Death Connection – Nicole

The main source of LOL in Death Connection. Nicole is awesome and acts like a nice big sister most of the time. I’m gonna refer to her as a female, since she’s really a woman.. mentally lol.

Nicole is a 25 years old sniper dressed in women’s clothing and make-up. She keeps insisting that she’s 100% a woman, even though her body says otherwise. Other than the “accessory” hanging between her legs, Nicole also uses bra pads to cover up her naturally flat chest. She can also be strict when necessary, but usually Nicole is kind and cares a lot about Amelia. At night she loves sneaking into Luciano’s bed, though she often harrasses the others as well.

While everyone quickly remembers each other, none of them have any memories about Nicole working for the family. Nicole doesn’t remember anything either, but the fact that Amelia called her proves that she must be a member as well. This mystery remains unsolved until one day, a guy comes out of Nicole’s room to explain everything — Nicholas, Gloria’s younger brother. He was murdered by Claudia before the incident three years ago, and he died wishing he can tell Gloria everything. Nicholas’ wish was granted in the form of Nicole, who was supposed to deliver the message through her similar appearance to Claudia.

Despite her interest and excitement towards love and relationships, Nicole’s actually almost as clueless as Amelia about sex. She teaches Amelia about “what a man and a woman would do when they’re alone”, but she actually thinks they would “sleep naked together on a bed while lulling each other with sweet words”. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Nicole tries to get Gloria to become her guinea pig, and she gets confused when Gloria says he doesn’t want to “embrace” a woman he doesn’t love. This leads her to think that making love = hugging each other naked, but Gloria just leaves her in confusion lol. Nicole’s room is also pink and frilly. Like a princess’ bedroom.

After Guido’s attack on All Souls’ Day, Nicole and Nicholas are having a fight. Nicole thinks her role is over now that Nicholas already remembers his own death. She wants to stay here, but his body is rejecting her. When Nicole says Nicholas’ grudge against Claudia has nothing to do with her, he gets angry and tells her to disappear. At first Nicholas thinks Nicole is just sulking, so he’s really surprised to find her gone for real. Obviously everyone else is surprised to see Nicholas back in his own body, but soon Nicholas gets pissed since they keep comparing him to Nicole. He’s rather harsh and looks incredibly irritated, while Nicole is easy-going and fun.

When Gloria asks him to explain what actually happened with Claudia, Nicholas says he tried to deceive her. He wanted to get key information about the Tarantino Family, so his plan was to take advantage of Claudia. Back then Nicholas was so sick of standing in Gloria’s shadow. Even after joining the family, everyone only looked at him as “Gloria’s younger brother”. When Dalenzio said he wants to form a contract with Nicholas, all he could think about was whether Dalenzio would remember his name by then. He wanted to do something drastic so everyone would look at him properly, but sadly his plan backfired when Claudia killed him. Nicholas says he doesn’t want Gloria’s pity though, telling him to stop apologizing.

Upon returning to his room, Nicholas finally realized how pink and girly it is LOL. Sometimes he caught a glimpse of a “pink world” when Nicole was still around, but he didn’t expect her to do a full renovation. xD While Nicole is his shadow, Nicholas makes sure Amelia understands that this room decoration isn’t a part of his taste. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ He remember people’s faces and names from Nicole’s memories though, and that’s why he recognized Amelia and Joshua right away. Amelia also tries calling out to Nicole, but Nicholas says it’s useless since Nicole won’t come out. Nicholas then admits he doesn’t understand Nicole’s feelings, but later on he starts thinking about what Nicole actually means to him.

However, the situation takes a turn for the worse when Nicholas mentions Luciano’s betrayal one morning. From Claudia, he learned that Luciano actually joined the Tarantino Family before the incident three years ago. Everyone doesn’t mind since it’s all in the past, but Nicholas gets pissed that they won’t kill the traitor. Amelia tries to calm him down before he picks a fight with everyone around him, but he shouts “shut up! you’re an outsider!” at her. Gloria can’t stand his attitude, so he drags Nicholas out saying having Nicole would be so much better than dealing with him. This results in Nicholas running out of the mansion, with Amelia chasing after him.

Nicholas tells Amelia to leave him alone and disappears for a moment, but then he comes back when she gets attacked by Guido’s men. It doesn’t mean he’s being nice though, because he points at their corpses and says “It’s your fault they died. If you didn’t come here, they won’t get killed.” ( ಠ_ಠ ) When Amelia cries and apologized, Nicholas only sighs and takes her back to the mansion. It’s not over yet though, since on the way home he starts yelling at Amelia for summoning him back into this world. He blames her for everything — for being the daughter of Dalenzio, for summoning them, for creating Nicole. Even after she apologized, he doesn’t stop yelling until he cries as well. Then he finally apologized for taking out his anger on her.

On the night before Nicholas’ task to infiltrate Guido’s mansion, he goes out to drink with Gloria and Amelia. Nicholas asks Gloria to go home first because he wants to talk to Amelia, and he admits it was really pathetic of him to cry in front of her. He was angry at himself for creating Nicole, and it was hard for him to accept that fact. When Nicholas asks if she gets along well with Nicole, Amelia says Nicole is just like a big sister to her. She also shows him a picture of her parents when they were young — the one she found in the mansion. Realizing that she’s got a complicated family as well, Nicholas tries to say something to comfort her. He can’t find the right words though, so in the end he only asks her to forget about his manly tears lol.

The next night, Nicholas attacks Guido’s mansion just as planned. He quickly finds Claudia, and suddenly he changes into Nicole. She admits she doesn’t want to kill Claudia because her role will be over, but they have no choice. However, Nicole’s bullets keep missing the target since deep inside, she actually doesn’t want to disappear. Claudia laughs and keeps mocking her by saying Nicholas died for fake information, which means his effort was actually in vain. Nicole keeps shooting wildly, but eventually she tells Nicholas that it’s impossible after all. He replies with “don’t worry, you won’t disappear” and takes over his body, killing Claudia just as Gloria and Medicis arrived. Nicholas tries calling Nicole on the way home, but she doesn’t reply. Even though his life will be back to normal if she disappears, Nicholas doesn’t feel happy at all.

Since Nicholas’ emotions are still unstable, Amelia decides to visit his room at night. He tells her Nicole is really a woman. It’s just she was created based on him, so she can never be female physically. Amelia then says Nicole will be happy if Nicholas accepts her existence. He’s been rejecting her as his alternate self, but he might be able to accept her as a friend. Or maybe a sister. Nicholas then admits he actually feels guilty. Nicole did her best to live her own life, and they can see that from the way she decorated the room. At first he thinks accepting her won’t solve anything, but then he considers accepting Nicole as his “little sister” lol. When Nicholas leaves the room with Amelia, Nicole appears and whispers “‘friends’ have such a nice ring.”

..and the next day, she comes back.

Nicholas wakes up in the morning to find Nicole lying beside him, greeting him with her playful “good morning ☆☆☆” LOL. He screams and runs away thinking it must be a nightmare, but Nicole follows him to the dining room — shocking everyone else. xD Somehow they have split into two different existence now, and Nicole thinks it’s probably because of what Amelia said yesterday. The moment she thought about how nice it is to be friends, Nicole found herself in their room. None of them knows the exact reason, but Amelia is more than happy to have her back. Nicholas still finds it hard to believe, so he goes out to drink at noon.. while Nicole goes out on a spending spree lol.

Before leaving, Nicholas tells Amelia that Nicole and him have different personalities because he hates himself. Amelia is worried about him, so she decides to follow him outside. However, Nicholas says it would be dangerous if Guido’s men see her. Plus, she shouldn’t follow guys so easily. Especially a guy like him. Amelia says he looks like a nice person, but Nicholas tells her he’s not. Debating with Amelia blew away his drinking mood, so Nicholas eventually gives up and takes Amelia to have tea in a cafe instead. Nicholas is surprised that Amelia isn’t really interested in shopping like most girls, calling her a “housewife” since she only goes shopping to buy food. Just as expected from our gourmand Amelia. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Not too long after they return to the mansion, Guido commands his shinigami to kidnap Amelia. They faint when Jean appears to troll Guido on the other side, but Nicholas feels scared upon seeing Gloria’s cold eyes. At night he starts blaming Amelia again, accusing her of using them as her puppets — even though she doen’t even want to order them. Amelia snaps saying she didn’t call them because she wanted to, and Nicholas apologized for taking out his rage on her again. He admits he wants to get along with everyone, but he always ends up getting irritated after something happens. While he thinks Amelia is just a little girl, Nicholas knows that he’s a kid as well. She asks why he hates himself that much, but he only says a lot has happened.

As he puts his back against Amelia’s shoulder, Nicholas asks what she thinks about Gloria. Of course Amelia doesn’t get his point, so she answers Gloria is a reliable person. Nicholas says he’s actually asking about her feelings, and he admits he doesn’t hate Amelia. Then he quickly adds “don’t misunderstand, it’s still five years too early for you to become my woman” lol. She thinks his definition of “woman” means “cook”, so she throws a cushion onto his face saying she’s not in charge of his meals. This leads to Amelia and Nicholas throwing cushions at each other, but she leaves him the moment Nicole comes back.

Since Nicole is now back in her pink room, Nicholas decides to move to Gloria’s room. At night Nicole says she bought a pajama for him, but Nicholas refuses to stay in that room with her lol. When Amelia says they really look similar despite their different personalities, he says Nicole’s appearance is based off Claudia’s and not him. This causes Nicole to turn silent, and Nicholas realized it must be bothering her. Nicole then says she was born from Nicholas himself. There must be something similar between the two of them, even though they look different. Then she drags Nicholas back to their room. xD

The next day, Amelia goes out with Gloria. He takes her to a cafe in town, where he tells her everything about his past with Nicholas. Not too long after Gloria left their family, Nicholas also quit school and started depending on his girlfriends to support his life. He didn’t stop this habit even after Gloria joined the family, so eventually Gloria asked Dalenzio to take Nicholas in as well. He knew that Nicholas wouldn’t be able to turn back, but bringing him into the mafia world would be much better than watching him ruining his life even more. When they go back to the mansion, Nicholas admits that he used to hate Gloria in the past. Right now he thinks Gloria is a nice brother though, probably even too nice. Nicholas also says he wanted to experience a normal romance, since he was only leeching off his women back then.

Some days later, Gloria decides to settle his own issue by killing Serbia. This results in a fight between him and Amelia, who locks herself up in her room and refuses to talk to anyone. Not even to Nicholas. She can’t accept what Gloria did no matter what, so in the end Nicholas only tells her to cheer up soon. At night Gloria goes out to drink alone, while everyone else leave to get dinner outside. Nicholas decides to stay with Joshua and Amelia in the mansion, but when he goes to check her condition.. he finds her gone from her room. The window is open and he notices a long cloth draping to the ground below, so Amelia must have escaped outside. After informing Joshua about this, Nicholas rushes out to search for her.

When Nicholas finds her in the streets, Amelia tries to run away from him. He quickly catches her asking why she’s running away. She would be worried if someone leaves without saying a word, so she shouldn’t do the same to them. When Amelia asks why he goes out to look for her, Nicholas answers it’s obviously because he’s worried. Not only because she’s Dalenzio’s daughter, but also because nobody would cook for them.. and he also has a personal reason. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Since Amelia is still reluctant, Nicholas then lifts her up and carries her back on his shoulder. He admits he doesn’t understand Gloria’s reason for killing Serbia, but then again he’s not really interested in learning more about people. If someday he can find a person who understands him, Nicholas might be able to feel that kind of curiosity.

Since Guido sends a bunch of opera invitations to the mansion, everyone decides to take his challenge. Amelia feels worried and visits Nicole’s room on the night before the opera, though she gets a dress instead of an advice. Nicole then leaves to harrass Luciano, telling Nicholas “good luck” before closing the door. xD Since Amelia is worried about everyone’s safety, he tells her to worry about herself first. He’ll do everything he can to protect her, so she needs to be careful as well. On the night of the opera, Guido orders his shinigami to kill Amelia and the others — equipping them with anti-shinigami weapons. Both Nicholas and Joshua get hurt as they try to protect Amelia, but soon Jean comes to stop this mess.

After knocking both Gloria and Nicholas out, Jean tells Joshua and Amelia to carry them back to the mansion. Nicholas will vanish if they don’t treat him quickly, but they have to look for a way to heal a shinigami by themselves.. because Jean is a a troll and will never tell. Jean then leaves them to punish Guido and Castro for ruining his “fun” — sending them to hell along with Gloria, Luciano and Medicis. \(^o^)/

While Joshua is busy carrying everyone from the theater, Amelia takes care of Nicholas in the mansion. Nicholas wants to give up and lies in bed waiting for his second “death”, but later on he wakes up to find Amelia stitching up his wounds. It stops the bleeding, much to everyone’s relief, but the wounds didn’t heal until Joshua makes the special medicine. When Amelia brings some food for him, Nicholas says he feels pathetic to stand in Gloria’s shadow all the time. He tried to gain recognition, but in the end it failed and everyone died. However, Amelia says she never looks at him as “Gloria’s brother”. She was surprised when he first appeared to replace Nicole, but she wants to know more about Nicholas. Her worries caused her to fail at cooking, so Amelia then makes a new meal and helps feeding Nicholas from the spoon. (*´∀`*)

As Nicholas starts recovering, he learns that Amelia used to think of the priest and Joshua as her real family. She was shocked upon hearing that they’re not blood related, but soon she got over it and waited patiently for her real parents to come. Even though they never did. Nicholas tells her that his situation was similar to her. He only had his mother back in his childhood, and that was enough for him. So when one day his father came with his older brother, he couldn’t accept them as a family and rebelled. Amelia and him are so different despite their similar past, and Nicholas wonders what he’s been doing all this time.

When Amelia goes out to buy more bandage for Nicholas, Nicole drags her to go shopping. On the way they meet Lambert, who is now busy looking for the missing Guido and Castro. Nicole looks sad when he calls shinigami “monsters”, because she’s a shinigami’s shadow — a more unusual existence. Only Leonardo notices that Nicole has something on her mind though. Back in the mansion, Joshua and Nicholas are having a fight as usual. Nicholas asks why he made that medicine if he hates mafia that much, and Joshua says it’s because Amelia will be sad if Nicholas vanishes. When Joshua says he needs Nicholas to protect her, Nicholas apologized and says he understands. Claudia has paid for her crime and Gloria has learned the truth, so now his only role is to protect Amelia. Joshua saved his life, and he shouldn’t put it to waste.

Later on, Amelia visits Nicholas and tells him what happened with Lambert and Nicole earlier. Nicholas says it’s his fault for creating Nicole, but recently he’s starting to feel something else other than guilt — something that Nicole said as well. When Amelia says she loves Nicole for who she is, Nicholas asks “what about me?” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Surprisingly Amelia calmly replies with “I like you too”, and he says girls are usually more shy whenever they say things like this. When Nicholas tries imitating a girl’s confession, Amelia bursts out laughing since he sounds exactly like Nicole lol. Nicholas actually realized that he’s falling in love with Amelia, but since he knows the limit will come soon.. he can’t tell her how he feels.

Nicholas can start walking again by the next day, and he visits the park with Amelia. After she puts some flowers for Serbia, Nicholas says a mafia’s life has little value compared to normal people. They live and do everything for their boss, and once their boss dies.. it’s over. There are also people like Guido who tries to take the seat for himself, but usually mafia follow their boss until the end. Amelia then asks what kind of person Dalenzio was, and Nicholas says he was a kind person. He looked “normal” compared to mafia in general, but he was a great boss who watched over his subordinates like a father.

Knowing Nicole will probably throw a Christmas party for everyone, Nicholas invites Amelia to go out with him on December 23. Since Amelia is being dense as usual and keeps asking why, Nicholas admits he only wants to have a date with her. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ She goes to Nicole to get some advice, and Nicole asks how she really feels towards Nicholas. Sadly while Nicholas is sure about his feelings, Amelia doesn’t understand what love feels like. ┐(´~`;)┌ Since she knows Nicholas won’t tell Amelia how he truly feels, Nicole decides to help by dragging Amelia to town — buying all the stuff she needs for the date. They don’t know when they’re going to disappear, so Nicole wants them to have fun before then. She also gives an early Christmas present for the two them, but they’re not allowed to open it before the 23rd.

Despite Nicholas’ attempt to keep it a secret, everyone learns about their date from Nicole. At night Joshua forces him to admit everything, so Nicholas drags him out to the bar as usual lol. There he admits that he’s in love with Amelia, but he doesn’t have any intentions to confess to her. Even if she returns his feelings, she will only get hurt when he vanishes. While Nicholas thinks his love isn’t mutual, Joshua knows Amelia probably shares the same feeling. She just hasn’t realized it yet. At first Joshua keeps saying he’s against their relationship, but then he tells Nicholas “remember, don’t make her sad!”

On December 23, Amelia wears the dress and Nicole helps with her make-up. Nicholas keeps grumbling about how girls take a LONG time to dress up, but he blushes and turns silent upon seeing Amelia. In fact, he can’t take his eyes off her during lunch. (❤ฺ→艸←) It doesn’t help that he opens Nicole’s present to find a message card saying “I reserved a hotel room for the two of you. Have a wonderful night. Fufu☆” LOL. Sadly Nicholas doesn’t want to go that far with Amelia, so instead of the hotel, he takes her to the church where she grew up. As she goes around to look at the Christmas decorations, Nicholas hands a ring to the priest. He spent the last few days making the ring just for Amelia, but since he can’t give it to her directly.. he asks the priest to give it to her after he’s gone.

After having fun watching Amelia’s reactions two rounds of horror movies, Nicholas says he doesn’t need any Christmas presents since today’s date is more than enough for him. Amelia keeps insisting though, so finally he gives in and asks “can I kiss you?” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン She can think of it as a greeting, though the kiss will be special to him. When Amelia says yes, Nicholas kisses her saying he’s already satisfied. Then he thanks her and says it was fun today.

When they return to the mansion, Joshua immediately bombards Amelia with questions while Nicole goes ヽ(# `д´)ノキィイイッ!! at Nicholas for not using her present lol. Of course Joshua goes “R-ROOM!? WHAT ROOM?” upon hearing this, but everyone drags him away before he could rage. Since Nicole finds it unexpected that Nicholas doesn’t want to go that far, Nicholas says it’s because Amelia is different from all the women dated in the past. He doesn’t want to hurt her. On the other hand, Amelia is starting to be more aware of Nicholas after the kiss. Both of them are equally distracted during the Christmas party preparation, while Joshua keeps giving Nicholas a suspicious look from the corner. xD

The next morning, Jean warps Guido and Castro along with his shinigami to the human world. By this time Guido already got sick of Jean’s game and refuses to cooperate, so Jean decides to get rid of him by twisting his heart indirectly. Then he kills Castro as well because he only needs the weapons, not the scientist. As if that’s not enough trolling already, Jean also orders Guido’s shinigami to kill everyone in the mansion. Amelia and Joshua included. \(^o^)/

Back in the mansion, Joshua is forcing Nicholas to explain what happened last night. Nicholas tells him to calm down since he didn’t lay his hands on Amelia. There’s no way he can do that knowing he’ll have to leave her someday, and he has decided to give up on her after the date yesterday. Nicholas says he knows he’s really stupid for falling in love in this condition, not to mention he always regrets everything he did. Like creating Nicole or rejecting Gloria. Just then they hear a crashing sound from the living room; and that’s where they find Luciano, Medicis and Gloria — ready to attack them. They also reveal that when the sun rises tomorrow, all of them will disappear. It’s their limit.

During the battle, Medicis shoots Joshua and Jean appears only to laugh at them. Since Gloria keeps chasing Amelia when she escapes outside, Nicholas has to deal with his anti-shinigami knives again as he tries to protect her. Just before Gloria can finish him off, Joshua suddenly appears and shoots Gloria with Medicis’ gun. Joshua asks Nicholas protect Amelia, telling him to tell Amelia about his feelings. Then he dies in Nicholas’ arms. ぅわ━。・゚ ゚・(p>□

Nicholas’ power brings Gloria back to his senses, but sadly the sun already starts rising when their battle ends. Nicholas faints right after Gloria disappears, and Nicole wakes him up saying they still have a little time left.. so he should use it wisely. Before joining everyone else back in hell, Nicole tells Amelia that she loved her as a sister and wants her to be happy. After a short silence, Nicholas finally confesses that he loves her. It’s really painful for him and he regrets it, but he can’t deny his own feelings. When Amelia cries saying she loves him too, Nicholas tells her those words alone are more than enough for him. Now it’s his turn to vanish, so Nicholas uses his shinigami power to erase Amelia’s love, tells her not to fall in love with him, and finally says goodbye to her.

Back in hell, Nicole wonders if erasing Amelia’s feelings was really for the best. She thinks it’d be better if she remains in love with Nicholas, but Nicholas doesn’t want her to suffer. Loving someone from another real would be painful for her, though it also goes the same for Nicholas himself. Meanwhile, Amelia has returned to the church and resumed her job as a sister. Three years has passed since everyone left her alone, and she goes to visit their graves everyday. One day, Amelia is on her way towards the graveyard when suddenly Nicole lands in front of her. Apparently she bugged Jean so much (“I want to fall in love! I don’t wanna date a ghost!”) until he got tired and warped her away. Which is sad since Jean is the only one who calls her a “woman” right from the start, and for a moment she thought he’s a “nice man” lol.

Nicole doesn’t care though. Since she’s now back in the human world, she drags Amelia to do some romance hunt in town. When Nicole accidentally says “even though you have Nicholas”, Amelia tells her she received Nicholas’ present from the priest.. but for some reason, she can’t bring herself to open it. As they walk to the church at night, Nicole says Amelia looks the best when she’s in love after all. She can’t remember anything right now, but Nicole tells her to ask her heart and find the answer. There must be something important in the present, even though Nicholas can’t express himself really well. Nicole has to go back now since Jean is calling her, but she says she’ll do something about Nicholas. The rest depens on Amelia herself.

A few years later, Amelia finally decides to open Nicholas’ present. When she sees the ring Nicholas made for her, Amelia suddenly feels empty inside.. though she doesn’t know why. At the same time, Nicole finally manages to get Jean to sending Nicholas to the human world. He will have to return to hell at night, but Nicholas takes this chance to see Amelia again. While Nicholas doesn’t know what he should say to her, Amelia doesn’t care and hugs him as soon as she saw him. Even though he was the one who erased her feelings, Nicholas admits that he regrets using his power on her. Years has passed, but all he can think about is their date before Christmas Eve.

The day passes by so quickly as Nicholas takes Amelia on a date. Soon it gets dark outside, and Nicholas confesses to Amelia again. He’s still in love with her, and he can never forget her. However, Nicholas is surprised when Amelia cries saying she loves him too. He erased her feelings back then, but she finally remembers how she really feels. Nicholas then puts the ring on Amelia’s finger and tells her to find a good man. Until then she should remember that he will always be watching over her. Then he says goodbye and disappears. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

After returning to the church, Amelia cries all night knowing she will never see Nicholas again. Nicholas isn’t doing great either, and he confides in Gloria that his feelings are starting to float into the surface again after meeting Amelia. Gloria can’t stand seeing him drowing in sadness like this, so he decides to use his shinigami power for Nicholas — telling him to fix everything as he turns back the time. After sending Nicholas back in time, Gloria asks Jean to remove the limit from Nicholas, and Jean agrees since it makes things more “interesting”. For him, at least. Nicholas finds himself on the last night he spent with Amelia, just before he went back to hell. When Amelia cries and says she loves him, Nicholas kisses her saying he’ll always stay with her until the day she dies.. and the ring he made now becomes their engagement ring.

Since he can’t live in a hotel forever, Nicholas decides to rent a room. He also informs her that Joshua didn’t go to hell, so he couldn’t thank Joshua for pushing his back that day. She won’t be able to see them, but everyone is watching over her from above. After lunch they visit the church, where Nicholas blushes and stutters as he asks the priest for the permission to marry Amelia. (❤ฺ→艸←) The priest gives them his blessings, but Amelia remains quiet as she walks Nicholas out of the church at night. When Nicholas asks her what happened, Amelia whispers that she wants to stay with him tonight. In other words, she wants to have sex. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He blushes and asks if she’s really okay with that, but when Amelia asks whether he’s happy or not, Nicholas replies with “don’t ask such an obvious question!” xD

..and this is where the game trolls you. The situation gets really good since Nicholas says “it’s not my first time, but this is your first right? I’m nervous.” イヤ—–(*ノ∀ノ)—–ン!! But since Amelia seems like she’s forcing herself, Nicholas says her feelings are enough for now. They should save the continuation for next time. NOOOOESSSS. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻ They end up having yet another lover’s quarrel since Amelia’s obviously disappointed, but they quickly make up when Nicholas kisses her. When Amelia says they’ll keep fighting and making up even after they get married, Nicholas laughs saying they should buy their wedding rings tomorrow. He admits he wants to continue what they were doing, but he’ll wait until their wedding night.

First, let me get this off my chest. THAT LAST SCENE. WTF. Just when I thought “oh how nice he’s gonna score like his big brother!”, they just HAVE to stop. (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Nicholas didn’t leave a good impression on me at first. I didn’t like how he kept blaming Amelia for things she didn’t do, and whenever he starts bitching.. honestly I felt like strangling him with his own scarves. He does get better during the latter half though, since it’s so adorable once he starts blushing around Amelia. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Nicholas’ ending is pretty nice too, but it might be better if you clear Gloria’s route first. That way you’d understand his shinigami power better.

..and to be honest, I actually like Nicole more than Nicholas. I want a big sister like her. 8D


16 thoughts on “Death Connection – Nicole

  1. Nicole is awesome, enough said. I thought exactly like her about love making until I turned 13 or 14…which was only 4 years ago. I laughed so hard when Nicholas was freaking out when she was next to him in bed. How does Luciano react to her advancements?

    I love how everyone always gets Joshua out of the way in almost every route before her rages.

    Nicholas was a bit irritating at the beginning, but I knew that I would enjoy it after. He’s so sweet. It’s great how the ending turned out…now why couldn’t they do the same for his brother, huh? HUH? D<

    • Actually, I haven’t seen Luciano’s reaction. xD
      Nicole always sneaks into his bed at night in the dark, and most of the time she ends up in other people’s beds as well.. like Leo’s. Or Medicis. Or Gloria. Now imagine her going through all of this just to “sleep naked next to each other” LOL.

      We can’t have everything nice in a route, can we? Gloria gets to score, but has crap ending. Nicholas’ ending is nice, but the extra scene trolls you by shoving secks onto your face.. only to cancel it at the last minute. \(^o^)/ yudodis.jpg

  2. MUHAHAHAHAHA! i didn’t pass out this time cuz Nicole simply is not my type. *ahem* i mean Nicholas 8D. cuz he looks pretty freaking gender disliker but he isn’t really. i wanna big sis like Nicole too but not a big gay bro like Nicholas 8D

  3. Thank you for the summary, I played his route but I wonder how to get last scene in hotel? I check the memories but 1 picture is not unlocked, I wonder what I missed :((

    • Sorry, I just got the special event, it turned out I need to play as Joshua first to unlock his o.O.

      Btw so far in Dc I really like Medicis and Gloria, but I do like Nicole lol, she is so funny :P

    • No. After playing Nicholas’ route, you just have to start from the beginning and saw the mirror event in chapter 4. It doesn’t have to be Joshua, it will happen as long as you plow through the game again. Then the special event will unlock. :3

      My favorite is still Medicis so far. Let’s see if Vicious can change that. xD

      • o.O no wonder… I dunno when I got that mirror event because I skipped most of the part he2. Me too Medicis all the way lol, but most people said Vicious is adorable too xD

        Thank you :D

  4. Ok at first I thought it really was a girl( ya I know where was my head when I thought that I don’t know) but I really thought he was kind of an @$$ but let’s not go to thoughts matters….I also thought they could have at lest like gave him some like real romance

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