Arcana Famiglia – Nova

Since Nova shares some events with Liberta, I decided to do his route next. He’s the tsundere of the game, so expect a lot of blushes and denials. Also, Nova’s 2 cm shorter than Felicita lol.

Felicita’s cousin. 15 years old. Nova is talented in so many areas and takes his job as the head of “Cups” seriously. Both Mondo and Sumire trust him a lot for this reason, though he’s rather thorny towards Felicita. Nova was actually engaged to Felicita when they were small, but he called off the engagement after a certain accident. Despite his serious and uptight personality, Nova actually has a childish side that just attracts people to pick on him. Including the members of “Cups”, who are usually serious like him. His weapon is a Japanese sword.

On April 5, Nova saves a cat before it got trampled by a carriage. The cat follows him back to the mansion, and Felicita helps him to catch the cat when it runs around. They managed to find the owner (Federica) by using Felicita’s Arcana, but that night Nova gets a punishment for (1) trying to return the cat to the dangerous streets, and (2) chasing the cat with a demonic face lol. While Nova thinks it’s irresponsible to keep the cat without giving proper care and attention, releasing the cat back into the streets isn’t exactly responsible either. Nova’s punishment is to sing the intelligence division’s anthem, and he’s actually did great.. until Felicita comes into the room clapping her hands. xD That blows away Nova’s cool side instantly, and he screams in ultimate horror as he tries to escape reality lol.

The next morning, Mondo orders Felicita to work with “Cups” from now on. She needs to gain more experience in order to lead “Swords” properly, and the reliable Nova is a prime example of a good leader. At noon Felicita joins their patrol to the market, helping Nova to do his job of maintaining security in Regalo — including taking care of a skirt chaser, searching for people who are willing to keep the stray cats, as well as helping Liberta capturing a freeloader. By the end of the day Felicita can see why the members of “Cups” respect their leader so much, and Nova blushes when she thanks him for today. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Nova always takes his job as the leader of “Cups” seriously, even though the patrol ends with him bickering with Liberta as usual lol.

On April 13, Felicita joins “Cups” during their patrol again. The skirt chaser from before, Javier, is causing a ruckus by pickpocketing in Debito’s casino, and he’s not alone today. It turns out that he’s actually a member of Auger Bianco — another mafia family in the island. When Nova comes to stop them, the long Japanese sword on his waist attracts their attention right away. They laugh saying a Japanese woman like Sumire doesn’t know anything about Regalo, and it enraged Nova so much he draws out his sword to attack them. Nova tells his subordinates to evacuate everyone in the casino, but Felicita stays to help him fight Javier and his friends — kicking their butts for insulting her parents. She gets hurt trying to protect Nova though, and he treats her wound while grumbling that he can protect himself.. but then he also apologized and thanks Felicita for shielding him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

Before leaving the casino, Nova tells Felicita what he thinks about Arcana Duello. Nova thinks Mondo has doubts in Felicita to be his future successor, and so he opens the tournament for that reason. Felicita is still inexperienced in so many areas, but Nova admits he still have a lot to learn too. Such as controlling his emotions whenever someone insults Mondo and Sumire, just like what the Auger Bianco guys did earlier. Nova wants Felicita to work hard to answer everyone’s expectations, and she nods in agreement.

One week later, Sumire summons Nova and Felicita to ask about the latter’s progress at work. When Sumire mentions about the time when they were still engaged, Nova recalls the first time he met Felicita and her family. He was welcomed warmly, and Felicita even baked a lemon pie for him with Luca’s help. It was the first time Nova ever felt the warmth of a family. However, Nova quickly drops the subject with a sad look on his face. Before he leaves, Sumire reminds him about “something” he left in their hands a long time ago. Sumire says Nova can take it back anytime, but he remains silent and excuses himself.

Later on, Nova sends Felicita to inspect Jolly’s lab. From the family’s cash flow report, Nova is suspecting Jolly of using their fund for something else. Of course he doesn’t want to doubt a family member, so he wants Felicita to clear that suspicion. Unfortunately for them, Jolly can read through their plan. Knowing that Nova will get mad if she returns with empty hands, Jolly hands some “random” documents to Felicita as the proof that she really did her job.. but those documents aren’t so random after all. They’re actually medical records of Nova’s parents — Moreno and Nicola — who both fell into a comma 7 years ago because of a disease. Nova is shocked since it means Jolly has been monitoring his parents’ condition, and he tells Felicita that the disease was only a cover. Because Nova was the one who put them to “sleep” with his Arcana. Now that Felicita has learned the truth, Nova asks her to leave him alone for now.

On April 25, Jolly calls everyone for an emergency at night. Some pirates have sneaked into the island and caught an important person as their hostage: Nova’s father. Obviously Moreno won’t be able to escape since he’s still in a comma, and Jolly wants everyone to wait until he gives further command. Nova was planning to follow the order despite his worries, but when Liberta and Felicita convince him to save Moreno together, he gives in and goes out to the port with them. In order to open their path, Nova uses his Arcana to put all the pirates to sleep. It’s draining his spiritual power though, and their time is limited since the effect of “Death” wears off if Nova loses his consciousness. Not too long after Felicita and Liberta fought against the masked man on the ship, Nova finally faints in the port. The other family members take care of the pirates, but the three of them have to spend one night in the prison as the punishment.

Four days later, Felicita is still concerned about Nova and his parents. When she goes to ask him directly, Nova decides to take her to see his parents — both asleep in their own mansion. Since Felicita is a relative, Nova thinks she has the right to know the truth. He explains that his father is Mondo’s older brother, but he wasn’t chosen by any of the cards and lost his position in the family. In order to maintain their connection to the family, Nicola tried making a contract with Tarocco as well, but “Death” chose the baby in her womb instead.

When Nova was born with the stigmata, Moreno and Nicola did their best to raise him. Both of them were really strict and kept saying it’s for his own sake, but they only wanted him to join the main family and take over the top position someday. Nova’s engagement to Felicita was a part of their plan too. At first Nova thought his parents love him despite their treatment, but he was hit by the harsh reality upon seeing Felicita’s warm family. His parents never loved him at all. They were only using him as a tool to conquer the main family. One day Nova overheard his parents plotting to murder Mondo and Sumire, and this caused his Arcana power to go out of control — putting his parents to sleep ever since. Even thought Nova thinks he did the right thing, Felicita notices that he looks sad.

Just then Jolly comes into the room, explaining that he’s actually helping the doctor in charge of Nova’s parents. After all, their comma was caused by Tarocco and not by a normal illness. Nova doesn’t like that he’s using them for his research though, so Jolly calmly says he’ll leave for today. However, he also mentions that there might be a way to wake them up.. and he’s willing to cooperate if Nova needs his help. This throws Nova into a confusion because a part of him is afraid of his parents, while the other part is unsure about letting them sleep forever. Since Nova needs time to think about this, Felicita decides to leave him alone. At least for now.

On May 4, Sumire invites Nova to have tea together. When she asks about his parents, Nova admits that he tried looking for a way to wake them up before. He couldn’t find anything, and a part of him was actually relieved that they will remain asleep. Knowing that Nova is confused, Sumire suggests him to ask Felicita for some advice. Felicita gets pissed when Nova answers with “we won’t be able to understand each other”, so Sumire sends them outside to talk about this calmly. At first Nova keeps insisting that he doesn’t need her sympathy, but Felicita says she only wants to help. When she asks him to look for a solution together, Nova finally gives in and says she’s right. For now they should find a way to wake his parents up from their long slumber, and he can think about the decision later. Feeling grateful to Felicita, Nova tells her to talk to him if she has any worries. He’ll help her out, just like how she’s helping him right now.

Five days later, on May 9, Sumire takes out her old kimono for Felicita. Since both Felicita and Nova have learned how to play Japanese instruments from Sumire, they decided to do a small performance to entertain Mondo. It’s been quite a while since the last time they performed, but Mondo is impressed with the combination of Felicita’s bamboo flute and Nova’s shamisen. In fact, their performance is so awesome it attracts the other as well. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* That night, Nova tells Felicita that she did a good job today. Performing with her makes him feel calm, and he blushes saying he wants to perform together again someday. (*´ω`*)

After capturing a thief on May 16, the member of “Cups” are praising Felicita for doing a great job. Nova isn’t amused and tells them Felicita is only here because of Mondo’s order, so they start teasing him by asking if he’s jealous.. until eventually Luce stops them saying “don’t tease Nova-sama! he’s only a novice in love!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Of course they’re all supporting his relationship with Felicita, and they’re ready to answer any questions if Felicita wants to know more about him. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ They’re willing to give Nova all kinds of love advice too, just like supportive “big brothers” lol. In order to bring them closer, everyone decides to leave Felicita alone with Nova — who’s blushing like a tomato beside her. xD

Nova then takes Felicita to a cafe, where they receive a “lover’s chocolate” in a box as a gift for ordering sweets. The box reminds Nova of a certain “something” Sumire mentioned before, which turns out to be Felicita’s engagement ring. A long time ago, Moreno and Nicola scolded Nova for not protecting Felicita properly when they were playing. Not because they’re worried about Felicita, but because they’re afraid her parents will cancel the engagement. Nova was crying alone in the garden when Mondo found him, but unlike his parents, Mondo told Nova not to apologize. His daughter is a tomboy and got hurt pretty often, so it wasn’t Nova’s fault at all. After thanking Nova for helping Felicita, Mondo gave him an engagement ring in a box and told him to give it to Felicita someday — as her future husband.

However, Nova returned the ring after his parents fell into their deep slumber. He can’t forgive himself even though it was an accident, and he doesn’t think he has any rights to be Mondo’s son-in-law. Recently Mondo and Sumire handed the ring back to him though, so Nova wants to think carefully about the meaning behind their action.

The moment they leave the cafe, Nova suddenly feels dizzy. He keeps coughing too as Felicita helps him walk to the plaza, and eventually he collapses with a high fever. Thankfully it’s only fatigue since Nova has been working too hard recently, and he should recover soon if he gets enough rest. Late at night Nova feels a comfortable warmth enveloping him, and he wakes up to find Feicita sleeping by his bedside — holding his hand all the time. He smiles and wonders why she’s doing all of this just for him. Is it because they’re childhood friends? Or because of another reason? (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Nova blushes and panics when he remembers about what his subordinates said, and Felicita soon wakes up upon hearing his voice. Before Felicita returns to her room, Nova shyly apologized and thanks her for helping him today. He can feel his face burning up, and he knows it’s not because of the fever. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

On May 22, Felicita and Liberta come to disturb Nova at work. Nova needs a break every now and then, so they drag him outside despite his protests lol. Of course Nova keeps resisting at first, but he gives in upon hearing that Felicita is really worried about him. The three of them go to the beach, where they see a lot of tourists with their families. Since Liberta seems curious about his family, Nova then tells him everything about his parents. Liberta is obviously shocked that Nova has been carrying such a painful past, and he asks why Nova never told him about this. When Nova says it’s got nothing to do with him, Liberta punches him in the face saying it sure does. They’re a family, and he doesn’t want Nova to suffer alone.

Liberta’s fist actually clears the doubts in Nova’s head, and he realized that he wants to face his parents properly. All this time Nova was afraid that they’d treat him like a tool again, but the current him will be able to take that much. In the last 7 years he has made bonds with a lot of people, and he’s not alone anymore because Felicita and the entire family are always there for him. Felicita always believes in him even when he’s losing faith in himself, so Nova decides it’s finally time to settle things with his past.. by waking up his parents.

Since Joly is a troll and wants Nova’s parents to remain asleep for another 30 years, Nova is planning to ask for Mondo’s help instead. He tells Liberta and Felicita this is an issue he needs to settle by himself, but he smiles when Felicita says they will come whenever he needs them. Here Liberta says Nova and Felicita are really close, which causes Nova to turn red again as he walks away from the beach. xD

On May 28, Nova comes to visit Felicita in her office. He’s going to Mondo’s room now, and he wants Felicita to watch him up until the end. When they see Mondo and Sumire in their room, the first thing Nova does is to apologize. His power went out of control to save them, but he put their family member to sleep in return. When Nova bows his head down asking for a way to wake them up, Mondo also apologized since they actually do have a way.. but he didn’t tell Nova since it’s quite risky. Nova’s Arcana power has grown so much during the past 7 years, and he might be able to wake his parents up by using his Arcana power on them once again.

Mondo can strengthen Nova’s Arcana power with “The World”, but it will put a lot of pressure on Nova’s body. It’s not 100% guaranteed that his parents will wake up either, since there’s always the risk of failure. In the worst case possible, Moreno and Nicola won’t ever open their eyes anymore. Whether he wants to take the risk or not, Mondo leaves the decision in Nova’s hands. Nova doesn’t want to lose to his own Arcana, and he finally decides to take the risk.

After Mondo amplifies his power, Nova takes Felicita to his parents’ house and uses “Death” on them once again. Just as Mondo predicted, the power puts a lot of pressure on Nova. He starts screaming in pain after a while, so Felicita hugs him from behind and uses “The Lovers” to help stabilizing “Death”‘s power. Soon they notice a change in the way Moreno and Nicola breathe, so Nova decides to stay and see the result when morning comes. Felicita wants to stay with him too, and she pulls out a blanket so they won’t get cold at night. (*´ω`*)

Snuggling so close to Felicita makes Nova nervous, and when he asks her to say something, she goes “do you have anyone you love?” (❤ฺ→艸←) Nova blushes and says he likes people with deep culture like Sumire.. but then he adds that he doesn’t hate “hardworking and nosy” person either. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Felicia asks if he’s referring to her, and she falls asleep on Nova’s shoulder when he’s still busy denying the statement. xD Soon Nova falls asleep too, and he meets his parents in his dream. Both of them can hear Nova’s voice during their long slumber, and after learning how much their son love the family, they finally realized their mistake. They apologized to Nova before he wakes up, and when morning comes, both Moreno and Nicola finally open their eyes.

Realizing that he won’t be able to go this far without Felicita’s help, Nova says he’s indebted to her. They still have other things to take care of (e.g. Arcana Duello), so the only thing he can say to her right now is “Thank you, Felicita.”

The next day, Nova invites Felicita to eat some sweets in a restaurant. There’s a new menu in the restaurant, and he wants her to come along since it’s embarrassing for a guy to enter the place alone. When their order came, Nova asks if Felicita wants to eat his cake.. and she asks him to spoon-feed her. Felicita blushes when Nova really tells her to open her mouth, but Nova doesn’t stop and tells her to eat it quickly since it’s embarrassing. ♡(。→∀←。) After leaving the restaurant, Nova apologized for asking her out so suddenly today. Felicita smiles saying it’s okay, and Nova says he wants to eat sweets with her again sometime, if she doesn’t mind. If you peek into Nova’s heart here, he’s thinking that Felicita is “as sweet as a cake”. xD

On May 31, Nova plays the piano in his office just for Felicita. She’s impressed by his musical talent, and he explains it was a song written by his mother. His parents might have lost to their greed in the past, but Nova believes that they’re not bad people. After all, Nicola can compose such a beautiful song. He feels nostalgic whenever he plays the song, so probably his mother wrote and often played it when she was pregnant. While Nova feels grateful to Felicita since he grew stronger with her help, he won’t go easy on her in Arcana Duello. He’s going to fight with all his might tomorrow because he doesn’t want to lose to anyone. Or rather, because he doesn’t want to leave Felicita in someone else’s hands. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

At night Felicita finds Nova in the garden, and he invites her to sit beside him. Nova admits that he’s been relying too much on everyone up until now, so tomorrow he’s going to say goodbye to his current self. He wants to prove himself before proposing to Felicita, and he believes she will give it her all as well.

Arcana Duello finally starts in the colosseum the next day. Nova’s first opponent is Sumire, the person he respects the most besides Mondo. He was always jealous of Felicita for having a loving family, but from now on he wants to start over with his own parents.. and that’s why he needs to break through the wall by defeating Sumire — his “ideal mother” — here. It’s the first time Nova swings his sword for someone else’s sake, and it was Felicita who gave him a reason to fight. Nova finally defeats Sumire by enhancing his sword with his Arcana power, and Sumire asks him to take care of Felicita before she collapses. Nova promises to win and make Felicita happy with her own hands, and he moves forward to face Felicita in the final.

During their match, Nova admits that there are two reasons why he envies Felicita. The first one is because she has a warm, loving family, and the second is because she stands on her own feet without relying too much on their love. Nova then uses his Arcana to put Felicita to sleep, but even though it worked on her at first, Felicita’s determination guides her to snap out of the dreamland. She counters the attack with her knives — defeating Nova after knocking his sword off his hands. Nova admits defeat with a smile, and Felicita is announced as the winner of Arcana Duello.


During the celebration party at night, Nova finds Felicita in the garden — avoiding the crowd. He invites her for a walk saying there’s something he wants her to know: “the fact that I love you.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ He turns red when Felicita blushes, saying it’s embarrassing for him too. Nova promises that he’ll grow up into a man who can make her proud, and surpassing her height is included in his future plans. xD By then Felicita will be the one confessing to him, because he’s going to make his love mutual. Felicita has grown into an such excellent leader for the family, and Nova will support her as the head of “Cups” until she returns his feelings. Nova then kisses Felicita on the cheek, swearing his loyalty to her forever.


After the tournament ends, Nova returns their engagement ring to Felicita at night. Of course Felicita is disappointed, so she cries, kicks him, and walks away. During the celebration party, Mondo announces Felicita as the new head of the family. Mondo then asks Felicita to give her greetings to everyone, but Felicita decides to be awesome by saying “if Nova doesn’t say he loves me, I refuse..” ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ She might be the new leader, but she’s still a girl in love after all. After hearing Felicita’s public confession, Nova finally walks up to her and says that he loves her too. Nova admits that he wanted to hand the ring when she returns his feelings, so he finally puts the ring on Felicita’s right ring finger — with everyone cheering in the background. As for her left hand, he’ll save it for their wedding ring. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.


Nova enhances his sword with his Arcana power, and Felicita lost the match upon taking the hit. Nova becomes Mondo’s successor and takes the top seat, but there’s one thing he wants to hear before taking Felicita as his bride — will she protect Regalo and its people with him? That’s his only requirement. Of course Felicita accepts since she loves the island as well, and Nova finally gives her their engagement ring. They’re still engaged for now because he wants to be a man who deserves the top seat first before marrying her, but he has no intentions of letting her go. Someday they’re going to become the new “Papa” and “Mama” of Regalo. Now for his first order as the new head of the family, Nova sends Liberta, Luca and Debito — who were eavesdropping from outside — to clean the island for an entire week lol.

After playing Nova’s route, I can understand why everyone loves picking on him so much. His reactions are always so cute despite his serious personality. (。→∀←。) It’s partly because he’s a tsundere, but it’s his surprisingly childish side that makes Nova adorable. I love the story too since Nova and Felicita makes a really cute couple, though sadly some scenes feel a bit “flat” compared to the others. For example, the resolution scene with Liberta was really good.. but the one with Felicita made me go “that’s it?” lol. I still find the route enjoyable despite the flaws though, and his ED 2 is really sweet so I will forgive the lack of kiss CGs. xD


16 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia – Nova

  1. Nova is so cute~ Like I mentioned before, I’m not of a tsundere fan, but he’s adorable! Wow, “sweet like a cake”? xD Interesting choice of words. I love the part in Ending 1 where Nova mentions his plans on surpassing Felicita’s height. However, Ending 2 is the best. Go Felicita for being awesome!

    Ah, so Jolly’s a troll. He kind of gave off that vibe.

    I’ve never said this before. But I’m really grateful to you and your reviews! You are doing a great job!

    • Thank you! I do my best to post the details. :3

      That’s because Nova loves sweets. In the daily conversation, there’s a scene where he buys sweets in town and hides his shopping bag when Felicita walks by. xD

      ..and yes Jolly is a troll. He doesn’t appear much in Liberta’s route, but he trolls almost everyone. Especially the childhood friend trio lol.

  2. I will try to look at this game more. Thanks for your review. Reading at the conflict there (about cash flow report) make me interested because I’m studying that.. Haha.. What a weird reason. I’ll wait for Jolly’s review because I like his cool appearance, even if he’s not appear much..

    • Oh right, you’re a management student right? xD
      Jolly doesn’t appear much in Liberta and Nova’s routes, but he’s the main antagonist (?) in the childhood trio’s.. so he’ll start appearing in Pace’s route. :3

  3. I find them as an adorable couple yes. Their childhood is cute. Pfft and that surpassing her height part. It’s my first time to see a guy who is (slightly) shorter than the protagonist. XD

    I’m having a hard time to like Nova as a character though. I know he’s tsundere, but still I find him sad (?) Mainly because of his conflict with his parents, however I like how he became brave enough to face it.

    I’m starting to love Felicita as a character too. She’s not dense and naive. She’s not a pain to the guy, rather she’s really helpful and understanding.

    *sighs of relief* I feel like commenting at every guy’s route on this game because seriously I love it. *Q*

    • It’s probably because Felicita is taller than most otome games heroines in general. xD Usually we have like 155+ cm girls, but Felicita here is 165 cm lol. Poor Nova. That 2 cm difference must hurt his pride as her fiancee. 8D

      I think Nova is one of the characters that sort of blends into the background in Arcana. Everyone else are mostly wild and alive, so the calm Nova doesn’t really stand out when he’s not in berserk mode and curses people to be Jolly’s octopus or something. I still find him cute and make a nice couple with Felicita though. :3

      You should get Arcana when you receive your PSP! 8D

      • We have the same height. xD At least it made her having long legs more reasonable than the most otome game protagonists out there lol.

        I did notice the wildness of each character in Arcana except for Nova. Ah true, since the two of them along with Liberta are in the same age group. So so cute~ And here I’m thinking that Jolly is at his late 30s (?) I think that’s the reason they made his age unknown.

        Yes yes! I want to play Arcana (PRIORITY), Gekka (will let my friend play it until she drops dead), and UtaPri Debut (I think my mood for it will come back once they gave out more updates about it).

        • Those long legs are powerful enough to kick everyone’s sorry butts. 8D

          LOL are you sure you wanna know Jolly’s age? xD
          The one who knows his real age is probably Mondo, since Jolly himself refuses to answer. In the omake when you ask about his age, he only said he forgot since it’s been such a long time.. but he’s probably older than Dante. Who’s 38. LOL. I think he’s somewhere between late 30s to early 40s, since Mondo mentions that Jolly is around the same age as Joshua.. and Joshua’s son is already 18 lol.

          *stops self from babbling about Jolly*

          You won’t play the original Utapri? :3
          But yea you watched the anime and spoilers of the game are flying around everywhere, so you can probably enjoy Debut without playing Repeat. xD

          • Indeed. I wish there will be more heroines like Felicita in the future.

            LOLOL It’s okay~ Tell more Jolly stuff to me lol. Even if he’s old, he still looks hot. <3

            Nope, because I'm too excited for Debut to come out and yeah since I can see UtaPri spoilers almost everywhere. Not that I'm completely a spolerphobe though. 8D

  4. Wow your fast ^^ I saw 2 summaries from you . And Nova, I totally adore him (being tsundere is a plus lol). He is so cute and I heart his ending 2. xD

    Thank you again for the summary :D

  5. Thanks for this review =3
    I’m playing this game now and started with Nova’s route ^^ he’s so cute!! :3
    But I didn’t get much about that “heart” thing though .–.’
    What it is about? Do I have to use them whatever I like or something else?

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