Arcana Famiglia – Debito

Just like what I said before, you might want to do Debito first for the childhood friend trio. This route gives more details about their past with Jolly, and things will be much less confusing. :3

The 23 year old leader of “Coins”. Debito has a bad mouth, but he’s really good at taking care of other people. Because of his personality and “dangerous” looks, Debito is very popular with the ladies in Regalo. While he often flirts with all the girls he saw, his real interest actually lies in gambling and seeking thrills. His specialty is to observe people and find even the smallest hints of reaction from them. The members of “Coins” share similar hobbies with their Capo, and they often ask him for hints and tips to deal with women. Debito wields dual guns in battle.

Since Felicita has been stressed ever since Mondo announced Arcana Duello, Debito invites her to visit his casino, “Isis Regalo”, for fun. Luca and Pace are guarding her because she’s still underaged, though it doesn’t take long until they got hooked on the roulettes lol. Felicita is interested in “Coins” at work though, so Debito then decides to show her their job by running a card game as the dealer. Soon a female swindler named Milena (who also tricks Jeremy, one of Debito’s subordinates) sneaks into the casino to look for a new victim, and Felicita chases after her. Debito uses his Arcana to capture Milena from behind, but she escapes after luring Felicita under a falling wooden board. Of course Felicita feels bad for letting her escape, so Debito tells her that her own safety is more important to him. They can leave Milena for “Cups” to take care of. When Felicita says she wants to use her Arcana power smoothly like Debito, he smiles saying he’ll take that as a compliment. Before returning to work, Debito gives Felicita a new ribbon and tells her to smile.

On April 11, Debito looks gloomy and wanders off alone before dinner. Later on he comes to join Felicita and the others at the bar, but he keeps spacing out until the waiter stumbles and accidentally splases wine onto his clothes. Even though the waiter apologized and wipes the stain off his clothes, for some reason Debito suddenly goes berserk — laughing like a maniac as he throws off everything around him. Felicita tries to stop him with her kick, but it doesn’t work. Nobody can stop Debito from going wild. Eventually the members of “Coins” come into the bar with some information about Milena, and after throwing some plates at them, Debito finally calms down. He tells the waiter to send the repair bill to the family mansion later, and then he quietly follows his men outside. Noticing that Felicita is still shocked, Pace asks her to forgive Debito’s sudden rampage. He should be back to normal tomorrow.

The next morning, Felicita goes to visit Debito in the casino. He knows that she’s curious about what happened yesterday, but he doesn’t want to tell her anything. Instead, he distracts her by teaching her how to do a dealer’s job. Apparently Felicita is a natural in gambling too, since she can read people’s expression easily while maintaining a poker face. That, and her Arcana will surely help to detect cheaters. Debito jokingly invites her to move to “Coins” and she says she’ll think about it, but then he notices that she’s worried about him. Debito walks Felicita back to the mansion at night, and they meet a worried Luca who mentions that Felicita went out so early in the morning just to see Debito. Felicita smiles at Debito before going back to her room, leaving him to think that her smile is quite deadly.. though she needs a few more years before she can charm him.

On April 22, Felicita participates in Piccolino with Debito, Pace and Luca. It’s an event run by the family, where they gather the kids at the church and have fun together. Today Debito tells the kids a story about a “moon demon” who has a “shining right eye”, who took a small orphan as his slave when the orphan went to the church. Of course most of them are scared since Debito is wearing an eyepatch, but some of them are actually excited lol. They also meet a thin boy named Elmo who said his heart always go ドキドキ whenever Felicita is nearby, but when Felicita agrees to meet him again, Debito tells her not to make promises so easily. Elmo looks so thin, pale and sickly that Debito thinks he probably doesn’t have much longer to live, so making a promise to meet again might be impossible.

Even though Debito also entertained the kids by playing soccer with them, that night he gets a punishment for (1) scaring them with the demon story, and (2) not controlling his bad mouth in front of the kids. Luca and Pace force him to drink a tea that makes people speak politely, but they’re completely creeped out when Debito turns into a serious, polite workaholic LOL. Luca immediately runs off to make the cure, while Pace cries at the sight of the calm Debito — both unaware that it’s actually just an act until his speaking habit returns to normal. xD

The next morning, Liberta and Nova are both extremely pissed since Debito made fun of them during breakfast. They flat-out refuse Jolly’s request to bring Debito to his lab, so Felicita has to do the task alone. She lures Debito out of hiding by wondering “should I ask Debito out on a date?” out loud, but he doesn’t want to see Jolly no matter what. Debito then takes Felicita on a real date in town, though he suddenly gets pissed when Felicita asks what he did to Liberta and Nova earlier. He admits the sight of the carefree Liberta and Nova irritates him, and even more so when Felicita starts talking about another guy(s) in front of him. Losing the mood for a date, Debito then changes their destination to the bar instead.. where they find a sad-looking Milena sitting on the dark corner.

Thanks to Debito’s research and Felicita’s Arcana, they figure out that Milena actually needs a lot of money to visit a man in Arte — the capital of art four days away from Regalo. Her family is pretty violent, so she doesn’t know any methods to gather money other than swindling. Her father has been keeping an eye on her recently, so she can’t do anything at all.. which is why she’s now here looking gloomy. Milena apologized for troubling them, but Debito says “Coins” will help her with the travel fund. Even though she caused trouble in their casino before, they will always help a lady in need. Felicita also agrees to cooperate, and Milena thanks them for supporting her love life. The sun is already setting when they leave the bar, but Debito walks away and leaves Felicita to go home alone. Because he doesn’t wanna be caught by Jolly.

While Milena doesn’t give them any details about her family, it’s brought to surface on May 1. Members of Auger Bianco suddenly come to the mansion in the morning, demanding the family to release their “Lady Milena”. Or else they will declare a war against Arcana Famiglia. Felicita goes to wake Debito up since he’s the main cause of this commotion, but apparently seeing a lady’s face when he wakes up doesn’t help improving Debito’s bad mood today. While Debito’s getting ready to go out, Felicita notices an old picture of him with Luca and Pace. Debito flips it down quickly saying Luca was the one who put it here, and he tells Felicita to leave. “Coins” is taking over Milena’s case, and he won’t hear any complaints from her.

Felicita is still concerned about Debito’s reaction the next day. She finds Pace after patrol, but since he knows what happened and tried to run away.. Felicita throws her knives, kicks him, and forces him to spill the beans lol. Pace then takes Felicita to the church, where he tells her about Debito’s past. Pace knows he probably shouldn’t tell her about this, but it can’t be helped since Debito won’t ever tell her. Debito’s parents died when he was small, and he was taken in by the church. Back then Pace was also living in the church with Caterina, though she soon passed away as well due to an epidemic. Not too long after Debito started living in the church, he was forced to make a contract with Tarocco.. through Jolly’s experiment. Pace also went through the same experience, but Debito has been holding a grudge against Jolly ever since.

Just before Pace tells Felicita about “The Bell of Atri” — the story Caterina used to read before their bedtime — Debito appears to stop him from revealing more things. He’s been tailing them right from the start, and he’s pissed that Pace is telling Felicita about his past. Since Pace runs away in fear right after that, Debito explains to Felicita that “The Hermit” conceals himself from people’s sight. It’s useful, but he’s not happy at al to receive this power. Debito then points out that whenever he says he wants to kill Jolly, he’s not joking. He’s serious, and he’s going to do it in Arcana Duello. Before Felicita can say anything, suddenly Milena comes in looking for both of them. Her ship to Arte is about to depart, and she’s here to say goodbye.

On the way to the port, Debito explains that Milena is actually the youngest daughter of Auger Bianco’s boss. Her father arranged a marriage for her, so she rebels for the man she loves in Arte. It seems like Auger Bianco will crumble without Milena, so Debito took care of things by taking them under “Coins”‘s wings — creating a new bond between the two families. Before leaving Milena tells Felicita to treasure the person she loves, though Debito laughs saying it’s still to early for Felicita to understand. Someday she’ll grow up to be a nice lady like Milena, but the current her is just a kid in his eyes. Later on Debito asks Felicita to forget about his past, but then he gives up when Felicita says it’s impossible. He admits it’s not bad to have a person to share his past with, though he doesn’t want to hear this subject again in the future. Debito then says it’s the end of their “date”, and he leaves Felicita again to resume work.

On May 6, a bored Debito asks Felicita out on a date. Dante promised to make a floating casino on a ship for him before, so today he’s taking Felicita to do a survey on SS Arcana. Obviously Dante’s crews are protesting, but Debito tells them not to worry. There’s no way he’s going to use a stinky, 男くさい ship like this for his new casino LOL. Debito starts wondering about the type too — should the stay move or just stay in one spot? When Felicita says it might be better to have a fixed spot, Debito is impressed that she’s thinking of the family’s finance as well. It’s going to eat more cost if the ship moves around after all. Once his floating casino is finished, Debito is going to invite Felicita to stand beside him for the grand opening.

On May 10, Felicita joins another Piccolino in the church. They have fun with Luca’s pidgeon magic (read: alchemy) during the event, and they also reminisce about about the past after all the kids go home. Debito, Pace and Luca spent their childhood cleaning the church together, though they often played hide and seek before they’re done. However, Jolly soon appears to mock them with his trademark cynical laugh. Sensing a strong killing intent coming from Debito, Jolly tells him to strengthen his mental power first. Use Felicita if he must. That’s the only way to improve Debito’s power, though Jolly knows he doesn’t have the guts nor courage to do it. Before attempting to kill Jolly, first Debito needs to do something about that unnecessarily high pride of his.

Jolly also mentions that he knows Elmo. In fact, it was Elmo who told him about Debito’s “moon demon” story — which turns out to be a story of Jolly and Debito in the past. The unfortunate kid who became the demon’s “slave” was actually Debito himself. Sadly there’s nothing Debito can do in this situation. He only grits his teeth in frustration as Jolly throws more insults at him, but eventually Pace gets tired of Jolly’s provocation. He charges to punch Jolly for hurting his best friend, and this results in him destroying the church into pieces. The place holds a lot of memories for the three of them, but at the same time it has been trapping Debito in the past as well. Now that it’s destroyed, both Pace and Jolly think Debito should be free from one of the “restrictions” that binds him to Regalo. Felicita is pissed and tells Jolly not to decide everything for Debito, but Jolly only leaves after telling them to “behave normally” in front of the others.

The next day, Felicita goes into the woods looking for Debito. He’s been skipping work for the last few days and doesn’t come to the casino, so Roro wants Felicita to deliver a letter to him. Debito’s expression instantly darkens upon reading the letter — which is actually an invitation from Jolly. Since Felicita already knew half about his past, Debito finally decides to tell her the other half. He takes of his eyepatch and reveals that he actually has an amethyst artificial eye on his right eye. The reason why Debito often takes naps is because he can’t handle his own Arcana power properly. It’s unstable, and this amethyst eye helps in both stabilizing and also amplifiying his power. However, it also causes him tremendous pain every night. Debito only wants to be free from this torture, and yet Jolly keeps getting in the way with “The Moon” — showing Debito repeating nightmares of the time when he got the amethyst eye implanted.

Debito never wanted any Arcana power, and yet he was forced to deal with it along with the compensation. In order to be free, he needs to remove Jolly out of the way. It’s his last attempt to resist too, since he doesn’t know what he’s going to do after that. Despite Debito’s words, Felicita can see that he actually doesn’t want to take any revenge on anyone. Realizing that she’s been reading his heart, Debito asks her to understand and not get involved any further. He only wants peace, and Felicita should just leave him alone if she can’t give him that much. If you look into his heart here, a part of him says “don’t read my heart, leave me alone” .. while the other one says “look at me only, don’t leave me alone”. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Soon Liberta comes looking for Debito, delivering the message that Jolly is calling him. Debito throws a stone at him as the reply, and he climbs back up onto a tree instead. It turns out Jolly keeps looking for Debito every now and then to adjust his amethyst eye, which is also one of the reasons that ties Debito into Regalo. He’s not going to see Jolly though, so he asks Liberta to take Felicita back into the mansion and resumes his nap. Even Liberta notices that Debito is behaving strangely. He’s always been foul-mouthed and loves teasing people, but he used to be a lot calmer until recently. Debito asked Felicita to keep it a secret though, and so she only stays quiet.

On May 16, Dante and Debito are having an argument over the latter’s health. Staying healthy is a part of their job, and yet Debito hasn’t been sleeping properly and keeps skipping meals as well. Soon Debito notices Felicita passing by, and he escapes from Dante’s lectures by taking her out on a date. Today he takes her to Federica’s shop, where he picks some accessories for her. Debito notices that Felicita isn’t happy though, because she knows he doesn’t put his heart into his words and actions. He admits that he doesn’t care about anything anymore at this point, but realizing that she’s starting to understand him even without using her Arcana, Debito sadly wishes that Felicita can see through his pain and desires as well.

When they return to the mansion, Felicita tells Debito to sleep already since he looks tired. He needs her help in order to get a peaceful slumber, so he takes her to his room and asks her to lay beside him in bed. He promises that he won’t do anything weird though. He keeps seeing nightmares when he’s asleep and feels pain when he’s awake, so right now he only wants to feel comfortable.. at least until he falls asleep. To make Debito feel calm, Felicita then hugs him and pats his head — just like how Sumire used to hug her. This is the first time a woman ever pat his head, and Debito says it doesn’t feel bad. As he pushes Felicita onto the bed, Debito admits that he always thought dying would be so much easier, but right now he doesn’t want to think like that anymore. He tells her she smells nice, and then he falls asleep hugging her.

Soon Luca comes in and screams at the sight of his ojou-sama in Debito’s arms, but thankfully Debito already feels a lot better thanks to Felicita. When Felicita tells him to sleep properly from now on, Debito asks if she’ll come to sleep with him again if the pain returns — much to Luca’s shock and Pace’s amusement. Debito also jokingly asks Felicita for a kiss, and poor Luca goes ガ—Σ(´д` lll)—ン!! when Felicita blushes and looks away LOL. That night Debito makes up his mind, and he goes missing ever since. Felicita spends the entire week looking for him, but he’s nowhere to be found.

On May 25, Felicita comes to the casino searcing for Debito, but the members of “Coins” return the question at her since they haven’t seen Debito at all today. She goes to ask Federica next, but even the casino regulars have no idea where he is. Felicita finally finds him at night, when he uses his Arcana power to sneak into her room. She asks where did he go recently, but he only says he didn’t go anywhere. He just.. disappears, and now he comes here because he wants to see her. By reading his heart, Felicita can see that Debito is torn between getting his revenge on Jolly or not, but she doesn’t stop him. She only tells him that he doesn’t have to lie anymore, both to her and to himself. After putting a flower on her hair, Debito sighs and says he’ll forget about revenge. The days he spent with Felicita were fun, and he doesn’t want her to be sad.

However, Debito has a nightmare again when he goes to sleep. In his dream, a woman says she wants to “erase any person who has the chance” and Jolly is laughing calmly beside her. The identity of the woman remains a mystery up until the end though. (´・ω・`A;) The darkness in Debito’s heart instantly takes control, and he gets pissed when Luca refuses to cooperate with his revenge plan. It’s not that Luca doesn’t want to help, but because nothing will change even if Debito manages to kill Jolly. They won’t be released from their pain, and Debito won’t get the “peace” he keeps looking for.. but sadly Debito is too angry to understand at this point. The next day Felicita finds Debito in the forest, shooting targets with his guns. He only says he doesn’t like directly stabbing his targets with sharp weapons, and he tells her to go home without explaining anything to her.

Two days later, Felicita receives a letter from Milena. She has reached Arte safely and met the man she loves, so she’s returning the money they lent to her. Milena also sent them a pot of candies from Arte, asking Felicita to share it with the members of “Coins”. Sadly, Debito has gone missing again and his men have no idea where he is right now. This is the first time he takes such a long absence from work, so Felicita agrees to help them search for their Capo. After spending the whole day examining every nook and cranny in town, Felicita finally finds Debito in the tower. He’s surprised and tries to escape, but she quickly pins him onto the wall with her knives. Felicita shows him the candies Milena sent them, but then she quickly moves them away from Debito’s hands, telling him not to disappear anymore. Debito shows her a sad smile and says he’ll take the candy after everything’s over. Then he says goodbye and hides himself with “The Hermit” again.

Since talking to Debito is useless, Felicita then goes to talk to Jolly. He knows it must be about Debito, and he decides to do an “experiment” by saying he’ll take a walk in the garden tonight. Knowing that Debito is listening to their conversation somewhere, Jolly quietly passes a note to Felicita — telling her to watch from the shadows tonight. Just as expected, Debito appears to attack Jolly at night. It turns out that Debito can only stay awake for a few hours now, since he refuses to let Jolly adjust his amethyst eye. Debito doesn’t care though, as long as he can get a few seconds to kill Jolly. Sadly Jolly also has a backup plan they didn’t expect — Elmo is reflecting Debito’s bullets from afar, attacking him with a crossbow at the same time. Felicita comes out of her hiding to help Debito, but they couldn’t point out Elmo’s location. Elmo’s arrow rain continues until Debito shields Felicita from a stray arrow.. which strikes him directly in the amethyst eye — shattering it into pieces.

Felicita sends Fukurota to call for help as Debito is screaming in pain, but by the time Luca and Pace arrive, “The Hermit” is already broken. Debito doesn’t have any consciousness anymore, just like an empty doll without a soul. All that’s left for him is to have “The Hermit” consume him completely. Jolly says Debito was the one who chose this outcome, and he leaves saying it’s too bad he lost a research object. Pace then carries Debito into the church, and Felicita stays beside Debito until Luca eventually comes at night — bringing a peridot artificial eye. He made it out of leftover materials hoping it can restore Debito’s soul, but sadly nothing happens since Luca’s alchemy skill couldn’t rival Jolly’s. However, “The Lovers” is still here to help. When the three of them pray for Debito’s life to be saved, it reacts to their bond and releases its power. The sound of bell is heard, and the next thing they see is Debito opening his eyes again.

Before Debito can remember what happened, Felicita cries and hugs him. When Luca tells him that his stupid revenge plan ended in a failure, Debito apologized saying his biggest failure is to make Felicita sad. Pace and Luca are shocked when Debito honestly says he missed their “stupid face”, but Debito himself also realized something has changed inside of him. The rotten sensation in his right eye is gone, because he’s now using the peridot eye Luca made for him, and he can see the reflection in Felicita’s eyes. His new eye has the same color as Felicita’s eyes too, which makes Luca regret his decision of using peridot out of all gems lol.

Since Debito is now back and comfortable with his peridot eye, all he needs to do now is only to settle things with Jolly in Arcana Duello. Felicita looks sad for a moment, but she’s relieved when Debito says he’ll solve his problem without killing. He’s free from any restrictions now, excep for Felicita.. because she’s the only thing he’s attached to. If Luca disturbs them, Debito will keep thanking him until he gets creeped out and leaves. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ

On May 30, Debito and Felicita are having lunch together in the bar. The members of “Coins” soon come to join them, and Debito welcomes them with open arms.. until they start getting all friendly with Felicita. At first it was only Jeremy and Victorio, but Debito goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) when Renato comes to sit on their table too. When Felicita asks him what’s wrong, he tells her this is the “most uncool thing” that ever happens to him. Debito then gets up, goes “Bambina, be more aware that I’m losing my cool because of you! And you guys, don’t get too close to her! That’s all!” and sits down again to enjoy his drink. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Why yes, our ladykiller gets jealous of his own subordinates. xD

The next night, Felicita finds Debito in the garden. For a moment Debito thinks he’s seeing an illusion, because he’s been thinking about Felicita the whole time. In fact, he came here just to see her statue. Debito then laughs saying he can only think of one woman right now, because Felicita is the only one in his eyes. (*´∀`*) It’s okay if Felicita doesn’t understand much about love, because he’s going to teach her everything starting from tomorrow. In the final.

Arcana Duello finally starts the next day, and luck is on Debito’s side because he gets to face Jolly in the first match. Jolly is interested to see Debito back to life with a new eye, but Debito doesn’t care about the things Jolly says anymore. When Jolly uses his Arcana to throw Debito into a looping nightmare, Debito breaks through the illusion and tells him not to bring unpleasant sight for him to see. After all, his peridot eye only reflected the people he loves so far. Debito then conceals himself with “The Hermit”, and before Jolly can pull him out of hiding, he knocks Jolly down and shoves his gun onto his head — winning the match. Rather than feeling angry, Jolly is more than amused to see Debito’s development. Debito only says he’s ashamed to hold a grudge against this mad scientist for so long, and then he turns to Felicita — telling her “the one I want to push down is you.”

Just as they promised, Debito and Felicita face each other in the final. Even though Debito has achieved his objective, he admits that he doesn’t feel any satisfaction after settling things with Jolly. He doesn’t feel despair either now that everything’s over. The only thing he feels is the hope to keep living, so today Debito wants to win the match and take Felicita as his bride. As he fights Felicita, Debito tells her that he never realized the world is such a “fun” place to stay in. He uses his Arcana to attack her while staying hidden, but since Felicita is awesome.. she spots him for a split-second, drags him out of hiding, and wins the match by kicking him on the face. The first thing Debito does is to check if his peridot eye isn’t broken (lol), and he smiles as Felicita is announced as the winner.


After the tournament, Debito and Felicita are making out in private. Debito wants Felicita to take responsibility since he’s completely captivated by her. All the pain and grudge are now gone, because she has replaced everything else in his heart. Words aren’t enough to express how he feels, and he knows she feels the same since she’s staying below him instead of running away. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Debito then asks “his” Felicita what he is to her, and she blushes as she answers “my important person”. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. After swearing that he won’t ever lose her and his right eye, Debito kisses Felicita as the “reward” for answering his question. He’s looking forward to see the new Arcana Famiglia under her leadership, with him by her side.


After Felicita’s victory in Arcana Duello, she visits the conference room with Debito and sits on his lap. Since Felicita is going to be the next head of the family, Debito’s planning to take the advisor seat. Whenever she encounters any problems, he’s going to crush all of her worries and protect Regalo with her. It sounds like an awesome plan.. but you know what? Everyone else are actually in the room as well, listening to their conversation right from the beginning lol. Debito doesn’t care even if Jolly complains, saying Jolly should just retire from his position and becomes their gardener instead — trimming bonsai for the rest of his life. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Pace can be the new Executive Head, while Luca will be.. err, Pace’s servant. Poor guy LOL. Ignoring everyone’s protests, Debito turns to Felicita and says he’s going to stay by her side forever. He won’t lie, though he might hide things from time to time to make things interesting. Which isn’t a problem at all, because she can read his heart whenever she wants.


Felicita lost the match after Debito uses “The Hermit” to create an icicle rain. Now that Felicita is his, Debito carries her and runs away from the colosseum before the others start throwing complaints at him. He takes her to the church, where he tells Felicita that she belongs to him now. She doesn’t need to worry, since he’s going to steal her heart too sooner or later. Even the church bell is ringing to bless them, but Luca certainly doesn’t approve.. since he chases them all the way from the colosseum — calling Debito a criminal for kidnapping his ojou-sama lol. Debito then takes Felicita to escape outside, patting Fukurota on the way to get them to join their side. xD

While I didn’t really like Debito at first, he managed to change my impression by the end of this route. Not only I grew to like him more as the story progresses, but I actually cried during that last church scene with Luca and Pace. Their friendship is so deep it’s touching, and Felicita’s bond with them is seriously the best. 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Debito shows signs of depression a little bit more than the others, but it’s totally understandable because he has a painful past. There’s a certain part I wish they would dig further though: the woman in Debito’s dream. Who is she and what role did she play in Debito’s past? ?(´・ω・`)? ..fandisk please? 8D


21 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia – Debito

  1. Hmmm, wasn’t interested in Debito at first, but now I really am. 8D The wonderful CGs…such yummy eye candy. He’s probably second fo far.

    Ah, why is Felicita a natural at a lot of things (dancing, dealing) ? LOL, yeah, I’d like to see Jolly as a gardener. Luca’s over-protectiveness also cracks me up.

    • Don’t you just love Sarachi Yomi’s art? (*´ω`*)
      I’m willing to play anything as long as she’s the one drawing the illustrations.
      Felicita is a natural in dancing and gambling because.. well, she’s not Mondo and Sumire’s daughter for nothing. xD She’s also good at cooking, but that’s probably because Luca taught her everything lol.

      I can’t imagine Jolly trimming bonsai in the garden (LOL) but I have an image of him enjoying a peaceful day with Elmo. :3 I keep thinking of THAT Elmo too, but lol this Elmo is so adorable and you’ll find out why in Jolly’s route. xD

  2. I demand a fandisk too he2. I like Debito in his route and that CG’s are yummy xD

    I agree with you, this game lacks of kissing scene but it’s ok since the story is totally awesome xD

    • Some details are never explained and some scenes just left things to your imagination (e.g. pace’s curse), but yes the story is nice and easy to digest. Nothing too complicated, but still great. :3

  3. That make out CG…. O//A//O I felt sad while I’m in the middle of reading this. The start of his story was fine, then the middle is depressing, however I went “Awww….” when his pain disappeared in the end.

    LOLOL I think it will be good if Jolly will be the gardener. At least he won’t be doing mad researches anymore. xD Or maybe he’ll continue doing it without anyone knowing?

    • Jolly and Luca also has makeout CGs, but nothing as far as Debito’s. Just as expected from the ladykiller. 8D Yes, Debito’s route gets depressing when he starts disappearing, but that last church scene made up for everything. x3

      ..and don’t jinx it, the next thing we know Jolly will be experimenting with bonsai instead of octopus and Tarocco lol.

  4. umm… question? what is Debito pinning Felicita on? the floor? a table? what…? i’m confused…. (just saying…) love the art style

  5. Okay so I must admit, I like Debito a little more now. And so far he got the sexiests CGs *nods nods* Not that it would fit the other guys… But, ugh I can’t seem to get the second ending. I wonder why… Too bad… It looked fun. Arg, this also means I’m missing a CG. Damnit !
    A-NY-WAY, Luca was so adorable in this route -yes, I know it’s Debito’s, but I can’t help it if I find Luca most adorable in everyone’s route ! ~(´▽`~)

    Thanking you especially for this one since Debito is so, freaking, hard to understand.

      • Glad to hear you figured it out. For ending 2 just keep the amore under 600.
        ..and yeah, Luca is the most adorable thing in Arcana Famiglia. My favorite is Jolly and Liberta, but you just can’t resist Luca’s cuteness. xD

  6. OH MY GOD. Thank you so much for this! I just played Debito’s route and I understood most of the story but I was missing some details and I was kinda confused but then I found this and I’m so so SO glad I found your blog!! (.› ₃ ‹.)♡ Thank you, thank you! You’re amazing!!

    • Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. :D
      Debito’s route was quite complicated, so glad to know this post helped you understanding the story better.

  7. Thanks a lot for the great summary! I just finished to watch the series and I was deluded by the ending and the poor development of the story and of the characters, but I’m so happy to know that the game is different, and I love it so much!! This route is awesome, I’ll read them all!!

    Thank youuuuuuu~

    • Thank you for commenting! ((ヾ(。・ω・)ノ☆゚+.ァリガトゥ
      Yeah, the anime for Arcana Famiglia was disappointing. I dropped it after episode 4 because I didn’t like the alterations they made.. and I heard the last episode was really rushed? The anime seems to be extremely rage-inducing for those who have played the game, so I feel sad when people judge the series based on the anime alone. The game is so much better, and I’m happy that you’re taking the time to learn more about the game routes. ワ━(*゚∀゚人゚∀゚*)━ィ♪!

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