Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia-

Actually.. I was planning to play this for Halloween, but since I went past the date still playing Death Connection, let’s just move on with the mafia world. I love Arcana Famiglia to pieces. ♥

Arcana Famiglia is an organization that protects Regalo, a beautiful island country surrounded by the sea. The family has been taking care of business, trading, security and even the health of people in Regalo for a long time. This year the head of the family, “Papa” Mondo, is planning to retire, and he’s holding a tournament in June to choose his successor — Arcana Duello! The winner will also get one wish granted by Mondo, plus his daughter, Felicita’s hand in marriage.

Just as the family name says, Arcana Famiglia is using the power of Tarocco to protect the island. Only those who holds the power of the Major Arcana have the right to participate, and Felicita herself is included. Mondo also stresses that Felicita won’t be allowed to step outside of the mansion after her wedding. He can’t tell them the reason yet, but he promises to explain everything to the winner. Those who holds the power of Arcana are people who threw away their families and background, dedicating themselves entirely to work for the family. Felicita is the holder of “The Lovers”, and her Arcana power allows her to read people’s hearts.

For a certain reason, Felicita used to live in a small house away from the mansion. She grew up only with her mother, Sumire, and her attendant, Luca. This year Mondo finally allowed her to join the family and brought them back into the mansion, where Felicita proved her skills by becoming the head of “Swords” — a division in charge of mediation — in only a month’s time. Felicita also has a deadly kick, but sadly her current strength won’t be enough to win against anyone. If Felicita wants to open her own path, then she has to win the tournament and stop Mondo’s arranged marriage plan with her own hands.

Aside from Felicita and her parents, the participants are:

Liberta“The Fool”
A member of the intelligence division, in charge of providing information and protecting the sea around Regalo.

The head of “Cups”, the division in charge of security and defense.

Debito“The Hermit”
The head of “Coins”, the division in charge of finance and distribution.

The head of “Wands”, the division in charge of inspection.

Felicita’s attendant.

Dante“The Emperor”
The head of the intelligence division. Also the Executive Head.

Jolly“The Moon”
The family advisor.

Now Felicita has two months to prepare, and she needs to polish both her Arcana power and combat skills. Or else she won’t be able to marry the person she loves in the future.


20 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia -La storia della Arcana Famiglia-

  1. Ah, what a coincidence. I just finished the last route earlier today (*´∀`*) Such a great game! I loved every single character (Even Dante lol). Looking forward to reading your review!

    • Oh, we finished at the same time then! :D
      I was so hooked I couldn’t type any posts while playing, so here I am posting the routes a week later lol.. Arcana is a great game indeed, I wish HuneX will make a fandisk in the future. x3

      • I did the exactly same thing! I’ve barely moved from my sofa for the last days. A fandisk would be great! Or a 18+ drama cd (≧∇≦) but maybe I’m just a pervert lol. Some CGs were pretty suggestive though (Jolly and Devito’s especially).

        Who is your favorite character?
        I ended up loving Luca (his reactions and all suffering is hilarious) or Devito. I’m a bit confused with their routes and the 30-curse though. Gaah, I wish I could ask you but I don’t want to spoil the other readers orz

        • Liberta, but I love Jolly and Luca as well. :3
          Only Pace has that 30-curse, so I’ll be covering that in his route. I think the most confusing route is Debito’s, since he’s being so subtle. It’s hard to understand what he’s talking about (in his story, not normally) unless you read his heart every 5 lines.. orz

  2. Yay you finished the game? So fast ^^ Can’t wait to see each route since many people said a very good thing for this game, and I love the art. It seems different from any other games XD

    • Yea now I only have to find time to type the posts. xD
      The artist is Sarachi Yomi. She’s the artist of Aoiza too, but the coloring is Arcana is so distinct and makes it different to otome games in general. :3

  3. Rin-san, is this game has a walkthrough? :D
    I kinda intrested to play this game since I dissapointed with the (anime) ending :P

  4. Hello Rin~! ^_^
    I’ve started this game (multi-tasking with Hana Awase xD) and I loved it already! The scenes are like animated/manga-like. Instead of describing the reactions, the game shows it instead. The art is refreshing. The characters are lovely. I’m liking Luca and Liberta so far. Though I’m choosing Debito as my first route. Jolly interests me a lot since I rarely hear him say anything so far other than くくく www. Felicita is adorable with her kickass personality. :D

    Is it safe to assume that perhaps the reason why Felicita grew up outside the mansion is because only official members of the Family are allowed in it? That’s the only reason I can think of for having your daughter live away from you. ^^;;

    I also have a question. xD;; What is the number shown with the heart? I can’t clearly explain lol. I’ll probably screenshot it. But I noticed that it decreases when you read someone’s heart then it goes back to 5 when you go to the next scene. Is that the number of times you can only read a guy’s heart? :O

    The system is quite confusing too. xD;; It’s like you have save within a save file ww.

    • Hello! /o/

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying AF. This game has lively characters, and the chemistry between them is one of the best. Actually, the reason why Felicita had to live in a separate house will be explained later on. It’s related to her “other” Arcana power. :D

      As for the number, it’s cocoaru. The number of times you can read people’s hearts. The max number will increase the more you use it, and it gets reset per scene. Once you get used to it, AF’s system is actually convenient. They give you a lot of save slots and auto-save function too. xD

      • Ah I see. :D I had a difficult time choosing whom shall I go first when everyone seems to be interesting. XDD

        I agree. I’m slooowly getting used to the system and so I’m enjoying playing this more. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  5. Excuse me. . . I know this is ages after your original posting, but I was wondering. . . since you played through this game, did you play it in english? Or in Japanese? I’m interested in playing it if I can, but I can’t read Japanese at all. . .

    S-Sorry to bother!!

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