Arcana Famiglia – Liberta

For the first run, I decided to go after Liberta. His cute innocence attracted my attention in the prologue, and he remains that adorable up until the end. Liberta is my favorite in this game. :3

Liberta is a member of the intelligence division. He loves seeing new things and idolizes Dante a lot. Sometimes his actions lead to failure since he always acts before he thinks, but most of the time Liberta manages to overcome difficulties purely by luck. If it’s for the sake of someone close to him, he’s more than willing to put extra effort to help. Liberta grew up surrounded by the men in Dante’s ship, so he almost has no resistance towards girls. Even to Felicita’s statue standing in the mansion. His weapon is a cutlass named “Speranza”. 18 years old.

While Mondo’s arranged marriage plan shocked everyone, Liberta is the only one who directly tells Mondo not to mess with Felicita’s future. Since the only way to stop Mondo is by winning Arcana Duello, Liberta promises that he’ll win the tournament for Felicita. He’s not interested in the top seat and only wants to release Felicita from his plan, but the idea of having Felicita as his wife actually makes him feel all ドキドキ inside. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪

This year Liberta is in charge of Dante’s surprise birthday party, and he does his best to make it lively. During the preparation he takes Felicita to buy some meat for the party, but apparently the meat costs 50,000 liras — a price that makes Liberta’s jaw drops to the ground. Since he doesn’t have enough money, Liberta ends up taking the butcher’s challenge to win the meat. If he can win against 30 people in an arm-wrestling competition, the butcher is willing to give him the meat for free. During the match a poor flirt tries to hit on Felicita, and upon seeing Felicita in danger (not really), Liberta quits the match just to help her chase the man away. This actually impressed the butcher, so he lets Liberta resume the match later. In the in Liberta wins against all 30 opponents and gets the prize meat. xD

On April 9, Felicita comes to Dante’s birthday party on SS Arcana. Every year the intelligence division members hold a fighting tournament to celebrate Dante’s birthday, and today Liberta made it all the way to the final.. where Dante finally kicks his butt lol. Upon hearing that Felicita will be the one who crowns the winner, Liberta sulks in the corner for a while. It doesn’t last long though, since he soon gets up and congratulates Dante on his victory. That night Liberta and Felicita give Dante his birthday presents, and she notices that Dante and Liberta look like a family more than anything else. After thanking Felicita for helping out, Liberta tells her that he really loves having fun with the family members.

The next day, Felicita receives a request from Sumire. Her mission is to deliver a present to a woman named Giovanna, but the directions to her house is so long and complicated. Inspired by Fukurota, Liberta gets the wonderful idea of walking on roofs instead to make it faster. His excitement level instantly goes up as they run through the wind, and he says he’ll take Felicita to feel the sea breeze next time. In fact, he gets so excited that they end up falling through the roof into the shop below. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Felicita lands on top of Liberta, and he turns several shades of red because she feels so “warm and soft” LOL. Luckily they find Giovanna nearby and deliver the present to her safely, but obviously the shop owner wants them to pay for the damage they created. So after fixing the broken roof, Liberta and Felicita spend the entire day working in the shop to pay off their “debt” lol.

On April 21, Liberta takes Felicita to a mask shop in the market. He tells her that he was saved by a huge, masked man in the past, and he’s been a big fan of masks ever since. Liberta then goes to show his new mask to Dante, but instead of getting excited with him, Dante tells him to stop fooling around and train harder for Arcana Duello. Earlier Dante just saw Nova practicing alone in the training ground, and yet Liberta is busy chasing masks instead. Of course Liberta is upset and asks Felicita to help him practice, but things only get worse when he bumps into Nova — knocking off the cake on his hands. Nova is pissed and says “The Fool” won’t be able to improve if Liberta keeps rushing into things without thinking, and his words distract Liberta so much he accidentally hurts both himself and Felicita during practice. Liberta feels really bad and takes Felicita to Sumire’s place, and then he runs off ignoring his own injuries.

That night Felicita finds Liberta outside, thinking alone and still feeling down. He admits that he feels pathetic, dreaming to be a strong man like Dante even though he keeps making careless mistakes all the time. However, Felicita says he can achieve anything as long as he puts effort into it. Liberta is always running forward without thinking of the trivial stuff, and that’s what he needs to do right now. Felicita’s words make Liberta feel a lot better, and he finally decides to just keep walking forward from now on. Soon Dante comes looking for Liberta since his room is still empty at this hour, and Dante also apologized for being too harsh on him earlier. Liberta keeps protesting that Dante’s treating him like a kid, but deep down he actually feels happy for Felicita and Dante’s concern.

On April 25, Jolly gathers everyone in the conference room for an emergency. Mondo’s older brother — Nova’s father — has been captured by some pirates. Joly orders them not to move out before he gives further command, but knowing that Nova is worried sick about his father, Liberta and Felicita take him to rescue his father — just by the three of them. Nova then uses his Arcana power to open the path, and Liberta has mixed feelings inside because his Arcana power is unstable. Instead of using the power like everyone else, Liberta tells Felicita that he wants to depend on his cutlass more. Soon they find Nova’s father inside the pirate ship, and Felicita follows Liberta as searches around for a rope to tie up the pirates with.

Unfortunately, they’re ambushed by a mysterious masked man on the deck. Felicita and Liberta try to fight back, but when the man uses a spell to knock them away, Liberta is forced to use his Arcana power to save Felicita from the falling ship canopy — burning it into pieces before Felicita gets crushed beneath it. Both of them end up fainting among the remains of the canopy right after that. Just before Liberta closes his eyes, the mysterious man removes his mask and reveals the face underneath — Dante. He praises them for their performance in battle tonight, but he wants them to grow stronger as the holders of the Major Arcana. There are flaws they neex to fix before Arcana Duello, and this ship incident is the concrete proof. Dante then uses his Arcana power to erase this revelation from Liberta’s memories.

Later on, Felicita wakes up to find herself in an underground prison. Liberta and Nova are both in the cell too, and soon Jolly comes to explain that this is their punishment. The three of them moved against the order, so now they have to spend a night in the cell. Since Liberta was the one who suggested the rescue plan, on April 26 he receives another punishment from Jolly — drinking a suspicious hot pink liquid. It turns out to be a potion that makes you spit out the truth, but “the truth” will also be based on your feelings at the time. Like a veritaserum that enhances mood. When Jolly tells Liberta to explain what happened in the prison last night, Liberta starts describing Felicita’s tempting appearance when she slept in the cell. (*ノ∀ノ) イヤン He explains the situation in such an erotic way that Nova eventually punches him unconscious, and then he knocks himself out so Jolly won’t change targets. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

The next day, Liberta and Felicita go mask-shopping again. This time he buys a mask that looks exactly like the one worn by the mysterious man who saved him in the past, not to mention the shop owner also says it was the mask of a man who saved captured children in the northern lands. Liberta bought the mask and cheerfully shows it to Dante, but Dante is really surprised and chases him out instead. Since Dante refuses to explain the reason, Felicita then uses her Arcana to read his heart.. and there she learns that the mask is really connected to Liberta’s past. At first Dante still wants to keep it a secret, but he finally gives in when Felicita says she wants to know more about Liberta.

On a stormy day 10 years ago, Dante found a facility for orphans called “Casa Bianca” in the northern lands. The facility was only a cover though, because the staff actually captured all the orphans they could find and kept them in the facility for a certain purpose. Liberta was one of them. The staff were curious about the stigmata on his forehead, trying to figure out how to bring out his power. They treated him violently until Liberta eventually screamed, and suddenly flames started burning around him. All the staff ran away in fear, but Dante knocked them out and stepped into to facility to find Liberta surrounded by the flames. Liberta asked if he’s going to examine his stigmata as well, but Dante only said he’s here to save him. Dante took Liberta out of the facility after that, bringing the kid along during his journey.

Due to the inhumane treatment he received in Casa Bianca, Liberta’s temper and mental were really unstable. The wound in his heart was almost impossible to heal, and his power always went out of control everytime he remembered about the past. In order to prevent Liberta from summoning more flames, Dante sealed his past memories completely and took him to Mondo’s place. They put a limiter to Liberta’s power, because it was too great for him to handle at the time. Liberta’s Arcana ability is to grants anything he says, and since his power is really huge, everytime he says “burn” flames will really come out. Liberta needs to train his mental strength first before he can control this power properly.

Felicita then asks what they can do to release Liberta from this condition, and Dante explains that there are two ways. One is to remove the limiter, and the other is for Liberta to regain his sealed memories. Dante doesn’t want to remove the limiter until Liberta grows stronger, but it’s a different story if he breaks through the seal by himself. This is the reason why Liberta can’t use his Arcana properly — because he can’t remember his past. Liberta also knows well how unstable his power is, and that’s why he decides to rely on his cutlass instead. In fact, it was him who burnt all of Dante’s hair lol. Felicita promises that she won’t tell Liberta about this, but whenever Liberta looks at the mask.. he feels that he’s forgetting something important.

When Felicita visits the port the next day, she finds Liberta busy with his job. However, a fire breaks out in the market and the two of them rush over to help. They manage to put it off with Dante’s help, but the flames remind Liberta of his past — even though the memories are still locked. Feeling confused with his own mind, Liberta then asks Felicita to read his heart and tell him what’s actually bothering him. She only gives him three keywords — Casa Bianca, flames and mask — but it’s more than enough for Liberta to remember everything.

Liberta then runs off to confront Dante about this, finally realizing that mysterious masked man has been Dante all along. He’s angry thinking Dante is trying to say he’s incapable of handling his pown power, but at the same time he also knows that Dante is right. When Dante asks if he has the confidence to prove his strength, Liberta runs off and leaves Felicita in the market with Dante. At first Felicita wantes to chase him, but Dante asks her to let Liberta think alone for now. This is a trial he needs to pass in order to grow stronger.

On May 4, Liberta spends the entire day in his room on SS Arcana. When Felicita visits him, he asks her to leave since he might take out his frustration on her. Felicita doesn’t mind since she has no intentions of leaving him alone, and Liberta is surprised since he’s so weak compared to her determination. Liberta then explains that he can fully use his Arcana power now that his memories are back, but he’s too afraid to do so. Whenever he tries to use his Arcana, the memories of the burning Casa Bianca always comes back to haunt him. This causes Liberta to be unsure if it’s really okay for him to use his power, and he wonders if it’d be better to leave his memories sealed after all. However, Felicita tells Liberta to fulfill the promise he made — to win Arcana Duello and set her free from the arranged marriage. Liberta blushes when Felicita holds his hands, and that’s when he realized that Felicita always believes in him.

Just then the ship starts shaking, and they go onto the deck to be greeted by a storm. Before Liberta steers the ship back to the shore, suddenly they hear a drowning man crying for help from afar. Felicita calmly steps into the lifeboat along with Liberta, but unfortunately the tides are high. She got knocked out off the boat not too long after they saved the man, and Liberta jumps into the sea to save her. They got washed into a beach cavern nearby, where Felicita’s body temperature keeps dropping as the night gets colder.

At first Liberta tries to look for a way to make fire, but when he touched Felicita’s cold hands, he realized it’s really time for him to get over his past. Felicita believes in him, so he needs to do the same for her sake. As he hugs Felicita in his arms, Liberta finally uses his Arcana and summons fire to keep her warm. When Felicita wakes up later, she tells Liberta that his flames are “beautiful”. (*´ω`*) Soon Dante and the others come to rescue them from the cave on SS Arcana, and Liberta takes Felicita back to her room in the mansion — watching her until she falls asleep.

When Felicita wakes up the next day, she finds Liberta still watching over her with Luca, who then goes out to get Felicita’s breakfast. Since Luca got captured by Pace takes quite a while, Liberta tells Felicita to go back to sleep until he returns.. then he falls asleep by her bedside lol. In his dream, Liberta sees a memory about him and Dante on a ship. Liberta said he wants to steer the ship too, but Dante teased him saying he needs to grow more hair first and be a real man like himself. Liberta sulked, and when he said “I wish Dante’s hair would all burn! Be bald!” flames suddenly popped up on Dante’s head — instantly burning all of his beloved hair along with his eyebrows. Back then Liberta felt really guilty since he didn’t really mean what he said, but Dante laughed it all away. His new “hairstyle” perfectly suits his image, and washing hair will be a lot easier from now on.

Soon Liberta wakes up to find Felicita looking at him, so he decides to tell her about the dream. Last night Dante and everyone else were looking for them, and Liberta feels that everyone’s always protecting him. He wants to protect them too, so he won’t hold back anymore in using his Arcana. Since Liberta still wants Dante to acknowledge his growth, Felicita then tells him “real men talk with swords!” — the line Liberta himself often says. This sets Liberta’s spirit on flames of excitement instantly, and he runs off to see Dante after thanking Felicita for pushing his back. He can finally get over his past thanks to her.

After a date with Liberta on May 12, Dante and Jolly suddenly challenge Felicita to face them in battle. There she learns that Mondo will fall into a comma soon, and this is the reason why he suddenly announced retirement. As the holder of “The World”, Mondo has been holding the remaining 12 Major Arcana cards that don’t have a holder.. and it’s draining his mental power. The only way to save Mondo is to either look for the holders of these cards, or use Felicita’s second Arcana — “Wheel of Fortune”. Felicita isn’t aware of this, but she’s been holding the Arcana ever since she was small. 13 years ago Sumire fell into a comma because of a similar reason, and Felicita was the one who saved her by using “Wheel of Fortune” subconsciously. It took a lot of energy and “Wheel of Fortune” also took a very big compensation from Felicita, so naturally her parents were scared that she might use it again without even realizing.

In order to protect his daughter, Mondo sent her to live in the small house only with Sumire and Luca. They put a limit on the amount of person to interact with Felicita, hoping to minimize the chance of her using “Wheel of Fortune” again if something happens. However, they’re running out of time now because of Mondo’s condition. Before he falls into a comma, Mondo wants to find a person who can support Felicita — hence the arranged marriage. Both Dante and Jolly don’t want Mondo to lose his consciousness forever, so now they’re asking Felicita to save her father. She kicks ass in battle, and with more mental training, her power should be enough to control “Wheel of Fortune”. Arcana Duello will help Felicita to grow stronger, and everything will depend on her performance in the tournament.

After thinking about this issue for a while, Felicita decides to confide in Liberta. While most of the Major Arcana holders gain their Arcana through contracts with Tarocco, both Liberta and Felicita already had their Arcana when they were born. The same goes for Nova because his mother made a contract when she was pregnant with him, but they’re not sure about Liberta and Felicita’s cases. They can’t ask Liberta’s parents since he’s an orphan, while Sumire and Mondo probably won’t answer these questions for Felicita. In order to get more clues, Liberta then suggests visiting the small house where Felicita used to live in.

The next morning Felicita visits the small house with Liberta and Nova. They use horses to get there, and Liberta gets a nosebleed when Felicita climbs onto her horse. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ After finding a hidden key beneath Sumire’s flower pot, they open a locked drawer and find a secret tea party invitation from Sumire. She wants to tell them something important on May 20, but they need to be mentally prepared since it’s connected to their identities. The shock might affect their performance in Arcana Duello. Despite this warning, the three of them decide to go to the tea party together. Sumire has predicted that they will come into the house and read the invitation together, so there must be something important the three of them need to know.

On May 17, Felicita accompanies Liberta as he challenges Dante on a duel. Just like what she told him before, real men talk with swords after all. Dante agrees on the condition that he will seal Liberta’s Arcana power completely if he wins, but Liberta doesn’t give up fighting Dante and his bazooka. During the battle Liberta uses his Arcana to repel Dante’s attack, but he runs over to grab Dante’s hand before the latter falls off the ship. Even though Dante tells him to let go, Liberta manages to pull him back up saying he doesn’t want to be protected all the time. He wants to protect everyone too, and that includes Dante.

Realizing that Liberta has grown both in power and mental, Dante finally laughs saying he lost this duel. Liberta has surpassed him, and Dante knows the reason behind his growth must be Felicita — which makes Liberta blush saying it’s “everyone” and not just her lol. Dante tells him to be prepared if he wants to protect Felicita, and he should put enough effort that can match that determination. Because Mondo will be there as their opponent in Arcana Duello.

Aside from Dante, the whole intelligence division is actually interested in Liberta’s relationship with Felicita as well. Before Liberta goes on a date with Felicita on the 19th, Nino asks about how far did he go with her. Obviously Liberta blushes like a tomato at the question and blurts out that they have passed the “holding hands” stage (because he hugged Felicita in that cave lol), but this causes him to feel really nervous during the date. When he grabs her hand out of impulse, Liberta quickly apologize and lets go, but Felicita only asks “why did you let go?” xD She holds his hand asking if he hates it, and he blushes saying he doesn’t. Then he smiles and says he won’t let go of her hand for the rest of the day. (❤ฺ→艸←) When Liberta returns to the port at night, Nino congratulates him for the “progress” LOL.

On May 20 — the day of the secret tea party — Felicita comes to Sumire’s room with Liberta and Nova. There they learn that similar to Felicita’s “The Lovers”, Sumire can talk to the cards with her “Judgement” Arcana. She gained this ability 13 years ago, after Felicita woke her up from her comma. Sumire doesn’t know why the three of them have their stigmata ever since they were born, but “The Fool” told her this: “I was drawn to the one who has ‘The World”s blood.” Yes, Liberta is actually related by blood to Mondo. His grandson, to be exact. Sumire is actually Mondo’s second wife, and Liberta was born from the son he had with his deceased first wife. Obviously the three of them are shocked by this revelation, by Liberta says he has no hesitation anymore. Felicita, Dante and everyone else are always here to support him, so he will continue walking forward.

However, Mondo suddenly collapsed the next morning. Jolly and Dante tell everyone that it’s only fatigue and Mondo will recover if he gets enough rest, but they all know it’s not the real reason. Mondo is running out of power, and the key to heal him is on Felicita’s hands. At night, “The Lovers” talks to Felicita in her dream. While “The Lovers” doesn’t really drain her spiritual like most the other cards, “Wheel of Fortune” is different and requires a certain compensation on top of taking a lot of power to use. “The Lovers” doesn’t want to lose Felicita as its holder, so now it wants to make a deal with her. In return of erasing the other compensation seeked by “Wheel of Fortune”, “The Lovers” wants Felicita to deepen her bond with people. In other words, love. It’s the identity of “The Lovers”, and love can’t be formed just by Felicita alone.

Since Felicita is still worried about Mondo, Liberta takes her for a walk the next day. He tries to cheer her up by pulling their cheeks, and Felicita eventually tells him about the dream. When he heard the word “bond”, Liberta realized that Mondo is holding Arcana Duello to help her form that bond. He also knows that “The Lovers” was talking about someone important for Felicita to share her heart with. Liberta then says that Felicita is an important person to him, but when she blushes saying she’s happy.. Liberta realized what he just said, turns bright red, and runs off in embarrassment lol. This isn’t something he can tell anyone easily, so Liberta spends the next few hours running around the mansion like a fool that he is. Eventually Sumire captures him, and upon hearing that Liberta’s confused about Felicita and not because of his newfound relation to Mondo, she tells him to ask for Mondo’s advice.

The moment Liberta enters his office, Mondo knows he wants to talk about Felicita. He wants to hear Liberta’s feelings, so Liberta honestly admits that he wants to help her. If she needs a person to form the bond with, then he wants to be that person. She always helps him when he’s feeling down, and now it’s his turn to help her. Liberta’s words remind Mondo of Joshua, his deceased son, and that’s when he realized that Liberta is indeed his grandson. Now as a grandfather, Mondo only has one piece of advice: “do what you want to do, and your path will open!” Liberta already has the determination, so all he needs to do now is to reach his goal — there’s no need to worry at all. Before leaving Mondo’s office, Liberta says he’s going to win if they meet each other in the tournament. Mondo smiles saying he’ll look forward to it.

On May 26, Liberta invites Felicita on a date to cheer her up. They spend the day eating pasta, window shopping, capturing Fran (Federica’s cat) again, and Liberta takes Felicita to the ship to enjoy the sea breeze on sunset. As they watch a big ship sailing away from the port, SS Arcana suddenly shakes and Felicita falls into Liberta’s arms. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Following Mondo’s advice, Liberta follows his heart and holds Felicita’s hand. He tells her this should be the bond “The Lovers” was talking about, and he wants their hearts to grow even closer from now on. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Liberta almost confesses, but then he blushes and changes the subject towards Arcana Duello instead. They’re both participants, and Liberta doesn’t want to lose to her. While Felicita fights to open her own path, Liberta will fight for her freedom. Protecting her isn’t his only goal, because he wants to walk beside her forever.

Two days later, Liberta helps Felicita to collect some seashells for Jolly. He finds a beautiful shell and goes to pick it up, but then he slips and both of them end up falling into the sea water instead lol. When their clothes finally dried up at night, Liberta hands the beautiful shell from earlier to Felicita. The color of the shell is similar to Felicita’s hair, and it would be a waste to give such a pretty shell to Jolly. Liberta then asks Felicita to make a wish to the shell, but he keeps his own wish a secret from her: “I hope Ojou wins Arcana Duello!”

On May 31, Felicita finds Liberta talking to Dante in the training ground. She goes over asking if he made any plans with Dante, and Liberta tells her it’s about his birthday party. Liberta never knew his parents and Joshua left Mondo when he was only 12, so Mondo doesn’t know much about Liberta either. However, he knows that Liberta was born on May, and Dante promised to throw a birthday party for Liberta next year. Felicita says she wants to celebrate Liberta’s birthday too, and Liberta gets excited thinking of his birthday party next year.

At night Felicita hears that Mondo’s condition is dropping, and following Sumire’s suggestion, she uses “The Lovers” to see Mondo’s dream. A long time ago, Mondo led his men to defend Regalo from the invading alliance army. He used “The World” to wipe out all of their enemies, but sadly the power also killed all of his men except for Jolly — who was near death as well. Mondo has been controlling all the empty cards so other people won’t have to suffer through the same fate, and it’s up to Felicita to release him from the pain he’s been enduring for such a long time. “The Lovers” also tells Felicita that “Wheel of Fortune” purely depends on luck, so she should use its power only when she’s ready to take the risk.

After talking to Sumire, Felicita finds Liberta outside the mansion. He can’t sleep thinking about the tournament tomorrow, and he tells Felicita to do her best too. He trusts her, so she should believe in him as well. Tomorrow they’re going to fight their way through Arcana Duello, and they promise to see each other in the final.

On June 1, Arcana Duello finally starts in the colosseum. Liberta’s opponent in the first round is Mondo. Instead of using their weapons, Mondo and Liberta start punching each other until one of them goes down. Mondo tells Liberta to give up since it will be less painful for him, but Liberta keeps standing until he finally knocks Mondo down with his Arcana flames. Mondo is someone he needs to surpass for Felicita’s freedom, and there’s no way he’s giving up before he proves those words. Liberta’s last punch is filled with his feelings for everyone, especially to Felicita, and those feelings reached Mondo’s heart properly. Mondo then laughs and admits his defeat to Liberta. Just as they promised, Liberta moves onto the finals to face Felicita.

Even though Felicita is already free now that Mondo has been defeated, Liberta wants to see her grow even stronger. He attacks with all his might, but eventually Felicita wins the battle by dodging every single one of Liberta’s attacks — including the giant Arcana meteorite he called from the sky (  Д ) ゚ ゚ — and counters the attacks with her knives. Liberta goes down with a big grin on his face, and Felicita is announced as the winner of Arcana Duello.


After the tournament, Liberta takes Felicita to SS Arcana and tells her about the small islands surrounding Regalo. There’s a lot of strange creatures out there, and next time he’ll take her to explore those islands with him. Liberta then says his dream is to grow stronger and travel to a new land someday. He wants to see the world, meeting new people, seeing new things, and maybe even finding his own island.. and when that time comes, he wants Felicita to stand by his side. He needs her, because she’s a part of the future he desires.

When Liberta asks her to give him an answer, Felicita smiles saying she wants to stay with him too. As he hugs her in his arms, Liberta tells Felicita that he won’t ever let her go. Then he finally says “I love you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Now that Felicita is standing on the top of the family, Liberta will become a man who can proudly stand beside her. He’s going to grow even stronger than she is, and he promises that she won’t regret choosing him by creating a happy future for them. So Felicita should be prepared!


A few days after Felicita’s victory in Arcana Duello, she goes to the beach with Liberta. They happily pick some seashells together, while Luca is watching them from afar with teary eyes lol. Luca is worried since Felicita chose “The Fool” out of all people, but Dante tells him not to worry. Liberta has grown so much stronger in the last two months, and he treasures Felicita more than anyone else. Everything will be alright. Well.. maybe. Liberta then hugs Felicita from behind, thanking her for choosing him. Without her, he won’t be standing here today. If it’s with Felicita, Liberta can grow stronger to be a man who’s worthy of her love. Soon they can hear Pace’s voice calling them, and Liberta takes Felicita’s hand — yelling “I love you!” as they run towards their friends.


Felicita lost to Liberta in the final. Mondo grants Liberta’s wish to cancel her marriage plan, but Liberta refuses to become the new Papa. He admits he’s in love with Felicita, but he wants to get her with his own effort.. not as a victory reward. Time passed and Liberta’s still spending most of his time around Felicita. One afternoon he brings her to SS Arcana, where she asks if he’s not regretting his wish to Mondo. Liberta answers he doesn’t regret anything. He doesn’t have any intentions to let her go, and someday he’ll make Felicita turn around and look at him. All she needs to do now is to look forward for that day to come.

Seriously.. why so cute, Liberta? ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ This is such a great route to start Arcana with, since it has a lot of comedy and cute romance packed into one. Definitely one of my favorites. My only complaint would be the lack of kiss romantic CGs, but I’m willing to let it slide because Liberta is so adorable. His blushes always make me go ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ without fail, and the contents of his heart amuse me to no end. From his Arcana it’s pretty obvious that Liberta is a fool, but that’s what makes him so adorable. Even after playing all the routes, Liberta is still my favorite up until the end. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

If you’re confused about the main route, I’ll write a separate post for it once I’m done with the guys’ routes. Personally I didn’t find the story confusing at all. It was easy to digest even from the first route, but it might help to play the normal ending first. :3


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  1. Awww, Liberta is adorable and funny at the same time! The Arcana meteorite part was a bit random, but I like it! 8D Still, why is there no kiss CG? I’m sorry to say this but, even though Liberta is cute, I can tell he’s not going to be my favourite and it’s not because of Pace.

    • The meteorite is like his Arcana’s final killer move lol. Everyone else have one too. It’s okay, people have different tastes after all. xD; Is Pace your favorite right now? A lot of people seem to love Luca.. and I do too lol.

      • Well, I feel biased saying that Pace is my favourite just because his seiyuu also plays Gin-chan. I like Luca a lot as well, however I’m not much of a fan of the whole master-servant (assistant) relationship. I think my favourite is Jolly based on looks (minus the cigar part)…ah…but Pace’s voice…

        • LOL. Jolly is my favorite too appearance-wise. He almost kicked Liberta of my #1 place, but I love Liberta and his teenage hormones a little bit more than Jolly. I should be done with Pace’s post by tomorrow or Monday, so look forward to that. xD

    • Yea Arcana is a nice game. It’s not too deep in terms of story, but there’s a lot of comedy and cuteness. x3 But most of all, I think people love Arcana because of the “moving comics” concept. It’s a fresh new system in the otome world. xD

    • …yes xD;
      Half-aunt to be exact, since Felicita and Joshua are half-siblings. Pace is also a very distant relative of Felicita’s, and Debito said he might be related to her family too somehow.

  2. I love Liberta’s character development in his story. ( ´ ▽ ` ) He always move forward. I’m impressed with that.

    From reading this, I did notice that it lacked romantic CGs. I hope the other routes have a moderate amount of love scenes.O(≧∇≦)O

    By the way, it’s my first time replying via WordPress so I’m quite worried. >w>;;

    • Don’t worry, your comment’s perfectly fine. :3

      I love Liberta’s development too. “The Fool” is growing stronger as his story progresses further, and I like that shounen manga-ish character development. 8D Sadly there’s not too many romantic CGs in Arcana.. because each character only has 13 CGs including repetitions lol. I wish they’d make a fandisk with more romance scenes. ;___;

      • It’s been a long time since I’ve read such character progress. |D Awww! But I’m fine seeing them in action too. I wish for a fandisk with more love scenes too. ;w; I think it also has a good reception in Japan? So I guess they might make one.

        • Yea Arcana receives good reviews in Amazon JP, so I hope they really make a fandisk with better writers / more romance scenes! 8D ..and speaking of goods, they’re releasing an official fanbook too in December. *looks at wallet* .. ;__;

          • Woot~ I love that. For an otome game, how many months does it take to announce that there will be a fandisk? I didn’t noticed during Starry Sky pfft.

            If only I can understand paypal more… OTL I seriously need to have my own bank account so I don’t have restrictions when buying stuff. ;A;

          • A few months after the release date. Fandisks are usually released around a year after the original game, so yeah looking forward to next year. xD I think honeybee announced the “After” series around 2-3 months after ~in Winter~’s release.

            Yes you should open your own bank account and make a credit card if you want to do otome shopping, but be careful not to spend to much. 8D

  3. I just finished Clock Zero and I’m starting on Arcana Famiglia right now. Thank you for your reviews, now I can at least know which game I would probably like and which wouldn’t ▽・w・▽ I love the game so far, it’s just hilarious!

    Dante: Furthermore, there was a report that just came that said that “while he was looking for the kitty, he made such a demon-looking expression”. It would have been better if you could be more gentle toward animals, you know?

    Nova: ….This and that. Those are 2 different stories, right?

    Liberta: This guy was just born with that scary face.

    OMG Liberta was just so.. blunt. And the way Dante brought that matter up was just LOL. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Great job on the review as always! (even though I skipped to the final thought to avoid spoiler… gotta play this fast. ;__; )

    • The punishment scenes are hilarious lol. Liberta is honest and blunt by nature because he’s “The Fool”, but he also acts that way towards Nova all the time. xD; He’d mention Nova’s short stature too at every chance he gets lol.

  4. His grandson, to be exact. Sumire is actually Mondo’s second wife, and Liberta was born from the son he had with his deceased first wife. Obviously the three of them are shocked by this revelation,

    This ruined SO MANY THINGS (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻

  5. Lol Liberta, Jolly and Luca are my fav too xD (Mainly Liberta (\(*_*)/))~ Ahhhhh i wanna play this too but i cant read Japanese (>;___;|||<)

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