Death Connection – Joshua

Have you had enough of overprotective, jealous big brothers? Because I certainly haven’t. A friend told me to get Joshua’s route out of the way first, but I’m enjoying it so far. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

Joshua is a 22 years old priest who grew up with Amelia in the church. His family were killed by some mafia when he was small, and he’s been holding a deep hatred for all kinds of mafia ever since. Joshua is just like a big brother for Amelia, protecting her from all the harmful and unnecessary stuff. This includes chasing off all the guys who tried to approach her, banning her from dating, as well as giving her absolutely zero sex education.

Naturally, Joshua is against the idea of Amelia living in a mafia mansion with her shinigami. He keeps picking fights with them at first, especially with Vicious, but Joshua soon realized that they don’t have any choice. He still wants to protect Amelia even though he’s not immortal, so he starts reading all the magic books in Dalenzio’s study. Knowing that he might have to kill to protect her, Joshua gives up his duty as a priest and starts practicing how to fight instead. He was shocked upon learning that Amelia is the daughter of a mafia boss, but that didn’t change his affection for her at all.

On Halloween, Guido sent a letter for Amelia. He challenges her to come to Dalenzio’s grave on November 2 — All Souls’ Day. Medicis thinks Guido wants to accomplish something other than killing Amelia, so he suggests they split up into two groups. Luciano, Gloria and him are going to Guido’s mansion, while the others are guiding Amelia to the graveyard. However, this plan backfired when they find out that Guido was the one who summoned them. He doesn’t bother explaining anything, and instead he orders them to kill everyone in the graveyard. Their summoner’s order brainwashes them immediately, which eventually results in a ferocious fight with their friends.

During the fight, Guido mentions that while he killed Dalenzio out of pure hatred, it’s different for Amelia. He needs “Beatrice’s blood” from Amelia to open hell’s gate and retrieve something inside. Joshua tries to use his magic to protect Amelia from Gloria and Medicis, but the fight eventually ends when Jean appears and knocks all the shinigami out with a strange power. Guido flees, while Amelia and Joshua take everyone back to their mansion. While Vicious, Leo and Nicole remembered hearing Amelia’s subconscious order to “protect her”; Luciano, Gloria and Medicis don’t have any memories about what happened after receiving Guido’s order.

While everyone decides to continue living together, Joshua and Vicious know they have to do something about the situation. Just in case Guido’s command brainwashes them again, Joshua then starts looking for a method to inflict damage to shinigami. Amelia feels upset because she doesn’t want him to kill anyone, and they end up having a fight because Joshua is doing all of this just to protect her. Noticing that Joshua is gone from the mansion at night, Amelia and Leo go out to search for him in town. Just as Leo expected, they find him drinking his heart’s out in a bar, trying to erase all the irritation from his head.

When Amelia drags him out of the bar and gives him a long lecture about how priests shouldn’t drink, Joshua snaps saying he just wants to be alone. Amelia says he has changed, while in Joshua’s eyes she’s the one who changed after meeting her shinigami. They almost got into a fight in the middle of the street, so Leo stops them saying it’s because both Amelia and Joshua are changing. They won’t be able to solve anything by pushing their opinions onto each other, and it would be better if they take some time to get used to this change. Leo then tells them to have a talk in a quiet place nearby, and he’ll guard them until they’re done.

Ignoring Leo’s words, Amelia keeps saying that this isn’t like Joshua at all. In her eyes, Joshua is a reliable older brother who’s been guiding her all her life. After hearing her opinion of him, Joshua lets out a bitter laugh and says he never changed. He’s just jealous. Amelia only had him before, but now she’s suddenly surrounded by a lot of guys. Sadly while Joshua admits he’s afraid they will take her away, Amelia only replies with “you’re drunk and strange today.” When Amelia asks him not to keep any secrets, Joshua says he only has one thing he’s hiding from her.. and he won’t tell her no matter what, because nothing can be done even if he does. Amelia calls him stingy and mean, but they make up after that.

The next morning, Joshua packs his belongings and leaves the mansion alone. Amelia and Leo go to the church looking for him, and they meet the priest on the way. Just like Leo, the priest believes that Joshua will come back for Amelia eventually. A few years ago, Joshua’s former schoolmate visited the church to confess to him, but he rejected her right away saying he’s in love with someone else. Leo also adds that Joshua won’t be able to live without Amelia, but she thinks it’s because Joshua wants to continue taking care of her.

That night, Serbia comes to inform them that she met Joshua today. He said he doesn’t want to be a hindrance for Amelia, and it seems like he’s staying in an inn behind the mall. Amelia goes to fetch him while Leo guards the area outside, obviously because he doesn’t want to disturb them. The moment Joshua opens the door, Amelia rages at him for leaving without a word. He explains it’s because he feels Amelia doesn’t need him anymore. She needs him as a brother, but he’s not looking at her as a sister — something he confirmed after they start living with her shinigami. His jealousy is taking over his mind, so he leaves the mansion to cool his head off. Joshua then confesses that he’s in love with Amelia. He won’t ask her to accept his feelings, but he would be happy if she can start looking at him as a man from now on.

Sadly, Amelia’s answer is “it’s impossible!” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Since she keeps insisting, Joshua hugs her saying it’s okay if she can only look at him as a brother for now. His feelings for her won’t change, and he wants her to keep that in mind. He’ll do anything she wants him to do, so she should tell him her wishes from now on. But for now, Amelia only wants Joshua to return to the mansion. Joshua also gets jealous when Leo tells him not to hurt Amelia, but Leo calmly says people’s emotions can’t be divided into “love” and “hate” only. He was called by Amelia, and he just wants to do what he needs to do.

Despite saying this, the next day Leo asks Joshua about his confession in front of everyone. Joshua doesn’t bother hiding this — much to everyone’s amusement — but he’s curious why Leo keeps telling him not to make Amelia cry. Some of them think that Leo might be a rival for Joshua, though the idea seems unlikely. Since Amelia wants him to act as usual, Joshua asks her to stop being so awkward around him as well.. even though he’s happy that she becomes more aware of him now.

Meanwhile, Guido is having a discussion with his doctor, Castro. The gate to hell can only be opened on All Souls’ Day, but Guido orders him to look for another way. There’s no way he’s going to wait another year to accomplish his plan. They also reveal that Dalenzio used to own a ring containing Erebos — a legendary powerful stone which can be obtained upon making a contract with a shinigami, and can be used to call them after their death. Guido stole this ring by tricking Luciano before the accident, though he failed to summon all six shinigami thanks to Amelia. However, Castro points out that Dalenzio actually has seven subordinates. The last one wasn’t called by Guido nor Amelia, and he even interrupted their fight last time — Jean.

Thinking Jean might be a familiar Dalenzio ordered to protect his daughter, Guido then decides to lure him out by kidnapping Amelia. All he needs to do is to send a command to his shinigami.

Some days later, Amelia goes out with Leo to a flower field. Leo tells everyone it’s a date, but Amelia keeps this a secret from Joshua knowing he’ll only get jealous. When they return to the mansion that evening, they find him waiting in front of the door — obviously jealous and ready to interrogate them about the “date” LOL. It doesn’t help that Leo keeps saying things like “we went to my memorable place, and I finally remember that Amelia is important to me” either. Leo makes it clear that he doesn’t have any intentions to spark rivalry between them though. He’s going to do what he needs to do, so Joshua should do the same.

Knowing Joshua is still curious, Amelia finally tells him that Leo made a promise to Dalenzio in the past. In return of raising Leo as his own son, Dalenzio asked him to protect his daughter. Since Joshua’s responses are rather cynical, Amelia tells him that Leo isn’t a bad person. She asks if Joshua hates him because he’s a mafia, but he admits it’s because Leo’s approaching her. However, Amelia then gets angry and goes “I’m not yours, Joshua!” (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ He’s been doing this ever since they were small, so Amelia never had a boyfriend like normal girls around her age. After yelling “I wanted to experience romance too! I wanted a boyfriend too! Joshua, you idiot!”, she leaves the room and slams the door behind her. (´・ω・`A;)

While everyone was talking about the Joshua – Leo rivalry at night, Guido suddenly sends his command. The fight ends when they suddenly stop moving, indicating that something happens to Guido on the other side, but Joshua got shot when he tried to protect Amelia. Obviously the doctor finds it weird that he got shot inside the house, though he keeps his mouth locked upon hearing the Salvatore Family name. Amelia feels really bad for his injuries, but Joshua says he doesn’t mind dying if it means he can protect her.. just like how he protected her as they grew up together. Even if he’s not immortal like her shinigami, he wants to stay by her side.

(The reason why the attack suddenly stopped is because Jean appeared and put his gun on Guido’s back, asking for Guido’s reason for luring him out. Guido asks him how to obtain the power of “the whisperer”, but Jean only tells him to “gather more hatred”.)

Since Joshua keeps calling her name, Amelia holds his hand until he’s asleep. As he watches over them, Leo wonders why Joshua and him can be so different. Their parents are killed by mafia, but Joshua holds a grudge while Leo became one. After Amelia goes back to her room, Leo asks if Joshua is actually awake and listened to the whole conversation. Leo also thinks that hatred won’t last for eternity like love, and Joshua asks if he actually likes Amelia too. Leo admits he does like Amelia, but he doesn’t love her like Joshua does.

Even though Joshua recovers in a few days, Medicis feels really guilty for shooting him. They can’t let this continue since Joshua’s life would be in danger, and Gloria thinks it would be for the best if Joshua returns to the church. After all, Guido’s target is Amelia and not him. Later on Amelia finds him in Dalenzio’s study, searching for greater power to protect her. She says nothing, but Joshua can read her expression really well. He asks if Amelia wants him to return to the church, and he feels happy when she anwers no. Amelia apologized for getting angry at him for being so protective, but Joshua says he understands. He did that because he loves her, admitting that though he knows it’s wrong, it’s hard for him not to put restrictions on her.

To celebrate Joshua’s recovery, everyone except Leo and Amelia are having a boys’ night out in a bar. As they drink together, Gloria asks if Joshua has ever dated a girl before. He says he’s not interested because he loves Amelia that much, and he returns the question to them. Well, what do you expect from a mafia group? xD While Vicious doesn’t give a clear answer, Luciano dates randomly, Gloria treasures every “meeting”, and Medicis depends on his feeling LOL. Joshua rages at them for not devoting themselves to one woman, so Gloria challenges him on a drinking match. If Gloria wins he’ll get Amelia, but if Joshua wins they’re not allowed to flirt with her anymore. It took five bottles of vodka before Gloria’s eyes finally turn white as he passes out on the floor.. and the next day, Joshua shows up in the dining room with a big appetite while everyone else are having a hungover. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

When he heard that Amelia is going out for lunch with Leo, Joshua tags along to disturb their date. This “date” eventually leads to Leo remembering how he died and who killed him, so he wants to settle this issue despite Joshua’s sarcastic comments. It’s their first time seeing Leo looking so angry, and Joshua gets jealous (again) because Amelia looks so concerned about Leo. He tells her mafia will always resort to violence in the end, and when Amelia tells him it’s only because they don’t understand Leo’s situation.. Joshua pushes her against a wall asking why she’s protecting Leo so much. He fulfills her request to act normal, but he’s losing control thanks to his jealousy. When Joshua moves closer to kiss her, Amelia pushes him away and runs off saying he’s an idiot. ┐(´~`;)┌

One night, Claudia (Guido’s woman) suddenly comes to the mansion. She delivers a bunch of opera invitations for everyone, which is obviously another trap laid by Guido. Leo’s mind is full of his own issue though. Despite his burning jealousy, Joshua goes with Amelia to help Leo to solve the case without killing anyone — awakening Leo’s shinigami power in the process, as well as opening Joshua’s eyes that mafia aren’t as heartless as he thought. When they return to the mansion, Joshua tells Medicis that Amelia and him won’t be going to the opera. It would be dangerous if Guido suddenly orders them to attack her again, so they’re staying at home.

A few days later, everyone except Joshua and Amelia goes to the theatre. Just as expected, Claudia and Guido trap them inside the building. At first they thought everything should be fine since they’re invisible, but that’s only until Guido ordered Castro to bring out weapons made to kill even shinigami. Then he commands his shinigami to take these weapons.. and kill the other three. At the same time, Jean visits the mansion to inform Amelia that everyone are going back to hell tonight except for one person. She rushes to the theater with Joshua, but just as Jean said, everyone already vanished by the time they arrived. The only survivor is Leo, because he’s the only one who can fight back with his awakened power.

While Guido and Castro escapes right away, Claudia’s actually still lurking around the theater. It doesn’t help that Amelia’s acting like an idiot and refuses to accept the truth, so while she’s still busy going “嫌!嘘よ!” Claudia shows up with a gun and starts shooting wildly. Joshua got shot as he protects both Amelia and Leo, but he returns the attack by burning Claudia with his magic — until she dies along with the flames. As his consciousness slowly fades away, Joshua remembers a past memory of Amelia and him at school. Back then she was talking to a male classmate, who ran away when Joshua came to give him a nasty look. Amelia was mad because she lost yet another friend because of him, but Joshua didn’t care as long as she’s safe from any harmful insects.

Joshua later wakes up in his room and finds a worried Amelia by his side. When she goes to get some food for him, Joshua realized that he just killed a person for the very first time.. and he won’t be able to turn back now. However, things take a turn for the worse when Claudia’s ghost starts haunting Joshua. Her dream was to conquer the world just by smiling by Guido’s side, and she can’t accept her death so easily. At first Joshua tries to overcome his guilt and fear for Amelia’s sake, but the darkness keeps eating up his mind as Claudia comes to torment him everyday. Even though Amelia doesn’t blame him at all, Joshua thinks a pathetic murderer like him doesn’t have any right to love her anymore.

Unlike Amelia’s pure trust for Joshua, Leo can see that a part of Joshua actually wanted to kill Claudia. He was different from her shinigami because he never killed anyone, so he wanted to show that he can go that far just to protect Amelia. To help refreshing Joshua’s mind, Amelia then takes him to a lobelia flower field she visited with Leo the other day. Sadly, Joshua isn’t impressed at all. While Claudia only appears in his dream at first, lately she starts coming out at noon as well just to scream “murderer!” repeatedly into his ears. Disappointed in Joshua’s answer, Amelia tells him to stop being pathetic. He killed Claudia on his own will, so get over it already. Joshua only replies with “you don’t understand”, and Amelia leaves in anger.

Both Amelia and Leo are hoping Joshua can resolve his own issue, but there’s no way he can do that with Claudia still following him around all day. Amelia goes searching for him with Leo at night, but Joshua is in such a delusional state he doesn’t recognize her at all. In a panic, he calls his blue flames and hurls it at her thinking she’s Claudia’s ghost.. and he only snaps back to his senses when Leo asks if he realized what he’s done. Joshua can only stare in horror as Leo carries the wounded Amelia to see a doctor, while Amelia wonders what happened to the kind, protective Joshua she used to know.

When Amelia opens her eyes in the mansion, Joshua feels really guilty and apologized to her. Claudia is still haunting him, but she starts talking to him normally since Joshua has decided not to run away from his sin anymore. Joshua then does everything he can to nurse Amelia backto health, which includes cooking terrible dishes — much to Leo’s horror LOL. Apparently the dishes he makes are just like an “insult to cooking”, so Leo decides to help him in the kitchen. As he helps changing Amelia’s bandage, Joshua says he can’t bear living in a world without her by his side. It’s fine even if she doesn’t return his feelings, as long as he’s allowed to stay with her. Joshua only wants Amelia to be happy, and his love won’t change even if she falls in love with another man.

Knowing Amelia feels lonely now that everyone’s gone, Joshua asks for Serbia’s help. Amelia can’t ask Nicole for relationship advice anymore, so he’s hoping Serbia can fill in that role for her. After learning about Joshua’s confession from Amelia, Serbia says it’s impossible for him to give up on her. For now Amelia can only get used to this situation, or search for a trigger so she can look at him as a man. But since Amelia’s as dumb as a brick, she chooses the former. ┐(´~`;)┌ Serbia also informs Joshua and Leo that Guido has been locking up in his mansion lately. It seems that Castro is doing a suspicious research, so they should be careful.

Amelia soon recovers and can start walking again, but here Leo points out something Joshua has been hiding from them — he can’t fully raise his left arm. Claudia shot him twice that night, and one of the bullets must have affected the nerves on his arm. Amelia feels really guilty, but Joshua tells her it’s not her fault. The wound is fully healed and it doesn’t really affect his daily activities, so everything should be fine. She forces him to admit if he has other secrets, but he quickly says he’s not hiding anything else from her. Amelia still wants to do something for him though, so that night she massages Joshua’s arm saying she’ll help with his rehabilitation.

When Joshua expresses his love for her again, Amelia says it’d be nice if she can return his feelings — though she doesn’t understand what love feels like. She’s still feeling complicated for now, but he’s happy to hear her answer. However, that’s not how Joshua really feels.

Since Claudia says she can’t sense Guido’s presence nearby, Joshua takes Amelia to visit the church some days later. Despite what he said to Amelia, Joshua confesses to the priest that he’s actually reaching his limits. He wants Amelia to be happy, but the desire to make her his still lingers in Joshua’s heart. It’s getting hard for him to act normal in front of her, so he wants to find a solution. Noticing that both Joshua and Amelia need some time to rethink about their relationship, the priest tells him to put a distance between them for a while. They have always been together for a long time, so they might be able to realize some things by staying apart.

Following the priest’s advice, Joshua asks Leo to take care of Amelia and leaves the mansion. While Amelia is surprised to hear his sudden decision, Leo completely understands. He hands some money to Joshua, as well as telling Amelia to leave the poor guy alone for now. Leo also tells her to think how her words and actions hurt Joshua, but Amelia only goes “hurt? by me?” ?(´・ω・`)? since she’s clueless like that. While Leo triest his best to get this through her thick skull, Castro decides to give Guido the hatred he needs.. by blowing up Guido’s mansion along with his men. Obviously Guido rages and shoots him dead, and that’s when Jean appears to help him. Just because he’s bored, and because he’s the one who determined “the rules”.

Later on, Jean also tells Leo that his limit is on December 25. He wants Leo to fight him before then with his real shinigami power, telling Leo to see him at the church on the night of the 24th.

A few days later, Joshua is going insane without Amelia. He chained his hotel door to prevent himself from running out to see her, but he’s becomes so mentally exhausted. All he wants to do is just to disappear. Claudia gets tired of watching this, so she goes to the mansion to see Amelia. Something’s trapping Claudia’s ghost in this world, and she tells Amelia it’s not entirely Joshua’s fault — it’s partly Amelia’s fault too for being a slowpoke in love. When Amelia goes to tell Leo about this, he tells her to go see Joshua NOW and shoves her out of the door.

Amelia then rushes to Joshua’s hotel, where she finds him drowning in depression even more than before. He stopped eating and sleeping properly, and he faints not too long after Amelia arrives. When Joshua wakes up later, Amelia tells him that she needs him by her side. She’s still unsure about her feelings until Claudia goes “that’s called love, stupid ( ಠ_ಠ )”, and that’s when Amelia finally realized that she’s in love with Joshua too. Claudia also realized that she only wanted to see happiness, so she disappears now that her wish has been fulfilled.

When Amelia tells Joshua that she loves him, he cries and pushes her onto the bed saying he can die happy now. Joshua replies to everything she says with “I love you” and admits he’s not listening to her, but Amelia answers with “stupid.. but I love you too.” (*´∀`*)

They return to the mansion in the morning and spend a lovely Christmas Eve with Leo, who says that he’s going on a “date” tonight with a man he hates — which totally gives Joshua the wrong ideas LOL. After telling them to spend Christmas together, Leo leaves saying he might not be able to return anymore. He doesn’t say what’s going to happen, but he tells them about the location: the church where Dalenzio died. Amelia thinks he’s going to attend the Christmas sermon, and Joshua is currently too happy to think. That night Leo fights Jean and impresses him by disarming his anti-shinigami gun, and both of them return to hell when the day changes.

The next morning, Amelia and Joshua visit the church looking for Leo. Unfortunately, they only find a broken Guido who’s really pissed that Jean has gone missing. He lost everything just to gain “the whisperer”‘s power from Jean, and now he’s desperately searching for the guy — accusing Amelia of hiding him. Guido then starts attacking them with his gun, and even though Joshua tries to protect her, Amelia ends up getting shot in the stomach. Joshua is enraged and burns Guido to death, but Amelia’s can’t be saved after all — she dies holding Joshua’s hand.

Since Joshua is injured as well, soon he dies too and joins Leo in hell. At first Joshua is pissed to see Guido approaching them from afar, but Leo says this might be a chance for him to see Amelia again. Guido obtained Erebos when he made a contract with Jean, and it should still be somewhere in the world of the living. Joshua can become a shinigami if he makes a contract with Guido by using a Nyx stone, which will allow him to see Amelia after she reincarnates. This is a bet since they don’t know when Amelia will reincarnate.. or if she can find Guido’s Erebos at all, but Joshua decides to take the chance.

A few years later, a stray orphan is walking through a back alley. She notices a ring sparkling on the ground, and she picks it up thinking she can buy food if she sells it. For some reason, she also feels that the ring will summon someone to accompany her in life. The moment she touches it, the ring starts shining and Joshua appears in front of her. Noticing that the little girl is holding Guido’s Erebos ring in her hands, Joshua asks for her name.. and she tells him it’s “Amelia”. She wonders why Joshua starts crying, but she’s happy when Joshua takes her to live with him from now on.

In the special event, 15 years have passed and Amelia has grown up into an adult. One day she informs Joshua that she passed her university entrance exam, and when Joshua asks if she wants a present, Amelia says she wants him. (*´∀`*) In her eyes Joshua is a savior who saved her from the streets, and she fell in love with him before she knew it. She notices that sometimes Joshua’s looking at someone else’s shadow in her, but he says he already stopped looking at her past self — now his eyes are set on the current Amelia. While Joshua believes guys should confess first, Amelia says he never confessed even if she waited for him. Now she wants to hear how he really feels, and Joshua finally answers “I love you”. The final CG shows Joshua and Amelia kissing on their wedding day. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Meanwhile, their friends in hell are wondering if Joshua met Amelia properly. When Jean goes to visit the human world to search for a new body, Leo tags along because he wants to see how Joshua and Amelia are doing. He appears right after Joshua tells Amelia about everything she needs to know: shinigami, his contract with Guido, and Amelia’s previous life. They’re happily married now, so Amelia has the right to know everything. Joshua is surprised when Leo approaches them, and he greets the current Amelia with “nice to meet you, I’m Joshua’s shinigami friend from hell” LOL.

When he learns that Amelia confessed to Joshua first, Leo smiles saying the current Amelia is so different from herself in the past. Amelia says her love for Joshua won’t change even after hearing everything, and Leo is relieved to see Joshua loving the current Amelia as well. After Leo goes back to hell, Joshua says he will keep living as long as Amelia is alive. When it’s time for death to do them part, he’s going to join Leo again in hell — referring to Leo as his “friend”. On their way home, Amelia asks Joshua to close his eyes and gives him a surprise kiss. She admits she just wants to see his troubled face, and he smiles saying she’s got a nice hobby.

If I have to pick something I love the most from Joshua, it’s his straightforward personality and endless devotion towards Amelia. His downside is that he drowns in depression a little bit too easily, but I can understand because seriously.. Amelia’s beyond dense. (´・ω・`A;) His ending was unpredictable and left me speechless for a while, so nothing can describe how relieved I was to find the special events in the gallery. Otherwise I’d cry a river of tears. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 As for Joshua himself, I love him when he’s not depressed. Especially when he gets jealous of the other guys. Plus he gets a wedding end, so I’m not complaining. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

..but I do have to complain that you can’t remove the stupid options texts from the CGs. ( ಠ_ಠ )


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    • Yea the last scene is PSP only I guess? Since the CG is only 16:9 while the rest has 3:4 version as well, from the PS2 version. xD I’m gonna post everyone’s special events, so you can check the bottom of my posts lol.

  1. Ah, my first time commenting after lurking for so long and I must say, I really like your reviews/spoilers. ^^

    Appearance wise, I liked Joshua the best at when I first saw the characters because I have a thing for characters with white/silvery hair…except for the old men of course (*coughs* Sugar Daddy *coughs*).

    I must say that Amelia is really irritating and dense. How can she be so ignorant and hurtful towards Joshua’s feelings? D< She's not even aware that she's hurting him. Why would anyone create a heroine like this? She should kickbutt more if she's actually related to the mafia. But her present self is better, so I can live with that.

    • Oh, Musketeers? xD We also have silver-haired Rochefort there, so let’s wash Sugar Daddy out of our brains lol. I love Joshua’s appearance too, though my favorite in DC is Luciano. Judging by looks only. 8D

      I was told that Amelia is only this bad in Joshua’s route, but yes she’s really dense. It’s partly Joshua’s fault though, since he’s the reason she grew up to be so clueless. xD; Amelia is a meh heroine, but maybe Otomate realized we don’t like ignorant girls so they add her present self to the PSP version lol.

      • Mhmm, also Kikaku from Aoiza, Gin-san from Gintama, etc. Luciano was second for me, judging by looks only because of my fetish for blue hair and tattoos (not as big as my white/silvery hair fetish). xD You’re not doing him next, right?

        I like it when Leo rages at bad cooking.

        Yes, I’ve heard so, too and she’s apparently dense in the other routes as well, so that’s going to be fun…>_> I like it when girls pretend to be dense (not by a lot) to tease the guy.

        • I’ll be doing Medicis and the Gloria-Nicole combo next, so Luciano and Vicious will have to wait until then. xD A lot of people say they’re disappointed in Luciano’s ending though, so I hope the PSP version gives him a nice extra..

          Seriously, we need more strong heroines like Hotokenser’s Kureha, Beastmaster’s Tiana or Clock Zero’s Nadeshiko lol.

  2. First time commenting after being such a professional lurker and stalker 8D Sorry Rin ^^;

    Death Connection will be my most favourite otome game ever because of the plot and the art is nicely drawn. Not to mention those seiyuus *0*

    I also played Joshua first xD he’s over protective and his voice just makes me goes hnnng all the way. It just that, his emofag moment just a total off for me. Get over it dude. Amelia is on the same level too .__.; this couple is so problematic. Seriously xD

    and this game is seriously messing up the religion lol. A priest drinking / learning magic? :0

    Wow. Long review is long.

    • Oh, hey. No problem. 8D

      EXACTLY. LOL. As much as I love Joshua, it’s so ugh when he was drowning is depression. Not to mention Amelia’s being a dumb brick as well to irritate you even further lol. I still love him though <3 and I'm planning to play every otome game with Kiriya Takashi's art in it, so someday I'll move on to Kanuchi. xD

      I think Joshua's only became a priest because he was raised in the church. His personality is just.. lol. Amelia would make a very nice sister though, considering her knowledge about love and all those naughty stuff is like zero.

      Sorry for the long review. It's a habit I can't get rid of. xD;

  3. yay! ya know, jealous big bro’s aren’t really MY type. BUUUUUUT… Joshua is something else 8D he’s smexy, he’s cool, he’s JEALOUS and he’s got silver hair! plus, as you said above. he’s got a wed end, that’s a score. ugh Amelia you have to represent Tsukiko don’t you?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Amelia pulled a Tsukiko lol. If only Suzuya’s jealousy reaches a greater level, their relationship would be exactly like Amelia and Joshua’s. I love jealous characters a lot, but I have to admit Joshua is kinda tiring when you’re going for the other guys. 8D;

      • hmm… let’s see. i think these people actually represent a lot from starry sky so if you’ll connect Death Connection and starry sky together, it’ll make a nice “Bloody Sky” series! Amelia as tsukiko, Joshua as suzuya, Leo as Azusa, Medicis as… Naoshi-sensei…? or Miyaji…Gloria as… no similarity actually but maybe Kazuki…? Nicole as Kotarou-sensei, Luciano as Iku, Vicious as… KANATA! and Jean… i dunno. maybe Homare? and other side characters TBA ;D

  4. I have to admit Joshua is my favourite after Medics. The fact he looks quite dashing in his priest outfit and his *cough*slight*similarity*cough* to Zero doesn’t help either.

    Did you find the part where they left her name blank odd? Or maybe it’s just me. When talking to her, they go, “……., yada yada. I know in other otome games I played they had kimi or something. Hahaha. :)

    • Vampire Knight’s Zero? I can see the resemblance. xD

      Yes it feels odd that they put a blank space instead of “kimi” or “kanojo” like Otomate’s newer games. Some of the older otome games have similar problems though, so maybe I’m just spoiled after hearing alternatives to fill in the blank. xD

      • Hahaha yes. :)

        I know right? I thought the Starry Sky After Series were older than DC, so imagine my surprise when playing it and thinking what the? But as you said, we’re spoiled after playing other otome games. :D

  5. Even though I didn’t like Amelia that much I found the special ending kinda disappointing =(. I’m glad he met up with her and all, but the fact that that Amelia is pretty much a completely different person makes me so sad >__> even if that someone else is Amelia’s reincarnation. The whole “I don’t think about her anymore, I LOVE YOU NOW” thing is just T__T. But I guess its good that at least he is happy :3…

    • Actually, I like the current Amelia more, so the special event makes me happy. xD; But yea I know what you mean. It’s not the Amelia he loved, so Joshua lost her forever and she will never come back. It’s sad how the current Amelia ends up as a street children too, but then again it’s how she fell in love with Joshua.. so I have no complaints. x3

      • Ya I like the new Amelia better too but I spent hours watching Joshua obsessively in love in with Amelia and even making a contract so he can see her again and all of a sudden he gotten over her and loves some other girl? D=_< Do you fall in love with every loli you raise/grown up with Joshua T__T…

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