Death Connection – Luciano

This should be the last pair before I reach Jean. People keep telling me to save Vicious for last, so I’m doing Luciano first. I absolutely love Luciano’s looks and voice, but sadly not his route..

Luciano is the flirty, seductive one in the group. He’s an expert when it comes to women, and he’s also famous for his “quick moves” in that area. Right from their first encounter, he’s been trying to hit on Amelia whenever he gets the chance to do so. He can be rather unpredictable as well, since sometimes it’s really hard to tell what’s on his mind. Luciano was 29 when he died, and he’s childhood friends with Vicious despite the huge age gap between them.

Three years ago, Luciano was the one who stole Dalenzio’s Erebos ring. It was a test for him to join the Tarantino Family, so he sneaked into the secret study and handed the ring to Guido. It doesn’t take long until everyone remembers about this betrayal, but they’re willing to let it go because the current Luciano doesn’t have any intentions to join Guido’s side. Since Amelia is completely clueless about dating and relationships, Luciano teaches her about everything she needs to know — teasing her at the same time. He also tells her there are no rules between a man and a woman. There are only feelings, and Amelia will understand once she falls in love.

However, Luciano also admits that he’s twisted. He joined the family in order to survive, but he actually hated Dalenzio. Or rather, he hates good people in general. If he finds something nice, all he can think about is how to corrupt and destroy it.. and people are no exception. Now he wants to “soil” Amelia’s purity, watching her turning black before eventually destroying her in the end. Of course Amelia is scared and tries to escape, while Luciano says it’s her fault for trusting him. Soon he laughs saying it’s just a joke, but once Amelia leaves the room, Luciano goes “..but that’s also a lie, let’s play around for a little longer.” Σ( ̄□ ̄ lll)

Three days after the first battle with Guido, Luciano says he’s glad Amelia didn’t die. At least for now, because he might kill her the next time Guido sends his order. He keeps being vague with his words too. One second he says “I want to destroy you”, the next he laughs it off as a joke. Amelia is confused whether Luciano is a friend or foe, though she wants to trust him. At noon Luciano says he’s going out to search for himself, asking Amelia to stay with Vicious since he doesn’t want him to know. Just as Luciano expected, Vicious was planning to stalk him from the shadows. This plan failed thanks to Amelia’s cooperation, so they end up eating tons of cake in the cafe before going home.

When Medicis decides to get information by infiltrating Guido’s mansion, Luciano takes the task saying it’s perfect for him. Since Vicious still can’t remember — probably because he doesn’t want to — Luciano then explains about his betrayal. Luciano’s reason for betraying the family was simply because he got sick of everything. At first Luciano felt comfortable since Dalenzio created a real “family”, not just a bunch of strangers in a mafia gang, but one day he suddenly got fed up with everything. Even though Dalenzio told him the most important thing is the bond between them, Luciano didn’t want any of it and threw it all away.

In the past, both Luciano and Vicious were homeless children who lived on the streets. It was hard for them just to find food, so Luciano started looking for jobs when Vicious was 10. One day a client asked him to murder someone, and he accepted since the payment was delicious. Luciano thought Vicious and him would be able to live a decent life with the money, but things didn’t go as planned. When Vicious heard about the task, he decided to help Luciano to kill the target. They used up all the money to have fun, and they drifted further away from the normal life they wanted to have. After working as hired hitmen for three years, Serbia finally came to recruit both of them into the Salvatore Family. Luciano joined in right away, while Vicious took two years to make his decision.

Before the incident, all that Luciano wanted was to get away from the family. He moved to the Tarantino Family, though he didn’t care about the place at all. Any other mafia gang will do, as long as it’s not Salvatore. Just when he thought things are running smoothly, Claudia betrayed him and he died protecting Vicious three years ago. Luciano thinks it’s a perfect ending for his life, and yet he was brought back to life as a shinigami. While everyone else are busy thinking about the reason behind the summoning, Luciano couldn’t care less. He doesn’t have a reason to stay nor a place to belong, and he doesn’t want Vicious to poke his nose into his business.
Luciano then leaves the mansion saying he doesn’t belong here.

Amelia is worried and chases after Luciano outside, and soon she finds him surrounded by a group of women in the streets. At first he tells her to go home, but he eventually gives in since Amelia keeps staring at him with puppy eyes. As they walk back to the mansion, Luciano asks why did she disturb him. If she’s doing this out of half-hearted sympathy, then he wants her to stop. Right after taking Amelia to the front door, Luciano leaves again saying he might or might not return. Amelia is obviously confused by Luciano’s attitude. She doesn’t get why he avoids her that much, wondering if she’s not allowed to worry about him. In the end, both Amelia and Vicious spend all night waiting for Luciano. He doesn’t return.

The next day, Amelia goes to town looking for Luciano. Which isn’t a good idea at all, because she gets captured by Claudia and Guido’s men. Just before they kill Amelia, suddenly Luciano appears to save her. He doesn’t mind if she’s worried about him, but one of Guido’s men died becaufe of her careless actions. Not this again. Why do these guys keep blaming Amelia for things she didn’t do? (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ Luciano then says he hates people like her, and Amelia leaves since he doesn’t want to go home with her. She still wants to believe in him, but even Vicious is starting to lose faith. Nobody understands Luciano, because he never shows his real self to anyone. Or rather, because he doesn’t trust anyone. Not even himself.

A few days later, Luciano is still wandering around in town. Jean isn’t amused with this, so he comes down to greet Luciano in front of a jewelry shop. In order to force Luciano to go back, Jean informs him that Guido will launch another attack soon. He gives Luciano a flute to block Guido’s order, but the decision is still in Luciano’s hands. Whether he uses it or not, Jean only wants to “have fun” watching them. Since the shop staff doesn’t stop persuading Luciano to buy their product, Luciano ends up buying a ring for Amelia. At noon he finally comes back to the mansion, where he receives a warm “welcome back” from Vicious’ fist. Amelia notices the flute as the one Jean used in the graveyard, so Nicole decides to give it a try.. which results in everyone fainting at the front door. Including herself LOL.

That night, Vicious tells Luciano that he will never change. Even though he finds Luciano hard to understand now, he won’t stop protecting both Luciano and Amelia. After hearing Vicious’ sincere dedication, Luciano decides to stop holding back as well. For the first step, he hands the ring to Amelia in front of everyone. Just to see her reaction. However, this plan backfired since now everyone thinks Luciano is proposing to Amelia, and that he left them because he was thinking about this. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Amelia is happy to receive the ring though, and so Luciano steals a kiss from her as the “reward”. Everyone decides to think of it as a greeting, though Joshua rages in the background. xD

Right after dinner, Guido suddenly orders his shinigami to kidnap Amelia as usual. Amelia tries using the flute to knock them out, but sadly the flute shatters into pieces when she touches it. Since Amelia is useless and doesn’t know how to command her shinigami, the battle continues until eventually Jean appears to troll Guido on the other side. When Luciano wakes up later, he tells Amelia that they can’t stay like this forever. He’s starting to realize that understanding and be understood by other people is actually a nice thing.. but someday the fun times they spend together will come to an end — whether Amelia wants it or not. Luciano also points out there’s a chance he might kill her under Guido’s order, but Amelia runs off saying she believes in him.

In the morning, Vicious takes Amelia for a walk to clear their heads. They meet Lambert on the way and end up getting chased around by a bunch of police officers, so they enter a random hotel to hide. When Luciano hears about this, he tells Amelia not to enter a hotel so easily with a guy. Of course Amelia doesn’t get what it means, but Luciano says it’s okay if she wants to enter a hotel with him. She needs to be prepared though, because unlike Vicious, Luciano will definitely do something to her. In any case, Amelia shouldn’t tell anyone about this since things can get out of hand. Especially if Joshua finds out lol.

When Luciano goes out at night, Vicious follows him to the street where they grew up. There Vicious asks why Luciano keeps running away instead of facing his feelings properly, but he only says “we’re different”. Vicious is a radiant existence in Luciano’s eyes, and Luciano was drawn to him because they’re so different. Luciano then admits that he actually hates Vicious, but at the same time he’s also envious. If Vicious is the light, then Luciano will be the shadow. Even if they stay together, they will always be incompatible.

Despite buying a ring for Amelia, Luciano’s vague words and behavior continue. He admits life feels easier for him right now, but he couldn’t care less about everything else. Even if he hurts Amelia or makes Vicious angry, Luciano doesn’t want to hold back anymore. However, Amelia notices that Luciano is just protecting himself. He’s staying away from everyone so he doesn’t get hurt, forcing himself to think that everything has no value. When she tells him about this, he only laughs saying she has a pretty sharp sense, but he wants her to stop because he hates being observed. Luciano also says Amelia doesn’t have any right to worry about him, to stop him from going out, or to love him. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Since Amelia refuses to leave him alone, Luciano ends up taking her to a hotel at night. Despite what he told her not too long ago, Amelia still doesn’t understand what it means to visit a hotel with a man. Luciano says he won’t take any responsibility for “breaking” her, but Amelia is still going ?(´・ω・`)? until Luciano walks out of the shower only wearing his bathrobe. It’s her own fault for following him all the way here, so now he’ll show her the “real” relationship between a man and a woman. Sadly Luciano doesn’t have the patience to deal with her, so he tells her to go home before he changes his mind.

Soon Claudia delivers Guido’s opera invitations to the mansion, and everyone decides to take the challenge. From this point Luciano starts saying he hates Amelia and everything about her, but he admits it would be lonely if she dies in the upcoming battle. Just as expected, Amelia is ambushed by Claudia as soon as the performance started. Guido also orders his shinigami to kill everyone with their anti-shinigami weapon, but then something unexpected happens. Just before Claudia shoots Amelia, Luciano jumps in and takes the bullets — breaking Guido’s order on his own. Amelia cries and asks why he did that, but Luciano says he doesn’t know either.. and then he passes out in Amelia’s arms.

While Amelia and Joshua are busy carrying their friends back to the mansion, Jean punishes Guido and Castro by banishing them to hell. Just as usual. \(^o^)/

Later on, Luciano wakes up in his room to find Amelia taking care of him. When he learns that Medicis and Gloria haven’t returned, Luciano says it would be better if he never wake up and die. Despite Luciano’s “hatred” towards her, Amelia still comes to nurse him every night. Even when he calls her a nuisance and chases her out, she keeps coming back to take care of him. Eventually Luciano gives in saying she can do whatever she wants, which pissed Amelia off pretty bad. The next day she cooks super spicy food just for Luciano, and when he asks her what happened, she answers “I hate you” lol.

Luciano is amused, so he challenges Amelia to have a match. Amelia can pull any pranks and harrass him as much as she likes, while he’s going to endure them all. The first one to give up will lose, and the loser will have to grant the winner one wish. Amelia accepts the challenge, and Luciano laughs saying this gonna be fun. Some days later Luciano goes out, and Amelia follows him without asking for the destination. She’s just worried about him, but of course he takes it as a part of the match and runs away from her on purpose. Since Luciano’s wounds haven’t fully healed yet, soon he gets tired and asks Amelia to stay with him for a while. She manages to drag him home, and he agrees to postpone their match until he recovers.

At night, Amelia goes to the study looking for a way to heal Luciano. After going through a lot of difficult books, she finds a recipe for “a medicine that heals everything”. Everyone finds her gone from the mansion in the morning, and soon she returns covered in dirt from head to toe. It turns out spent all night gathering the ingredients in the mountain, but Luciano thinks she’s just pulling another prank on him.. and so he flips the medicine onto the floor. This shocked Amelia, and she runs off in tears when Luciano says her tears won’t work on him. However, Luciano feels really bad when Vicious punches him and explains everything.

When Luciano comes to apologize, Amelia was crying in her room. Luciano explains that both Vicious and him used to live in the streets, and Luciano did anything to survive before meeting Vicious at the age of 20. He stole food and deceived people just to stay alive, and he lost trust everyone because of this reason. No matter how friendly and affectionate they are, Luciano can’t (and doesn’t want to) trust them. Despite this, Luciano knows he did a terrible thing and apologized to Amelia. After a long silence, Amelia comes out and asks if she can make a new medicine for him. Even if Luciano hates her, she wants him to recover. Luciano finally agrees, and he also gives up on their match. He can never win against her — completely defeated.

Thanks to Amelia’s remedy, Luciano is gradually recovering in a few days. His injures haven’t fully healed yet, but the pain and fever are gone. When he asks about her wish, Amelia says she only wants Luciano to love himself more. Luciano’s surprised since he was expecting her to request a present for herself, but he says he’ll try to fulfill that wish. While Amelia still thinks Luciano hates her, everyone else notices that they seem close lately. Luciano thought Amelia is stubborn and annoying before, but now those feelings are gone. She doesn’t change at all, so it means he must be the one who changed.

Since Christmas is coming, Amelia asks if she can give him a present. Luciano says he’s going to buy one for her too, but he turns silent upon hearing that she wants to prepare presents for everyone. He asks why she keeps approaching a man who hates her, and when Amelia says it’s because she wants to get along with him better, Luciano admits maybe he doesn’t hate her anymore. Maybe. He needs to know himself more before he can start loving it, but just now he learns something new about himself: he has a strong desire to monopolize. In other words, he gets jealous easily. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

At night Joshua drags everyone to the bar to plan a surprise Christmas party for Amelia, while she stays at home with Serbia. From her, Amelia finds out that it was Dalenzio’s idea to recruit both Luciano and Vicious into the family. He always saw them lurking around the streets, and he wanted them to have a decent life. Right after Guido shot Serbia’s daughter, she actually found out about Luciano’s betrayal. She was shocked and thought she has misjudged him all this time, but Luciano said she doesn’t even know the real him. He never showed his real self to anyone before, so Serbia knows he’s starting to open his heart to Amelia right now. At the same time, Luciano is wondering what kind of present he should buy for Amelia. As he walks through the snowy streets, Luciano realized that he’s actually a really weak person and hates loneliness more than anything else.

The next day, Luciano suddenly invites Amelia for a date. This helps everyone a lot, since she keeps giving them a suspicious look as they prepare the surprise party. Luciano takes Amelia to the park, where he admits that it might be impossible to love himself after all.. but right now he can understand himself better thanks to her. Luciano also says he probably won’t be able to love Amelia, because he’s starting to wonder what love actually feels like. Amelia is happy to hear this though, since the current Luciano feels “warm” and “human-like”. The other thing she notices is that whenever Luciano means what he said, he’ll turn silent and thinks about it carefully. Otherwise, he’s lying and hides how he really feels.

On December 23, Nicole and the others decided to invade Guido’s mansion. They’re planning to rescue Gloria and Medicis, who are locked up like lifeless dolls inside. Luciano stays in the mansion to protect Amelia with Joshua, and he accompanies Amelia as she buys presents for everyone. After taking some time to think about it, Luciano tells Amelia that he didn’t buy any presents for her. He’s going to give her an intangible present, and she’ll find out tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the infiltration plan doesn’t go smoothly because Jean warps Guido and Castro back to the mansion. After ordering his shinigami to fight the others, Guido goes insane as he kills both Claudia and Castro. He knows the Tarantino Family is doomed because they’re all just pawns for Jean’s game, and he’s now blaming Amelia for not dying on All Souls’ Day. With her blood he might be able to open the gate, and he’d learn about Jean’s power sooner. Since their friends haven’t returned by the next morning, Luciano decides to go out since he’s got a very bad feeling. He tells Amelia and Joshua that he’s going shopping for a while, and even though Amelia knows he’s planning something, she decides to wait in the mansion.. until Guido sends Gloria and Medicis to kill her along with Joshua.

Soon Serbia comes to inform her that Luciano is planning to kill Guido alone, but sadly Joshua and her died during the battle. In her desperation, Amelia orders her shinigami to come back to the mansion — where Vicious eventually uses his power to erase Gloria and Medicis. They’re all wounded thanks to the anti-shinigami weapons though, and they all disappear one by one as they thank Amelia for the fun times they shared. By the time Luciano kills Guido and returns to the mansion, she was crying alone beside Joshua’s body. He hugs her saying everything will be alright because he’s here to protect her, and then he takes her to leave the mansion.

As they walk through the streets past midnight, Luciano reveals that his Christmas present for Amelia is to “set her free”. He already took care of Guido, who doesn’t really care about dying anyway, so Amelia is now free from danger. Luciano then takes her to the church where she grew up, telling her to go on ahead and see the priest while he stays outside for a moment. He knows killing Guido alone won’t be enough, because there’s still another thing he needs to do in order for her to be completely free — to vanish and release her from this shinigami problem. Soon the sun starts rising and time is running out, so Luciano uses his power to cut the future and erases the time Amelia spends talking to the priest. There’s something he needs to tell her before the limit comes.

When Amelia returns outside, Luciano tells her they can’t stay together because he’s going to disappear soon.. but he’s already satisfied. Luciano then lifts her chin and kisses her, finally confessing that he’s been in love with her all along. Amelia cries and begs him not to go, but Luciano only thanks her, says goodbye, and vanishes without a trace.

A few months later, Amelia is working as a sister in the church. She teaches the children that shinigami exists, and they’re not a bad “god” — they’re just a sad, painful existence. While she already accepted everyone’s death, she still can’t get over Luciano’s disappearance because she loves him too.. and she will always do. As she walks through the road outside the church one day, Amelia suddenly feels that someone’s embracing her. She feels a nostalgic, painful sensation, as if Luciano is standing beside her. Which is true, because Luciano is hugging her from behind. She just can’t see him because he’s invisible.

On All Souls’ Day, Amelia visits everyone’s graves and wonders how they’re doing up there. She tells Luciano that she can’t forget him, and probably will never be able to do so. She puts a letter for Luciano on the grave before leaving, telling him to keep the contents a secret from everyone else. In hell, Luciano wonders if he went too far by hugging Amelia back then. Jean granted him the permission to see Amelia on the condition that he stays invisible, but he didn’t expect Amelia to realize his presence. After reading Amelia’s letter, Luciano says it’s enough for him as long as their feelings are connected. Even though they won’t be able to meet each other anymore, his feelings for her will never change.

While Luciano enjoys reading Amelia’s regular letters for two years, Vicious thinks it would be better if he goes to see her directly. Even if Luciano says he’s satisfied with this condition, he knows it’s not enough. Someday Amelia will die as a normal human, and that will be the end of their relationship. Everyone then tries looking for a way to open the gate so Luciano can meet Amelia once every year on All Souls’ Day, though Jean has a more interesting idea. He’s going to grant Luciano’s wish — which is to disappear completely — but Luciano has to play along with Jean’s rule. Later on Jean visits Amelia on October 30, telling her to go to the graveyard on All Souls’ Day no matter what.

Amelia doesn’t know the reason, but she follows Jean’s words and visits everyone’s graves on November 2. Right after she puts her letter on the grave, suddenly the gate appears and a confused Luciano comes out from the other side. He’s surprised to find Amelia in front of him, but he quickly realized that Jean must be trolling him again. Amelia cries happy tears and tries to confess before he vanishes again, but Luciano stops her and mentions the simple rule Jean set out for him — for Amelia to fulfill Luciano’s wish. When Amelia asks what he’s wishing for, Luciano kisses her saying he forgot.

Even though Luciano kept telling himself that he’s satisfied just by reading Amelia’s letters, he admits it’s so much better to have his feelings returned. He asks if she loves him too — even though he already knew from her letters — and he laughs when she answers “you’re mean and nasty” lol. Luciano doesn’t know how long he can stay with Amelia in this world, but they don’t mind as long as they can stay together.. no matter how short their time will be. Luciano’s wish is already fulfilled just by meeting Amelia again.

Meanwhile, Jean goes “disappear completely? yeah right ( ´_ゝ`)” in hell. It’s obvious that he set things up so Luciano will meet Amelia directly, and he’s leaving the gate open for now. Of course there might be people like Guido who wants to use the gate to gain his power, but he wants to see how Luciano will use the gate in the future.

For some reason, I find it hard to pay attention in Luciano’s route. I keep getting distracted with other things (e.g. Vicious) up until the end of chapter 8, where he finally starts falling in love. I love how his story goes from there, but before then.. it’s between annoying and confusing lol. Probably because Luciano treated Amelia like crap. (´・ω・`A;) His ending and epilogue left me with rather mixed feelings. It’s nice that they can see each other again, but why so uncertain? They didn’t explain what really happened with Jean either, and it’s hard to make assumptions since the hints given are really vague. If any of you can understand that epilogue better than I did, please explain the details to me because I’m a bit confused lol.

..but honestly, I love Luciano’s looks the most out of all eight guys. (*´∀`*)


18 thoughts on “Death Connection – Luciano

  1. Ah, even though Luciano is so good looking, his route is my least favourite so far. I mean, he spends most of the route being mean and when it finally gets good, he dies. As if that doesn’t make it better, the ending is just so uncertain, so it’s not exactly happy. I wish it was happier at least.

    • Same here. I love his looks the most, but his route is my least favorite so far. Up until the end of chapter 8, I kept wondering when will this route end because he’s being so mean to Amelia. But when he starts falling in love with her, the route goes by so fast and ends with that kind of ending. =_=

  2. hmm… Do i like Luciano…? probably not. cause his just bag of shit who treats girls like a piece of shit. simply, HE’S A WOMANIZER!!!! OH NO!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE MORE THAN DANGEROUS TSUNDERE’S? but of course, I HATE WOMANIZER DOUCHE BAGS.
    hmph! go away Luciano i know you look awesome that i wanna eat you but your personality is very ugly that i wanna hit you.
    sorry if i overreacted but I REALLY DO HATE womanizer guys.

    • Aww, cut the poor guy some slack~ He can’t help it. xD;
      Actually I don’t like womanizer either, but I like it when they become serious and ditched their harem for one woman only. 8D Luciano did treat Amelia like crap though at first.. and that’s why I couldn’t concentrate during this route.

  3. Appearance wise I like him but not his story, I am expecting more romance in his route but sadly it isn’t.

    Btw what game will you play after death connection? I really like all of your reviews and summaries xD

    • Same here lol. I was expecting more ero too since his sin is lust, but meh nothing exciting. *shot* I’m doing Arcana Famiglia after Death Connection. :D

      • Oh that game, just saw the official site and it looks good xD

        Btw did you play Hakuouki? I really want to know if it is good or not, I really need a distraction after playing FF Type-0 :((

        • Yea I did, but I didn’t write any posts since I was playing it on a tour and couldn’t take notes. Hakuouki is nice, but it’s not THAT awesome. Personally I think it’s overrated because of Kazuki Yone’s art. xD; It’s still nice and has sweet romance scenes though, so it’s worth playing. :3

        • Ha3 yeah Mother Goose, I’ll pretend that game for educational purpose only xD Btw I try playing Peter Pan and so far so good, I don’t really understand what they are talking since my japanese is limited ha2 but I’m liking it so far lol

  4. Ah, you should play Real Rode. Or, if you don’t like games with RPG elements, Asuka Yumemishi. I love your reviews, and I would love to see a review of either of those. I’ve played them both, but I’m sure I missed a lot that you would catch, since my Japanese is so bad. >>;

    • I’ve completed both Real Rode and Asaki Yumemishi. I just didn’t write a review, because I haven’t started blogging back then. Right now I don’t have any plans to replay them since I’m flooded with work and new games, but maybe someday when I’m less busy.. I’ll do the PSP ports. :D

  5. just like usual~
    your review is really a big help for me~ XD *deep bows*
    I can more understand the story much better~ (cuz, like when in Brother Conflict, my japanese is still limited in audio.. =.= so sometime I have no idea what Amelia said when its in kanji or katakana) but, my understanding is much better now, though~ XDD

    oh, and I really love Luciano route too~ <3
    he is the first guy I play, well at first I didnt expect the story will become this interesting, cuz my first target was Vicious and Leo… (thats why, I keep have an ugre (too XD) to change route to Vicious when do Luciano's)

    btw, is it true in second special item that Amelia turn into man cuz of Jean's medicine? owo
    and in first special item, all of the boys (except, Nicole) passed out cuz, found out that the album they was though will be filled with Amelia's naked photo, in the end was Nicole's album?? owo
    (I kinda understand the story, but, thanks to my lack understanding in kanji and katakana, I still didnt understand the complete story, Amelia's dialoug)

    Anyways, I really, really, REALLY happy with you review~ <3
    Thank you~ ^.^

    • No problem, thanks for reading!

      Oh, you’re right. One of the special scenes is Amelia turning into a man thanks to Jean’s suspicious potion. Apparently she turned so handsome it knocks Nicole out, and while everyone is going Σ(´∀`lll) over man!Amelia, he just scoffs like a tsundere LOL. The other one is them having lecherous thought upon finding the album, but it turns out to be Nicole’s naked album instead. It’s been a while, but Amelia didn’t say much during those special scenes. You pretty much got the whole story. :3

  6. I totally agree with you. I also think that this guy’s looks are the best. Especially in CGs. I…. kinda liked his route. But I think it would be better if their relationship kinda turned into a more adult one earlier on. Well, truth be told I think it would be better if they slept with each other, kinda started out one of those usual relationships and then she chased Luciano to be more honest with himself or something. At least that’s what I expected with this route. Maybe it was just my vivid imagination xD
    I don’t really think he treated her as trash…. much xD More like whenever he did, he apologized for it. I don’t think you can blame him for his behaviour (Even though he’s in the wrong here) seeing how he used to live in the past together with Vicious. Vicious didn’t turn out like that probably because Luciano did look out for him back then while most likely disregarding his own feelings or something. Because as I see it he put something else first before himself, abandoned himself and starting hating himself as a result.
    I didn’t know there were extra events at first so I was like wtf where’s the so-called happy ending? But good thing I went to the CG gallery.

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