Death Connection – Leonardo

Honestly, I actually like Leo better than Joshua. He shares some chapters with Joshua, so I’m moving onto his route next. Feel free to call me blind, but my eyes just can’t stop chasing him.

Leonardo, or Leo for short, is the youngest in the group. He was 16 when he died, though he seems to be more mature than he looks. Leo is a gourmet who loves delicious food and people who cooks them. Usually he’s calm and composed, but he gets angry if someone serves him nasty dishes. Leo has quite a sharp tongue and often uses it to poke fun at his friends, and he also loves giving food-related nicknames to people. Like “tomato” for Vicious.

From the second run, it’s revealed that Dalenzio actually turned his subordinates into shinigami to protect Amelia. He also prepared the Erebos ring hoping he can give it to her someday, but it was stolen and fell into Guido’s hands. After his death, Dalenzio in hell was worried about his daughter’s fate. Since Amelia needs a new Erebos in order to summon her shinigami, Dalenzio decided to make another one by giving his own soul to Jean — who put the stone in a pendant and dropped it in front of Amelia on purpose.

After Amelia and Joshua starts living with her shinigami, the first thing Leo noticed is that he has no reflections. When Amelia tells him about the stone disappearing from the pendant, Leo thinks the mansion is haunted and filled with magical stuff. The mansion gives him the creeps, but for some reason he also feels comfortable here. Something has been bothering Leo’s mind the whole time, and soon he realized it’s because Dalenzio was just like a father for him. Leo’s parents were killed by Dalenzio when he was around 5, then Dalenzio took him in and raised him as his own son.

At first Dalenzio was against Leo joining the Salvatore Family, knowing it’s a dangerous world for a young boy to step in. Since Leo still wanted to help the family, he learned how to create and repair weapons by himself. Eventually Dalenzio let him join the mafia group when he was 12, and everyone treated him as the heir of the family. Leo can relate to Amelia because of his past, but that’s their only similarity. He feels more mature after the summoning, though he says it might be because Amelia is just like a 17 years old kid lol. Aside from crafting weapons, Leo is also a pro at cooking and loves creating things in general. When Amelia makes a cup of hot chocolate for him, Leo expresses his gratitude by kissing her cheek. (*´ω`*)

After Halloween, Joshua suddenly runs away to a hotel. He confesses to Amelia when she comes to pick him up, but it’s troubling her since she only thinks of him as a brother. That night she asks if Leo has any experience in love before, and he says he does. It was fake though, since back then Leo was looking down on other people. He didn’t know if he really loves the girl, so he quickly lost interest and broke up that way. That wasn’t a pleasant experience, but still an experience nonetheless.

Some days later, Leo invites Amelia to visit a lobelia flower field together. Leo feels something important took place in the flower field before, and he wants to remember knowing it’s related to her. Amelia agrees and they go on a “date” some days later, much to Joshua’s dismay. The moment they step into the flower field, Leo instantly remembers that he made a promise with Dalenzio here. Not too long after Dalenzio killed Leo’s parents, he took Leo to the flower field and asked if Leo wants to live under his care. He’s free to get his revenge later, but Dalenzio has one condition — protect his daughter. He took Leo near the church several times, where they watched a young Amelia growing up with Joshua from afar. Leo accepted the deal, and he grew up in Dalenzio’s mansion ever since.

However, Leo eventually forgot about the promise. He was still bitter about his parents’ death, and as he tried to trouble Dalenzio by acting as selfish as he can.. Amelia was pushed into the very back of his mind. By the time he visited the flower field again, Leo couldn’t remember their promise anymore. Back then Leo thought Dalenzio revealed his secret because he was a kid, but now he understands that Dalenzio wanted to build trust between them. Leo died without even remembering their promise, so now he knows the reason why he was summoned — to fulfill that promise by protecting Amelia.

As he pulls Amelia into his arms, Leo tells her that she’s an important person for him. He won’t forget his promise anymore, and he doesn’t care what Joshua will say about this. It’s his duty to protect her. Leo says it’s different from how he protected her so far, but obviously Amelia doesn’t understand what he means. When a jealous Joshua greets them back in the mansion, Leo tells him he’s not interested in rivalry. He’s going to do what he needs to do, and Joshua should do the same.. but if Joshua makes Amelia cry, that’s going to be the end of him. While he knows Joshua is a good person, Leo is worried that his restrictions will make Amelia sad.

After Medicis shot Joshua under Guido’s order, Leo helps Amelia taking care of Joshua in bed. He tells her that he got hurt a lot when he was small, and some of them were intentional since he wanted Dalenzio to worry. Leo can’t remember anything prior to his parents’ death, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were killed by Dalenzio. His past is similar to Joshua’s, so it amuses him how they end up being so different. Joshua holds a deep hatred towards mafia, while Leo became a mafia under the man who killed his parents. Later on Joshua wakes up and asks why he did that, and Leo answers it’s because he had nowhere else to go. At first he hated Dalencio and wanted to get revenge, but hatred doesn’t last forever — unlike love.

A few days later, everyone drags Joshua to get drunk in a bar. Amelia stays in the mansion with Leo, and he tells her about the first time he saw her. She was shopping with Joshua in town, while he watched her from afar with Dalenzio. Leo feels guilty for betraying Dalenzio’s trust by forgetting about their promise, so he wants to start over from scratch. People can’t go back in time and fix their past, but Leo doesn’t want to have any regrets. Amelia then asks if there’s a reason behind Leo’s picky sense of taste, and Leo says he was born this way. He grew up eating Filippo’s — a hotel chef employed by Dalenzio — cooking, which developed his sense of taste even further. This reminds Amelia of a restaurant in town, and she invites him to have lunch there tomorrow. Even though Nicole told them the food tastes terrible, Leo accepts the invitation since he wants to have a date with Amelia.

The next day, Joshua flips out when he heard about the date. He decides to disturb their date, so Leo and Amelia take him along to the restaurant. Just like what Nicole said, one bite of the appetizer is enough to set off Leo’s nasty food rage. Despite Amelia and Joshua’s attempt to calm him down, Leo orders the staff to bring the chef out.. but he’s really surprised to see that the chef is none other than the chef he grew up with — Filippo. It was then when Leo finally remembers the cause of his death. Three years ago, Leo didn’t join everyone to fight Guido in the church. He died alone, because Filippo killed him before the incident. Leo forces Filippo to spit out who ordered him to do such a thing, but he ends up leaving since Filippo is too scared to give a proper answer.

Outside, Leo reveals that Filippo laced his carbonara with poison. He can still remember how the poison slowly took his breath away, while Filippo only watched him with cold eyes until he died. Leo is aware that one of the reasons must be his harsh attitude, but he also knows that there must be someone else controlling Filippo from behind the screen. Now Leo is planning to get the truth out of Filippo, then he’s going to kill him along with the mastermind. Even if Joshua throws sarcastic comments at him for being such a violent mafia, Leo feels he won’t be able to move on if this case remains unsolved. When Amelia visits him at night, Leo tells her not to worry since he’s going to keep his promise to protect her. Amelia doesn’t know how it feels to die in pain and anger like Leo did, and he won’t let her suffer through the same fate.

Obviously Filippo is really scared to see Leo again. That night he calls Claudia seeking for help, only to get a cold “he got summoned from hell, deal with it” as the reply. It turns out that Filippo murdered Leo because Guido and Claudia bribed him with money to open his own restaurant. Their deal is done and over with, so she couldn’t care less even if Leo returns to get revenge. The next day, Amelia decides to visit the restaurant again with Joshua. She was hoping they can find a solution for Leo, but they learn that Filippo has closed down the restaurant instead. Undoubtedly out of fear. Amelia quickly informs Leo about this, and he apologized for scaring her with his revenge plan. It would be nice if they can solve things without killing, but since it’s impossible, he’s going to return the deed to Filippo.

After spending a few days gathering information, Medicis eventually tells everyone that Filippo might be staying inside the restaurant. They can’t find him in his own house, so there’s a high chance that he’s currently living on the second floor of the building. Leo wastes no time and walks out to pay him a visit, with Amelia and Joshua chasing after him. Even though Filippo is scared to death, he admits that he hated Leo for always criticizing his cooking. Filippo wanted to cook whatever he wants to cook, but back then Leo complained a lot and kept telling him to make a better one. It was Filippo’s wish to have his own restaurant, thinking it’s natural since he’s a first-class chef after all. In order to achieve that dream, he killed Leo without hesitation.

When Filippo calls him an “insane monster”, Leo takes out his machine gun and starts shooting at him. At first Filippo is beyond terrified, but soon he realized that none of the bullets actually hit the target. As Leo screams in desperation, Filippo grows more and more arrogant knowing his life isn’t in danger. He lets out an incredibly annoying laugh, which quickly spreads into a string of insults: “Why are you revived when you can’t even kill? You can never do anything without Dalenzio anyway!” However, Filippo is surprised when Leo calmly asks if he’s done with his insults. In the middle of his own desperation, Leo has awakened his shinigami power. Instead of killing him, Leo gave Filippo a more painful revenge — erasing his ability to cook.

That night, Amelia finds Leo crying in his room. He feels irritated that he can’t kill Filippo despite his hatred and desire for revenge. Leo believes he was summoned to make Filippo pay with his life, and yet he the only thing he could do was to erase his cooking ability. Amelia hugs him from behind saying it’s probably because deep inside, he doesn’t want to kill Filippo. Maybe he has forgiven Filippo since long ago without even realizing it. Sadly Leo’s heart is still filled with hatred and anger right now, so nothing Amelia says works. After a short silence, Amelia says she’ll come back after he calms down and excuses herself. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, Leo knows that Amelia is right. Hatred isn’t eternal after all.

At first Filippo is relieved to find himself still alive. He laughs saying Leo is just a kid who’s too scared to kill people, but his joy only lasts until the next day. Filippo can’t cook anymore, since he can’t even hold his kitchen utensils properly. His cooking skill is already gone.

Accepting Guido’s challenge, everyone except Joshua and Amelia goes to the opera theater a few days later. This leads to Guido and Claudia trapping them inside, forcing the shinigami to fight each other with Castro’s anti-shinigami guns. The only survivor is Leo, who erases their fighting abilities with his shinigami power. He quickly takes one of Castro’s guns to send them back to hell, so by the time Amelia and Joshua arrived, everyone already disappeared. Since our smart Amelia has entered denial mode, both Leo and Joshua have to drag her out.. and that’s when Claudia appears to ambush them. Before Joshua can burn her and get haunted, Leo uses his power to disarm Claudia, takes out his gun, and shoots her dead.

Amelia spends the next day crying her eyes out. Even though Leo says everyone only went back to where they belong, she keeps going “but we lived together! it’s natural that I feel sad!” and cries some more. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Guido is still alive and Amelia’s life is still in danger, but for now she’s more interested in crying a river of tears in Nicole’s room. When Leo wonders if killing Guido is really the end of their fight, Amelia asks him not to say such things since she doesn’t want to lose him too. That night Leo bakes a cake to cheer her up, and thank GOD this helps pulling Amelia out of her gloomy mood. They have to think about what to do from now on, and she can’t keep drowning in sorrow forever.

When Leo goes out to think in the flower field, Dalenzio suddenly appears before his eyes. He says that while regret can’t change the past, there must be a meaning behind that regret. The moment Leo says he can’t forgive himself — both for mistreating Filippo and for forgetting their promise — Dalenzio suddenly turns into Jean, who laughs saying Leo just saw an illusion. He tells Leo to think about why he was summoned, why he’s the only one left, and keep dancing in his palms to entertain him. Then he disappears, leaving Leo in confusion. Despite what Leo said to Amelia before, he’s not sure if protecting her is the only reason behind the summoning.

Even after returning to the mansion, Leo is still confused. He starts questioning himself, which eventually leads to this question: “What am I to you, Amelia?” She answers he’s an important person to her, saying he’s just confused since a lot of things happened during such a short time span. As he pins her against the wall, Leo tells Amelia that he wants to find out the truth. He says “maybe I’m in love”, though he quickly adds it’s a joke and leaves the nervous Amelia alone. Joshua isn’t pleased with how things turn out though. During dinner, Joshua says Leo’s going to disappear when his limit comes anyway. This results in Leo running outside saying he’s going to kill Guido right now, because protecting Amelia is the only thing he’s sure about. much as I loved Joshua, I have to admit he’s being a jerk during this scene. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Amelia finds Leo thinking alone outside the mansion. He asks her if she wants him to kill Guido, because she will be free and won’t need his protection anymore. She tells him she only wants to stay with him, and she wonders if it’s not enough reason for him to stay by her side. When she asks if he’s only staying because of the promise with Dalenzio, Leo answers he wants to stay with her too. They end up taking a walk around town, where Leo admits that despite his past with the Salvatore Family, he actually wanted to become a doctor. He also tells her that while Joshua’s wish is to keep Amelia all to himself, Leo only wants her to be free.

When they return to the mansion, Joshua bombards them with all sorts of questions — where did they go and what did they talk about. Knowing Amelia is getting tired of him, Leo tells him to keep his jealousy under control. Loving someone doesn’t mean it’s okay for you restrict them. Joshua says it’s got nothing to do with Leo, but it sure does.. because he’s in love with Amelia as well. Joshua is still waiting for Amelia to return his feelings, but Leo says Amelia’s feelings for him won’t change. Or rather, he won’t let her feelings change. Later on, Leo visits Amelia in her room and tells her about this sudden rivalry declaration. Leo clearly says he can’t give her to Joshua, but Amelia is just too dense to take the hint. (´・ω・`A;)

Starting from the next day, sparks of rivalry are flying off from Leo and Joshua. It’s mostly just Leo calmly pissing Joshua off though LOL. Since Amelia is totally clueless, eventually Leo tells her that they’re competing over the right to date her. Probably because Amelia is too dumb to choose her own boyfriend. She doesn’t even notice when Leo says his love is still one-sided at the moment. ┐(´~`;)┌ When Leo goes shopping with Amelia, Joshua tries to close the gap by making lunch for her with his nonexistant cooking skills. He proudly says he doesn’t make any for Leo, which is great since the his food is absolutely disgusting — both in appearance and taste. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ

Amelia then asks if she will understand what love feels like. She never experienced it before, and Leo doesn’t really know how it feels either. However, Leo believes they will realize when love really comes into their hearts. If Amelia is in love with him, she will feel a different kind of sadness when he disappears. At the same time, Leo himself wouldn’t want to leave her if his feelings for her are real. It would be too late by then though, so Leo is hoping they can realize their feelings before he reaches the limit. Amelia also asks Serbia for some love advice, but she only learns that love can’t be measured with logic.

After dinner, Amelia follows Leo as he goes out to see Filippo. Even though he lost his cooking skills, Filippo is actually still staying in the restaurant. Cooking is his life and he has an endless attachment to it, so he’s trying to learn everything all over again. Unlike last time, Leo is really calm today because he already accepted things. Leo didn’t expect Filippo to be so determined about cooking though, and he realized he wants that kind of attachment towards Amelia. His rivalry with Joshua still continues, but both of them know the decision is on Amelia’s hands.

The next morning, Leo is looking for Amelia to discuss about their Christmas party. He hears her voice from the bathroom, panicking that the faucet Gloria fixed is broken again. Leo comes in and fixes it as quickly as possible, but when Amelia asks him to leave since she’s naked, he replies with “I want to see, is that not allowed?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Sadly nothing happens since Leo lets out a cute sneeze, and he goes out saying it’s starting to get cold. When he goes out to buy some materials for the party, Leo meets Jean in town. From him, Leo learns that his limit falls on December 25 — Christmas morning.

Later on, Jean also makes a contract with Guido after Castro blows up his mansion. In return of granting him power, Jean is going to take his body after his death. He was planning to use Dalenzio’s, but he doesn’t mind switching to Guido’s. Now that he gained the power of “the whisperer”, all Guido needs to do is to kill Amelia. Why? Because Amelia is the only person other than him who has the ability to use Erebos’ power, and he wants to eliminate all threats.

During their party preparation, Amelia notices that Leo has been acting strange. When Joshua goes to ask him about this, Leo admits he’s going to disappear in two days. He asks Joshua to take care of Amelia after he’s gone, but for now they should keep this a secret from her. He’s also giving up on their competition, because winning Amelia’s heart would be useless once he vanishes. Somehow Amelia can sense that something wrong is going on with Leo, though he tells her it’s still a secret for now. Leo is doing everything he can to please Amelia before the limit, but whenever he’s alone.. he keeps thinking about what will happen after he disappears.

On the night of the 23th, Amelia gets upset when Leo says he can’t stay in this world forever. When Amelia asks if Leo doesn’t feel anything about parting with her, he tells her he doesn’t know. He feels sad before, but lately he’s not sure about anything anymore. Even his rivalry with Joshua has lost its meaning, and Leo nails it down by saying “compared to how it was before, I’ve lost interest in you.” Amelia is shocked and goes back to her room feeling sad, but Joshua knows Leo’s feelings reached a dead end because of the limit. He wants Leo to think about the things he will leave behind for Amelia, but sadly Leo thinks the only thing he’ll leave behind is simply memories.

Even though Leo and Joshua wanted to have a nice Christmas Eve with Amelia, their party is ruined when Jean suddenly appears before them. Guido ordered him to kill the three of them, but he’s more interested to have a duel with Leo until morning comes. Jean tells her that Leo is going to disappear in a few hours, and Leo accepts his challenge to protect Amelia’s life. But before that, he wants to kill Guido so she won’t be in danger anymore. Despite their contract, Jean decides to be a troll and takes Leo to the hotel Guido’s staying in.. and that’s the end of Amelia’s evil uncle. \(^o^)/ Apparently this is also Jean’s shortest contract ever LOL.

Now that Guido has kicked the bucket, it’s time for their promised duel. Amelia and Joshua find them in the church where Dalenzio died, and they keep fighting against each other until finally Leo uses his power on Jean’s anti-shinigami gun — erasing its combat ability. His strategy is enough to impress Jean, who then admits it’s his loss and disappears with a suspicious laugh.

Amelia is worried since Leo got shot in several places, but he tells her not to worry since his limit has come. Leo says he already did all he can in this world, and he can go back to hell in peace since Amelia is now free from danger. After handing Amelia a certain ring, Leo turns around to Joshua and says he already figured out the answer: even after he disappears, his feelings will remain. Amelia is confused when Leo tells her “I’ll be waiting”, but Leo vanishes after saying goodbye to them.

Some days later, Amelia informs Filippo about what happened to Leo. She’s still shaken about Leo’s disappearance, admitting that she won’t be able to return to her normal life without him. Filippo is surprised since Leo sounds different from the young master he used to know, and he reveals that today is the last day of his restaurant. Tomorrow he’s going to turn himself in to the police, because a crime is still a crime despite the excuse. Filippo also realized that Leo probably only took his arrogance back then, and now he’s slowly regaining the cooking skills he lost. If Amelia has a chance to meet Leo again, Filippo wants her to relay a message: “next time I’ll be waiting with delicious food!”

Time quickly passed after that. Amelia and Joshua returned to the church, going back to their duties as a priest and sister-in-training. Joshua will keep protecting her — fulfilling his promise to Leo — but he admits defeat to Leo’s feelings. Even though Amelia acts cheerful in front of everyone, they can tell that she can’t forget Leo after all. One night, Amelia finds the ring Leo gave her that day. She picks it up wondering if her love for him is one-sided, and that’s when something suddenly starts shining behind her. When she turns around, Amelia finds herself in Leo’s arms. That ring is actually Guido’s Erebos ring, and Leo has been waiting for Amelia to summon him again all this time. When Amelia cries saying she loves him, Leo finally tells her “I loved you too, and I will always love you from now on.” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

In the special event, Leo and Amelia visit the lobelia flower field together. It turns out that Jean noticed him taking Guido’s Erebos ring from the hotel that night, and he gave Leo a Nyx stone to form a contract with Guido — allowing Amelia to summon him again. Jean also gives Leo an item that will alter his appearance to match his real age for a few minutes, then he asked Leo to take care of Vicious and the others before leaving. Not like they listened to him though LOL. Leo asks if she’s really okay with this since he’s an immortal shinigami, and Amelia tells him it doesn’t matter. The time they spent apart was really painful for her, so she’s satisfied as long as she can stay with him.

After asking Amelia to close her eyes, Leo takes the bottle Jean gave him and drinks the liquid inside. Leo has been thinking of the height difference between him and Amelia, so he’s hoping the potion works properly. It changes him into an older, taller, HOT 19 years old Leonardo, and he kisses Amelia before she opens her eyes. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Since Leo has returned, Amelia starts living with him in Dalenzio’s mansion. The priest doesn’t mind at all, but Amelia still helps out in the church everyday. It’s a different case with Joshua though, since he tries to drag Amelia back to the church when Leo invites him to the mansion.
However, Leo actually wants the three of them to live together again. He thinks of Joshua as a friend despite their past rivalry, and Joshua eventually agrees even though he complains a lot. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Joshua asks what he’s going to do if Amelia and him die of old age someday, and Leo says he’ll probably return to hell. He doesn’t have any plans for now, as long as he can stay with Amelia.

The next day, Leo takes Amelia to visit Filippo’s restaurant. She tells him about the message he left for Leo back then, though she’s not sure if Filippo is already released from prison. It turns out that he’s still working in the restaurant, since the police can’t arrest him without evidence. Not to mention it’s a case from three years ago. Filippo apologized to Leo and admits that he’s doing his best in the restaurant, even though he can only make pancakes for now. Filippo then cooks some pancakes for them, and even though Leo gives him a lot of critiques as usual, he realized Leo is really pointing out the mistakes he made when cooking. Amelia feels bad when Leo gets up to leave, but then he tells Filippo he’ll be coming back again.

Leo is planning to have a date with Amelia before going back, but Joshua appears to disturb them at the right time lol. As he drags them back to the mansion, Leo says he believes Joshua will accept their relationship someday.. though it’s going to take time before he stops disturbing them like this. Since Joshua won’t leave them alone, Leo then invites Amelia to go on a private trip next time. He loves her, so it’s natural that he wants to be alone with her. Amelia is gaping like a goldfish upon hearing Leo’s straight words, but since her big brother keeps butting into their conversation from afar, they decided to just go home for today.

Again, I don’t care if you call me blind LOL. I love Leo a lot, even more that I loved Joshua. He’s acting like a confused little boy sometimes, but the romantic scenes are so cute and the ending makes me melt away. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ It seems that the last extra scene is PSP only, but I love how they wrap up things nicely for Leo and Filippo. Also, Okamoto Nobuhiko did a great job with Leo’s voice. His screams are high-pitched, but other than that it’s not ear-piercing. He also portrays Leo’s emotions perfectly, so thumbs up for that. ☆d(・∀・。)イエイ!! Oh, and Leo looks fantastic in his 19 years old appearance. (*´д`*)ハァハァ


8 thoughts on “Death Connection – Leonardo

  1. oh my god what have they done to Joshua TAT they turned him into some random crazy cockblocker orz;; that would really change one’s view of him just because of that additional scene. what a shame. also poor Leo lol.

    • They developed that Leo vs. Joshua rivalry a little bit too far lol. While Leo only pays a short visit in Joshua’s route, here they ruin Joshua’s image by turning him into a cockblocker.. orz It’d be much nicer if they make a ラブラブ special event like Joshua’s or Medicis’, but oh well. xD;

  2. Awww, Leo is so cute! >v< I with you on this one, Rin; I like Leo better then Joshua, even though I like Joshua. His 19 year old appearance is awesome, wow! Now if only Joshua would stop getting in the way…how sad, they had to ruin Joshua in this route, like with Wasabi-kun (although his is overboard).

    Even though Amelia is still dense in this route (I don't think we can change thet, ever), you're right about her being better in other routes than is Joshua's.

    • Glad to see someone who shares my opinion. Most of my friends love Joshua a lot, and so they think I’m blind for liking Leo more than him. xD Yes it’s really too bad about the ending, but Joshua’s cockblocking aside.. I’m pretty much satisfied. :D

      LOL yea Amelia would never change, but she’s not too annoying here. She’s kinda funny too in Medicis’ route. :3

  3. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    (attention plz, poor Ayaka’s heart stopped pounding after reading the review and is currently passed out, she can’t really respond at the moment but she said these words before passing out: I LOVE YOU LEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~!)

  4. Joshua!!!!!!! WHY DIDN’T THEY DO HIS ROUTE!!!!!! all the other guys got their own but why not Joshua, he was the over protective lover behind the “big brother” crap and i was just dieing to see his route but no route…plus he is really cute in the game while all the others are all :}8 and handsome around her at least he was honest!!!!!!

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