Death Connection – Jean

The last route in Death Connection. Everyone said his story unlocked after you cleared all six guys, but it appeared in the title screen after I cleared Leo’s route. Was it the same for PS2?

Jean is a mysterious man who keeps appearing and vanishing as he likes. He warned Joshua to keep Amelia hidden inside during the incident three years ago, and he’s the one who guides them towards Dalenzio’s mansion. Nobody knows where Jean actually came from, since he’s already there when they joined the Salvatore Family. His objective remains a mystery until the very end, because he’s not an ally nor an enemy. He just wants to “have fun”.

This route starts with Jean, or rather the almighty ruler of hell, taking the body of a man named Jean Buttini — an interesting man who didn’t live long enough to entertain him. Since Jean has a new vessel now, his schedule is empty until someone else makes a new contract with him. After erasing a pair of evil, bored souls who were planning to kill humans, Jean decides to go down and “play” in the human world below.

At the same time, a young Dalenzio has just moved into his new “castle” — the mansion which is later known as the Salvatore Family house. His parents died in an accident, and he used up all of his share of inheritance to build the mansion. Dalenzio then invited Guido to live with him, and Guido agreed since his older brother will probably crumble financially without his support. Since Dalenzio couldn’t imagine working under other people, Guido then suggested building his own business or mafia family to make a living. Of course it was only a joke, but Dalenzio likes the idea and starts building the Salvatore Family with Guido.

Following Guido’s plan, Dalenzio joined another mafia family and took over the leadership by killing the boss. Even though Guido was the brain behind their success, Guido didn’t have any desire to take the boss seat for himself. A boss needs a great presence and charisma, and he knew Dalenzio fits the role much better than he does. Back then Dalenzio was 32 and Guido was 26, and they were doing great in running the new family together. Dalenzio noticed that Guido has a nice stock of women surrounding him, but Guido wasn’t interested in marriage at all. His highest priority was the family, women are just for fun.

One day, Dalenzio bumped into a law college student named Keira in town. She dropped a bag of cookies and he accidentally stepped on them, crushing the contents into crumbs. When she said she baked them for the man she likes, Dalenzio picked them up, took a bite, and said they taste nasty lol. After they introduced themselves to each other, Dalenzio told Keira that unlike women, men appreciate direct words instead of gifts. They later met again in a boutique, and Dalenzio bought a dress for Keira to seduce the man she likes.. but Keira told him she already gave up on her unrequited love. Keira wasn’t scared even after learning about Dalenzio’s job as a mafia boss, and Dalenzio found her interesting.

Eventually Dalenzio asked Keira to go out with him, and Keira agreed to try dating him for one week to get to know each other first. Keira moved into the mansion for this trial dating period, and Dalenzio proposed to her on the last day. Both of them have fallen in love during that one week, and they got married the following year — right after Keira graduated from college. Not too long after their honeymoon, Keira got pregnant and Dalenzio became a happy father when Amelia was born. It was around then when Dalenzio met Jean for the first time, but Jean left saying it’s still too early to make a contract with him.

However, Keira knew that their happy time won’t last for a long time. Guido wasn’t happy with Dalenzio’s blissful married life, because he’s starting to put his wife and daughter above their mafia family. The Salvatore Family was growing larger and it was getting harder for Guido to handle everything alone, so he asked Dalenzio to recruit some trustworthy executives to help running the family.. and this request remained ignored for a year because Dalenzio was busy with Keira. Some of their men were starting to lose faith in Dalenzio as their boss, and Keira’s plan to start a normal life with Dalenzio and Amelia only annoyed Guido even more. One night, Guido threatened Keira to leave the mansion with baby Amelia. If she refused or reported this to Dalenzio, Guido will kill both of them.

In order to protect Amelia’s life, Keira lied to Dalenzio saying she wants to raise their baby in a normal environment. She forced him to understand, and the heartbroken Dalenzio told Keira to get out and never return. Sadly Guido’s plan didn’t end there, because he was planning to kill them anyway. This leads to the prologue of the game, where Keira took baby Amelia into the church and asked the sister to raise her daughter. She got shot by Guido’s men as she was running towards the church, and after saying goodbye to Amelia, Keira died in Guido’s hands. The next morning, the police found Keira’s body floating in the river. Dalenzio was devastated upon hearing about her death, but Jean finally appeared to work with him — interested in the burning flames of hatred in Dalenzio’s eyes.

With Jean’s help, Dalenzio realized that the culprit was none other than his own brother. Guido admitted to the crime when Dalenzio asked him about this, but he didn’t care since they didn’t need Keira and Amelia in the family. When Guido said he can always “buy” another woman to replace Keira, Dalenzio took out his gun and tried to kill him instead. This caused Guido to feel betrayed, and he left the Salvatore Family to kill Irene (their younger sister) and took over her mafia family — Tarantino. Jean was drawn by Dalenzio’s strong hatred towards Guido, and that’s when they made the contract. It was from Jean too that Dalenzio learned about Amelia, so he recruited six subordinates and prepared the Erebos ring for his daughter’s safety.

The first one to join Dalenzio was Leonardo, Irene’s son. Dalenzio was the reason Guido killed Leo’s parents, and he took the boy in because he felt responsible. Some years later, Dalenzio bumped into a drunk Medicis in front of the bar. When Dalenzio told him “your eyes are dead”, Medicis instantly snapped back to his senses and decided to follow Dalenzio. The next one to join was Gloria, and Dalenzio recruited Serbia not too long before Gloria brought Nicholas into the family. Soon he noticed Luciano and Vicious, already working as paid hitmen at the time, in the streets, and he sent Serbia to recruit them as well. Luciano joined on the spot, and Vicious followed him two years later.

Dalenzio made contracts with them through the Nyx stones, just in case Guido finds Amelia in the future. Even though he did that to protect Amelia, Dalenzio treasured his subordinates like a real family. He was hoping they won’t die and turn into shinigami.. but sadly that wish was crushed by Serbia and Luciano’s betrayal. Just before he died in the church incident, Dalenzio whispered an apology — both for his men and for Amelia.

Three years after Dalenzio’s death, Guido finally finds Amelia’s location. He sends his men to attack the church at night, and this time Jean wipes them out to save both Amelia and Joshua. It’s a promise he made to Dalenzio, who asked Jean to protect Amelia and gave his own soul in return. Since Joshua keeps resisting, Jean paralyzes him inside the church before warping Amelia outside. He takes her to Dalenzio’s abandoned mansion, where he explains everything she needs to know about her parents. Of course Amelia is shocked to hear that her parents are no longer alive, but Jean tells her Dalenzio was an “interesting” man. Jean then gives her the Erebos pendant Dalenzio created with his soul, and he tells her to stay in the mansion from now on. He’s going to stay too and keep her company. Just because he’s bored.

That’s right. Instead of staying with Joshua and her shinigami, Amelia now has a godly troll to protect her in the mansion! \(^o^)/ Amelia feels nostalgic upon entering her room, and Jean says it used to be Keira’s room in the past. After her death, Dalenzio left the room untouched. Jean also tells Amelia that she has Keira’s hair color, but her face is more similar to Dalenzio’s when he was young. Maybe. He can’t remember precisely lol. After Amelia falls asleep, Jean sits by her bedside saying she grew up in the blink of an eye. He then wonders what kind of entertainment will she bring from now on. A deep hatred like her father? Or something else?

Since Amelia needs food to survive, Jean then goes to grab some money for her. Fresh from the bank. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Despite Jean’s warning to stay away from the church, the next day Amelia goes back there to inform Joshua and the priest about her situation. Obviously she gets attacked by Guido’s men on the way, but luckily Jean appears to save her again.. though he looks really bored and asks if it’s necessary to keep her on a leash. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Jean keeps saying that he’s only doing this for “fun” and won’t always come to protect her, but he actually ditched the book he was reading just to save her earlier. He also sets out a bunch of rules for her, but when Amelia gets angry and runs away, Jean goes to pick her up from the streets at night. Just because.

Despite the rocky start, soon Amelia gets used to living with Jean. He also noticed that Amelia resembles Dalenzio a lot — they’re both “weird” lol. As he explains the pendant’s origins, Jean tells Amelia that he actually came from hell. He borrowed a vessel to stay in the human world, but his current body is reaching its limits and Jean will have to change into a new body soon. He’s willing to show his real form if she wants to see, but Amelia refuses thinking a demon is going to come out LOL. After lunch, Jean takes Amelia to Dalenzio’s secret study and explains that she can call shinigami with her pendant. She doesn’t want to revive them since she’s got Jean already, but she needs to prevent Guido from summoning them as well.

After spending the whole day thinking about this, Amelia decides to steal Guido’s Erebos. She tells Jean about her plan, but he only tells her “good luck” and laughs when Amelia leaves with a surprised look on her face. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ ..and you know what, Amelia really goes to visit Guido directly in the Tarantino Family mansion. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Of course Guido won’t listen to her, but Amelia suddenly disappears when he shoots her. Jean has warped her outside, saying she’s really a fool with no common sense. He can’t blame Amelia for being so dumb though, knowing the peaceful church was her only world for 17 years. Before going home, Jean gives Amelia a ring and tells her not to lose it. So in addition of being trolled, poor Guido also lost the ring lol.

The next day, Amelia gets curious and asks Jean about his age. He says he doesn’t know, but he does know that he was born in darkness. He made a body to get out of that darkness, and he created a new world because staying in the dark forever is boring. Even though Jean is a godly troll being, Amelia can only see him as a kind person. He keeps saying that he saved her just for “fun”, but it doesn’t change the fact that he saved her life. That night, Jean transforms into Dalenzio and goes to see Amelia in her room. He thought she would be happy to see her father — even though it’s not the real thing — but Amelia starts crying instead. Of course Jean doesn’t know the reason since he’s completely clueless about human emotions, but he’s more surprised at the fact that he tried to make Amelia happy.

When Amelia later goes downstairs to apologize, she’s shocked to find Jean looking sick in the living room. He explains that sometimes his vessel would show resistance, but the pain will go away after a while. That, and because it’s about time for him to move into a new body. Amelia helps wiping off his cold sweat, and soon enough Jean tells her the pain is gone. Since he’s still confused about his own feelings, Jean then adds a new rule into the list: whenever she cries, she should explain the meaning behind her tears. Amelia agrees on the condition that he won’t ever transform into Dalenzio again, and Jean says he understands.

However, Jean then reveals that he’s going back to hell on All Souls’ Day. He needs to change vessels back in hell, and since the gate will be open that day.. it means less work for him. He doesn’t know how long it’s gonna take to change bodies, so he wants Amelia to summon her shinigami after he’s gone. Amelia tries to say that she’s going to be lonely without Jean, but he doesn’t change his plans.. until Guido comes to open the gate with Amelia’s blood. The moment Guido orders his men to kill Amelia, Jean shields her from their bullets and sends all of them to an unknown place. \(^o^)/ When Amelia cries and tells him she feels sad to say goodbye, Jean finally changes his mind and decides to stay with her for a little longer.

Some days later, Joshua finally finds Amelia walking with Jean in town. He goes into his usual rage of jealousy, but Jean says Joshua won’t be able to protect Amelia alone. Amelia explains that Jean has been protecting her all this time, so Joshua gives up saying she should return to the church if anything happens. Jean only watches in silence as they say goodbye for today, and he remains distracted even after returning to the mansion. Everything will be over if Jean kills Guido, which is an easy task for him, but for some reason he keeps stalling time. He also feels strange upon seeing Amelia talking to Joshua earlier, and he eventually realized that it’s actually called “jealousy” — thanks to Serbia’s love advice lol.

When Jean returns to the mansion at night, he finds Amelia sleeping near the front door. Since she won’t wake up, Jean carries Amelia back to her room and stays with her until she wakes up in the morning. (*´∀`*) Later on Jean asks if Amelia ever felt jealous before, and when she answers “I want to be fashionable, walk around town, or have a date with my boyfriend”; he takes her out to do some shopping in town. Of course Amelia’s confused since it’s so sudden, and Jean doesn’t understand why he’s doing this either lol. That evening Jean asks what she thinks of him, and he turns silent when Amelia answers he has a fatherly image.

Before he can sort out his feelings, Jean decides to return to hell after all. His vessel won’t be able to take it any further, and he needs to change it as soon as possible. He wastes no time and disappears right after saying goodbye, leaving Amelia to cry all alone in the mansion. Back in hell, fragments of Dalenzio’s spirit tells Jean not to make a decision he’s going to regret later. He knows Amelia has become an important person for Jean, and he wants Jean to realize his own feelings. Thanks to Dalenzio’s words, Jean finally returns a few days later to pick Amelia up in the church. He doesn’t know how much longer his vessel can endure it, but Jean admits he came back because he wants to see Amelia again.

On December 24, Amelia and Jean hold a Christmas party just for the two of them. At first he’s not too interested to exchange presents, but he finally gives in since Amelia goes “… (´・ω・`)” when he dismissed the idea lol. After eating their Christmas dinner, Jean hands the present he bought for Amelia. He didn’t know what kind of gift would make her happy, so he watched the person standing in front of him and picked the same thing — a doormat. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ In return, Amelia gives Jean a letter and tells him to read it after he returns to hell. Amelia knows Jean will probably say goodbye without giving her a chance to say anything, so she decided to write everything down in the letter.

Late at night, Jean can sense a movement from Guido and his men. He tells Amelia to keep the pendant and ring with her the next day, since his vessel is starting to break down. It’s getting hard for Jean to move his arms properly because of this, so Amelia might have to summon her shinigami later. At noon Guido brings like ALL of his men to attack Dalenzio’s mansion, and this time Castro made weapons that can actually hurt Jean as well. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Jean knows he won’t be able to handle this alone and tells Amelia to use the two Erebos, but instead of summoning her shinigami, she jumps in to protect Jean and got shot by Guido. This enraged Jean so much he summons the six shinigami to wipe the floor with Guido and his entire family, while Amelia is dying on the cold ground.

As much as he wants to save Amelia’s life, Jean couldn’t do anything because she’s going up to heaven.. and that’s not his territory. She won’t be able to meet Dalenzio, but Keira should be there for her in heaven. Before Amelia dies, Jean asks her to reincarnate and come to see him again. This isn’t a request nor a rule — it’s an order. Until then, Jean will always be waiting for her. It might take decades or maybe centuries, but Jean will find her again someday.

..and up there in hell, Guido is reunited with Dalenzio. Their souls are going to disappear soon, but they finally make up as they reminisce about their past. Guido says time they spent building the family together was the most enjoyable part of his life, and he apologized for killing Amelia.

A long time passed ever since that day, and Amelia eventually reincarnates to be a normal girl with a part-time job. One day she bumps into Jean on the streets, and when he learns that her name is still Amelia, Jean realized that Amelia wanted him to find her again. (´;ω;`) Obviously the current Amelia is confused since she doesn’t recognize Jean and the shinigami, but Jean tells her it’s alright. Even if she doesn’t have any memories, they can start from the beginning again. Then he asks her to take his hand, and she comes along with him. Her memories might be gone, but she still feels calm and nostalgic beside him.

Since he has found Amelia again, Jean realized he probably should read the letter she wrote for him back then. He was planning to read it when he goes back to hell, but it’s still unopened since he’s been staying in the human world looking for her. The moment Jean reads the letter, his tears are falling down and Amelia gives him her handkerchief.. but since he refuses to use it saying he’s not crying, Amelia then wipes the tears off his face.

Amelia becomes the new boss after that, and the shinigami are living in Dalenzio’s old mansion along with Jean. The current Amelia’s personality is rather strong compared to how she used to be, since she forces Jean to explain everything until she understands. Jean still denies that he’s in love with her, but Amelia also says she’s not in love with him.. yet. She wants to know more about him for now, and she doesn’t mind the HUGE age gap between them — which is probably higher than three digits. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ There’s only one thing he wants her to keep in mind: he’s not looking at her as a replacement. She’s not the same Amelia, and Jean doesn’t see her as a replacement. Amelia laughs upon hearing this, saying she feels relieved.

Before Amelia goes home, Jean takes her to the mansion for a Christmas party with everyone. At first she feels scared and nervous around them, but it doesn’t take long until she gets along with everyone. They’re interested in Amelia’s relationship with Jean too, and they keep teasing him until he tells them to stop and start the party already lol. Since Amelia didn’t seem pleased with his doormat a long time ago, this year Jean has a different present for the current Amelia — a bath rug. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He also brings a suspicious bottled liquor which turns out to be a gender-swapping potion, and tonight’s victims are Vicious, Leo and Nicole LOL.

While everyone are panicking in the background, Jean tells Amelia that he needs to change his vessel soon. He was planning to do this from a long time ago, but he’s been pushing it aside to find Amelia first. Now that she’s already here by his side, it’s a good time for him to move into a new body. It’s going to take some time, so he wants her to wait and look forward to see the new him. However, a few days later Jean returns in the same body. He has grown attached to his current body, and he knows Amelia probably doesn’t want him to change. He spent the last few days repairing this vessel, so he can keep using it for a little longer. Amelia is happy that he’s thinking about her, and she tells him she might fall in love with him.

Behind them, the other guys are whispering that Jean and Amelia are dating after all. Medicis says Jean just doesn’t realize that he’s in love, but Gloria believes Jean will realize soon. As long as he’s got Amelia by his side.

To be honest, I found Jean’s route rather disappointing. Especially the ending. I was expecting a nice development since Jean is blind about romance, but it feels unfinished since there’s no confession up until the end. Also, where’s the kiss scene? カモーンщ(゚Д゚щ) Everyone else got a kiss scene, so why not make one for Jean too? Because he looks like an おっさん? (´・ω・`A;) As a character, I actually liked Jean more than I expected. His interactions with Amelia is really fun to watch, and it’s nice to see his pace crumbling down as he starts growing more feelings for her. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ The prologue with Dalenzio, Guido and Keira is a nice touch too. Though after reading their story, I kinda feel glad these brothers made up in hell lol.

P.S. If you’re not satisfied with Jean’s romance scenes, maybe this will help. 8D


17 thoughts on “Death Connection – Jean

  1. un, Jean’s ED is somewhat un-satisfying, but i like how jean goes dere2 over Amelia xDD
    and his ED route seems like HAREM ED to me XP
    oh, and the bonus scene is too much fun to watch xDD
    i always cracked out for the bonus scenes xDD

    • LOL. Somehow I can see what you mean. The shinigami guys. xD
      I like how he goes デレデレ around her without even realizing it, so yea too bad the ending feels so incomplete lol.

  2. Jean is more interesting than i expected……At first, i really like his manly look and his sexy voice…….I though Jean is more like babysitting when he live with Amelia LOL What a pity, i really curious about his true form…
    And at last you finished this game……..i love this game and our hot shinigami……maybe when i have time i will continue playing it but so sad i played it on PS2 and the game didn’t have some bonus scenes like PSP ;__;

    • Oh that’s really too bad. Do you have any plans to buy a PSP? Most otome games are getting released (and ported) to PSP, so it’d be nice if you can play them with the extra contents. :)

  3. lmfao its so hard to imagine romance between Amelia and Jean cause he just feel like her dad or her uncle or something lol
    maybe otomate felt the same way? i dont think i woulda wanted to see a kiss scene between them to be honest xD;;;

    • Actually it was easier for me to accept their romance, since I can only see Jean simply as a bored おっさん instead of a father / uncle figure. xD To be honest when he left to get a new body, I was expecting him to turn young and hot or something. 8D

  4. Oh, Jean’s route is better than I expected…however, I was hoping for a kiss scene and more romance. Oh, well. I wished they had a harem ending…and I wanted to see Amelia as a man.

    Is Otomate indicating something with the doormat as a present? “Amelia, you’re a doormat!”-kind of thing? Aha, it was a funny present though, as well as, the bath rug. I don’t know how I would react if my future boyfriend gave me that as a present… I’d probably laugh really hard and tease him about it for the rest of his life.

    • Just by reading Nicole’s description, man!Amelia seems really hot and manly. Too bad they didn’t make a sprite for him. Instead, we get Vicious and Leo speaking like girls.. while Nicole turns into Nicholas. xD

      LOL exactly. I was like “…a doormat? what are you trying to imply? o_o” upon seeing Jean’s present. Thanks to the person who was standing in front of him, now Jean is stuck with the idea that girls love doormats and rugs. Seriously.. if my boyfriend gives me a rug, I’ll put it in front of my room so he can see it everyday lol.

  5. For me, I got his route after finishing Nicole and Joshua route, it is really strange since I saw the guide and it said you need to complete all route to unlock him.

    I really like Jean since he is close to my age =)) (just kidding), but seriously his route feels like an unfinished scenario. So sad I don’t see a kiss scene or confession :((

    • Same here, since Leo was the second character I cleared in DC. Maybe you only need to clear 2 routes in the PSP version? The guide I used also said we need to finish all routes first lol.

      Jean is close to your a– wait, is this appearance-wise or real age? Because I think his age is beyond 3-4 digits. xD; Yea I’m disappointed that the romance here feels so half-assed. I wish they’d make a happy ending for everyone. ;__;

      • Yeah, I think his route unlocked after you cleared 2 person, maybe PSP and PS2 version is different?

        Ha2 well close to my real age, I am 25++ =)) My sister often tease me even at my age I still like otome game where the hero and heroine age range between 16-20 he2.

        But still can’t resisit otome game lol xD

        • Oh don’t worry about age. If your nickname is related to your real age, then we’re not too far apart. That’s probably why I love mature, older guys like Medicis and Gloria. 8D

  6. phew… Finished the routes and thought it was a great game all in all! Jean’s route is really nice and I thought him learning how to love is cute. :D He’s so old yet he’s like a virgin, it’s kinda refreshing coz it seems like Amelia knows more about love in this route! (And she’s usually sooooo dense in the other guys’ routes!)

    Btw, I also liked the added scenes after you finished all the routes and start all over again! It explains how there are two Elbos (probably spelled wrong <_<) and the back story before the fight that caused the great Salvatore to crumble to ashes. Also features a closure for the brothers, coz they DO meet in hell for a while before Amelia calls the shinigami (using up Dalenzio's soul). Guido apologizes to Dalenzio and Dalenzio apologizes for not being able to meet his brother's expectations (as a great mafia leader).

    And the omake where they had the blushing people say serious stuff is just hilarious. XD I think it was Medicis… him blushing when he answered Gloria's question about Dalen's whereabouts is hilarious.

    "He's going at it in the study room with Jean." I know they are just discussing stuff intently but him blushing just makes you wonder what is ACTUALLY going on in the study room. XD

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