Death Connection – Gloria

Moving on to the brothers, my next target is Gloria. Yes I know it’s a woman’s name, but Gloria is a sexy man with a sexy deep voice. Plus, he looks good in his glasses and hat. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

At 32 years old, Gloria is the oldest member in the group. Along with Medicis, Gloria used to be Dalenzio’s right hand in the family. He respects Dalenzio a lot, and he was the family’s advisor who prioritized the rules over everything else. Due to his serious nature, Gloria hates any kind of betrayal and finds it hard to forgive traitors despite the reason. Everyone loves teasing him since he seems popular with women, even though he doesn’t have any ulterior motives.

On the night of the accident, Gloria was actually looking for his younger brother — Nicholas. Nicholas didn’t return to the mansion that night, and in the end Gloria died before he could find his brother. After Amelia summoned him as a shinigami, Gloria finds it weird that Nicholas isn’t
summoned as well, but soon he finds out the reason when Nicholas suddenly appears in the mansion. Three years ago Nicholas actualy died in Claudia’s hands, and he became Nicole to give Gloria a hint about who killed him back then.

While Amelia is in charge of the kitchen, Gloria takes care of maintenance in the mansion. They go shopping together for the necessary materials, unaware that Vicious is tailing them with a mischievous smile. He tells everyone that Gloria and Amelia get along really well, so Nicole is disappointed that nothing “exciting” happened between them lol. Gloria is also the first victim of Nicole’s love lesson, as Nicole tells him to strip the moment he comes into the room. He refuses to “embrace” (read: have sex with) a woman (in this case.. Nicole lol) he doesn’t love though, which makes both Nicole and Amelia go “embrace..? (´・ω・`)?” Since Amelia gets too nervous around men because of this, Gloria takes her out on a date and explains that everything starts from love. Amelia needs to find a man she loves first, then she’ll learn stuff from there.

One day, Nicole disappears after having a fight with Nicholas. Gloria is surprised upon seeing his younger brother back, and later on he goes to ask Nicholas about what happened after he got killed by Claudia. While Gloria was an important figure in the Salvatore Family, Nicholas had a complex since he couldn’t get out of Gloria’s shadow. He approached Claudia hoping he can get some recognition by providing important information, but his plan failed when Claudia killed him instead. Realizing that he was the reason behind Nicholas’ desperation, Gloria feels really bad and apologized for not understanding him sooner.

Since Amelia finds Gloria and Nicholas so different from each other, they explain it’s because they were born from different mothers. Gloria’s parents divorced when he was small, and he became brothers with Nicholas after they remarried. Even though Nicholas tells him not to feel guilty, Gloria’s mind is still filled with regret. That night Gloria confides in Amelia that he always walks forward without turning back, and that’s why he doesn’t realize a lot of things. He might be able to solve the connection between Nicole and Nicholas if he turns around, but he didn’t. Gloria then admits it’s because his life is full of regret, so that’s all he sees whenever he looks back. After saying he doesn’t want her to live that way, Gloria moves closer towards Amelia.. until Nicholas comes in, goes Σ(〃д〃)ハッ!! at this scenery, and leaves with the wrong idea lol.

Unfortunately, the situation takes a turn for the worse when Nicholas mentions Luciano’s past betrayal. Everyone else are willing to let it slide, but Nicholas keeps raging at them for being so lenient. When he shouts at Amelia and calls her an “outsider”, Gloria drags Nicholas out and tells him not to treat her that way. On top of being Dalenzio’s daughter, Amelia also takes care of them everyday — she’s not an outsider. Gloria tells Nicholas not to provoke his anger more than this, saying it’s better to have Nicole instead of him. Soon Amelia comes into the room and Nicholas runs off, so Gloria apologized to her in his brother’s place.

Knowing they have to do something about Guido’s commands, Medicis tells everyone the best way is to ask Guido directly. This plan won’t run smoothly, but Nicholas says he’ll take the task alone. At night he takes Gloria out for a drink, and since Gloria invites Amelia as well, they end up drinking in Filippo’s restaurant instead of the bar. While Amelia isn’t sure about the meaning behind the summoning, Gloria says he believes Dalenzio knows what he was doing. He’s glad to have met Nicholas again, and the encounter with Amelia is important to him. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Nicholas might find those worlds embarrassing, but Gloria really means what he said. He uses a different approach whenever he’s hitting on a girl, like “can we do it tonight?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

The next day, Nicholas infiltrates Guido’s mansion just as planned. He kills Claudia not too long after Gloria and Medicis arrived for backup, but they couldn’t find Guido in the mansion. Since Nicholas already got his revenge, Gloria doesn’t know what will happen to him from now on.. but he’s ready to accept the outcome. Even if he turns into Nicole again, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re brothers. Gloria asks if Amelia isn’t scared with all of this. She was supposed to live a peaceful life in the church, but now she has to deal with mafia and shinigami. Not to mention Guido can put Gloria under his command anytime. When Amelia says she’s not afraid, Gloria hugs her and tells her not to worry — it’s now his turn to settle things with his past.

Since Amelia asks Nicholas to accept Nicole’s existence, the two of them ends up splitting into two different existence by the next morning. Obviously everyone goes (  Д ) ゚ ゚ when both of them enter the dining room, though nobody understands the exact reason behind this weird happening. Not even Nicole herself. Later on, Gloria tells Amelia that Nicholas enters the family upon his request. Back then Gloria was worried since Nicholas kept jumping from one woman to another. He couldn’t leave Nicholas to ruin his own life, so he was relieved when Dalenzio welcomed Nicholas into the family. Gloria also tells Amelia that while Dalenzio was truly a kind man, nobody knew what’s on his mind. The shinigami contract is a good example.

That evening, everyone was having a discussion when Guido suddenly sends his command. Joshua tries to escape with Amelia, but she keeps resisting until eventually Gloria faints along with Luciano and Medicis — the sign that Jean’s trolling Guido again on the other side. Before opening his eyes, Gloria thinks he’s in heaven because a warm light is enveloping him.. and he wakes up to find Amelia by his side. He’s glad to see her okay, but he also feels terrible as a loyal member of the Salvatore Family. It’s his duty to protect Amelia as the boss’ daughter, and yet Guido’s orders work like an instant brainwash to him.

Gloria then asks what they mean to her, and when Amelia replies with “a family”.. he pulls her onto his bed. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Amelia wonders if he’s protecting her only because she’s Dalenzio’s daughter, but then Gloria admits there’s another reason: “because you’re cute, so I want to treasure you.” キュ─(*´Д`*)―ン♪ Since Amelia is still a novice in romance, Gloria asks what she wants to do from here. Getting off the bed is out of the question, since they’re about to reach the good part. OMG GLORIA WHY ARE YOU SO HOT. (*´Д`)ハァハァ Sadly this moment is interrupted when Nicole comes in looking for him. Gloria says he’s currently “busy” and she quickly leaves with a teasing smile, but then Gloria releases Amelia so they can talk normally.

Some days later, Gloria invites Amelia on a date. They drink coffee together in a cafe, where he tells her everything about him and Nicholas. Gloria’s parents were both teachers, but their marriage was filled with endless arguments. His mother suddenly left when he was 10, and 2 years later his father introduced him to his new mother — along with Nicholas. Gloria’s opinion of his father dropped upon learning that he had a son with another woman, but he can accept Nicholas as his new brother. Despite Gloria’s efforts to become a good big brother, they didn’t get along at all since Nicholas kept rejecting him. Gloria found it hard to accept his new family, and he eventually left home to join the police force at the age of 18. He never contacted them again ever since. It wasn’t necessary, and he wasn’t interested.

Not too long after Gloria became a detective, he was reunited with Nicholas in town. Just like Gloria, Nicholas had left home as well. The difference is while Gloria was living independently, Nicholas was leeching off his girlfriends instead. Gloria tries to support him, but Nicholas didn’t stop until he landed his eyes on a mafia boss’ woman. Obviously the mafia boss was enraged and killed their parents, though instead of feeling guilty.. Nicholas was more busy pleading for Gloria’s help. Instead of sheltering him, Gloria gave him some money to buy weapons and told him to settle things with his own hands. Nicholas managed to kill the mafia boss, but sadly he was captured by the rest of the family. Apparently they bribed Lambert to find him, and Gloria hates the money-hungry fiend ever since.

Feeling that he’s the one who drove Nicholas towards this mess, Gloria eventually quit his job. He desperately searched for a way to save his brother, which led him to the Salvatore Family. In return of saving Nicholas’, Dalenzio recruited Gloria into the family as a partner for Medicis. Gloria didn’t regret this decision at all, but Nicholas has been blaming himself ever since. Since Nicholas has a serious attitude problem, Gloria hopes Amelia can understand him better after hearing about their past.

On their way home, Lambert suddenly appears to greet Gloria with his cynical “Hello there, Mr. Ex-Detective.” ( ಠ_ಠ ) Amelia gets pissed when Lambert starts insulting Gloria, but he tells her not to mind. If he wants to blame someone, he should blame himself. After all, he was the one who refused to protect Nicholas back then. Amelia then wonders if Gloria was summoned so he can clear all the misunderstandings with Nicholas, and he smiles saying it’d be nice if they can really become brothers someday.

Noticing that Amelia is growing some feelings for Gloria, Nicole tries to help them by telling her that Gloria’s actually married. Amelia gets nervous upon meeting Gloria in town, but soon she learns that it’s only a lie lol. After seeing how his family crumbled apart, Gloria isn’t interested in marriage. As long as he can stay with the woman he loves, he doesn’t really care about the shape of their relationship. Obviously this doesn’t work well with most ladies, so all of Gloria’s ex-girlfriends left upon learning that he doesn’t have any intentions to marry them. In contrary to Gloria’s opinion, Amelia admires the idea of getting married and thinks he looks like the type who would treasure his wife.

When they stop by the park, Gloria asks Amelia to spend some time in the florist. He’s meeting up with someone today, so she goes away thinking he’s waiting for a woman. Well, he is.. but the woman is actually Serbia. Gloria wants to settle things with her, and her betrayal isn’t the only reason. After thinking more thoroughly about the summoning, Gloria realized that Dalenzio probably made contracts with them to protect Amelia. That means he also prepared something for her to call her shinigami with, but that something fell into someone else’s hands. Yes, he’s talking about the stolen Erebos ring, and he suspects the thief was either Serbia or Luciano.

After a long silence, Serbia finally admits that it wasn’t her. She knew that Luciano stole it, but she never told anyone because she was shocked. Serbia learned about this on the same day when the Tarantino Family kidnapped her daughter, not to mention she was also the one who introduced Luciano to Dalenzio. However, Gloria can’t forgive her despite the reasons. If only she told somebody about Luciano’s betrayal, Nicholas wouldn’t have to die in Claudia’s hands. It doesn’t change the fact that Serbia was the one who killed Dalenzio either, so Gloria finally settles things by stabbing her to death — not even giving her a chance to say goodbye to her subordinates in Night Gate.

Obviously Amelia is shocked upon seeing Serbia bleeding on the ground, but Gloria drags her home before anybody comes. When she cries and asks why he went that far, he tells her to shut up. Kids like her shouldn’t poke their noses into this issue. Amelia resists saying she’s not a kid, and Gloria shouts at her for behaving like one. Later on Medicis takes care of disposing Serbia’s body, but Amelia now thinks Gloria is a cold-blooded killer — just like Joshua’s opinion about mafia in general. Gloria says he still wants to protect her, but sadly Amelia’s being a brat by saying “I didn’t wish to be born as your boss’ daughter!” ( ´_ゝ`) She doesn’t care even if Gloria gets angry, and she chases him out saying she hates him.

That night Gloria goes to the bar alone, while Amelia climbs out of the window and sneaks out of the mansion. He finds her waiting in front of the bar, and she apologized for saying terrible things to him earlier. Gloria also apologized for killing Serbia, but he wants her to give up since Serbia is no longer alive. Gloria then asks if she’s scared of him now, since something similar might happen again in the future. The only thing Gloria can say for certain is that he won’t ever hurt Amelia on purpose. If he has to kill someone else someday, the only thing he can do is to apologize to her after washing the stress away with alcohol. Like what he’s doing now.

It turns out that Gloria was really shocked when Amelia said she hates him. He won’t ask her to love him, he just doesn’t want to be hated by her. However, Gloria then starts contradicting himself since he’s drunk tonight. When Amelia says she doesn’t hate him, Gloria hugs her from behind and says “then say you love me”. (❤ฺ→艸←) Amelia asks if he’s drunk, but Gloria insists that he’s perfectly aware of what he’s doing. Soon he falls asleep on her back, so she carries him all the way back to the mansion lol. Gloria doesn’t remember anything when he wakes up though, and the last thing he can remember is meeting Amelia in front of the bar. He feels that he said something to her, but Amelia gets embarrassed and says it’d be better if Gloria doesn’t remember. This causes him to wonder if he did something naughty to her last night LOL.

In the morning, a bunch of opera invitations are delivered to the mansion. It’s obviously another challenge from Guido, and everyone decides to accept it. Including Amelia, because her life is still in danger even if she stays in the mansion. Since Guido might order his shinigami to attack her again, Gloria tells her to stick to Nicholas and the others at all times. She can only pray for their safety, but it’s more than enough for him. Jean also appears to give them a hint: each of them is related to the Seven Deadly Sins, and they possess different kinds of power for this reason. He wants to see those power in action, so they have to hurry before the limit comes.

On the night of the opera, Amelia and her shinigami are welcomed by Lambert and his men. He was obviously bribed by Guido again, and it doesn’t take long until he commands his troops to attack them. Everything should be fine as long as Amelia and Joshua are unharmed, but things take a turn for the worse when Guido suddenly orders Gloria, Luciano and Medicis to get their anti-shinigami weapons and kill everyone else. Both Nicholas and Joshua got slashed as they protect Amelia from Gloria, but eventually Jean comes to troll stop the battle. He shoots Gloria multiple times; and as Amelia, Nicholas and Joshua are escaping with the unconscious Gloria, Jean sends Luciano and Medicis back to hell, then erases both Guido and Castro afterwards.

The reason? Because Jean wants all six shinigami to fight each other in an endless battle until their power are awakened. He doesn’t want them to vanish before then, so the anti-shinigami weaponshold a high potential of ruining his “fun”. Now enjoy your trip to hell, Guido. \(^o^)/

Before opening his eyes, Gloria sees a string of flashbacks through his dream. The first one is about the time he spent with Dalenzio and everyone. While he was satisfied with life and has no regrets, Gloria realized that his heart didn’t lie within the family. Feeling empty inside, Gloria wonders if he’s actually regretting his own decision inside. Next, he sees a vision of Nicholas and himself in the past. Gloria just decided to leave home back then, and Nicholas said it’s nice that they don’t have to see each other anymore. He always thought they never got a chance to get along, but now realized that he only ran away before Nicholas can accept him as a big brother. Soon Gloria wakes up from his dream, finding a sleeping Amelia by his bedside.

Three days have passed ever since the opera incident, but Nicholas’ wounds aren’t healing at all. Gloria feels terrible upon learning that he was the one who inflicted those wounds, and he keeps forcing himself to visit Nicholas in his room — ignoring his own injuries and fever. Upon seeing how Nicholas is still bedridden, Gloria apologized saying he’ll look for a way to heal his wounds. He’s going to look for a solution for Amelia too, since they can’t let her continue living this kind of life for too long. When Gloria says he was probably summoned to eliminate danger and will return to hell in the end, Amelia asks if that’s really the reason. She’s only a naive kid compared to Gloria, but she thinks that’s a very lonely reason. Sadly he couldn’t find any other reasons to stay, so naturally he believes his role now is to kill Guido.

That night Gloria gets another fever, and Amelia takes care of him while Joshua goes to meet the priest. He wants to know if there’s any way to heal a shinigami, and the priest introduces him to a suspicious-looking black magic maniac. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Both Gloria and Nicholas are thinking of giving up, but some days later Joshua makes some medicine for them. He says he can’t guarantee the result considering the suspicious source, but fortunately Nicholas’ injuries are healing properly after drinking the medicine. Amelia looks so happy as she thanks Joshua, and Gloria realized he never did anything to make her happy. He feels that most of the things he did only made her sad, which is why they need to put an end to everything soon.

However, Amelia tells him it’s not true. She will be sad if Gloria disappears, and it’s a different kind of sadness than the one he’s thinking of. When she invites him to visit the park tomorrow, he agrees saying he can take the guilt — since it’s the place where he killed Serbia. As soon as Amelia leaves the room with Gloria, Nicholas slowly opens his eyes and whispers “stupid aniki, he probably doesn’t realize it..”

The next day, Amelia puts some flowers for Serbia in the park. Gloria also tells her that except for Dalenzio, everyone else were buried without a proper headstone. Most likely because the town is controlled by Guido and Lambert, and so they were treated like filthy criminals. Amelia then asks what could she do to make Gloria happy, but he can’t give her an answer since he never really thought about it before. Compared to everyone else, Gloria’s rather detached from almost everything other than the Salvatore Family.. and he feels “far” because of this. After a short silence, Amelia says she might know what can make Gloria happy — a date! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ
As she drags him to have a date in town, Gloria starts laughing since he never expected such an invitation coming from her.

After having a good time with Amelia all day, Gloria feels that he regained the emotions he lost a long time ago. He says he also has a request for her, but he’ll save it until next time. Back at home, Nicholas asks Gloria if he’s in love with Amelia. Even though Gloria doesn’t realize it, the answer is written all over his face. Knowing that Gloria is probably planning to step back and watch over her from afar, Nicholas tells him to stop holding back already. All this time Gloria is always doing his best for him — both before he became a detective and after they both joined the family. Nicholas wants him to enjoy his own life and spend his own time, because despite all the things that happened between them.. they’re brothers after all.

Meanwhile, Guido and Castro are welcomed by a familiar woman in hell. Guido recognized her as the woman he killed a long time ago — Keira, Amelia’s mother. It’s not the real Keira though, since apparently Jean is just trolling them with his transformation techniques LOL. He explains that they’re in hell, and that’s why they can see Luciano and Medicis chained in prison as the shinigami bound by the Nyx contracts. Guido wonders what happened to Gloria, but Jean tells him Gloria still has a lingering attachment to the human world.

Thanks to Joshua’s medicine, Nicholas is recovering at a rapid state. Nicholas notices that his brother seems really close to Amelia recently, and he’s not the only one who can see it. Just as they expected, soon Joshua asks Amelia if there’s something going on between Gloria and her. Amelia says she only wants to please Gloria, which makes him go “p-‘please’!? like what, for example!? Σ(〃д〃)ハッ!!” LOL JOSHUA. When Amelia says they’re only dating, Joshua lets out a heavy sigh and leaves the room saying it’s fine then. Poor man. xD Since she’s curious about Gloria’s request, eventually he admits he only wants to have a special date with her. It’s not something unusual though, because the only special thing is Gloria’s feeling.

For the special date, Gloria takes Amelia to the church where he died by Dalenzio’s side. He’s been thinking of accepting and getting over his death, but he couldn’t bring himself to visit this place alone. When they see people preparing for a wedding in the church, Gloria says people forget about the incident quickly as the time goes by. Amelia says she won’t ever forget them no matter how long time has passed, but Gloria says they will have to say goodbye someday. Shinigami are not a part of the human world, so they’ll have to return to hell eventually. Gloria wants them to part with a smile, and that’s why he’s spending most of his time with her now. Obviously his words cause the opposite effect, since Amelia starts crying and says she can never part with him with a smile. Then she runs back home in tears.

Realizing that Amelia is in love with him, that evening Gloria visits her room and apologized for not realizing her feelings. He says her love is still at an early stage and it’s not too late to turn back now, but Amelia tells him it’s impossible. Gloria then confesses that he loves her as well, though he was planning to keep it a secret from her. It doesn’t change the fact that they’ll have to part someday, but Gloria doesn’t want to regret anything. He wants to spend his remaining time with her. Amelia knows she will cry if he disappears, but she doesn’t want their farewell to be a painful one either.

During dinner Amelia gets nervous around Gloria, who keeps grinning alone as he looks at her from the table. Everyone can tell that they’re completely in love, so they drag Joshua to the bar before he can disturb them lol. Since Amelia can’t cook properly in this condition, Gloria takes herto have dinner outside. On the way she asks which part of her does he like the most, and he says it’s her cuteness. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. When Amelia asks him to give her an example, Gloria touches her lips and kisses her. Love doesn’t need a reason, so whenever she wants to know why he loves her.. he’ll keep her silent with a kiss. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

When Nicole learns that Gloria is serious about his relationship wih Amelia, she cries because their love will be painful in the end. Nicole wants both of them to be happy, so she hands two luxury hotel vouchers to Gloria on December 23. Since they’re going to have a Christmas party on the 24th, Nicole tells him to use those vouchers tonight — obviously expecting an “exciting” report later lol. At first Gloria is reluctant since this will be Amelia’s first time, but eventually he decides to invite her because he doesn’t want to regret anything. While Amelia has absolutely no experience in this area, she gets the idea when Gloria says they’re going to stay in a hotel tonight. He asks if she’s really okay with this, because he doesn’t want to force her. If Amelia says yes, then Gloria’s going to take her as his Christmas present. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

As the answer, Amelia holds Gloria’s hand and asks him to guide her through the night. Since she gets nervous when they reach the hotel, Gloria helps her to relax.. by fooling her with a ghost story lol. Gloria then lies half-naked! on the bed and asks Amelia to come to him, saying “Take my hand and come here. If you don’t, they I’ll go over there.” until she finally climbs onto the bed with him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He says she’s really cute when she’s embarrassed, whispering “I love you” as the screen fades to black. YES THEY TOTALLY DID IT. (*´Д`)ハァハァ

Back in hell, Guido has just realized that Jean is actually “the whisperer” he’s been looking for. Jean doesn’t care about his opinion though, since he’s now busy preparing for the final battle. He releases Guido and his shinigami, ready to send them back to the human world. Guido asks what will he get by throwing the shinigami in a battle against each other, but he says he won’t get anything. Unlike human who calculates all the benefits and losses before doing something, Jean only wants to have fun. That’s all.

The next morning, Nicholas and Nicole are surprised to find Gloria sitting in the dining room. He says they decided to return early since Amelia wants to make breakfast for everyone, though they probably won’t wake up before noon — thanks to Joshua and his high alcohol tolerance. When they ask how did it go last night, Gloria says Amelia cries after they did it. She doesn’t want to cry when it’s time for them to say goodbye, so she’s pouring out all of her tears last night. After breakfast, Gloria takes Amelia out to buy her Christmas present. She tells him she wants something that will never disappear, and she waits outside as he chooses a present for her. Just then Jean appears and tells Amelia that the final battle will begin tonight. The fight will continue until daybreak comes, and all shinigami will disappear by then. It’s their limit.

Since Jean has ruined their Christmas party plan, Gloria tries to cheer Amelia up by giving her the present he bought earlier: a watch. He feels that it’s a perfect present for them. Even after their time together comes to an end, the watch will continue moving. When Gloria says Amelia will probably forget about her by the time the watch stops working, she cries saying she will never forget him. Gloria then admits he doesn’t want to disappear and leave Amelia’s side, but both of them know that tomorrow will come. Whether they want it or not.

On Christmas Eve, Luciano and Medicis come to attack the mansion. Guido sends his order to Gloria as well, which eventually leads all six shinigami to the church where most of them died three years ago. They ask Joshua to escape with Amelia, but she follows them to witness the battle until the very end. While Luciano and Medicis are fighting against the others, Guido tries to command Gloria to attack Jean — who was watching in amusement. Of course Jean won’t allow him to ruin his fun, so he shoots Guido dead and orders Gloria to join in the fight. Much to Jean’s delight, everyone awakens all of their shinigami power during the battle. Luciano and Medicis are sent back to hell, while Nicholas’s power only releases Gloria from Jean’s order. For a moment Gloria looks around and asks about Guido, but Jean calmly tells him “dead” lol.

Sadly they can’t stop time from moving on. Morning comes right after their battle, and everyone says goodbye to Amelia as they disappear one by one. Everyone, except for Gloria. Jean tells him he doesn’t know the reason either, but Gloria probably can’t return to hell because he has an incredibly strong attachment to the human world. Unlike the others, the chain tying Gloria’s soul to hell actually broke quite a while ago. Now Gloria doesn’t have a limit anymore, and Jean goes back to hell saying “enjoy your infinite time in this world!”

While Gloria is confused and unsure, Amelia feels happy that she can stay with him forever. Joshua doesn’t mind either, as long as Gloria is ready to accept the fact that they’re mortals. Someday Amelia will die as a normal human, while Gloria remains eternally alive. As they walk out of the church, Gloria finally tells Joshua that he’s prepared to live with Amelia. He’s going to use his shinigami power when the time comes. A few years later, Amelia and Gloria have their wedding ceremony in the church where she grew up. She’s surprised to see him coming with a short hair, and he says he’s been planning to cut his hair on their wedding day. Gloria then asks if she has any regrets, and Amelia tells him she doesn’t.

Time passed with Gloria enjoying his married life with Amelia. One day she goes to repair her watch in town, and Jean appears to greet him in the streets. Jean asks if he’s bored yet, but Gloria says he’s enjoying every second of this eternal life. Again, Jean tells him to enjoy this immortality and disappears a few minutes before Amelia returns. She notices that Gloria looks lonely and asks if he’s okay, but Gloria only laughs before whispering “as long as I can spend time with you, I’ll repeat it as much as possible.” Then he asks Amelia to close her eyes and uses his shinigami power — turning back the time to that Christmas morning a few years ago. The day when everyone returned to hell. As he tells Joshua that he’ll use his power when the time comes, Gloria adds “I’ve already used it though..”

In the special event, Gloria and Amelia visit the church on the day before their wedding day. It might not be a place to pray for someone in hell, but Amelia hopes her prayer can reach their friends up there. At night she finds Gloria sitting by their bedside, and she asks if he has any regrets. When she says it’d be nice if he can find his reason to stay in this world, Gloria says he already found that reason. He promises to let her know after their wedding tomorrow, but she replies with “it’s strange, I feel that you won’t tell me tomorrow.. like a deja-vu” (´・ω・`A;) Amelia asks if he will really tell her the reason, going back to sleep when Gloria says he will.

One day, Joshua invites Gloria to have lunch together. Joshua asks about Gloria’s power, and Gloria tells him this is the fifth time he turned back the time. For a certain reason Gloria always used it a few years after their marriage, but despite him going through the same events over and over again.. this is actually the first time Gloria talks to Joshua about this. Even though he tells them he’s having fun with his eternal life, both Joshua and Amelia aren’t sure if he’s really happy with this. Especially Amelia, who notices that sometimes Gloria looks really sad. From time to time Gloria also visits Serbia’s ghost in the park, though it might only be an illusion made by his own mind. The reason is because he needs someone to bring him back to reality, since his head starts to get a bit blurry as he keeps turning back the time.

Since the police keep coming back to investigate Dalenzio’s mansion, Gloria currently lives in a hotel. As they walk back from the graveyard, Amelia says they share a lot of memories with everyone in that mansion. Even after they returned to hell, those memories will always remain. Soon Amelia notices that her watch stopped working, and Gloria is surprised since it’s still too early for that to happen. When she runs off to fix her watch in a shop, Jean appears to ask if Gloria has found the answer. It turns out that the events are different this time because Jean is messing up with the time flow — just to entertain both Gloria and himself. Now Gloria won’t be able to predict the future anymore, so it should be “fun”. \(^o^)/

When Amelia comes back, Gloria hugs her saying he’s been turning back the time because he doesn’t want to lose her.. and it’s his reason for staying in this world. Not too long after she fixes her watch, Amelia is supposed to die in an accident. That’s why Gloria keeps rewinding the time after the watch stopped working. Amelia is confused since she doesn’t know about his power, but Gloria then asks her to close her eyes and turns back the time again. Throwing them back to that Christmas for the sixth time. Realizing that he’s been using the power for his own sake, Gloria decides to tell Amelia the truth. He doesn’t want to deceive her anymore, so he finally takes the watch and destroys it — opening the path towards a new time.

Gloria then asks Amelia to accept his everything, and Amelia says she will.. but first, he needs to explain everything since she’s still confused about what really happened. When Gloria asks if she loves him even after hearing all of this, Amelia says she will always love him no matter what happens. Some years later, Amelia and Gloria get married for the sixth time in front of Joshua. The only difference is that Gloria doesn’t cut his hair, and he hugs his bride as soon as he enters the church — ignoring Joshua in the background lol. They don’t know what will happen in the future. Amelia might or might not survive the accident, but Gloria promises that he won’t use his power anymore. Even if death comes to pick her up again, he will continue living with her memories in his heart.

Why such a depressing ending for such a charming character? WHY? (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ The ending leaves it open for your imagination, but NO I’m not satisfied. So far everyone gets a happy ending, so why does Gloria gets an uncertain one like this? ゥゎ━。゚(゚´Д`*゚)゚。━ン!!! I was told that his ending and epilogue are somewhat depressing, but since the PSP version has an extra epilogue.. I was hoping they added in a happy ending for Gloria. Apparently not. At least not entirely happy. It’s really too bad since I love Gloria a lot as a character. He’s mature, manly and has a sexy voice, not to mention he looks really hot with short hair. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Gloria also has a clearly implied sex scene, and I like that. 8D


24 thoughts on “Death Connection – Gloria

  1. oh wow yea its like either creepy ending in the PS2 version or depressing ending in the PSP one T_T llolll wtf man really. lol gloria’s not the only one with implied secks (*´Д`)hehe

    • LOL yea it’s like they were so determined to screw Gloria’s ending in both versions. (;´Д`) うぅっ… This crushed my hope of seeing a happy ending with him lolol. Oh I was spoiled by tumblr that Vicious also has a naughty scene, so I’m keeping my eyes open. 8D

  2. Honestly? Why does Gloria get such an ending? I’m getting depressed as each minute passes. But good for him, he actually is the first guy (so far) to score it in bed with Amelia! Yay for the smexiness of that scene. Plus, Amelia finally does not act dense for once when he asks her to go to a hotel.

    Wow, Jean justs keeps trolling in every route and Joshua keeps getting dragged to go to the bar. XD How does a former priest even have a high alcohol tolerance? He’s actually more accpeting towards Amelia’s love life in this route.

    • I know right. He’s really hot and all, but then his ending ruins everything. (´・ω・`A;) ..but yes, I love that hotel scene since for once, Amelia is aware that they’re gonna screw. I seriously think everything beyond that point should be erased, then we write our own happy endings lol.

      Jean is a troll alright. After tackling 4 routes I can’t take Guido seriously anymore. He feels like a weak mid-boss who would just get mauled by a powerful demon king (aka Jean) in the end. xD Also, Joshua’s high alcohol tolerance is a mystery. Amelia asks if he ever drank alcohol before, but he didn’t answer lol.

      • Agreed. I hope Nicole/Nicholas’ route will be good because I love Nicole (yes I have a girl crush on her even though I’m perfectly straight, is that illegal?). Nicholas seems like he’ll be very depressed, angsty, etc…but hey, at least he looks good (me being shallow), right?

        Yep, go Jean…he has a route as well, right? Although I heard it was disappointing. Joshua’s silence is very questionable.

        • Yea I heard he’s very angsty and rather whiny. It’s like torture that I’m going for him right after Gloria’s depressing ending, but oh well.. just like what you said, at least he looks good. 8D

  3. So….he turned back time many times just to save Amelia………..And i think maybe this time she will not die in accident because he destroyed that watch……
    Btw….i love his long hair than the short ones ^^

    • I think so too, but I’m not satisfied because WE have to imagine the answer ourselves. If they’re gonna make a better epilogue for Gloria, why not make it 100% happy? Like skip to a few years later and say “Amelia survived the accident” or something lol.

      Gloria looks good with both hairstyles, but I prefer his short one. :3

    • I think there’s something wrong with me or something since I feel ドキドキ right from the start. He looks so hooot! ^///////^
      I’ll just forget that i ever read the ending because for some reason, I feel sad for him. D:

    • Hey no problem, I put that picture here so you all can fangirl with me. 8D
      Gloria is sexy right from the beginning. It’s that voice LOL. He looks hot even though he’s not doing anything naughty, and you also get to poke a half-naked Gloria when he’s fixing the broken tap in the bathroom. xD’re right, let’s just forget about the ending. ;__;

    • I know right. I do like him a lot as a character, but fffff that ending.. do not want. It’s okay if he turns back time AND saves her in the end, but they just leave things uncertain. T_T ..and yes Gloria looks so hawt and tempting in that bed CG. <3

  4. ………………………. NO WAIT! NOT NOW! (Ayaka resists the collapsing)
    wow… so they decided to add add it after that Medicis’s christmas eve bla bla. ahem. WHY SO MANLY GLORIA?! WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN SEXY!? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!? sooooooooooooooooo sad! such a sexy guy doesn’t deserves such a sad ending. i totally want a fandisk with more happy ends… i’m looking forward to your Vicious reviews. cuz he’s one hell of a sexy guy. isn’t he? 8D

    • Gloria isn’t a naughty boy, he’s a sexy MAN. 8D
      So yeah I’m disappointed Gloria got such an uncertain ending. If they wanna make it happier in the PSP version, then make it 100% happy.. or else it doesn’t mean much. xD; I still have Luciano to tackle, so Vicious will have to wait for a day or two. :3

  5. Well….compared to the PS2 ending, I have to say I like this one better. I mean, they didn’t even give you the REASON he kept turning back time in the PS2 version. At least here they settle things somewhat and Gloria is actually free to live into the future with Amelia rather than seeming like a random creep who keeps rewinding time everytime he and Amelia get married.

    • Oh yes, I’ll be so pissed if I played the PS2 version and got that cut-off ending. The same goes for Luciano’s route, since his ending is sad without the extra epilogue. I seriously don’t get why they have to make Gloria’s ending uncertain though. If they want to make it happy, then why not make a truly happy ending for him.. ;__;

  6. I think Gloria’s special event ending was not entirely depressing. I mean, I would be more upset if they left it at him being contented with just turning time back again and again to run away from the pain of losing Amelia. Adding that scene of Gloria breaking the wristwatch symbolizes Gloria’s change from being a coward/selfish to a person who accepts everything, even the painful stuff. Having him break that watch also meant he changed the future because the clock stopping foretells Amelia getting involved in an accident. Both him and Amelia will have a happy future, both starting on equal grounds (meaning neither can tell what’s gonna happen in the future). Sure Amelia will die but I think Gloria will have no regrets because the time he spent with Amelia was a happy one and he is sure that Amelia is HONESTLY happy this time. I think this is the beauty of Death Connection, it connects some reality into the fantasy theme to still give us a sense that we can relate to the characters worries/conflicts. Out of the 4 routes I played so far (Joshua, Leonardo, Medicis and Gloria), I’d say Gloria’s route takes all the medals! Hot factor check! Implied smex factor check! Great plot ending (although Jean is STILL a troll <_<) check!!!!! Romance scenes check (loved all the times Gloria will try to tease Amelia~)!!!

  7. “Having him break that watch also meant he changed the future because the clock stopping foretells Amelia getting involved in an accident.”

    Yeah, that’s what I said:

    “He doesn’t want to deceive her anymore, so he finally takes the watch and destroys it — opening the path towards a new time.”

    What disappointed me is if they’re gonna make a happier ending for Gloria, why do they have to leave it uncertain lol. Maybe this kind of “open” endings aren’t my cup of tea, because it still has a possibility of Amelia dying anyway and Gloria will be left alone.. and that’s what I found depressing. ;__;

    • But isn’t that a given for all of them shinigamis…? Amelia will die (who knows when) eventually and for sure they will be left alone because they can’t die. I think all of them so far (for the routes I saw at least) were given an equal happy ending in the fact that all of them got a second (or should I say third/fourth for the others?) chance to return to be with Amelia. <3 I firmly believe Gloria is happier with his choice rather than having such a false and boring life. (I guess my optimism of Amelia and Gloria overcoming their set future is just very strong~)

      • For most of them, they’re going to return to hell when Amelia dies.. but that’s not the case for Gloria, because Jean made him live in the human world forever. Yes I know Gloria is happy with his choice, but I’m still not satisfied with this ending lol. I was hoping they at least make sure that Amelia avoids the accident, so I was disappointed that they still left that point uncertain.

  8. i’m basically new,but i wonder how can i watch the epilogue in the psp version??i finished Vicious and Nicole route but, there’s no epilouge video.*sob*maybe i should complete all the gallery first to make the epilogue features unlock?

    • Hello. I don’t quite remember since it’s been months, but after finishing the route, go to the gallery and you’ll find an epilogue (original epilogue from PS2 version) there. After you see that one, the new PSP epilogue will be unlocked beside it.

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