Arcana Famiglia – Normal / Best Route

Luca and Jolly’s route already covered the main plot of Arcana Famiglia, but I made a separate post just for the normal and best endings. Even though Felicita doesn’t get anyone here, she’s still awesome up until the end. Definitely one of the best otome game heroines of the year. ♥

In every single route (except maybe Luca’s), Dante and Jolly are asking Felicita to help Mondo with her second Arcana — “Wheel of Fortune”. She used its power once and it took a really big compensation from her, but what does it actually do? How did she deal with the situation back then? These questions were probably buried underneath everyone’s personal problems in each post, so I wrote a brief explanations behind the cut. Major spoilers ahead! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

13 years ago, when Felicita was only 3 years old, Sumire got a message from her Arcana — “Judgement”. She tried to talk to “Judgement”, but it took her consciousness instead. Ten days after Sumire fell into a coma, Felicita was worried and irritated since her mother won’t open her eyes. This caused “Wheel of Fortune” to go out of control, and Felicita was floating in the air until Luca came to stop her with “Temperance”. Here, “Wheel of Fortune” changed both Sumire’s fate and the attributes of “Judgement”. She was supposed to fall into a comma, and yet she woke up with the new ability to talk to the Tarocco cards. This is the ability of “Wheel of Fortune”, but it won’t always succeed.. since just as the name says, it depends on luck.

Since “Wheel of Fortune” took Felicita’s memories as the compensation, she became an empty shell with no memories. The sight was painful for Mondo and Sumire, and it also traumatized Luca so much it becomes his biggest fear in the future. Mondo then sends Felicita to live away from the mansion only with Sumire and Luca. It was necessary to minimize the chance of her using “Wheel of Fortune” subconsciously again, and Luca’s role was crucial because he was the only one who can stop Felicita’s power if it ever goes berserk again. Luckily most people don’t remember what happened during the first three years of their lives, so Felicita grew up normally even though she only has 13 years of memories at the age of 16.

Back to the present, Dante and Jolly are hoping Felicita can use “Wheel of Fortune” to change Mondo’s fate — just like what she did with Sumire. Obviously Mondo doesn’t want her to use “Wheel of Fortune” again, but Sumire has hope because “The Lovers” is on Felicita’s side. The only way to use “Wheel of Fortune” safely is to have “The Lovers” erase the compensation.. and there are two ways of doing this. The first is to seek a bond strong enough to give power for “The Lovers”, and the second is for Felicita to increase her spiritual power until it’s strong enough to provide “The Lovers” with sufficient power. Plus, the bonds Felicita shares with all the people around her help too. It’s just the bond with a lover is obviously stronger.

In the normal / best route, Felicita takes the second way since she doesn’t fall in love with any of the guys. After kicking everyone’s butts in Arcana Duello, Felicita faces Mondo in the final. Eventually Mondo collapses since his power is almost gone, and Felicita finally uses “Wheel of Fortune” to save his life. She’s prepared to face the worst outcome possible, but thankfully luck is on their side. “The Lovers” erases the compensation, and Mondo’s fate is changed.


Two weeks after the tournament, Mondo holds a party to celebrate both his recovery and also Felicita’s 17th birthday. He also fulfills Felicita’s victory wish, which is for him to resume his job as the “Papa”. Now that he’s back in great condition and Felicita has grown strong enough to handle her Arcana, Mondo finally cancels her arranged marriage. In fact, he won’t allow he to marry anytime soon. If one of them wants to make Felicita their bride, they have to step up and face Mondo first lol. Soon smoke starts coming out from the port, and Mondo orders Felicita to go and do her job — leading her men to carry their family name with pride.


After winning Arcana Duello and saving Mondo’s life, Felicita takes the top seat and becomes Mondo’s successor. Mondo cancels her arranged marriage, but everything else go according to the plan. Since they can’t call her “Papa”, Mondo tells everyone to call her “Donna” (“Lady” or “Queen” in Italian) from now on. It’s hard for those who are close to her to call her “Donna” though, so they decided to call her name instead. xD Now that “Swords” has no leader again, the position is open for either Liberta or Luca. Most likely Liberta, since Luca is planning to go back and resume his job as the boss’ secretary.

A few years later, Felicita has grown up to be a great “Donna” for Arcana Famiglia. The guys have been competing for her attention ever since, and they do their best at work hoping she’ll choose them lol. Arcana Famiglia is going towards a new direction under Felicita’s leadership, but their objective will always remains the same — to protect Regalo.

It’s been quite a while since I enjoyed such a fun and exciting game. The main story is actually quite simple once you’ve learned everything, but that’s nice since you don’t have to overthink everything. The characters are charming and their interactions are the best, not to mention the game is designed like an interactive comic book. I’m loving almost everything. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Almost, because the amount of kiss CGs in this game can be counted with one hand. I can do with the lack of detailed explanations in some scenes, but where are the kiss CGs? щ(゚Д゚щ)

Flaws aside, I’d recommend this to everyone who loves comedy and cute romance scenes. It might feel incomplete at some points, but it was really enjoyable for me. I rarely comment about music in otome games, but the music in Arcana Famiglia is awesome. Σd(・∀・*) The BGMs fit each situation perfectly, and the instruments used in the ending songs are actually the musical instruments played by each character. Such as trumpet for Liberta, cello for Jolly, etc. It might seem trivial, but these kind of details are always a plus in my eyes. So if you have a PSP and want an entertaining otome game, then play Arcana Famiglia. Let’s eat lasagna! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ


34 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia – Normal / Best Route

  1. And Felicita doesn’t look loli anymore yay~ Pfft I seriously want to eat lasagna again after reading this and I’m really excited to play this since it’s VERY unique. Not only because of the story, but because of the system as well.

    This game made me love all the characters. I can’t even find a character that I dislike. 8D

    • LOL. I think she looks loli because of her twin tails. If you look at her body, she’s pretty curvy lol. Glad to hear you love all the characters, because I do too. Usually I have a character or two that I don’t really care about, but in Arcana I love everyone. :3

      • True, and she’s not flat either. She definitely looks badass when she grew up. Same here! This the first time I felt like this towards a certain otome game. I don’t care about the big age gap too LOL.

  2. Omg! I’m totally envious of your ability to finish games that quickly Rin! I was wait, wait weren’t you still playing DC last time I checked? Hahahaha. :)

    The game’s art looks interesting, almost like The world ends with you. I might try the game out after DC (sadly I’m still playing this), more mafia goodness yay!

    By the way, is that an owl on her shoulder or something? o.o;

    • I’ve finished DC at the start of November. Not that quick though, considering each game takes me like 2 weeks. xD Maybe even longer when I get distracted / busy with work lol.

      You’re right, the heavy lineart and shading sort of reminds me of The World Ends With You. :D I love how different Arcana’s style is compared to Aoiza’s, even though they’re illustrated by the same person. xD

      Also, yes it’s an owl. Felicita is always walking around with her owl, Fukurota. She’s like a partner to Felicita, and they even sleep in the same room. :3

  3. Hi Rin!

    Thank you for the summary, I managed to understand the storyline despite of my novice’s Japanese level and even laugh at some of the gags in the story. Actually, your reviews on Arcana Famiglia is fabulous as it managed to inspire me to buy the game itself.

    Since AF is my first otome game, I looked on La Primavera guide and I don’t quite get it on how to get ED 2 for every characters available. I managed to get all ED 1 and 3 and I know there is description down there on how to get ED 2 for every characters but because of my bad Japanese, I am incapable of translating the text and understand its instructions.

    Can you tell me of how to get ED 2 for every characters?… And yes I did save at those required part. Sorry Rin for the bother. D:

    And Happy Belated New Year! ^_^

    • Happy Belated New Year!
      I’m so glad you bought Arcana because of my reviews. It might not be the best in terms of plot, but the character interactions and humor are awesome. :D

      To get ED 2, make sure the guy’s affection is lower than 600. Once his affection hits 580~590, stop visiting him when he doesn’t have any storyline events. You should only see him when he has ♥ mark on the map, and choose the options that don’t raise his affection. After that you should win the tournament, and you’ll see ED in the end. It’s the same for all characters. :3

  4. Thank you for your instruction, Rin. I’ll put it into action right away as I really want to hear Luca’s famous scream in Jolly’s ED 2. >.< LOL yes indeed, your detailed summary of each route is very crisp and clear as it managed to entice me to buy an import game for the first time. :3

    To be honest, characters interaction was what got me into AF as I don't think my current Japanese level is sufficient for me to try my hand on deep and intricate stories yet; Amnesia and Shinigami to Shoujo to name a few. Sticking with a dictionary while playing a VN is quite a pain, thankfully AF managed to sustain the fun with its bold and quirky characters.

    I will eagerly anticipate for your upcoming reviews to check out on which franchise is the best pick-up. Keep up the admirable deed and let's hope it will entice more foreign fans to enjoy this overlook genre. ^_^

    • If your Japanese improves, then I’d definitely recommend Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku and its fandisk. It’s an awesome series and I love it as much as I love Arcana, but the story and language level is a bit heavy because it’s set in Taisho era. But I believe your Japanese will improve as you play more otome games. :D

      Oh, and Shinigami to Shoujo aside.. the language level isn’t that hard in Amnesia. It’s shrouded by mystery at first, but they’ll reveal it later using casual language. :3 I heard Shinigami to Shoujo is really long and intricate though, and some people says it requires thinking while Amnesia will explain everything to you in the end.

      I hope foreign fans will join the otome fandom too. That’s why I’m writing detailed reviews – so people who don’t understand can join in and have fun too. x3

      • Yeah, the language level was one thing that put me off of HanaIchi. It’s in my backlog, but I’m considering of buying CZ and Hakuouki the English version first despite many comments regarding the Vocab used. D:<

        Do you have any other recommendation aside from HanaIchi, preferably one with simple use of language and interesting character interaction? I know some people recommend Starry Sky series and Tokimeki as the first step into otome world but by the first look at the franchises, I figured it's not really my penchant.

        I was quite skeptical about UnP as I heard the story was told in a non-logical fashion, but indeed the comedy is superb. Maybe I'll try it out, one day…

        Oh why?! Why must the best story with good character interaction all set in some past era with weird kanji all over?! (HanaIchi, S.Y.K.) TT_TT (P.S: Beat me. You enticed me on S.Y.K)

        I will continue stalking your blog, at least until I find another target worth the bucks. HanaIchi and S.Y.K. has to wait until my Jap level increase. Hoho~ :3

        • How about Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama then? :3
          It’s set in a fantasy world so it uses a lot of foreign terms, but the language level isn’t really difficult.. and have you tried Love Revo? That game helped my Japanese to improve a lot. It’s funny, has an interesting concept and the language level isn’t difficult. :D

          • Thanks for the recommendation! :3

            Both items looks fun and promising. Anyhow, I’ll put MtO in my backlog as the visual is truly lovely.

            But I’m positive that Love Revo will be a good start since you did remarked on how the language helped you improve. Thanks for the helpful recommendation. C:

            Anyhow, AF is a breeze now that I know how to get ED 2. Still doesn’t beat the game, though. You’re a big help, Rin. ^_^ Thanks!!

  5. Hi, I’m fan of arcana famiglia and i really like your blog! Thanks for telling me how to get ED 2 because i really want to Know how to get it….
    I heard the rumor that arcana will make fan disk this 2012! Yaayy,, I really hope there will add more love scene because I love jolly first time I saw him!

    • You’re welcome! :D
      Arcana Famiglia FD isn’t a rumor, it’s confirmed! They said the story takes place right after Arcana Duello, so I’m expecting more romantic scenes ahead. Because we all need more Jolly romance. 8D

  6. *reads your post*
    *skips all these endings lol*
    omg feli looks like a ho like her mom at the end there lawl
    ugh maybe I’m just jumping the gun after Liberta & Ossan ruined the game for me but my motivation for this game is like out the window. so glad you wrote up the posts for it as now I’m just too lazy to bother with anything except the remaining character routes ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ

    • Yeah, she grew up to be like Sumire minus the boobs lol.
      I do feel that the childhood trio (esp. Luca) have better routes if you don’t like the messed up family tree, so I hope you can enjoy the game more when you get to them. :3

  7. Hi there ~
    I’m doing a review on the anime adaption of ‘La storia della Arcana Famiglia’ so I was wondering if I could post a link to your individual routes posts? Most people don’t know what Arcana Famiglia is so I was going to spread the word :)

  8. Hello Rin~ :D I definitely love your blog! It really helped me a lot about the events of the guys.. I understand a few japanese but not coherently LOL, so I kinda get what’s happening on each of their route >w< anyway.. how do you do this NORMAL ENDING and BEST ENDING? Does it have any requirements? Like e.g. You need to finish at least 2 routes to get Jolly unlocked. (Which I'm doing right now) I kinda like to do this normal and best ending first since I want Felicita to end to some guys XD Oh! And more importantly Arigatou Gozaimasu for this such awesome blog! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :))

    • Hello! Thanks for the comment! (*´∀`*)
      The normal ending has no requirements, you can do it anytime. I did it on my first run with Liberta. The best ending / donna ending does have requirements though. If I’m not mistaken, you have to see at least one ending per character. Then the best route will be unlocked, and you’ll get the ending by defeating Mondo in Arcana Duello.

      Oh, and Happy Halloween! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      • By having to see at least one ending per character.. You mean I should complete all 7 of them? (Liberta,Nova,Pace,Dabito,Luca,Dante and Jolly) to get the Best Ending? And also! How do I the normal route? I mean I have no idea what to do first XD Ne~Ne~ Rin can you give me advice how to do the Normal Route? :D I really love Pace’s Route, especially his pick-up lines to Felicita saying she’s his tiramisu of his live, panini, or gelato XD I really lmfao there XD

        • Yep, all of them. Each character has 3 endings, right? You don’t need to see all three. Just one will do. I forgot the exact requirement for the Normal Route, but I think it’s to NOT have a guy fall in love with you? Then if you win Arcana Duello, you’ll get the normal ending. For more details you can check the wiki.

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