Death Connection Portable

Everyone keeps telling me to do Death Connection, so here I am stepping into the mafia world. I’ll be staying here until November, since I’m planning to do Arcana Famiglia after Halloween. ♪

One stormy night, a wounded woman leaves her baby in a church. They can hear some men approaching outside, and she runs off after asking the nun to take a good care of her baby. The priest then named the baby Amelia, raising her in the church along with Joshua, a boy who lost his parents in a mafia attack. She grows up wondering when her parents will come for her, but sadly her peaceful life in the church only lasts for 17 years. When a mafia group suddenly attacks the church at night, both Joshua and Amelia are forced to run away.

As Joshua takes Amelia out of the church, they meet Jean — a mafia who used to visit them until a certain incident three years ago. After helping them to escape from their pursuers, he takes them to an old mansion and explains that Amelia’s life is in danger. She can’t go back to the church, or else she’ll put everyone’s lives on the line. Jean says he saved Amelia by the request of her father, but he vanishes before explaining anything else. Soon Joshua notices a beautiful pendant on the floor, and it starts glowing when Amelia touches it. Before the light fades away, suddenly three guys appear in front of them.

After Amelia tells them her name, the guys introduce themselves as Vicious, Leonardo and Nicole. While they feel nostalgic in the mansion, the three of them are actually as confused as Joshua and Amelia.. because they have no memories about anything else. From a picture in the mansion, they remember that they were a part of a mafia group who used to live in this mansion. Their boss was a kind man named Dalenzio Salvatore, and they have three more friends in the group — Luciano, Medicis and Gloria. It doesn’t take long until their friends come to join them in the mansion, as Amelia bumps into Luciano while she goes shopping in town. Vicious comes to stop him from hitting on Amelia, and that marks their not-so-tearful reuion.

Now that everyone have gathered, it’s time for them to sort things out. The only ones missing are their boss and Gloria’s younger brother, Nicholas. Jean is their ally too, though he comes and go as he likes. Eventually, the gap in their memories leads them to remember an incident three years ago: the destruction of the Salvatore Family. Along with their boss, the six of them actually died in that incident. They were trapped and killed by Guido, Dalenzio’s brother who’s also the leader of the Tarantino Family. Guido’s objective was to erase every single trace of the Salvatore Family, and he should have achieved that goal if it wasn’t for a single survivor.

Dalenzio’s daughter is still alive.

The moment Guido learned about this, he ordered his men to kill that girl.. which is none other than Amelia herself. The pendant she picked up belonged to Dalenzio, and it was laced with astrange power to revive his dead subordinates as “shinigami / death gods”. When they first joined the family, Dalenzio gave each of them Nyx — the stone of contract — as the sign of their loyalty to him. The stones allowed them to be summoned after their deaths, but this can only be done by those who are blood-related to Dalenzio. The the summoner holds absolute power over the summoned shinigami, which means they’re currently under Amelia’s control. The first trio, to be exact, because the other three were actually summoned by Guido.

As Dalenzio’s brother, Guido also holds the same power. He’s planning to summon shinigami for world domination, but then Amelia gets in the way by accidentally summoning Dalenzio’s subordinates.. and this only fueled his desire to kill her even more. Aside from surviving her uncle’s attempts to end her life, now Amelia needs to figure out the real meaning behind the summoning as well.


24 thoughts on “Death Connection Portable

  1. Finally you decided to play this game……Well i played it on my PS2 but still not finished it because i couldn’t understand all Japanese T_T
    Glad to see your review ^^

  2. Ah. Long time lurker, but had to comment when I saw your latest choice of game. :)

    So it was Jean then. I always read his name as Gian (I um don’t know why) Can’t wait to see your review, since I’m currently going through this game too.

  3. Nicole is not date able right!!!!??? not anymore yuri stuff righhhhht??? lol! kidding, i know it’s not yuri but all that implied r-18 stuff and Daria has made my mind polluted… anyway, glad you’re doing this, i played this thing on my friend’s house a year ago or what. i didn’t have my own ps2 that time so i couldn’t play ittt!!!!! i mean, we only took a peek at Vicious’s route a bit. that’s all. isn’t he so cute? ;B

  4. Ohh, I played this game a couple of months ago. Didn’t full-comp it so I’m glad that you are doing a review on it ;D

    Sorry if I’m getting ahead of things but since you’re doing Arcana Famiglia after this, will you do a review on Kami naru Kimi to? Thanks!

  5. OMG you’re playing the same game as me! /shot.
    I was giggling like mad when I was looking at the pictures in your Tumblr. Nicole is friggin hilarious xD

    Looking forward to your reviews darling~ (cause I can’t understand shit but art is pretty /brick’d)

    • LOLOL I just HAD to post that Nicole accessory scene. 8D
      Death Connection is taking longer than expected since my brain can’t stand Amelia for a long time, but reviews should be up soon. :3

    i dont mind datable draps at least we know there’s something between their legs lolol

    anyway I hope you’re enjoying the game and poking the mans ;D

  7. Thank you for your all review, I can now understand a lil bit of this story xD

    Btw I hope it is ok I asked here since I can’t comment on S.Y.K post. May I know how to get Goku Ed? I heard you need to get the other 3 ed first to get him, but I still can’t have his ending.

    Thank you~

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