Death Connection – Vicious

So here’s the last route before the ultimate troll’s route. I’ve been saving Vicious for last since I heard he has the best story, and because he’s my main target in Death Connection. (。・∀・。)

Vicious is 17 years old and wields dual guns in battle. He’s hot-blooded, violent and jumps into fights quickly, but for some reason he also believes in superstition. He thinks black cats bring bad luck, so he always avoids them whenever he goes out. Vicious also believes that power is everything that matters in this world, and he tries to solve every problems with power. Even though that doesn’t work most of the time. He has a serious case of sweet tooth.

Three years ago, Luciano’s betrayal enraged Vicious. He couldn’t forgive Luciano and the two of them got into a short battle in front of the church, but in the end Luciano died protecting him from Claudia’s bullet. Even after Amelia summoned him, the memories of Luciano’s betrayal is still locked up inside his memories. Most likely because he doesn’t want to remember. Despite his rough way of speaking, Vicious always protects Amelia whenever she gets in danger. He also gives her a red pepper keyholder, believing it can protect her like a charm. Upon learning that Amelia is a clueless virgin, Vicious blushes as his mind flies off to the erotic zone — even though he tries to deny it. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Since Amelia is so innocent, Luciano teases her by saying he wants to talk about Vicious. He takes her to their room, and there she finds Nicole trying to strip Vicious on his bed. Obviously Vicious is trying to resist, but Amelia thinks they’re dating because Luciano says it happens on a daily basis. Not to mention Nicole keeps telling her not to disturb. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Vicious finally clears this misunderstanding after dinner, even though Amelia doesn’t really get what’s going on. xD Before Halloween, Vicious gives Amelia a picture of her parents from Dalenzio’s study. He invites her to visit Dalenzio’s grave together, but sadly their plan is interrupted when Claudia appears to drop a hint that Guido will attack soon.

After the graveyard battle with Guido, Vicious finally remembers about Luciano’s betrayal. The others are willing to forget it since Luciano isn’t interested in the Tarantino Family anymore, but it’s not so easy for Vicious to forgive him. He can’t do anything about it though, since Luciano is an immortal shinigami.. and even if they find a way to kill a shinigami, Vicious isn’t sure if he can bring himself to do it. For now he’s going to protect the family and Amelia, whether Joshua likes it or not. Later on Luciano asks Amelia to stop Vicious from tailing him, so Amelia distracts Vicious by coming along. On the way, Vicious describes the “strange” sensation he got when Amelia subconsciously sent an order, so she tries ordering him again by saying “Vicious, fall down!” in her heart LOL. It doesn’t work though. xD

Vicious soon loses sight of Luciano thanks to Amelia, so he takes her to eat some cake before going home. When the waitress asks for their order, Vicious goes “this and this and that, also this and that..” as he orders every single cake on the menu. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Amelia has been wondering about this since Vicious always finishes his desserts, but his sweet tooth is way beyond her expectation lol. Noticing that she’s staring at him with a surprised look, he blushes and says “i-it’s not that I love sweets THAT much!” as he gulps down the cakes happily. Then he shares some of his cakes with Amelia. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Apparently this isn’t enough meal for Vicious, since he drags Amelia to another cafe before eating dinner at home.

When Vicious learns that Luciano betrayed them because he “got sick of the family”, he feels that he doesn’t know Luciano anymore. They have been sticking together for a long time, and yet he never knew about this side of Luciano. Joshua’s harsh words about mafia only makes him more upset, and he ends up running out of the mansion. Everyone knows he’ll come back later, but Amelia is worried and goes out to search for Vicious. However, she meets Lambert in town instead. In his eyes Amelia is only a tool to get extra rewards from Guido, but Vicious soon appears to chase him away. Obviously he’s not amused that she’s going out alone, but when Amelia starts crying out of relief.. Vicious blushes and hugs her saying “you’re weird, but thanks.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

One morning after Luciano returns, Vicious suddenly drags Amelia away from the dining hall. He warns her not to accept “something” from Luciano, and he apologized saying he’ll buy “it” for her next time — leaving Amelia confused. She doesn’t have time to think about this though, since Guido suddenly orders his shinigami to kidnap her during a discussion. Which eventually results in them fainting after Jean appears to mess with Guido on the other side. Amelia goes to check Luciano’s condition at night, and that’s when Vicious says they all might disappear in the end. After all, they’re no longer a part of the human world. Vicious then apologized since Amelia is clearly upset, but she’s not the only one. He doesn’t want to part with her either.

The next day, Vicious invites Amelia to go out. They were planning to go shopping as well, but Lambert disturbs their plan by ordering his men to capture them. The police keep chasing them around the town, so Vicious takes Amelia to hide in a random hotel nearby. Of course staying in a hotel room with Amelia makes Vicious nervous, and even though he tries to hold back, he ends up pushing her down onto the bed. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン He blushes and mutters about “what to do from here”, but sadly she doesn’t get the hint and says they should go home instead. When Vicious says they should follow the “order” instead of suddenly attacking her like this, Amelia only goes “attack? were you attacking me? what do we do after that” ?(´・ω・`)? ..and so the poor guy takes her home lol.

After Claudia delivers Guido’s opera invitations, Amelia goes shopping with Vicious. They visit a boutique so Amelia can buy a dress for the opera, and she keeps asking for Vicious’ opinion as he blushes in the background. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ He says they’re not going to the opera for fun, but then he adds “well, isn’t it nice? it suits you..” as they walk out of the boutique. (。→∀←。)♡ Back in the mansion, Amelia puts the dress on and goes to show Vicious. He bought it for her, so she wants him to be the first person to see. Obviously Vicious blushes like a tomato upon seeing Amelia in a dress, and he quietly admits she looks nice in the dress. When Amelia tells him she’s worried about the opera, Vicious replies with “I’ll protect you, so don’t worry.”

On the night of the opera, Guido orders his shinigami to attack Amelia again. Since Castro also equips them with their anti-shinigami weapon, Amelia is forced to escape with Joshua and her shinigami. Eventually Jean comes to stop this “boring fight”, but unfortunately Amelia gets hurt protecting Vicious from Luciano’s wire. While Vicious brings Amelia to a doctor in a rush, Jean punishes Guido and Castro by banishing them to hell. Bye Guido, see you later. \(^o^)/

When she opens her eyes, Amelia finds herself back in her room. Vicious has been watching over her, and he’s worried sick since she’s been unconscious for a few days. Luciano, Gloria and Medicis are missing, but for now Vicious is glad that Amelia is okay. Since she still needs to recover, he cooks a nasty risotto hoping it can make her feel better. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ At night, Vicious asks Amelia not to do something reckless like that again. He doesn’t want to lose someone important anymore, and he should be the one who protects her — not the other way around. Vicious was about to tell Amelia how he feels, but sadly his confession is interrupted when Nicole enters the room. It turns out that Vicious told them that Amelia is still unconscious, probably because he still wants to be alone with her. (❤ฺ→艸←)

A week later, Amelia’s wounds are recovering and she can start walking again. Vicious is still looking for a chance to confess to her, but he’s worried since Amelia’s as dense as a brick lol. Joshua has been giving him the evil look, and it doesn’t help either that Leo directly tells Amelia “Vicious is in love with you.” ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Even though Joshua wishes their relationship won’t make any progress, Vicious gets a chance to express his feelings when Amelia comes to see him at night. He feels bad since she got dragged into this mess after summoning them, but she tells him she’s glad to meet a “strange” person like him. Amelia agrees when Vicious says he’s actually really easy to read, so he asks her to guess what he’s thinking of.. then he kisses her to give the right answer. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

However, Vicious’ journey towards love isn’t over yet. The next day, Amelia acts as if nothing happened between them. The kiss makes her feel warm and fluffy inside, but she still doesn’t know what it means. (´・ω・`A;) Vicious panicks when Joshua forces them to spill the beans, but Amelia calmly says they only have a chat last night. The reason is simple though: because the last time she read a romance novel with kissing inside, Joshua took the book away saying it’s prohibited. Later on Vicious also tells her everything about his past and asks if she’s okay with a person like him, but sadly dumb Amelia doesn’t get what he’s trying to say.

When snow starts falling outside, Vicious takes Amelia to the church where she grew up. He waits until she’s done greeting the priest, and then he gets straight to the point — he’s going to disappear soon, and he wants the priest to take care of Amelia after he’s gone. Of course he can also leave her in Joshua’s hands, but they don’t know what will happen in their upcoming battle. While he was only protecting Amelia as “the boss’ daughter” at first, Vicious has found the reasons why he was summoned. The first is to settle things with Luciano, and the second is Amelia herself. Vicious then tells the priest that he loves Amelia, and he wants the priest to know first before he confesses to her directly.

After that Vicious turns around to Amelia, who was standing beside him the whole time, and asks her if she loves him. Surprisingly, Amelia has no doubts and quickly answers “yes!” for once. Upon hearing her answer, Vicious smiles and happily lifts her up in the air. It’s the first time he ever confessed to a girl, and he’s glad that the girl is her. Amelia gets embarassed and asks him to put her down, but the priest thanks Vicious for expressing his feelings in front of him. As a priest and a “father” for Amelia, the priest gives them his blessings and wishes for their happiness. Even though their time together is limited, Vicious is happy as long as he can stay with Amelia for now.

When they return to the mansion at night, Vicious knows it’s time to deal with Joshua. He gets nervous and says “um.. actually.. I love..” which, for a second, makes Joshua think Vicious is confessing to him. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Joshua rages when Vicious and Amelia tells him about their relationship, but he stops after punching Vicious in the face. It’s her choice, and Joshua only wants her to be happy.. even though they know there will be hard times ahead. Joshua then asks Vicious to take care of Amelia, and he walks away looking sad. Of course Vicious feels bad, but that’s only until Joshua drags him to the bar and bombards him with all sorts of questions regarding Amelia. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ

Since Christmas is coming closer, Amelia wants to buy a present for Vicious. Vicious says he doesn’t need anything, but Amelia’s mind is so occupied with this idea that she forgot to apply her ointment. The moment Amelia takes her clothes off — since the wound is on her back — Vicious comes in looking for her, blushes upon seeing the scenery, and runs out in a panic lol. He quickly says he didn’t see anything, but that’s obviously a lie because he then adds “I didn’t expect you to have such a nice size.” (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン When Amelia says nobody except Joshua ever saw her naked, Vicious bursts through the door going “WHAT!?” ..only to find out that it’s when they were small. アヒャヒャヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノアヒャヒャ

On December 23, Amelia takes Vicious to buy a Christmas tree. On the way, Vicious tells her that he’s worried about Luciano. According to Serbia, Guido’s shinigami are all locked up in his mansion like lifeless dolls. Even though Luciano is weak and put him into a lot of troubles, he’s just like an older brother to Vicious — he can never hate Luciano. After leaving the Christmas tree for later, Vicious takes Amelia to town.. and brings her into the hotel they visited the other day. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ When she says “it’s the hotel where you attacked me”, he blushes furiously and asks her not to bring that up again lol.

Back then Vicious pushed Amelia down because he couldn’t hold back, but right now he says they’re following the correct order. xD Today he’s taking her here because he suddenly feels lonely, and he keeps thinking “if only we met earlier..” Vicious believes if he visited the church when he was still alive, things would be so much better. Amelia says they don’t know if they would fall in love through that meeting, but Vicious hugs her saying they certainly would. Then he whispers “I love you” into her ears, and they did it in the hotel room. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Later on Amelia wakes up to find a half-naked Vicious watching her asleep, and he says he’ll always protect her no matter what happens.

However, Vicious is actually planning to rescue Luciano, Gloria and medicis after Amelia goes to bed at night. Leo and Nicole are coming with him, while Joshua is staying in the mansion to protect her. Vicious is prepared to face anything, but Joshua tells him not to disappear without saying a word. Amelia’s looking forward to spend Christmas Eve with him, and he should keep that in mind. Vicious says he understands, but he’s got a very bad feeling about this. Just like three years ago, he finds the red pepper charm in his pocket shattered into pieces. The same thing happens to Amelia’s charm, but she goes to bed without realizing what it means.

At the same time, Vicious suddenly remembers about his past. He was waiting for Luciano on a cold Christmas Eve, freezing to death all alone with a hungry stomach. As he started to fall asleep on the ground, Vicious wondered why he wasn’t born in a warm family — celebrating Christmas happily like everyone else. Suddenly Vicious heard someone waking him up, and he found an unknown woman in front of his eyes. She told him not to die here, saying it’s not time for him to die yet. Vicious didn’t get what she meant, but the woman was already gone when he turned around. He never knew, but that woman was actually Keira’s ghost.

Even though they wished Vicious’ bad feeling won’t come true, it’s proven true as Jean warps Guido and Castro back to their mansion. At this point Guido is already drowning in desperation since he has realized that Jean has been trolling them all along, and he shoots Castro to death before ordering Luciano, Gloria and Medicis to attack Amelia’s shinigami. The sight of Guido in his insanity obviously shocked Claudia, and guess who she’s blaming for this? That’s right, it’s Amelia again. ( ಠ_ಠ ) While Jean kills Guido since his “role” is over, Claudia goes to kill Amelia in the mansion. Joshua manages to protect Amelia by burning Claudia with his flames, but he also got shot and ends up dying in Amelia’s arms.

Amelia cries and desperately calls for Vicious to come back, but instead of the red-haired boy, the one who appears is our favorite troll — Jean. The final battle has begun, and Jean can’t let Amelia ruin his “fun” with her order. From him, Amelia also learns that everyone will disappear by tomorrow morning, since that’s the limit he set out for them. After Jean disappears, Amelia realized this isn’t time for tears. She apologized to Joshua for getting him involved in this mess, and then she goes out to search for Vicious and the others.

Meanwhile, the shinigami are still fighting each other in the church where Dalenzio died. Soon Luciano awakens his shinigami power, and he uses it to make their limited time even shorter. It also eliminates the time Amelia spends searching for them, and Luciano holds her hostage the second she enters the church. Luciano keeps using his power to dodge Vicious’ attacks, but eventually Vicious manages to trick Luciano and counterattacks with his shinigami power — which is to “reap” fellow shinigami. Not too long after Luciano disappears, the other four also use their power on each other and return to hell together.

When Vicious asks what happened to Joshua, Amelia starts crying again. She tries to tell him about what will happen when morning comes, and Vicious knows it must be their limit. Amelia begs him not to disappear, but sadly Vicious knows it’s impossible. He can experience how it feels to be happy thanks to her, and that’s more than enough to make him satisfied. When the sun starts rising, Vicious tells Amelia that he has no regrets. Even though he says he’s glad to have met and fallen in love with her, a single tear rolls down and shows his real feelings. It’s painful for him to leave her, but he can only apologize and finally disappears.

Three years later, Amelia is working as a sister in the church. It’s been a long, painful time for her, but the priest tells her that everyone are watching her from above. It’s hard for him to see Amelia in this condition, because the current her feels so empty. She hates Christmas since it brings painful memories, and she also has no desire to go anywhere. One day, Amelia goes to pick some flowers for everyone’s graves. Suddenly she hears someone asking “are you done for today?”, and she turns around to find Vicious standing in front of her eyes. At first Vicious blushes saying Jean forced him to come here, but then he admits he begged Jean to send him back.. and this time he won’t ever leave her anymore.

Back then Vicious didn’t have a chance to give Amelia her Christmas present, so he gives it to her after he returned. It’s a ring he secretly bought for Amelia three years ago, and the ring is now sitting perfectly on her finger. Vicious tells Amelia that he’s going to look eternally 17 until she dies, and when Amelia asks if he will still love her after she becomes an old lady.. Vicious says she should be more aware of how much he loves her. His feelings won’t change even if she grows old, because now and forever, she’s the only one in his heart. The final CG shows Vicious and Amelia holding their wedding in the church. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

After they got married, Amelia lives with Vicious in Dalenzio’s mansion. Vicious is now famous among all the kids in town, and they often visit the mansion just to play with him. However, he notices that Amelia has been looking unwell recently. When he tells Serbia about this, she only tells him to blow his breath towards Amelia and check her reaction.. which is to throw up the moment he does that. In fact, she’s been throwing up a lot recently. Since Vicious doesn’t get what’s going on, Amelia finally tells him that she’s pregnant with his child. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.
This causes Vicious’ mind to go blank, and he loses all words other than “wait.. s-seriously?” while blushing non-stop. A few months later, Amelia gives birth to a red-haired baby. (*´ω`*)

Thanks to Jean, the good news soon reached everyone in hell too. They thought a shinigami won’t be able to have kids, but since Vicious has proved it otherwise.. Nicole now wants to try it out. With Gloria. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s against the rules that a shinigami created a new life, but who cares about rules? Jean certainly doesn’t, and he’s the one who made it happen anyway. Even though Jean only tells everyone it’s “pure luck”, Luciano was actually the one who asked Jean to let them have a baby — to make their married life more lively. It turns out that they also made a bet over the name. Luciano believes Vicious and Amelia will name their baby after him, while Jean thinks they’ll name him “Dalenzio” LOL. If Jean wins, he’s going to take Luciano’s body to put in his spare collection.

Back in the mansion, Vicious is busy thinking of a MANLY name for the baby. The middle name is “Vicious”, but he also wants a name that’s easy to call for their son’s future girlfriend. After brainstorming for a while, Vicious remembers that Luciano and him talked about their names in the past. Vicious didn’t care about the meaning behind his own name, but Luciano told him it’s important.. and Luciano hated his name because it doesn’t suit him at all. Vicious then asks if Amelia minds naming their son “Luciano”. He wants to be both a parent and a friend for their son, hoping that someday their son will learn about the meaning behind his name — “light”.

Since Luciano wins their bet, Jean returns to hell to grant his wish. Which is for Jean himself to have a date with Nicole for a whole day. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ ..and since Nicole still wants her own babies, she drags Jean to find a bed for their “date” lol. After laughing at Jean’s troubled face, Luciano then wishes for the other “Luciano” to become a person who suits the meaning of his name. A few years later, Vicious is working in an office to support his family. Their son already knows from Amelia that his father is a shinigami, and even though Vicious is worried about his reaction, “Luciano” actually finds it cool to have a shinigami father.

Just like what Vicious wished for, “Luciano” thinks of him as a father, a friend, and also a rival for Amelia’s heart. Vicious tells him it’s still to early for him to become his rival, but he blushes when “Luciano” calls him “papa” — his son is holding his weakness. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Seriously, why can’t all routes be like Vicious’? This route has a really nice balance of action, comedy and romance. I keep grinning like a fool during the entire route since Vicious is such a cute tsundere, and he got such a nice extra scene in the PSP version. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. It’s like all of my wishes are fulfilled here: implied R-18 scene, wedding ending, baby epilogue and an adorable after story. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Also, I’m glad the new extra story gives more details about the ending without dragging things for too long. So far Vicious has the happiest ending, and I really doubt Jean’s route can top this. Vicious is definitely my favorite character in Death Connection, with Medicis sitting on the second spot. ε-(*´∀`|萌|


10 thoughts on “Death Connection – Vicious

  1. Uwaa……i love him….i love tsundere type….i love his straight manner……Yes Vicious will be my top favourite and Medicis still the second (*´∀`*)
    Btw… Vicious is so adorable (*´∀`*)

  2. Such a great route, it has the complete package! Even though I’m not much of tsundere fan, I do like Vicious a lot (oh and Jesus from TYB). I wonder if “Luciano” is a half-shinigami, half-human…or is he full human?

    Nicole is hilarious in every route. Now…*mentally prepares self for the ultimate troll’s route*

    • Luciano Jr. grows up properly unlike his forever-17 father, so yes he’s fully a human. :3 That’s why he thinks he’s more suitable for Amelia lol. I love how he keeps messing with Vicious by calling him “papa” non-stop. xD

      ..and the real Luciano trolled that ultimate troll in hell. That’s a great achievement. He should be proud.

  3. This route was unexpectedly great even though Vicious was a bit too tsundere at times xD His route was the first one I played (I knew I should have started with something else but oh well). Despite absolutely loving his route and extras and basically everything, I kept on paying more attention to Luciano in this route.
    But… just like Medicis said, Amelia and Vicious are similar, so probably that’s why this route feels the most balanced. I expected similar pattern when I started playing Luciano’s route but oh well >.<

    Ah, looks-wise, apart from Luciano I'd put Jean (Ithat CG when he holds Amelia's face, ukeruuuu) on the same level as him, and Medicis as number 2 .<
    I find it cute and a great comic relief that Amelia is completely clueless about love but sometimes I wish she wasn't as much to the point when she starts asking what is 'like'.
    My guess is the same team worked on Musketeer, right? Since I don't know the names it makes it hard to figure out if there are other games the same team has worked on.

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