Arcana Famiglia – Luca

The last one in the childhood friend trio. Luca’s fate isn’t as heavy as Pace and Debito, but that actually makes his route even more enjoyable for me. Luca is my third favorite in this game. ♥

Felicita’s attendant. Luca has been looking after Felicita ever since she was small, and he has an extremely strong attachment to her. On top of teaching Felicita how to use knives in battle, he’s also excellent at housework such as cooking or sewing. Luca loves alchemy and spends most of his free time doing experiments in his lab, but for some reason he thinks negatively of his alchemy teacher, Jolly. He even goes as far as building a secret greenhouse in the forest, just so Jolly won’t take his herbs without permission. 29 years old. Uses knives and alchemy.

On April 6, Felicita asks Luca to help Martha to make desserts for everyone. Of course Luca’s also a pro in making sweets, so he gives them his opinion and even shares some of his herbs to balance the taste. The maid trio soon come to eat the gelato they made, and Donatella points out that the herb Luca gave them — caraway — is actually an ingredients to make love potion. While Luca doesn’t have any ulterior motives, the rumor spreads at the speed of light. During training session at noon, all the members of “Swords” challenge him to a “10 vs Luca” battle, pissed that Luca trying to “charm the maids” on top of sticking to Felicita 24/7 lol.

Luca didn’t become Felicita’s attendant for no reason though, since he completely kicks their butts.. even the executives. However, Luca then loses to Felicita because she touches his face from a super close range during the battle. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ While he’s still blushing like a tomato, Felicita kicks him and wins the fight. Poor guy. xD At first Luca sulks in his usual dark corner knowing he can never win against that close-range “technique”, but he turns sunny again when Felicita invites him to eat their dessert. (*´ω`*) Just in case you’re wondering how did Felicita learns such a “technique”, it was Debito who taught her. xD

A few days later, Felicita finds Luca making a lemon pie (her favorite dessert) in the kitchen. He shares the pie with everyone and they gulp it down with supreme excitement, but at night Luca is shocked since everyone decides to give him a punishment. The reason is simple: “the lemon pie was too small for 7 people!” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ It’s partly Pace’s fault too for eating half of the pie by himself, but Luca didn’t cut the pie equally either. Obviously Felicita got a big slice, while Jolly’s pie was only like 2.3 out of 10 LOL. Luca says it’s only because he never knew Jolly loves lemon pies, but then again he admits he’d only increase the size 0.2 even if he knew. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ As the punishment, Luca has to make 7 cake stands of lemon pies with Pace’s help. One whole pie for each person lol. He cries upon taking the punishment, but he still remembers Felicita even during such time — sending a slice for her breakfast. (*´∀`*)

On April 20, the maids are complaining about a suspicious smell from Luca’s lab. Felicita goes to check what he’s doing, and she finds Luca compounding all the herbs they picked from his secret greenhouse. Jolly might come to grab those herbs if he leave them idle for too long, so Luca wants to work on them as soon as possible. He opened the ceiling window so the wind won’t disturb his work, but earlier the strong wind shut it close and he didn’t notice.. which is why the room was brimming with the smell of mixed herbs. Felicita soon notices that the other reason is because Luca has an amazing concentration. When he’s absorbed in his research, Luca won’t notice anything else around him — ranging from the tea Felicita made to the wind playing with his ceiling window.

Soon Felicita falls asleep and sees a dream of Luca and her in the past. It’s already dark when Luca wakes her up, apologizing for forgetting about her ealier. She doesn’t mind though, since she knows that’s just how he is. As an apology, Luca then makes sparkling fireworks inside his chemical flasks and presents them to Felicita. She was amazed when Jolly created huge fireworks before, so he wants her to enjoy the small, lighter ones now. Felicita smiles saying they’re beautiful. Just like magic. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

On April 23, Luca follows Felicita when “Swords” go on their regular patrol. Soon Luca spots an old man in trouble, and while Felicita goes to help him with her men, Luca runs off to catch the thief who stole the old man’s wallet. As the head of “Swords”, Felicita does her job well by sending the thief to the intelligence division and takes care of the old man’s accomodation.. but sadly her subordinates notice a big flaw here. Felicita was supposed to chase the thief by herself earlier, but Luca did the job for her. In other words, Luca is obstructing her growth as a leader. The executives of “Swords” all think Felicita should be able to stand on her own feet right now, so she doesn’t need Luca to guide her anymore. They also point out that Luca will be her enemy in Arcana Duello, though Felicita can never think of him as an enemy.

Obviously Luca feels sad since he only wanted to help Felicita, but he realized they’re right. At night, Luca tells Felicita that it might be time for him to return to his former position as Mondo’s secretary. He doesn’t know if the position is still available after 13 years though, and Mondo is currently away from the mansion. Of course Luca can also ask Jolly as the family advisor, but he’d rather wait for Mondo to return. Luca admits he feels a bit lonely to see Felicita’s growth as the leader of “Swords”, but he actually feels happy more than anything. Even if Luca won’t be her attendant anymore, Felicita can always ask for his help anytime. He will always be on her side no matter what.

After talking to Mondo about his future plans, Luca got a temporary break until the tournament ends. Mondo also prepared a new lab for him to use, but Felicita suggests a trip instead. Luca wonders if it’s because Felicita doesn’t want to see him around, though he’s too afraid to hear her answer. For now he’s going to continue taking care of her everyday, as long as she’s not bothered with his presence. The subject of trips reminds Luca of Sumire’s arrival from Japan, and he tells Felicita it happened after the family took care of an epidemic in Regalo. Mondo did his best to provide medicine and treatment for everyone with Jolly and Dante’s help, but when everyone in Regalo was recovering, Mondo himself collapsed due to fatigue.

While he was recovering in bed, Mondo complained that he wants to have a wife. Both Dante and Jolly were against the idea since he had to focus on recovering first, but Mondo ignored their protests and took them on a journey to find his love. Mondo left Luca to take care of the family during his absence, and the 10 years old Luca did his best to fill in the role. Regalo was peaceful though, and the mayor did almost all of the necessary work with Arcana Famiglia’s executives. At noon Luca worked in the mansion, and he spent every night in the church with Debito, Pace and Caterina. It was the most peaceful time in Luca’s life. Soon Luca notices that he’s been talking about the past for so long, but Felicita orders another cup of coffee for both of them — saying she wants to hear more. Luca then smiles and says while those days were the most peaceful, the time he spent with Felicita and Sumire was the most “satisfying” time in his life. (*´∀`*)

One week later, on May 9, Pace and Debito point out a notice in the bar’s door. Apparently the owner is celebrating his wedding anniversary today, so the first couple to enter the bar will get 20 plates of sweets for free.. if they can eat everything. Of course Pace is banned since he’s famous in this area, and since Debito refuses to participate, Felicita takes the challenge with Luca. Debito doubts they can clear it, but Felicita and Luca manage to finish all 20 plates without problems. Obviously it’s because Felicita loves sweets, and eating sweets with her sends Luca to the seventh heaven lol. They win a pair bracelet as the prize, and Debito tells them to kiss each other to make things more interesting. Luca panicks on the spot, but Felicita calmly kisses him on the cheek — making him blush furiously as he follows her outside. xD

On May 10, Jolly comes to the church after Piccolino and provokes Luca, Debito and Pace as usual. Eventually Pace shuts him up by destroying the church, but Luca’s still feeling down the next day. Felicita then bakes him a pie to cheer him up, though she overhears Martha and the maids talking about how hard it must be for Luca to take care of her. Luca was only 16 back then, and yet he had to leave the mansion and raise a little girl. Sumire was also there, but he had to teach her the culture of Regalo too since she grew up in Japan. They wonder how he would feel if Felicita has to mary someone else (e.g. Jolly), though Luca will probably refuse the marriage even if he wins in Arcana Duello.

When Felicita comes with the pie and pours some coffee for him, Luca smiles saying he’ll tell her more about the past. He reveals that he received his stigmata during Jolly’s research, just like Debito and Pace. He was born and raised in the mansion, and he received “Temperance” when he was 3. Σ(゚д゚ ;) Since a long time ago, Jolly’s been doing a research to identify how the cards choose their holders. The other objective is to analyze the difference of power and ability between each Arcana. Jolly gathered a lot of guinea pigs for his research, but only the three of them were chosen by the cards. Since Jolly has a strong faith in his research, Luca gave up and decided to accept his fate as a holder. Yesterday Luca can feel that Jolly wants to take advantage of Felicita for his research, and Luca warns her not to approach that man no matter what. Luca also admits that he’s telling her all of this because he wants her to avoid Jolly. His research is THAT dangerous. Realizing how important Felicita is to him, Luca decides to stay as her attendant after all.

Despite Luca’s warning, Felicita finds Jolly in Luca’s lab on May 13. She tries to avoid him due to her promise with Luca, but Jolly is amused and offers to tell her something interesting if she behaves normally around him. Soon Luca comes to stop Jolly from approaching Felicita, but it only amuses Jolly even more as he analyzes how Luca will explain things to her later. In order to mix “surprise” into their emotions, Jolly tells Felicita to read his heart.. and there she learns the truth — “Luca is my son.” (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Luca instantly panicks and asks what she saw, but he’s relieved when Felicita says the trust between Luca and her won’t change just because of this. When Luca angrily tells Jolly that his mind never grows up, Jolly admits that he’s really immature when it comes to emotions. That’s why he wants to develop it by trolling everyone and watch their reactions. Luca chases him out, and Jolly leaves after taking a bottle in Luca’s shelf. LOL JOLLY. Trolling until the end. xD;

After pouring some tea for Felicita, Luca explains that Jolly is indeed his father. He didn’t want her to know, and it’s also one of the reasons why he asked her to avoid Jolly. The only ones who knew about this are Debito and Pace, as well as Dante and Felicita’s parents. Luca says he wouldn’t mind if his father is someone like Dante or Mondo, but he doesn’t want everyone to know that his father is someone who hurts a lot of people for the sake of his research. This is also why Luca feels so peaceful during Mondo’s trip to Japan — because Jolly was away from Regalo. Luca felt a family’s warmth for the first time when he spent time with Felicita and Sumire, and that’s why he felt so satisfied inside. In any case, it seems impossible for Luca to get along with Jolly. It’s not easy for people to change themselves, let alone a relationship.

Since Debito and Pace are worried, they invite Luca and Felicita to eat dinner at the bar three days later. Luca arrives on time, but he quickly leaves the bar upon hearing that Felicita might still be patrolling. Meanwhile, the members of “Swords” was about to go home when someone suddenly throws a sleeping powder at them in a back alley. It was the thief they captured last month, and he wants to get revenge by tying everyone up and selling Felicita. However, Luca appears before he can take Felicita away. He throws his knives to pin the thief onto the wall, and he summons the wind to blow away the sleeping powder lingering in the air. The thief is shocked that the powder doesn’t work on him, but Luca says it’s thanks to a certain person’s experiments. Jolly forced him to drink so many suspicious stuff until he became immune.

Luca quickly runs over to wake Felicita up, hugging her when she opens her eyes. Soon Pace and Debito show up too, but they only say “we’ll drag these guys back to the mansion, enjoy your time~” (。→∀←。) When Felicita says she heard his voice earlier, Luca says he shouldn’t have left her side after all. He asks her to let him join their patrols again from now on, though he won’t be able to show any mercy towards the opponent if something happens. As much as he hates Jolly, Luca admits it’s thanks to him that he can save Felicita today. Whether Luca wants it or not, he feels that they’re really father and son after all. Luca still can’t forgive Jolly, but maybe someday.. if Jolly comes to understand the people around him, then Luca might be able to forgive him. Felicita then says she’s glad to see different sides of Luca, and he smiles saying he can only be kind in front of her. Then he helps her stand and takes her home.

On May 23, Mondo and Sumire order Felicita to visit the mayor’s mansion. Usually they have to attend regular meetings every month, but today both Mondo and Sumire can’t make it. Instead of the mayor, Felicita and Luca are welcomed by Albert. He explains that the mayor is sick and his condition has been dropping recently. Knowing that the family can heal any kinds of illness (like how Mondo cured everyone from that epidemic in the past), Albert then forces Felicita to heal his father. Of course Felicita refuses since it can be considered going against the family rules, and Albert starts accusing the family of using the power for their own sake — pointing to the fact that Felicita saved Sumire from death 13 years ago. Luca quickly brushes Albert’s hands off Felicita’s shoulders and excuses themselves, but Felicita now wants to know what actually happened 13 years ago.

After returning to the mansion, Luca explains that Sumire fell into a comma when Felicita was 3 years old. Sumire tried to read the message “Judgement” left for her, but the card took her consciousness instead. Ten days after that, Felicita was worried and annoyed since Sumire remained asleep the whole time.. and that’s when “Wheel of Fortune” went out of control. The power was so strong, and Felicita was floating in the air until Luca came to stop her power by using his own Arcana. Sumire soon woke up with the new ability to talk to the cards, but Felicita had to pay the compensation from changing Sumire’s fate.. with her memories. Mondo and Sumire didn’t want this incident to happen again, so they decided to send Felicita to live in the small house. It was then when Mondo ordered Luca to stay with them, since he’s the only one who can stop “Wheel of Fortune” just in case it goes berserk again.

Even though Luca says he enjoyed the 13 years he spent with them, Felicita feels both guilty and disappointed at the same time. Guilty because it must be hard for him to take care of them, and disappointed because he only stayed with her because of Mondo’s order. After Luca left her room, Felicita walks out and wanders around the town alone until it gets dark. She meets Pace and Debito near the bar, and since she refuses to return to the mansion, they bring her inside and ask her what happened. When Felicita tells them everything, both Pace and Debito actually feel glad. Felicita has always looks at Luca as a “big brother”, but now she’s starting to look at him as a man after learning the truth. Pace and Debito then start wondering if Luca loves her romantically, and Felicita honestly answers “it would be nice if he does..” (。→∀←。)

Both Pace and Debito then tell Felicita to talk to Luca directly, but for now she should get some rest and think about this issue calmly. Who knows, she might change her mind and go for them instead. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Just when Debito starts hitting on her, Luca suddenly appears behind them asking for an explanation. He was planning to give Felicita some time to think alone, but apparently the sun is already rising outside lol. He just can’t stand still while his ojou-sama and his best friends don’t return to the mansion until morning comes. xD He’s here to pick them up, and he won’t hear any excuses lol. After Debito and Pace left the bar, Luca smiles and takes Felicita home.

On May 28, “The Lovers” talks to Felicita during her nap. In order to erase the compensation of “Wheel of Fortune”, “The Lovers” asks her to absorb power from someone else’s heart. Like Sumire or Luca, for example. They spent a long time with her, so their love for her should be greater than anyone else. Felicita doesn’t have much time to think about this though, because the next day Mondo comes to eat dinner with them.. and he doesn’t look good. He’s being his usual cheerful self, but Felicita can see that he’s actually tortured by pain. She’s not the only one who notices, since Luca then takes her to the kitchen and says Mondo’s hands are really cold. Upon hearing that Mondo is in pain, Luca asks Felicita not to use “Wheel of Fortune” no matter what. Mondo and the family are important to him, but he treasures Felicita even more. If Felicita really needs to use “Wheel of Fortune” before she can find the bond “The Lovers” is asking for, Luca is willing to give his heart to provide power.

However, Felicita gets scared too. She doesn’t want to sacrifice Luca to save Mondo, so she runs out of the kitchen and bumps into Dante on the hallway. Not too long after she explains the situation in Dante’s office, Luca comes in to inform Dante that Mondo’s condition has took a turn for the worse — something he didn’t want to tell Felicita. Despite Luca’s attempt to stop her, Felicita runs off to Mondo’s room and finds Jolly with Sumire inside. Just as Luca feared, Jolly tells Felicita to use “Wheel of Fortune” and save Mondo right away. If she can’t use her power properly, he’s ready to help her with “The Moon” — reviving her worst nightmare from 13 years ago.

After Felicita releases “Wheel of Fortune”‘s power, she instantly falls into the state of trance. Luca breaks free from Dante’s arms and slashes her clothes on the back, using “Temperance” to stop her power from going out of control again. Just then “The Lovers” talks to Luca, saying it’s going to take a little bit of his heart. Luca answers that it can take as much as possible. He will give all of his heart to provide power for “The Lovers”, as long as Felicita doesn’t lose her memories again. In her dream, Felicita asks “The Lovers” what will happen to Luca after it took his heart.. and “The Lovers” only tells her to look forward to it when she wakes up.

The next morning, Felicita hears Luca’s voice waking her up. She opens her eyes to find Luca standing beside her bed, holding a cup of morning tea for her. While Felicita is relieved to see him alive, Luca is also relieved that she doesn’t lose her memories. He won’t be able to take it if Felicita forgets everything that happened in the last 13 years, and that was his only fear all this time. Luca then tells Felicita to drink her morning tea and get dressed. They’re going to see Sumire and Mondo, who is now safe and sound, after she’s done.

On May 31, Luca takes Felicita to Federica’s shop. He starts arguing with Federica to give him a discount, and since he won’t give up.. Federica agrees to lower the price is Felicita — who stands in the background looking bored — says she wants the cloth. Luca then gives Felicita three choices: (1) say she wants the cloth (2) give Mondo a shoulder massage later (3) call him a “wonderful” attendant. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ When Felicita picks option number one, Luca gives her a bright smile saying he believed in her. He’s going to make a pretty dress with her smile in mind, though Felicita just leaves the shop still looking bored lol. As Luca turns gloomy, Federica pats his shoulder saying they look perfect together. As a master and her attendant, that is. Again, poor guy. xD

At night, Felicita finds Luca thinking alone in his lab. Luca admits while he’s looking forward to Arcana Duello tomorrow, he also feels a little scared. However, he can promise her this: he’s going to keep winning until he meets her in the tournament, and he’s going to face her with a different way during their match. Luca also tells Felicita to keep fighting with dignity until then, because he will always stay by her side. Just like usual.

Arcana Duello finally starts the next day, and Luca’s opponent for the first round is.. well, it’s obviously his father, Jolly. At the start of the match, Luca says that he still can’t forgive Jolly. However, he doesn’t hate Jolly anymore knowing he keeps hurting people because he doesn’t know love. Jolly isn’t interested though, and he attacks Luca saying his role will be over once Felicita’s power becomes stable enough. In fact, Jolly is having so much fun thinking of how to punish his son that he drops his guard down for a moment. Luca uses this chance to distract Jolly with his pidgeon magic, and he knocks him down by a single punch in the face. Before moving on to see Felicita in the final, Luca tells Jolly that an apprentice will always surpass his master one day.. “so retire in peace, master.”

Upon facing Felicita in the final match, Luca admits that he didn’t want to fight her. If they have to fight each other — like now — he was planning to give up on the match. Luca didn’t want Felicita to hate him, and he wanted to stay beside her even if she marries someone else. The one who erased all of those thoughts was Felicita herself. After seeing her moving forward with no hesitation, Luca doesn’t want to show his pathetic side in front of her anymore. In this match, he wants to express how he truly feels towards her. Luca then launches a string of light magic / alchemy towards her, but Felicita avoids all of them and strikes back. Eventually she defeats him with her kick, and Luca collapses with a smile — congratulating her.


Following her victory, Felicita becomes the new head of Arcana Famiglia. It might be tough for her, but Luca is always here to support her. Not as her attendant, but as her secretary. He’s been wishing for her happiness all this time, but Luca finally confessed and decided to make her happy with his own hands. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Of course Felicita returns his feelings, so now Luca can say “I love you” and touch Felicita as much as he likes without getting kicked anymore. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. When Felicita looks at him saying she wants to spend the entire day by his side, Luca blushes, apologized and kisses her. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Felicita is his blessing, and he will always stay with her.


After her victory, Felicita runs over to Luca and puts his head on her lap. Luca has decided to tell her how he feels once their match is over, so he finally confesses that he’s always been in love with Felicita. He asks her to let him stay with her forever, but he’s surprised when she replies with “I love Luca too”. ♡(。→∀←。) Luca always thought his love is one-sided, and he’s crying the manly tears of joy when the others come to join them. Jolly tells him to get up from Felicita’s lap already since it’s embarrassing to see, but Luca doesn’t care what people think about this scenery. He turns around to Felicita, telling her “I love you, and I will always stay by your side.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


Luca uses his Arcana to call a heavenly light, and Felicita lost the match almost instantly. The first thing he does after that is to run towards her, apologizing in tears. (*ノ∀`)゚o。アヒャャ Since Mondo has fully recovered, Felicita resumes to her job as the head of “Swords” with Luca as her attendant. Luca is happy with this outcome, but Felicita isn’t satisfied because he doesn’t include “we became lovers!” in his happiness statement. (❤ฺ→艸←) Luca refused the top seat, but he accepted the marriage to Felicita. His 13-years-long “history of tears” has finally came to an end lol. Jolly is still teasing Luca as usual during dinner, but Luca smiles like a blooming flower when Felicita tells Jolly “I will make your son happy!” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!! Luca then says he’s going to follow Felicita forever.

SO CUTE! Cuteness everywhere! ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ Luca’s route is so adorable I thought I was going to die from too much cuteness. His undying love and devotion for Felicita make him everyone’s victim most of the time, just like that lemon pie punishment, and that’s exactly why he’s such a lovable character. *:..。o(O*´∀`*惚)o。..:* While Luca’s story is the most peaceful, I actually enjoyed this route the most out of the childhood friend trio. All of Luca’s endings are really sweet, but my favorite is ED 1 since he can’t stop kissing Felicita. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ I wonder if Luca has a biological mother though, since you know.. alchemists and their homunculus.

If you’re wondering where Luca’s stigmata is, it’s on his tongue. He needs stick out his tongue to use his power, and he’s wearing a hat so he can cover it up whenever he uses it. xD


23 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia – Luca

  1. Luca my love~
    Have you heard his tracks in the Drama CDs? They’re so sweet I almost got tears in my eyes when I first heard them. It’s him talking about Felicitá, saying all kinds of bittersweet things like:
    “No matter what happens, or what path you take, as long as you are happy and smile like you always do, I will be there by your side. My beloved ojou-sama” in a really sad voice (゚´Д`゚)

    I actually picked the choice in ED1 where Felicitá kisses him instead because he won’t shut up ^^; Luca, Why so adorable?

    • Yes, I have his tracks on repeat. The punishment tracks are especially hilarious since they prove that Luca stalks Felicita faithfully. xD; After hearing those bittersweet lines in the drama CDs, I feel glad he’s got his happy ending(s) here. Be happy with your ojou-sama, Luca. (*´ω`*)

      Oh and even though I only wrote one here in the review, actually I picked all choices in Luca’s endings. Just to see what kind of adorable lines he’ll say. xD

  2. Luca’s loyalty. I seriously love it! @A@ I want to have an attendant like him. x3 His story is light I say. I do not regret the fact that I like him first along with Jolly. That was unexpected for me to know about their relation since I’m actually thinking that Luca is Jolly’s clone. 8D If ever there is a fandisk, I wish they can explain who is Luca’s mother.

    And here I’m wondering where are Liberta’s, Nova’s, and Debito’s stigmatas. XD

    • Don’t we all do? xD
      I guess their black hair / purple eyes kinda gave it away.. but I seriously don’t think Luca has a biological mother. I won’t say why here, but you’ll find out once I post Jolly’s route. It doesn’t help either that Luca explains his birth / growing up as “already in the mansion before he knew it” lol.

      As for the stigmata: Liberta – forehead (hidden by his fringe); Nova – nape; Debito – ankle; and just in case you’re wondering.. Jolly’s stigmata is on his right eye, which is why he’s hiding it with a sunglasses lol.

      • Black hair/purple eyes is a deadly combination for me. Oops. I shouldn’t have said that. >w>;; I don’t think Luca has a biological mother too when I thought about it more since the age gap of Jolly and him is less than 15 years which is indeed weird. I’m looking forward for Jolly’s route.

        Wow, Debito has the most well-hidden stigmata. I think I saw Jolly’s stigmata a few times already, but thank you for reminding it to me lol.

        • If Luca’s like around Liberta’s age then it might be possible for him to have a mother, but since he’s 29 while Jolly’s only around 40.. lol. I still have to post your husb Dante’s route next, and Jolly’s route will be up after that. :3

          Debito is “The Hermit” after all, everything about him is well-hidden. Including himself when he uses his power lol.. and yes, Jolly’s stigmata is faintly visible when he takes off his sunglasses. You can see “The Moon” in his eye. It’s very small and barely noticeable though. xD;

          • Why does it have to be my Arcana? I’ll try to figure out what will be its abilities. I hope this code works too. Ah yes~ Nyaha I’ll try my best to read Dante’s route. I can always wait for Jolly’s x3

            Pfft yeah it’s true. Though the disadvantage of it is that he can’t dash because he’ll leave trails if he does so. I myself can’t see Jolly’s “The Moon” in his eye. e_e

  3. Wait what!? Σ(゜д゜;) Jolly is Luca’s papa? Then how old is he!? I mean Luca is 29 so he must be like, 40+? Well he’s sexy so that’s ok…
    Aw Luca is so cute~ they both look really cute together in the ending (though I can’t help but feel the older dudes are like a bunch of lolicons since Felicita is so young…)

    Thank you for your reviews as always~ 頑張って~~ ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

    • He’s at least as old as Dante, but I don’t think he’s really Luca’s papa biologically.. lol. At first it was just a suspicion since Jolly is an alchemist and doesn’t seem to be interested in women, but this suspicion is (sort of) confirmed in his own route. xD;

      Jolly certainly don’t look around 40, but Luca doesn’t look 29 either lol. Which is good, so they don’t look like a bunch of obvious pedobears like Dante.

      You’re welcome~ x3

  4. He is truly adorable, his devotion toward her is really something. Am I the only one who likes Ed 2 lol.

    And Luca is 29? He looks young ^^ and I wonder how old is Jolly, you can go after him right? Since I saw the guide and found his name lol.

    • I love all three endings actually. Even ED 3, where Felicita lost to him. Everything about Luca is so adorable. xD Yes, you can go after Jolly. He’s hiding (or maybe really forgot) his real age, but seems like he’s around Dante’s age or even older. Mondo mentions that Jolly is around Joshua’s (Liberta’s father) age, and Liberta is 18.. while Luca is 29. That’s sort of odd for Jolly to produce a biological child in that age, if you know what I mean lol.

      • Err I have a feeling that Luca is not his biologically son. If Luca truly his son then he should be around 45-50. No… it sound dreadful lol, I can accept 35-40 but not 50 ha3.

        • Jolly isn’t that old though. xD;
          Mondo is 59-60, and Jolly was still a kid when Mondo was around his 20-30s. It doesn’t help that Jolly isn’t interested in women either.. so I don’t think Luca is his biological son, yes.

  5. Hmm…I do see a resemblance between Jolly and Luca. He’s sooooo cute~ His story is a lot lighter than the other two…I suppose Jolly’s route will go more in depth with their relationship? Okay, I believe Luca just kicked Debito off as second place. Yes, Luca! Real men cry! Yay for “manly tears of joy”!

    • Haha yes they both have black hair and purple eyes. Though Jolly’s eyes are mosly hidden. Actually, this is as far as Luca’s relationship (both with Jolly and Felicita) will go. Jolly’s route sort of give you a hint of Luca’s origins, but that’s it.. since it’s more focused on Jolly and Mondo. :3

      Isn’t his manly tears of joy adorable? xD

  6. i really do wonder if jolly did some things to himself to like become, unable to age or look like he hasn’t aged…ya never know with all his experiments and things.

  7. Oh my gosh~!! LUCA <3 I really love him! Thanks formthe reviews! Damn! I can't chose which is ending is the best.but all I know is that I love Luca the most~!!! squeeell!

  8. OMG!! After reading your review about Luca *O* It made me want to play it more ^O^

    The reason why I bought the fandisk because Yuichi Nakamura voiced Luca and he’s like my ultimate favorite seiyuu of all ^~^ So it made my feels spreading a lot haha

    His route is really cute! Like you said, cuteness everywhere and the ED1 *O* I bet the kissing scene is seriously something because Yuichi-sama just let it all out when it comes to that scene lol

    Anyway thank you for reviewing this!! It made me love Luca more and haha I know I’m late playing this game O.O

    • Ahh, Yuukyan was so cute as Luca.
      …but yeah, I remember that Jolly and Luca both have deadly kissing SFX. 8D
      Arcana Famiglia is such a fun series though, so I hope you enjoy the game!

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