Death Connection – Medicis

Following a friend’s suggestion, Medicis is next on the list. His route unlocks after clearing one character, so he’s only available from the second run. The story is a bit longer too in his route.

Medicis is a polite, honorable gentleman who used to be in charge of the family’s finance and accounting. He was incredibly loyal to Dalenzio, putting the boss on the top of his priority list. Beside handling money, Medicis is also the tactician of the group. Despite his mild-mannered personality, he actually loves thinking of strategies to torture their enemies. Medicis also hid a gigantic sum of money in the mansion, which should be enough to support them for years.

After Nicole’s love lesson, Medicis reveals that he actually has a woman allergy. He suddenly got this allergy after his grandmother’s death, and just one touch from a woman is enough to make him faint. He used to play around with women when he was younger, but this allergy caused him to get dumped repeatedly before his death. Obviously this also works on Amelia, so he panicks whenever she comes too close. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Medicis also remembered that he used to run the family’s main bank until it was crushed by his uncle, Leonald, who owns a famous bank supporting the Tarantino Family.

One day after Guido’s attack on All Souls’ Day, Medicis has a flashback about his grandmother handing a key to him. She knew her time was running out, so she gave her mansion and all of her properties to Medicis before she died. His father, Stefano, and Leonald have been fighting over her fortune for ages, but she loved Medicis more than she loved them. Medicis knew this will only create more dispute between his father and his uncle, but she doesn’t care about her money-hungry sons. She said she wants Medicis to be free from this family, and he asked for some time to think about this.

When he wakes up, Medicis has no memories about what happened in the graveyard. It’s the same for Gloria and Luciano too. The last thing they can remember is receiving Guido’s order, and suddenly they’re back in the mansion after that. It hurts Medicis’ pride to be summoned by their enemy, and he feels really guilty for attacking Amelia. Not to mention it’s not recorded in his memories either. To lighten up the mood, Amelia makes some tea for him. She changes the subject by asking if Medicis always speaks politely to everyone, and he says he was raised this way. His parents were harsh, so he often escaped to his grandmother’s house when he was small. Medicis then invites Amelia to have tea in town next time, though she needs to be careful just in case Guido sends a sudden command.

The next morning, Medicis goes out to visit Leonald. Amelia thinks he’s going on a date though, and he turns red when she asks him about this. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Knowing he’s not on good terms with his uncle, Amelia is worried and decides to accompany him. It turns out Medicis wants to borrow Leonald’s name to register their mansion. Since the legal owner, Dalenzio, died three years ago, the mansion is officially a vacant house. He managed to stop the real estate agent from selling the mansion up until now, but they have to register an official owner.. or else they will be considered as illegal intruders. The new owner must be a person with high authorities too, since the mansion used to be a mafia mansion in the past.

Leonald replies by saying he won’t accept any requests without merits. Since Medicis doesn’t have anything that can please him, he demands Amelia as the payment. While Leonald is quite confident with his idea, Medicis refuses saying he was a fool to ask for his help. He’s treating Amelia like a tool to play with, and Medicis can’t accept that kind of insult. Obviously Leonald is enraged and tries to attack him, but he forgot he’s dealing with a mafia here. Medicis grabs his arm and uses this chance to threaten him — accept the deal or die. Leonald doesn’t have any choice, and Medicis takes Amelia to leave with a smile.

Back in the mansion, Amelia learns from Gloria that Leonald has been harassing Medicis for a long time. The cause is none other than his grandmother’s property. When Leonald bought his bank, Medicis went berserk and dragged Gloria to get drunk for a whole week. Obviously he hates Leonald with a passion, and he would never ever see his uncle unless it’s necessary.

Late at night, Amelia finds a drunk Medicis near the front door. Everyone finds it surprising that he went out to drink all alone, but apparently meeting Leonald was too much for him to handle. When Amelia says it seems like he suffers a lot behind everyone’s backs, Medicis says it’s his role to stay in people’s shadows. It’s different in Amelia’s eyes though, since she thinks of him as a quick-witted and reliable adult. Medicis laughs saying he didn’t expect such a high opinion coming from her, and he invites her to go out as a sign of gratitude.

They have tea in a cafe again the next day, where Amelia asks Medicis to tell her more about her father. Medicis describes him as a “fun” person whose personality wasn’t suitable to be a mafia, but he was the perfect boss because he charmed everyone — his subordinates loved him a lot. While Guido uses fear to control his men, Dalenzio’s subordinates all followed him by their own will. On the other hand, Medicis is a scheming man and they called him the “secret boss” lol. Despite her initial opinion and disappointed in Dalenzio, Amelia admits the more she hears about her father, the more she loves him.

Noticing that Medicis is always thinking all the time, Leo tells him to give his brain a rest once in a while. The result is the complete opposite, as Medicis keeps thinking about this even when everyone’s making a ruckus over dinner. He admits it’s hard to let his mind go blank, and Nicole adds it’s because his mind is always full. Sometimes he also smiles alone, though nobody can tell what’s on his mind. Medicis even thinks a lot when Amelia brings a cup of chamomile tea to help him relax, so she tells him not to worry since she will never deceive him. Medicis says he never doubts her in the first place, though he thinks she should fool men from time to time — in order to increase her feminine charm. He was joking, but Amelia takes this seriously because she wants to be a charming lady.. like Nicole. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Following Nicole’s suggestion, Amelia goes to visit Medicis again the next day and blurts out “w-will you sleep with me tonight!?” LOL. He instantly chokes and blushes upon hearing this, though he knows it must be Nicole’s idea. Of course Amelia thinks they’re going to sleep for real, so Medicis tells her the word “sleep” holds a different meaning here. She should save it for the man she really loves. Amelia apologized and says she’s still a kid after all, but Medicis knows the cause is none other than himself. At first Medicis can only look at her as “the boss’ daughter”, but right now he’s looking at the real her — a 17 years old girl named Amelia.

When she goes shopping with Medicis, Amelia learns that he’s actually a rich nobleman just like Leonald. He used to live in a castle and had servants to serve him, but that was before he cut off all ties with his family. Rather than forcing his mind to rest, Medicis finds it much more relaxing to go shopping with Amelia. She buys some ear plugs hoping they can block Guido’s order, and this actually gives him an idea. Before Medicis can explain, Guido suddenly sends a command to kidnap Amelia. Medicis instantly turns silent, while Luciano and Gloria appears to carry out the order. This is a good chance to test the idea he’s thinking of.

By using all of his willpower and concentration, Medicis actually manages to block out Guido’s order from his mind. He protects Amelia from Luciano and Gloria’s attacks, until eventually the three of them faint for different reasons. Luciano and Gloria collapsed because Jean showed up to threaten Guido, while Medicis faints because Amelia accidentally touches him. Later on Medicis tells the other two how to block Guido’s order from their minds, but they need a more effective method since this one takes a lot of concentration. At night Amelia makes coffee for him, while Medicis wonders if he can fix this woman allergy of his. It’s a disadvantage during battle and he couldn’t date anyone seriously because of this.

A few days later, Amelia learns about the order everyone joined the family. Medicis was the first to join at the age of 19, while Gloria joined in to save Nicholas from another mafia family. Dalenzio recruited Gloria on purpose, knowing that Medicis has always wanted a partner to work together with. After everyone decides to keep an eye on Guido’s movements, Medicis takes Amelia to visit his grandmother’s grave. Amelia is the one who asks if she can come, but Medicis says it’s nice to bring a sister (in training) along — though he later admits it’s just an excuse. Medicis then takes a key from his grandmother’s grave, saying it’s important for him to figure out why he was summoned as a shinigami. When Amelia asks about the key, he replies with “it’s a magic key that might be able to cure my allergy.”

While Nicole thinks Medicis was going to confess to Amelia in the graveyard, Medicis admits it was only because he finds it hard to visit the grave alone. For now he only tells them it’s a key to a faraway place he sealed a long time ago, along with his past. Meanwhile, Guido suddenly borrows a large sum of money from Leonald’s bank. When Leonald asks him about this, Guido tels him to be thankful. He’s using the money to develop anti-shinigami weapons, which should be able to hurt Medicis as well. In return of lending him money, Guido will give the first finished product to Leonald. Or so he thought.

Knowing he can’t leave Amelia in the dark forever, that night Medicis finally tells her about his family. The Filbert family is well-known for their honorable origin and longstanding history, and naturally Medicis brought up so he won’t put his family to shame. They decided everything for him, and he thought it’s natural until he met his grandmother. When she told him “your eyes are dead”, Medicis realized he has never felt any emotions before. Even when he was dating, he only did it because his parents arranged him to meet the girls — putting their family reputation above everything else. Ever since their fmeeting, Medicis’ grandmother became his teacher in life. She taught him all kinds of emotions, as well as the important things he needs to know to live his life to the fullest.

When her health condition dropped, she gave all of her fortune to Medicis. His parents and his uncle only cared about her fortune, and they didn’t give a damn about her health at all. Medicis knew he should keep her company until the end, but he was too scared to face her death. In the end he ran away from her, and she died alone leaving only a letter for him. He only found a simple message inside: “live freely”. Medicis cried upon reading her letter. Up until the end of her life, his grandmother taught him emotions he never knew before — frustration, regret, and self-hatred. It was the guilt that triggered his woman allergy, thinking that his grandmother died because of him.

After her death, Medicis left his family. He donated all of her properties for charity, and so the only thing left is her old mansion. It didn’t take long until Medicis ran out of money, so he lived a sluggish life until he finally met Dalenzio. Just like his grandmother, Dalenzio says his eyes are dead. This instantly opened Medicis’ eyes, and he followed Dalenzio ever since. As he spent more time in the mafia family, he felt alive for the first time in his entire life. From then he made friends and enemies, and he enjoyed his life until his death three years ago. When Amelia tells him she likes the current him better, Medicis thanks her saying he’s glad to hear that. (*´ω`*)

During breakfast the next day, Medicis’ jacket got stuck in the chair when he gets up to leave. When Amelia helps him to release it, Medicis slips, falls down, and accidentally kisses Amelia on the lips. (❤ฺ→艸←) Normally he would faint instantly, but for some reason Medicis is fine. He wonders if his allergy is cured, though in the end he still faints when Amelia asks him to move. Later on Nicole forces them to tell the truth, and Medicis blushes saying it was an accident. He admits he wants to do it the “normal” way though. イヤ—–(*ノ∀ノ)—–ン!! Amelia also says the kiss tastes like peppermint toothpaste, since Medicis’ teeth bumped straight onto her lips LOL.

Since Jean informs them that Guido’s creating something suspicious with Castro, Medicis goes out to gather more information. He tries visiting Leonald in the opera theater, but the old man is back to his arrogant self — thinking he’s got a weapon to kill Medicis. As he thinks alone in the streets outside, Medicis suddenly hears Guido ordering his shinigami to come to his mansion. He manages to block the order, but sadly it still works on Luciano and Gloria. Guido obviously isn’t pleased with how things turned out, and he decides to test their anti-shinigami weapons by ordering them to kiill Medicis. Jean is also present in Guido’s mansion, but he only watches in amusement until Medicis eventually awakens his shinigami power and is forced to use it — erasing Gloria and Luciano’s existence.

Sadly while both of them only returned to hell, they were erased from everyone’s memories. Including Amelia’s. She feels that she’s forgetting some people, but she can’t remember who they are. When Medicis returns to the mansion, he feels really guilty for using his power just to survive. From now on he has to pretend that those two never existed in front of everyone else. Amelia and the other feels weird about Gloria’s empty room and the empty bed in Vicious’ room, but Medicis tells them it might be a memory from the past — even though somehow they can feel that something is wrong.

Amelia also notices that Medicis looks a bit down, but he says he’s just tired after his research last night. After what happened, Medicis is actually starting to lose sight of the reason why he was summoned. He wonders if he’s still attached to this world because of his regret, asking Amelia to give him a reason to stay. She tells him that if he can’t figure out the reason, he can look for that reason from now on. She’s going to help him as much as she can. Medicis thanks her saying he’ll try to find the reason, but he’ll come to talk to her whenever he feels troubled.

At noon Medicis goes out to clear his head, and he meets Jean in town. Jeantries to get him to fight Vicious and the others just to entertain him, but obviously Medicis refuses to accept such a foolish deal. What Jean wants is to “have fun” by watching them awakening their shinigami power, and since Medicis has done his role well.. Jean says he’s done dealing with him, and then he sends Medicis back to hell. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Medicis meets Gloria up there (yes, hell is located above the human world lol), who tells him not to blame himself so much. He understands that Medicis had no choice, and this is where they truly belong anyway. Even though both of them miss the warm life they shared with Amelia and Joshua.

Meanwhile, Amelia is worried sick in the mansion. It’s already late at night, and Medicis hasn’t returned yet. She joins everyone to search for him the next day, but Medicis is nowhere to be found. After a few days of fruitless search, Amelia regrets not stopping him from going out that day. She thinks he might be staying in his grandmother’s mansion, but nobody knows the location except for Medicis himself. Well, Leonald knows too.. but a peasant like her isn’t even allowed to see him. When Amelia cries at night, Nicole asks her to think why she feels really sad after Medicis is gone. Everyone’s worried about him too, but Nicole knows Amelia holds a different feeling towards Medicis. Sadly Amelia doesn’t understand, so Nicole tells her to think about it until Medicis returns.

Since Medicis keeps sighing in hell, Gloria convinces Jean to return him to the human world. If he wants to have fun, then he can seal Medicis’ shinigami power permanently — sending him to battle as a shinigami who couldn’t reap. Jean is amused by this idea, so he agrees as long as Medicis can keep him entertained. Then he warps Medicis straight to Amelia’s room lol. The moment Medicis appears, Amelia hugs him and cries in his arms. He apologized for making her worry, but he feels lucky to see such an expression coming from her. (*´∀`*) Just then they realized that Medicis’ allergy is cured, because he doesn’t faint even when Amelia hugs him.

When Joshua learns that the allergy is gone, he instantly feels threatened lol. Mostly because Amelia hugged Medicis. Except for Amelia and Leo, everyone then goes to celebrate Medicis’ return at the bar, where Nicole keeps teasing him by having a “mutual love” with Amelia. While Medicis thinks about how he really feels, Nicole also orders a special drink for Joshua just so he’ll stop making a fuss over their relationship. People usually pass out after a sip, but even if it doesn’t work on Joshua.. it certainly works on poor Medicis LOL. Knowing that Amelia was extremely worried about him, the next day Medicis promises that he won’t disappear without saying a word again. He also tells her about the deal with Jean, saying he has found a reason to stay in this world — because he wants to love Amelia.

Since the words “want to love” mean Medicis isn’t in love with her yet, Amelia feels confused. She keeps thinking about it all day, so Nicole tells Medicis to make things clear for both of them. Following Nicole’s advice, Medicis then invites Amelia for an overnight trip in his grandmother’s mansion. Amelia gladly accepts, and they leave on a train at night.. while everyone else drags Joshua to get drunk in the bar again, so he won’t disturb Medicis and Amelia lol.

Upon arriving at the snowy mountain, Medicis and Amelia have a cute snowball fight. He tells her this warmth is the reason he came back from hell, and he’s hoping this trip can be a trigger to sort out their feelings. As they sit in front of the fireplace at night, Medicis confesses that he has fallen in love with Amelia. Probably ever since he returned from hell, though he didn’t realize it at first. Sadly Amelia falls asleep and completely missed his confession, so Medicis wakes her up saying she has to confess first if she wants him to repeat what he just said. He pushes Amelia down as she tries to confess, and she manages to say she loves him. Medicis teases her by asking which part of him does she love, but then he finally tells her “I love you”. When Amelia asks how much he loves her, Medicis answers “a lot”. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

Since both of them still wants to be alone, Medicis and Amelia decided to spend another night for Christmas Eve. Amelia asks him to drop his normal way of speaking during their extended stay, and Medicis blushes when she says he sounds like a different person. xD Amelia seems reluctant about going back, so Medicis promises to visit this mansion with her again someday. Instead of worrying about what might happen next, they should enjoy the time they have right now. Amelia doesn’t bring any extra change of clothes though, so Medicis lets her wear his pajama for the night.. and he’s doing it on purpose LOL. When she comes out with rolled up sleeves and pants, Medicis hugs her saying she’s more adorable than he expected. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Meanwhile, Jean makes a contract with Guido after Castro sets his mansion on fire. Guido is excited at first, but it only lasts until Jean goes “why do I have to follow your order? I’m only in to get your body later” and leaves — taking the Erebos with him. Realizing that Jean has just trolled him, Guido can only laugh in desperation as the flames burn him to the ground.

When Medicis and Amelia arrive at the station, he gets a bad feeling similar to the one he had on the night of the incident. This is proven true when Nicole suddenly appears and tells them to run, because Jean is now attacking them like a psychopath on the loose. (´・ω・`A;) Jean is hoping that everyone will release their shinigami power, but he gets bored and sends them to hell before any of them can awaken their power. As if that’s not enough, he also killed Joshua when he tried to protect Amelia and Medicis. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Jean then turns to Medicis and says they don’t have much time left, revealing that Medicis will disappear when the sun rises. The summoning itself was a part of Jean’s plan to “have fun”, and they’re all just pawns to entertain him. However, Jean is surprised when Medicis reveals that he knows Jean is going to disappear as well. He’s impressed that Medicis can read that far, but then he shoots Medicis repeatedly saying it’s his punishment for not entertaining him. Amelia cries a river of tears, and Medicis vanishes after thanking her — he doesn’t have any regrets anymore. Before going back to hell, Jean hands Guido’s Erebos to Amelia. It might be useless for now, but he believes Amelia will be able to keep him entertained someday.
Then he leaves her all alone, wondering about the meaning behind his words.

A year quickly passed after everyone vanished, and Amelia hates Christmas ever since. One day she meets Leonald in town, and while he complains a lot about Medicis, Leonald admits he never really thought of Medicis as an enemy. In his eyes Medicis is just a greenhorn. When he says it’s too bad Medicis disappeared, Amelia thinks Leonald might not be a bad person after all. After Leonald leaves, she thinks about how she wants to see Medicis again. Just then she drops a key, and when she turns around to pick it up.. Medicis is standing before her eyes.

Medicis takes Amelia to his grandmother’s mansion after that. As he explains everything about Erebos and the contract, she notices that the Erebos she had is now gone from its bottle. She has summoned him again without realizing. Since it’s Guido’s Erebos, Jean arranged everyone to make a contract with Guido. He had fun predicting the outcome of the next summoning, and in the end only Medicis got summoned because Amelia missed him. Medicis also tells her that Joshua didn’t go to hell, so he must be in heaven right now. ・゜・(PД`q。)・゜・ Their relationship started in this mansion, and Medicis wants to stay here with Amelia until death comes to pick her up someday.

A few years later, Amelia and Medicis are living a happy life together. Since they got married, Medicis is taking her to greet his family. Amelia asks if he’s really okay with her, because she will age while he remains 27 forever. Medicis tells her it’s fine because he loves her, and it’s more than enough as long as he can stay with her. When she asks how much he loves her, Medicis answers “a lot” — the same answer he gave years ago. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

On their way back from the Filbert family’s mansion, Medicis says dealing with his family is still as tiring as ever. He doesn’t regret coming here though, since he can finally settle things with them after so long. Obviously they’re surprised to find Medicis alive and kicking, but they don’t really care anyway. Soon Amelia spots Leonald among the crowd, and Medicis goes over to greet him. While Leonald is being thorny as usual, Medicis laughs saying he’ll take everything as a compliment — knowing Leonald looked so disappointed when he vanished.

When he learns that Medicis has just reported their marriage to his family, Leonald tells Medicis he has grown up a little bit. Since the mountain mansion is everything Medicis has right now, Leonald gives Medicis his phone number. He has a vacant position in his new company, and Medicis is welcomed to joined them if he’s bored without a job. Leonald leaves without saying anything about Dalenzio’s mansion, but it’s still under his name. When Amelia says she wants to visit their old mansion, Medicis stops her and explains what actually happened to Gloria and Luciano. Amelia won’t be able to remember them, but he wants her to know the truth.

After visiting the church, Medicis and Amelia stop by the graveyard at night. Only Dalenzio has a headstone, so they put a lot of flowers there hoping it would be enough to reach everyone else. When Amelia goes to get some holy water, Dalenzio’s ghost appears to have a little chat with Medicis. His soul is gone, but he says today is special because it’s All Souls’ Day. He also reveals that he actually knows everything — ranging from Medicis’ marriage to Amelia to his hidden money stash back in their mansion lol. Before disappearing, Dalenzio asks Medicis to take care of his daughter.

However, this “Dalenzio” turns out to be Jean in disguise. Everyone asked him to do it for both Medicis and Amelia’s sake, and he agreed saying it’s only because he was bored. xD

As they wait for the night train, Medicis laughs saying Jean’s act was pretty good. So yes, he noticed it’s not the real Dalenzio lol. Amelia asks if he’s hiding something from her, but Medicis says he’ll tell her someday to avoid confusion. He tells her to get some sleep on the train, and Amelia says Medicis will probably stay awake to see her sleeping face. Then he’ll start smiling alone as usual, because his hobby is weird like that. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ When Amelia falls asleep, Medicis smiles and whispers “I’ll make you happy” into her ears.

Opinions? I absolutely LOVE Medicis. His romantic scenes made me go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ everytime, especially when he confessed. Medicis does have a short gloomy moment, but this route is like 50% comedy, 40% romance and 10% action. He also has the best “contact heart” sessions, since he panicks and goes ”行けません!” or ”危険です!” whenever Amelia pokes him.. and that amused me to no end. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Speaking of Amelia, she’s still clueless but I actually found her funny in Medicis’ route. Mostly because she knows he’s allergic to women, but she still goes on and touches him anyway. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Needless to say Medicis is my favorite so far, though I expect awesome routes too from the remaining guys.


17 thoughts on “Death Connection – Medicis

    • Jean is a troll after all, what do you expect? xD
      The moment Dalenzio appeared, I knew it must be him lmao.
      Luciano tells him to be honest and admit that he actually wanted to help, but he’s like “no I’m just bored ( ´_ゝ`)” lol.

  1. Kyaaaa~ I absolutely adore Medicis to the max! >///v///< Like you, he's my favourite so far. He's so adorable when he's flustered and his aleergy to women is hilarious.

    Thank goodness everyone managed to distract Joshua from getting in the way. Too bad that didn't happen in Leo's route.

    It's good how Amelia is getting better with each route. Let's hope this will continue to be so for a while.

    • I’m in Gloria’s route now, and so far Amelia isn’t annoying. She’s still dumb, but more towards funny than irritating. :3 I wonder if everyone will drag Joshua away in the other routes. He keeps disturbing Leo because they’re rivals, but it doesn’t seem so for the other guys lol.

  2. So… Joshua route….he kill Claudia so that he go to hell and in Medicis route….he go to heaven LOL
    Yeh…..Medicis….i love his gentle side……very sweet………When i played the other guys….my love for Joshua was blew away ( ´_ゝ`)

    • LOL yes, that’s the only difference. Here Joshua doesn’t commit any crime, so he goes to heaven. xD; I know what you mean though, as much as I love Joshua.. it can get annoying when he keeps getting in the way.

  3. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    (ATTENTION PLZ, poor Ayaka’s heart stopped pounding once more after reading all the poking parts so she’s no longer available. we except that she will keep passing out AND nose bleeding until death connection reviews are complete. maybe she won’t pass out for JEAN guy)

  4. I’m not really sure if you read new comments to new posts” Honestly speaking, I’ve been playing this game for past few days and I just NEED to talk to someone about it, lol. I’ve already finished Vicious, Luciano, and Medicis in the said order but so far I absolutely love it. It’s system, character design and the story development are the same as Musketeer which is among my faves. Death Connection is like the origin of all otoge (which I know is not true but for some reason I got this image in my head).
    Anyway, can I just leave my humble comments on the routes as I play them X333
    I absolutely loved Medicis’s route and I liked his character even though I didn’t expect much from him but whenever he’d show that innocent blushing face I was like awww. And he’s an unexpected pervert xD Don’t tell me you didn’t wonder if they did it or not while at that mansion >.> Or maybe you understood it better than me?
    I also really loved his voice, especially whenever he’d tease Amelia. Sasuga Okitsu Katsuyuki.
    The main reason he caught my eye because I’m going to be his age next week xD I really loved the CGs but….
    What are your overall thoughts on the game? I did take a sneak peek at other routes but didn’t spoil myself too much but the majority of stuff I’ve already guessed.
    Honestly speaking, I don’t think there’s a single happy ending in this game? And there’s not a single happy moment either. What do you think? Because I cried the moment Vicious died in the beginning. It was such an unfair death for a 17 year old. And the whole idea of them coming back but as shinigami is really sad, not to the mention the fact that Joshua dies in the majority of routes and guys come back but are not able to age and they will have to witness Amelia’s death one day and then probably go back to hell while she goes to heaven and won’t see each other or something. I didn’t read the premise before I started playing it, so I started crying from the first moments, lol.

    • Hi. I do read all the comments, even the ones on old posts, but most of the time I’ve forgotten most of the details from the games so I’m afraid I couldn’t say much.

      Regarding the endings, I believe it all depends on how you view it. For me, a happy ending is a happy ending even if it doesn’t last forever. Even if Amelia will age and eventually die while the guys don’t, as long as they are okay with it, then I think it’s a happy ending. Not entirely satisfactory, but still happy nonetheless. Besides, there’s something in Gloria’s route that makes me feel they might be able to see Amelia again one day—even after she died.

      As for what I thought of the game, I loved it. Death Connection has a great cast, an intriguing story, along with dramatic scenes that might or might not have made me scream and cry LOL. Some of the routes felt rather frustrating though, particularly Nicole’s. I’m not sure how much you know about Nicole at this point, but yeah… “Nicole”. I wasn’t too fond of Luciano’s either, the pacing was pretty bad even though I liked Luciano as a character. My favorite was Vicious, with Medicis as a close second. :D

      • Ohh, thanks so much for replying! I’m currently playing Joshua, and I have only Leo left now. I’ve already finished Jean’s route.
        My favourites… hmm. Hard to say. I think I loved the majority of characters, and OMG GLORIA. I totally didn’t expect that kind of (story and character) development in his route, I was pleasantly surprised!
        I totally understand what you’re saying about Nicole. But one thing that I liked was how much he treasured her with all that “I’m a shinigami we can’t be together”, because in fact THAT’s how the other guys must have reacted before making out with Amelia in the first place. I kinda liked how much he treasured her. But his outbursts of anger and whatnot where a turnoff.
        As for Luciano, I was unsatisfied with the ending (and pacing too).
        Vicious despite being a big tsundere is actually pretty level-headed.
        Medicis, iyaaaaan. I actually even played his route twice. And I totally get it when you said you liked his “Ikemasen!” etc, buhuhu.
        As for the whole story in my opinion Joshua is the best partner for Amelia…? Like, I mean if it were real life that’s most likely how they’d end up. And despite all the hate I’ve read I really like his character.. Actually, he’s the type of guy I usually date, lol.
        Have you played Musketeer? It’s the same story layout, same artist,I guess same team. I kinda really miss this kind of otoge.I started playing Confidential Money (same artist) and got so bored at the beginning I never finished it.

        • Not sure who’s the best partner for Amelia since I liked all of them with her for different reasons, but I really liked how they handled the ending with Joshua. In the other routes, they didn’t make it clear what the guys are going to do once Amelia dies of old age, but with Joshua they explained this part properly. I was also told to get Joshua’s route out of the way first, but ended up liking him much more than expected LOL.

          And yeah, I played Musketeer. I actually did it before playing Death Connection. Or more like I picked up Death Connection because I loved Musketeer. Is Confidential Money… not as good? D: It’s in my backlog, but since I never found the time to play it, it got washed away by all the new releases. It’s kinda sad to hear it’s boring though.

          • I can’t say for sure if it’s boring or not so don’t take my word for it. It’s just that Death Connection and Musketeer got me hooked right off the bat while I played Conf Money for almost 2 hours and it didn’t manage to pique my interest^^; I was kinda disappointed as well.

          • I finished playing Joshua’s route yesterday and his ending made me cry my eyes out T^T Yeah, if you compare his ending to others’ then other characters definitely have happy endings. Well, basically they all do, like you said. But it’s just so sad that he loved her for such a long time and when they finally got together they died. Not only that, but technically Amelia made him become what he became and then then no matter how much he waited for Amelia’s rebirth it’s still not the same Amelia. It’s really sad. In that sense his and Jean’s routes are sad. Oh, I especially liked that CG/event when he meets the young girl.. T^T

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