Arcana Famiglia – Pace

Moving on to the childhood friends trio, I decided to start with Pace. It’s because someone said a bit Pace’s past is shown in Debito’s route, but no.. you should do Debito first for better flow.

Pace is the cheerful head of “Wands” and also the Executive Head Assistant. When Dante is away sailing the seas, Pace takes care of the family members and their relationship with the people of Regalo. He has the wisdom but lacks the knowledge, so in the end he always relies on his fists whenever things get out of control. Pace’s life can easily be divided into three big sections — work, food and fun. He’s a glutton who loves lasagna to death, and he even uses food-related pickup lines to hit on Felicita. An expert in martial arts. 25 years old.

Even though both “Wands and “Cups” are in charge of security, Pace takes a rather unusual approach. Felicita first learns about this when Pace invites her to join “Wands” on their patrol, and their first destination turns out to be a restaurant — where he orders 30 plates of lasagna for everyone. At noon they capture a bread thief and a man who ran away without paying for his food, but both have their own reasons for stealing. In order to erase those reasons, Pace buys so much bread and food for them until they’re stuffed.. and this is how he usually solves things. With food LOL. Felicita is impressed that he cares a lot about the people of Regalo, but she’s definitely not amused how Pace puts everything on his tab. xD;

As if that’s not enough food already, after work Pace takes everyone to the bar and orders a mountain of food for them — offering Felicita to eat a slice of pizza from his lips. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン The bar owner seems troubled with Pace’s increasing debt though, and Felicita agrees to help him out. By the end of the day she receives Pace’s total bill from the bar owner, and she gives him a nice spin kick on the gut upon seeing the number of digits. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Felicita joins “Wands” on their patrol again the next day, but before Pace can increase his (still unpaid) debt, she goes inside and takes out the bill for him lol. Felicita continues doing this in all the restaurants on their patrol route, and as the result of her lack of mercy, Pace can only buy 3 plates of lasagna that evening lol. While he never realized he ate (and piled up his debt) that much, Pace takes responsibility by paying for everything. The poor guy has no money left, not to mention he couldn’t eat anything at all during today’s patrol. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ He’s thinking of avoiding Felicita during patrol from now on, but she can read mind and asks Nova to keep an eye on him. Tough luck, Pace. xD

On April 14, Felicita finds the members of “Wands” preparing some ropes in the port. They tell her it’s sort of an “event”, and soon Pace appears to take the center spotlight by pulling a huge sunken ship from the bottom of the sea. (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Today they’ve got a nice catch, and Pace has more power than usual because Felicita is watching — cheering him on by saying “Pace! Let’s eat after you’re done!” lol. It turns out that Pace and his men often do this every once in a while. They get some funds from all the treasures inside, and cleaning up the sea from sunken ships also prevents those ships from crashing onto the island. Plus, the residents are always entertained with this event. Everyone is satisfied and keeps cheering for Pace, but suddenly a man named Albert — the future mayor of Regalo — shows up to crash their party.

Albert wonders why Pace keeps doing foolish things like this, saying he’s not supposed to be a person who does this kind of job. Pace calmly says they have different views about “jobs”, and besides.. he doesn’t belong to “that place” anymore. It completely belongs to Albert now. Albert isn’t satisfied and leaves saying “I’ll drag you back someday”, but Pace only stays quiet for a while before returning to his usual smile. When Felicita asks about Albert, Pace answers they had a “rotten, inseparable relationship” and quickly changes the subject. Before she can ask him anything else, he takes everyone to eat some lasagna to forget about the unpleasant meeting with Albert earlier.

The next day, Felicita finds Pace and his men doing yet another sunken ship hunt. They got a lot of treasures yesterday, but Pace used up all the money to pay off his debts.. and to have more feast last night. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Even though they can’t find any sunken ship today, Pace finds a beautiful brooch and puts it on Felicita’s clothes as a present. (*´ω`*) The member of “Wands” start teasing them by saying they look perfect together, but since this is Pace and not Nova.. he blushes and asks if he should get her a ring next time. キャ—(*ノ∀ノ)—!! Now that he already gave the present to Felicita, it’s time for another lasagna party in the restaurant! \(^o^)/

On April 18, Luca takes Felicita, Pace and Debito to pick some herbs in his secret greenhouse. They do this every year in Spring, but it’s the first time Felicita joins them. After going throug a series of traps along the way, Luca tells Pace and Debito to help him collecting the herbs. As for Felicita, her task is to sort out all the herbs they collected on the ground. Instead of doing their job, Pace starts hitting on Felicita saying she’s the tiramisu of his life. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Obviously Luca gets jealous and stops Pace from flirting with his beloved ojou-sama, and this eventually results in Pace slapping Luca’s back to cheer him up.. which sends the latter flying towards Felicita and knocks all the herbs on the ground lol.

Pace apologized, but that night he gets a punishment for this — getting tied onto a chair while watching Luca and Debito eating a delicious lasagna in front of his eyes. Things doesn’t go as planned though, since Pace then goes berserk and breaks the rope, jumps onto the table, and bites everything in sight. Including Debito’s arm and Luca’s hat LOL.

On the night of April 23, Dante sends Pace to attend a party in the mayor’s mansion along with Felicita. While he’s happy to get a date with Felicita, Pace doesn’t seem pleased about dealing with the aristocrats. Just before they enter the mansion, Pace’s suddenly says his stomach is hurting and tells Felicita to go on ahead first. Sadly Felicita receives poor treatment from Albert and all the guests inside — just because she’s not wearing a dress. Albert doesn’t know her real identity either, so he starts insulting her by saying Mondo only sent an insignificant “maid” tonight. He also laughs at Felicita when she says she doesn’t know how to dance, but that’s only until Pace appears and leads her to dance with him.

Unlike his usual appearance, Pace is wearing a neat suit tonight. Everyone keeps calling him “Pace-sama” as well.. because he’s actually the eldest son of the mayor. Albert is his younger brother. After formally introducing Felicita to the public, Pace tells Albert not to judge a book by its cover and leaves. Albert keeps saying that his home is here in the mayor’s mansion, but he only replies with “I’ll choose my own home” before walking out the door with Felicita.

As they walk back home, Pace explains that aristocrats always judge people by their looks. They also think they’re standing above everyone else. Even though he’s a nobleman himself, Pace hates dealing with them because of this reason. He truly cares about Regalo, so such formalities are not important to him. Earlier he wanted to shut them up by showing up with the proper attire, but he also feels bad for leaving Felicita alone. When Pace says they should eat something before going home, it reminds them about his stomachache from earlier. Which is obviously a lie lol. He tries to cover it up in a panic, but it’s too late. Felicita already realized it was all just an act, and she gives him another nice spin kick on the butt. xD

A few days later, Pace and Felicita go out to do a delivery. At first Pace was planning to take a shortcut, but he cancels the plan upon seeing Albert talking to the Auger Bianco guys in a back alley. He tries to forget about this, but later on they see Albert again a restaurant. Pace doesn’t want to deal with Albert no matter what, so he quickly shoves Felicita outside saying the restaurant is full. He takes her home instead, saying he’ll give her some sweets later for his apology. However, Pace is actually curious since Albert seems to be wandering around in town a lot recently.

While the party didn’t leave a good impression on Pace, there’s one thing that got stuck on his mind — the song that was playing when he danced with Felicita. On April 29, Felicita finds him humming the song in the garden. Pace suddenly feels like dancing upon seeing her, and they start dancing together until Felicita feels dizzy lol. Unlike Pace who had to take dance lessons when he was small, Felicita’s a natural when it comes to dancing. Pace admits that he actually hates dancing, but he finds it fun to dance with Felicita. It’s such a waste that nobody knows her talent, so Pace invites her to join another party sometime. Felicita can show people how good she really is at dancing, and they can take the spotlight together. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

On May 1, Felicita receives an invitation from Albert. He wants to talk about Pace in private, so she visits him the mayor’s mansion alone. From Albert, Felicita learns that Pace is actually the son of the mayor’s second wife — Caterina. She gave birth to Pace before Albert was born, and that’s the start of their misfortune. Both the mayor and Albert’s mother weren’t pleased that the eldest son was born from the second wife. Ever since Albert was born, his mother treated both Pace and Caterina like crap, while her husband coldly told Pace “if only you don’t exist…” (╯ ಠ益ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻

Caterina didn’t want her son to get involved in the royal dispute, so she took Pace to leave the mansion one day. They lived a poor life in the church nearby, but Pace was happy as long as he can stay with his mother. Unfortunately, Caterina caught an epidemic and passed away a few years later. None of the mayor’s family came to her funeral, and Albert takes Felicita to visit Caterina’s grave — a single, lonely grave that lies not too far away from the church.

Back when they were small, Albert always thought of Pace as his rival thanks to his mother’s fierce hostility. However, Albert realized something when he grew up. Pace has something he doesn’t have, and it’s an important quality a leader must have — the ability to attract everyone around him. Albert knows that Pace will make a better mayor than he does, so he wants Pace to return and take the position. Since Pace won’t listen to him, now Albert wants Felicita’s help in convincing Pace to come back. Felicita refuses saying Pace is already a part of her family, and soon Pace also appears to stop Albert from forcing Felicita any further. He tells Albert that “Pace the mayor’s son is already dead, and the current me is the Executive Head Assitant of Arcana Famiglia.” Then he takes Felicita home, leaving Albert before he can say anything else.

Even though Felicita says she doesn’t mind what Albert said, Pace can tell that she’s actually curious about his past. He apologized saying he’ll tell her everything someday, but for now he wants to forget about Albert and his family. Pace then asks Felicita to practice dancing again with him, and she agrees since she might have to attend formal parties and balls from now on. On their way home, Pace takes Felicita to eat some lasagna — paid in cash properly this time. He doesn’t want to make her angry, though he finds her pouting face cute. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪

The next day, Pace comes to visit Caterina’s grave with Debito and Luca. They’re surprised to find Felicita there, and Pace explains that today is Caterina’s death anniversary. She took care of the three of them when they were small, so they always visit her grave every year. It turns out that the reason Pace loves lasagna so much is because Caterima made the best lasagna in the world, and that’s why he’s dragging them to eat lasagna today. In fact, Pace is going to feed Debito and Luca with lasagna until they cry lol. Felicita agrees saying she wants to hear more stories about their childhood, and they leave for the nearest restaurant. Pace notices a bouquet on Caterina’s grave before leaving though, and he knows it must be from Albert.

On May 10, Felicita joins Pace, Debito and Luca as they entertain the kids in the church. It was fun until all the kids go home, but then Jolly appears just to mock them with his sneering laugh. Debito took the most damage since he has a personal grudge against Jolly, and this continues until eventually Pace gets tired of Jolly’s provocations. He can’t stand the sight of Jolly hurting his best friends, so he starts attacking Jolly and his alchemy shield. Obviously it won’t be that easy for Pace to hurt Jolly, and in the end he only ends up destroying the church into pieces.

Felicita eats lunch with Pace, Debito and Luca the next day. She asks if Pace always eats this much ever since he was small, and it reminds them of a “pizza accident” in the past. One day when Caterina was still alive, she made a pizza for them. Pace wanted to eat everything by himself, so he only gave small slices for Debito and Luca. They got into a fight and caused the pizza to fall onto the floor, and in the end they got scolded by Caterina for wasting food. She always taught them to treasure food, though Pace will probably still be a glutton even without Caterina’s words lol. Since they lived in a church, they also helped the priest to clean up the place everyday. Back then Pace broke a statue and escaped with Debito, so they had to face the priest’s wrath after Luca honestly apologized. xD

Pace admits life was hard for them after Caterina’s death, but right now he’s enjoying the best time of his life with the family. His wish is simply to stay here with them forever, working for the people of Regalo everyday. However, Pace knows that he won’t be able to stay this way forever. He notices that his power and appetite are dropping recently, though it’s probably not too noticeable since he went from 30 plates to only 10 plates a day. Both Luca and Debito find it hard to believe because Pace looks like a simple man who feels happy just by eating lasagna everyday, but Felicita can understand Pace’s feelings somehow. Despite his cheerful exterior, Pace has a lot of worries too.. like Albert and his family, for example. Pace is satisfied though. Felicita can understand him, while Debito and Luca are here with him — it’s more than enough.

After lunch on May 16, Debito notices that they’re being followed. His suspicion is proven true when the Auger Bianco guys suddenly jump out of the bushes to attack Pace. Of course Pace is ready to knock them out with his fists, but everyone is shocked when his punch can barely hurt his opponent today. His power won’t come out, and Pace feels he can’t control his power properly. Luckily Debito takes care of Javier and his friends, who then reveal that they were paid to murder Pace. The identity of their client remains a mystery, but Luca suspects it might be someone from the mayor’s family. Noticing that Felicita is worried about Pace’s body, Luca then tells her to ask Pace directly.

Later on, Felicita overhears Dante and Pace talking in the former’s office. Dante wants Pace to take over his position as the Executive Head since he spends most of his time sailing the sea, but Pace refuses saying he has “no future”. He doesn’t want to take a job with such a heavy responsibility. Pace then runs out of the room and notices Felicita standing outside, but he only apologized and asks her to forget what she just heard. Since nobody knows what happened to Pace, Felicita decides to ask Sumire along with Debito and Luca. Soon Pace comes to see Sumire as well, and Sumire sends them outside since this is something they need to hear from Pace himself. Even though he can’t run away anymore, Pace still insists that nothing happened to him.. and he refuses to say anything until Debito gets pissed and walks away. Luca quickly chases after him, leaving Felicita alone with Pace.

At first Pace tries to leave saying she’ll learn about the truth eventually, but he gives in when Felicita says she wants to know more about him. Not just as a family member, but more on a personal level. Pace then explains that because of the characteristics of “Strength”, he won’t be able to live past the age of 30. Earlier he wanted to ask Sumire about the reason behind his dropping power and appetite, but he knows the reason must be his Arcana after all. Since he only has a few years left, Pace doesn’t want any jobs with high responsibilities. Becoming a mayor or Executive Head will only feel half-hearted if he dies a few years later, but he wants to keep using his power to help the people of Regalo. Pace wants everyone to be happy even after he’s gone, hoping that they will always remember him.

Noticing that Felicita looks sad, Pace tells her not to worry. He already knew and accepted his fate since a long time ago, though he wants her to keep this a secret from Debito and Luca for now. Pace then tells Felicita to smile and leaves, even though it’s almost impossible for her to smile after learning about the truth.

On May 22, Felicita is worried sick about Pace. She runs out of the room when Luca mentions Pace’s name, and they eventually find Pace in an alley after he greets everyone he knows in town. He’s probably thinking of saying goodbye in advance, knowing his limit is coming closer. Soon Debito comes to join them as well, and they know something wrong is going on because Felicita is visibly worried about Pace. When Pace asks her to smile, Felicita clearly replies that it’s impossible to smile in this condition. Hiding things from Debito and Luca hurts Pace as well, so he finally gives up and tells them the truth. Of course they’re shocked that Pace has been hiding such an important thing from them, and Pace admits it’s because he didn’t want to make them sad. Here Debito reveals that the main source of their problems is none other than Jolly, though Pace stops him from bringing up the past in front of Felicita.

Pace then confesses that he’s in love with Felicita, but he’s planning to refuse the marriage if he wins Arcana Duello. He can’t promise a future with her. He doesn’t want to make her sad by taking her as his bride, only to leave her alone later after his death. When Pace says that he wanted to keep everything a secret until death comes to pick him up, Felicita shocks him by asking “we only mean that much to you?” Whether Pace tells them or not, it won’t change the fact that they will feel sad if he dies. Pace apologized for not realizing such a simple thing, but sadly it’s probably impossible to extend his limited lifespan. There’s still one thing he needs to do though — fix the church he destroyed back on May 10. The church holds a lot of memories for the three of them, and the kids will be able to play in the church again if they fix it.

After lunch Pace takes Felicita to Caterina’s grave, where they meet Albert again. Pace tells both Felicita and Albert that he felt powerless after Caterina’s death, and he’s been wishing to grow stronger ever since. It was painful to see his mother looking sad, so he started smiling all the time hoping everyone around him will feel happy. However, Pace forgot that those who are dear to him will be sad too if he dies. Especially if he just leaves them without saying any words — like what he was planning to do. It might easy for Pace to ask them to “smile”, but he finally realized this after hearing Felicita’s words today.

When Pace apologized to both of them, Albert tells him to show that apology through actions. Like coming back to see their father once every month, for example. After Albert leaves, Pace once again tells Felicita that he loves her. It might be selfish for him to confess to her, but he wants her to know how he feels. He doesn’t know when did he start falling in love with her, but his feelings for her has grown so strong that he’s starting to hate his limited time. (´;ω;`) Felicita looks sad when Pace says his confession might be troubling her, so Pace apologized with a smile and takes her home.

On May 28, Pace and the members of “Wands” start rebuilding the church. The kids are also helping out to clean the area, but an accident occurs when some of them start fighting near the construction materials. One of the kids got pushed by her friends and bumps into the stack of woods supporting the roof. Felicita rushes over to protect the kids, but sadly the roof then falls down — trapping her inside with the kids. While Pace’s power still won’t come out at first, the desire to protect the girl he loves eventually activates his Arcana power.. and he manages to lift the roof to save everyone trapped inside. Felicita hugs him along with the kids, and Pace feels really happy when she says she always believed that he’ll save them. Even when Pace is losing his strength, Felicita doesn’t lose her trust in him. Pace is relieved that she’s okay, but then he quietly whispers “maybe the roof falling down was a good thing..” ♡(。→∀←。)

Aside from his strength, Pace also got his appetite back. When Felicita and Luca make some lemon pies to show their gratitude, Pace gulps everything down in an instant — including her share of the pie lol. Felicita is glad to see him regaining his power though, and Pace is touched by her genuine concern. To return the favor, Pace then invites Felicita to eat some lasagna in a restaurant outside. Leaving poor Luca behind. xD At the same time in Sumire’s room, Jolly is complaining that his research produced an unpredictable result. Normally “Strength” requires its holder to pay the compensation, but the number and form of compensation it seeks from Pace suddenly changes. “Strength” itself is changing, and Jolly knows this must be the effect of Felicita’s “The Lovers”.

At noon, Pace tells Felicita that he got his Arcana when Jolly used him, Debito and Luca as his Tarocco guinea pigs. The stigmata was already on the back of his hand when he opened his eyes, but Caterina quickly dealt with the shock back then. Pace has no regrets though, since he can meet Felicita because of Jolly’s research. Even though he’s been trying to accept his fate with a smile, Pace admits that he doesn’t want people to forget him. When Felicita and the kids got trapped beneath the roof, Pace was really scared thinking he might not be able to see her again. He finally admits that he actually wants to keep living by her side, and he kisses her forehead saying he can’t hold back his feelings anymore.

Pace says he can’t do anything more than this for now because he doesn’t want to make her sad, but he wants to use his all of his power to make Felicita happy. If he wins Arcana Duello, Pace promises to give all of his remaining life to Felicita. When Pace tells Felicita to smile, “The Lovers” finally reacts to the bond they share.

On May 31, Pace invites Felicita to visit an accessory shop together. He got trampled by the crowd (read: girls) the last time he tried to get inside, but that doesn’t kill his curiosity lol. The shop is full of people too today, but Pace manages to buy a ring necklace for Felicita. As they leave the shop in the evening, he admits that he wanted to visit the shop just to buy a present for her. Last month he said he’ll get a ring for her next time, and now he fulfilled that promise. Since Felicita refuses to turn around, Pace then puts the necklace on her neck from the front. Seeing her happy smile makes him happy too, and he yells “I L-O-V-E Ojou’s smile—!!” on the streets. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

At night, Felicita finds Pace eating his heart out in the dining hall. Tomorrow Arcana Duello will finally begin, but Pace is more busy checking his breakfast supply instead lol. Pace then asks if Felicita is willing to listen to his wish if he wins the tournament: to eat her handmade lasagna everyday in his life. He also wants her to feed him directly, and Felicita blushes as Pace goes “please? pleeease?” beside her. (❤ฺ→艸←) Felicita says she’ll give him the answer after the tournament, which makes Pace even more pumped up to win. :3

Arcana Duello finally starts the next day, and Pace’s opponent for the first round is — just as expected — Jolly. Pace was a great research material because he’s a person who received an unfortunate fate because of his Arcana, but now Jolly can’t use him anymore because of Felicita and “The Lovers”. On top of provoking Pace both with words and alchemy, Jolly then uses “The Moon” to show Pace his worst nightmare — the moment when Felicita got trapped under the roof. Jolly was confident for a moment since his Arcana drives people to insanity, but Pace snaps out of the illusion upon remembering Felicita’s smile when he saved her. After telling Jolly to “shut up”, Pace uses “Strength” to break through Jolly’s shield and knocks him down in a single hit. Then he adds “It’s okay Jolly, I’ll live for a long time until my bad eyesight is cured.” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。.

Moving onto the fnal, now Pace has to face Felicita herself. While Pace wants her to win and grow even stronger, he knows she won’t be happy if he doesn’t give it his all.. so he’s going to fight her with full power. Somehow fighting Felicita makes him happy since she’s not going easy on him either, and he keeps yelling “I LOVE YOU!” as he throws his punches. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Back in the past Pace wanted power because he felt guilty for Caterina’s death, but now he wants to grow stronger so he can understand Felicita and everyone around him. Pace then uses his Arcana power and Felicita takes the hit, but she counters with her deadly kick and eventually defeats him — winning the match. As Felicita is announced the winner, Pace says he’s really happy to have a family.


Two months after Arcana Duello, Pace and Felicita have became lovers. He comes to wake her up with a cheerful “Ojou! I love you! Let’s eat lasagna!” everyday, and Felicita feels tricked since Pace’s sadness and pain all have vanished without a trace. xD Pace says he feels so much more comfortable around Felicita, and he jokingly pushes her down asking if she used “Wheel of Fortune” to lift his compensation. ♡(。→∀←。) Of course Pace’s love for Felicita also grows a lot stronger as they spend more time together. Back then he feels like yelling “you’re the gelato in my life!” at her from afar, but right now he can say the same thing from this close distance between them.. and he wants to get even closer to her from now on. Because he’s near-sighted, and if he takes off his glasses, he won’t be able to see her if they’re not staying close enough to each other. なんて言い訳. (❤ฺ→艸←) After saying Felicita smells sweet just like vanilla, Pace finally kisses her on the lips.


After the tournament, Pace and Felicita make their “vow” by cooking a giant lasagna together in the church. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ “Giant”, because the lasagna is as big as a small boat LOL. They can hear Jolly going “seems like your eyesight won’t be cured anytime soon” from the audience seat, but Pace decides to ignore him. xD Pace then turns around to Felicita and says he wants to make everyone happy. His happiness comes from seeing everyone’s smile, but especially if she’s the one who’s smiling at him. Pace asks what she thinks about his definition of happiness, but the answer is written clearly all over her happy face. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* In the background, Debito praises Pace’s smooth moves while Luca cries a river of tears at the sight of his beloved ojou-sama kissing Pace. ♡(。→∀←。)


Pace uses his Arcana to shake the ground, and Felicita lost the match. Mondo gives Pace the top seat and Felicita as his bride, though he’s clearly more excited about the second reward. He doesn’t know how much longer he can live, so he wants to get married and have children (or maybe even grandchildren) as soon as possible. His plan is interrupted by Luca though, who comes with a marriage certificate Pace made a long time ago — stating that he married lasagna when he was 8. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Luca won’t allow him to marry Felicita since he already got a “wife” inside his stomach, and Pace chases after Felicita when she runs away from the dining hall — yelling “marry mee—!!” along the way. xD

Honestly, why does Pace have such a sad fate? 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Ending 3 is the most comedic, but it also has a hint of sadness mixed in. During this route I kept thinking “Pace, why are you making me cry? You’re supposed to make me laugh!” the whole time lol. I’m so glad the other two endings are fully happy endings. Even though they never explained what happened to his “curse”, I just let my mind pick up the hints and take them towards the positive direction. As a character, Pace is adorkable beyond words. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ His romance scenes and even his duel with Felicita are really sweet, and his pickup lines are epic LOL. He’s definitely the tiramisu of Arcana Famiglia. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ Sugita did an awesome job voicing Pace!


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  1. Honestly, why does Pace have such a sad fate? << I think giving a limitation is the best way to say that Pace is not an overpowered character, and also to add more drama aside from the fact that his mother is dead.

    If ever they made a fandisk, I hope they could elaborate how they can remove Pace's "disease" because seriously I can't let an adorkable character like him die, ;w;

    LOLOL I love eating just like him, but then again I always complain if every time I can see an inflated belly. TTvTT

    I really want to play this game so I can more of Sugita's voice there. I'm curious on how he did Pace's voice here. Also, I think I forgot to mention that he's also in my seiyuu bias list. 8D

    • LOL yes. At first I thought his main conflict would be his family, but apparently not.. orz I think “The Lovers” already removed his curse though. Pace just doesn’t realize it in Ending 3 since his head is full of marriage. xD; But I know what you mean. I wish HuneX would make a fandisk to give more detailed explanations, plus more romantic scenes. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

      ..and when you put it like that, don’t you envy Pace because he can eat that much without getting fat? I know Jolly is at least curious about the secret of Pace’s stomach lol.

      You can listen to Pace’s sample voice in the official site, but it’s MUCH better to hear it in-game. Seriously, Sugita did an awesome job and I can’t emphasis that enough. xD;

      • You just mentioned about “The Lovers”, I quite don’t understand the effect of “Wheel of Fortune” More romance FTW! Also I want to have detailed explanations for this route and for Liberta’s route since I’m wondering why would the latter’s parents leave him alone like that. QwQ

        Pfft yeah! I want to have an abnormal high metabolic rate like his so I don’t have to exercise. 8D *lazy*

        That’s what I meant; the one in-game. Good thing the official site is not as stingy as ehem… (you know what I’m talking about) when it comes to voice samples. |D

        • Just as the name says, “Wheel of Fortune” changes people’s fate. More about this on Luca’s route later, since Felicita uses it both on Luca’s route and on the normal / best ending route. :3

          LOL you should wait until December then. It’s just a month away from now. xD ..and you’re right, HuneX actually put quite a lot of voice samples. Unlike a certain developer we know lol.

          • Ohh…. I see now. I can’t wait to read about Luca’s route. *Q* I’m looking forward for your Debito post too.

            True true~ XD I think most sites put three voice samples, however I was both surprised and happy when I saw that there are five. LOL yeah, if I recall correctly in *ehem* they only put one voice sample? Yeah…

  2. I’m so happy I’m not the only one who fell in love with Pace! Just like you said, Sugita was awesome doing his voice. I loved whenever Pace did impressions of the other characters (especially Luca’s “Ojou-sama, Ojou-sama~”) with a shrill voice and I found him shouting silly things all the time really cute.

    I was a bit sad not to find out if he was completely cured or not, but in the end all of the endings were sweet. 5 years isn’t really a short time either if you think about it!

    • Oh God Pace’s impersonations were GOLD lol. I absolutely love how his voice changes from high to super low as he impersonates Luca and Felicita after they visit the greenhouse. xD Aside from his silly shouts, Pace’s greetings are the best too: “Let’s eat lasagna!” instead of “Good morning / afternoon” lol.

      I was a bit sad too about that part. I wish they’d make things clearer to complete the “happy ending” mood, but oh well.. Even if the curse isn’t lifted, I hope Pace and Felicita live a happy life together for the remaining 5 years. ;___;

  3. Great review! It deserves a LASAGNAAAAA

    I haven’t read the other ones since I still have to do Liberta and Nova’s routes, but I love this game.<3 I do wish they make it a bit longer, including the present sections :V

    Pace's curse was so sad and unexpected, I'm gonna believe that it was lifted in the end. ;v; End 3 was so funny lmao I wondered how Luca found that marriage certificate…guess we can't underestimate him. XD;;;

    • /eats a lasagna 8D

      Seriously, Arcana deserves as much love as possible. I love all the characters, and lol the reviews are long because I wanna put everything in. xD; Yes it’d be so much nice if they make it a bit longer.. especially the presents, since they’re taking quite a while to announce the passwords. ;__;

      My mind refused to believe that Pace still had the curse, so I’m with you on this. 8D LOL Luca is willing to dig through their old stuff just to crack Pace and Felicita’s marriage plan. But WTF Pace you love lasagna up to the point of marrying it? xD;

  4. M-married to Lasagna…I’m sorry, I think I just broke something from laughing so hard.
    This seems to be a rule in otome games, really. Cheerful guys must have the saddest fate or whatever.

    Anyways, I haven’t played the game yet (FInal Fantasy is eating my brains orz and with Maren Rokukishi coming I don’t know when I will xD), but dunno, Pace seems my favorite so far! I hope his curse got removed in the end. Poor kid deserves a happy happy ending! And eat lasagna with Felicita and his children everyday~~

    • The wedding vow was like “I, Pace, shall take lasagna as my wife, and I will continue eating lasagna for the rest of my life.” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Same here, I wish he can eat lasagna with Felicita and their children for a looong time~ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

      Are you busy with type-0? Some of my friends also ditched otome games to get absorbed. xD Please share your opinion of Maren Rokukishi when you’re done with it later! Seems like only a few people get excited for this game, so I wanna hear opinions and reviews first before deciding to play it or not lol.

      • Yeah I’ve been kinda busy with Type-0. In my case is not like I’m ditching otome games, I’m just taking a break since nothing really caught my eye back then xD. On my 2nd playthrought now yay. Almost finished! /keeps getting trashed cause she fails at level grinding

        From what I’ve seen I think I’ll like it (art + cute boy with Kaji’s voice = sold). Definitely going for Sionna first xD I need some more Kaji in my life.

        • LOL. Good luck with type-0! xD
          ..and omg I never noticed Kaji is in Maren Rokukishi /fails
          The cast is fantastic. I’m slowly giving in since some of my favorites are in that game lol.

      • Okay, then. Let’s try this again!

        Kyaaaaa~ Pace, I LOVE YOU!!! I love Sugita’s voice a lot, too. Pace doesn’t deserve such a fate; he’s too adorkable!!! TT^TT I was getting extremely hungry just by reading this post. Yay for kiss CGs!!!

        Wow, both Pace and I are major lasagna lovers…and we eat a lot. Married to lasagna? xD As expected of Pace, but I don’t think his “wife” is inside his stomach any longer…probably went somewhere else.

        • Exactly. Thinking about Pace always makes me hungry, and I’m craving for a good portion of lasagna recently lol. I think his “wife” is still inside his stomach though, since this guy eats lasagna everyday without fail. A lot of them. xD; He probably gulps down another 30 plates of his “wife” before it can go away from his stomach lol.

  5. I think I love all the guys in this game lol. Pace you are so funny, I’m laughing so hard when he went berserk for Lasagna.

    I agree they should explained or give a hint that his curse will be removed or something. The ending is happy but its kinda bittersweet for me since he only have 5 years isn’t?

    • LOL that punishment scene is epic. It totally backfired. xD
      I think Pace’s curse is lifted by the end of his route. I mean, “The Lovers” reacted to their bond.. if it’s not lifting Pace’s curse then I don’t know what’s the purpose of that scene lol. I wish HuneX would really make a fandisk to clarify things. 8D

  6. Clap ur hands cuz I just FINALLY finished this cuz I play like 3 different games at the same time cuz I made myself vow not to touch my new heart no kuni no Alice game till I finished all my others so yay for me only two more games to go!!!!!!!!!

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