling upon hearing the word “spare”.

After school, Nazuna goes to visit Aoi in the club room. Atsumori knows she’s in love with Aoi despite her constant denial, and since she chose Aoi instead of him.. Atsumori refuses to give her chocolates anymore. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It turns out that Atsumori left the key inside their club room, and the door automatically locked when he goes outside. He’s been looking for Seri to borrow the spare key, but it seems like Seri is away right now. While Aoi also holds one as the club leader, his spare key is buried somewhere in his room. Nazuna then mentions Suou said something about the “spare” earlier, and suddenly Atsumori panicks. He asks if she had told Aoi about this, running off in a hurry when she says no.

Following Atsumori, Nazuna finds Aoi taking a nap in the chapel. Atsumori quickly tells Aoi to run away, and since Aoi refuses to take anyone’s order, Atsumori asks if he will listen to his “real body”‘s words. Atsumori almost tells Nazuna what it means, but Aoi stops him saying it’s got nothing to do with her. Ignoring how he really feels, Aoi says he won’t run and tells them not to disturb his nap. His answer pisses Atsumori, who then runs off saying he won’t forgive Aoi for “taking the easy path alone”. When Aoi asks if Nazuna heard anything from Atsumori, she tells him she’s confused because she doesn’t know anything. Aoi apologized for leaving her in the dark, but he doesn’t want her to hear the reason.

While he wouldn’t mind making her sad before, right now Aoi feels scared. He already made his decision, but now it’s starting to shake — he’s starting to wish for something he shouldn’t wish for. Everytime he remembers how Nazuna stopped him from dying, Aoi always gets this strange feeling. Aoi then drops the subject again and takes Nazuna to see the first star from the garden. Since Nazuna said she wants to put a Christmas tree in the club room, Aoi climbs the school’s Christmas tree and takes the star on top — the “first star” for Nazuna. He tells her he asked his older brother to take the star for him in the past, though he only did it because he wanted to cause problem for his brother. No matter how selfish Aoi’s wishes are, his brother always tried his best to grant them.

Aoi says Nazuna has revived a wish he lost a long time ago, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask him. Just then Suou appears to stop their melodrama, telling Aoi that he’s been called and refers to him with the nickname “spare-kun”. It turns out that it was Aoi’s request to wait until Christmas, but they won’t even grant such a simple wish. A group of suspicious men in black suddenly appears, and Suou tells Aoi to behave. They’re going to knock him unconscious with anesthetics or tie him up like an animal if he tries to resist, but Suou is giving him some time to say goodbye to Nazuna. Aoi says he understands, asking them not to use anesthetics since he’s a human too — even though he’s a “spare”. He tells Nazuna that he’ll be going now, and she can continue their bet with everyone else.

Knowing she probably won’t see him again, Nazuna hugs Aoi and asks him not to leave. One of the guards punches her in the gut for disturbing them, but obviously this only enrages Aoi. He punches the guard, tells them to take him away only if they can win against his fist, and he rushes over to the unconscious Nazuna. Later on Nazuna wakes up calling Aoi’s name in the infirmary, and she finds him sleeping beside her — holding her sleeve as usual. Reito explains that Aoi went wild earlier, so they had to inject tranquilizer into him. When he asks if Nazuna gets involved this far because she loves Aoi, she finally admits that she might be in love with him after all. She doesn’t know what would happen if she learns the truth about Aoi, but she doesn’t want to be an idle bystander. After hearing this, Reito finally takes her to talk outside.

From Reito, Nazuna learns that Aoi is actually a savior sibling. He was a test-tube baby made just to save his older brother. His brother had a lot of diseases ever since he was born, up to the point that he couldn’t function properly as a human. He should have died early as a child, but unfortunately.. he was born into the wrong family. The Kano family couldn’t let their first son die, so they created a “spare” to make sure he can continue living — taking any “parts” he needs from Aoi. Even though Aoi is a human too, he’s nothing more than a tool in his family’s eyes. They didn’t even bother registering his name into the family.

However, Aoi’s brother isn’t happy with this. It hurts him to live with the organs they took from his younger brother, but he can’t say he wants to die since it would put Aoi’s sacrifice into a waste. On the other hand, Aoi can’t say he wants to live either, knowing his older brother will die without his organs. Just then Atsumori appears to add that Aoi doesn’t have a choice. He’s not allowed to die, so their family ordered Suou to watch him and make sure he doesn’t commit suicide. Not for his own sake, but for his brother. In return, the family let Aoi and Atsumori do whatever they want — to prevent them from killing themselves. No matter how cruel and sad it sounds, this is the fate God has given to Aoi.

Aoi wakes up the next morning to find Nazuna beside him. She starts crying when he touches her cheek, because his hand is really cold like a corpse. Aoi says her hands are really warm, and when Nazuna says it’s because her heart is warm, he replies with “then my hands are cold because my heart’s beyond shattered.” ・゜・(PД`q。)・゜・ Later on Nazuna also finds the charm Kakeru gave her broken into half, and she finds a small device inside the pouch. It must be a bug to spy on her daily activities, though Nazuna pushes the thought aside for now.

On the sixth day, Aoi takes Nazuna to the underground prison. He hugs her and asks to stay like this for a while, but she notices that Aoi isn’t being a pervert like usual. He tells her that he only wants to feel her warmth, blushing when she agrees to stay with him. Nazuna then tries to cheer him up by saying this isn’t like him at all, and he only replies with “then what is ‘me’?” He tries pushing her down and tells her to “feel” him, but still.. it’s different. Nazuna says he’s usually forceful and never listens to anyone, not to mention futile resistance only makes him happy. Aoi asks if she loves his usual self better than the current him. He was about to say something when he suddenly stops himself, then he tells her “Remember me.. I’m already..”

Nazuna pushes Aoi away saying she doesn’t like how this conversation is going. It’s like this will be the last time they can see each other. Aoi only lets out a weak laugh and apologized, saying in the end she never likes their dates after all. Even though she only wanted to make good memories with him. As they walk through the garden, Aoi apologized for being unable to spend Christmas with her. Nazuna tells him it’s okay, but he wonders who will stay with her after he’s gone. Before Aoi leaves, Nazuna asks why did he become the date club’s leader. Aoi says the reason is really simple and uncool — he doesn’t want to die as just a “spare”. He can be himself and feels happy to be needed in the club, and Nazuna realized it’s the proof that Aoi actually wants to live. Then he says goodbye and leaves.

As Nazuna thinks about what she can do for him, Aoi keeps thinking how he wanted to keep hugging her until she breaks into half. That way even if he dies in the upcoming surgery, Aoi won’t feel lonely. For a moment he thought about taking her to the other world, wondering if she would mind dying for him out of sympathy. Now he feels really stupid for thinking about such things, but he can’t understand himself anymore.


The next day, Nazuna decides to talk to Aoi again. She can’t find him at school, but Reito gives her Aoi’s phone number along with Atsumori’s. However, his phone is turned off and Nazuna gets a really bad feeling about this. Reito and Nazuna then split up to search for Aoi, but he’s nowhere to be found in the entire school. Eventually she calls Atsumori and goes to see him in the rooftop, where she asks him about Aoi’s hospital. Aoi never told her anything, but Nazuna knows he’s going to take a surgery for his brother. At first Atsumori tells her it’s useless even if she goes. Aoi respects his brother and would do anything to help — even if it means losing his own life. Seeing Nazuna’s determination, Atsumori finally says she should try talking to Aoi himself and calls a taxi to take her to the hospital.

Holding the Christmas star in her hands, Nazuna visits Aoi in his hospital room. The star was returned to the tree when they collapsed in front of Suou and his MIB, so she climbed the tree and took it back. When Atsumori distracts the guards, Nazuna sneaks into the room and finds Aoi lying on the bed inside. He looks really pale and she knows they’re going to force him into taking the surgery in this condition, so she asks him to run away together. Without waiting for his answer, Nazuna drags Aoi out and takes him to hide in a storage. She apologized, but Aoi says he’s going back to his room. When she cries and asks him not to go, Aoi snaps and tells Nazuna she’s just an outsider. He doesn’t get why she went this far just to keep him alive, and she finally answers it’s because she loves him.

Aoi then asks if she’s ready to face the consequences — his brother will be the victim of their actions. Despite knowing how selfish her answer is, Nazuna says yes. She only wants Aoi to live, and she couldn’t care less about other people. (´・ω・`A;) Suddenly Aoi kisses Nazuna, admitting that he doesn’t want to die. Even though he knows he was created only to save his brother, he wants to keep living with her.

Prohibition Normal Ending

As they spend the night together in the storage, Aoi blushes and asks if Nazuna was always this cute before. He says he’s a lot happier than she thought, so he’s going back to his room. It would be the best if someone dies when they’re happy. He tells her to be happy since he’ll be watching over her from the other world, then he walks out of the storage. Even when Nazuna says she loves him again, Aoi remains silent before saying he can’t turn back anymore. When Suou approaches them saying they need to talk, Aoi tells him to take him back quickly without giving any lectures. However, Suou tells him to shut up since he’s not done talking yet.

It turns out that Aoi’s brother has refused the surgery. While Aoi is ready to give up his life for him, his brother is also ready to die without accepting Aoi’s help. He has taken a lot from Aoi, so he decided it’s now time to stop. Aoi is shocked upon hearing his decision, and Suou asks Nazuna to take care of Aoi before leaving. When she hugs Aoi — who was crying silently — he hugs her back with his trembling arms. They return to the dorm at night, and even though Atsumori welcomes them with his sharp tongue, everyone knows he’s happy to see Aoi back. In the end their bet ends with a draw and her debt remains unpaid, but Wabisuke is enjoying his activities as a date club member.

Days passed quickly and Christmas comes soon. Nazuna goes out to meet Aoi in front of the dorm at night, and he complains that she’s late. He teases her saying he’s going with another girl if she came five seconds later, but then he smiles and tells her it’s just a joke — Aoi won’t date other girls anymore since Nazuna will get jealous. It seems like he’s back to his usual self, but she feels that he’s forcing himself to smile. As they walk pass the garden, Aoi notices that the star is gone from the Christmas tree. He wonders who pulled such a prank, and Nazuna blushes as she admits it was her. She wanted to give it to him, so she climbed the tree like he did. Aoi blushes saying girls shouldn’t climb trees, but he admits it makes him really happy and thanks her for the star.

Aoi wonders if it’s okay for him to live a happy life. He lost his purpose after his brother died, but Nazuna says he should live. No matter what people says, she wants him to keep on living. Aoi then admits on the night before he went to the hospital, he was thinking if another guy will take Nazuna after he’s gone. His top priority should be his brother, but he couldn’t stop getting jealous at the thought of another guy making her happy. When Nazuna says she wants Aoi to make her happy, Aoi promises he’ll give her happiness for his brother’s share as well. Nazuna replies she’s going to make Aoi happy too. Both for Aoi himself and for his brother, who’s now resting inside his heart. She slowly closes her eyes, and Aoi kisses her for the first time.

Prohibition Hard Ending

After having sex in the hospital storage, Nazuna wakes up to find Aoi beside her. He blushes and asks if she’s okay, telling her to get dressed before she catches a cold. When Aoi asks about what they should do from here, Nazuna says they should escape together. This leads to a long argument since Aoi is too scared to choose, while Nazuna keeps forcing him to live. Eventually Aoi says life is getting too painful for him, asking her to kill him already. If he has to die, he wants to die in Nazuna’s hands. He gives her a knife saying she should slit his throat if she really love him, and he snaps when she refuses to listen — resulting in yet another long debate and struggle between them.

When they heard footsteps outside, Aoi says it’s the time limit. He prepares to leave saying it’s his fate to die as a “spare” after all, but then the door bursts open and Atsumori walks in. He tells them to leave through the back door after five minutes, while he’s going to distract the MIB to a different location. At first Aoi is still reluctant about leaving, but Nazuna says she won’t let him die and that’s final. If he doesn’t understand if it’s okay for him to live, she’s going to repeat the answer until he understands. Aoi laughs saying that’s so like her, and he finally gives up saying he’ll leave his everything — his life and death — in Nazuna’s hands.

Five minutes later, Aoi and Nazuna escape from the hospital. They start living on the run from there, moving from one place to another before the Kano family can catch them. One day, Aoi wonders if his brother is still alive. He asks if Nazuna isn’t worried about Wabisuke, but she says she doesn’t care. Of course she’s actually worried about her brother. She just can’t say that in front of Aoi, knowing he’s carrying the same pain. When Nazuna says that Aoi is her only family, he tells her it goes the same for him too. They only have each other now, so if she dies and leaves him first, he’s going to commit suicide and follow her. Nazuna says she won’t leave him, and Aoi can relax because even if he dies first.. she’s going to follow him as well.

As Aoi pulls her closer for a kiss, Nazuna knows they’re already inseparable. He’s her world, and she’s his world. They will always be together, even after their deaths.


Past midnight, Nazuna walks out of the dorm. The more she thinks about how Aoi will be taken to the hospital tomorrow, the more she wants to see him. Just before Nazuna sneaks into the boys’ dorm, she notices Aoi standing in the cold outside. It turns out both of them are thinking of the same thing, since Aoi was planning to sneak into the girls’ dorm just to see Nazuna. She seems reluctant to visit his room though, so they end up going to the chapel together. Aoi says the chapel at night reminds him of a drama he watched a long time ago, about a poor boy and his dog. They both died in a church on a cold Winter night, with an angel coming down to pick them up. Back then Aoi thought he won’t feel lonely if he dies like that.

Nazuna asks if he’s really sure about taking the surgery, and Aoi says of course he is. That’s how important his brother is to him, as he’s the only person who treats Aoi like a family — not as a tool. Nazuna believes that such a nice brother wouldn’t want Aoi to die for him, but sadly Aoi snaps saying she doesn’t know anything about him. Nazuna admits she can’t put herself in Aoi’s position, that’s why she’s telling him what she feels. She wants him to live, because she loves him. Her words surprised Aoi, who blushes saying it’s embarrassing to hear such a straight confession from her. Obviously because she’s special. (❤ฺ→艸←) Aoi knows Nazuna might be right, but still.. he doesn’t want his brother to die either.

Just then Suou enters the chapel, and while Nazuna thought he’s going to take Aoi away, he only hands a cellphone to Aoi. The phone is connected to Aoi’s brother, who calls just to say goodbye and apologized for all the pain he puts Aoi through. After his brother drops the call, Aoi asks Suou to take him to the hospital. Suou says it’s useless because his brother doesn’t have enough stamina to take the surgery, but Aoi tells him it’s got nothing to do with that. Aoi only wants to see him as a brother, not as a “spare” or a tool. Suou agrees, and Nazuna can only watch in silence as Aoi disappears into the night.

A few days later, Aoi still hasn’t returned to school. Nazuna is worried, but she wants to wait until Aoi can deal with his brother’s decision. During lunch break, Nazuna receives a call from Atsumori, who informs her that Aoi’s brother has just passed away. Aoi is still in the hospital, since he actually receives more damage than he lets on. When Atsumori asks if Nazuna will wait for Aoi, and he’s clearly relieved when she answers “of course”. After he cuts the call, Nazuna takes out the Christmas star and starts praying.

Pure Love Normal Ending

When he finally returns to school, Aoi has left the Kano family to look for his true self. Nazuna finds him in the chapel at noon, thinking if his brother’s doing fine in heaven. He’s still mourning over his brother’s death, but she notices that his expression looks peaceful. Even though Aoi was created for his brother, his brother decides to release him from that fate. This is the first time Aoi really feels “alive”, but then he hugs Nazuna saying he also feels so alone. He starts touching weird places like he used to, laughing at her blushing face when she smacks him lol.

Since Aoi doesn’t know what to do after leaving the Kano family, Nazuna asks if he has any dreams of hobbies. Aoi says he likes singing and music in general, so he thinks it might be nice if he can join the entertainment world with that good looks of his. Aoi gets excited thinking of doing a street live next time, but then he notices that Nazuna doesn’t look so happy.. and she admits it’s because he’ll get swarmed my more fangirls. Aoi blushes for a second, then he tells Nazuna she’s really stupid. Then he gently adds “you don’t have to worry about anything, you know that right?” and Nazuna blushes too as she nods quietly. She’s going to support him in everything he does, because she believes he can achieve his dreams.

During their next club activity, Atsumori and Seri are laughing at Aoi’s new dream towards the entertainment world. The only one who supports him is Wabisuke, but Aoi is already pissed by the time he appears and tells him to shut up — resulting in Wabisuke going “but I’m not laughing at you.. that’s so mean! Nazuna, did you see that? (´;ω;`)” LOL. Daria says she can introduce Aoi to her acquaintance in the music industry, because she believes Aoi has a high chance of standing on his own stage one day. Atsumori also supports the idea since Aoi needs to grow as a person after leaving the Kano family, and even though he’s laughing at the thought of Aoi standing on stage.. everyone knows Atsumori actually wants to support him.

In order to achieve his dream, Aoi decides to leave school. He can’t stay in a secluded place like this, especially since he doesn’t have a family to support him anymore. Reito will take care of the procedures for him, so Aoi should just enjoy his remaining school life until then. Nazuna actually feels sad that they’re going to be apart, but she’s happy to see everyone supporting Aoi. Winter quickly passed after that, with Aoi spending most of his time with Nazuna. When Spring comes, it’s finally time for Aoi to step into the world outside. Nazuna starts crying even though she wanted to send him off with a smile, so Aoi tells her not to cry. It’s not like they’re going to be apart forever, since their relationship will continue even after he says goodbye to this school. Nazuna still looks sad, so Aoi then picks her up and carries her princess-style.

Aoi admits he wants to take Nazuna away, but she should remember this: “No matter where I am, you’re always mine. I’m always holding you with these arms.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Now he’s going to grab his dreams with those arms, and it makes him feel so alive. He asks Nazuna to always watch him as he makes his dream comes true, thanking her when she happily says she will always do. Before leaving, Aoi also tells her not to date weird guys when he’s away. He won’t look at other girls either, and from time to time he’ll come to visit them after school.

When Nazuna finally smiles, Aoi asks her to keep smiling. That way he can smile as well. From now on Aoi will grow stronger and become a more wonderful person, and Nazuna will watch over him by staying by his side. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

Pure Love Hard Ending

Aoi eventually returns to the school, but he’s different from his usual self. The current Aoi is rather apathetic and hollow, as if his soul was pulled away from his body. One day, Nazuna goes to the rooftop and finds him there — looking at the sky alone. She can only stay beside him in silence, but then Aoi starts talking to her. He thought he would be free once his brother died, but now he realized it’s not true. Without his brother — the only person who truly needs him — Aoi feels that he has lost his purpose in life. Now he really feels empty inside. Nazuna tries to say that he can’t live while dragging over his sorrow forever, but Aoi only says she doesn’t understand. He says his life is none of her business, and Nazuna slaps him.

Nazuna says she doesn’t understand Aoi’s feelings, but just like his brother, she thinks of him as a precious person. Sadly on top of rejecting her words, Aoi also asks if she’s planning to become a replacement for his brother. He’s surprised when Nazuna says she does want to fill in the hole left by his brother, but then he tells her to leave him alone and runs off. Aoi also avoids Nazuna ever since, and she sadly wonders if this will continue forever. Everyone in the club says it’s not Nazuna’s fault. She told him everything she wanted to say, so it’s up to Aoi to resolve his own issues now.

However, Kazuya suddenly comes bursting through the door looking for Reito. They’ve got an emergency at hand — Aoi has slit his wrist in the dorm. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ Wabisuke asks Nazuna to come down, but eventually Daria tells him to let her go. Nazuna follows Atsumori outside and he lets her ride the ambulance with them, taking the unconscious Aoi to the hospital. Aoi’s life is saved before it’s too late, but everyone is still shocked by his suicide attempt. Soon Nazuna heard that Aoi has opened his eyes, so she gathers her courage to visit him. Despite what he did, Aoi admits he was actually really scared upon thinking he’s going to die.

Before Aoi lost his consciousness back then, all he can see was Nazuna’s face.. and then he started regretting his suicide attempt. When he was floating between life and death, Aoi also met his brother and got scolded for doing such a foolish thing. He finally understood what his brother was trying to say, since he realized he’s got a lingering affection in his life — Nazuna, the best attachment he ever had. As Nazuna starts crying, Aoi then asks if she’s willing to live with him from now on. At first Nazuna is surprised, but Aoi thanks her when she says “yes” with no doubt. Aoi laughs and tells her to stop crying since she looks terrible, then he gently pats her head saying “I’m just hiding my embarrassment. Realize it.” (*´∀`*)

Aoi quickly recovers after that, and the date club members welcome him when he returns to school. When Spring comes, Aoi and Nazuna go outside to view the blooming sakura together. He suddenly hugs her under the sakura tree, saying he already left the Kano family. He never had a family aside from his brother, and even though he’s on good terms with Atsumori.. Aoi thinks leaving the family is the best way. He decided to live without getting involved with them anymore. Nazuna knows it’s necessary for Aoi to live his life as himself, not as a replacement for someone else. She has decided to spend the rest of her life beside Aoi as well, so he will never feel lonely anymore.

Nazuna then says it tickles, and Aoi tells her to bear with it. They will always be together from now on, so he’s going to do this kind of thing constantly. Aoi teases Nazuna by asking “do you prefer a more intense one? or do you want to be ‘attacked’ by words?” and whispers “let’s do whichever you like” directly into her ears. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Nazuna’s still not used all of this sweet いちゃいちゃ moments, but it’s okay since they have plenty of time ahead.

Just as I expected, Aoi’s route is filled with giant emotional swings. At first Aoi acts like a jerk, then he warms up as the story reveals his sad fate, and he eventually turns either angsty or sweet in the endings. He shows a rather pathetic side in some of the endings, but I do like Aoi a lot as a character. Especially when he’s being a flirty tease. You know you can’t resist that sexy voice. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ I like his endings too since they’re mostly happy, but I absolutely love his Pure Love Normal Ending. Aoi is awesome and it’s 100% happy with no angsty conflicts to ruin your mood. Great, now I can’t decide whether to vote for Aoi or Reito in the poll LOL.

Flower Language:
Tachi-Aoi / Hollyhock — great desire, aspiration, ambition

While I enjoyed Gekka Ryouran overall, I won’t recommend this game if you don’t like emotional rollercoasters, dark and heavy past, implied R-18 stuff, or yanderes. Aoi’s route is absolutely yandere-free, but the others have someone insane to ruin an ending or two. ・゚・(´д` lll)・゚・ The characters and their interactions are interesting though, and that’s the part I enjoyed the most from the game. So if you’re planning to play Gekka Ryouran, keep in mind that when Rejet and Otomate said this game is “for you who can’t be satisfied with normal romance”.. they mean it.


18 thoughts on “Gekka Ryouran – Kano Aoi

  1. After Wabisuke’s crazy endings and completely f-ed up ones, I am so glad that Aoi had pretty normal ones or at least ones that I could like (ノ´∀`*)ノ! Pure Normal is probably my favorite ending since Aoi accepts his brother’s death and decides to reach for his own dreams now. Nazuna’s ending monologue about watching over him killed me with the cuteness.

    I’m a bit surprised at what they made him do in the Pure Hard though. Didn’t expect an otoge to make a character go that far, but I kind of like it as a slap from reality about how life and love isn’t all roses and flowers and sweet things. I felt like it made his route more real in a gritty way xDD though you could say that we’re playing otome games to escape from reality LOL.

    I’ll definitely be playing Daria’s and Seri’s route just for more Aoi screen time. I hope he shows up often in their routes like he did in Wabisuke’s 8D.

    • LOL it’s really sad how Aoi got happy endings while Wabisuke’s happiest ending is still mixed with depression. xD; I agree, Pure Normal is the best since Aoi doesn’t spend time emoing like a damsel in distress. *glances at Pure Hard* His relationship with Nazuna is adorable, and it’s nice to see everyone supporting him. Perfect. x3

      I guess the endings take different paths based on each route. Since Aoi moves on in Pure Normal, probably they decided to show an alternate result in Pure Hard.. which is why he’s drowning in depression. I didn’t like that part, but the second half of that ending is lovely. ♥

      Sadly Aoi doesn’t appear that often in the other routes. ;__;
      Both Daria and Seri’s route are focused on themselves, though Wabisuke gets a little hilarious screentime in Daria’s lol. I wish Aoi would be as aggressive as he was in Wabisuke’s route, but oh well. xD

  2. Good job for completing it and thanks for the review. From what I’ve looked, it seemed Wabisuke and Atsumori were really scary (in prohibition hard mode). But I don’t know too well of this though.

    It’s not the theme that makes me not want to play it, but the chara design art isn’t match for my preference (i don’t really like too skinny guys). Anyway, despite the chara design, I love the coloring and it’s really beautiful.

    • The scary one is Wabisuke only. xD Some of the others also did questionable things to Nazuna, but none of them reached Wabisuke’s level really. Especially in Reito’s route, where he completely lost his marbles lol.

      Oh you’re right, some people I know didn’t play Gekka because of the art too. At first I wasn’t interested in the art either, but then it sort of grew on me.. and I’m in love with Kuroyuki’s style before I knew it. 8D;

  3. yay! Aoi WAS nice… until all these dramatic fucking family past. WHY LIKE THIS REJET? WHY OTOMATE?! sigh… i’m veryyyyyyyyy glad i didn’t brought this game. my mind is naughty enough that there is no need for implied stuff. i’m TOTALLY giving up on mysterious games. well… some of them ;p
    you know… yandere, mentally sick, lesbian, VERY emo and mad, jerk and two-faced people are seriously not my cup of tea. thank you for reviewing all these stuff and going through hell to complete this totally weird game. you’ve gone through a lot ;D
    And YAYYYYY! my PSP is finally released. long waited Wand Of Fortune wait for me!!!

    • It wasn’t exactly a bad experience for me. xD
      Dramas and unhappy endings aside, I liked the characters and their interactions. Plus, I’m into implied R-18 stuff so.. 8D Going through Daria’s route wasn’t pleasant though LOL.

      • really? i rather my naughty stuff unimplied. (you know…eroge ;p)
        but then again i can’t say i’m ABSOLUTELY happy with results. they were too many WEIRD endings…

        • I do play eroge when I’m not occupied with otome games (but then again I’m always occupied), and I play R-18 otome stuff too.. but I still find implied naughty stuff the best. Sometimes they went overboard when they do show you what’s happening on bed. xD

          I understand though. Just like Amnesia, Gekka isn’t for everyone lol.

  4. Just randomly came across this blog a few days ago, and I absolutely adore it * u*

    I actually jumped right into Aoi’s route when I first played Gekka Ryouran; and I thought it was pretty messed up when they had sex in a hosital… until I got to Wabisuke’s and sat through sex in a /chapel/ with your /adopted brother/ 8D;; “Onii-chan” totally lowered the bar in making sex in a hospital seem acceptable.

    Personally, I liked Prohibition Normal best ; w; I mean, Pure Normal was sweet as well, but Prohibition Normal made me warm and fuzzy LOL And both Prohibition Hard and Pure Hard were too extreme for me > A> Pure Hard wrapped up nicely but I couldn’t do Aoi’s emoing orz;;

    Thanks for all the summaries, though! It would have taken so much to get me to actually play through Daria’s > u>;;

    • LOL yes! After going through the other 5 routes, having sex in a hospital with Aoi actually sounds normal. At least it’s not with your adoptive brother / a girl in a chapel out of all places. 8D;;

      I loved Aoi’s Prohibition Normal too. :3
      Basically the Hard endings are the more extreme versions of the Normal ones, so it can be either extra sweet or extra creepy lol. I do like Aoi’s Pure Love Hard in the end, but yeah the wangst.. orz

      You’re welcome. It took a lot of willpower to finish Daria’s. xD

  5. WTF? I didn’t comment here? My brain must be leaking /puts band-aids all over.

    Aoi, no wonder you’re cover boy. Your route seems the most normal to me orz. Gekka is so full of crazy stuff that I got something like an immunization shot against the forbidden or something. Just…no more Wabisuke, plsthx.
    Guess favorite is Pure Normal. Aoi looks happy ;3; I need my boys to be happy. Sex in storage made me laugh my head off for some reason. Maybe I’m just messed up like that lol. I like my naughty stuff implied, I get more room to imagine OHOHOHO /shot.

    So, I, uh, think I’ll be over there in the corner of fluffy otome games with no yanderes (KAMIKIMI COME FASTER I NEED YOU AS BRAIN BLEACH)

    • For some reason your comments ended up in the spam folder, and I didn’t notice. Sorry.. ;__;

      LOL I know right. My favorite is still Reito, but Aoi’s endings are less messed up. And most importantly, Wabisuke is a good boy in this route. xD; If he appears with that creepy giggles again, I’m gonna be scarred for life.. orz

      Will KamiKimi be fluffy though? From the site and overall promotion I feel a sad story ahead. It’s still nice though as long as we have normal romance. I think I’m done dealing with yanderes lol.

  6. Did they ever mention what the naughty things are?
    Did he ever say that he kissed a girl or had sex with anyone before?
    Or does he just allude that he did it with someone?
    Like when he said that kissing and dating are like a game to him, or something like that.

    • Not mentioned, but like.. clearly implied. He never really said it out loud, but you can tell from his words. Back in Wabisuke’s route, he makes out with a girl in the roof and puts his hand into the girl’s skirt lol. I think the one who clearly said “I’ve kissed tons of girls before” was Atsumori instead.

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