Arcana Famiglia – Jolly

The last route. Everyone seems to either hate or be scared of Jolly, but I actually like him a lot. He’s my second favorite in Arcana, and he’d be first if only he turns デレデレ a little sooner. :3

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand. He holds the second highest position in the family, and he’s in charge of giving out commands whenever Mondo isn’t available. Everyone in the island are scared of him though, since he can make cold-hearted decisions and shows no mercy towards other people. Despite this reputation, the family members respect Jolly for his top-notch skills. Jolly is also the best alchemist in Regalo, but he doesn’t care and spends most of his time researching in his dark lab instead. His age is a mystery.

During her patrol on April 10, Felicita notices Jolly walking to the market. It’s a rare sight since Jolly usually spends the entire day in his lab, so Felicita ignores Luca’s warning and goes to talk to him. Apparently Jolly wants to buy an octopus for his research today, though he won’t bother explaining the connection between octopus and Tarocco to them. They won’t be able to understand anyway, and it’d only be a waste of time. While Jolly is busy telling Felicita to go away, a man comes and buys the octopus he wanted to buy. Unfortunately for the man, Jolly doesn’t like it when people touch his stuff.. and that octopus is included, so he grabs the poor man’s collar saying he won’t show mercy. Felicita and Luca manage to stop him, but both the man and the shop owner are so scared they let Jolly take the octopus for free. After Jolly left, Luca tells Felicita not to approach Jolly if it’s not necessary. Even though Felicita can kick him if something happens, Luca warns her to run whenever Jolly takes off his sunglasses.

On April 19, Jolly orders Felicita to drag Debito to his office. Obviously Debito refuses, so she came back only with his signature and a message for Jolly: “I can sleep just fine and my right eye doesn’t hurt. My Arcana power is in the best condition as well, especially whenever I see your face.” Jolly doesn’t care though since he already expected this kind of outcome, and he’s going to fix Debito’s right eye by force anyway. Eventually. Noticing that Felicita is still curious about his research, Jolly then invites her to enter his lab. Usually he won’t allow anyone to go inside, so Felicita gets a special permission today. Jolly’s lab is dark and has a weird smell of mixed herbs, and Felicita invites him to have some tea outside so he won’t stay in this place all day long.

Upon hearing Felicita’s invitation, Jolly only laughs saying he doesn’t need that kind of leisure. Jolly then takes Felicita deeper into his lab, where he shows her a small figure sleeping inside a container — a homunculus. It’s still growing up for now, but one day it will open its eyes and step outside to live among humans. Jolly knows Felicita won’t understand why he’s doing this kind of research, so he challenges her to read his heart directly. Sadly not even “The Lovers” can help Felicita to understand Jolly’s heart, so he only laughs saying she won’t be able to win Arcana Duello with her low power. He mockingly tells her to give up and leave while she’s still alive, but Felicita isn’t scared even after seeing all of this. She repeats her invitation, and Jolly finally gives in saying he’ll join her in the dining hall later.

Obviously everyone is curious to find Felicita waiting for someone in the dining hall. They can tell it must be someone from their family since she’s waiting inside the mansion, but all of their guesses about her “date partner” are wrong. When they heard that she’s waiting for Jolly out of all people, Luca cries a river of tears before eventually fainting from the shock. xD Felicita wonders why Luca is being that cautious around Jolly, but Luca only gives her a vague hint that Jolly keeps doing dangerous experiments. Jolly taught him a lot of interesting experiments when he was small (e.g. theaflavin + citric acid), and Luca says things would be a lot better if only he sticks to those “peaceful” experiments.

On April 23, the day after Felicita’s first Piccolino, Jolly is staying in his lab.. with Elmo. Just as expected after reading the previous routes, Elmo is actually the homunculus Jolly showed to Felicita the other day. Only a few day has passed ever since his “birth”, but Elmo is growing at an amazing rate. He reads all kinds of books Jolly brought for him, and recently he’s starting to develop an interest in alchemy as well. Not only that, but Elmo is holding a Major Arcana as well — “The Tower”. Jolly used an amethyst (which stabilizes and amplifies power) as Elmo’s core, and Elmo has been using his Arcana power everyday without getting exhausted. Elmo’s Arcana ability is to place invisible shields. For now Elmo is only protecting Jolly’s lab from any unwanted intruders, but one day he’ll be able to shield the entire island. Elmo is so perfect that even Jolly himself feels a bit worried about this rapid growth.

Since Elmo wanted to see the world with his own eyes, yesterday Jolly let him out just for one day. He obediently returned to the lab at the time Jolly set for him, and Jolly has no problems at all taking care of him. Today Jolly wants to know what did he learn out there, and Elmo said he joined Piccolino at the church. This is when Elmo tells him about Debito’s “moon demon” story. While Jolly isn’t pleased about Debito’s story, he’s surprised to hear that Elmo has fallen in love at the first sight with Felicita. Who could have guessed that a homunculus can feel such an emotion? It’s just like Elmo is growing to be more human as the days go by. Elmo then asks if he can go and meet Felicita again, and Jolly gives his permission as long as he stays hidden from everyone’s eyes in the mansion. After Elmo leaves, Jolly resumes his research to make more brothers for Elmo.

At noon, Elmo finally finds Felicita patrolling in the plaza. The members of “Swords” leave them alone when Elmo confesses that he’s indeed in love with Felicita, and Felicita gently smiles as she thanks him for his feelings. However, Felicita is surprised when Elmo says Jolly was the one who taught him about this. Jolly left a “scary” impression on her, but Felicita learns about a different side of him from Elmo. He tells her that Jolly is really kind and even pat his head just before he went out, and he believes Jolly will treat Felicita with the same kindness. Before he leaves, Elmo smiles saying he’s really glad to be able to meet her today. (*´ω`*)

On May 4, everyone notices that Jolly doesn’t come for dinner for the last few days. Felicita is worried and brings some food to his lab, but Jolly says he doesn’t need any meal. Even when Felicita trues to tell him that skipping meals are bad for his own health, Jolly only turns around and asks if she’s only using food as an excuse to watch his research. Oops, busted! 8D Jolly then tells Felicita to go away and polish her Arcana power instead of bothering him, but she refuses to leave his lab. Just then Felicita notices 3 homunculus sleeping in their containers, and even though she’s impressed.. Jolly obviously isn’t. Before Felicita can even react, Jolly destroys the containers and burns all the homunculus inside. He says these are only failures, and failures won’t be able to save anyone.

Noticing that Jolly is upset about something, Felicita then reads his heart and realized that he’s actually thinking about Mondo. Impressed that she already has enough power to read his heart properly, Jolly explains that Mondo’s life is in danger because of “The World” is draining all of his power. All this time Jolly keeps researching for a way to keep Mondo alive, and he arrived at the conclusion that homunculus will be able to ease Mondo’s burden.. but unfortunately he failed to create more homunculus who can hold the remaining cards. When Felicita says she wants to save both her father and Jolly, he tells her to find a way to increase her power first. Felicita already learned about the answer from Sumire, and so she tells him it’s to “understand people’s hearts”. In order to increase her power, Felicita wants Jolly to cooperate by spending time with her as much as possible. Obviously it’s impossible for his logical mind to understand her idea, but he agrees to give it a try — for Mondo’s sake. From now on, he’s going to watch how her power grows.

The next day, Felicita finds Jolly sleeping in his office. She approaches him and tries to take his sunglasses off, but he suddenly wakes up asking if she’s attacking him. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン Jolly is amused that Felicita wants to see his face, since everyone else would run away whenever he takes off his sunglasses. He’s willing to show his face to her someday if she really wants to see. Someday. Just not now lol. Despite what he said yesterday, Jolly doesn’t seem to be interested in dealing with Felicita. After blowing his cigarette smoke towards Felicita, Jolly tells her to leave since he’s got some guests coming soon. Felicita nods and walks out, leaving him wondering what did she came here for.

During her patrol the next morning, Felicita notices Jolly in the plaza. She follows him from the shadows all day, until finally Jolly asks “are you having fun tailing me?” as he takes stuff from Luca’s lab. Obviously Jolly notices that Felicita has been watching him the entire day, but he ignored her thinking she’ll get bored soon enough.. and it turns out she doesn’t. While Felicita admits she still can’t understand him, Jolly wants to give her a reward for her effort — asking her to have lunch together tomorrow. Felicita blushes upon hearing the sudden invitation, and Jolly chuckles saying if she doesn’t need any rewards, he’ll just take Luca’s herbs for today. Congratulations, Felicita! You’ve been trolled. \(^o^)/

On May 9, Jolly finds Felicita in the plaza with the members of “Swords”. He approaches them asking if she’s going on a date, telling her to choose her partners wisely. Like asking him out, for example. Felicita accepts his invitation, and her subordinates leave after telling her to “be careful” lol. Jolly then asks her to decide their date spot, but he quickly rejects the idea when Felicita mentions shopping. He absolutely despises the crowd, not to mention he has like zero interest in women’s stuff. Felicita goes ( ಠ_ಠ ) and tells him to choose the place then, so Jolly takes her to the library — where he instantly gets absorbed in the books. Noticing that Felicita is giving him an annoyed look, Jolly teases her saying he should get more knowledge instead of playing around. She might not enjoy the date, but he surely enjoys trolling her lol.

Two days later, Felicita can’t sleep at night and takes a walk outside with Liberta. Soon they see Jolly and Mondo drinking together in the garden, and they decide to hide and take a closer look. When Liberta points out that Jolly isn’t wearing his sunglasses, Felicita notices that Jolly’s eyes are actually more gentle than she expected. Mondo admits that he was actually worried when Felicita kicked him after he announced Arcana Duello, but Jolly says “worried” is such an understatement. Even though Mondo was grinning with confidence back then, Jolly knew his heart was crying when he had to punch Felicita. Mondo laughs and says raising Felicita is giving him a different kind of trouble compared to the time he spent raising Jolly, though he still gets worried about Jolly even until now. Ever since he was small, Jolly rarely talks to people and would just move on his own. Which is what he’s doing now.

Mondo then asks if Jolly still remembers the time when they climbed a mountain together. Jolly almost fell off a bridge if Mondo didn’t save him, but Mondo didn’t regret taking Jolly there. The scenery of Regalo they saw from the peak was breathtaking. Jolly then says they could have taken the safe path back then, if only Mondo didn’t insist to take the dangerous shortcut lol. As Mondo and Jolly are reminiscing about their past, Liberta notices that Felicita’s eyes are totally set on Jolly’s face. (。-∀-)ニヒッ♪ He tells her she’s staring too much even though Jolly’s face is one of “The Seven Wonders of Regalo“, and Felicita blushes saying she’s not staring at all. xD Despite his twisted personality, Jolly can actually show a genuine smile. Even though it’s only in front of Mondo. At least for now.

The next day, Dante and Jolly decided to tell Felicita about the other way to save Mondo’s life — “Wheel of Fortune”. Since Jolly failed to create more homunculus, Felicita is their only hope now. Of course Felicita agrees to help, but later on Sumire punishes both Dante and Jolly for revealing “unnecessary things” to her daughter. As the punishment, Sumire brings a fumi-e for them to step on, and Jolly shows no mercy by stomping on everyone’s paintings. Until he gets to Mondo’s picture, that is. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Dante also has the same problem with the picture of Liberta, but eventually they apologized before stepping on Mondo and Liberta’s pictures lol. The last one is a picture of Felicita. Even though Jolly and Dante have no problems stepping on it, Sumire smacks their heads and tells them to get their “dirty feet” of her daughter’s face LOL. Mondo isn’t the only 親バカ here. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!

On May 13, the maids find Felicita looking gloomy in her room. They know she must be in love and the relationship isn’t going well, so they suggest putting some distance for a while. After all, there are things you won’t realize until you spend some time apart. Following their advice, Felicita goes to see Jolly and tells him that she won’t come to see him for a while. Of course Jolly isn’t pleased since it was her own idea to spend time together, and they need to do this to save Mondo. He says she’s being selfish for putting her personal feelings over her father’s life, but Felicita answers that she only wants to think. “The Lovers” wants a real bond, not a shallow one created by words and time. Mondo and Sumire’s bond is a good example of this, and Felicita wants to seek that kind of bond with Jolly.

Jolly doesn’t understand what he needs to do though, noticing that he really lacks emotions.. just like what Luca said. He asks if he should approach Felicita too from now on, but she tells him that’s not the bond they’re looking for. First Jolly needs to realize an important thing he’s been ignoring all this time — the fact that Mondo wants him to enjoy his life. Not by locking up himself in the lab, but by spending more time out there in town. Here Jolly feels a really strange sensation that Felicita is slowly piercing through his “wall”, just like what Mondo did a long time ago. On the back of his mind, Jolly also remembered that Mondo did say a similar thing in the past. After a long silence, Jolly finally asks Felicita to give him some time to think.

On May 18, Jolly finally visits Felicita saying he already made up his mind. Felicita is their only hope to save Mondo’s life, and he asks for her help once again. Since Felicita wants to know the reason behind his devotion to her father, Jolly finally tells her about the first time they met. When he was small, Jolly only had his grandfather. They lived in a small shack in a deserted graveyard, working as gravekeepers and buried all of the corpses lying out there. One day, Mondo collapsed in front of their shack during one of his journeys. Jolly woke him up and he asked for some food, but upon entering the small shack, Mondo was shocked upon seeing the corpse on the bed. It actually had been a while since Jolly’s grandfather died, but he continued living alone in the shack — with no food or warmth.

Mondo couldn’t leave a kid alone in that deserted place, so he invited Jolly to come to Regalo with him. Jolly also reminds him of his own son (Joshua – Liberta’s father), so Mondo decided to raise him as his own son. After giving Jolly’s grandfather a proper burial, Mondo took Jolly’s hand and brought him to Regalo. That’s why for Jolly, Mondo is truly “the world”. When Jolly asks if Felicita can understand anything after hearing about his past, she answers “so he’s like a father too for you.” Jolly admits that even though they’re not related by blood, he loves Mondo as much as she does. Felicita then promises to save Mondo, and Jolly says he’s glad they finally share the same feelings. It’s the proof that their hearts are connected somehow, and he wants her to keep that determination in mind.

One week later, Felicita sneaks into Mondo’s room at night and uses “Wheel of Fortune” on his bedside. Mondo soon opens his eyes to find Felicita fainting on the floor, and everyone comes in a panic after Fukurota wakes them up. Felicita regains her consciousness not too long after that, but they all notice something wrong when she keeps staring at them with an empty stare. That’s right, Mondo’s life is saved thanks to “Wheel of Fortune”.. but at the same time it took the compensation from Felicita as well — wiping out all of her memories. Even though Dante tells the other family members that Felicita is only feeling unwell, but the maid trio find it weird since Felicita quietly stays in her room all day. Even if she goes out, Luca’s always guarding her and they would just walk around aimlessly inside the mansion. However, they find it even weirder that Felicita always stops whenever she sees Jolly. Not only that, but she also tries to follow him too if Luca doesn’t stop her. Luca knows there must be something between them, though Jolly only remains silent when Luca says he can’t forgive him for hurting Felicita.

At noon, Elmo comes back to the lab and finds Jolly spacing out inside. Elmo says he just saw Felicita earlier, but she only walked past him without saying anything. When Jolly explains it’s because her memories are gone, Elmo starts crying and asks Jolly to do something to restore her memories. Jolly admitsthat he does feel sad that Felicita doesn’t remember him anymore, but it’s impossible for him to bring back her memories.. or is it? When Elmo says he’s going to search for Felicita’s missing memories somewhere out there, a new path suddenly opens up in Jolly’s mind. They won’t be able to do anything if her memories are erased, but “The Moon” might be able to revive those memories if they’re only locked up deep inside her mind.

With this idea in mind, Jolly goes to ask for Mondo’s help. He’s not sure if his Arcana power is enough to restore Felicita’s memories completely, and so he needs “The World” to strengthen his power. Of course Mondo agrees since the memory loss is something he’s been trying to prevent, and he also helps convincing Luca to give Jolly a chance. The current Felicita is just like an empty shell, so they want to take any chance to bring her back to life — no matter how slim that chance is. Right after Mondo amplifies his power, Jolly looks deep into Felicita’s dead eyes and uses “The Moon” to pull out all the memories locked up in her mind. As she regains her memories one by one, Jolly also watches all the events that happened in Felicita’s life for the last 13 years. Including all those times she spent with him, which actually occupy a rather large proportion in her memories.

Soon Felicita’s eyes snap back to life, and Jolly quietly walks out as Luc and Mondo happily come to her side. Felicita is still a bit confused about what happened, but she can feel that Jolly was here earlier. After Luca explains that Jolly uses his Arcana to help her, Felicita goes out to thank him. She finds him in the advisor’s office, and he’s not wearing his sunglasses because “there’s no need to hide this eye anymore.” .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Felicita thanks him for restoring her memories, and Jolly invites her to eat in the dining hall together so she can regain all the calories she missed during the last two days lol. Jolly also says he’s going to describe how embarrassing Felicita’s amnesiac state was, but then he laughs saying it’s just a joke. If you read his heart here, it says “you can read my heart as much as you like, I’ll show you my feelings right now.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑

On May 31, Jolly invites Felicita to have meal together in a restaurant. The maids are shocked to hear THAT Jolly asking someone to eat outside, but they’re also glad because Felicita looks really happy. While Felicita thinks the food tastes more delicious when they eat together, Jolly says it tastes the same for him. The only difference is he’s enjoying his meal more, because she’s here with him. ε-(*´∀`|萌| When they leave the restaurant that evening, Jolly pulls out a rose for Felicita to celebrate their “date” today. He trolls her by burning the rose with alchemy flames, but then he takes out the real thing, gives it to her, and walks back home saying “it’s a wonderful night.” ♡(。→∀←。) His words are genuine, because his heart says the same thing.

At night, Sumire tells Felicita that she wants to punch Jolly once in Arcana Duello tomorrow lol. She laughs saying Mondo will probably do the deed before she does, and this conversation is heard by Jolly from the hallway. He said Felicita resembles her mother a lot in that area, but he prefers an interesting wife like her rather than serious women. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ Obviously Felicita is surprised, but Jolly calmly says he’ll be waiting until she’s ready to become his bride. That, and getting the permission from her parents. ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ It’s not an easy task knowing how Mondo and Sumire are, but Jolly doesn’t mind — he’s that serious about Felicita. However, if she wants to know how serious he really is, she should find the answer in the tournament tomorrow.

Arcana Duello finally begins the next day, and Jolly’s opponent in the first round is Mondo. At the start of the match, Mondo bows down his head and thanks Jolly for restoring Felicita’s lost memories, but right now he wants Jolly to fight him seriously. Or else he won’t be able to hand his daughter to him. Jolly admits that Mondo was his world after leaving that deserted hell, but now he has found a new “world” to explore in Felicita. ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ After enduring Mondo’s powerful punches with his alchemy shield, eventually Jolly defeats Mondo with his flames. Mondo laughs as he collapses to the ground, and he says Jolly has grown up to be a fine man. Jolly will be able to protect Regalo even after he’s gone, and now Mondo can finally leave Felicita in Jolly’s hands. Jolly won’t let him die that easily though. From now on he’ll make Mondo live a long, happy life.. and seeing the end of Arcana Duello will be the first step.

Moving on with the tournament, Jolly finally meets Felicita in the final. Today he’s being really honest, and he praises her for recovering really fast after using “Wheel of Fortune”. Now that Mondo is safe and “Wheel of Fortune” has accomplished its purpose, the only thing Jolly has to take care of is his own feelings.. and he admits he wants to keep Felicita for himself. He’ll give her his everything too, and he proves it by using “The Moon” to absorb her into darkness. Then as usual, Felicita is being awesome by dodging Jolly’s attacks and strikes back with her knives. Jolly admits defeat after taking the hit, and while Felicita is announced as the winner, he walks away saying he’ll tell Mondo “your daughter has no doubts”.


After her victory in Arcana Duello, Felicita becomes the new head with Jolly supporthing her as the advisor. He doesn’t explain everything since she needs to learn things by herself, and Felicita isn’t happy that he doesn’t always come to her office. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ One day she runs away from her office, and Jolly finds her sulking in the corner of his lab. Since Felicita refuses to return, Jolly then says she should at least give him a reward. He knew where she’s hiding, but searching for her wasn’t that easy. When Felicita pushes him down onto the chair, Jolly tells her it’s not enough.. and he starts kissing her before she runs away. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン

Even more than his role to support the family head, Jolly admits he loves his role to stay beside Felicita the most. He wants her to stay as the leader who guides him through the way, and so Felicita finally agrees when Jolly gently asks her to take his hand and return to her office. As they get up from the chair, he whispers “we can continue after you’re done with your work, my bride.” ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑


After Arcana Duello ends, Luca is crying in the dark corner since Felicita chooses Jolly as her future husband. Debito and Pace drag him out to get some drink, but guess what they see in the hallway? Felicita and Jolly making out in front of the dining hall. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!

Felicita blushes and hides, but Jolly calmly asks Luca to stop calling her “ojou-sama”. Felicita is Jolly’s future bride, and since Luca is his son, he should call her “お母様” instead from now on. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Felicita also smiles and asks Luca to accept her relationship with Jolly, which causes Luca to run away in tears lol. When she tells Jolly not to pick on Luca so much, Jolly admits he did that out of jealousy. Luca is dangerous since he spent a long time with her, so it’s better to crush every single potential threat LOL. Jolly then says it’s time to set Felicita’s eyes on him only, so they should move to his room now. (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン


Felicita lost to Jolly in the final. Noticing that she’s glaring at him after his victory, Jolly asks if it’s okay to give her future husband a death glare like that lol. Jolly accepts both rewards from Mondo, but his wish is for the family to let him do his research whenever it’s necessary. Since “necessary” equals “almost everyday” in Jolly’s book, poor Luca has to fill in whenever Jolly is busy in his lab. xD; Dante wonders what kind of research Jolly is doing right now, but it turns out Jolly’s new “research” is actually Felicita. He feels more happy about getting her instead of the top seat, so he wants to spend as much time with her as possible. Jolly then asks Felicita to follow and support him from now on. He won’t guarantee happiness, but he won’t make her regret her decision of choosing him either.

To be honest, I had low expectations at first. I love Jolly’s looks the most out of all seven guys, but I didn’t like the way he speaks. Not to mention most of Yusa’s characters and me just don’t click, and Jolly is labelled as the “dangerous” one as well. But you know what? Scratch those opinions because I absolutely love Jolly. .。゚+.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ゚+.゚。. Yes he’s dangerous and takes a while before he goes デレデレ, but that makes everything so much sweeter when he finally falls in love and bows before your feet. His endings are awesome too. Ending 1 is HOT since Jolly speaks using “俺” instead of the usual “私”, Ending 2 made me laugh to tears, and Ending 3 shows a bit of his childish side. ♡(。→∀←。) By the end of the route I don’t mind Jolly’s voice anymore, so it was either because I was fangirling too much or I just got used to it.. or both.

Just in case you’re wondering, I don’t regret leaving Jolly for last. I did it just because I thought Jolly’s route would reveal everything, but I end up loving the man instead. 8D

P.S. Elmo is so cute! ♥


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  1. I don’t regret the fact that I felt love at first sight to Jolly. I think I’m one of the few who doesn’t feel scared at him. Perhaps I’m used to Yusa’s voice and I’m fine with most of his characters and I think Jolly is my most favorite Yusa character too. XD

    Among all the characters, I can say only Liberta and Jolly have character development. I love it when a character, whose personality is as cold as iceberg, gradually opens up. I’m loving Jolly more and more now. @//w//@

    Even though he can’t be a father figure to Luca, he’s better at doing that job to Elmo. Now I can picture a family portrait of Jolly, Felicity, and Elmo. lol In a way, Luca and Elmo are ‘related’ I understand it now.

    お疲れさん~ I enjoy reading all of your summaries for each of the characters (even though Debito’s depressing yeah…) in this game. I want to go to a time machine, get my PSP, and play this game. I’m more excited playing this more than Gekka. |D

    • Jolly is definitely my favorite Yusa character. Which is great, considering the only Yusa character(s) I like are Sano from Hakuouki and Ryuuya from Utapri. The rest are emo do not want. *gets mauled by Yusa’s fangirls*

      Luca and Elmo are related indeed. I think Jolly is a nice father to both of them. It’s just the more Luca resists, the more Jolly wants to troll him lol. Seriously, after going through Jolly’s route I’m 99% sure that Luca is a homunculus as well. That explains the narrow age gap between them.

      Come to think of it, somehow I’m under the idea that Luca is the reason why Jolly continues his homunculus research.. because he’s the living proof that homunculus can hold Tarocco as well. The remaining 1% is left open for any explanations HuneX will (or will not) give us later. 8D

      ..and you shouldn’t touch Gekka really. I don’t think you’ll like that kind of romance lol. Well, if you’re planning to play Gekka, do it for Reito. :3

      • Hmmm my favorite Yusa characters are Urataros from Kamen Rider Den-O (he has Iku’s voice, but he’s not emo lol) then Sano and Ryuuya, however Jolly is on the top.

        Elmo loves his father indeed, that’s why he’s not being trolled by the latter. Considering that Jolly only opened his heart to Felicita, I really think Luca is a homunculus.

        The difference between Luca and Elmo though is that the former ages normally while the latter is rapid. Good thing both of them have the human feel. x3 Nyahaha yeah~

        Yes I’m doing it for Reito, but I think my friend looks forward to it more than I do LOL. I’ll tell her to finish all the routes and never touch Reito’s. 8D

        • I think Elmo ages normally though. He’s just absorbing knowledge rapidly, but he’s still a kid at heart. It’s so adorable when he cries saying he’ll look for Felicita’s memories. xD Elmo also has black hair like Jolly and Luca, but his eyes are red. Which leads my mind to Sesame Street’s Elmo everytime. *shot*

          • Thank you for clarifying that part. I want to see that scene in the game once I have my hands on it by December. >w< I did saw a picture of him, and he sure is cute. LOLOL you! xD

            I'm fine with playing Gekka btw and here I'm planning to play only Reito's route and the two people my friend would spare for me. I'll her play Aoi's route then the two other people she has chosen. 8D

          • Oh you’re going to share the routes? That’s nice so you won’t have to suffer alone! *kicked* Who’s gonna do Daria, btw? I think after plowing through Daria I’m pretty much immune to mild yuri / friendship routes. Thank God Arcana has no girls to capture. 8D

    • Pfft yeah! 8D *shot* Both of us are fine with doing Daria, but I’ll still let her decide or else I’ll pass Seri to her. If she won’t spare Seri to me, I’m planning to do Reito, Daria, and Atsumori. Nyahaha! I’m very thankful indeed! x3

  2. Hello, Rin. Like most people I have been stalking your blog for who knows how long. I haven’t read every single one of your posts, but most of them I did.

    I was just confused about Luca’s origins, did the story every explain how Luca is Jolly’s son? Who’s the mother? Is Luca is a homunculus? Or is Jolly just trolling when Felicita read his heart?

    Yes, stupid Yusa Koji’s voice… It feels so bland sometimes like murky water. He is talented if you compare his voice acting with his real voice.

    OH AND JOLLY! I LOVE THE MAN, TOO! I LOVE HIS NAME! <333 Ahem, caps. Lawl. Its between Jolly, Liberta, and Luca as my fav. When it comes to favorite voice acting, hands down I am giving it to Debito's "Bambina." I must have weird taste. /shot

    • Hello. :3

      It’s never explained clearly. Luca only explains that he was born and grew up in the mansion, and he never knew his mother. Or if he has one at all. Jolly is telling the truth though.. they’re really father and son, though I don’t think they’re related biologically. Since Jolly’s head is filled with Mondo and how to release him from Tarocco’s burden, there’s a really high chance that Luca is a homunculus as well. Elmo looks similar to both of them too, only he has red eyes instead of purple.

      Seems like we have similar taste. x3 Yocchin’s voice fits Debito perfectly, though I can’t help but laugh whenever he goes “Bambina” lol. It’s the same as Namikawa’s “Baby Girl” in Bloody Call. xD;;

  3. I honestly have to wonder about his age. Unless Luca is somehow a homunculus too, if Luca’s 29, Jolly is at least as old as Joshua (since he reminded Mondo of Joshua) which means he’s probably older than Dante, but really. That’s kind of hard to tell given his looks :P

    • He’s probably older than Dante, yes. Don’t count his age based on Luca’s though since it’s impossible lol. Joshua and him are around the same age, but look at the 11 years age gap between their children. xD Jolly was still a kid when Mondo’s in his 20-30s though, so he’s not that old really. Probably in his early 40s at the latest. :3

      • I’d make a joke about robbing the cradle, but honestly, given Jolly’s personality, I think he really wouldn’t give a damn even if you did point it out to him.

        • You’re right, he wouldn’t lol. He’d probably troll anyone who dares to object. Poor Luca tried to tell Jolly that he’s too old for public makeout sessions, and look what he got for saying that. *points to ED 2* xD

  4. Jolly has been my first choice when I saw this game and I don’t disappointed, after seeing his route he becomes my favourite ^^

    I don’t consider him dangerous lol, and he looks better without sunglasses ^^ but I’m still wondering how old is he xixi

    Btw after this game what game will you play? Just curious hehe

    • Jolly is my favorite appearance-wise, but I lost interest in him once because of the way he speaks. Now forget that opinion, because the game brought back all my love for him. 8D

      I’m playing Zettai Meikyuu Grimm now. It’s gonna take a while before I can start posting though. Tons of work + lots of routes + slow internet lol.

      • Ah Grimm, can’t wait for your posts xD Yeah that game has a lot of routes ^^ Appearance wise I like Hameln lol

        Btw will you considering playing Angelique: Maren no Rokukishi? I just saw the opening and it looks good, though I need to wait for the guide he2

        Thank you ^^

        • Actually, yes. I have the game and it’s calling out to me, so I’ll play it soon. Maybe after KamiKimi since it’s better to play with a guide. :3

  5. Oh, Jolly…you just bumped Pace down. Wow, you win in looks and my favourite character, though I’m not surprised. Oh goodness, Ending 2! XD Poor Luca.

    I am seriously curious about Jolly’s age though…since Luca’s 29…okay, Jolly must be an old man, well maybe middle-aged.

    • Don’t count his age based on Luca’s, you won’t get a logical answer lol. Just like what I said before.. Jolly was still a kid when Mondo was in 20-30s. When Mondo used “The World” to free Regalo from the alliance army, Jolly looks like he was on his teens. Dante was young too back then (he was sent to Regalo as a spy during those times), so most likely they’re around the same age.

  6. Jolly? Don’t you mean…troll-y? *insert trollface here*
    God, you should have heard my laugh when I finished his second ending. I’ve re-played that scene so many times now because I just can’t get enough of poor Luca and Jolly going “It’s not ojou-sama……it’s okaa-sama!”

    • Jolly the trolly. xD
      LOL I always watch ED 2 before I go to bed, as well as listening to Luca’s ”私はストーカーじゃありませぇーん!” from the drama CDs. I love Luca’s cries way too much lol.

  7. hello! nice to meet you! I read your blog from time to time! I really love your blog! Really surprised when I found that you like Jolly too^^ Most of my friends do not like him or scared of him..but he is definitely my fav among other guys in this game and my no.2 of 2011 otome games!

    Oh yeah! Something about the discussion above, concerning Luca’s birth .. I purchased アルカナ・ファミリア ‘s visual book and it arrived today and I discovered this(shocked):

    So Luca has a mother and Jolly had a wife! Really shocked! I wonder who loves Jolly and married him and gave birth to Luca XD

    • Hello! Thanks for the pics, my Arcana visual book is still on its way here. :D

      …and WHUT JOLLY HAD A WAIFU. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ I’m more shocked because of the age gap with Luca, since even if Jolly is in his 40s, that would mean he married Luca’s mother when he was in his teens. HuneX I demand explanations. (´・ω・`;) Somehow it’s hard to imagine him marrying someone other than Mondo though, since he’s been so devoted to Mondo all his life. *shot*

      • I believe Jolly is about 45up and under 50? People marry in their young ages in the olden days?To me, it is hard to imagine who wanted to marry such scary man XD

        • Yeah, I think he’s also between 45-50. Or else his age gap to Luca makes no sense lol. That means Mondo also marries his first wife in his teens, since he just turned 59 this year and Jolly is around the same age as Joshua. xD; It’s hard to imagine Jolly marrying and having a wife out of pure romance too lol.

  8. Do you like Jolly? *o*
    Omg, I love you!! *hug* You’re the first one I know saying that. I loved his route, he’s so cool =3
    Thank you for the review!!

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